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World Wrestling Federation 1992


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No backstory, it's a WWF diary starting in September 1992, after Summerslam. Here's a Summerslam report, and some background information.

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August 29, 1992

Wembley Stadium, London, England

Written by: Vgmastr

We open Summerslam looking "live" at Wembley Stadium. (The event was actually taped two days before being shown on PPV.) We go down to ringside where Vince McMahon stands next to Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. McMahon speculates on the question WWF fans were pondering over the entire summer: Whose corner will Mr. Perfect be in? While he's talking, Bobby Heenan puts a crown on and proclaims himself "Sir Bobby, King of England." As Vince looks at him with a stupid look on his face, we go up the Fink for our first match.

Legion of Doom vs. Money Inc.

Money Inc. make their way down first, along with Jimmy Hart. The aisle is so damn long, it takes them about 15 minutes to get there. Couldn't the WWF have brought back those kick ass carts from WM's III & VI? The Legion of Doom make their way down next. They ride down on something better than carts: motorcycles. Paul Ellering leads the way with Rocko strapped to the front of his bike. (No, not a sock with the Rock's picture on it, sticking out of Val Venis' fly, but a ventriloquist's dummy dressed in LOD attire.) Bobby Heenan: "The dummy's driving the bike!" The match finally starts. Money Inc. dominates Hawk for a few minutes. After numerous tries to tag, including the classic making the tag, however, the other partner distracts the referee so he doesn't allow it spot, Hawk finally tags in Animal. After a four way brawl, Animal atomic drops IRS over the top rope. Animal lifts DiBiase up onto his shoulders for the Doomsday Device. IRS jumps back into the ring and dropkicks Animal. However, since DiBiase was on his shoulders, DiBiase takes the brunt of the blow. Hawk jumps off the top rope and nails IRS. IRS flies out onto the apron. Animal picks DiBiase up and tosses him into IRS before hitting a powerslam on him for the win at 15:10.

Winner: Legion of Doom with a Powerslam at 15:10.

Virgil vs. Nailz

Since the Big Bossman is selling the injuries that Nailz gave him, and the Bossman/Nailz match doesn't happen until Survivor Series, I guess the WWF needed something for Nailz to do. The WWF hypes this match up by saying that Virgil is a good friend of the Bossman and wants revenge, even though they've never had any history. This match is basically a squash, with Nailz getting the win with his sleeperhold variation at 3:55. Nailz grabs his nightstick and eyes up Virgil. Bobby Heenan: "When he sees Virgil's head, it looks like a cricket ball." Nailz attacks Virgil until officials help Virgil out of the ring.

Nailz with a sleeperhold variation at 3:55.

No Punching in the Face Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Rick Martel

This has got to be one of the most stupid stipulations of all time. Since Sherri was attracted to both men, she didn't want their good looks hampered by punching. Sherri has the rear end cut out of her outfit, and she's wearing thong underwear. A bit risque for 1992. This allows McMahon and Heenan to do a bunch of moon jokes and puns during the match. The men do a series of roll-ups where each man pulls each others tights, exposing their buttcracks, allowing McMahon and Heenan to make even more moon jokes. After a awhile, both men just get pissed off, and they start punching each other. Sherri fakes fainting. Michaels attempts to carry Sherri back, however, Martel nails him, and he picks Sherri up and tries to carry her to the back. They do this a few times before officials send Martel to the back. Michaels attempts to carry Sherri to the back, but Martel returns with a bucket of water. He douses both of them with it. Michaels drops Sherri and chases Martel to the back. Sherri wakes up, wet, and no men around. She runs screaming and crying to the back. Oh yeah, both men were counted out about 20 moon jokes ago. It could have been a good match if it wasn't for that stupid stipulation and horrible ending.

Double Countout at 8:06.

WWF Tag Team Title Match: Natural Disasters © vs. Beverly Brothers

A poem from the Genius: "From the home of the Olympic Games of 1948, and the World Cup of 1966, I know the date! Now it's Summerslam at Wembley, and the Genius holds the key, behold the future champions, the Brothers Beverly!" The Disasters get a monster pop. Blake (Mike Enos) attempts a bodyslam on Typhoon. He lifts him up, and Typhoon falls on him. Hey, I'm impressed he's able to lift that tub of lard. Too bad he can't lift him to a good match. They do the same spot as the LOD/Money Inc. match with the tag being made, but the referee is distracted so he doesn't allow it. Now that I think about it, they used that spot a lot back then, and it's almost never used today. Anyway, the Genius tosses Beau (Wayne Bloom) the scroll while Enos distracts Earthquake and the referee. Bloom nails Typhoon with it and covers him. Earthquake is able to make the save, and Typhoon crawls over for the tag. Earthquake dominates the both men for a bit before Typhoon makes his way back into the ring and tosses Enos out. They do the double avalanche spot. Earthquake nails a powerslam and the vertical splash on Bloom for the win at 10:30 to retain the gold. They beat up the Genius after the match.

Natural Disasters with a vertical splash at 10:30 to retain the WWF Tag Team Titles.

Crush vs. Repo Man

No, Bill Eadie is not the special guest referee for this match. There was absolutely no buildup to this match at all, and didn't deserve to be on the card. Unimportant match, basically a squash. Crush wins with the cranium crunch at 5:41.Crush with the cranium crunch at 5:41.

WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: Randy Savage © vs. Ultimate Warrior

We're finally going to get our answer, who's corner will Mr. Perfect be in? The Ultimate Warrior comes out, no Mr. Perfect. So that means he's gotta be with Savage. Savage makes his way out, no Mr. Perfect. So where the hell is he? Anyway, the match starts, and it's a good one. About halfway through the match, Mr. Perfect makes his way down to the ring with Ric Flair. So we're finally going to get our answer. Perfect trips Savage. So that means the Warrior sold out to Perfect. Ref bump, he flies all the way to the outside. Savage hits his elbowdrop off the top, but there's no one to count. He jumps out and tries to revive the ref. Perfect jumps into the ring and tries to revive the Warrior. Wait, he grabs the Warrior, and let's Flair hit the Warrior with brass knuckles. Oh, so the trip was just a swerve, Savage sold out. Savage gets the referee back into the ring, however, he takes to long, and the Warrior is able to kick out of a pin. The Warrior grabs the ropes and hulks up. The Warrior goes for the splash, however, Perfect distracts the referee, and Flair is able to nail the Warrior with a chair when the Warrior bounces against the ropes. Savage sees the Warrior out cold, and knows he didn't didn't do it. He goes to the top rope and jumps down on Flair. Flair nails him in the knee with a chair on the way down. Savage lays in the aisle while the referee counts to ten and awards the match to the Warrior. So the whole thing was just a setup by Flair and Perfect? Wow, that came out of nowhere. (Note the sarcastic tone of my typing.) The Warrior and Savage hug in the ring, the Warrior helps Savage to the back, and the Ultimate Maniacs are born.

Winner: Ultimate Warrior by countout at 28:00. Randy Savage retains the WWF Title.

Undertaker vs. Kamala

"Dr." Harvey Whippleman introduces Kamala. The Undertaker makes his way out to the ring on the back of a hearse. Bobby Heenan: "Look at that idiot driver, the steering wheel's on the wrong side." Slow, boring match. The Undertaker nails Kamala with a chokeslam. He tries to lift him for the tombstone, however, Kimchee runs in and nails the Undertaker in the midsection with his pith helmet for the DQ at 3:27. The Undertaker tries to chokeslam Kimchee, but Kamala stops him. Kamala slams the Undertaker and nails him with a splash. Kamala goes to the second rope and nails a splash. Kamala goes to the top rope and nails a splash. He leaves the ring, but decides to go back for more. While climbing into the ring, the Undertaker sits up and scares the hell out of Kamala. The Undertaker gets up and chases Kamala with his slow walk. Kamala is so scared, he can hardly walk. This is probably the slowest chase in the history of the WWF. Kamala falls over. The Undertaker "chases" him to the back.

Winner: Undertaker by Disqualification at 3:27.

Rowdy Roddy Piper performs with a bagpipe band. - A bagpipe band plays. Midsong, Piper is introduced. Bobby Heenan: "I've always hated hard rock." "Nothing like a bunch of grown men in skirts playing vacuum cleaners." "It sounds like somebody pulled the tail off a cat." "Look at the hair on that guy." "Piper's going to break dance to that?" "He's got cheeks like Dizzy Gelespe." "Don't applaud, they may play more." Heenan is the only reason to watch this, unless you like bagpipe music.

WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Bret Hart © vs. British Bulldog

Diana Smith is at ringside for this one. Lennox Lewis accompanies the Bulldog to the ring. Tremendous match, by far the best one of the night. Bret kicks out of the running powerslam. Davey Boy powers out of the sharpshooter. Finish came out of nowhere when Bret went for a sunset flip, the Bulldog sat down, hooked his legs, and got a three count at 25:40. The referee's hand hitting three got the biggest pop of the night. Davey Boy offers a handshake to Bret. Bret blows him off, getting by far the loudest heat of the night. Diana starts crying. Bret goes back, shakes his hand, and gives Davey a hug. Diana climbs into the ring and hugs both men. Diana raises both men's arms while fireworks go off and Lennox Lewis flies the Union Jack. An unbelievable moment.

Winner: British Bulldog with a sit down at 25:40 to win the WWF Intercontinental Title.

This event had a horrible undercard, however, had two awesome main events. This was before Savage took the downward spiral to suckness, and was able to carry the Warrior to a great match. Bret and Davey had an unbelieveable match. It's awesome to see Davey win the Intercontinental Title in front of 80,000 of his countrymen, a great moment. This is one of my favorite WWF events, although maybe it's just because I'm a total British Bulldog mark.

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WWF News and Rumours

The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase suffered a broken nose working a house show, and could be off our screens for the next month. With Money Inc out of the way, the Nasty Boys are expected to challenge for the tag team titles.

Kevin Kelly, aka Nailz has been causing a lot of problems backstage recently. In fact his complaining has caused so much friction that he has been suspended for a month. How this will affect his feud with the Big Bossman is unclear at the moment.

WWF has cancelled it's contract with Fox for Superstars. It has moved Superstars to the USA network on Sunday evenings. The show will now be 2 hours long and will replace Wrestling Challenge.

The Bezerker has been working recent house shows as a face, and is expected to make a turn soon on TV. This comes as no surprise considering the reactions he had been getting from fans.

Bam Bam Bigelow could be on his way back to the Federation. Currently a free agent, the beast from the east has apparently already begun negotiations, and could be on our screens soon.

