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WCW 1992


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- WCW in 1992

- This was the year WCW started to sink, never to recover until 1997. Ric Flair was the WWF Champion, not the WCW Champion. Some of the older stars where losing steam, thanks to retarded booking and bad management decisions. Everybody knows what happened to WCW in 2001 and for many, 1992 was the begining of the end. ..

But what if? What if WCW turned out to win the war and become the new force in professional wrestling?

This is how it begins.....

-The Diary of Davey Crockett

November 01 2004: 7:22pm

Location: My room

-" People say that a man's life can change in one second. People say that no matter how low you have fallen, you can always make it back to the top. I didnt believe it. I never did. I was just one man who made one mistake too many.

I was Davey Crockett, the elder son of former NWA head honcho Jim Crockett. But nobody knew that, unless they where part of the wrestling world and watched my debacle. I think it was the fact that Dad was never there for me. But I cant fault him. He loved wrestling the same way I do. But their was something he loved more....money.And who blames him? I dont, money makes the world go around. But that is not the case here. I just wanted to wrestle. I didnt care if I was out there to win the world title or to job to some hairy, stinky brute. I just wanted to wrestle....but I just wasnt good at it. However, there is one thing I was good at...working with the talent and booking shows. When I was 17, dad allowed me to book some shows for him every once in a while. I was respected. But it all changed in the blink of an eye....

Dad sold the NWA to Ted Turner. Money did more for him than his passion for wrestling. This 23 year old kid was out of a job. Turner didnt like me. He didnt want anything to do with someone who had "Crockett" in his name. I found myself looking for a job. I licked boots and got myself into the WWF for about a week, beofe they threw me out the door, thanks to Hulk Hogan. He didnt like me because I believed he should have put the belt on Mr. Perfect or Ted DiBiase. Hey, I was not even the head booker, just one of the many others who comes up with ideas. But the simple fact of saying "Hogan drops the title to ________" is enough to get you fired over there. Then I kept falling....booze,marihuana...cocaine...you name it, I did it. I couldnt get over the fact that I was not associated with wrestling anymore and that the closer I was to the product was sitting down in some cheap store where they had TV's turned on during Superstars or WCW Saturday Night.

I went from respected son of wrestling promoter to bum in the streets. I ate out of trash cans and played the guitar in the corner of the street for coins. But one man and one man only helped me out. My dad. Jim Crockett. He came by, punched me in the face, kicked me in the ass and told me "Davey, I am going to sort you straight. You are going to get back into the business and show Turner and McMahon how things are done.". I tought he was talking about starting a new wreslting promotion, but in reality, he wanted me to go back to WCW. He sold the final amount of shares he had in the company to Turner in exchange for me to get another shot at booking. The deal? The remaining 15% of WCW was now Turner's as long as I got a one month break as head booker. With Ole and Dusty messing up, I the deal went trough and I had my break. I will forever remember the look I got from Turner when I showed up for my first day of work. His words where simple... "I want results. I want changes. I want direction. I will be more than generous with you. Not one month. I am giving you one year. But remember this boy, only one month is guaranteed. After the first month, if you do something stupid, you are out that door. Now go and do your job"

I just nodded. Somehow I felt Turner trusted me with this and he was not the jerk I tought he was. As soon as the door was closed and the remaining bookers where left alone in the room, I could hear the whispers, the plotting...how to make my job hell. Most of the wrestlers where cool, but Dusty and Ole...I knew they had something in their heads.

My mission...turn WCW around. Prove Dusty and Ole wrong. Make Ted Turner, Dad and myself proud....and surviving in the locker room.

- This is but a small piece of the adventures and misadventures of Davey in WCW.

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-The Diary of Davey Crockett

- November 01 1992

Location: Atlanta, GA at Turner's Office

- Here I was. The first meeting. Ted Turner in front of me. Ole, Dusty and the other newcomers to the writing starff. Their names where Vince Russo, Eddie Chandler and Ed Ferrara.

In the meeting we analised the members of the roster and our suggested plans. Russo had some whacky ideas, like turning Abdullah the Butcher into a black imitation of Dusty Rhodes and having them feud over that and also to turn Dustin heel on Ricky Steamboat over a gay affair. I had to shut down all his ideas. This is basically what I had to say about everybody:

Abdullah the Butcher

Upper Midcard Face

Oh yes. I remember this guy from my old days in the NWA touring the world. I know he is happy to see me and my old school, southern mentality for booking. He is not the type of guy you book as an extremist face who comes out of boxes and brawls with Cactus Jack. He is the type of guy you book as a machine, a heel with a thirst for blood that wont stop at nothing to bring fear and pain to his opponents eyes. I actually learned this from Carlos Colon, WWC owner, when they where part of the NWA. He is a legend in the south and one of my favorites. I will need to find a way to write him back into the show as his former self.

Alexandra York

Heel Manager (manages The York Foundation)

Dustin's girl. I dont have a problem with her and I like her role as leader of the York Foundatiom, so I wont mess with that at all. I just hope she keeps her bitchy attitude for her boyfriend and wont gimme trouble, otherwise she is out the door.

Arn Anderson

Upper Midcard Heel (part of the Dangerous Alliance)

Oh yes. Arn is one of my all-time favorites and deserves better treatment. I will make sure he gets his shot at the spotlight, cause he is good in the ring and in the mic. His role in the Dangerous Alliance will be expanded and I know his influence backstage is going to help me control some of the egos.

Barry Windham

Upper Midcard Face (current tag team champion with Dustin Rhodes)

Barry is another of my boys. One of those guys that scream old school when you see them. He has had better days in and out of the ring, but he still has a lot of potential and I hope I can give him a fair shot.

Big Josh

Lower Midcard Face

I dont see what is the "big" thing in Dusty Wolfe and I dont want to know either. He is going to stay around, but I dont see him winning a lot of matches.

Big Van Vader

Midcard Heel

Yes, losing to Ron Simmons costed Leon White a lot of heat, but I am sure he will recover it. This is one of the most valuable assets of the promotion and I am sure I can book him like the monster he is, get him back to main event status and make some money for this damn company. No more Cheatum the evil midget, or skits in a boat with a bomb or some of that crap. He is going to be what he has always been, a monster.

Bill Kazmaier

Lower midcard Face

This dude is big, he is strong and he plays the friendly giant. Well, Tugboat he aint and I dont know if I will do something with this guy.He has the size, but not the charisma, the skill or the look to be a top level guy.Just one of the many fat guys in the business with nothing but girth.

Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane (Midnight Express)

Midcard heel

Oh yes. I am going to have some fun booking the midnights. They are one of my favorite tag teams in wrestling and their is a lot of good wrestling left on Bobby and Stan. They will get a lot of air time.

Brad Armstrong (WCW Lightweight Champion)

Lower midcard face

This lightweights are getting a lot of attention lately. Their matches are always good and I might try to make them into something more than a side show attraction. Brad has the legacy of the Armstrong family. He is good in the ring, but I am taking a chance with him...Vince Russo came out with a heel character for him...I might give Russo the green light on that even when it goes aganist my old school mentality.

Brian Pillman

Lower Midcard Face

Pillman is one of the best in the business right now. He is my choice to carry the Lightweight Division forward because he has that "it", that charisma and ability to get the crowd to react to anything he wants.

Cactus Jack

Midcard Heel

Foley is another of those guys who amaze me. The way he takes those sick bumps and comes back to work the very next day, that's something you dont see everyday. Plus, he can draw tons of heat and is not so bad on the stick either.Hmm...Cactus and Abdullah teaming up to form an unstopable connection? Or Cactus taking down WCW's top stars in his way to the top?

Dan Spivey

Lower Midcard Heel

Spivey lost a lot of steam when Sid left and he is nothing right now. I think I can make him something big...as big as Sid was with the proper booking.

Diamond Dallas Page

Lower Midcard Heel

This guy is awesome on the stick and can produce some good matches when he wants to. The problem is that he is an asshole backstage, he is using his friendship with some of the top bookers to get himself on a better position and I dont like that.

