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WWE Day of Reckoning

Your Mom

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This game is retarded. Almost everyone no sells finishers at completely random times and then like dies from an arm drag. Like for example my created guy had to team up with Victoria to go against HHH and Molly. So I am battling HHH for awhile and we are having a good match which is fine. We both got worn down and ended up tagging in our partners. So Victoria and Molly nearly kill each other and have all their body parts worn down. I tagged in and Molly didnt get to tag. I hit a DDT and then my finisher. I win right? No she pops back up! So I hit it again. SHE POPS BACK UP! I hit it AGAIN! NO SOLD AGAIN! So by now I am furious. So I scream DIE BITCH and go for a Diamond Cutter. She reversed into a small package and Victoria watched from the apron while I got pinned. Fuck this stupid game. I cant wait for Smackdown vs. RAW.

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That sounds like WWE Raw 2 for XBOX, it had a lot of problems like that. A finisher sometimes did nothing while other moves knocked them dead.

Also, your partners would try and break up your pins and your enemies would help you in matches.

I've given up on wrestling games.

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They don't always no sell the finishers, but it is well annoying when they do. The worst thing is when in a story mode, in a tag match you tag in your partner and get DQ'ed for it. That pissed me off. I like the game overall tho, the story mode is playable once, but the rest of the game is pretty cool.

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Guest burton420

sometimes I'm glad that when my wrestler no-sells finishers, if it didn't I probably would have ended up facing Undertaker 20 times, compared to the 10-12 times it took me to beat him.

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