On their way out could be the Bushwhackers. Their contracts expire in December and there are no plans to extend them.

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Guest ryan_the_canuck

Pigeon's back!

As long as you can keep the matches realistic for the time period (never a problem for you before), and don't follow through with the WWF's plans 100%, I'll be reading!

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WWF Prime Time Wrestling – 9.7.92

The show opens up in the studio, where Vince McMahon sits alongside the “panel of experts”, which this week includes Bobby Heenan, Mr. Perfect, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Hillbilly Jim. They begin by discussing the WWF title match at Summerslam, with Vince stating Flair and Perfect had hoaxed Warrior and Savage to soften Savage up for Flair’s own title shot. (Heenan: “Well, duh!”) Vince then states that that title shot took place over the weekend and will be the first match tonight.

Randy Savage © vs. Ric Flair

-WWF World title

The match is joined in progress, but clearly not too far in as Savage is still in control. That’s quickly changed by a thumb to the eye from the Nature Boy though, and the challenger goes to work with Perfect and Heenan shouting instructions from ringside. Flair is on form here, strutting and Wooo-ing like his life depends on it, and the crowd is incredibly into the match. Every time Savage starts to make a comeback, Perfect interferes in some way to stop his momentum. Eventually the referee spots him grabbing Savage’s foot and sends him to the back, which delights the crowd and nearly reduces Bobby Heenan to tears. This triggers another Savage comeback, and he tears into Flair, whipping him into the corner and raining down blows on him.

Just as Savage looks to have Flair in position for the Big Elbow though, Heenan gets up on the apron and distracts the referee, allowing Flair to land a low blow. Flair then goes into the setup for the Figure Four. He locks it in, fairly central in the ring, and Savage is in trouble. He manages to crawl all the way to the ropes though and the crowd is on their feet as the ref forces Flair to break their hold. Flair can’t believe it, but he has no time to complain as Savage starts a big comeback. He has Flair begging off in the corner when Heenan again gets up on the apron. This time Savage doesn’t let him distract the ref, running over himself and clotheslining him off. He scoops and slams Flair and climbs the turnbuckle. The crowd is on their feet as Macho Man lands the Big Elbow. He goes for the cover, but before the ref can complete the count, he is dragged from the ring by Razor Ramon, who has appeared from nowhere.

Ramon is sporting a new look, clean-shaven with his hair slicked back and wearing an expensive suit. He knocks the ref out with a solid right hand and then climbs in the ring, where Savage is on his feet. Slugfest, which Savage wins, but as he turns around, Flair is back on his feet. Again he goes with the thumb to the eyes, and soon he and Razor are beating the champ down. Ramon hits the Razor’s Edge and then goes to revive the ref as Flair again locks in the Figure Four. Ramon throws the ref in the ring, and he wakes up just in time to see Savage submit.

Flair, Ramon, Heenan and Perfect, who returns to ringside after the match, go to beat down Savage after the match until the Ultimate Warrior runs down to the ring and drives them off. He helps Savage to his feet as the crowd cheer, but Ric Flair is the new champion.

Winner: Ric Flair


Razor Ramon debuted his new gimmick (suave), it got a positive response.

They cut back to the studio where Heenan and Perfect are grinning like Cheshire cats. Jim and Jim shake their heads in disgust, while Vince informs us that later on the show we’ll be treated to a live link up interview with the former champion. (Perfect: “What do you want to speak to that has-been for?”) Vince ignores him, and proceeds with introducing the next match.

Crush vs. Louie Spicolli

Monsoon and Slick are the announcers for this one, but they barely discuss it talking instead about the World title change and what it could mean for the WWF. Monsoon says Savage will be sure to get a rematch. The match itself is pretty decent, perhaps because it’s not kept too long. Crush tosses Spicolli around the ring for three minutes, showcasing his power, before eventually picking up the victory with the Head Crush. The crowd largely ignores him as he celebrates by flashing hand signals at them.

Winner: Crush


This match suffered because the crowd were still pumped up from the last one, and so this bout was seen as something of a let-down to them.

Back to the studio again where Vince is keen to talk about Crush (“He’s a young man with a very bright future in the WWF”) but Heenan quickly changes the subject to Flair and what a great champion he is. Perfect agrees, and as Vince loses control, he cuts to an interview …

… which has Mean Gene standing by with Jimmy Hart and the Nasty Boys.

Gene: Alright I’m here with the Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart and one of his tag teams, the Nasty Boys. Jimmy, a lot of people are wondering how you can manage two teams who both have the same goal - a shot at the WWF Tag Team titles. I’m talking of course about the Nasty Boys and your other team Money Inc. Isn’t there some kind of conflict of interest there?

Hart: Look Mean Gene, it’s none of your business how I manage my clients. I’m the greatest manager in the world and I’ll conduct my business as I see fit! I’m not here to talk about Money Inc anyway. I’m here to talk about these guys, the Nasty Boys! These guys right here are the greatest team in the world, baby. And I’ve got a message for the Natural Disasters … these two guys right here are after you. They’re the number one contenders and they demand a title shot. And any day you got the guts to sign on the line, they’ll take the titles from you, cause the Nasty Boys are just plain nasty!


Jimmy Hart gained overness from this segment.

Back to the studio where Jim and Jim agree that Hart can’t possibly look after the interests of two tag teams. Heenan disagrees, and he has the ‘inside scoop’ that DiBiase is injured anyway, so Hart only has one active team at the moment. Vince says he’s sure that the Natural Disasters will accept the Nastys’ challenge and links into introducing the champs in action.

The Natural Disasters vs. Kevin Krueger and Butch Stanley

Non title, and they cut straight to the opening bell, skipping the introductions. The announce team for this one is McMahon and Hillbilly Jim, who discuss potential challengers for the Naturals, apparently not privy to Heenan’s scoop as they think Money inc might be the next to get a title shot. The champs dominate here totally, and we get a mercifully quick pin when Earthquake sits on Krueger after 3:32.

Winners: The Natural Disasters


Vince informs us that tonight’s main event is Bret Hart against Rick Martel, and introduces recorded comments from the Hitman.

Bret: Tonight I take on Rick The Model Martel in one on one action, and let me tell you something Model, you’re going to find out up close and personal just why I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. I am the Excellence of Execution, and when I lock in that Sharpshooter you’ll know just what that means. And that’s a promise!


McMahon reminds us of the live interview with Randy Savage later on and then introduces the next match.

Jim Powers vs. The Bezerker

Despite having Fuji as his manager, the Bezerker continues to get face pops from the crowd who chant ‘Huss Huss’ at several occasions through this match. Needless to say, with these two guys in the ring, this match sucked, and went on at least three minutes too long. Powers looked like he might pull off the win after the big face comeback, but Bezerker hit the Big Boot out of nowhere and got the win.

The Bezerker wasn’t finished though, and he stomped on Powers after the match before picking him up and tossing him from the ring but merely got cheered from a small section of the crowd.

Winner: The Bezerker


Vince describes Bezerker as ‘one of those in the hunt for an Intercontinental title shot’ but Heenan says that Razor Ramon is sure to be the next IC champ, and Perfect agrees. The Jims argue with this, and amid the mayhem McMahon cuts to Sean Mooney in the events center.

Mooney has ‘an exciting piece of news’ for us apparently. Former WWF champ Bob Backlund is making his comeback. For those in the fan base not familiar with Backlund (i.e. most of them), they’ve got some old footage of him in action. It shows Backlund winning the title and several shots of other wrestlers submitting to his ‘feared cross face chicken wing maneuver’. It ends with a shot of Backlund now. “I’m coming back and I’m going all the way to the WWF title!”


Mooney also informs us of the first match that has been made for the Survivor Series, which is the Undertaker vs. Kamala in a casket match. He explains the rules, and then they show some action of the feud between these two up to now, including their match at Summerslam.


The Undertaker lost overness from this segment. Kamala gained overness from this segment.

Vince of course can’t wait for Survivor Series to see this match. Perfect thinks Kamala is going to shock the world by beating Undertaker. Hacksaw wants to talk about Backlund and Heenan tells us that there is no chance of Backlund getting the title back as long as Ric Flair is around. Vince brings the subject back round to the Undertaker and Kamala and introduces the next match.

Virgil vs. Kamala

This match is a total squash, but it serves it’s purpose as Virgil does a good job of making Kamala look like a real monster. The former Million Dollar champion doesn’t get any offense in at all as he falls victim to the Big Splash in under three minutes.

Kim Chee helps Kamala stuff Virgil in a body bag after the match before Kamala lands another big splash which announcer Alfred Hayes astutely reads as ‘a message to the Undertaker’. The crowd start chanting ‘Rest In Peace’ which shakes Kamala and sends him running to the back.

Winner: Kamala


Kamala gained overness from this match.

Vince can hardly contain his delight as he introduces the next segment, the live video link up with the Macho Man. He introduces Savage, but instead we see the Nature Boy on our screens, wearing a sharp suit, with the World title over his shoulder and a pair of beautiful women by his side. As McMahon looks stunned Flair laughs.

Flair: Vince McMahon. Wooooooo! Were you expecting someone else?

McMahon: As a matter of fact …

Flair: (cutting him off) Well it must be your lucky day, because the WWF World champion … wooooooooo … just took time out of his busy schedule to speak to you. Your interview just got upgraded … wooooooooooooo! And let me ask you something McMahon … doesn’t this belt look great back in the possession of the Nature Boy?

McMahon: Well I don’t know about that, but I do know that the man you beat for the title, Macho Man Randy Savage, will be out for a rematch and determined to get his title back.

Flair: His title McMahon? You’re lucky I’m not there right now or I’d slap that stupid face off your head. This title belongs to Ric Flair … woooooooooo … and no-one, not Randy Savage, not anyone is going to take it from me. If Savage wants a rematch that’s fine. Any time any place. I’ve beat him before … wooooooo … and I’ll damn sure beat him again.

Right now though, it’s time for the Nature Boy to party. The champagne is chilling in my hotel room … wooooooo! (Walking off camera) Girls, you ever been to Space Mountain?


Ric Flair gained overness from this segment.

McMahon is furious that Flair managed to hack into Savage’s interview and immediately points the blame at Heenan and Perfect, who deny it (unconvincingly). Hacksaw and Hillbilly are also enraged that they didn’t get to hear from Savage but we are spared from their rant by the main event.

Bret Hart vs. Rick Martel

They go straight to Hart’s entrance, with the Model already in the ring. As usual the fans are on their feet for the Hitman, whose popularity continues to rise. As he gives his shades to a kid in the front row though, Martel attacks him from behind, and whips him into the steel steps. He continues the attack on the outside as the crowd boos and the referee desperately tries to get them in the ring to get the match started.