Diamond Studd

Lower Midcard Heel

Scott Hall is very charismatic and can produce some solid matches. I think he can be pretty big down the road.

Dustin Rhodes

Upper Midcard Face (WCW Tag Team Champion with Barry Windham)

I like Dustin, he is a good kid. It's not his fault his dad is a jackass. If booked correctly, he can be one of WCW's top players for years to come.

Dusty Rhodes

Non Wrestler Face

I hope the fat guy can be useful. I might put him on commentary or as an authority figure of sorts. I might book him in the ring sometimes, but not in the main event anymore.

El Gigante

Lower Midcard Face

Another BFG. I see good things ahead for this guy. His size is reason enough to make him a top player, specially if I find a way to make him draw heat.

Firebraker Chip & Todd Champion

Lower Midcard Heel

Who can forget about The Patriots? Chip and Todd might be something someday.

Harley Race

Heel Manager

The man himself is my best friend thus far. I feel that he and Flair where like paternal figures when I was growing up and it's nice to have him here. I always keep Race close to me, he is always giving me advice and alerting me of any possible movements aganist me. In a locker room full of politics, friends are hard to come by.

Jimmy Garvin & Michael PS Hayes(WCW US Tag Team Champions)

Lower Midcard Face

I dont think the Freebirds make good faces. With a turn and the right booking, they will be a big part of WCW's tag team division. Hayes is one of the most active politicians backstage and his attitude will be taken into consideration before anything is done.

Johnny B Badd

Lower Midcard Heel

Badd is clearly inspired by Ravishing Rick Rude and I intent on pushing him that way. He is athletical and can get lots of heat, which means he might be one of the biggest players down the road.

Jushin Thunder Liger

Lower Midcard Face

Liger has never been booked properly in WCW and I want to change that. He is one of the main pieces of the Lightweight Division.

Larry Zbysko

Midcard Heel

Forms the Enforcers Tag team with Arn Anderson and I think that Larry can get a good push if he keeps his political games to a minimum.Those old bones still have a lot of solid matches in them.

Lex Luger

Main Event Heel

Luger is one of the cornerstones of WCW and I want to keep him in that role.I see plenty of World Titles in his career.

Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Lower Midcard Face

MAB is a good kid. He has a couple of loose screws in his head, but if he keeps his head in the game and if I can find a way to make people care about him, he will be a top dog.

Missy Hyatt

Face Manager

Blow Girl will keep her job as long as the fans still care about her. She might come in handy during those lonely nights in the office.


Midcard Heel

Hughes has the looks of a tough guy, but I am not too high on him. Only time will tell how far he makes it.

Paul E Dangerously

Heel Manager

I think he is the best manager in the world right now and the Dangerous Alliance is the hottest stable WCW has ever had besides the original Horsemen. No reason to think I will depush him.

PN News

Lower Midcard Face

Rapper boy is here for comedy relief and he wont win many matches.

Richard Morton

Lower Midcard Heel

Rich is part of the York Foundation, but not for long. I am tired of his act and he cant draw heat as a heel. If Ricky Gibson is healthy, I see the Rock and Roll Express back togheter. As a matter of fact, I will call Ricky as soon as possible.

Ravishing Rick Rude(WCW US Champion)

Main Event Heel

Rude is one of the top guys right now and he will continue to be. I will decide between him and Luger for the next main event program with Ron Simmons.

Rick and Scott Steiner (Scott is the WCW TV Champion)

Midcard Faces

The Steiners are here to stay.I wont let them go, they are one of the hottest teams in the business, with the skill and the look to go places. Look for them to be in the main picture soon.

Ricky Steamboat

Upper Midcard Face

Steamer is one of my favorites and I hope he is healthy enough for another run at the top. He can carry anyone to a good match and that's what I want out of this guy, to help me build stars. He will be well rewarded.

Ron Simmons

Upper Midcard Face (WCW World Champion)

Simmons was not ready to get the push he got. I see him dropping the belt pretty soon and trying to work himself into a main event talent. Either that or I will have to book him as champion aganist someone who can make him look good and achieve that level.

Steve Armstrong & Tracey Smothers

Lower Midcard Face

Steve and partner Tracey Smothers can become a very important part of WCW if they work hard and manage to get reactions out of the crowd.

Steve Austin

Midcard Heel

Austin is one of those guys that will be huge soon. His look, ring skill and charisma make him a standout. He can draw lots of heel heat and is the future of this company. Russo suggested we shaved him bald and had him drink beer and beat people for fun, but we all know that wont get over.


Main Event Face

The Stinger is WCW's Franchise Player and he will keep that status. He will be in main event programs sometimes and helping me build stars sometimes.

Teddy Long

Heel Manager

Teddy is excellent on the mic and is one of the world's top managers. I see him around here for a long time.

Terrance Taylor

Lower Midcard Heel

Part of the York Foundation. I think he might get over the lower midcard but not by much.

The Junkyard Dog

Lower Midcard Face

JYD still has the charisma that made him a top star and I am seriously thinking about pushing him and seeing where that goes.

The Nightstalker

Opener Heel

I dont see this guy getting to far.

Thomas Rich

Lower Midcard Heel

I think I have a good idea for Rich and Taylor as a team. That's all I think I will ever do with this guy.

Van Hammer

Midcard Face

Maybe it is because I am a metalhead, but I like Hammer and he will get pushed. I hope he can get some heat.

Vinnie Vegas

Lower Midcard Heel

Vinnie can be a big star if I find the right way to book him.


Lower Midcard Face

Tom Zenk is talented and can help in the juniors division.

It's time for me to sit down and make tons of calls all over the world to get some new talent and sponsors for this promotion.It sounds like hard work, but I enjoy every second of it.

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Okay, there are so many errors with this that it's not even funny.

The United States Tag Team Titles were abandoned on July 31st, 1992. Their last ever holders were Dick Slater and The Barbarian, who won them on June 25th.

Bill Watts was the driving force behind WCW at this time, and the influences of both Dusty and Ole were long gone.

I'm not sure when exactly it was, but I'm pretty sure that by this time The Enforcers had split up, and Zbyszko was kicked out of The Dangerous Alliance.

Scott Hall left WCW in early 1992, with videos for the Razor Ramon character airing in the summer, and him wrestling at the 1992 Survivor Series.

Likewise, Lex Luger had by now left, and was involved in the WWF's Word Bodybuilding Federation, shortly before debuting as The Narcisist at the Royal Rumble.

Where's Jake Roberts, feuding with Sting and all set to main event Halloween Havoc? Or Eric Watts, recieving the push of his life at his father's hands? Furthermore, Scotty Flamingo?

Bare in mind, those were just off of the top of my head. I'm sure there are more somewhere.

I don't want to sound negative as your writing was actually quite good, but I cannot stress the importance of doing the correct amount of research enough.

Edited by Burning Dragon
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Remember that a diary doesnt have to follow complete reality. Those who have read some of my other diaries know that I like to mess up a little with reality. Anyways, I apreciate the feedback so far and I hope you give me a chance to make an entertaining story out of this. BTW, in this scenario Dusty is still employed in WCW and Ole is listed in the bookers, so I picked them to be part of the "backstory" of the diary.

The format will be as follows:

Three shows: World Wide on fridays, Saturday Night on Saturdays and The Main Event on Sundays. Davey Crockett diary entries will be after the Sunday show/PPV. Dont expect a lot of spoilers in this one(contrary to my WWF 1997 diary) as Crockett will likely comment on a big signing or a particular event after it happens and not before. Also I want to build an interesting sidestory in the WCW locker room to add some depth.

TV show reports will be done in a Scott Keith-style report(but not move by move), they will range from short to medium lenght and since I am bad at promos, I will recap the promo instead of writing it down completly, with quotes and stuff to make it aunthentic. Basically, if you have read a report by Scott Keith or Larry Csonka or any of the 411mania or insidepulse guys you will feel right at home.

