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Raw vs Smackdown like you never imagined before.


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*Note: This is a Split Diary between myself and DeathInc2004 useing RaveX Update #28, done in Real Time. All things in this diary were created by the minds of the two wirters and have no connection to WWE Inc. or any other real wrestling promotion.*

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WWE Announces New Head Writers!

After a disastrous Raw, and a Medicore SmackDown, Vince McMahon today decided to go in a different direction with his writing staff.

Mike Smiths, who wrote and is directing 'The Marine', will take over writing for the SmackDown Brand effective November 2nd's SmackDown Tapings.

Mat Bar, Writer and Director for 'Eye Scream' will take over for the Raw Brand of the WWE.

Vince McMahon hopes that these two men can help turn the WWE around.

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Wednesday October 27th 2004

What a week for me this has been! Hello everyone, I’m Mat Bar. I have been a wrestling fan for…hell, as long as I can remember, and I’ve been a writer for the past 12 years. I usually write Stephen King’esk books, but one day, about a year ago, I decided to write a movie script for fun. I entitled it “The Last Scream” and I made the main character modeled after my all time favorite wrestler, Kane.

The story was about a man who was burned by a fire and kept in seclusion for most of his life. His ‘Evil Step-Father’ locked him in a basement to keep him away from the rest of the world. His Step-Father told him he was a freak of nature, and should never see the light of day, and forces him to wear a mask. His Step-Father was killed by the man’s brother, and his brother released him into the world. The man, Cain Conway, took his anger on his Step-Father out on the world in a bloody massacre.

I enjoyed writing this story, and decided to submit it to various Producers around Hollywood. I also decided to send a copy to Glen Jacobs (the WWE’s Kane) and to Vince McMahon, just so I wouldn’t get into trouble for stealing Kane’s past…sort of.

I got no response from Hollywood, but I did get an unexpected call from Vince McMahon. He wanted to produce my movie, and have it star Glen Jacobs. I cant start to tell you how excited I was.

Lets fast forward to this week. Sunday was my first day shooting my new movie. We got most of a scene done, and I decided that we should all take a 2 hour break. Glen and I, along with various other staff hands and actors, sat down to watch Raw…we were all sickened by what we saw. This was by far the worst Raw I had ever seen in my life! Weak storylines, no confrontations that were noteworthy, one of the top guys on the roster losing to a guy who hasn’t been around in a while…it was a mess. Glen and I started to talk about the show, and how bad it was, when he asked for a few of my ideas for Raw. I started to explain things, and I heard laughter behind me. The man to my back was none other than WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon. I had no idea, but he skipped out on Raw to watch my set on day 1. I was thrilled.

Vince told me that he likes a guy like me with reasonable ideas in my head, and that I better get a pencil, because I was writing Raw for the 1st of November! This came as a shock to me, but since I am under WWE Inc. contract, I can’t say no. Vince told me that I have a 1 week tryout, and if this weeks Raw were up to his standards, then I have a full time job.

I turned a rough script in to him not even 2 hours later. I was working on it while I was finishing up today’s shootings. Vince flipped through it, and chuckled. He then told me that he had never seen such great work come out in such little time, and now I’m a writer for Raw! He told me that I would have complete control over the brand, including the Roster.

I got home and slept in on Tuesday, because there wasn’t filming that day. I woke up to a message on my machine from a guy named Mike Smiths who was hired to run the SmackDown brand. I called him back, and we bounced ideas off of each other, and made 2 trades. We also conference called a few “Free-Agents” (20 to be exact) and 14 of them agreed to contracts right then and there. The only problem is that 5 of them had contracts with NWA:TNA, but all 5 had a clause in their contracts that the wrestler can void the contract if a deal with the WWE could be reached. Two of the other wrestlers are touring with Japan, and only one was in the states at the time. Seven of the signed were under WWE contracts at one point, and should receive a warm welcome from the fans when they return. Then there was the BIG signing…a signing the WWE Fans have wanted for years. I wont go into details, but it will be a welcome surprise to the fans when he comes. The other 6 wrestlers were wrapped up in contracts with other promotions, but would give us a call when they were free.

Today I had to rewrite some segments to Raw, and we had 7 hours of shooting today. I’m calling a full meeting that should start in an hour. I hope that all Raw Wrestlers will be there, and it is required for all. I want to get acquainted with my employees.

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Wednesday October 27th 2004 - Meeting Time

I walk into the conference room at Titan Towers an hour early, hoping to get a head start on preparations for the meeting. To my surprise, there were already a handful of wrestlers there, including Evolution and Randy Orton.

Mat Bar: Well, isn’t this a surprise. The meeting isn’t for another hour. Can I help you gentlemen.

Triple H: Yea, you can Mat. Me and my boys here think that Raw was just fine without you, and we hope you don’t ruin anything for us. Raw is my show. What I say goes around here…

I cut him off.

