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Darkcloud( The RPG ) Question

Protoman Version 2.5

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So any who i'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this, if not sorry staff. I got this game way back when PS2 came out and long story short a bit afterwards i borrowed it to a friend and he lost it and i recently got another copy. So i've been playing it an' all and i'm kinda stuck and need guidence and/or help. How do i get past the 9th level of the wise owl forest? Obviously you need fudoh(sp?)'s kid to hit the lever for the one door but i'm talking about what do you do with the cave that " Smells like a snake " and it needs a item to trigger whatever it is it triggers. Also how do you get fudoh(sp?)'s kid goro to join up with you. I assumed it is once you do whatever it is with that cave but i wasn't certain so i figured i'd ask that as well. Thanks in advanced for any help that can be given.

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right, this is what you do

see the waterfall on the right hand side of the map? connect ALL of your rivers pieces to the other side (where you go see that big tree dude) when thats done, a cutscene will trigger, go see the big tree dude and he gives you the serpent sword, which can used against the snake

the snake then drops a item, show that to fudoh, then he is yours to play as

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Oh sorry i forgot to mention which one, the first one. Yeah never got a chance to play the second as there didn't seem to be that big of a supply of 'em in america and i had wanted to wait to play it after i finished #1 just in case there were spoilers in it.

And you bet your ass they are good games, while i was replaying just the first town of #1 i realized how advanced it truly was for when it was made. Some of the graphics and ideas in it are still pretty taboo in games today and rpgs.


J.V i've tried that and i thought that's all i needed. But when i go to it it does nothing and keeps giving me the option of presenting the cave( which is where the snake is ) with an item from my normal item bag.

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Alright all the river pieces are connected, i did go see the tree and he gave me the sword. I just double checked every thing just to make sure. When i go to stage/level 9 of the wise owl cave with it equipped and go to the cave and hit X it says... ( Smells like a Snake [use an item by pressing /shows the square button/ ] )

So unless my game is glitchy there must have been some thing else you needed to do or give to it to get the snake to come out.

EDITED NOTE: Meat? No, where do i get meat from?

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