PPV matches will be a little bit longer than TV matches and I will also post "House Show Results", which are not simulated in EWR, but done from memory. Those are "dark matches" of sort that might hint at future storylines/feuds in the "Real" diary. What happens in House Show matches wont have significant impact on the diary, other than hint at the future and justify injuries among other things.

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WCW World Wide

-Announcers: Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone

-Location: Atlanta, GA

- Sponsored by Hasbro, makers of the original WCW action figures!

-Welcome to WCW

- World Wide opens up with the WCW Tag Team Champions Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham already in the ring. Next to them is a bald guy with a black cowboy hat and goatee.

Barry introduces the man as his little brother, Kendall Windham. Barry says that he is the happiest man alive right now because finally his brother made it to WCW and that Kendall will prove the world that he is more than ready for the big time. Kendall takes the mic and says that it is an honor for him to be here and wants to make a statement. He wants to prove that he belongs in WCW and makes an open challenge to anyone in the back. Barry and Dustin seem surprised with the idea and they are shocked when Big Van Vader answers the challenge. Vader stands in the ramp as Barry and Dustin try to convince Kendall not to do it. Suddenly, the voice of Harley Race is heard and the former NWA World Champion comes out and stands next to Vader. Harley says that he is taking over Vader's career and he will guide him back to the top. He says that Vader will be more than happy to send Kendall to the hospital in his first night. Barry and Dustin plea with Kendall and advice him not to take this match, but Kendall accepts anyway and we have a ourselves a match.(67%)

-Kendall Windham/with Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes vs Big Van Vader/with Harley Race

Dustin and Barry stay around to cheer Kendall on. Kendall ducks Vader's first attempt at a punch and unloads with right hands on the big monster.Vader no sells the shots and knocks Kendall down with one punch. Kendall gets right back up and starts dropkicking Vader several times until he manages to push the big monster into the corner. Kendall unloads with punches and tries the ten punch count, but Vader shoves him down and then drills him with a clothesline.Vader whips Kendall into the corner and squashes him with a splash.He repeats the move a second time and then drops Kendall with a Powerbomb. He goes for the pinfall...1-2.. Vader picks Kendall up at two as Dustin and Barry yell at him to finish this already. Vader drops Kendall with yet another powerbomb and then a Lawn Dart Suplex!! He covers again...1-2... Vader picks him up at two!! Dustin and Barry get on the apron to try and stop this, Vader simply drags Kendall to the corner and gets the Vader Bomb and finally he covers for the 1-2-3. Vader goes up top for another Vader Bomb as Dustin and Barry run in to attack him.. Suddenly,another huge man makes his way into the ring and helps Vader dominate the tag team champions. Vader and this man drop the champs with stereo powerbombs and then they both drop stereo Vader Bombs on the champs!! Vader and the new guy leave with Harley Race celebrating as Kendall Windham, Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes are treated by EMT's and we head into a commercial break.

Winner: Big Van Vader(60%)

-Monsters Inc

- As we return from the break, Scott Hudson is backstage with Harley Race and Vader. The new wrestler joins them soon after. Race identifies him as The Samoan King, Kokina Maximus. He says that Vader at 400 pounds and the 550 pound Samoan King are two monsters that will stop at nothing to get to the top. They have already taken down the tag team champions and their is more to come. He says that they are Monsters Inc and that new monsters will join them soon. Nothing will stop them from getting all the gold in WCW and becoming the biggest force in the history of WCW.(73%)

- Simmons takes any challenge

After that interview ends, we are taken to another room with Mike Tenay who is standing by with the WCW World Champion Ron Simmons. Simmons said that he is a defending champion and takes any challenge, that's why he accepted a challenge made by Steve Austin tonight. He says that he doesnt care if the Dangerous Alliance are ringside, he will still walk away the winner.(77%)

-Ron Simmons vs Steve Austin/with Paul E Dangerously

Nice back and forth match. Simmons is on fire to start the bout and Austin does nothing but pinball for his offense.However, Paul E trips Simmons in the ropes and then Austin gets an eye rake to turn the tide. Austin takes Simmons down with a snap mare and works on the arm. JR says that this shows Austin's knowledge of wrestling since he knows that if he incapacitates one of Simmons strong arms, he wont be able to powerslam him. Several minutes go by with nothing but Austin delivering a technical classic while working that arm. He sends Simmons Shoulder first into the corner when Paul E distracted the ref. Then Paul E gives Austin his cellphone, which Austin breaks in Simmons head and goes for the pinfall...but Simmons kicks out at two!! Simmons starts to make the comeback with one arm only, but Austin is smart and blocks a clothesline, turning it into an armbreaker in the process and Simmons screams in pain.However, Simmons no sells some of Austin's offense and resumes the comeback. He sends Austin into the ropes and gets a one arm powerslam!!! He covers...1-2-3!!! Simmons wins the match!!

Rick Rude runs out after the match and nails Simmons over the head with the United States Title belt. The rest of the Dangerous Alliance runs out and holds Simmons while Rude bashes the title belt repeateadly over his head and his shoulder.Sting and Ricky Steamboat make the save. Simmons was left busted open.

Winner: Ron Simmons(80%)

Overall: 72%

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Nice first show...but I have a note for you if you intend on using Bill Kazmaier in some way. I'm a big fan of the World's Strongest Man competitions, and IIRC, Kazmaier won 2 of those in the 80's. Play up to that, and I think he'll be able to be used as a solid midcarder :)

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WCW Saturday Night

-Announcers: Jim Ross & Jesse "The Body Ventura

-Location: Atlanta, GA

-Sponsored by Sega, Sega Genesis now $129

-The Dangerous Alliace are stronger than ever

- WCW Saturday Night opens with The Dangerous Alliance making their way to the ring, led by Paul E Dangerously and follow in order The WCW United States Champion "Ravishing Rick Rude,"The Total Package" Lex Luger, The Enforcers Arn Anderson and Larry Zbysko,Steve Austin and Bobby Eaton.

Dangerously inmeadiatly says that the Alliance is even more Dangerous than ever and says that right here tonight, one of wrestling's greatest tag teams will reunite as part of the Dangerous Alliance. He orders the fans to shut up and look at the ramp(to mad heel heat). Suddenly,"Sweet" Stan Lane makes his way to the ring in his return to WCW after a long abscense. He joins Paul E and his crew in the ring as Paul E presents the reunion of The Midnight Express. (88%)

The reunion party is interrupted by familiar music......

-The Party is Over...if you weeeeeeeeeel

- "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes" comes out and gets a nice reaction. He steps into the ring right in the middle of the Dangerous Alliance. Paul E asks what the hell is the fatman doing in the ring and offers him a beatdown if he wont leave inmeadiatly. Dusty says that last night was a dark night for him and for WCW. Not only was his son and the Windham brothers beaten down by two monsters, but the Dangerous Alliance did a horrible beatdown on Ron Simmons and he wont be able to wrestle tonight. That is why The Board of Directors have named him the new President of WCW!!. What that means is that he can do whatever he pleases with the other wrestlers and only the Board of Directors itself can dissaprove him.

He says that since Rude likes doing beatdowns, he will have to defend the United States title tonight aganist an opponent of Rhodes choosing.El Gigante vs Rick Rude for the WCW United States Championship Tonight. He says that he also has to deal with Monsters Inc., but since they are not here tonight, he will deal with them tomorrow at The Main Event.