When Model eventually decides to throw Hart into the ring, he has already taken quite a bit of damage. This allows the Model to strut and taunt the crowd as Hitman lies on the mat and the bell eventually sounds. Martel starts to target Bret’s lower back, to soften him up for the Boston Crab. His cockiness gets the better of him though when he casually tries to irish whip the Hitman, and Hart manages to reverse. Hart runs of the ropes to try and capitalize on the opening but Sherri grabs his foot from the outside.

Martel again takes control, and again continues to taunt the crowd as he works on Hart, but this time Bret is able to make a real comeback, countering a reverse armbar and picking up the pace of the match. When he has Martel where he wants him, he begins to set up for his finsher, working on the legs. The crowd sense victory for him as he is in complete control, and apparently Sherri does too as she gets up on the apron to distract the ref. As Bret goes over to try and regain the referee’s attention, Martel scrambles to his feet and hits a big back suplex.

Model thinks he has control of the match and he goes for another irish whip, but once again the Hitman counters, sending Martel into the corner. As Bret charges after him for a clothesline, Martel is able to reach out and drag the referee in his way, knocking the ref out. At this Sherri climbs in the ring and removes her shoe. She tosses it towards the Model, but Bret reaches out and catches it. Martel goes to get out of the ring, but Bret charges to hit him with the shoe. Seeing this, Martel pulls Sherri in his way, and Bret hits her by mistake. She falls to the ground, and rolls out of the ring, as Bret hits the five moves of doom on Martel. He locks in the Sharpshooter, and Martel taps as the referee comes to, giving the win to the Hitman.

Bret immediately goes to check on the condition of Sherri, who by this time has done a nice blade job. He helps her to her feet, only to have Martel attack from behind. Soon Sherri gets back up and she tells Martel to stop beating on Bret to a big cheer from the crowd. She helps Bret to his feet, but as the crowd cheers louder, she drops him again with a low blow. She then removes her other shoe and hands it to Martel who levels Hart with it. Martel then carries Sherri to the back to a crescendo of boos.

Winner: Bret Hart


Back to the studio again, where Perfect and Heenan accuse Bret of hitting a woman deliberately, and of course McMahon and the two Jims defend him. McMahon then tells us the card for Superstars just before they go off air.

Overall Rating 73%

We got a 5.68 rating for 'Prime Time Wrestling'!

The attendance level was 5022 people.

We made $200880 from ticket sales.


Randy Savage vs. Beau Beverly

The Nasty Boys vs. The Bushwhackers

Big Bossman vs. Bob Bradley

Razor Ramon vs. Jumping Jim Brunzell

Plus interviews with British Bulldog and Shawn Michaels

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Good show Pigeon, I'm glad you started a new diary as I was a real big fan of your '93 and '96 diaries. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the WWF when Hogan wasn't around and the WWF had guys like Michaels, Hart, Undertaker, Razor, Warrior, Savage, Flair at the top ect. I do hope you don't give Bret the title right away with no hype like the WWF did.

Also I like the fact that you're calling it a "casket match" instead of a "coffin match" like the WWF did in 92. They also had pinfalls count during Kamala/Undertaker's "coffin match" which I hope you don't. BTW Crush's head move was called the Cranium Crush if I'm not mistaken.

Also is Razor going to have like Flair's kinda gimmick or is he going to be the same old Razor? Just wondering since you gave him suave as a gimmick.

Looking forward to Superstars man :D

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WWF Superstars - 9.13.92

Gorilla Monsoon: Hello, and welcome wrestling fans to the first ever 2 hour edition of Superstars here on the USA Network. I'm Gorilla Monsoon alongside Mr. Perfect, and Perfect, we've got an exciting show lined up.

Perfect: That's right Monsoon. I can't wait to see my associate, and good personal friend, Razor Ramon in action. Not to mention the next tag team champions, the Nasty Boys.

Monsoon: They'll not be the next tag team champions if Earthquake and Typhoon have anything to do with it, and we'll also hear from the Natural Disasters shortly. And speaking of tag team action, here comes High Energy for our first bout.

Perfect: Listen to the fans cheer these idiots McMahon. They make me sick.

Monsoon: Actually I'm Gorilla ...

Perfect: Whatever ...

High Energy vs. Kevin Krueger and Butch Stanley

At least there was one guy in this match with a bit of talent, although sadly he spent most of his time on the apron. This wasn't exactly a squash match for High Energy as after their initial domination, Koko became the face in peril. What a mistake that was though, as he didn't really sell anything, and eventually strolled over to make the lukewarm tag to Hart. Owen dominated both opponents before hitting a Missile Dropkick on Stanley for the pin.

Winners: High Energy


Koko B. Ware didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating.

Monsoon: What a great win for the talented duo of Owen Hart and Koko B. Ware. If they can keep their improvement they could be future tag champs.

Perfect: I wouldn't count on it. They'll never be champs as long as there's great teams like Money Inc. and the Nasty Boys around.

Monsoon: Well let's hear from the team who are the current champs right now. They were responding to the challenge made by the Nasty Boys on Prime Time Wrestling.

Earthquake: Knobbs, Sags, you two want a shot at our tag team titles? Well you're on! Me and Typhoon, we're fighting champs, and we'll squash any team stupid enough to get in the ring with us.

Typhoon: That's right. Nasty Boys, you two don't stand a chance against the most dominating team in the history of wrestling. So since we don't have opponents for Saturday Night's Main Event yet, why don't we have a little match there.

Earthquake: Oh, and if that little runt Jimmy Hart comes anywhere near either of us, we'll take pleasure in squashing him like the annoying little bug that he is!


Monsoon: The Natural Disasters have laid down the gauntlet for the Nastys. September 26, Saturday Night's Main Event, will Jimmy Hart's team accept the challenge.

Perfect: Of course they will! They were the ones who made the challenge in the first place. And not only that, but they'll walk out the world tag team champions. But enough about that, cause here comes one of the most talented wrestlers ever to set foot in a WWF ring. Da Bad Guy, look at him oozing machismo!

Jumping Jim Brunzell vs. Razor Ramon

Brunzell is already in the ring as they cut to Razor Ramon walking down to the ring, a grin on his face. When he gets to the ring he spits his toothpick in Brunzell's face, showing no respect for his opponent. This causes Brunzell to attack and the ref calls for the bell with Ramon still wearing his entrance attire. He soon manages to get out of the ring and compose himself and take control of the match though, and he dominates from there to the end. Brunzell offers no resistance to his offense and the Bad Guy gets more and more cocky as the match goes on. Eventually he decides he has done enough damage, and hits the Razor's Edge, getting the three count with a lazy cover.

Razor helps the fallen Brunzell to his feet after the match but then slaps him in the face, knocking him back down again, before he leaves the ring.

Winner: Razor Ramon


Perfect: There goes one of the greatest wrestler's I've ever seen Monsoon.

Monsoon: Is he better than even you?

Perfect: You can't get better than Perfect!

Monsoon: I guess not. Up now let's hear a few words from a man who we haven't seen for a while in the WWF, a man with revenge on his mind. I'm talking of course about the Big Bossman.

Bossman: Nailz, you just made the biggest mistake of your life boy. Even bigger than the one which put you into prison. When you attacked me with my own nightstick, and put me out of action, you didn't know it but you entered a world of pain. Well, I'm back now, and I'm out to get you. Anywhere you go, I'm going to be right on your trail. And some day soon, you better believe that you'll be serving hard times!


Big Bossman vs. Bob Bradley

Bossman runs up the aisle, eager to get back into action. He goes straight to work on Bradley, and Perfect and Monsoon say that it looks like he is imagining he is in there with Nailz. The Bossman's attack is relentless and poor Bradley has no answer. Eventually, inevitably, Bossman hit's the Bossman Slam for the pin.

Bossman walks up to a camera after the match and can be heard saying 'Nailz, you're next!'

Winner: Big Bossman


Monsoon: Big Bossman out for revenge there. I wouldn't like to be in Nailz' shoes when those two meet up.

Perfect: Don't forget that Nailz wants revenge too Monsoon. He hasn't forgiven Bossman for the mistreatment he suffered when he was a prisoner.

Monsoon: You don't know that he suffered at the hands of the Bossman ...

Perfect: Sure I do! Nailz told me.

Monsoon: Oh, please. Let's go to Mean Gene, who is standing by with a proud Intercontinental champion, the British Bulldog.

Mean Gene: Alright, thanks very much Gorilla. Indeed I am standing here with the new Intercontinenal champion, the British Bulldog. Champ, how does it feel?

Bulldog: Gene, I'm on top of the world. August 29th was the proudest moment of my life, winning this title at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 of my countrymen. The English fans really proved that they are the best in the world that day, and I want to promise all those people that I will represent them as champion. I won't let them down. They helped me win the biggest match of my career, and I owe them to be the best champion I can be.

Gene: And will you be a fighting champ?

Bulldog: Absolutely! I will take on all comers. If the fans get behind me like they did in the United Kingdom, there's nobody who can beat me, and I mean nobody.

Gene: Well, British Bulldog, thanks for taking the time to speak to me and best of luck as Intercontinental champion. Gorilla, back to you.


Gorilla: Thank you Mean Gene. Right now let's take a look at a contraversial moment from last week's Prime Time Wrestling. The Match was Bret Hart against Rick Martel, and things started getting wild when Sherri got involved ...

They show clips of the match between Bret and Martel, including the finish in full, with Bret accidentally hitting Sherri, and then Sherri cheapshotting him. When they cut back, Mr. Perfect is standing in the ring.

Perfect: Give a warm welcome to my guest at this time, the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.

Shawn doesn't look as happy as usual as he walks down to ringside, the fans booing him every step of the way.

Now Shawn, I wish we could speak here in happier times, but after the footage we've just seen, there's no way you could possibly be happy ...

Shawn: You're right, I'm not happy. And there's one man who is to blame for that. Bret Hart, I always knew you were a low down dirtbag, but I never thought you would stoop so low as to attack a woman. But you know what's even worse Bret? That woman just happens to be my woman, Sensational Sherri. And let me tell you something, I'm going to make you regret it for as long as you live.

Perfect: You know Shawn, some misguided people, like Gorilla Monsoon would say that Bret accidentally hit Sherri. Now I know that's not true, but what do you say to those people?

