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Vince McMahon: Pulling The Strings

Lord Nibbler

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It was the early hours of November 1st, 2004 and Vince McMahon sat alone in his office, entirely convinced that he had just made the single worst mistake of his life. Screwing Bret wasn't exactly a stroke of genius and the XFL had been a gargantuan flop, but what had transpired some four hours ago, he was certain, could decimate his company and ruin his legacy. Perhaps it was the stack of less-than-positive fan feedback sitting on his desk. Perhaps it was the complaints about TV ratings left by shareholders on his answer machine. Perhaps it was the doctors report expressing concern over his blood pressure, sitting, crumpled into a ball, in his waste paper basket. Or, perhaps, it was the half-bottle of whisky making its way through his digestive system. Whatever the reason, Vince McMahon had signed over booking control of his two major television programmes to two failed promoters. The delight of certain wrestlers backstage and know-it-all fans on the internet had done nothing to dissolve the ominous feeling deep in his gut. The angry phone call from Mr. and Mrs. Levesque upon hearing the news - still ringing in his ears - strengthened his conviction.

There was nothing he could do about it now. Even if he could find some reason to renege on the deal, even he knew that a change of mind would be catastrophic for backstage morale. No, he'd made a decision and he had to see it through. Later that day he would watch with added interest as the man he gleefully drove out of business put on the first Monday Night RAW under his bookership. McMahon reached over to his desk draw and pulled out a notepad and gold insignia pen. By the end of the show, every single page would be filled with notes, describing exactly what had worked and what hadn't. The process would be repeated when that arrogant hack booked his first show at the helm of SmackDown. Vincent Kennedy McMahon may have given the pen to two men he personally couldn't stand, but he'd be damned if he was going to sit back and let them run his company into the ground. He'd be there, pulling the strings.


This is a split diary with a twist. Eric Bishoff (Monkey Molester) has been given the booker position for RAW, and Paul Heyman (Big Ali) the booker position for SmackDown. They will book the shows each week, but Vince McMahon (Jimmy the Exploder) will be exercising his authority to influence the way they book. McMahon will suggest feuds, pushes, angles matches. The two bookers are free to ignore McMahon, but McMahon has the power to reward the bookers with the ability to sign wrestlers, steal wrestlers from the other brand and call up developmental talent, among other things. Bookers will also be rewarded for putting on good shows and getting high ratings. Bookers can also be punished, for not taking into consideration suggestions made by the chairman. It will be a challenge for Bischoff and Heyman to not only put on a good show, but also to appease The Boss. All in all, it should make for a very interesting diary.

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NOV. 1, 2004

Last week on RAW, Triple H was humilated at the hands of Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit and Maven to name but a few, and this week Evolution are scheduled to be at the show and will take part in a big six-man tag team match that will see the three members of Evolution take on Maven, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton. This is a preview as well because at Survivor Series a Classic Survivor Series match has been booked including all six of those men with each team to announce their fourth men on the show tonight.

The question on many peoples minds is will Eric Bischoff be in Peoria, Illinois tonight to oversea proceedings or will his night of be extended to a second week?

It's no secret that Edge and Chris Benoit haven't been getting along recently, but they will have to put their differences aside as they team up again tonight to take on the former champions La Resistance in a World Tag Team title match. Can Edge and Benoit co-exist or will La Resistance become the champions again?

Don’t miss RAW (9/8 CT on Spike TV)

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Guest Frank62441

I disagree somewhat with Godfatha, I think this should be really good - Vince should use his power to really force Bischoff and Heyman to do some ludicrous things - an interpromotional bra-and-panties match between them at Survivor Series might be a starter.

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this could be interesting. I've never seen anything like this before . . . but I'll be reading to see where it goes. Plus, you have MM writing half of it, so it'll be quality. :thumbsup:

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Monday 1st November 2004

Live from the Peoria Civic Centre in Peoria, Illinois

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry “the King” Lawler

We open with highlights of last week’s RAW covering the Evolution/Randy Orton interaction from last week. Triple H told Orton he would get a World Heavyweight title match against him at the Survivor Series if he could defeat Ric Flair last week; if he could not Orton would never receive a World Heavyweight title shot again as long as Triple H is champion. After a near-15 minute match, and after interference from Batista, Chris Jericho, Maven and Chris Benoit, it was the steel chair in the hands of Triple H that settled the match when he blasted Orton in the back with the chair allowing Flair to pin him and win the match. Orton and co. had revenge on Evolution after the match though as the Hurricane, Rosey, Rhyno, William Regal, Shelton Benjamin and Eugene cut of their escape for Benoit, Jericho, Maven and Orton took out their frustrations on the champion to end the show.