Mat Bar: Listen Paul, I know how things were around here, and I credit that to the failure of the Raw brand. During my stay as Head Writer, every wrestler will get a say on what’s going on, not just you.

Triple H: Ok, what I say is I want you out! You never want to be on The Game’s bad side…

I cut him off again.

Mat Bar: Paul, the only reason that you’re a star is because of writers like myself. Writers came up with your “Game” Gimmick, Writers came up with D Generation-X, and Writers put that belt on you. If it wasn’t for guys like me, you’d be a nobody. Now, Paul, I’m not disrespecting you right now, I admire you. How you continued a match with a ripped bicep, that showed a lot of heart. I know you love this business, and I will tell you right now that I plan to help Raw and help this business. My biggest plan is for you and your group here, but I’ll explain that later.

Triple H: …well…ok then…I’ll see you in an hour.

Triple H and his band left, and I thought I did the impossible. I left Triple H speechless.

An hour later, the Raw talent started to pack into the room, and the meeting began.

Mat Bar: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Raw Roster, welcome to my first meeting as the Head Writer of Raw. My name is Mat Bar, and I believe the only people in this room who know me are Glen (point to Kane) and Paul (point to Triple H). I want that to change. I want each and every one of you to come to me with your complaints, and suggestions with Raw.

Chris Jericho: Ok, Mr. Booker Man. How about putting the World Title on me. I have the talent, I am Mr. Charisma.

Mat Bar: Chris, I respect you, and everyone else on this roster. You are one of the many people who has earned a shot at the title. Let me pass around a copy of the script for Mondays Raw.

Triple H: What! You actually have a copy done in advance???

Mat Bar: That’s right. This is one of the changes to Raw. You will know ahead of time what you’ll be doing. No re-writes during the show., no confusion going on backstage. Now, if you will…

I start going over the script, and I’m stopped at a certain part…

Test: Whoa! Wait just a minute. What’s this about a Trade?

Mat Bar: I had a conversation with Mr. Smiths…the new writer for SmackDown, and we decided that a few changes have to be made to the rosters for any progress to be made for the WWE. Now, nothings official yet, but I do know that 4-6 people in this room will not be on the roster come Monday.

The meeting goes off without a hitch, and I get approving words from most of the roster.

After the Meeting Test and Mark Henry come up to me and tell me that they are medically cleared to wrestle. I made a note of it, and headed home, but that wasn’t the end of my day.

I went to a Minor League Hockey game with Chris Jericho and Chris Beniot and discussed their role in the company. They both seemed pleased with the results. I visited Matt Hardy at his home to check up on his progress recovering from his injury. He looked to be in good shape, but he’s still a long way from being in the ring again. I visited with Gene Snitsky, and we talked about his Monster Gimmick, and what’s in store for him. My last call was to Eric Bishoff, and I let him know that he would be my right hand man during my stay., and I had full confidence with him as my on screen General Manager.

Now I’m home and relaxing before I go to my movie shoot. I’ll update more later, see you all around.

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26th October 2004 (Tuesday)

On Location on the set of "The Marine"

Hi, I am Mike Smiths, film director and writer. I am currently working on a WWE project "The Marine" which stars WWE superstar John Cena. Shooting has been smooth so far as John Cena proved to be someone who is easy to work with. My all time dream was to this. Write and watch my work come to life. I was born for the movies. But little did I know that fate has something else in store for me.


Shooting had just wrapped for the day. I was in the production room with my assistants as we went over the scenes that already been done. So far so good. What else can be better? I asked too soon. Just then, my cellphone rang. It was an unfamiliar number. Who was it? I wondered to myself. I answered and my jaws dropped ! It was Vincent K McMahon. My mind suddenly went overdrive at the possibilities of him calling me personally. Before this any of his messages that were to be passed to me were being passed down by his assistants and passed down to me. But today was different. I cleared my throat before continueing to speak.

Me: Yeesss ... Mr ... Mc.. McMahon sir... How can I help you?

Mr McMahon: Well Mike. I need your help. I know that you are doing a great job with "The Marine" and I like your work. I ....

Me: Thank you sir .. Thank you!!

Mr McMahon: Let me finish dammit.

Me: UUHH .. Sorry sir.

Mr McMahon: As I was saying, I need you to help me. RAW and Smackdown are getting staler by the day. Our ratings are not like what they used to be. We need fresh minds to steer us in a new direction. I already got Mat Bar to write for Raw. Now I need you to write for Smackdown.

Me: Me .... write for Smackdown?? Sure ..but ....who is MAT BAR?

Mr McMahon: He is the director of the other WWE movie, you know the one starring Kane?

Me: Oh ... him. I would love to help you sir ..