Shawn: I think it says a lot about our society today that all those morons would defend a woman beater, the lowest of the low, like Bret Hart. But let me tell you people something, Bret may have pulled the wool over all your eyes, but I can see clearly what kind of man he is. And I'm not going to let him get away with it. I'm going to stand up for what's right, and Bret Hart, I'm coming after you.

Perfect: Well there you have it. Bret, if I were you I would get out of town, because the Heart Break Kid means business, and he's coming after you.


Monsoon: I can't believe the comments of Shawn Michaels! I know Bret Hart and he would never hit a woman intentionally. He's a family man.

Perfect: Don't tell me he's pulled the wool over your eyes too Monsoon. Rest assured though, Shawn Michaels will stand up for what's right ...

The Bushwhackers vs The Nasty Boys

A terrible match to watch, but it had the fans more into it than any of the other matches so far tonight. As bad as the Bushwhackers are, they're still very popular with the kids, and their antics got plenty of cheers from the crowd. They got sneak attacked by the Nastys at the start of the match, and Jimmy Hart's men quickly isolated Luke. Some not-so-pretty double-teaming followed during which time Luke almost made the tag several times. Eventually he landed a boot to Sags after he put his head down when the Bushwhacker was coming off the rope. Both men crawled to their corners, and Butch got tagged in to a nice pop. Butch was a house on fire dominating both Nastys, and he and Luke set Sags up for the Battering Ram. Just as they looked to have the match won though, Jimmy Hart got up on the apron, distracting the referee and tossing his megaphone to Knobbs. Knobbs levelled Luke with it and made the cover as the ref turned round to steal the victory.

Winners: The Nasty Boys


Butch basically no-sold everything, which ruined the match. Luke basically no-sold everything, which ruined the match.

Monsoon: I can't believe that! The bushwhackers had this match won until Knobbs hit Luke with that megaphone. He wasn't even the legal man Perfect!

Perfect: That doesn't matter Monsoon. The Nasty Boys got the win, and at Saturday Night's Main Event they'll get the tag titles back.

Monsoon: Right now, let's hear some comments from Harvey Wippleman.

Wippleman: Undertaker, at Survivor Series Kamala will finally beat you and drive you from the WWF. When he puts you in that coffin and locks the lid shut, we will be able to bury you finally. And let me tell you something, Undertaker, Kamala is not afraid of you. He's looking forward to Survivor Series. Kim Chee and I have been training him extra hard. He knows what he has to do, and at Survivor Series, Dead Man, he'll make sure it's your last match. And that's a promise!


Harvey Wippleman gained overness from this segment.

Randy Savage vs. Beau Beverly

Beau (the one without the moustache) is already in the ring as Savage makes his entrance, and the former champion gets a great ovation from the crowd. Perfect on commentary makes fun of Savage throughout, hyping up Ric Flair for their match. Savage looks like a man on a mission as he sets out to regain his world title, and he makes short work of Beverly here, despite the best efforts of Blake and The Genius on the outside. Apart from a brief period in the middle of the match, he is always in control of things, and the crowd are delighted when he wraps things up with the Big Elbow.

Winner: Randy Savage


Monsoon: A great match there, and Randy Savage looked very impressive. It amy not be long before the world title is back round the waist of the Macho Man.

Perfect: Not likely Monsoon. Beating Beau Beverly is nothing like beating Ric Flair, and there's no way that Savage can beat the Nature Boy. When Flair gets in the ring with Savage, he'll be begging for mercy.

Monsoon: Well we're out of time on Superstars, don't forget to tune in tomorrow night to catch more amazing WWF action on Prime Time Wrestling.

Overall Rating 62%

We got a 5.67 rating for 'WWF Superstars'!

The attendance level was 5045 people.

We made $201800 from ticket sales.

Prime Time Wrestling:

British Bulldog and Legion of Doom vs. Skinner and The Beverly Brothers

Kamala vs. The Rocket Owen Hart

Terrific Terry Taylor vs Jim Powers

Bret Hart vs. Repo Man

Plus an interview with the Macho Man, and much more ...

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Pretty good Superstars, A HBK/Bret feud could be pretty good no matter who goes over, <_< I do like the fact that you're keeping Razor as a friand of Flair's, Since they stopped mentioning it after Survivor Series. A Razor/Bulldog feud could be pretty good imo if Bulldog is leaving for WCW. Though it might be too early to put the belt on Razor. Other stuff was good as well and I'm looking forward to seeing what'll happen between Bossman and Nailz.

Monsoon: Is he better than even you?

Perfect: You can't get better than Perfect!

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Guest Prototype

Just read the diary up to this point and I like it. HBK vs Hart will be a great feud. I also like how Ramon appears to have a permanent relationship with Flair and Perfect, complete with suit and everything. Im interested to see where you go with Savage and Warrior, and Bulldog's first opponent as IC champ. Keep it up.

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WWF Prime Time Wrestling - 9.14.92

With Vince in the studio this week are Hacksaw, Jameson, Bobby Heenan and Slick. For the second week running, Vince hypes an interview with Randy Savage, but Bobby says he's arranged something even bigger - an interview with Flair, Razor and Perfect. As Hacksaw goes off on a rant about this, Vince introduces the first match.

Barry Hardy and Reno Riggins vs. The Nasty Boys

They go straight to the opening bell, skipping the introductions, and the Nastys go straight on the attack, drawing Riggins into their corner. As they double team him, Hart shouts instructions on the Megaphone and he is at least twice as loud as the crowd. After the Nastys feel they have beaten Riggins down enough, they throw him over to his own corner, and make Hardy tag in. He gets the same treatment, and eventually the former champs get the win via the Pit Stop.

The Nastys pick Hardy up after the match and hit another Pit Stop while Jimmy Hart shouts 'Next champs Baby!' over and over on the Megaphone.

Winners: The Nasty Boys


Back to the studio where McMahon starts to hype the main event tonight, but gets interrupted by Bobby Heenan who says that the interview with Flair and co is ready now. Before McMahon can say anything they cut to it. All three men are dressed in sharp suits, and there are a handfull of beautiful ladies with them.

Flair: Hey Bobby, Slick. And hello to you too McMahon.

Hacksaw: You three have got a hell of a nerve just ...

Razor: Hey Jacksaw, why don't you just shut it chico. The World Wrestling Federation champion is talking now.

Flair: Wooooooooooo! You got that right Razor my man. And I hope you heard that Macho Man. The Nature Boy is the one with the gold now. The one who gets all the best ladies, who gets invited to all the best parties, the one who wears the most expensive suits. In fact Savage, these two guys beside me are more like the World's Champion than you pal.

Perfect: You got that right Ric. You see Savage, us three here are just like the Rat Pack of wrestling. All the men want to be us, and all the women want to be with us. Just like your old lady did Savage.

Flair: Rat Pack? Woooooooooooooo! I like it. Let me tell you something Savage, I know you got your rematch coming up, but there's no chance you're ever getting this belt off the Nature Boy. You can have your match any time you want, but there's only going to be one outcome. I lock in the figure four, and you submit. Again. Woooooooooooooo!

Razor: And lemme tell you all this. Da Nature Boy ain't gonna be the only one around here with gold round his waist. See, Da Bad Guy wants to get him some gold too. And some day soon, he's coming for da Intercontinental title.

Flair: Wooooooooooooo! Ladies, you ever seen the inside of a limo ...


As Heenan starts talking about the 'Rat Pack' and how great they are, McMahon cuts him off and goes to the next match.

Jim Powers vs. Terrific Terry Taylor

Taylor has a long robe just like Flair's and uses a lot of his mannerisms too, which draws a bit of heat from the crowd. Jim Powers is already in ring, and he goes straight on the attack as Taylor poses in the corner. Powers controls for the first few moments, and Taylor is so worried he crawls out under the bottom rope. As usual, this gives him the opportunity he needs to get back in the match. Powers comes out to get him, allowing Taylor to run round the ring and get back in first. He attacks Powers just as he gets back in. Taylor controls from now on in, trying to play to the crowd as much as possible as he beats Powers down. He eventually gets the win via a Powerbomb.

As Taylor stands with his hand raised by the ref, Powers gets back to his feet. He offers his hand to Taylor, who just looks at it, and arrogantly walks off.

Winner: Terrific Terry Taylor


Back to the studio where Slick thinks Taylor has what it takes to go all the way in the WWF. Heenan almost agrees ("He'll never be World Champion while Flair's around!"). McMahon would rather talk about the main event which is the British Bulldog and the Legion of Doom taking on The Beverly Brothers and Skinner. And by an almighty conincidence, LoD are standing by now ...

Animal: Beverly Brothers, Skinner, you three are in for a world of pain tonight. When you step in between those ropes, and you're up against LoD and the British Bulldog you're going to wish you weren't born. And when it's all said and done, and one of you gets hit with the Doomsday Device, we'll be standing there high and proud. Tell 'em Hawk.

Hawk: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, starting tonight, we're on our way back to the tag team titles. And we're gonna make mincemeat out of any fools who get in our way. Beverly Brothers, Skinner, you three are in the wrong place at the wrong time. We're going to make an example of you tonight for every other team. And then, we're gonna win the tag team titles back. Oooooooooooh, what a rush!


Bret Hart vs. Repo Man

The announcers spend most of the time talking about Shawn Michaels' comments about Bret Hart on Superstars. They also talk about how great a match between Bret and Shawn would be, and look forward to that match. The match that they're ignoring is pretty good as well. Bret controls most of it, but Repo does take over midway through for a little while, courtesy of a thumb to the eye. Bret overcomes this, and gets the win, making Repo tap out to the Sharpshooter.

As Bret has his hand raised, Shawn Michaels comes running down the aisle, and blindsides him. Shawn takes advantage of the element of surprise, and does a number on the Hitman. He then calls for Sherri, who followed him to ringside, to toss him one of her shoes. He blasts Bret over the head with it, and then poses to the fans as Bret starts to bleed. Before leaving the scene of the crime he delivers a Back Suplex to Bret, as the fans boo him loudly.

Winner: Bret Hart


Hacksaw can hardly contain his anger at what just went down, but Heenan defends Shawn, saying that Bret deserved it for hitting Sherri. Vince predictably takes Hacksaws side, and another argument breaks out. As Hacksaw begins storming around the studio, Vince cuts to Sean Mooney in the Events Center.

First up, Mooney has Macho Man standing by with Mean Gene.

Savage: Ric Flaaaaair. You got a hell of a nerve on here last week sabotaging my interview. And you and your little Rat Pack stole my WWF title. But lemme tell you something Flair, you don't mess with the Mania, punk. You say I can have my title shot whenever I want? Well I want it at Survivor Series! Oh yeah, diggit.

