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Ozzfest to have Ashlee Simpson AND Eminem?!


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Ozzy Wants Eminem and Ashlee on OZZfest

Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has a secret wish list of acts for next year's OZZfest tour, including Eminem and Ashlee Simpson.

The heavy metal icon fears both acts would be torn apart by his fans but he'd still like to tour with them.

He says, "I think Eminem would be OK. I'd like to see him on the OZZfest. Whether my audience would like to see him... my audience is like hardcore, you know."

Osbourne's son Jack, who helps decide the OZZfest line up every year, admits Eminem could be a good support act: "You don't get more hardcore than that."

But he doesn't think his dad's fans would welcome Simpson.

He adds, "She'd get ripped apart. They'd crucify her. You can't mention Ashlee Simpson and OZZfest in the same sentence."

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Eminem is loads more likely to work than Ashlee Simpson. God, Ozzy really is going insane if he wants Ashlee Simpson on Ozzfest.

I don't think Eminem would do as well as Limp Bizkit did, though, because Limp Bizkit is more hard rock with rap added in and Eminem's pretty much just rap.

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But, many metal fans would feel a certain measure of respect towards Eminem regardless of the sound of his music, whereas I don't know of anyone who finds Fred Durst to be an especially creative individual.

That's not to say I think highly of either idea, and Ashlee Simpson came out of fuckin' nowhere, but Eminem is feasable. He's done a lot in the past to get on the better side of the Ozzfest crowd.

You should also keep in mind that a lot of the people going to Ozzfest these days aren't always hardcore metal fans, and are just going because it's the cool thing to do based on Ozzy's recent resurgence in popularity over the past couple years.

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I don't know dude, I think they've been beefing up the roster for Ozzfest these past years.

Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Slayer, Dimmu Borgir, Otep, Lamb Of God, Slipknot, etc. were all at this years Ozzfest.

In the past, the roster has been lackluster. You know, since it included the likes of Linkin Park, Limpbizkit, Crazytown, P.O.D, Adema, 3rd Strike, etc.

I don't think Eminem could survive Ozzfest these days. Maybe in 1999/2000/2001/2002, but in the current Ozzfest rosters they've been setting up?

He'd get torn apart.

Fuck, I'm suprised Otep didn't in 2001/2004, but I've heard she/they got a pretty awesome reaction once they heard the music.

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Eminem aint that far out there, at the beginning of his career he did the Warp Tour, which although, isn't the same, both have a similiar following


They don't really - Ozzfest appeals to straight metal kids and anyband who doesn't conform gets butchered, the other one is a bit more diverse.

I say do it Ozzy, it'll be funny and shit it's not like you come to England anymore.

Heeeeey way to pigeonhole metal fans. Yeah, I'm aware you're a fan of metal/industrial too, but I don't like being pigeonholed like that. Yes, I am a fan of a lot of metal acts, but I also like Ma$e, Eazy-E, Kanye West etc. too.

Fuck testifying, let's diversify :wub:

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I was commenting that the bill merely reflects metal - and in the past bands who suck or who don't have a metal edge (see Crazy Town) get butchered. Not pigeonholing everyone - I went to a UK Ozzfest and was shocked to see people shouting at Tool and leaving the main stage area, whilst I was in awe.

My point was that you're more likely to see Eminem at a Warped Tour than at an Ozzfest, because Ozzfest does and should have a metal edge.

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