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Chino XL Shot

Lord Nibbler

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Or not...

Chino XL 'Shooting' Never Happened

Posted by Robert

Rap News Direct Staff

11/4/2004 10:42:27 AM

The ‘breaking news’ reports on some web sites concerning the shooting of New Jersey rapper Chino XL are completely false.

After checking into the story, it seems one site posted it; and since most of these kind of ‘fan’ sites copy and paste news with out looking into the source, the story just spread

The story indicates that rapper Chino XL was shot in the chest 3 times in Pomona California by a young, 19 year old suspect from California, who reportedly screamed "thug life" as he opened fire. Police are looking at the possibility that the feud between Chino XL and the late Tupac Shakur lead to the shooting.

This is just another example of web mis-information and how ‘copy and paste’ news can spread on the web even if it is false.

Reputable and reliable web news sources post a source for their news and check out things before they post them. That is something to keep in mind.

This 'story' never happened and we will have more on Chino XL later.

Edited by Jimmy the Exploder
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