Me and you one more time for that title Flair, and if your Rat Pack wanna get in the Macho Man's face again, I'll be ready for them. And when it's all said and done, the Gold will be round the waist of the Macho Man, Randy Savage. Oh yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Randy Savage gained overness from this segment.

Now Mooney talks about the tag team title match coming up at Saturday Night's Main Event between the Natural Disasters and the Nasty Boys. He shows soundbites from both camps, as well as clips of both teams in action. Jimmy Hart could be the difference maker, says Mooney.


Mooney tells us of another match made for SNME. Bob Backlund will be taking on the British Bulldog in his comeback match. And he's got some recorded comments from Backlund.

Backlund: September 26, Saturday Night's Main Event, Bob Backlund one on one against the British Bulldog. It's almost perfect, I can't wait. But you know what would make it perfect Bulldog? If you put that brand new Intercontinental title of yours on the line. See I can't wait to get back in the WWF ring anyway, but it would be even better if I could become a champion again.

So what do you say Bulldog? Me and you for the Intercontinetal title? I'll tell you one thing Bulldog, you better not be taking this old man lightly. I can make any man submit to my Cross Face Chicken Wing, and I'll do it to you as well!


Bob Backlund debuted his new gimmick (Old School Face), it got a positive response.

Owen Hart vs. Kamala

The Rocket put up a good fight at the start of this match, using his speed to hit and move, keeping Kamala at distance. The fans were certainly behind the younger Hart, and it looked like he would pull off the victory, but he made a mistake in trying to irish whip Kamala. The Ugandan Giant used his strength to reverse and squash Owen in the corner. He took over from there and eventually finished Owen off with a Big Splash. Good match, Owen proving that he is a miracle worker.

Kamala and Kim Chee tried to put Owen in a body bag after the match, but luckily for Owen, the lights went out and when they came on, The Undertaker was in the ring. Kamala was so terrified, he fled the ring, with Wippleman and Kim Chee closely behind.

Winner: Kamala


Vince talks about how Kamala is 'obviously still scared of the Dead Man', but Heenan and Slick prefer to talk about how impressive Kamala was in the ring. Vince can't wait for Survivor Series and the first ever Casket Match in the WWF.

They then show a nice little video package for the undefeated native American, Tatanka, with clips of him defeating a variety of opponents. They include a clip of Tatanka explaining the red streak in his hair. Shame he can't really speak on the mic, as this brought the package down.


Legion of Doom and the British Bulldog vs. The Beverly Brothers and Skinner

Skinner spits his tobacco in Davey Boy's face before the ball, and the match starts with a blinded Bulldog in the wrong corner. The heels triple team him for a while until he is able to clean the tobacco off his face and clean house on them, before making the tag to Hawk. Hawk is in control at first, but falls victim to a blind tag, and he becomes the face in peril. Hawk is triple temed for a long tag in this match, until he is able to duck under a Beau Beverly clothesline, causing him to hit his brother instead. Hawk takes advantage of the confusion and hits a DDT on Beau, before crawling over to make the hot tag.

A six man brawl ensues, and the faces take control. Some of the action spills to the outside, leaving the Bulldog alone with Blake Beverly. He hits the Running Powerslam, and goes for the cover, but Beau crawls in the ring and breaks it up at the last second. The Beverly's look to have the match won when they hit a Spike Piledriver on Smith, but Hawk catches Beau with a chair to the back, which is not spotted by the referee. Hawk disposes of the chair and makes the cover on Beau getting the 1-2-3.

Animal and Bulldog look shocked when they realise how they won the match and they only reluctantly have their hands raised by the ref before they all walk off, with the other two arguing with Hawk.

Winners: Legion of Doom and the British Bulldog


Vince can't believe that Hawk would resort to cheating like that, but Bobby Heenan says he always knew that the LoD were not to be trusted. The panel argue amongst themselves about this, until Vince tells them they're out of time.

Overall 66%

We got a 5.69 rating for 'Prime Time Wrestling'!

The attendance level was 5019 people.

We made $200760 from ticket sales.


Crush vs. Razor Ramon

Tatanka vs. Skinner

The Headshrinkers vs. Jumping Jim Brunzell and Barry Hardy

The Mountie vs. El Matador

Shawn Michaels vs. Duane Gill

Plus interviews with Bret Hart and Davey Boy Smith

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Good show, Looks like LOD will be turning soon? I like the idea of turning LOD heels though since they could be a bad ass heel tag team in the WWF at the time. And all the other heel teams at the time weren't really any good except for Money Inc.

Bret/HBK and Backlund/Bulldog is looking good though I hope you don't push Backlund. Razor going after the IC title is also good :D

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Guest Prototype

Good show. I like the Rat Pack concept. Savage vs Flair at SS should be good. I hope of you turn LOD, which could be cool, you turn them both and not just Hawk. Looking forward to future shows.

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  • 2 weeks later...

WWF Superstars - 9.20.1992

Gorilla Monsoon: Welcome to another jam packed edition of Superstars, and the best wrestling action anywhere in the world. I'm Gorilla Monsoon, and this week I'm alongside ...

Jimmy Hart: They all know who I am Monsoon. The best manager in the WWF needs no introduction. I'm the Mouth of the South, manager of the next tag team champions.

Monsoon: Well that may be so, but the current champs will have a lot to say about that, and here they come now ...

The Natural Disasters vs. Louie Spiccoli and Barry Horowitz

With their opponents already in the ring, the tag champs make their entrance for this non title match. They dominate, though Jimmy Hart refuses to be impressed by them on commentary. This one is over quickly with the champs destroying first Horowitz and then Spiccoli before Earthquake puts an end to it by sitting on Horowitz.

Winners: The Natural Disasters


Monsoon: Another impressive showing for the Natural Disasters there. They look good to defend their titles at Saturday Night's Main Event.

Hart: Don't kid yourself Monsoon. The Nasty Boys are gonna get those belts back, you can bet on it baby.

Monsoon: There are plenty of teams in this tag team division who want their hands on the titles. The Legion of Doom are another, and they spoke with Mean Gene this week.

Okerlund: Animal, Hawk, thanks for joining me, and the first question I've gotta ask is, can you explain the actions we saw on Prime Time Wrestling?

Animal: Well, Mean Gene, it goes like this. Me and Hawk, we're determined to get those tag team titles back, and that means winning every match we're in. And you know, maybe Hawk took that too far last week when he used that steel chair. Legion of Doom are not about breaking rules. We don't need to break em to win matches. Tell em Hawk.

Hawk: Weeeeeeeeeeellllll, it's like Animal says. We don't need to cheat to win matches. And ya know, maybe I overstepped the mark last week, but me and Animal, we're damn tired of being overlooked in the tag team division. We're the greatest tag team in the history of the WWF, we know it, the fans know it, and Jack Tunney knows it. So maybe we need to make sure we get noticed in the future. We may step on a few toes, put a few people's noses out of joint, but when we get our hands on those WWF titles again it'll be worth every second of it. Ooooooooooooooohhhhh, what a rush!


Monsoon: Looks like Hawk has got himself a new attitude. I'm not sure if I like everything he said or not though.

Hart: Hawk sounds like he's finally waking up to reality though Monsoon. I don't like LoD, but maybe they're finally realising how things work around here.

Monsoon: I can't say I agree with that, but up next is the man behind that despicable attack on Bret Hart on Prime Time, the so-called Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.

Hart: Hey Monsoon, the only despicable one here is Bret Hart. He crossed the line when he put his hands on Shawn Michaels' woman, baby!

Monsoon: That was an accident Mouth.

Hart: Yeah, whatever, I ain't buying that for one moment. I know Bret Hart too well ...

Shawn Michaels vs Duane Gill

On his way to ringside Shawn speaks into the cameras, telling Bret that he's not finished with him yet. Gill is already in the ring and he gets the match started quickly, while Shawn is posing to the fans in the corner. Gill's advantage doesn't last long though, as Michaels is soon able to turn it around. He takes complete control of the match, taunting the crowd as he beats down on the hopeless Gill. Eventually Shawn finishes things off, using his Back Suplex.

He's not done there though, as he lays into Gill with hard right hands. He then talks to the camera again. "Bret Hart, you're next!"

Winner: Shawn Michaels


Hart: What a great win for Shawn Michaels there Monsoon. Ya know, I think it's a great thing that Shawn is crusading for women's rights, by standing up that no good woman-beater, Bret Hart.

Monsoon: Shawn Michaels? A crusader for women's rights? Gimme a break! Let's go to some recorded comments from The Undertaker and Paul Bearer ...

Bearer: Kamala, are you scared yet? At Survivor Series, you will face my Undertaker in the most fearsome match in the history of the WWF. The first ever Casket Match where the winner will be the one to put his opponent in a coffin and lock the lid! Are you beginning to have nightmares yet? Well you should be! Ha ha ha.

My Undertaker is not afraid Kamala. No, he is looking forward to this match. He is counting the days until Survivor Series. He has begun construction on a special casket just for you Kamala. It is his finest work yet, his pride and joy. He spends many hours alone meticulously working on it, and preparing for Survivor Series. And Kamala if you are not scared yet, you should start now, because at Survivor Series you will ...

Undertaker: Rest ... In ... Peace!


Paul Bearer gained overness from this segment.

Monsoon: That Paul Bearer is a strange one Mouth ...

Hart: Strange? He gives me the willys Monsoon, I don't mind telling you.

Monsoon: Up next it's one of your clients, The Mountie. Shouldn't you be at ringside?

Hart: The Mountie will have this match well in hand Monsoon. He doesn't need me there.

El Matador vs. The Mountie

Both men get introductions for this one, and predictably Jimmy Hart puts The Mountie over huge. And The Mountie justifies his praise, starting straight on the attack. He controls for the first couple of minutes, hitting El Matador with a variety of moves. To the surprise of Jimmy Hart though, Santana turns things around, leapfrogging Mountie after an irish whip and hitting a cross body, then busting out his highflying arsenal. Jimmy Hart starts to get worried at the announce table, but his man gets back into the match with a thumb to the eyes. Mountie again takes control and looks to have things well in hand when he applies the abdominal stretch, but with the fans behind him Tito manages to make the ropes. He makes the big babyface comeback, and then hits the Flying Jalapeno. As he makes the cover though, Jimmy Hart has become so concerned that he runs down to the ring from the announce table. He climbs on the apron distracting the ref so that he does not count the cover. Tito slams his hand down and the crowd count along to 3, but the ref is still tied up by Hart. Tito gets up and knocks the Mouth off the apron and then turns to make then cover again. This time though, The Mountie manages to roll him up, and using the ropes for extra leverage he gets the three count. Good match for Superstars.