Mr McMahon: So its a done deal then.

Me: I ..I...

Mr McMahon: By the way, you first assignment is to start with the November 4th Smackdown. Remember, our taping is on the 2nd.

Me: But .....I need ....

Mr McMahon: Do not worry. Do anything you want. Anything at all

Me: Anything??? As in ANYTHING ??

Mr McMahon: YES!! ANYTHING !!

Me: Deal !!!

The phone call was over, but I was still in a daze. What have I gotten myself into? I mean, can I really control guys like The Undertaker and Big Show to do what I want? Can I control the egos and the "much said about" politics backstage. Well like they said," The only way to know is to give it a shot". So WWE Smackdown, here I come.


Mike Smiths' Apartment

The phone call from earlier in the day was still playing in my mind. Was it all a dream?? Did it really happened? Just as I was wondering, I was awakened from my slumber by a phone call. It was from Sophie (no last name), my appointed assistant. She told me that the appointment had been made official and it has been posted on the WWE website. She gave me her number and tole me that she would be available anytime before hanging up.

I turned on my laptop and got to the WWE website. True enough .....

user posted image

WWE Announces New Head Writers!

After a disastrous Raw, and a mediocre Smackdown, Vince McMahon today decided to go in a different direction with his writing staff.

Mike Smiths, who wrote and is directing 'The Marine', will take over writing for the SmackDown Brand effective November 2nd's SmackDown Tapings.

Mat Bar, Writer and Director for 'Eye Scream' will take over for the Raw Brand of the WWE.

Vince McMahon hopes that these two men can help turn the WWE around

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27th October 2004 (Wednesday)


Mike Smiths Apartment

I could not sleep all night. I was excited. No .. I was delirious at the thought of being the man in charge of Smackdown's progression. I must admit I know my wrestling but never did I ever imagine I would be given the opportunity to write Smackdown. I looked at the clock at the side of my bed; 09:01. 4 more hours to the meeting. I got up from my bed as I went through my closet. What would I wear?? I picked out a suit and tie combo that looked presentable and ironed them. I looked at the clock again; 09:01??? Huh?? I checked the clock and true enough, the battery had died. I looked at my watch on top of the dining table ;12:00 Damn!!! I'm late!!!


Titan Towers Conference Room

As I make my way into the Titan Towers, I was overhelmed by the sheer size of it. People just got about doing their duties, oblivious to my presence. I was then greeted by my assistant, Sophie.

Sophie: Morning Mr Smiths.

Me: Just call me Mike.

Sophie: Ok Mike. Shall we get to the meeting now? The place is already set for you.

Me: Ok.

We took the elevator up to the conference room. We went staright to the comnference room as I wanted to prepare myself. I was taken aback by the sheer size of the room. This is the room where countless meetings were held and decisions were made. And in a short while I am going to have a meeting here.

Slowly, one by one, the wrestlers start to fill in the conference room. John Cena, my "main star" for "The Marine" wearily walked in, looking tired as we had just finish shooting a big scene yesterday. Paul "Big Show" Wight, Mark "Undertaker" Callaway and Kurt Angle walked in a together, stealing a glance at me as I stood on the podium. Soon almost everyone was present, except for John "Bradshaw" Layfield and Orlando Jordan. Sophie got everyone to sit down as I stepped up to the podium, clearing my throat, before speaking.

Me: Thank you for attending this meeting at such a short notice. I know that some of you are busy, I will make this as short as I can. I am Mike Smiths, the new .....

Before I could carry on, I was interrupted by the entrance of John Layfield and Orlando Jordan as they made their way to their seats. John Layfield was talking aloud about how the meeting was unnecessary and time wasting. Suprisingly, I got a ally in Mark Callaway.

Mark Callaway: Hey Layfield, you better start showing some respect around here man. Who the hell do you think you are, making the rest of us wait for you?

John Layfield: (slinging the WWE Championship belt on his shoulder) I am the damn champion Deadman. I do what I want and when I want.

Mark Callaway: You are only champion because I let you. Remember that punk ass.I can have the title any time I want it back.

This little arguement looks like it could blow up any moment soon. I had to take control. I had to break this up before it got out hand.

Me: Ok!!! Ok!!! Cut it out!! I will not take any crap from any of you. (turning to Layfield) Bradshaw, the next time you are late, I hope you have cash in hand because it is going to cost you. (turning to 'Taker) And Taker, thank you for standing up for me BUT I am much capable of defending myself. (turning to the rest) So, before I was RUDELY interuppted, I am Mike Smiths, the new headwriter for Smackdown. I know you guys may have your doubts about me and I do not blame you. But all I am asking is for you to give me a chance to show what I can do.

Rico: (stands up) Talk is cheap man. Just what do you have in mind?