JR and the King welcome everyone to the first ever RAW from Peoria before talking how we’re two weeks away from the Survivor Series in Cleveland, Ohio. They move on to the matches on tonight’s RAW with Shelton Benjamin taking on Tyson Tomko in just a couple of minutes as well as a big six-man tag that’ll see Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Maven team up to take on the three members of Evolution. Just as Union Underground’s “Across the Nation” ends the music of Evolution hits the PA system and Batista and Ric Flair make their way to the ring led by Triple H who certainly looks to be in a foul mood tonight. Flair is his usual self of course, while Batista seems to be as pissed off as the champion is. ‘The Game’ is handed a microphone by a staff member after Flair yelled at him to get in the ring and hand it to the champ.

Triple H: Last week was a travesty! I was assaulted by two Canadians, one talentless piece of crap whose claim to fame is winning some worthless competition and that ungrateful son-of-a-bitch…Randy Orton. I get attacked last week, and what does Bischoff do; he does absolutely nothing! What kind of a boss takes the night off? It explains why WCW went down the crapper mind you if that’s what you use to do down there eh Eric? Is that what you did? But you know…it wasn’t all bad was it Ric? No, the 16-time former World’s champion stepped through those ropes like he has done a million times before, and likes he has done a million times before; he defeated a selfish little brat. A prima donna. Someone who thinks he has what it takes to be a champion. Someone who thinks he DESERVES this World Heavyweight title around my shoulder. Randy Orton; you will never, EVER get a shot at this belt while it is in my possession, so if I were you Randy, I’d take a trip over to SmackDown, I hear their champion is nothing compared to any of us three here, maybe you might be able to beat him and win that second-rate cheapo “World” title they have going over there. Because you see Randy, even if you COULD beat me in a one-on-one match, it would never happen because you lost your chance last week on RAW! You got beat like the little bitch that you are, and now you know what you get when you try and mess with Evolution. You know it first hand Randy; nobody gets away with sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong.

Triple H lowers the microphone and hands it to Ric Flair. Before Flair even lifts it the crowd start ‘whooing’ over and over.

Flair: Randy Orton! At Taboo Tuesday I lost to you; I lost fair and square Orton, I am man enough to admit that. But after I lost, you thought you had the right, the RIGHT to try and hug me? To HUG me!?! You don’t do that to me boy! You let your guard done the SECOND you tried to ‘sympathise’ with me, because I have lost matches in my time, but what you forget Randy is that I am the dirtiest player in the game…I am the kiss stealing, wheeling dealing, jet flying, limosine riding, son of a gun…I am the Nature Boy Ric Flair! I live, breathe, eat and SLEEP wrestling boy, and the second you hit the RKO on me inside that cage I knew I had lost. Do you know WHY Randy; it’s because you are GREAT! Not just good, but GREAT! I knew I lost the match, but the second my face hit the mat I was thinking about how to get my revenge on you Randy; how would I return the favour of making you lie flat on your back and look up at the lights as I pin you…one…two…three. But you see Randy; you did all the thinking for me the second you came over and gave me the sympathetic hug. There is a reason why Ric Flair is still kissing the women, winning the matches, living the life that he is at the grand age of 55 and that is because I am not stupid! You’re 24, yet you made the biggest mistake of your young career last Tuesday. The rate you’re going you won’t be in the WWE by the time you’re 25 if you continue to act so young, immature and STUPID! You’re weakness is that you think you are THE very best. Well I’ve got some news for you kid, you are not the best! This man right here is the best and that is why he is the World Heavyweight champion and you are not, whoooooo! So when you stepped in the ring with the Nature Boy last week on RAW, I knew you thought that you could beat me again, I KNEW it! But the thing is…you couldn’t, COULD YOU RANDY!?! COULD YOU!?! (Flair takes of his jacket and drops it on the mat) YOU THINK YOU ARE THE GREATEST WRESTLER ALIVE TODAY, BUT YOU AREN’T ARE YOU!?! ARE YOU!?! IF YOU WERE DON’T YOU THINK YOU COULD BEAT ME FOR A SECOND TIME!?! Exactly…you couldn’t, you couldn’t. There’s a reason why you are no longer in Evolution, and that is simply because…you don’t have the brains Randy. The night after you became the World Heavyweight champion; you didn’t expect us to beta you down and make you bleed did you? You didn’t see Triple H coming last week did you? You didn’t see him smash you in the back with the steel chair, whooooo!!!

