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Joey Sucks

Your Mom

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From what I've seen, the show just doesn't have any zing on it's fastball. It's really cookie-cutter sitcom stuff, not at all ground-breaking in the way that Friends was. I think people expected something really good, and just didn't get it, and I wouldn't expect it to be around for very long. Joey I don't think is a strong enough character to do a standalone series without the rest of the Friends cast. Point inf act, I don't think there's anyone from that cast that could carry a show themselves, so it was an idea pretty much destined to be lackluster.

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Hasn't aired over here in UK yet from what I know off, yet I'll be a fan off it when it does as Joey was always my favourite character from Friends.

I never expected it to be as good as Friends and if anyone did then they were just crazy, so I certainly wont be let down when I watch it :)

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I watched friends occasionally, and never was a big fan of it. My favorite parts were always Joey and Chandler.

I've watched every episode of Joey, and I love the show. It's got some very funny parts (In my opinion, anyway)

I think that the people that liked Friends seem to hate it, while people that didn't like Friends like Joey. Weird...

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It has a sniker every now and then but it really just isn't as good as it should be. Joey was my favorite character on Friends but only when he was with Chandler (pre-Monica). If it was Joey & Chandler, the show would be golden. As it is now though...it's just not very funny.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Friends stopped being a Sitcom long before it ended, they got too lovey dovey and shit, and I hated it. Ross' facial expressions and childlike mannerisms were the only party that really hit the spot for me. Joey as a character was good, but that type of humour is only funny once per episode.

I'll probably catch it when it hits the UK, but If I want real laughs I stick to what I know, British Sitcoms. Sarcastic Humour > Blatant Can Laughed Humour.

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I don't like Seinfeld, I was a huge fan it back in the day, but for some reason now I turn the channel whenever its on. All the characters get boring after so many years, except for Putty, George, and Kramer. It has its funny moments, but now I think it is vastly overrated.

I loved Friends, I still watch it at least twice a day.

Still, the old Cosby show reruns on TBS is probably my favorite sitcom right now. Followed by Cheers, Friends, That 70's Show, and Fresh Prince. Any new sitcom that has debuted in the last few years is 'bleh' at best, except for My Wife and Kids, if only for Damon Wayans and Junior. Joey isn't as good as Friends, but its ok. Certainly not the worst new sitcom on TV.

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How could anyone not like Seinfeld? The Costanza's alone make it worthwhile:

Frank Costanza : [yelling] Serenity now. Serenity now.

George Costanza : What is that?

Frank Costanza : Doctor gave me a relaxation cassette. When my blood pressure gets too high, the man on the tape tells me to say: "SERENITY NOW"

George Costanza : Are you supposed to yell it?

Frank Costanza : The man on the tape wasn't specific.

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