Me: Yes, I was just about to go there. Firstly, there are agoing to be a LOT of changes around the brand. My first act as headwriter is to scrap all current storylines.

Roster: WHAT!!!!!!

Me: Listen up. The only way to make it a level playing field is to start new, start afresh. It has to start now! And that will also mean vacating ALL titles.

John Layfield: Oh No!!!! You cannot do that. As the Champion, I will not allow you to do that. No!! Never!!!

Me: Well, Layfield, as the headwriter around here, I can. So either you accept my decision or you can be suspended without pay.

John Layfield: That is not fair. I worked hard for the belt.

John Cena: (whispering to Charlie Haas) Yeah right. He sure damn hell worked hard doing you know what in Mr McMahon's you know where.

Charlie Haas: (whispering back)That was a good one man.

Kurt Angle: So, Mike. Just how are the champions going to be determined??? I mean, no offence, but I DO deserve to have the belt.

Mark Callaway: Oh shut up Angle!! If there is anyone who is more deserving for the title, its me. I've been in this company for more than a decade and I think I am at least deserves a shot at it.

Me: Whooa!! Whoa!! Gentlemen!!! Let me get this clear. NO ONE is entitled to ANYTHING around here. No one will be getting any favours or "sure shots". Certainly not with me around. The new Smackdown will be a "land of opportunities". Yes, that is right. Anybody, and I mean ANYBODY, can be a champion as long as you prove to me that you have what it takes. That means, you (points to Funaki) could be the next WWE champion or you (points Tazz) or even you!! (points to Rico)

Rico: Me??? (looking suprised but pleased)

Me: Around here, only I make the decisions and only ME. So Angle, your medals mean zilch to me. (turning to John Layfield) Layfield, it does not mean kissing up to me with stock tips.

The Rest: Hahahahaha (Laughter)

Me: So is there any other questions? (looks around for any hands raised) No? So I will see you all on Tuesday. If there is nothing else, thank you for your time and good day gentlemen.

All the wrestlers got up from the seat as they contemplate amongst themselve on their immidiate future. The champions were unhappy that their titles were taken away from them. The rest were excited about the "opportunities" that was promised Soon everyone had left, except for Bill DeMott.

Bill DeMott : Sorry Mr Smiths. I am curious. Just how confident are you that this will work. I mean we all saw what happened when Vince Russo did the same thing to WCW. I mean, I've been here long and look at where I am now.

Me: Well you know Bill, I have great plans for you. I like your work ethics and I believe you will do well this time. So do not worry. Just leave it up to me.

Bill DeMott : I have been promised countless time by different Headwriters ever since I got here. What makes you different from the rest?

Me: The difference between me and the rest? Well, I intend to ROCK WWE from its foundation and on November 2nd, you will find out for yourself.

With that, we parted as I headed straight back to my office. The meeting was already out of they way. I think I made a good impression of myself. But I am having problems with egos as it is right now. J.B.L, 'Taker and Angle each think that they have a claim to the top spot in Smackdown. I guess I'll just have to have a seperate meeting with all three individually tomorrow. I have to show who is boss. A last check on the room to ensure that it is in perfect condition for the RAW meeting later in the evening with the new headwriter, Mat Bar.

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Thank you for the advice stokerino. Btw who should I approach? Or if any mods read this, can you help in decapitalising the thread title? Thanks alot.

Edit: Thank you stokerino for bringing the matter up and thank you Small Blue (mod) for helping with the amenmend. That will be the first and last time.

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Guest MrBenjamin
Ok guys you two have a lot of talent, I can see that....And so far this looks great, good idea to let make of the titles Vacant..Best of Luck with this diary!! :thumbsup:
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28th October 2004 (Thursday)

Mike Smiths Apartment


It has been a long day today. There was no shooting for "The Marine" as I had important business to attend to. I had planned a meeting with 3 Smackdown superstars in the afternoon but in the end only 2 showed up. It was fruitful enough but I had to take action againts the absentee. This is not the first time he had crossed paths with me. I will not tolerate this. The other two meetings were still fresh in my mind.

Meeting With Kurt Angle

Me: Thanks Kurt for meeting me. I want to discuss with you about certain things.

Kurt: So do I, Mr Smiths.

Me: Its ok Kurt, you can call me Mike. Its an informal meeting.

Kurt: Right, Mike. What do you want to talk about?

Me: Well Kurt, I want you to know that I have the uppermost respect for you. And I think that you are one of the top guys in WWE, regardless of brands.

Kurt: You can say that again. I mean, I am THE ONLY Olympic gold medallist in WWE history and I won that gold with a broken neck!!

Me: I know that Kurt but like I said in the meeting yesterday, past reputations and achievements counts for nothing. What I have in mind is pushing for a fresher approach. Newer stars.

Kurt: Hmm.. What do you have in mind??

