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I have been busy as of late, hence my last diary ended before I even started it... Now, with plenty of free time, I start a new diary...

Kaientai Dojo!

Kaientai Dojo results from 10/30/04; K-Dojo hires new talent?

By Mina Niki, Nikkansports.com writer

Here are the results from 10/30/04, one week before the first TV taping in the Kitazawa Town Hall...

K-Dojo Results:

Club K-3000

Chiba Blue Field(300)

300 announced fan attendance (First time ever!)

Match 1: Ofune over Yu Yamagata in 8:48 with the Ofune-Chan Cutter

Match 2: Sambo Oishi over YOSHIYA in 12:44 with a Superkick

Match 3: D'Lo Brown over Kintaro Kanemura in 22:12 with the Sky High

Match 4: Amazing Red over Dj Nira in 2:10 with the Code Red

Main Event: Hi69 over TAKA Michinoku in 24:03 with the Trance Rave (UWA World Title)


K-Dojo owner Taka Michinoku has recently announced that he has hired Pablo Marquez, Yumi Ohka, and Saki Maemura to open contracts, while he extended contracts on Sambo Oishi and Ofune.  Saki Maemura and Yumi Ohka were hired to bolster the small women's divison in the company, while Pablo Marquez was hired to reform the tag team Nudy Rave.  The entire group of X's have left the company after they were involved in an inncedent with owner Taka Michinoku.

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Wahey! Another Puro diary not run by a complete fool. Damn .400 Studios forum... 3 Puro Diaries, all three have no idea about puro. New Japan turned to Sports Entertainment? ARGH!!! Misawa back ing All Japan? DIE FOOLISH HUMANS!!! Last time someone tried anything like that here, he was flamed so bad, no-one's seen him since... OK, so my small collection of NOAH tapes doesn't make me Mr. Puro... But I digress. Keep it up! Just one question, are all your shows gonna be so brief? I hope not...

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Oh Hell NO!!!!!!! The shows will be long, in a funny review kinda deal... I am working on the first show, and I'll try to post it on Friday. I am going to try to do a biweekly TV show (You can't do that on the game, so to compensate, I do all the shows, but only give a recap of the second show that is to happen the weekend the show airs... I know it is confusing... :D) but I don't know how it will turn out... We'll just wait and see. I know that K-Dojo hasn't really done a TV show in a while (I have the tape of their last TV show from March.), but I digress.

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After reading Kurei's comment, I looked into some of the "puroresu" diaries at 400. What a joke. My personal favourite would be the that has Hideki Hosaka as a secret agent and Jamal as a pirate. Oudou Love indeed.

Good luck with this, I'm not a big follower of K-Dojo, but I've heard a lot of good things. I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with this.

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I'm not joking when I say this...

All K-Dojo are, are a feeding pool for All Japan...

Sambo Oishi, and a few others are good talents, and if All Japan was smart, they could use them in a super strong Jr. Heavyweight division...

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Why are you laughing at me? :unsure:

Two questions for daman077c, are you going to announce the upcoming cards any time soon? And... are you going to give an explanation for D-Lo and Red making appearances? Even a little 'press-release' would cover that, but it still has to be done!

good luck, and dont mind Lukie and Krazy K, they just wish....



nevermind <_<

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Ok, now here is the first show... I hand wrote everything, but used EWR to get the attendance and such...

Kaientai Dojo on GAORA Sports!- To Air November 14th, taped November 6th

From Kitazawa Town Hall in Tokyo, Japan (250)

K-Dojo's first TV show in 8 months drew a nice crowd to Kitazawa, an attendance of 250 to sell out the building, which could rise expectations for their upcoming large event in Korakuen Hall.  Opening montage, pyro, and the announcer hyping the crowd all happens rather quickly, and then we get the first match.

Match 1:

