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FS has a dillemma! SF Controllers!

Guest Future Shock

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Guest Future Shock

Anyways, I was at Game Crazy buying Guilty Gear X2 Reload and Amped, when I saw the object of true affection!

Special Edition Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Controllers!

I was going to buy a couple of them online and just pay the shipping, but Game Crazy had the Ken version and the Chun Li version. Being the Ken fanboy from hell, I got that one.


It looks like that.

I was going to get only one, since they're 25 bucks, and I was also going to just keep the Ken controller in the box for some inane reason, but since FS is stupid and didn't know how to open the box, the Ken controller is now out and being played. :-p

Anyways, since I'm a massive fan of Street Fighter and the controllers aren't that expensive, I'm thinking of buying some other ones.


What ones should I get, since there's three other ones I could get, the Ryu one, the Chun Li one, and the Akuma one. TELL MEEEEEE~!

Edit: Jesus, I changed my opinion in this thread like every two sentences. What the hell did you bastards do to me? :-p

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Like I said on AIM, get the Ryu one, it'd match with the Ken one. Then save up for the Chun Li one if only because Chun Li > Most

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Guest Future Shock

It's almost exactly like the Saturn controller in design, but I find it a hell of a lot easier to use than the Dual Shock 2 and any other controller. The only better controller for fighting games is a friggin Arcade Joystick, and while I have one, it's a bitch to lug around. That's why I love this controller. And also cause it's Ken, and SF. :-p

I'm probably gonna buy the Ryu one, and possibly keep that up on a shelf...

Oh HELL no I ain't doing that. :-p

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