Me: I was thinking, since you are already established main eventer, how about you give a rub to some of the other guys. Kind of what Triple H is doing to Batista.

Kurt: So you want me to take in a protege?

Me: Yes.

Kurt: So who did you have in mind?

Me: (Whispers to Kurt Angle) .......

Kurt: I like the idea very much.

Me: I know you would. I know.

The rest of the meeting went on smooth as we talked about possible storylines and what I had planned for him. Kurt Angle left the meeting looking pleased. Soon, it was time for me to meet Mark "Undertaker" Callaway.

Meeting with Mark Callaway

Me: Hey Mark, glad that you can make it.

Mark: Yeah me too. So what do you want to see me about?

Me: Well Mark, I wanted your views and opinions about Smackdown.

Mark: Why me? Why not ask Show or Eddie?

Me: Well Mark, its because you have been here the longest that I have known.

Mark: Thats damn tru. Its good that you recognize that. So you want to know what I think? I 'll tell you. I could not have been more happier that you vacated the titles. I mean the fans are not buying the fact the Layfield is the WWE champion. A lot of other guys deserve the title. Guys like Eddie, Rey Rey and even Booker.

Me: What about yourself? Do you think you deserve it?

Mark: I have held the title countless times and another reign will be nothing more than a blip on my career achievements. Do I want to be the champion? Yes. Do I need to be champ? NO!!

Me: I'm glad that you think that way, Mark. It will only make working with you much easier. By the way, you do not have to worry about being the top guy in the brand because I see you as the leader of the locker room. What I need now from you is to guide the young ones like Kidman, Haas, Carlito.

Mark: You want me to babysit?? No way man!!

Me: No!! That is not what I meant! I want you to be their shadow. Look at them and show them their place.

The meeting was soon over. Mark disagreed at some of the ideas but he was willing to give them a try. I guess that is why Vince McMahom likes the guy. Finally I am waiting for John "Bradshaw" Layfield.

Meeting with John Layfield

15 minutes passed and still no sign of him.






30 minutes and stil no sign of Layfield. I am slowly getting impatient. I called up Sophie and asked if Layfield had been informed about the meeting. She said yes but she had not been able to get through to him since the morning. This made me furious. It is one thing to be late. It is another to be absent. I guess I have to hit him where it hurts the most. His pocket!!!

Damn John Layfield. He is proving to be a headache which I really do not need at the moment. Maybe Taker was right. Maybe the reign that he had as WWE champion had gone to his head. Well it STOPS here.

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***WARNING: Below may contain info that may be classified as spoilers at the time that I'm posting this. Spoilers courtesy of www.rajah.com.

Same Day


I turned on the television as Smackdown was about to shown on TV. I was not hired early enough for me to be in charge of this taping but I'm going to watch it anyway. I can use this as an opportunity to get to know the brand better and at the same time see what was going wrong with the show.

user posted image

Smackdown (Taped on 26th October 2004)

The show opens with the normal pyros and sign. The camera immidiately goes backstage where Al Snow is with the Tough Enough contestants.

Al Snow is giving the Tough Enough contestants a look around at the arena before walking into a locker room, only to be thrown out by the Big Show. They then proceeded to the ring and each one cut a 20 sec promo, only to be interuppted by the Big Show. The giant then proceed to body slam every single one of them.

Man!! They should have never let those guys in the ring at the first place. They did not sell the move at all and it hurt Big Show character. However I do like the mean streak that the Big Show is showing at the moment. This is the Big Show that I want for MY Smackdown.

Chavo Guerrero defeats Nunzio with the Gorry Bomb. Billy Kidman was on comentary, and went to give Chavo the shooting star press, but missed.

Its good to see Chavo back after that serious injury but what were they thinking in letting Kidman try the shooting star press on Chavo once more?? I mean I'm more glad that he missed because I really do not think that Kidman can pull off the move good enough. He lacks the confidence. Kidman really need to try other stuffs.

Heidenreich begged Heyman to get Undertaker’s signature.

Urrgggghhh. Why is this guy even getting on screen time? Well NOT when I'm in charge. I think I might just send him down back to development. Very poorly booked.

Teddy Long said if Booker beats Orlando tonight, he gets JBL at Survivor Series for the title.

Sigh.... I feel sorry for Booker T. Because I'm scrapping all storylines, he WON'T get a title shot at JBL for the title. However, I have just a plan to make up for that

Rey Mysterio defeats Kurt Angle. Ref bump. Rey went for the 619 but was stopped by Jindrak and Luther - RVD came down, then Eddie ran in, gave Kurt the frog splash, and pulls Rey over for the pin.

After the match Kurt, Jindrak, and Luther are yelling at Eddie, Rey, and RVD in Teddy Long’s office - Teddy says at Survivor Series - Kurt and Eddie will each captain a 4 man team for a classic Survivor Series elimination match.