Flair hands the microphone back to Triple H and bounces off the ropes a couple of times with a smirk on his face, letting rip a couple of ‘whooos’ as he goes.

Triple H: So tonight it’s a six-man tag match, and tonight is the night where Randy Orton gets outsmarted yet again by Evolution. Maven, Jericho and you Randy; you WILL be beaten and all any of you will see is the sight of…

Triple H is cut of in mid-sentence by the sound of Maven’s music! Evolution couldn’t believe that Maven would have the balls to interrupt them, and they certainly showed it by the looks on their faces.

Maven: Do you three EVER say anything different? I mean; didn’t you already say this last week? No? Maybe it was the week before that…or the week before that, I can’t really remember! Hell we could rewind the past year or so and hear the same old crap from you week in and week out! So for once would you…

Batista: Get the hell out of my sight you piece of s***! Unless you wanna have some bones broken right this damn minute I suggest you leave!

Jericho: Ho ho oh! Big bad Batista is picking on some littler than him again eh?

The crowd cheer loudly as Chris Jericho walks out onto the stage from behind the curtain and joins Maven.

Jericho: Come ON guys; don’t you notice the repetition you guys have? “I’m gonna beat up this guy, I’m gonna beat up that guy, I am the Game, I am the World Heavyweight champion” yadda yadda yadda! So I think I speak for everyone in Peoria, Illinois when I say…SHUT THE HELL UP! (Flair became irate and tried to go after Jericho but Batista and Triple H held him back) Yeah Hunter; you hold back you’re little butler there, go ahead!

This made Flair’s eyes widen to the point of nearly bursting out of his head it seemed!

Flair: What the hell did you say!?! I’m Ric Flair dammit! 16-times World Champion! You can’t talk about me like that! I’m…

Maven: Ric weren’t you listening; Chris asked you to SHUT THE HELL UP!

The fans again popped this as Maven and Jericho shared a laugh.

Jericho: Thank you very much you three…I came out here to see if I could change the one constant on RAW, but unfortunately I failed. But how about if we win the six-man tonight…Evolution can never, EEEEVER open RAW again? (The crowd like the sound of this and cheered/laughed it) You like that? So chump, whatd’ya say?

Triple H: Funny Jericho, real funny, but I’ll tell you what’s funnier; the sight of you two and Randy Orton lying flat on your backs as we stand victorious after beating you, and then, THEN you will see that Evolution has passed you by.

Triple H drops his mic and the Motorhead theme plays with Jericho and Triple H staring one-another down. A smirk appears across the face of both Jericho and Maven and Evolution don’t seem to know what to make of it. The crowd are cheering something now, but Evolution don’t have a clue what it is. Batista and Flair step forwards to the ropes to yell at Maven and Y2J, but Triple H turns round and walks straight into an RKO from Randy Orton! Orton was who the fans were cheering! Orton quickly rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp to join Maven and Jericho. Batista and Flair check on their fallen leader as Orton, Jericho and Maven pose at the top of the ramp.


Commercial Break

RAW returns and JR and King talk about what happened before the break and we’re shown the RKO on Triple H courtesy of a ‘Moments Ago’ video. JR and King think it may have all been a set up, but JR backs the attack saying Triple H deserves to be on the receiving end every once in a while. King points out what happened last week and JR changes subject to the next match.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Tyson Tomko w/ Christian