Rhodes also makes sure to keep the DA busy tonight as he books Sting & Ricky Steamboat vs The Enforcers and The Steiners vs The Midnight Express and that match will begin right now!! (78%)

The Steiner Brothers vs The Midnight Express/with Paul E Dangerously

Scott and Beutiful Bobby start the match and have a nice stalemate sequence until Scott takes over with a steinerline. Bobby bounces around a little as the crowd pops after every blow, but an eye rake turns the tide of the match and the crowd boo's. Eaton uses some methodical offense on Steiner and then takes him down into a headlock.Scott makes the comeback with the usual,elbows to the midsection to break and takes Eaton to the ropes, but he pulls Scott down by the hair and resumes his attack. He tags in Sweet Stan and Scott is stomped down in the corner. Stan gets several near falls with roll-up variants and then slaps Rick, forcing the ref to go over and restrain him which lead to beatdowns in the corner for Scott.Scott finally breaks away from the attacks and manages to tag in Rick to a loud pop and the Midnights are demolished with Steinerlines and then are given huge powerslams. Scott recovers and gets into the melee as Rick whips Sweet Stan in for a Frankensteiner and then takes Beutiful Bobby over the top rope to the outside. Bobby pulls Stan outside as well and they leave the ring area. The ref counts them out and the Steiners win the match..

Winners by countout: The Steiner Brothers(78%)

- The Third Monster

- After the break we are taken to the hospital where Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes are standing in front of a room where Kendall Windham is being treated. Both,Dustin and Barry have bandages in their foreheads and are selling injuries in the ribs and the back. They are waiting for news on Kendall's condition.

Suddenly,Cactus Jack shows up and asks Dustin and Barry how is Kendall doing. He starts making fun of Kendall and the way he got squashed. Dustin and Barry start moving towards Catus to try and beat him for his words, but Big Van Vader and Kokina Maximus attack them from behind as Harley Race calls the shots. Cactus joins in the beatdown as Police Officers come into the scene and order the Monsters away. They even pull their guns out and point them at the Monsters to sell this as something real. Harley yells at the fallen faces and says that three monsters have been revealed with more to come. (77%)

-WCW Lightweight Championship Match:

Brad Armstrong© vs The Z-Man

Match was very short lasting a little over 5 minutes. Both men shook hands before the match and exchange leads for two minutes each.Z-Man had the upper hand close to the end of the bout as he went up top for a double axhandle, but Armstrong nailed him in mid air with a dropkick to the gut that sent Z-Man to the mat in pain. Armstrong then nailed Z-Man with the Russian Legsweep to pick up the win. They shook hands again after the match. Brad leaves with the Lightweight title up high and gets a nice reaction, but Z-Man gets a better one when he leaves.

Winner by pinfall: Brad Armstrong(71%)

New Manager arrives

- Bill Kazmaier comes out to almost zero reaction and hops into the ring.He picks the mic(bad idea) and says that he needs someone to manage his career and help him prove why he is WCW's strongest man. He says he signed a contract with a beutiful blonde manager and she will be the one to guide him to the top. He introduces the world to Tammy Sytch. Tammy takes the mic and says that her goal in life was to make it to the top and be able to manage wrestlers in the best organization in the world and now she has achieved that goal. She says that Kazmaier is the strongest man in this company and he can prove it, so she challenges any tough guy in the back to come out and face her client in a match.Mr.Hughes answers the call and we have a match.(74%)

-Bill Kazmaier/with Tammy Sytch vs Mr.Hughes

This is a slow and podding match. I am glad it was short, but this time could have been given to the lightweight title match. WCW is trying to push Kazmaier and I dont like that!!

Anyway, the bulk of the match is spent with the two big men trading sluggish blows and trying to prove who is the strongest. JR puts it better when he says that this match is "Bowling shoe ugly". Mr.Hughes lack of selling makes things worse. Hughes escapes the Full Nelson several times,preventing Kazmaier from locking it properly.Finally,Kazmaier manages to lock the Full Nelson and Hughes yells "I Quit" like crazy to end the match. Kazmaier then raises his new manager and sits her on his shoulder to celebrate.

Winner by submission: Bill Kazmaier(49%)

-The Stinger and The Steamer are ready

Scott Hudson interviews Sting and Ricky Steamboat backstage prior to their match. Sting says that they went out there and helped Simmons because it was the right thing to do and they are tired of the Dangerous Alliance running over everybody in this promotion. Steamer adds that tonight, The Enforcers will be defeated and soon the rest of the Dangerous Alliance will crumble once and for all.(83%)

-Sting & Ricky Steamboat vs The Enforcers/with Paul E Dangerously

Steamer and Zbysko start the match. This turned out to be maybe WCW's best free TV match this year as this teams put on a classic.Steamer is in control to start the match, but a low blow turns the tide and the Enforcers break the rule book and build an extended heat segment that lasts over 6 minutes on Ricky Steamboat who sells like their is no tomorrow. When the hot tag is made to Sting, the roof literally blows off and Sting kicks the heels around and connects Stinger Splashes on both heels.Paul E gets on the apron, but is knocked out by the recovering Steamboat, but not before throwing his cellphone to Zbysko. As Sting signals for the Scorpion Deathdrop on AA, Zbysko clocks him with the cellphone behind the ref's back and AA covers.Zbysko then brawls with Steamboat,stopping him from breaking the count and the ref counts to three,giving the win to the Enforcers.

Winners: The Enforcers(87%)

The Perfect Body of Wrestling

Rick Rude is interviewed by Scott Hudson. He says that Dusty Rhodes might think that El Gigante will defeat him tonight, but he wont, because size doesnt matter,specially when you have the perfect body.He says that El Gigante will be defeated tonight and he wont rest until he wins the WCW World Championship from Ron Simmons.(82%)

WCW United States Championship:

El Gigante vs "Ravishing" Rick Rude©/with Paul E Dangerously

Match was cut to 8 minutes due to time issues. Gigante dominated Rude with punches and headbutts and Rude sold every blow like it was a gun shot.Rude then uses his smarts and starts attacking the knees and forcing El Gigante to "shrink" to Rude's size.Rude goes for the Rude Awakening, but Gigante shoves him away and into the corner. Everything signals a Gigante comeback, so Paul E gets into the ring to argue with the ref and then tosses the cellphone into the ring. The ref see's it and picks it up, but it was all a distraction as Rude gets the title belt and bashes it on Gigante's lower body several times. Then he delivers the Rude Awakening and covers for the win.. The Dangerous Alliance comes out and the beating starts, but Sting, Ricky Steamboat and Ron Simmons(with a bandage is his left shoulder and his forehead) run out for the save.

Winner by pinfall: Rick Rude(67%)

Overall: 75%

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The Main Event

- Announcers: Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone

-Location: Atlanta, GA

Sponsored by Coliseum Video: Halloween Havoc 1992 now avalible!

- JR and Tony open the show with a rundown of the events that transpired on World Wide and Saturday Night and are quickly interrupted by the music of the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes.

-Dusty's threat to the Monsters

Dusty climbs into the ring looking serious. He says that last night he promesed he would deal with Monsters Inc tonight and he is here to prove he is a man of his word. He says that his kid Dustin and Barry Windham are eager to face Vader and Kokina, but that they are not physically able to do so tonight. However, they will be next week and Dusty books a match for Saturday Night next week, Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham vs Big Van Vader & Kokina Maximus in a non-title match. Dusty also says that he hopes Harley Race stays in the back because he will be watching him and if he tries to interfere, Dusty will have to knock him down with a Bionic Elbow. Dusty says that he hopes the Monsters are ready for tonight because they will be facing Abdullah the Butcher & El Gigante right now!! (68%)

-Abdullah the Butcher & El Gigante vs Big Van Vader & Kokina Maximus/with Harley Race

Can a match be any more boring? Tony and JR are selling this as a clash of monsters. They trade punches and kicks for most of the match. Vader pushes El Gigante into the corner and gets a splash, the first non-punch or kick move in the match. Gigante makes a comeback and knocks Vader down with three headbutts and fights his way to the corner. As he reaches for the tag, Abullah nails him with the fork to the forehead and Gigante staggers back into a clothesline from Vader!!. Abdullah stays in his corner as Vader and Kokina take turns splashing Gigante in the mat and then they take turns dropping the Vader Bomb. Abdullah finally comes in and drops the Sudanese Meatclever(Running Elbowdrop) for good measure and Vader covers for the win.Harley Race throws an evil grin as he walks to the back with his new monster. El Gigante was taken out of action by Monsters Inc!!!