Good match here. Only disappointment is that Rey did not get a clean win. But Angle is getting better ring wise. So is Jinrak and O Haire. Hmmm .. should I let them be Kurt's protege? Another match scrapped for Survivor Series.

Josh Mathews tries to interview Carlito, but is threatened by Carlito’s new associate Jesus - he holds Josh while Carlito spits the apple in his face.

I hope Carlito enjoys his time with the belt because after this he won't have it, at least until he wins it back that is.

Kenzo tries to sing to Torrie again - but she says he’s freaking her out.

He should REALLY stick to his profession, which is just marginally better than singing.

Big Show tells Eddie he wants to be the 4th man on his team, Eddie agrees.

Big Show is a great guy on screen. I just love his work ethics of late. Big things are due for him.

Halloween costume contest - Torrie is a fairy, and Dawn Marie is a nurse - before the judging can begin, Miss Jackie attacks and strips Dawn Marie.

An unnecessary segment in my opinion.

All three Dudleys ask for one of them to be the 4th man on Kurt’s team, Kurt says if they can get rid on Big Show - he will agree. Spike says no problem, Bubba and D-Von look frustrated.

The Dudleys. What can I say that have not been said yet. Their chemistry with each other is second to none and I hope they will give to me the same kind of work that they are doing now when I start my stint as headwriter.

Booker T defeats Orlando Jordan. Afterward JBL almost teased turning on Orlando, but they shook hands - JBL says Booker will be just another opponent in his path.

Damn JBL. The more I see him, the more I am pissed about him meeting the meeting today. He is getting too cocky for his own good. So Booker WILL NOT go to Survivor Series to face JBL for the title BUT I got other things planned for him.

Overall a standard show. But with only 3 matches??? Is this even fit to be called a wrestling show? All of that is going to change. I better start writing out the script for Tuesday.

I turned of the TV as I turned on my laptop. In my mind, I am already planning out what the next Smackdown should look like. But before I started my work, I made a call to Mr McMahon, asking for a small request. What was it? Well, I asked for this week's Velocity to be changed to a Smackdown Special or a tribuite show. Anything as long as the guys are not involved. He agreed. So after the phone call, I start to type out my script for the show.

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Thursday October 28th 2004

Today there wasn’t shooting for my movie, so I thought I would be able to sleep in and get some much needed rest…I was wrong. I woke up to a ringing phone at 6 in the morning…

Mat Bar *Groggy* - H-hello…

Randy Orton - Mat, its Randy…Randy Orton from Raw…

Mat Bar - I know who you are…cant this wait until a more decent time?

Randy Orton - Sorry man, but Tripps called a meeting of the “Big 8” and he wants you there.

Mat Bar - The “Big 8”…

Randy Orton - Yea, Tripps, Ric, me, Batista, Edge, Christian, Kane, and Nick…Eugene.

Mat Bar - I remember Glen mentioning something about the group…*sigh* where are you meeting?

Randy Orton - We’ll be at your house in 5.

Mat Bar - WHAT! How the hell do you know where I live?

Randy Orton - Remember buddy, Tripps wife is a McMahon…we know a lot of things. See you in 5.


Mat Bar - God damnit!

I jump out of bed and quickly get dressed. I call Eric Bishoff and told him to show up. I told him that Mike had an assistant named Sophie, and now I have one named Bishoff.

I hang up with Eric, and there is a knock at my door. I open it, and expect it to be “The Big 8”… its Chris Jericho.

Mat Bar - Oh…Hi Chris…

Chris Jericho - How’s it goin Mr. Booker Man? Listen, we gotta talk about something. Mind if I come in?

Mat Bar - I have a meeting here in a few minutes, but if you want, I can meet you at Denney’s at 9.

Chris Jericho - Sounds good Chief!

Mat Bar - By the way Chris, what’s up with you Wrestlers and coming to my house at 6 in the morning?

Chris Jericho - Remember Chief, we’re wrestlers. On the road, never get sleep. See ya at 9.

I watch Chris leave, and I close my door. I start to walk to my kitchen to grab a cup of coffee when someone else knocks at my door. I stop, turn around, open the door, and the “Big 8” walk in.

Randy, Tripps, Flair, and Batista *nod in greeting* - Mat

Edge, Christian, Kane, and Eugene *nod in greeting* - Boss

Mat Bar - Make yourselves at home. What can I do for you boys?

Triple H - Well, the first thing you can do is get us some coffee…its 6:15 AM!

Mat Bar - ok…Dave, go make some coffee. I can use a cup too.

Batista glares at me, and Triple H nods to him, and Batista goes off to the kitchen.

Mat Bar- So, who called this meeting, and why?