Winner: The Mountie


A promo airs for Survivor Series, focusing on the World Title match between Savage and Flair. It shows the history between these two, going back to Wrestlemania, and showing Flair winning back the title this month. Good package, making both guys look good.


Jumping Jim Brunzell and Barry Hardy vs. The Headshrinkers

The crowd were dead for this one, as they haven't really seen enough of The Headshrinkers and no-one gave Brunzell and Hardy a chance. And they never really had a chance either, with Fatu and Samu dominating from the outset. As usual from them, there were headbutts aplenty, and the usual spot where one of the jobbers (in this case Hardy) tries to headbutt one of them (Samu) and gets hurt himself. The Headshrinkers did the inevitable when they hit Brunzell and Hardy with Samoan Drops in stereo and made simultaneous covers.

Winners: The Headshrinkers


Monsoon: A great win there for the unorthodox Headshrinkers. They look to have a great future in this tag division.

Hart: Yeah, Afa is doing a great job with those two savages. They look like a great team, maybe if Jimmy Hart stops managing they could become tag champs!

Monsoon: Oh, please! Anyway, last I checked, the tag champs are not managed by Jimmy Hart.

Hart: Not for long Monsoon, not for long.

Monsoon: Right now, let's hear some recorded comments from an angry Hitman.

Bret: Shawn Michaels, you've been made a couple of huge mistakes recently. Firstly, you've accused me of hitting Sherri on purpose. I think just about everybody with eyes could see that that was an accident. Secondly, and most importantly, you attacked me last week after my match. Well Shawn, you just bit off more than you could ever chew. Now you've got a serious problem on your hands, Michaels. You've got the Hitman on your tail, and he's breathing smoke! So let me say this, any time you grow some guts, and you decide you want to sort this out like a man, I'll be ready to get in the ring with you. And when I lock you in that Sharpshooter and you tap out from the pain, remember that it was you who started this whole thing. And when it's all said and done, you will be Excellently Executed.


Monsoon: I think that was pretty clear from Bret. He wants Shawn in the ring some time soon. What a great match that would be Mouth!

Hart: Bret doesn't know what he's letting himself in for Monsoon. I've spoke to Shawn about this. He's fired up. He knows he's crusading for beaten women everywhere.

Monsoon: You know as well as I do that Bret would never hit a woman on purpose! Now though, it's time for our next match. Here comes the undefeated native american.

Tatanka vs. Skinner

For some reason, this match was a little flat. Maybe it was due to the fact that the announce team spent more time discussing the upcoming Saturday night's Main Event than the match itself. The Undertaker taking on Terrific Terry Taylor could be a classic, apparently. This match was no classic, Skinner spent a lot of the match on the offensive, using a lot of restholds. Eventually Tatanka made the big warpath comeback, and hit his End Of The Trail. The cover got three.

Winner: Tatanka


They cut straight to Shawn Mooney with the British Bulldog.

Mooney I'm here with the man who will face Bob Backlund at Saturday Night's Main Event, and Bulldog, Backlund has challenged you to put that Intercontinental title on the line. How do you respond?

Bulldog: Well, that's just fine with me. i'm a fighting champion, and I know the fans are on my side. I'll be defending the title for those fans who filled Wembley Stadium for Summerslam. And with inspiration like that, there's no way I'll lose.

Mooney Waht about the fact that the man you are facing is a former WWF champion?

Bulldog: I've got a trememndous ammount of respect for Bob Backlund, but I've gotta say that there is no way he is going to beat me. I'm in the best shape of my life, I feel good, and the fans are behind me. I'm going to defend my title. You can count on it.


Monsoon: Looks like the Intercontinental title will be on the line at Saturday Night's Main Event. Should be a great match Mouth.

Hart: As long as The Mountie gets a title shot, I don't care who wins Monsoon.

Crush vs. Razor Ramon

Crush still isn't getting the crowd reactions that the WWf were hoping for, but Razor, who was accompanied by the Rat Pack, got a lot of heat. The big Hawaiian controlled the early stages though, using his strength to dominate Razor. In fact, Crush was in such control that Razor had to go out of the ring to get advice from Perfect and Flair. Crush got tired waiting for Razor to get back in and went out after him, but was victim of a three on one attack when Bobby Heenan distracted the ref. After they had done enough damage Crush was thrown back in the ring for Razor to pick him off. He looked very cocky as he beat down on crush, and casually picked him up for the Razor's Edge. This was a mistake though, as Crush summoned up the strength to back drop him. He then caught Razor with a hard lariat to leave both men down. The ref did a standing count that reached 8 before both men got to their feet. Crush won the slugfest, and controlled again. he hit a Full Nelson Bomb to set Razor up for the Crainium Crush. He locked it in when Flair got up on the apron. As Razor tapped out, the ref was occupied by Flair. Crush let go of Razor and went after Flair, but got intercepted by Perfect with a hard chair shot. Razor hit the Razor's Edge and got the tainted victory.

The Rat Pack beat down on Crush after the match, with Perfect using the chair again until flair decided they had done enough damage.

Winner: Razor Ramon


Monsoon: What a despicable attack by the Rat pack there. They cheated to win the match and then they beat up Crush after the match was won. Somebody needs to do something about them.

Hart: Who Monsoon? No-one can stand up to the Rat pack. They run things around here don't you know.

Monsoon: Well I don't know about that, but we're out of time. Fans, don't forget to tune into Prime Time Wrestling for more of your favourite WWf Superstars.

Overall 69%

We got a 5.67 rating for 'WWF Superstars'!

The attendance level was 5033 people.

We made $201320 from ticket sales.

Prime Time Wrestling:

British Bulldog vs. The Bezerker

Legion of Doom vs. Louie Spiccoli and Iron Mike Sharpe

Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel vs. El Matador and Jumping Jim Brunzell

Crush vs. Bob Bradley

Plus the final card for Saturday Night's Main Event, a Nasty Boys interview and more ...

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Good show, Hart/Michaels will be a classic no matter who wins. The Rat Pack is a cool group as well. I like the fact that there's just three members too. No need to add anyone else since Flair/Perfect/Razor are all charismatic. Looking forward to PTW

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  • 3 weeks later...

WWF Prime Time Wrestling - 9.21.02

On the heel side this week are Heenan and The Genius, and the faces are Jim Duggan and Sgt. Slaughter. They hype both SNME and Survivor Series, and Vince promises us the full card for SNME a little later on. Duggan wants to hear it now so Vince starts to tell him as we cut to ...

Chris Walker vs. Terrific Terry Taylor

Taylor is wearing a Flair-esque robe to the ring, Walker is already there. Taylor offers a hand to his opponent after the bell and then kicks him in the gut when he foolishly accepts. Monsoon in the announce table tells us that Taylor has a match with the Undertaker at Saturday Night's Main event, thus stealing some of Vince's thunder. Regardless, it gives Monsoon and Koko B. Ware, who is the co-commentator here, to completely ignore this match and instead hype the casket match at Survivor Series. Taylor completely controls and gets the win with a Powerbomb.

Winner: Terrific Terry Taylor


The Genius thinks Taylor has a great chance of upsetting The Undertaker at SNME. Vince ignores the absurdity of that comment and says that Wippleman and Kamala will be watching that match very closely. And whats more, he's got some recorded comments from them.

Wippleman: Undertaker, you needn't worry about Terrific Terry Taylor at Saturday Night's Main Event, because you've got a much tougher match coming up. Kamala is going to prove to you and the world that he's not scared of you, that he's a force to be reckoned with in the WWF. And at Survivor Series Undertaker, at long long last, it will be you who will be the one to Rest In Peace!


Heenan and The Genius both agree that Wippleman has motivated Kamala enough now to not be scared of The Undertaker. Slaughter isn't convinced and says that Kamala will be scared when he sees the coffin at ringside. Duggan just thinks it's going to be a great match, whoever wins.

Crush vs. Bob Bradley

Ugh. If Crush is going to put on a match worth watching, he needs someone better than Bob Bradley in there with him. The crowd weren't into it, the announcers ignored it in their hype for SNME and it went on much too long. Bradley got WAY too much offense before the big babyface comeback and the Cranium Crush wrapped it up.

Winner: Crush


More now on the card for Saturday Night's main Event. Vince runs down the previously announced matches and introduces a challenge from Shawn Michaels, who is standing by with Sherri and Rick Martel.

Michaels: So Bret Hart, you wanna face me in the ring? Well that's just fine by me, cause I still don't feel like I've taught you enough of a lesson for putting your stinking hands on Sherri. But I've got a bit of a problem Bret, cause Rick here wants to get his hands on you too. See we both think you should get your ass kicked for what you've done and we can't agree on who should get to do it. So how about this Bret? You get yourself a partner for Saturday Night's Main Event, and me and Rick will take you on in the ring.

Martel: That's if he can get a partner Shawn. Who is gonna want to team up with a piece of trash like Bret Hart, someone who beats up poor defenceless women like Sherri here?

Michaels: Either way Bret, with a partner or without one, we're challenging you. Let's see if you're man enough to accept!


Rick Martel gained overness from this segment.

The Genius doesn't think anyone would want to team up with Bret Hart, but Hacksaw says lots of people would love to be his partner for that match, himself included. Vince introduces Bret's opponents in action next.

El Matador and Jumping Jim Brunzell vs. Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel

We go straight to the opening bell for this one, and the jobbers get the best of the opening exchanges. So much so that Michaels and Martel feel the need to regroup with Sherri outside the ring. This draws the faces out after them, and inevitably gives the heels an advantage, with Michaels pulling Sherri in front of him as Brunzell charges, causing him to hesitate and allow Michaels to go on the attack. He throws him back in the ring, but not before whipping him into the steps. Brunzell gets isolated in the heels corner and they are made to look pretty cohesive as a team. Brunzell eventually makes the hot tag to El Matador, but after a brief flurry from Santana, Michaels hits the Rocker Dropper for the win.

The heels celebrate, but Sherri wants more, and they lay the boots into the beaten team drawing some boos.

Winners: Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel


Heenan is so impressed with Michaels and Martel that he thinks it doesn't matter who Hart picks as his team-mate, until Slaughter suggests that he might pick Flair, causing Heenan to stutter. While the panel argue, Vince cuts to Sean Mooney in the Events Center.