Tomko didn’t wait for his music to play and jumped Benjamin on his way down to the ring while in the aisle. Tomko bounced Benjamin’s head off the security rails a couple of times before going to the well one time to many as Benjamin blocked it and sent Tomko crashing into the steel steps before getting into the ring. Christian helped Tomko up and the bell finally rang as Tomko received a couple of quick kicks to the back before Tomko struggled back to his feet and fought back. The tides turned as Benjamin was sent into the ropes by Tomko but was the recipient of a trip from Christian. Benjamin tried to pull Christian into the ring, but Tomko attacked him from behind and hit a backdrop. Tomko went on the slow, yet painful offence on the hurt All-American from Orangeburg, South Carolina. Tomko went over to one of the turnbuckles and removed the padding while the referee checked on Benjamin, and whenever he went to stand up Christian caught his attention somehow. Benjamin was worn down by the time Tomko hoisted him over his head, taunting the Intercontinental champion by asking him where he should drop him. But Benjamind managed to wriggle his way out of the predicament and land on his feet before Tomko turned round straight into an exploder suplex! Benjamin made the cover on the big ‘Problem Solver’ as the referee counted…1…2…3! Benjamin celebrated the win on the ramp after rolling out of the ring.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin (4:23)




Christian didn’t look best pleased at the outcome of the match, but still had the self-assurance to let Benjamin know he was gunning for the Intercontinental title by signifying it would be around his waist very soon. Christian walked up the steps and got in the ring before helping Tyson Tomko to his feet. Christian patted him on the back…before nailing the Unprettier! Christian stood back up and looked down at his now former ‘Problem Solver’ before yelling at him, telling him that he failed in his simple job of beating up Shelton Benjamin. He then said he didn’t need Tomko and said he was better without him. Christian walked out of the ring, leaving Tomko lying face down on the mat.

RAW cuts to the back to see Todd Grisham standing by with one-half of the Tag Team champions, Edge. Edge does not have a title belt.

Grisham: Edge I noticed that you aren’t wearing your Tag Team title belt, and I was wondering if you are going to be there for Chris Benoit in your Tag Team title defence against La Resistance tonight?

Edge: Will I be there tonight for Benoit? Lemme ask you something ‘Todd’; why should I be? I mean, I had no intention of winning the Tag Team titles at Taboo Tuesday, so the way I see it, Chris Benoit won the Tag Team titles, Chris Benoit can have the Tag Team titles, because I have bigger things on my mind, like the World Heavyw…

Edge stops in mid-sentence and stands taller as Chris Benoit walks onto the scene with each belt draped across his shoulders. The two stood there for a couple of seconds staring at one-another with Todd Grisham still standing in between.

Benoit: You have bigger things on your mind eh Edge? Well remember that I made Triple H tap out at WrestleMania Twenty, and if you think I am going to let you get a title shot before me…well, you’re just not that bright then are you Edge?

Edge: Hey Chris; this is MY interview time. Just like at Taboo Tuesday, somebody else has to muscle in a take MY spot once again. I would’ve WON the World Heavyweight title if it wasn’t for these stupid fans, but no, oh no, they vote for a damn cripple to face Triple H instead of someone who is young, someone who is fresh, someone who is…hungry. You had your chance Chris, and don’t get me wrong; you did good beating Triple H and holding onto the belt for five months, that’s quite an accomplishment…but where’s my shot? Where’s my World Heavyweight title match? How many times has Edge been in a World Heavyweight title match this year? Oh that’s right; none. But you…you Chris, you’ve had your time in the spotlight, but now it’s MY time to step up and take my shot!

Benoit: Ahhh, stop talking Edge. Have you made Triple H tap out? Have you made Shawn Michaels tap out? Have you won the Tag Team titles single-handedly after your partner walked out? Have you ever last 60-minutes in the Royal Rumble to EARN YOUR CHANCE FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!?! You haven’t done any of those things Edge, and I don’t think you can. Prove me wrong Edge…just prove me wrong…

Benoit and Edge look just about ready to go at it when the Coach rushes onto the scene.

Coach: Woah, woah, woah! Calm down guys! Now Edge, I know you don’t want to defend the titles with Chris Benoit tonight, but unfortunately you have to. I’m under direct orders from Eric Bischoff to make sure you go out there and stay out there for the duration of the match otherwise…

Edge: Otherwise what Coach? Spit it out!

Coach: …otherwise you’ll be suspended indefinitely without pay…sorry Edge.

Coach didn’t seem as though he enjoyed giving that news. Edge didn’t look very happy with this and looked as though he was holding his anger in. Coach walked off, leaving Grisham, Edge and Benoit alone.

Benoit: See you in the ring then…champ.