Triple H - I called this meeting, and we want to discuss some story lines with you. We’re all happy that you didn’t do what that Smiths guy did on SmackDown. Scrap the storylines and titles. All of us are happy with where Raw is headed.

Kane - I know I’m out for a while while shooting your movie, but when I come back, *cut so I wouldn’t give away storylines* What do you think?

Mat Bar - I like it…I really do, and to tell the truth, I’d actually prefer that. Kane was starting to get old as he was…

Edge - I want my shot at the World Title. I think I’ve earned it.

Mat Bar - I have plans for Triple H and the World Title, now for you *Cut for Storyline reasons* and we’ll also have you, Christian, in on this.

Batista walks in with 9 cups of coffee, and hands them out.

E & C - Sounds good boss.

Mat Bar - Now, this is what I have in store for Evolution, and Randy Orton…*Edited for Storyline Reasons*

Triple H - You know, I like you Mat, and I feel like your gonna have a long stay on Raw…By the way. I want you to try to sign Justin Credible, or Sean (Waltman) if at all possible.

Mat Bar - I’ll see what I can do. I’ve already made a few signings, but I’ll run it by Vince and Mike…

Triple H - well, this was very productive. Lets go guys.

They all stand up, and I show them out. I look at the clock…8 AM…that took almost 2 hours, and Bishoff didn’t show up…I have time for a quick shower then to meet Jericho. I head upstairs when there’s another knock at my door. I turn back around and open the door…

Mat Bar - Your Late.

Eric Bishoff - I know. Paul (HHH) asked me to not be here.

Mat Bar - Well, I asked you to be here. From here on, what I say goes.

Eric Bishoff - Ummm…ok…

Mat Bar - Make yourself at home, and I’ll be back…gotta shower. We have a meeting with Jericho in 45.

Eric Bishoff - Gotcha…Have any coffee?

Mat Bar - Dave Batista made a pot, should be in the kitchen.

I take a quick shower, and me and Eric are headed to Denney’s to meet Jericho. We got there and he was sitting there signing autographs for the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen in my life. We walk in, and the ladies talk to Bishoff for a minute or two and then move on.

Chris Jericho - Well look, its Mr. Booker Man and his lap dawg! I’m playin man. How’s it goin Bishoff. Listen, the reason I wanted to talk to you is that I think I should get a World Title shot. I’m one of the most over guys in the WWE. The people love me. I can be a face or a heel, and I’m still over with the people. I’m like a younger, better looking Rock!

Mat Bar - Ok Jericho, here’s the deal. I have plans for the World Title, but later on down the road, I promise you a title reign. Just in a month or so, I have plans for it.

Chris Jericho - Ok, then how about me feuding with Triple H for the next month? I mean…

Eric Bishoff - You cant be serious! You cant be that stupid!

Mat Bar - ERIC!

Chris Jericho - What’s this Ass Clown getting at?

Eric Bishoff - Did you read the fu**in script???

Mat Bar - ERIC! Calm down! Did you read the Raw script Chris?

Chris Jericho - I skimmed, yes…

Mat Bar - Well, I suggest you read it in full next time Chris, then you’ll get your answers. Is that all?

Chris Jericho - Yea…that’s it…

Mat Bar - Ok, see you Sunday Chris.

Chris Jericho - Why? What’s Sunday.

Eric Bishoff - What? You weren’t listening at the meeting either???

Chris Jericho - Quiet you!

Mat Bar - Chris…I’m only gonna tell you this once…Listen when I speak, and read what I tell you. We have meetings every Sunday now.

Chris Jericho - Gotcha Chief. Later.

Jericho left, and Bishoff and I stayed and had a meal (Vince’s treat) and talked about the changes we should make. Tomorrows gonna be a big day. I have a private meeting with Eugene, Rhyno, and Tajiri…I’ll update then.

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31st October 2004 (Sunday)

Mike Smiths Apartment


I could not believe what a week it has been for me. Ever since the appointment as the Headwriter of Smackdown was made official. After the meetings on Thursday with Kurt Angle and Mark Callaway, I have been working non-stop on the movie “The Marine”. I barely had time to rest as my breaks were used to come up with a script for the upcoming Smackdown. I had a lot of matches to plan as I had vacated all the titles. I know I will have my critics for doing this but this is for the long term good of Smackdown. I only managed to finish up the shooting that was required last night.

And last night, Mr McMahon helped me with my request and showed the “Best of WWE” instead of Velocity on the usual time slot. Just as I wanted as I wanted the viewers to be in anticipation of what is going to happen at this Smackdown. A couple of ideas bounced off my heads as I wrote down the matches. I had planned to meet Theodore Long later today as he is the GM and I need him to make my ideas work. But before I could go on, I called up Mat Bar to talk about the trades that we have discuss. There were still some chinks that needed to be ironed out and I WILL NOT want any of my starts appearing on RAW when it is still not yet sorted out. But the call turned out well as we managed to sort things out. So with that out of the way, I called Sophie to check if my 6 new signings for Smackdown have been approved. She confirmed it. 2 of them are former WWE employees and the rest currently working for TNA. But with their contract expiring yesterday, WWE just managed to get them to sign for us. I rub my hands in excitement. My plans are coming along well.