Winners: Vader & Kokina Maximus(59%)

*Abdullah the Butcher has completed his turn and is now a heel* *He gained overness from this turn*

-WCW Television Title:

Scott Steiner© vs Richard Morton/with Alexandra York

JR and Tony do a good job of telling history here as they mention that both of these men are/were members of some of the most recognized tag teams in the history of pro wrestling, The Steiner Brothers and The Rock and Roll Express respectively. The match spends a lot of time in the mat, contrary to what you expect from these two gentlemen. Morton gets a missile dropkick for a near fall 5 minutes into the match, but a second try is blocked and Steiner takes over.A couple of Steinerlines put Scott firmly in control and this leads to Thomas Rich and Terrance Taylor walking out. They are quickly knocked out from behind by Rick Steiner, but the distraction allows Alexandra York to give Morton a set of brass knucks. Morton swings, but Scott ducks and gives Morton a nasty overhead Belly to Belly Suplex and the knucks are loose. Scott then catches Morton in the Frankensteiner for the win. Rich and Taylor come into the ring, but The Steiners chase them away. York is fuming and yells at Richard Morton all the way to the back.

Winner: Scott Steiner(72%)

WCW United States Tag Team Titles:

The Freebirds© vs The Patriots

The Freebirds kill the match with their usual stalling and by the time this match gets under way, the crowd is not into it. That is the problem with the Freebirds, face or heel they stall too much. This match is as boring as a match could get, with nothing but punches and kicks...restholds and stalling...OH MY!!! This classic comes to an end as the Freebirds catch Todd Champion with the Spike Piledriver for the win in a little over 7 minutes.

Winners: The Freebirds(54%)

Arn Anderson will end Steamboat's career

Scott Hudson interviews Arn Anderson backstage. AA says that tonight he will make Paul E Dangerously a big favor when he gets rid of Ricky Steamboat. He says that Steamboat might have been a multiple time World Champion, but he is the Enforcer and he will take care of business as always. Arn says that The Dangerous Alliance is an unstoppable force destined to rule WCW. (78%)

-Ricky Steamboat/with Sting vs Arn Anderson/with Larry Zbysko & Paul E Dangerously

Sting comes to the ring with Steamboat to protect him from Zbysko and Paul E. AA and Steamboat put on a clinic of old school mat based wrestling with plenty of counters and reversals to keep the fans on their toes.Several near falls for both sides in the first 7 minutes of action. Zbysko tries to get involved by climbing into the apron, but Sting pulls him down and they brawl. This allows Paul E to sneak his cellphone into the rig and AA picks it up. Steamer and AA have a tug of war for the cellphone and Steamer takes it away when he delivers a pump kick to the chin of AA and knocks him down. Steamer then breaks the cellphone on AA's head(with approval from the crowd) and pins him for the win. Sting and Steamer brawl with The Enforcers after the match.

Winner: Ricky Steamboat(75%)

-Rude wants the world title

Rick Rude is backstage with Scott Hudson and cuts a bitter promo about being the United States Champion and being the man who disposed of Sting, but still not getting a World Title shot. He says that he will beat Ron Simmons tonight and then he will beat him a second time to win the WCW World Title. He says it is unfair that a second rate worker holds the world's most prestigious title and that the fans deserve a better champion, they deserve a champion that has the Perfect Body of Wrestling and that perfect body is Ravishing Rick Rude.(90%)

Non Title Match:

Ron Simmons vs Rick Rude/with Paul E Dangerously

The basic face/heel formula works wonders in this match as Simmons destroys Rude for the first couple of minutes, but after going outside and consulting with his manager, Rude comes back into the ring and changes the momentum with an illegal move(low blow) and proceeds to use every dirty trick in the book to subdue Simmons. The third phase kicks in when Simmons makes the comeback and hits the Powerslam, but Paul E puts Rude's boot in the ropes. Rude pulls a set of knucks from his trunks as the ref orders Paul E to the back. He tries to hit Simmons, but he ducks, scoops Rude up and Powerslams him for the win. Rude attacks Simmons from behind after the bell and knocks him out cold with the brass knuckles. Then he gives Simmons 3 Rude Awakenings before Sting and Steamer make the save. Dusty books a 6 man tag team match: Simmons, Sting & Steamer vs Rude & The Enforcers at Saturday Night next week!

Winner: Ron Simmons(78%)

Overall: 70%

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The Diary of Davey Crockett

November 08 1992

- Less than two weeks into my job and things are getting ugly. For every wrestler that respects me, there is one that wants me out the door. With several new names coming into the roster, paranoia is supreme as some of them think they will be cut.

It was a hard time for me this week. I promptly fired all the jobbers we had under contract in a financial decision. After a sit down meeting with Ted Turner and some of the people in charge, I expressed my views on the situation and why they benefit the company. Simple, we are down in the war with the WWF and the best thing we can do to get new viewers is to get rid of the jobbers and put on solid, competitive matches every show. This opens up TV time for those wrestlers that have a future in this company to showcase what they have. It also gives us more avalible money to work on other things, like getting a developmental territory. After sitting down in negotiations for hours, we settled for Florida as our developmental camp. The old NWA Florida is now part of the WCW family and it will develop our future superstars in exchange for a certain amount of money as well as the WCW marketing machine promoting their shows in the territory trough local advertisements.

Another of the big events this week took place at the booker's meeting. Ole Anderson came up with some crappy ideas that I turned down, like turning Ron Simmons heel and having him form a racist stable or bringing in The Ultimate Warrior and have him squash Monsters Inc one by one until he destroys them all. I have to admit that we had been negotiating with Warrior during the week, but this is not the plan I had for him. Plus, the negotiations came to a halt when Warrior asked for an astronomical amount of money, in addition to a series of benefits that no other worker has in the roster. Going back to Ole, he stormed out of the office and walked straight into Ted Turner's office and demanded his release. I think it was a political powerplay to get Turner's attention, but it backfired when Turner ordered his secretary, Sophie, to sign the release papers and Ole is out of a job. One week in and one of my enemies is out.

However, Dusty is as stubborn as ever. Ted Turner himself had to convince him to take his new on air role of comissioner, which I originally designed with Harley Race in mind, but Harley wanted to remain a heel and I needed a face authority.I figured Dusty was good for the job because it took him away from the ring where he could use his stroke to screw up my plans. The least WCW needs right now is Dusty Rhodes main eventing shows. Recently, Dusty has been arguing with Dustin because he thinks Dustin agrees with me in too many things and he feels Dustin should stand up for him. I think Dustin is smarter than that and realises he has a bright future in this business and wont allow Dusty to screw that up for him.

Another thing that came to my attention was Lex Luger. He has been a pain in the ass thus far. He thinks he should be the World Champion right now and is demanding main event matches. I told him that I dont have inmediate plans for him, but that I have a future storyline for him when all my current plans are played out. Luger is one of the most egoistic beings in this planet and turned aganist me, telling me that he is the Franchise of WCW, when in reality I think Sting and Steamboat are above him in that regard. Luger practically demanded me to serve him the world title belt in a silver platter, but I dont agreed. Luger then threw a fit in Turner's office as well, yelling about how he could have gone to the WWF in the summer, but decided to stay because he was promsed a push and a main event slot. Turner explained him that the push is indeed coming and that I had revealed my plans for Luger in a previous meeting, but he needed to be patient and wait his turn. Luger continued with his little tantrum, but after several minutes(That felt like hours), he finally cooled off. Luger then was intercepted by Dusty Rhodes and I think they are planning something aganist me.

The good thing is that I have plenty of team players. Rick Rude never complains about his current role(Of course, he is in the main event program right now), Sting and Steamboat have been very pleased with their ongoing feud with The Enforcers, Harley Race has been my right hand man and has helped me control the locker room tantrums of several wrestlers and Vader is happy with his new role and believes it is the right path back to the Main Event.

Barry Windham is on a great mood because I brought his brother into the company, Abdullah is happy that he can go back to being himself and like I previously mentioned, contrary to his father, Dustin Rhodes has been a pleasure to work with.