Benoit then walked off leaving Edge fuming. He turned his head to see Todd Grisham still standing there with the microphone in hand. Edge then punched Todd Grisham square in the face and started pummelling him into the ground before road agents and Chris Benoit rushed onto the scene to break it up. Benoit checked on the unconscious Todd Grisham as a now laughing Edge was carried away by a group of road agents including Sgt. Slaughter.


Commercial Break

Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Maven vs. Triple H, Batista and Ric Flair

RAW comes back and Evolution are making their way to the ring as JR and King discuss the actions of Edge moments ago as he attacked Todd Grisham, knocking him unconscious they said. JR says that Edge won’t be receiving any World Heavyweight title shots in the future with actions like that. King disagrees, saying Edge is finally showing all the qualities that a true champion needs; the ability not to care about what anyone else thinks. Maven and Y2J are out next, and as Orton’s music hits Evolution look around to make sure he doesn’t jump out of the crowd at them, but calm down as they see Orton come out at the entrance ramp. JR added that this was a preview of Survivor Series as we would see all six in action in an eight-man, Survivor Series style match pitting Evolution and Gene Snitsky against Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Maven and a fourth partner. Y2J and Batista started things off by going into a lock-up, which Batista subsequently took control off by over-powering Y2J and shoving him into the corner. Some posing by Batista led to another lock-up which Jericho faked and went behind, followed by a dropkick to the back. Batista landed on the second rope, so Jericho started dancing before bouncing off the ropes and running into a big Batista-line. Batista tagged in Flair which got a big ‘whoooo’ out of the crowd, and Flair went on to chop Jericho’s chest to shreds in the corner. Jericho began to fight back and he and Flair had a long chopping war which Jericho won after Flair flopped onto the mat. Jericho’s chest was bright red by this point so he went over and tagged in Maven. Maven was hot off the tag and ready to go, but Flair begged Maven off. Maven walked over to the Nature Boy and got a thumb to the eye for his troubles. Flair got up and dragged Maven to his corner where he tagged in the World’s Heavyweight champion Triple H! The Game walked straight into a high standing dropkick from Maven who quickly crawled over to his corner and tagged in Randy Orton. Orton didn’t hesitate to get into the action with the Game, and despite Triple H’s pleas, Orton unloaded with everything he had on the champion. He knocked the Game down with a dropkick before getting on one knee and waiting for Triple H to get to his feet. When he did he went for the RKO, but the Game blocked him, shoved him into Jericho which knocked him off the apron and then caught Orton with a DDT when he came back. Both Triple H and Orton were down on the mat and Maven was checking on the fallen Jericho as RAW went to a break.

Commercial Break

RAW returned to see Orton struggling to fight out of an Indian deathlock from Triple H. We’re shown a video of ‘During the Break’ where Ric Flair had the referee distracted and Triple H nailed Orton with a low-blow leading to his current predicament. Orton is losing the battle to get out of the hold at this point with the champion putting more and more pressure on. Jericho and Maven try to get the fans to cheer Orton on, and they duly oblige by starting to clap. Triple H starts to shake his head and shout ‘no, no’, but Orton begins to feel it and tries to wriggle free of the hold. Orton sucks up all the pain and starts crawling towards the ropes, but Triple H is having none of it and tries to stay where he is. As the referee checks on Orton, Flair grabs a hold on Triple H and tries to keep him still. The referee doesn’t see this, so Maven goes away from his corner to confront the referee. The referee goes to Maven and tells him to go back to his corner, and as the two argue, Ric Flair gets in the ring and he and Triple H drag Randy Orton back into their corner. The referee turned around and Triple H quickly tagged in Ric Flair, who came in strutting and ‘whooing’. Flair went to pick up Orton, but was rolled up for a near fall! Flair couldn’t believe it and quickly went to work on his leg and then signalled for the Figure Four. He strutted around a little before going to lock it in, but when he finally attempted it Orton kicked him off onto the turnbuckle! Flair walked around a bit, lost, dazed and confused as Orton slowly got to his feet. Flair turned round to Orton…and walked straight into the RKO! Orton was to weak to roll over and cover Flair, so the referee begins his count. Both men start crawling towards their corners at six and Batista is tagged in first by Flair followed quickly by Maven on the other side! Maven comes in like a house of fire, taking down Batista clothesline after clothesline and even gets a dropkick in on Triple H who tries to sneak attack! Maven goes to the top rope and waits for Batista to get up and face him before jumping off and hitting a great DDT! Maven covers Batista, but only manages to get to two before Triple H breaks up the pin and nails the Pedigree on Maven! The game, not being legal quickly goes to the apron and tags himself in before getting in and covering Maven, but the referee doesn’t count! Triple H confronts him, wanting to know why and he points to Jericho being the legal man! He tagged himself in as well and was on the top rope! He came off with an axe handle attempt, but Triple H caught him with a kick to the gut, but before he could do anymore Randy Orton appeared and hit the RKO! Triple H collapsed, and after regaining his breath, Jericho hit the Lionsault and made the cover…1…2…3, Jericho pins the World Heavyweight champion!

