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Looking for some new bands

Guest George

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Yeah... I'm bored, and it's been a while since I have discovered a group that has actually impressed me.

This are some of my fav. artists:

Alice In Chains

All of Les Claypool's projects




The Doors

Puddle of Mudd

Jaco Pastorius

Victor Wooten

Guns N' Roses


Modest Mouse

The Strokes

The Hives

The Vines

The Mars Volta

The Libertines

Jimmy Hendrix




Velvet Revolver

Pink Floyd


Yeah, those are favorites... any band reccomendations (Songs reccomendations will get you extra :kiss:)?

Edit: Mainly looking for bands with a kick-ass bass.

EDIT2: Some songs ala Beatles - "A day in the life" would be good.

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Skinny Puppy? They're sort of a mix between Techno & Industrial.

Pigface is good. It's really fucked up stuff. I love it.

Zeromancer is...I don't know how to describe them. I'd call them European-Synth-Techno-Trash. :lol:. They're very, very good, IMO.

If you're looking for a band that might be in the mainstream soon, maybe try Treble Charger.

That's all I got.

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I got some stuff that I think fits your criteria.

Nomeansno - Madness and Death, Rags and Bones, Sex Mad, Life in Hell, Tired of Waiting.

Minutemen - Vietnam, Jesus and Tequila, Tony Gets Wasted in Pedro, Shit from an old notebook, This aint no picnic, Nature without man

X - Beyond and back, Nausea, We're Desperate, Johnny Hit and Run Paulene, White Girl

The Saints - Wild about you, Demolition Girl, Kissing Cousins, One Way Street, Stranded

Black Randy and the Metro Squad - Say it Loud I'm black and I'm proud, Shaft theme (cover), Marlon Brando, I wanna be a nark, Idi Amin, Barefootin on the wicked picket

You should find as much of these bands as you can, wether I recommended the song or not.

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Breaking Benjamin.

I'm not really sure how popular they are everywhere else, but in my area they're huge. I know they're single "So Cold" has gotten some radio play.

My favorite Breaking Ben song: Simple Design


Sooner or Later





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Greg [lead singer of Treble Charger] manages Sum 41 and really doesn't have time to make it famous.

New York Dolls : glam meets punk meets cross dressing.

Motion City Soundtrack : funky pop-punk. Be warned, some songs are really shitty emo. I suggest Capital H, The Future Freaks Me Out, Don't Call It A Comeback, Boombox Generation and Perfect Teeth. Otherwise, avoid.

Mindless Self Indulgence : very bizarre fushion of so many different styles. Think of Marilyn Manson vocals meets loud, booming techno. Song recommendations : Royally Fucked, Faggot, Bite Your Rhymes, Bring The Pain... you like one song, you like them all.

!!! : dance punk, I am personally not a fan, but they are interesting and worth the listen.

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Greg manages Sum 41? Wow. I didn't know that.

I heard them on the cruise ship (they had a music channel), and I thought they had the sound to make it semi-big.

Oh well.

EDIT: Oops.

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Me likey. (Y)

Glad to hear that, I think anybody could get into the Minutemen. I actually recommended them to a friend a few weeks ago, and he also really dug them. Their stuff is readily available at pretty much any record store, or multi media centers. You could always try allmusic.com, and listen to 30 second clips.

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