Mooney gives us the card that Vince had been promising:

WWF Intercontinental title match

British Bulldog © vs. Bob Backlund

Bret Hart and partner vs. Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel

The Undertaker vs. Terrific Terry Taylor

WWF Tag Team title match

The Natural Disasters © vs. The Nasty Boys

Big Bossman vs. Repo Man

Legion of Doom vs. The Bushwhackers

And an interview with Randy Savage

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Great show Pigeon, Glad to see this back as you're one of my favorite writers in the dome. I like the way you're handling LOD, I think a heel turn would work out great for them. Don't know about HBK saying "ass" back in 92, Since the audience were a bunch of little kids. Bret's partner is gonna be Owen imo.

British Bulldog vs. Bob Backlund

Bret Hart and partner vs. Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel

The Undertaker vs. Terrific Terry Taylor

The Natural Disasters vs. The Nasty Boys

Big Bossman vs. Repo Man

Legion of Doom vs. The Bushwhackers

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:

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Saturday Night's Main Event - 9.26.02

Gorilla Monsoon: Hello everybody and welcome to another huge edition of WWF wrestling. I'm Gorilla Monsoon alongside Bobby The Brain Heenan, and we've got some great matches coming up Brain.

Bobby Heenan: You're right about that Monsoon. I for one can't wait to see who Bret Hart chooses as a partner. That's if there's anyone who would team with a woman beater ...

Monsoon: Oh come on. I know there are lots of superstars who would be happy to team with Bret. What about the titles we've got on the line tonight?

Heenan: I've said it before Monsoon, I think we're going to see new tag champs tonight. The Nasty Boys are a great team, and they've got the advantage - Jimmy Hart at ringside.

Monsoon: They sure do, but I would never count the champs out. They're big enough to handle Jimmy Hart and The Nasty Boys. And of course in our main event Bob Backlund makes his long awaited return when he takes on the British Bulldog for the Intercontinental title. Right now though, let's go to Howard Finkel in the ring.

Before they do go to the ring, they air a commercial for Survivor Series. It features Flair, Savage and The Undertaker heavily.


Legion of Doom vs. The Bushwhackers

The Bushwhackers are on their way to ringside when they come back to the action, and the fans aren't exactly blowing the roof off the building. They do get loud though when it's the LoD's turn to make their way to the ring. Again, there's no sign of a heel turn from either of them as they slap hands on the way down. The opening exchanges are pretty even, but Hawk takes control of things with a thumb to the eye of Luke which the referee doesn't catch. Luke soon finds himself in the LoD. As the match wears on it becomes noticeable that Hawk is in heel mode, drawing Butch in to cheat and taking advantage of the ref's count to choke Luke. Animal resorts to no such tactics when he is in though. Heenan on commentary has picked up on this and suggests that Hawk should ditch Animal. Eventually Luke manages to floor Hawk with a neckbreaker and crawl over to Butch for the hot tag. Hawk makes the tag to animal just as Butch reaches him, and all four men are soon brawling.

In the mayhem, the ref gets bumped, when Animal irish whips Luke and squashes the official in the corner. LoD get the upper hand and toss Butch from the ring, allowing them to hit the Doomsday Device on Luke. Hawk hooked the leg for the cover, but the official was still out and could not count to three. Hawk looked very frustrated at this point and beat the mat. Animal tried to revive the ref to no avail. At this point Butch crawled back in the ring, unseen by either member of LoD. He dropkicked Hawk from behind sending him through the ropes. luke soon got up and joined in the attack on Animal. They hit the Battering Ram on Animal, and Luke tried to revive the ref while Butch went for the cover. Hawk crawled back in the ring though, this time brandishing a chair. First Butch and then Luke were cracked over the back with it before Hawk threw it from the ring. He revived the ref before making a pin on Luke and the ref counted to three as a huge portion of the crowd booed.

Winners: Legion of Doom


Butch basically no-sold everything, which ruined the match. Luke basically no-sold everything, which ruined the match.

Hawk rolls out of the ring and grabs hold of the chair again. All three of the other men in the match are still down. Butch is first to make it to his feet and he gets floored again with a chairshot to the head. Luke gets up and gets the same treatment just as Animal gets up and notices what has happened. He looks furious and gets in Hawk's face, with both of them shouting at each-other. The crowd are half booing Hawk and cheering Animal.

Monsoon: I can't believe what I'm seeing here. The legion of Doom seem to be erupting right in front of our eyes.

Heenan: I'm telling you Monsoon, Hawk needs to get rid of Animal. He's holding him back.

The crowd then cheer as Paul Ellering comes from the back with a concerned look on his face. He takes the mic from Finkel as he gets to the ring.

Ellering: What is going on here? I've known you two for years. I can't believe what you've done here tonight Hawk. Are you going to let all the hard work you've done, all the sweat and blood and broken bones, go to waste? Are you really going to turn your back on this man here, who is like your brother? Are you going to say goodbye to the greatest team of all time just like that?

Monsoon: Ellering is making sense here.

Heenan: Don't listen to him Hawk, you're better off without him.

Ellering: Well what about it Hawk? Listen to these fans. Listen to me, your mentor for so long.

Hawk gives this consideration for a moment and then gives Ellering a look of disdain. He swings his chair back and aims it at his manager's head, but Animal catches it in mid swing to a huge pop. Animal manages to pull the chair away from Hawk, and the crowd are really behind him now as Hawk backs off. Animal swings back the chair, looks at Ellering, and waffles his manager to huge heat.

Heenan: I knew he would do that Monsoon. LoD, they're a unit, you can't have one without the other ...

Monsoon: I just cannot believe what I am witnessing.

Hawk looks as surprised as everyone else by what Animal has just done, but he soon gets a huge grin on his face and embraces him. Then as the crowd boo loudly, they pick Paul Ellering up. Animal puts him on his shoulders and Hawk climbs to the top. Doomsday Device!

The Bushwhackers are back up again, and they take the fight to LoD with the crowd behind them. They get the upper hand at first, but Animal gets hold of the steel chair and catches both of them square in the head. They hit the Doomsday Device on both of the Bushwhackers before walking to the back obviously pleased with themselves.


Paul Ellering gained overness from this segment. Animal's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. Animal gained overness from this turn. Hawk's turn was completed, and he is now a heel. Hawk gained overness from this turn.

Monsoon: I am almost lost for words here. I just cannot believe that the Legion of Doom would turn their back on the fans and on Paul Ellering, who was their friend and father figure for so long.

Heenan: I wish you really were lost for words so i could get a word in edgeways. This is the best thing that ever happened to LoD. They want to get the tag titles back, that's exactly the attitude they need to show. There's no room for sentiment in wrestling Monsoon. You know that ...

Monsoon: Let's just move onto our next match. I can't believe this ...

Big Bossman vs. Repo Man

Nailz is still suspended, so this was clearly just something for Bossman to do in the meantime. The feud between those two has really died in recent weeks though, and Monsoon is now talking about the blowoff match being moved from Survivor Series to the next SNME. The match in the ring right now gets basically ignored as the announcers discuss the LoD turn, as well as the card for the rest of the night, and for Survivor Series so far. Those who watched the match though could be pleasantly surprised with its quality. These guys really put on a decent show tonight, and the crowd who were apathetic at the start were into it by the end. Bossman went over very clealy here, although it wasn't a total squash. Repo Man did get a few minutes of sneaky offense before the big babyface comeback, and the Bossman Slam.

Winner: Big Bossman


Monsoon: The Bossman really looked impressive there, watch out Nailz, cause he is after you!

Heenan: Don't worry Monsoon, he won't have to look far and wide to find Nailz.

As they speak, Vince McMahon has made his way to the ring and has a mic in his hand.

McMahon: Please welcome my guest at this time, he is the man who will face Ric Flair at Survivor Series for the WWF title, he is of course, the one and only Macho Man, Randy Savage.

Savage gets a great reception on his way out to the ring, and he milks it, posing to the fans on each side of the ring in turn.

McMahon: Alright Macho Man, on November 15th, at Survivor Series, you go one on one with the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. It's your big chance to win back the World Wrestling Federation championship.

Savage: That's right McMahon. November 15, mark it down on your calenders. That's the day that Macho Madness is going to take over again. Ever since that punk Ric Flair, and his lackeys stole the title from me I've been waiting for my chance McMahon. And lemme tell you somethin, Ric Flair won't know what's hit him. I'm going to run wild all over Richfield and all over Ric Flair, and I'm gonna win back the world title! Oh yeah, diggit!

McMahon: But what about the Rat pack? You must be worried about their involvement or potential involvement in the match as ...

As McMahon has been talking Flair, Razor and Perfect have made their way to the ring. Despite the whole crowd booing loudly, he doesn't notice them till they're in the ring.

McMahon: Ric Flair, Razor Ramon, Mr. Perfect, what are you doing out here? This time is for the Macho Man ...

Flair snatches the mic from McMahon.

Flair: That's right McMahon, this time is for the Macho Man, but where is Ric Flair's time? Where is the time for the world champion, the biggest ... woooooooooooooooooo ... star in the world today? What kind of a president is Jack Tunney? Saturday Night's Main Event, and there's no place for Ric Flair, no place for the Rat pack, anywhere on the card? That ain't right McMahon. Especially not when Savage, the biggest no-hoper in sports today, gets to come out here and run his mouth about taking my, the Nature Boy's, woooooooooo ... world title?

Flair is in full rant mood now, and he takes his jacket off, throws it to the canvas and runs back and forth of both ropes before stopping again in front of Savage.

Flair: And let me tell you this Savage, there's no way, no way, that you are taking my world title.

Savage is about to speak when Flair catches him with a thumb to the eye. Razor and Perfect use that as their signal and they attack. Savage manages to fight both off for a bit, but Flair catches him with a low blow from behind. refs and officials have flooded the ringside area at this point, but Razor and Perfect hold them off while Flair applies the Figure Four. Savage is in agony but Flair does not break the hold until he thinks he has done enough damage. Eventually he gets up, dusts himself off, and allows the officials to tend to Savage.


Natural Disasters © vs. The Nasty Boys

-WWF Tag Team titles

Before Monsoon gets a chance to rant about flair and the Rat Pack, the introductions start for this match. Quite a bit of heat for the challengers, but the pop for the champs is pretty poor. It doesn't affect them though, as they waste no time going on the attack. They manhandle the smaller Nastys for the opening minutes, with Knobbs and Saggs bumping quite well. The tide turns when Typhoon tries to sit on Knobbs, but he rolls out of the way. With the help of quick tags, they manage to beat Typhoon down and isolate him in their corner. Funny spot here where Saggs tries to slam Typhoon but can't, so he tags in Knobbs who also tries and fails. He then resorts to a rake to the eyes.

