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Favourite Video Game System Control Pad

Guest muddatrucker

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

I was just looking at some old Sega Genesis' on Ebay which I considered bidding on (I know about emulation, but theres no nostalgia), and it got me thinking...

Forgetting about which system you consider the best, I was wondering what peoples favourite Controllers/Joypads/JoySticks were from the past (and the present if your favourite is still knocking about).

I was one of the few people to choose a Sega Saturn over a PS1 back in the early days, and there was just something about this official coloured pad which I just loved, the shape was classy but simple, and even looking at it now it I reckon it'd make a pretty sweet 3rd party piece of hardware for one of the current systems.

So, what were/are yours?

Slightly Different topic: Does anybody know the reasoning behind the change in shape of the power/reset buttons on the Saturn? they use to be pretty sleak looking diagional ovals, and then they got changed to these ultra-dull grey circles, its just something that always bothered me (a friend had the cool oval buttons and I had the shitty circle ones, I've never gotten over it).


Before http://www.silicium.org/images/catalog/con...sega/saturn.jpg

After http://www.gamenationtv.com/gaminglinks/im.../segasaturn.gif

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I just realised how similar the GameCube pad is to the PS/PS2 Dualshock. It's practically the same, without a select button, and an L2 button. The left stick and direction buttons have been swapped, and the action buttons have different names, but it's almost the same pad.

That being said, I prefer the PS/PS2 pads, simply because I've used them for so long.

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PS2. Yeah, it's just better.

XBox's is a pain in the ass. I can only use about one joystick and three or four buttons without having to fuck up my gameplaying ability.

N64: just picture this. Left hand wrapped on the middle handle, thumb and pointer finger moving the joystick. Not on top, side to side. The right hand wrapped around the right handle, middle finger holding Z button, thumb getting A B and all those C's. L, R, and Dpad ignored.

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Guest LegionCageFan

I have to go with Sega Saturn, I never owned one but loved playing my friends, and there were some games, I cant remember their names, that ruled...I'm so buying one on ebay after i figure out what game it was.

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I would say the X-Box controller (Not those shitty small ones they do now) then the N64 controller. I prefer bigger controllers, fit well in my hands. The N64 controller would have been better if a little fatter, like the X-Box controller, about that fat.

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Guest Crimson Nightmare

Gotta love the Genesis 3 button and 6 button, also the PS Dualshock, and I know we're rare, but I was also one of those sick individuals that liked the oft-hated Dreamcast controller, the lcd screen was so cool, but underused (I think like, 2 games used it, RE Code Veronica and Dino Crisis, and a few other games like Sonic Adventure and stuff which could use the VMU for minigames), and the button placement was pretty good as well.

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