Yumi Ohka VS DJ Nira

Intergender wrestling!!!  Yumi goes nuts on Nira to start, putting the boots and fisticuffs to him rather quickly.  Whip off the ropes, and a clothesline follow up.  More boots, and a side headlock on the mat, but Nira gets to his feet and shoves her off.  Yumi goes to butt heads with Nira, and gets a chop...  But Yumi pulls a "hulking up" deal that gets me wondering if she was trained at a school that Hulk Hogan owns secretly.  Yumi then follows up with a chop of her own that sends Nira backwards.  STIFF CHOPS!!!  Another chop by Nira, and Yumi staggers back into the corner.  Whip across, and Nira follows for the clothesline, but takes a women's size 7 to the face and falls backward, but charges in again shoulder-first and crushes Yumi's ribs.  Nira smashes Yumi's head into the turnbuckle several times, but Yumi turns around and rakes the eyes of Nira to retake control of the match.  Yumi throws a wild right hand, and connects Nira's jaw, staggering him.  Yumi hits a suplex of the snap variety, but not exactly the best.  Nira semi no-sells, and takes an overhead armdrag, and Yumi then locks on a hammerlock for good measure.  A short rest of a good minute, and Nira is back up, but Yumi locks on a side headlock from the hammerlock.  An even shorter rest, and and he again gets to his feet.  Nira grabs the left leg of Yumi, and nearly kills her with a high-angle back suplex, dropping her (Yes, DROPPING) on the back of her head.  I can mark out to these moves for ever...  Cover gets a long 2 and Nira pounds the mat in disbelief (How could I have not killed her?).  Nira lifts Yumi, and then takes her down with a headlock takeover, but they don't stay on the mat for long, as Nira lifts Yumi, and gets a small package, but there's a long 2.  Off the kickout, Nira grabs the legs of Yumi and bridges over into a pin of his own, which gets 3.

DJ Nira [9:41] Yumi Ohka

My Rating: *1/4 (Too long for an upset match in my book...)


We go backstage where TAKA Michinoku and Ofune are standing in TAKA's office, Taka holding a box with the K-Dojo logo all over it.  Ofune grabs at the box, and TAKA holds it out to her, and Ofune sends her hand diving into the box.  She pulls a folded piece of paper from the box, switches the hand holding her little bubble gun, and opens the paper.  She says something incoherent in Japanese, and tosses the paper to the ground.  She clears from the room, and the camera finds the paper on the floor, with Yu Yamagata's name written on it.


Commercial Break- Zippo Lighters on sale for 19,800 Yen!  If you order online, you can get a free Zippo watch!  Get it at shopjapan.co.jp!


Match 2:

Pablo Marquez VS Yasu Urano

Urano has a thing for green... But not the nice forest green, but PUKE GREEN.  This guy has problems.  Hell, even his music sounds weird...  Staredown pushes, and chops!  Lots of chops.  Back and forth they go, until they hit a stalemate, and they lockup.  Quick irish whip out of the lockup by Urano, who smashes Marquez's right temple with a right hand.  Marquez bounces to his feet off the mat, and Urano winds up a right haymaker, throws, but Pablo ducks, and hiptosses Urano over.  Marquez lifts Urano into a side headlock.  What's with all the headlocks?  Urano pushes Marquez into the ropes and shoves him off, but Pablo holds on for dear life to the hold.  He decides, and turns the headlock into a headlock takeover, and they sit on the mat for a good 3 minutes, and I have now figured out how to kill off a crowd in record time...  Marquez tries to keep Urano on the mat, but he finds a way to get to his feet, and pushes Marquez into the ropes.  Rebound, and Urano finds himself on the mat after a shoulderblock.  Marquez runs into the ropes, over the prone Urano, and hops onto the second rope... He tries for the cross body, but Urano moves from the vicinity, and Marquez hits the mat rather hard.  Urano lifts Marquez and hits a snap suplex for good measure.  Urano climbs to the top rope, Marquez is getting to his feet facing away from Urano, and Urano jumps off, dropkicking the back of Pablo's head.  I could say something right about now, but I think Marquez is dead.  Or unconsious, you take your pick.  Urano covers, but gets a LONG 2 count.  CLIP!!!!!!  We move ahead in the match via the clip, and Marquez is running off the ropes.  Dropkick to the side of Urano's head, cover, 2 count.  Now Marquez climbs to the top rope, and he leaps off with a missile dropkick that connects with Urano's head!  Marquez lifts the limp Urano, and implant DDT's him into the mat, and the ref counts 3 to keep these 2 men from killing each other with dropkicks.

Pablo Marquez [Clipped; 9:18 of 18:18 shown] Yasu Urano

My Rating: **1/2 (Good pace to the match, and I couldn't help but mark out to the dropkicks...)


Commercial Break- Goldberg returns to AJPW on November 20th!  His opponents: Keiji Mutoh and and Taiyo Kea.


