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Yeah, Silverchair were fairly big back in the day but I haven't heard anything from them since their 3rd album, Neon Ballroom, which I own along with Freak Show. I was actually a fan of the band from the release of Freak Show in 1997 up until sometime in 2000. Then they just seemed to vanish. I know they had problems with Sony and the were either dropped from the label or walked out on them. I believe it was over the release of a "Best Of" or "Unreleased Tracks" CD that Silverchair didn't approve of.

So are they still around? If so, are they still making music? Oh, and just out of curiosity, is the Frogstomp album any good?

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i can remember the singer being very sick (i don´t know the english word, something old people usualy have, wen your bones constantly hurt (a dictionairy just toled me it would be gout ?!)) wich caused them to cancel the tour (only know about a european tour, no idea how long it was planed) after the Diorama album release in 2002 (i think) (they had several albums after eon ballroom)

last year around this time they released a live package of 2 cds and 2 dvds in one pack, Live from Faraway Stables, that set was legaly released "by" the band.


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So they had quite a few albums after Neon Ballroom? Wow, they must have been under the mainstream music radar. Unless I did hear about the releases, but I just didn't seem to care at the time. They did leave Sony though, right? I'm almost 90% sure I remember hearing something a few years ago about a conflict with Sony, which in the end sent them on their way out of the label. If so, who are they signed to now?

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Frogstomp [95]

Freak Show [97]

Neon Ballroom [99]

The Singles/B-Sides [01/02?]

Diorama [02]

Edit: Neon Ballroom pretty much killed their mainstream credibility, as it was mostly soft angsty mellow music, as opposed to the "teenage angst hard rock" kind that they'd been built up as having.

Diorama was a happy-go-lucky type CD, and never got much radio play in North America [specifically Canada, for EBG's sake].

They mass-cancelled tour dates a few times.

Daniel Johns battled anorexia between Freak Show/Neon Ballroom, as well as the aforementioned arthritis after the release and subsequent touring of Neon Ballroom. He battled back and now has the body of an athlete, amazingly enough.

I was lucky enough to see two of the shows they didn't cancel from last year's tour - May 30/31? in Toronto. AWESOME shows, even though most of it was musical freestyling, and most of their old songs were chopped to bits. It looked like they were having a lot of fun, though, which is more than I can say for the other three times I've seen them before that.

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Daniel Johns became an art fag and and recorded the worst album of all time with Paul Mac. It brings tears to my eyes how bad the Disociatives are. The bass guitarist is working on Music Max (aussie music channel) now as a part of a panel show every now and then, and I have no idea what the drummer is doing. Silverchair are still huge in Australia.

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I remember that song they had off Neon Ballroom. I think MTV was making a big deal out of them because the lead singer had a disease. I knew they were probably just a flavor of the month over here.

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