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Name some giant robot fighty games.

MalaCloudy Black

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I say, no, I am COMMANDING YOU! To go out, and buy Robot Alchemic Drive (AKA R.A.D) for PS2.

It is the best robot game ever. It's a little diffrent than most, as you are not just controlling the robot. No, You are controlling the person who controls the robot as well and you switch back and forth from person to robot. So you want to first position yourself so you can see the robot, (Most likely on top of a building) and then go beat up the bad guy with the robot. And this all takes part in future time Tokyo, so you can cause some chaos by destroying buildings.

Go out and buy it right now! It kicks ZOE's and Armored Core's ass.

Oh yeah and don't get any of the Gundam games, they truely bite chocolate.

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I reiterate calls for ZOE.

Or, more accurately, Zone of the Enders 2: The Second Runner.

Good (enough) storyline, cut scenes are in anime, and you've ditched the whiny "Just call me Shinji" kid Leo who you played as in the first game, and replaced him with the cooler "Thanks to you I'm stuck in a robot that's on a suicide mission and I can't leave it without dying, so quite frankly I'm a little PISSED OFF"...guy Dingo. What more could you ask for?

Oh, and Anubis is so horrendously kick-ass it boggles the mind.

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