Winners: Chris Jericho, Maven and Randy Orton (13:49)




Ric Flair and Batista pulled their fallen leader from the ring and retreated up the ramp as Randy Orton looked at Triple H and motioned that he would be the next World Heavyweight champion.

Commercial Break

RAW returned to see a video being played. There were two men sitting cross-legged on a mat in a room as we approach from behind. The camera stays focused on them from behind as they begin to speak in a strong Arabic accent.

Hassan: I am Muhammad Hassan…

Daivari: …and I am Khosrow Daivari…

Hassan: We are American citizens…born in America, and lived in America our whole lives…

Daivari: …we our devout Muslims, and have faith in Allah, but respect all people no matter what race, religion or creed…

Hassan: …we were treated as equals all our lives…

Daivari: …until September 11th 2001.

Hassan: Wherever we went after the terrorist attacks, we were given disgusting looks from American citizens…

Daivari: …and because the terrorist who attacked America wore turbans and were Muslims, automatically we became terrorists in the eyes of many American citizens…

Hassan: …but we have come to RAW to prove people wrong.

Daivari: The actions of September 11 were that of a very small group of people…

Hassan: …people who we do not know, and people we do not wish to know…

Daivari: …we have come to RAW because we wish to show people that we are equals, and should be treated as such. We do not demand respect…

Hassan: …we are willing to show you that we are American’s as well as Muslims…

Daivari: …we are here to show that we are wrestlers…

Hassan: …and we are coming next month…

We get a ‘Coming in December’ line before the video fades out. The crowd are heard in the background giving mixed reactions to the video, but JR and the King back them for success. JR says that everyone deserves a chance on RAW and wherever he or she goes, saying nobody should be discriminated against no matter what they are. King says that they certainly seem ready and willing to go, but the real question is if they can get in that ring with someone like Triple H and survive. JR agrees and says that it’s almost time for the handicap match that’ll pit Gene Snitsky up against William Regal and Eugene.


We cut to the back to see William Regal trying to talk to Eugene as he jumps around. Eugene

Regal: Eugene, Eugene calm down please! Tonight you need to focus!

Eugene: Mhmmmm…

Regal: This Gene Snitsky is a very dangerous chap indeed as you and I well know. He beat me up last week, he might have ended that monster Kane’s career at Taboo Tuesday and he beat you up as well the day before that, so we need to be very careful out there.

Eugene: Ok Willy…we be careful…

Regal: Good, now let’s go out there and teach that toe-rag Gene Snitsky a lesson!

Eugene: Yeah!

Eugene hops about clapping his hands and walks off in one direction with Regal going the other way. Noticing Eugene wasn’t following him, he turned back, grabbed Eugene and directed him in the correct direction.


Gene Snitsky vs. William Regal and Eugene

Regal and Eugene made their way to the ring first and as usual, Eugene went round and excitedly slapped hands with all the fans at ringside before Regal made him calm down before reminding him to focus. Eugene tried to put on a serious face, but King laughed at him saying he looked like he was trying to “do a number two”. Snitsky came out next and was repeatedly shouting out “this won’t be my fault”. Regal and Eugene attempted to jump Snitsky before he got into the ring, but Snitsky seemed to absorb all of the punishment. He blocked a left-handed punch from William Regal and shoved him away. Regal turned and cracked heads with Eugene and both men collapsed onto the mat. Snitsky gave an evil smirk and after a couple of seconds of deliberation, he decided on attacking Eugene. He went over to one of the turnbuckles and removed the padding. The referee tried to put it back on, but Snitsky got in his way, and the referee fell over in fear. He picked him up and hoisted him above his head before dropping him face-first onto the exposed steel, busting Eugene open but also earning himself a disqualification from the referee!

