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Click Me Wrestling (CMW)

~The Missionary Guy~

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Steve Townsend, once a hardcore wrestling fan, but now a backyard wrestler learning the ropes, training to eventually become a pro. This is his journey as you take Steve through the wrestling world and try to make nothing into Greatness. You must choose the right path for Steve to become the World Heavyweight Champion of All-star Championship Wrestling the biggest and most powerful wrestling federation around

I am currently making a wrestling sim in Visual Basic, it isn't anything to exciting and will be nowhere near EWR Standards.....but then again the aim for this sim isn't to book your wrestling fed ect...You will make choices and make your path...the aim is to get Steve Townsend from a unknown nobody to a professional wrestler...You will have two career paths to follow, singles or tag team..singles you have to work up through indy federations to make it to the big time federation and earn a spot to become the World Heavyweight Champion but that is only if you choose the right path. Or tag team mode, you have to find a partner and you both have to climb the ranks to become the World Tag Team Champions of the biggest fed All-Star Championship Wrestling

There isn't a great deal of coding involved so it wont be a major project, just a small one. I will keep you updated and if you have any questions ask in here and I will try my best to answer them

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Yeah, watch out, I'm really being vicious on you.


Posting about projects you are undertaking constitutes plugging so it goes in the plugging forum.

Grow some skin, Jim.

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ok well 1) /forum/index.php?showtopic=10649">http://www.ewbattleground.com/forum/index....showtopic=10649 c that that is a game poject so when u make a game and post about it it becums a plug 2) the fakt that its a game is debateabull, rite now.... it is a concept and an unorigonal one at that and if your lack of the basic engwish languge doesnt stop your programmen languge from sucking mad amounts of teh cock of life then maybe you will finish it but 3) no one will really care enough to read a topic about it 4) i have no four... but 5) if you don't want to start an arguement then take your lumps when you fuck up, idiot, dont make sarcastic comments when u dont no wut the fuck is going on

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No, no you make many mistakes. Your first mistake was signing up to EWB; your second was doing so with such a stupid username. Your third mistake are the numerous typos and gramattical errors that riddle every one of your posts and to confine them to one mistake is being extremely generous. Your fourth mistake was this comment

last time i checked

well last time I checked, saying that something won't be as good as a commercial product because it will be made by one inexperienced programmer was not a flame, it was called reality, also, last time I checked, saying this is posted in the wrong forum, is not a flame, it is reality, also, last time I checked, saying "I don't want an arguement" and "Oh god stop the flaming" followed by a sarcastic comment is a great way to start an arguement, or to get over on me by trying to subtly insult me, well, you failed.

You try but you fail cause you're bad at life.

Now cease and desist your stupidity. Work on your sim, go cry to mommy, just stop being an idiot and posting about poor you while trying to take subtle shots at people.

Edited by SeanDMan
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