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Is Gwen Stefani the audio devil?


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Why do I find myself really enjoying her first solo song. It's too dang catchy and the video for it gives me.........I won't say it :pervert: .

Seriously, is she really out to take over the world through catchy music which then could be used for our diabolical ends?

More on that after this commercial break. :shifty:

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To JHS: Just buy a Bush CD, it's the same thing.

To ROC: You may be right, but it might have to do a lot with fame as even when Bush hit their peak they weren't quite as revered as that of No Doubt.

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I'm a closet No Doubt fan, I have the Tragic Kingdom CD and the recent CD with all the singles on it. I think with or without the rest of the band, Gwen's music will sound exactly like No Doubt. Whatever, Gwen is my hero.

By the way, Tragic Kingdom is still one of my favorite CD's all-time. Don't Speak = Nostalgia trip whenever I hear it.

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What's the difference between Gwen's solo CD and No Doubt? The music sounds the same to me. Why couldn't she just do this stuff under No Doubt?

I haven't heard Gwen's solo stuff, but No Doubts early stuff was pop-music with heavy ska influences. I highly doubt her new stuff in any way resemblances her older work in No Doubt.

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