Winners by DQ: William Regal and Eugene (3:23)




Snitsky wasn’t finished though, as he hoisted the now-bloodied Eugene back to his feet before repeatedly slamming Eugene’s head into the steel! William Regal, groggy from the clash of heads with Eugene got up and tried to help his protégé but only walked into a big boot from Snitsky. More help was at hand however as Chris Jericho and Randy Orton ran down to the ring to help Eugene and Regal. Snitsky quickly rolled out of the ring and backed up the ramp. He shouted at the five in the ring, “T was my fault! That was my fault!” Jericho signalled for paramedics to come down and check on Eugene who seemed to be completely and utterly beaten down. His face was the proverbial ‘crimson mask’ as the paramedics made their way down and loaded him onto a stretcher. Jericho, Regal and Orton accompanied the stretcher to the back and helped load Eugene into the ambulance as Maven appeared on the scene to see what had happened.

Regal: That’s about all I can bloody well take of this Gene Snitsky! I’m your fourth man! I want to get a piece of him for what he did to poor Eugene!

Orton, Jericho and Maven looked at one another and all seemed in agreement.

Orton: Welcome to the team William…

Regal was still fuming as he shook hands with the other three members of Team Orton before he got into the ambulance with Eugene as it left the arena.

Commercial Break

RAW returns as we get another ‘Moments Ago’ video showing Eugene being loaded into an ambulance and the announcement by Regal that he would be the fourth man in team Orton. JR and King agreed that when Snitsky and Regal clash at Survivor Series, all hell would break loose. Just then, Trish Stratus’s music hits and the Women’s champion made her way out to ring.

Trish: You know, I was thinking about how exactly Lita has been feeling these past few months? I mean, she just lost her unborn baby who, I may I add, was created by Kane who, may I add, blackmailed her into having sex with him! She ‘claimed’ she had no feelings for him, but she looked just a little bit upset to me when she saw the outcome of Kane’s match with Gene Snitsky and he was bloodied up from it. Is there a little bit of feelings there? I think so Lita…! Then of course there’s the wedding to the man who ‘apparently’ you hate, not forgetting that night also saw your boyfriend Matt Hardy get thrown of the stage and through a couple of tables. Hell, while we’re at it lets go through ALL the things you ruined! Actually, I’ve got a better idea; why don’t we take a LOOK at it? I got a little help earlier on today putting together a lovely video about the career of Lita entitled…”Lita’s Kiss of Death”.

A video plays on the screen along to Lita’s entrance music showing Lita debuting with former WWE star Essa Rios, ending with the word “GONE” being placed over his picture. Then moved onto her hooking up with the Hardy Boyz with two separate images of the Hardy Boys with “SPLIT” across it followed by a picture of Jeff Hardy with the word “GONE” placed over it. We get “CANCELLED” for the TV show Dark Angled, followed by “INJURED” for Matt Hardy, followed by “DEAD” for the Kane/Lita-hybrid baby picture she gave her a while back, finally followed by “DEAD” for Kane.

Trish: Now you see what she has had to put up with? If you people had to put up with that, you would all like Lita des; she’s let herself go down the toilet. She’s gotten…chubby, ha ha. She’s not exactly…well, attractive any more is she? Whereas…

Trish was cut off in mid-sentence by the sound of Lita’s music! Lita is staring a hole straight through Trish Stratus as she walks down to the ring with a purpose. Lita started to run and slid into the ring into the waiting boots of Trish Stratus. Lita struggled to her feet and managed to mount a come back, but out of nowhere Gail Kim arrived on the scene and saved Trish from the beat down. Kim and Trish put the boots to Lita until Nidia ran down to the ring to chase them off! Trish and Kim rolled out of the ring and Trish picked up a microphone.

Trish: What are you doing; sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong!?! I’ll tell you what; let’s have us a tag team match right here and right now! You two against us two, whata’ya say?

Nidia helps Lita to her feet, and picks up a microphone that Trish dropped when she was in the ring before.

Lita: You two want a match…you’re on!


