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A message to everyone buying FM2005


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Just to let people who didn't know, Oliver Kahn's name is not on the game for license issues. Also becasue of license issues, Holland and Germany do NOT pick real players in their squads. They will be filled up with the grey players. To fix this, all you need to do is download this file and it will fix Kahn's name and the picking players problem. There is a readme inside to tell you what to do.

Somebody made this so that you don't need to delete files and change it all in the editor where it becomes complicated.

Make sure you download it. :thumbsup:

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Guest Downloading_Man

After seeing it in the shop the other day I decided to get it on Friday, but after reading all this about fake players and names, I might not bother.

Also what is the problem with the Dutch. They have a great set of players, so why not allow companies to promote their greatness through games, it can only be a good thing. Of course they may just be incredibly greedy and want loads of money.

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Guest PlagueUK

the dutch players always get picked in my game too and I haven't used an update. They are all there when i go to the dutch squad page.

However there are no germany players picked they are all greyed out.

If you read the intro screens it says stuff about the holland copywrites etc. So they must have them.

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