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Zach De La Rocha


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I've been listening to RATM a lot recently after a brief period without them on my playlist, but I was just wondering, seeing as the rest of Rage is in AudioSlave with Cornell, what is Zach doing? Last thing I heard was he was doing some "March of Death" musical thing and writing his album, will it ever materialise?

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He offered one of his songs to the F9/11 soundtrack and from what I have heard it is standard Zach; same old voice, same old tone, same old style. He has been recording his new album, which to my knowledge has no release date yet.

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I used to be a huge Rage fan and to the best of my knowledge he's still working on his solo album which has been hyped ever since Rage broke up. I thought the song off the 9/11 soundtrack was decent enough for what Zack does.

EDIT: BTW if you're interested in Zack de la Rocha I suggest you check out his old band Inside Out.

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