Match 3:

Ofune VS Yu Yamagata (K-Dojo Women's Championship

Ofune is weird.  She has a certain goofiness about her that I really like...  But anywho, Yamagat pulls the staredown, turn around, and then charge in lockup start, and Ofune locks in a hammerlock which turns into a side headlock.  Yu reverses into a hammerlock, and then kicks Ofune in the gut.  Vertical suplex, float over into a pin, but there is a kickout at 2.  Yamagata crushes the lower back of Ofune with a backbreaker, and then stomps the back into a meaty paste. Yu lifts Ofune, and irish whips her into the ropes, and then takes a front dropkick to the chest from the rebounding Ofune.  Yamagata rolls into the corner, and Ofune runs up, and does a quick Spike Dudley stomp, and then jumps into a dropkick.  Ofune lays into the dazed Yamagata with a flurry of rights, and but Yamagata gets to her feet and knees Ofune in the gut to take back control of the match.  Standing hiptoss out of the corner, nicely done, and Yamagata moves toward the lower back of Ofune.  Yamagata locks on a Bow and Arrow Submission, but Ofune won't quit.  Yamagata keeps the pressure on the back of Ofune for a good 2 minutes, and then springs Ofune off into the center of the ring.  Yamagata rolls onto the ring apron, and climbs to the top rope, gets the attention of Ofune, and the leaps off with a missile dropkick to the chest of Ofune.  SMELL THE STIFFNESS.  Cover, but there is a long 2 count.  Yamagata runs into the ropes, and Ofune hits a desperation forearm to the chest.  Ofune staggers to her feet, and then runs up and hits a desperation Ofune-chan Cutter!  The ref counts as the two lay on the mat.  Ofune gets up at 6, with Yamagata following close behind at 7.  Ofune lays into Yamagata with a chop, and we go back and forth.  Yamagata throws and connects, Ofune throws and connects, and then Yamagata again, then Ofune with a flurry of chops that are just plain funny.  Hearing her scream at the top of her lungs with every chop she throws is just funny, if in moderation.  Ofune kicks the weakened Yamagata in the gut, and then hops onto the second rope.  She screams something in Japanese, and then jumps off, placing her right knee into the back of Yu's neck and drives her into the mat head first.  Ofune lifts the now limp Yamagata up and runs into the ropes, and hits the Ofune-chan Cutter a second time, which gets a quick 3 from the ref.

Ofune [10:24] Yu Yamagata (Women's Championship)

My Rating: ** (Good clean match.  I like the stiff moves...)


Commercial Break- JDStar in TOKYO!!!  See Mizuho Ishikawa, The Bloody and 3WA champ AYAKO HAMADA take on Momoe Nakanishi in a 4 way match!


Match 4:

Sambo Oishi VS Taka Michinoku

FINALLY!  Taka makes the show in the semi main event, but this will most likely be HEAVALLY clipped.  Taka has had the same music since I can remember... Lockup, quick trade of hammerlocks, and an armdrag by Oishi.  They stare each other down, and Oishi throws a slap which hits the left cheek of Taka, who looks none too pleased.  Oishi throws a grouping of right forearms, and then whips Taka into the ropes.  Taka crashes into Oishi with a shoulder block, and then runs into the ropes.  On the rebound, Sambo hits an overhead armdrag, and then puts the boots to him.  Nice snap suplex by Oishi, who twists his hips and nails 2 more for good measure, and the crowd gets HOT.  Oishi lifts, sets-up, and hits a high-angle backdrop.  Cover gets a 2 count. MASSIVE CLIP!!!!!!  We move further ahead in the match, and Taka is taking a standing hiptoss from Oishi out of a corner.  Sambo goes to lift Taka up, and Taka hits a kick to the side of Oishi's face, and he falls face first to the mat.  Taka flops down next to Oishi, and locks on the Just Face Lock, and Sambo taps out at 9:29, according to the graphic on the screen.

Taka Michinoku [Clipped; 3:12 of 9:29 shown] Sambo Oishi

My Rating: *1/4 (From what was shown, this was just a squash match to get Oishi over.)

Up Next...  Hi69 VS Minoru Fujita for the UWA World Title!!


Commercial Break- GAORA Sports shows NFL Football in the very wee hours of the morning, sometimes LIVE!!!  Not like that is a huge achievement, or anything.