But their are other problems that I have to deal with. The Steiner Brothers refused to job to The Midnight Express and have been very protective of their spots because of all the new teams coming in. Usually it is Rick who demands things and Scott tries to calm him down, but recently, Scott has been on his brother's side far too many times. The Freebirds are a locker room cancer, specially Michael Hayes. He seems to find his way into every conversation and debate and I think he has been ratting stuff out to Dusty. That, plus a rumor that Terri Rhodes is banging Terry Taylor has created some unrest.If it is true and Dustin finds out, their will be hell to pay and it will create tension between the camps, because both men are highly respected and have their own supporters and detractors.

Definetively the WCW locker room is far more chaotic than anything I have ever seen.

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WCW World Wide

Announcers: Jim Ross & Tony Schiavone

Location: Memphis, TN

Sponsored by Hasbro. WCW Action Figures Series 2 now avalible!

No room for failures!!

World Wide opens up with Alexandra York coming out with a huge face of disgust in her face. She climbs into the ring and asks for a microphone. York says that she is tired of the dissapointments. That she is tired of the failure within her organization and that's why thinks need to change. She callls out her boys and out come one by one Terrance Taylor,Thomas Richand Richard Morton.York yells at each and every one of them and how they have failed them. She said that she gave Rich the lead role and he failed. She gave Taylor the lead role and he failed. She gave Morton the lead role and he failed. She says that she really liked Morton and felt he was the best thing in her organization but she was proven wrong. Morton failed to bring in the Television Title and for that he will pay. After a little signal with her hands, Taylor and Rich attack Morton and he is left layed out. York then says that Richard better have learned his lesson and that the same thing will happen to Taylor and Rich if they fail her. She tells Morton to get up and follow them backstage, but Morton is tired of being bossed around and attacks Rich and Taylor!! He is quickly dominated. York says that for that, Morton is now officially out of the York Foundation.York then says that Taylor better not fail her because he has a match tonight aganist Sting!!(63%)

Bill Kazmaier/with Tammy Sytch vs Dan Spivey

This is Kazmaier's tough guy challenge of the week. They spent three full minutes exchanging punches and kicks to the "delightment" of the crowd. Finally Spivey is knocked down after a big right hand and that gets two. BORING!!!

First actual wrestling move of the night as Kazmaier suplexes Spivey for two. They brawl a little and Spivey was pushed into the corner, but a blind charge misses and Spivey gets two after a side slam. More unexciting punishment from Spivey, but Kazmaier blocks a right hand and manages to turn the block into the Full Nelson!! Spivey struggled to get out, but he finally submitted at 6:37. Boring as hell and I am surprised as to why Kazmaier is being pushed.

Winner: Bill Kazmaier(52%)

Straight from the UK

Tammy Sytch climbs into the ring to congratulate Kazmaier and then asks for the microphone. She says that she has hired her first two "imports". She says that she is happy to bring to WCW two of the best wrestlers in the United Kingdom and one of the greatest tag teams in the sport. She asks the director to roll the footage and a video airs with two wrestlers with the British flag in their pants doing some amazing maneuvers and beating some masked jobbers. The video ends with the words " The British Bruisers: Straight from the UK, the explosive Dynamite Kid and The British Cyclone, Johnny Smith!!.

Tammy makes an open challenge for any team to face them this Sunday at The Main Event. (61%)

The Stinger sends a message

Sting was interviewed by Scott Hudson. Sting says that The Dangerous Alliance think that they are in control of WCW and that they can get rid of him and his friends but that is not the case. Sting says that they are good wrestlers, but lack the sportsmanship and sense of fair competition and that is what ruins them. They are a cancer to WCW and to the fans that pay to see fair competition between skilled grapplers. Sting says that they can try to cheat and steal wins as much as they want, but Sting will always come back for more and he will prevail at the end no matter the odds.(95%)

Sting vs Terrance Taylor/with Alexandra York

Very short match that was practically dominated by Sting from bell to bell. Sting dominated the opening minutes as he unloaded his offense on Taylor and managed to hit two Stinger Splashes, but Taylor bailed and consulted with York. After getting back into the ring, Taylor faked an injury and cheap shots Sting to take over. Taylor got several near falls out of roll-up variants, but Sting blocked a kick and turned it into a Dragon Screw Legwhip. Sting works the leg and WOOOO's to the crowd and locks the Scorpion Deathlock in the center of the ring for a very quick tapout from Taylor. Sting celebrates his win as the crowd cheer on and we fade to black.

Winner: Sting(78%)

Overall: 71%

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WCW Saturday Night

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jesse Ventura

Location:Memphis, TN

Sponsored by Sega. Sega Genesis now $129!!

WCW Lightweight Title:

Brad Armstrong© vs Jushin Thunder Liger

and we kick off with a title match!! This is why I prefer WCW over WWF even with their retarded booking sometimes. They do the handshake bit and trade arm drags and dropkicks to start. The pace of the match is quite fast and they keep reversing each other's basic stuff. I suppose Brad cant do better then. Liger gets the spot of the match after Brad counters a hip toss with one of his own, but Liger lands on his feet, goes to the ropes and rebounds with a nasty plancha for two. Liger dominates for the next couple of minutes with some nice stuff, but Brad fights out of the Fisherman's Buster and gets a neckbreaker out of nowhere for two. Liger makes another comeback and gets a Gutbuster that sets up a moonsault, but Brad moves out of the way. Liger staggers up and Brad gets the Russian Legsweep for the win. Given more time this could have been a classic match. Keeping the belt on Brad wont do anybody good since everybody else seems to be above his level on ring skill. They shake hands again and pose on the corners. Liger gets better reactions than Brad and he seems a little jealous. Hints at a turn or something.

Winner and still champion: Brad Armstrong(65%)

Alexandra York deals more punishment

We cut backstage where Alexandra York has Terrance Taylor tied to a chair and she and Thomas Rich are whipping him with a belt. York says that Taylor better learn his lesson and not fail her again. Then she tells them that she had signed a match for them tonight as a tag team. They will challenge The Faboulous Freebirds for the United States Tag Team titles next and they better win it!! (72%)

WCW United States Tag Team Titles:

The Fabolous Freebirds© vs The York Foundation

Yet another title match in this show as they try to give their low level titles some exposition. Match is better than it had any right to be. Garvin and Rich start and have a boring "mat sequence" if you can call it that. It involved plenty of chinlocks, headlocks and hair pulling by both sides trying to emphatize that the Freebirds are cheating faces. Hayes was tagged in and he got something resembling a neckbreaker on Rich and back to the headlockery. Rich fights out and pulls Hayes by the hair. He gets a vertical suplex and tags in Taylor. When the RED ROOSTER is the best worker in the match we have a problem. Taylor actually fares better by using cheating techniques to control the match and stopping Hayes from stalling. Backbreaker and side slam got two for Taylor. Crowd chants "Go Freebirds" which really bugs me. Hayes finally makes a comeback and tags in Garvin. Garvin knocks Taylor down with a sloppy clothesline and then slaps Rich in the corner. He tries to come in but the ref stops him and the Freebirds cheat and do the old switcheroo and the crowd loves it!! Hayes goes for a clothesline, but Taylor catches the arm and turns it into a wild Running Bulldog for two. That counter looked awesome. Garvin and Rich come in for the requisite brawl as Hayes takes one of the title belts and aims for Taylor. Alexandra York gets on the apron and smacks Hayes with the laptop on the back of his head and he goes down cold. Taylor uses this chance to lock the Figure Four on Hayes. The ref realises that Hayes is knocked out and thinks he passed out due to the pain and calls for the bell. The York Foundation celebrate with Alexandra York and leave to the back as Hayes is still knocked out and Garvin cant believe what happened.

