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Console War


Which side are you on in the console war?  

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  1. 1. Which side are you on in the console war?

    • Playstation 2 (Sony)
    • X-Box (Microsoft)
    • Gamecube (Nintendo)
    • No side
    • I have two of them so no side
    • I have all three so no side
    • X-Box should die a horribly painful slow death...and soon.

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Seems a bit silly to call it a war but that's what people always say. A console disagreement would just sound silly.

Anyways I was on the side of Sony originally but Nintendo bought me back with promises of new Mario games, and interesting peripherals...oh and Pokémon games.

The last choice I put in for my own personal satisfaction because I despise

X-Box's so damn much.

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I started a topic like this once, long story short, bad idea.

The console topic will never be fought and won. All the consoles have their up points, but there'll never be a console that appeals to everyone, and arguments will rage on and on forever, but I don't think anything will be resolved. Arguing about this (like most things on the internet) is pointless.

For the record though, i'm a Playstation 2 man.

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Guest Future Shock

Used to have PS2, used to have GC. Sold GC, PS2 is at another house.

I kept my XBox because it's got the games that I want to play. That simple.

But PS2...Street Fighter...awwwww.....

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I suck at any game on a Gamecube or X-Box, just because of the controller. I don't see why Microsoft and Nintendo think a fancy controller is going to make people want to buy it. Sony keeps it nice and simple. PS2 has better graphics than the Gamecube and a better selection of games than the X-Box too.

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The only reason I picked the Gamecube was because of the Nintendo Characters like Metroid and Mario

But I bought it on day 1 of availability so I was unaware they were not going to go with online play on their games

So unfortunatly I'm stuck with it now <_<

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PS2 is here.

Gamecube is in the mail from Ebay.

Xbox is about 2 days away from being won on Ebay (and it's also under $25 because it has the horrible DRE...that took me about 25 seconds to find at least 3 different ways to fix on Google...and I'm on a 56K dialup.)

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PS2 does not have better graphics then Gamecube, and its a fact. Any game on PS2 could be ported to Gamecube, hell most games that are ported to Gamecube from the PS2 always have minor graphical enhancements or improvemets. To say Gamecube has horrible graphics maybe you should at the NEW Realistic Zelda coming December 2005, Metroid Prime 2, Resident Evil 4, and hell add Mario Sunshine(Amazingly Smooth, Incredibly Fun). Plus it has one of the greatest multiplayer game: Super Smash Bro.'s Melee. Every system has their up and downs though, but in the graphics department, Gamecube beats PS2, and hell X-BOX beats Gamecube and I despise X-BOX.

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It's true that there is no one uber-console that appeals to everyone but who knows, with the PS3,Xbox2 & the N5 being unveiled in May anything could happen to gaming.

Remember when console makers actually BOTHERED to think up new names for their consoles? Ah those were the days. The name Dolphin> The name GameCube.

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I got all 3, have no personal favourite.

That said, the GameCube just looks the nicest. Its small, quiet and easy to use. The Xbox caused me to reinforce my house and the PS2 just looks like shit.

I find it weird that people despeise entire consoles though. To me that makes no sense. Kinda like the arguement "Bah, Bill Gates is just trying to line his pocket". Bullshit. Sony and Nintendo are both making a mint out of their consoles, but oh no Bill Gates releases one and hes a fucking evil capitalist.

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