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EWB Music Awards 2 Results....


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:blink: Oh dear. I don't agree with any of them. :(

Best Band of 2004

Beastie Boys

Best Album

Green Day 'American Idiot'

Best Debut Album

Kanye West 'College Dropout'

Best Single

Green Day 'American Idiot'

Breakthrough Artist

Kanye West

Best Video

Beastie Boys 'Triple Trouble'

Best Solo Act

Kanye West

Best Live Act of 2004


Best Festival Moment

50 Cent getting bottled off at Reading

Hero Of the Year

Kanye West

Villain of the Year


Outstanding Contribution to Music

Ray Charles

Discuss, Flame, Spam, Complain.

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I know, i'm just saying that while he's big in his genre right now, there's artists out there bigger in the other genres for more people.

I respect him for putting out that song, it sends a good message but I don't feel he's done enough to really deserve to have the best solo act already, but anyways.

I wasn't trying to take away his opinion, I was counter-acting it with my own.

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I asked this before but no one answered; how is Kanye West a hero? Did people just vote him because they saw a familiar face? Beastie Boys got a little too much respect for releasing their worst album yet. Green Day's album was good, but it wasn't even top 5 this year. Oh well. I voted for two of the winners, RIAA and Ray Charles.

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Beastie Boys being the best band of 04 is a joke, shouldn't we have a 40 and over category for them?

Green Day and Franz Ferdinand are both fine, but don't even for a second think that either The Killers or Maroon 5 are ANYWHERE near the Beastie Boys' level.

I'm fine with the winners. I would have liked to see Franz Ferdinand win something, but hey, at least Muse didn't win anything.

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And most of you laugh/complain about things like the MTV Music Award results? ...Lol give me a break. This list looks to be worse then anything MTV's come up with. But I guess...seemingly everyone here likes the 'same type of genre'...and well, of course the Kanye West love fest continues, even though yes he's a good performer.

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Guest Angry Baboon

I'm shocked that you gave the musical contribution act to that useless old fart Ray Charles when Brian Wilson released a new album this year, and Cash hasn't even started to fester yet. Shame on you, you bastards.

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Green Day? Fucking Green Day? Goddamn why won't they just fucking stop making music?

And for that matter, it's time to put the Beastie Boys out to pasture as well.

Oh and the Killers suck too. One good song on that entire album and it got beat to death.

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