Winners and new champions: The York Foundation (68%)

WCW Television Title:

Scott Steiner©/with Rick Steiner vs Cactus Jack/with Harley Race

Yet another title match and WCW is on a roll. This match is a big, stiff brawl with some cool moves and reminds me of the Japaneese strong style. When somebody hits a lariat, you feel it. Chops are super stiff as well and you can tell this guys are having fun right now. Scott controls most of the match at first, but when he goes for the Frankensteiner too early, Cactus powerbombs him with authority. Scott looks a little dazed after that one. Cactus gets several near falls in the span of 4 minutes. He managed to hit the Implant DDT, but Scott put his foot on the rope. Cactus cant believe it and unloads the stiffness on Scott. He tries the Cactus clothesline, but gets backdropped out and takes a SICK bump to the concrete. Back in the ring Scott gets the Frankensteiner out of nowhere for the win. Cactus looked legitimatelly hurt and that's why the match was cut short I think. The Steiners celebrate in the ring, but Bam Bam Bigelow runs out and attacks them both!!! He sends Rick over the top and to the outside, then gives Scott a powerbomb. Rick tries to get back into the ring, but gets sent face first aganist the ring post. Bam Bam gives Scott a Belly 2 Belly Suplex and then goes up top and delivers the Flying Headbutt. Bammer poses with the TV Title before spitting it and tossing it on Scott's body. Bam Bam's hand is rised by Harley Race and he seems to be a new monster for Monster's Inc.

Winner and still champion: Scott Steiner(80%)

Steiner wants Bammer

After the break, Scott Steiner is seen barging into Dusty Rhodes office and demands a match with Bam Bam Bigelow next week. Dusty says he cant do that for next week, but he can do so for November's Clash of the Champions and it will be for the Television Title.Scott agrees as Rick says that the monsters have crossed the wrong guys. (72%)

The Junkyard Dog vs The Nightstalker

FILLER TIME!!! Boring squash with Nightstalker not selling enough and JYD delivering more of his "stuck in the 60's" offense. JYD wins with the Thumb to almost no reaction.

Winner: The Junkyard Dog(51%)

Big Josh vs Abdullah the Butcher/with Harley Race

More filler to put Abdullah over as a monster. Josh fails to sell for Abby in this quick squash. Abdullah uses the fork behind the ref's back to bust Josh open and then finishes with the Sudaneese Elbowdrop.

Winner: Abdullah the Butcher(53%)

Rhodes & Windham vs Vader & Kokina

A video package plays detailing the evolution of the feud between Rhodes and Windham aganist Vader and Kokina Maximus. (82%)

Dustin Rhodes & Barry Windham vs Big Van Vader & Kokina Maximus/with Harley Race

Match is non-title. Windham and Vader start and Barry uses his smarts to stay one step ahead of the big man. Luck changes when he goes for a double axhandle and Vader catches him mid-air and gives him a belly to belly suplex. He tags in Kokina who can barely move, but still gets a nice sidekick for two. He drops a Legdrop and Windham is legally dead, but Dustin saves. Windham makes the comeback after a blind charge and tags in Dustin. Crowd blows the roof off and start chanting Dustin's name. Dustin gets some stiff shots but he can barely move the big guy. Kokina eventually makes the comeback with that Samoan staple, the headbutt. Kokina tags in Vader and the faces are systematically destroyed until Vader nails the Vader Bomb on Dustin for the win. Vader and Kokina make title motions and leave the area. Vader and Kokina looked unbeatable, which might signal an upset by the faces in the title match.

Winners: Big Van Vader & Kokina Maximus(82%)

The Dangerous Alliance vs Sting, Steamboat & Simmons story

Video package time that covers the latest events between Rick Rude and Ron Simmons and also between Sting & Steamboat with The Enforcers setting up tonight's 6 man tag. (93%)

Ron Simmons & Sting & Ricky Steamboat vs "Ravishing" Rick Rude & The Enforcers/with Paul E Dangerously

Crowd is red hot but we are clipped in with AA dominating Steamboat in the corner. According to reports, this match lasted over 45 minutes live and would have been a match of the year candidate if shown in it's entirety on TV or PPV. So...they put two crap matches involving JYD and Abdullah of all people and couldnt add that time to this match? Steamboat fights out and gets a sunset flip out of the corner for two. He goes for the tag, but AA gets a stiff forearm to the back and then whips him to the heel corner. Steamboat fights out of there by knocking Zbysko off the apron and nailing a huge right hand to Rude. Steamboat makes the hot tag to Sting (who has lost nearly all his face paint) and he is the house on fire. Zbysko gets backdropped out after he interferes and AA eats a Stinger Splash. Rude comes in and gets backdropped out as well. Sting goes for the Deathdrop on AA, but Zbysko run in and clocks him with Paul E's cellphone. AA covers but Simmons saves. AA tags Rude in and Sting(barely able to stand up selling the cellphone shot) takes the Rude Awakening, but Simmons saves again. Rude mocks Simmons while he beats on Sting, but Sting manages to make a short comeback, enough to get some space and dive for the tag!!! The roof almost blows up as Simmons comes in and beats the stuffing out of Rude. The Enforcers come in, but AA takes a powerslam from Simmons and Zbysko walks straight into a superkick from Steamboat!! Sting recovers and he dives on AA from the apron. Sting and Steamboat brawl with the Enforcers outside and leave Simmons alone in the ring with Rude. A stiff clothesline sends Rude down and Paul E gets on the apron. Simmons spots him and suplexes him inside!! Powerslam on Paul E!! Powerslam on Rude and that does it.. The faces pose as the Dangerous Alliance retreat to the back.

Winners: Simmons & Sting & Steamboat(86%)

Overall: 73%

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The Main Event

Announcers: Tony Schiavone & Jesse Ventura

Location: Memphis, TN

Sponsored by Coliseum Video!! WCW Halloween Havoc 1992 now avalible!

The Junkyard Dog vs Johnny B Badd/with Badd Blaster

The confetti throwing Badd Blaster is in full effect as JYD stalls a lot. Why is this guy still around? Lame punching by JYD, but he is quickly suckered into a headlock takedown by Badd and it kills some time. JYD fights out, but Badd controls again by grabbing a sleeper. Damn, JYD has managed to kill Badd's workrate. JYD fights out with a Jawbreaker and goes back to punching. Bodyslam gets two. Yes, a bodyslam. JYD sets himself up for The Thumb, but Badd is smart enough to roll out of the way and to the outside.JYD follows and we get a chase scene in which Badd looks absolutly gay. He manages to get back in the ring and catch JYD coming in with a dropkick.Suplex from the apron gets two. Badd goes for another suplex, but JYD counters into one of his own for two. Thrilling(boring) offense from JYD and he pushes Badd into the corner. Blind charge misses and Badd gets a nice jumping neckbreaker on the rebound!! Badd goes up top and nails the Kiss that dont miss (shooting star press) for the win at 6:33. The right man went over but the match was crap and Badd couldnt carry JYD do anything watchable.

Winner: Johnny B. Badd(58%)

- They replay the video that aired on World Wide that signaled the debut of The British Bruisers and this leads us to the next match.

The British Bruisers/with Tammy Sytch vs The Patriots

Have I mentioned how absolutly hot Tammy is? DK and Todd Champion start the match and DK gets suckered punch on a handshake. The first minutes are boring as The Patriots cheat like their is no tomorrow and keep DK in the mat with headlocks and chinlocks. When DK makes the comeback, the pace picks up as he runs circles around the heels with his speed and knocks them both down. He tags in Johnny Smith who gives Chip a high angle back suplex that looked devastating and then dropkicks Champion off the aprion and to the outside. DK goes over the top with a suicide dive on Champion as Johnny takes Chip down with a Gutwrench powerbomb for two. Johnny with a short arm clothesline, but gets attacked from behind by Champion. DK comes in and we have the requisite four men brawl. DK backdrops Champion and he bails, leaving Chip alone in the ring. Smith with

an OCEAN CYCLONE SUPLEX!!! DK comes from the top with the Swan Dive Headbutt!! Smith covers and the Bruisers win at 8:35. Good debut for them and with more talented opponents they can really rock the place. The British Bruisers celebrate with Tammy.