Main Event:

Hi69 VS Minoru Fujita (UWA World Championship)

The big hyped main event is upon us...  They stare each other down, butt heads, and then push each other before locking up.  Fujita gets pulled into a 69 headlock.  Hi69's name is pronounced "Hiroki"...  Fujita pushes Hiroki into the ropes, rebound, and a shoulder block by Hiroki.  Hiroki runs into the ropes, and Fujita armdrags Hiroki over nicely.  Quick clip, and Fujita has a headlock on Hiroki, but is getting pushed into the ropes.  Fujita takes a nice dropkick, and then ther is another clip.  We come back and see Hiroki running the ropes and giving a headscissors to Fujita who scrambles from the ring.  Hiroki runs into the ropes and flies over the top rope, hitting the standing Fujita.  Another clip, and I am beginning to wonder if the match was really good or not...  Fujita takes a nice snap suplex, a ton of stomps, and then Hiroki runs into the ropes, rebounds, and does a little step dance around Fujita's head before landing a legdrop.  Fujita sits up, and Hiroko runs into the ropes, and smashes the right side of Fujita's head in with the Trance Rave, but he's not done.  He stomps Fujita in the chest, and Fujita sits up.  Hiroki runs off the ropes and smashes in the left side of Fujita's face with the Trance Rave.  Cover, and a 3 count ends the match.

Hi69 [Clipped; 6:10 of 12:14 shown] Minoru Fujita



A highlight segment aired to end the show, showing the results of the November 13th show.

November 13th

Club K-3000

Chiba Blue Field (300)

Match 1: YOSHIYA over PSYCHO in 8:31

Match 2: DJ Nira over Saki Maemura in 16:14

Match 3: Yasu Urano over Sambo Oishi in 18:44

Main Event: Hi69/Pablo Marquez over Minoru Fujita/Taka Michinoku in 24:41


Next Show:

November 20th

Club K-3000

Chiba Blue Field (300)

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New stuff, and some good news...

K-Dojo Tour; TV Ratings; AJPW stars coming to boost fanbase?

By Kayo Nojohiro, Nikkansports.com writer

K-Dojo's biweekly show go a 0.22 rating, and that is well above what was expected for their first show in 8 months.  GAORA Sports recently renewed their contract with K-Dojo, making that signing all the better.


Taka Michinoku announced at Chiba Blue Field that their upcoming show will take place over 5 shows, the final two in Yokohama, on the 18th and 19th of December.  The tour has been given the name "Club-K Super Invasion", and it is expected that AJPW stars will be coming in to help the shows.


Club-K in Yokohama

November 27th, 2004

Yokohama City Swimming Club Parking Lot (600)

1. Minoru Fujita VS Sambo Oishi


3. Ofune© VS Yumi Ohka (Women's Championship)

4. Taka Michinoku VS Yasu Urano

Club-K in Kobe (TV Taping)

December 3rd, 2004 (Will air on December 12th, on GAORA Sports)

Kobe Chicken George (400)

1. Apple Miyuki VS Yu Yamagata

2. Saki Maemura/Yumi Ohka VS Dj Nira

3. Amazing Red VS Yasu Urano

4. YOSHIYA VS Pablo Marquez

5. Hi69 VS Taka Michinoku (UWA World Championship)

Club-K in Sapporo

December 11th, 2004

SAPPORO BREWERIES Factory Hall (1,000)

1. Yu Yamagata VS Saki Maemura

2. Pablo Marquez VS Yasu Urano


4. Hi69 VS Sambo Oishi

5. Taka Michinoku/Kintaro Kanemura VS Minoru Fujita/D'Lo Brown

Club-K Finale in Yokohama (TV Taping) (Day 1)

December 18th, 2004 (Will air on December 26th, 2004, on GAORA Sports)

Yokohama Club Heaven (1,000)

1. Saki Maemura VS Yumi Ohka VS Yu Yamagata VS Apple Miyuki

2. Dj Nira VS Taka Michinoku

3. Sambo Oishi VS Yasu Urano

4. D'Lo Brown VS Kintaro Kanemura

5. Minoru Fujita VS Ofune

6. YOSHIYA VS Hi69© (If Hi69 wins in Kobe, he defends the UWA Title)

Club-K Finale in Yokohama (Day 2)

December 19th, 2004

Yokohama Club Heaven (1,000)

1. Saki Maemura VS Yumi Ohka

2. Pablo Marquez/Sambo Oishi VS PSYCHO/Yasu Urano

3. Minoru Fujita VS D'Lo Brown

4. Ofune VS Ayako Hamada

5. Kintaro Kanemura VS Dj Nira

6. YOSHIYA VS Taka Michinoku

7. Hi69 VS A "Yet to be named" AJPW wrestler


As mentioned in the above announcement, current 3WA World Champion Ayako Hamada will be making an appearance at the 2nd show finale, taking on Ofune.  Whether or not Ayako will be defending the belt is yet to be seen, or announced, for that matter, by AJW officials.

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