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Now this looks interesting!


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Well, this looks to be interesting, at least in the slightest bit.

Anne Hathaway is starring in a new film called Havoc, and apparently in it, she goes full frontal in the nudity department. The film is about two suburban teens who imitate the gangsta style and soon end up in trouble when they meet an actual Latin gang.

Apparently, advance word from screenings is that she goes full frontal, as in totally full frontal. Hmmm, sounds like she's trying to rid herself of the Disney-ish roles. That is, if the film will even see the light of day.

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Apparently, Miss Hathaway has the male version of selective hearing.

blahblahblahblahblahFULLFRONTALNUDITYblahblah...wait, what was that about nudity?

Pepsi's right, it takes a good director who won't be using the nudity for a cheap gimmick to really get over by getting naked. I'd still check out the film if it strolled across the HBO, though, 'cause Anne kinda toasts my waffle.

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I thought she was doing a masturbation scene in Havoc? I remember reading about how Mandy Moore was originally approached to do the role, but she turned it down saying she wasn't willing to do pointless nudity.

There is a pic going around of Hathaway at a recent movie premiere wearing a see-through top and no bra, can't find the url for the life of me. I guess she really wants to cement that she doesn't just do kids movies.

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The only good that comes out of this is for pornoholics, eagerly awaiting pictures from the movie to make their way to the internet.

*waits impatiently.*

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