So, I left my apartment for the meeting with Smackdown GM, Theodore Long. We meet up at a café near my apartment as we started the meeting.

Me: Thank you for coming at a short notice. You do know the reason I called for this meeting?

Long: My guess it is about the upcoming Smackdown. What I want to know is how do you intend to crown new champions?

Me: I am glad that you asked Long. You see, from now till Survivor Series, we will have series of tournament matches for all the titles. And it will all culminate at Survivor Series where the finals are going to be played out.

Long: You really think that this will work?

Me: That is what you are for Teddy. You WILL ensure that it works.

Long: Ok, at least this is different from the crap that I have been doing since I became GM. You got the matches ready?

Me: Yeah I have. (hands over a piece of paper) Take a look and tell me what you think?

Long: I will .. (scans through the list) Wait a minute? What is this? You reinstated Tazz and Bill DeMott back as full time wrestlers?

Me: Yes. I guess Smackdown will need all the talent that they can get and these two guys sure look like one.

Long: You know what Mike, I like the idea.

Me: Now, I want you to pass these scripts (hands over stacks of papers) to all that are involved for the taping on Tuesday. I want everyone to be at the arena 1 hour earlier than usual. I want to have a briefing with them. And that will be all Long. See you and Tuesday.

Long: Ok Mike. See you playa !!!

user posted image

WWE Announces New Signings for Smackdown

WWE are proud to announce that they have secured the signings of six wrestlers that will be joining the Smackdown brand. They are Chris Harris, James Storm, Jose Maximo, Joel Maximo, Big Vito, Dustin Rhodes and Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy and Dustin Rhodes are former WWE employees who are believed to be in the good books of the new Head writer, Mike Smiths. Meanwhile the rest are said to be on WWE’s wishlist for some time, especially the tag team duo of Chris Harris and James Storm. When these new signings will debut is still unknown but it is sure to be a great debut.

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Guest Frank62441

I'm enjoying it guys, although at times it seems a little like a glorified typical WWE diary with the top TNA talent being brought in, instead of a more Vince-style working with the talent already there. Still since the guys like AJ Styles haven't been confirmed yet, I guess it's no major sin yet. Just try and add a lot of originality with what you do with these guys, and you'll probably have a hooked reader in me!

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Haven't seen a RAW yet but I didn't like the Smackdown very much. The layout was just annoying to read. Plus I have problems with these diaries that bring in guys from TNA which wouldn't have been brought in otherwise. I have no problem with diaries being less then realistic but seriously....Tazz back on the active roster? The SAT in the WWE? Dustin Rhodes...why would they fire him and then re-sign him? Just doesn't make any sense. And as for being in "Real Time" alright it's a cute gimmick but you realize there are only so many of these "behind the scenes" posts I'd be willing to read. I want to read shows. But thats just my opinion.

Edited by Pepsi
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I dont mean to argue but I would like to see Tazz back on the active roster I liked him as a wrestler and the SAT would suit Smackdown I think. The two things I dont like is Dustin Rhodes and the behind the scenes reports I just dont read them. Id like to see more stuff like internet news and reports with scouts and stuff. And itwould be cool and uniqe to tell us what the guys are upto in ovw just type up cards but dont do match reports and weekly reports of OVW. Just a suggestion ...

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Haven't seen a RAW yet but I didn't like the Smackdown very much.  The layout was just annoying to read.  Plus I have problems with these diaries that bring in guys from TNA which wouldn't have been brought in otherwise.  I have no problem with diaries being less then realistic but seriously....Tazz back on the active roster?  The SAT in the WWE?  Dustin Rhodes...why would they fire him and then re-sign him?  Just doesn't make any sense.  And as for being in "Real Time" alright it's a cute gimmick but you realize there are only so many of these "behind the scenes" posts I'd be willing to read.  I want to read shows.  But thats just my opinion.

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Didn't say AMW couldn't be in the WWE, I can buy that. The SAT are not the greatest in the ring though so I hardly think they would be hired. Way to ignore my other examples though. Also, The SAT don't have contracts with TNA. Just pointing out that you seem to be going for realism but it doesn't seem like it.

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Didn't say AMW couldn't be in the WWE, I can buy that.  The SAT are not the greatest in the ring though so I hardly think they would be hired.  Way to ignore my other examples though.  Also, The SAT don't have contracts with TNA.    Just pointing out that you seem to be going for realism but it doesn't seem like it.

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