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CSI Seaon Finale


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It just ended.

Edit: That chick who isn't old, the brunette one, she hit on Nick, and then got arrested for drunk driving and then cried on Grissom's shoulder as he took her home.

Possibly to his house.

Possibly for sex.

But that's just speculation.

Anyway, I'm betting they're saving the Cliffhanger for WHEN CSI: NEW YORK DEBUTS, and next season when they have CSI: DETROIT and CSI: LATVIA.

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I think there going overboard with how many CSI's they are planning on making... I thought that one was enough... I dont really like CSI: Miami but thats mainly cause im a huge fan of the original... I dont really think they need to be bringing in different ones...

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And CSI gets dumber and dumber.

It's an interesting twist, but a little too X-Files for my taste.

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