Winners: The British Bruisers(71%)

Ricky Morton talks

Backstage, Scott Hudson interviews Ricky Morton. He says he is not Richard anymore and he is not part of The York Foundation any more. He wants revenge and he wants to make up to the fans for the mistakes he made and he promeses a huge surprise for the next Saturday Night. He hypes his upcoming match with The Nightstalker and leaves. $20 that the surprise is a Rock and Roll Express reunion. (64%)

Ricky Morton vs The Nightstalker

Morton gets a good reaction coming in, but The Nightstalker rips his head off with a clothesline as soon as the bell rings. The Nightstalker gets some crappy offense and gets a near fall out of a side backbreaker. Suplex gets two. Morton blocks another suplex attempt and escapes with a jawbreaker and a dropkick that floor Nightstalker. Morton catches Nightstalker when he was standing up with a Rocker Dropper and then goes to the top rope. Flying Fistdrop and Morton wins at 3:35. Morton leaves to some cheers as Schiavone hypes Morton's promesed surprise for Taylor and Rich.

Winner: Ricky Morton(60%)

The Beast from the East

They replay the debut of Bam Bam Bigelow last night by taking out Scott Steiner after his match. Then we are taken to the interview room where Harley Race does the talking and Bammer looks menacing. Race says that when he created Monsters Inc he was seeing gold. He says that Vader and Kokina will be the next tag team champions and Bam Bam will be the new Television Champion when he destroys Scott Steiner at the Clash of the Champions. (76%)

Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs Bam Bam Bigelow/with Harley Race

Oh great...two stiffs. Bagwell gets almost no reaction coming out. Bammer with the clubbering forearms to start and pushes Bagwell into the corner. Blind charge misses and Bagwell punches like their is no tomorrow. Snap mare and dropkick to the back of the head get two. Bammer is pissed and clotheslines Bagwell down, then gives him a huge Belly 2 Belly Suplex. He goes up top...but comes back down to the second rope and drops a legdrop just for fun. Bammer up top and The Flying Headbutt gets the win at 3:11. Bammer goes up for another Headbutt, but The Steiners make the save.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow(62%)

Sting/Steamboat vs The Enforcers

They show replays of the events between Sting and Steamboat aganist The Enforcers as hype for tonight's singles match.(86%)

Sting/with Ricky Steamboat vs Larry Zbysko/with Arn Anderson & Paul E Dangerously

Lots of stalling from Zbysko to start, but as soon as Sting attacks him the crowd goes apeshit. Sting totally abuses poor Zbysko for several minutes and he takes a powder(bails). Sting goes outside and attacks him while Steamboat prevents AA from getting involved. Back in the ring, Sting misses the Stinger Splash and Zbysko clips the knee to take over. He tries a Figure Four, but Sting rolls him up for two. Zbysko is wise and clips the knee again. He goes to the top for whatever, but Sting shakes the ropes and crotches him. Sting up top and a Superplex gets two. AA gets on the apron and Steamboat knocks him down and they brawl, which distracts the referee.Paul E gets on the apron as Sting went for the Deathdrop on Zbysko and Sting let's Zbysko go and knocks Paul E off the apron. Of course, Paul E had tossed the phone to Zbysko and Sting gets clocked in the head. Zbysko covers and Paul E sends the ref back to the ring for the heel win at 6:45. A brawl breaks out after the match.

Winner: Larry Zbysko(85%)

Overall: 70%

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WCW News:

Garvin to rehab

It was informed to us by our WCW insider that Jimmy Garvin was sent to rehab after he arrived drunk to the WCW show on Wednsday where the tapings for next week where taking place. He and Hayes where scheduled for a match aganist Abdullah the Butcher and Cactus Jack. He was sent home and it was later informed that WCW was going to pay his rehab. That doesnt mean that he will stay with the company and WCW Head Booker Davey Crockett will have a meeting with Ted Turner about the situation later this week.

Rumored card for Clash of the Champions:

Clash is set to be a 3 hour special with plenty of matches. Rumored thus far are : (NOTE: This is for the live event, not all of them will be shown in the TV Special)

Champion vs Champion: for the WCW World Title and United States Title

Ron Simmons vs "Ravishing Rick Rude

No DQ Match with Paul E locked inside a cage:

Sting & Steamboat vs The Enforcers

For the WCW Tag Team Titles:

Dusty Rhodes & Barry Windham vs Big Van Vader & Kokina Maximus

For the WCW TV Title:

Scott Steiner vs Bam Bam Bigelow

For the WCW United States Tag Team Titles:

Ricky Morton & ?  vs Terrance Taylor & Thomas Rich

For the WCW Lightweight Title:

Brad Armstrong vs Brian Pillman

Rick Steiner vs Abdullah the Butcher

The Young Pistols vs The Midnight Express

and much more.

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The diary of Davey Crockett

November 15 1997

The backstage troubles continue. When they told me that WCW was like a warzone, I should have listened. For every good thing that happens, several problems pop up.

To start things off, We are trying to negotiate a main event slot for Sunday's The Main Event, but TBS refuses to give it to us due to the WWF beating us in the ratings by a solid two points. But it is not our fault. The WWF has the prime time slot and compared to our early evening slot, it's obvious that's why they get better ratings. If we compare it with Saturday in which the WWF is only beating us by barely 0.20 points, it shows that if we are allowed to grow and expand, we will be able to compete equally as well on Sundays. World Wide is getting the maximum rating in all local networks which is a 0.04, but they still refuse to give us a main event slot for that show as well. In a month or two, we would consider dropping World Wide all togheter and looking for a big network that can handle a third show.

But the ratings and the problems with the TV stations are not enough. This week Jimmy Garvin arrived drunk to the tapings. Thank God it was after we had taped the US Tag Title match the night before. The Freebirds where scheduled to work a rematch with Taylor and Rich that night and the best of the two matches would be aired on TV. We had to cancel the rematch and put The Young Pistols in that slot. Ted and I sat down with Garvin and negotiated with him and managed to get him to go to rehab. I have been talking with Ted trying to find a way to buy out his contract and let him go since I dont need more headaches backstage and since I dont think the Freebirds have any future in this company. Plus, I am looking for a way to get rid of PS Hayes as well since he is one of the politicians backstage. Hayes was brave enough to come to me and ask for a singles push while Garvin is away. I dont see that happening. I will book and job Hayes to up and coming talent to see if that discourages him and makes him want to leave. It sounds cruel, but I think it's for the best of the company. Ted seems to dislike my attitude towards him because he is too big on loyalty. He says that Hayes refused a WWF contract during the summer in order to stay with us and that he needs to be rewarded for that. Yeah, Hayes refused because the WWF wanted him as an announcer and he wanted to wrestle. I know that if the WWF had offered him a wrestling contract he would have accepted.

Another of the "loyalists" Turner defends is Lex Luger. Luger is making my life hell. He refused to wrestle anymore until he is guaranteed a title run in the next couple of weeks. With everything running up for Rick Rude to be the next WCW Champion I dont see how that can happen. But Turner insists on it. I dont know what I am going to do because Turner wants to put the belt on Luger while I have other ideas. Most of the guys are pissed at Lex Luger, including Sting. Sting had a very heated discussion with Luger at the tapings due to Luger's attitude which almost involves a fist fight. Turner doesnt have knowledge of this and I will have to inform him during the week. I hope this can help me plead my case and have Luger's request shot down. Turner is very loyal to Sting and I think that after he finds out about this he will reconsider and do something about it.

I have a list of wrestlers who are going to be cut soon. They will be jobbed a lot first and then let go. Some of them would sound surprising, but I think it is for the best of the company. We need to release some talent in order to get our developmental territory up and running. Plenty of young new talents have been signed already with more to come and by cutting some talent, we will have even more money avalible for the expansion.

I have a lot of stress right now. Thank God that Missy Hyatt is coming over in a couple of minutes. Some tit squeezing and a blow job is all I need to get back on track.

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