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*SPOILERS* The O.C. Season 2 Topic


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Did anyone watch Season 2 of The O.C. last night?

I thought the episode was pretty decent although overly anticlimatic with Ryan and Seth's returning to Orange County after one whole episode. Plus, it gained unintentional laughter from me with Marissa's screaming fit.

Still, it's better than Life As We Know It, so....

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Nice start, might have been a bit rushed to tie up the loose ends form season 1 but still a good episode.

the scene with Sandy and Caleb in the parking garage was gold, we need more paranoid Caleb, heh

from the preview looks like the new heel for the start of the season will be Psycho Poolboy.

and damn Marissa has definately...developed quite a bit since last season :D

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Overall I thought it was good. The first 15-20 minutes or so were awesome, and because of this I wish the'yd spread this episode into two parts. Just the explanation of where these people were when we came back was excellent; I really liked Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan and Ben MacKenzie in this one. The good thing is that next week we're back to the stuff that made The O.C. the best new show last year: razor sharp wit combined with captivating drama.

BTW, the show scored a 5.5 rating, which is a dropoff from the season finale, but a huge improvement on FOX's normal Thursday performances. I think it's a good foothold, considering the fact that there was no Thursday presence before.

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I seen it and I'm glad to see it back. All the shows I liked were either cancelled or moved to January but it's good to see this back. Never knew you guys like The O.C. but anyways...

It was a good episode but I do agree, it was Anticlimatic but I read all the spoilers for the episode so yeah, expected what was going to happen.

Rachel Bilson > Everybody Else... :)

Too bad she's dating Brody :blink:

and I really think they should move the show back to Wednesday's. I mean they're up against pretty tough competition. (Apprentice, Survivor and Joey).

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totally agree with Paidy.

Loved the episode, and hopefully the new season will just get better and better as it goes on. The Marissa yelling part was kind of stupid, I laughed my ass off. I like how Marissa's mom is just wasting a lot of money and Cal can't do shit about it. The parking lot scene was really good and Sandy is still the best character on there, IMHO.


wcw, where did you hear that Brody and Rachel were dating? I thought she was dating some artsy fartsy model or something.

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All you fuckers agree with me.

Rachle Bilson is the hottest women alive.

Preach it.

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Guest greenoz

It's not fair...

I'm in Australia, and we still got about 3 episodes until season one finishes, we're probably not even going to get season two until next year... Man, being all the way down here sucks, lol.

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yeah its true... been in australia sucks... however i got the region 1 dvd set of the first season of The O.C and i have downloaded both episodes that have aired thus far in the second season... So im not too worried... We wont get season 2 over here until next year because once The O.C finishes here next week, that new show, "One Tree Hill" begins in the time slot of the OC...

Has anyone seen One Tree Hill before? Is it any good?

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