After a few false comebacks, Typhoon finally manages to fight off both Nastys and crawl to his corner where Earthquake tags him and becomes the house on fire. He tosses both challengers out of the ring, and poses to the crowd, who only really half cheer him. Both Nastys get back in the ring again at the same time, and the ref loses control as all four men brawl. The Nastys get the advantage when Earthquake runs off the ropes, but Knobbs pulls down the top rope and the big man goes tumbling over. jimmy hart jumps up on the turnbuckle, distracting the ref, and the Nastys hit the Pit Stop on Typhoon. Sags makes the cover, and Heenan counts as high as five in the announce booth, but hart still has the ref tied up. Knobbs gets the refs attention, but by the time the ref starts to count, Earthquake is able to make the save. He dumps Knobbs from the ring and floors Sags. He then hits the Aftershock and makes the cover as the ref counts to three.

As the champs celebrate, the Nastys have a heated debate with Jimmy Hart, who tries to explain himslef to his charges. They seem to accept what he says and walk off.

Winners: Natural Disasters


Heenan: What was Jimmy Hart doing there Monsoon? The Nastys had this match won!

Monsoon: It certainly appeared that way Brain. But in the end the Natural Disasters retain their crown.

The Undertaker vs. Terrific Terry Taylor

Taylor enters first, and Monsoon desribes him as having the look of a condemned man. He looks terrified when the first gong sounds, signifying the entrance of the Phenom. The lights go out for the entrance of The Undertaker, and the fans all rise to their feet as one. Taker wheels a coffin to the ring, and takes forever to do it. In fact, his entrance takes longer than the match itself. Bearer talks to the camera repeating over and over 'Are you watching Wippleman? Are you watching Kamala?' and cackling. Eventually Undertaker takes off his coat and hat, and the match can start. Taylor is distracted by the coffin at ringside, but it doesn't appear as if he would have a chance anyway. He stands like a scared rabbit for a moment and then decides to charge at Undertaker, who raises a huge boot and floors him. Taker then goes slowly about his offense, eventually chokeslamming Taylor 90 seconds after the opening bell. He runds his hand across his throat, signifying the Tombstone, but instead of the Tombstone, we get Wippleman, Kamala and Kim Chee.

Kamala and Kim Chee go straight on the attack, and the ref signals for the bell for DQ. Amazingly, they phase the deadman, and as Taylor gets back to his feet, he joins in. They get Undertaker down, with Kim Chee and Taylor holding him down, and Kamala hits a big splash to huge heat. Wippleman opens the coffin at ringside and the heels start to roll Taker towards it. They get him in the coffin, and Heenan declares that we are witnessing a preview of Survivor Series. As they tries to close the lid however, Taker sits up. He grabs Kim Chee in a choke hold and stands up in the coffin, Chokeslamming Kim Chee onto the floor. Kamala and Wippleman back off, but Taylor foolishly stands there. Taker grabs him, and throws him into the ring. He picks him up, and puts him in the Tombstone position, all the while staring at Kamala. He then delivers a Tombstone as Kamala and Bearer walk away looking worried and his music plays.

Winner: The Undertaker


Monsoon: You may be right Brain, we may just have witnessed a preview of Survivor Series. The Undertaker was victorious here, and I wouldn't bet against him on November 15.

Heenan: Now's the time though monsoon, the moment of truth. Can Bret find anyone dumb enough to be his partner?

Monsoon: I don't think anyone who would be Bret's partner is dumb. Let's find out who he has chosen though.

Bret Hart and ... vs. Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel

Michaels and Martel enter first with Sherri in tow. She is screaming at the top of her voice about revenge on Bret and the crowd are booing all three of them loudly. They stand in the ring together, waiting like everyone else to see who Bret has chosen. The Hitman comes out first, alone. He waits just outside the ring as Finkel starts his introduction of his partner. Finkel is cut off mid-sentence though and Bret's music plays again. Bret looks as shocked as everyone else when his brother Owen walks through the curtain. As Owen reaches the ring, Bret appears to be telling him to go back, but Owen is adament, and he gets his way. Bret lets him be his partner but he is forced to start the match on the turnbuckle.

Owen has ditched his bright ring attire from High Energy and is dressed a lot like his brother, except with much less pink. As Bret is giving last minute instructions to him, Rick martel rushes him from behind, starting the match. Heenan and Monsoon are in agreement at this point that Bret did not choose Owen as his partner originally and speculate who Bret's choice may have been. As they finsih discussing this and concentrate on the match, Bret has managed to survive an early beating and is now managing well against both heels. He has things well in control for the next few minutes and ignores Owen on the apron, who is desperate for a tag in.

Bret gets his foot tripped by Sherri as he runs off the ropes though and the heels get an advantage. They put together some quick tagging and nice double teaming, with Michaels in particular looking very cocky. His cockiness gets the better of him as he poses while on the top turnbuckle, and the delay allows Bret to roll out of the way of the kneedrop he was trying to hit. Bret used the opportunity to get back to his corner. He still didn't tag out to Owen, but Owen reached in and forced the tag himself. He climbed in the ring and went on the attack before Bret could do anything about it.

Owen held his own very well at this point. He used some nice takedowns and also his quickness to handle both Martel and Michaels, impressing the crowd, Monsoon, and even a reluctant Heenan. He made the tag back to Bret again, who also looked impressed on the apron. Bret took over where his brother left off, and Monsoon stated that it was a matter of time before the Harts got the win. Just as he said this though, martel, who was not the legal man, caught Bret with a hard forearm from behind.

The heels took over here, with some really nice teamwork, and standard WWF heel tactics, trying to draw owen in, and using the distraction to cheat and choke Bret with the tag rope. Monsoon and Heenan both agreed that it was Owen's inexperience that allowed Martel and Michaels to manipulate him like this. this pattern went on for a while, with Bret looking more and more in need of a tag as time wore on. He did manage a tag to Owen, only for the ref to force him back to the apron as he had been distracted by Sherri and had not seen it.

The fans were pretty hot by the time Bret did make the tag, after he had ducked under a Martel clotheline which caught Michaels instead. Owen was on fire as he came in, easily handling both heels. As Bret recovered in the corner Owen tossed Michaels from the ring and locked in the Sharpshooter on Martel. Martel was on the verge of tapping when Sherri got up on the apron, brandishing a shoe. Martel tapped repeatedly, but the ref had been distracted by Sherri and could not see him. Bret at this point was battling Shawn on the outside. Owen released the hold and went over to Sherri, but she managed to make the ref stumble, and hit Owen square on the head with her shoe, without the ref seeing. Martel picked himself up, and locked in the Boston Crab. As Shawn stopped Bret from making the save, Owen had no choice but to submit.

As Shawn celebrated with Martel and Sherri, Bret went to check on his brother. Michaels and Martel used the opportunity to attack Bret from behind. They beat down on both Harts, and then left the ring smiling. As they left, Crush came out past them, and went to check on the Harts. Monsoon and Heenan both agreed that Crush had been Bret's original partner.

Winners: Shawn Michaels and Rick Martel


Monsoon: What a great match! It's just a shame Michaels and Martel had to use Sherri to win it. What an effort by Owen Hart.

Heenan: Shawn Michaels finally gets to teach Bret Hart a lesson. Nice to see the good guy win.

Monsoon: Good guy? Oh please!

Heenan: He's a crusader for women's rights Monsoon ...

British Bulldog © vs. Bob Backlund

-WWF Intercontinental title

Backlund enters first, and despite Monsoon saying that it's a great reception for him, it's little more than a few fans cheering. He wears a jacket with the USA flag on it and jumps round on the spot while he waits for the champ to enter. Bulldog gets a nice reception and he walks down to the ring with the union jack held high. They shake hands before the match and lock up. To the surprise of most of the crowd, Backlund outwrestles Bulldog at first. He has a counter for every hold that the champ tries and he even impresses Heenan. Bulldog himself looks surprised, and he gets some space between them to think of a strategy. His solution, perhaps unsurpisingly, is to use his strength. He charges Backlund and floors him with a huge clothesline. He then hits a series of powermoves - suplexes and slams. Backlund manage to surprise everyone again though. As Bulldog climbs to the second turnbuckle, Backlund gets to his feet and armdrags him off it. He starts to work on the arms and neck of the champ, as Monsoon explains how his Cross Face Chicken Wing works for those fans who have not seen it (ie most of them).

Bulldog makes another comback though, using his strength to stand up while Backlund applies a chinlock, and then back him into the corner. He hits his stalling suplex, showcasing his strength, and then throws Backlund around the ring again. He signals that he is ready to finish it. He hoists Backlund onto his shoulders and goes for the Running Powerslam, but Backlund slips out the back. Bulldog turns around, and Backlund catches him in a roll up for a two count. Bulldog looks very frustrated now, and starts swinging wildly at Backlund, with the veteran avoiding his blows with ease. Backlund then catches Bulldogs right arm and wrestles him to the ground. He locks the Cross Face Chicken Wing in the centre of the ring, and Bulldog screams in agony. The fans seem split, with some of them now behind the challenger and they are loud for about the first time in the match. To the surprise of everyone though, Bulldog submits, giving Backlund the title.

Backlund celebrates on his knees when handed the title by the official. He looks ecstatic, but the fans can barely believe what they've seen. Backlund gets up and offers his hand to Bulldog, who is standing in the corner shaking his head, but Bulldog looks at him, and climbs out of the ring, drawing a few boos from some people in the front row. In fact as he walks away, he gets into an arguement with a fan, and they cut back to the ring for one last image of the new champ before SNME goes off the air.

Winner: Bob Backlund


British Bulldog lost overness from this match. The WWF Intercontinental title has lost image.

Overall 73%

The attendance was 12995 people.


Shawn Michaels vs. Koko B. Ware

Big Bossman and Natural Disasters vs. Bob Bradley, Butch Stanley and Kevin Kreuger

The Headshrinkers vs. Duane Gill and The Italian Stallion

Tatanka vs. Barry Horowitz

An interview with Bob Backlund

and much more ...

Edited by pigeon
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Great show, It seems like Hart screwed the Nasty's out of the win so Money Inc could get the titles back, I think Hart manages Money Inc doesn't he? Anyways, The Taker/Kamala stuff was great as well as the Owen/Bret/HBK/Martel match. The LOD turn was nice, Don't know about Bulldog turning just yet, I hope you gave the title to Backlund so he could drop it to someone better. Never cared for Backlund. Keep up the great work.

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