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OK so it's real late last night right and I've just got back from playing everybodys favourte game EWR when I turn on the TV and see John Cena in camflaouge clothing on a Reality TV show called Manhunt. Now I may be from Australia but is this show New or what cause it's the first I've heard of it and it actually looks like a half decent show but they have it on at like 1 in the morning.

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From tvtome.com

Manhunt (2001)

Show Information 

First Aired August 2001

Last Aired September 2001

Status Canceled/Ended

Running Time 60 min

Country United States

Currently Appears Friday 8:00 PM

Network UPN

Show Stars 

Wesley Ace - Himself

Ed Anthony Budzius - Himself

John Cena - Hunter

Karen Cha - Herself

Lucas Ford - Himself

Lyzz Forsyth - Herself

Nicole Gordillo - Herself

Raye Hollitt - Hunter

Romey Jakobson - Herself

Mandy Kaplan - Herself

Jacqueline A. Kelly - Herself

Jim Lee - Himself

James McCaughley - Himself

Joe McMullen - Himself

Kalai Miller - Hunter (Koa)

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I have researched this show. It was while Cena was in OVW. The show itself was produced by Vince McMahon, however, one of the contestants came out and said that the show was "faked". The producers did not think there was enough controversy on the show, so at times DURING the missions they would pull people aside and tell them what to say to the camera to cause controversy. Also, at the end of tapings, they realised they didn't have enough footage, and so called BACK most of the contestants (one or two refused to come back) and filmed some of the later events on sound stages. Problem was, at some point near the end, some of the contestants had their heads shaved. So therefore, during interviews in the earlier episodes, the contestants will wear bandanas. The whole show ended up crashing and burning when all of this came out. At least one, maybe two, contestant was injured and the producers refused to pay for his injuries, so he sued them, not sure on the result. The winner of the game last time I checked, which was about a year ago, still had not recieved the prize money. I recall a long time ago there being a whole article on this on The Smoking Gun but I am not sure if it is still in the archives. Go look it up, it is a very interesting read, and you can get a lot more of the specific details than I provided here.

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