A video for Survivor Series played, hyping up the pay-per-view that will take place November 14th at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Lita and Nidia vs. Trish Stratus and Gail Kim

We join the match in progress as Trish is hooking up Nidia’s arm as she tags in Gail Kim. Kim comes in with some kicks to the ribs before whipping her across the ring, only to be taken down with a crossbody for a near fall. Nidia quickly tagged out to Lita who came in all psyched up and nailed a snap suplex on Kim before hitting a powerslam on the incoming Trish. Kim got up and walked right into Lita who signalled for the Twist of Fate, but Trish came and nailed Lita in the back of the head with a chick kick! Gail Kim collapsed on top of her, only getting a near fall after Nidia ran in and broke it up. Kim tagged out to Trish who immediately came in and mocked the hurt Lita by doing a mock V1 sign with her hands. She then stalked Lita and waited till she got up before trying to rub salt in the wound by hitting the Twist of Fate! But Lita was able to reverse it and hit a spike DDT! Both women were out on the mat, but Lita was the only one moving as she crawled over and tagged in Nidia! Gail Kim ran in and was subject to a couple of clotheslines before Trish recovered and tried to hit the Stratusfaction. But yet again a finisher was blocked and Nidia rolled Trish up for the 1…2…3 and upset victory!

Winners: Nidia and Lita (6:19)




Nidia and Lita celebrated their shock victory as Trish and Gail Kim looked at them from the ring, not believing what had just happened.

Commercial Break

JR and the King show us a ‘Moment’s Ago’ video of Nidia pinning the Women’s champion and causing a big upset. This led to JR announcing a big Survivor Series style match at Survivor Series that will see Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Molly Holly and Jazz team up against Lita, Nidia, Victoria and Stacy Keibler with the last woman standing getting a Women’s title show the next night on RAW. We go to the ring where Lillian Garcia asks everyone to welcome the newest sponsor of RAW, Simon Dean!

Dean: Thank you Lillian, thank you very much. May I just say that it is great to be on RAW to promote my patented ‘Simon System’. As we all know, the fans of wrestling are nearly always overweight, obese slobs who sit at home and watch the TV all day. They do no exercise, don’t eat healthy foods, but with my patented ‘Simon System’ even YOU (points at overweight fan in crowd) could look as fit and great as me within 30 days! That’s right; 30 days is all it takes for someone like this rather large gentleman to see his own penis! When WAS the last time you saw it sir? It’s been so long that he can’t remember, but with my patented ‘Simon System’ you could see it again within 30 days! 30 days! That’s an offer you can’t refuse, but I’m not sure if you can afford it though…hmmm… never mind. What about you (pointing at a women in the front row) there youn…um…what about you (quickly changing who he was pointing at to an overweight woman), how many diets have you attempted? Judging by the looks of you, and by the state of your appearance you probably tried ALL of them at once! Because you see, none of the dieting techniques on the market come even close to my patented Simon System, and if you were to use it, I would have to say that I GUARANTEE that…well, actually I think you are to far gone, but I guarantee it will help people lose weight and get back in great shape!

A man standing next to the woman Dean was talking about a moment ago tries to get over the security wall but security cut him off and try to hold him back.

Dean: No no guys, let him in…you’re this woman’s boyfriend (the guy nods)? Ok then; let him into the ring. So then…you’re HER boyfriend? She’s kinda large don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong; you probably couldn’t do any better, but still I don’t quite understand how somebody who is that size and that…that ugly could even get a boyfriend! Turning it around, I don’t understand how someone as ugly as you could get a…

The man shoves Simon Dean onto the mat to a minor pop before knocking the table over, but Dean gets up and takes his leg out from under him before locking in a cobra clutch. The man from the crowd immediately started screaming and tapping out. Dean let go of it and quickly leaves the ring.


The SmackDown Rebound is of the seven Tough Enough finalists taking bodyslams from the Big Show as well as Booker T beating Orlando Jordan to win a WWE title shot at Survivor Series against the champion John “Bradshaw” Layfield.

Commercial Break

World Tag Team titles: La Resistance vs. Chris Benoit and Edge ©

We get a split screen of both Chris Benoit and Edge walking backstage for a couple of seconds before La Resistance’s music hits and the challengers come out to the ring. Chris Benoit was the first half of the Tag Team champions to make his way to the ring and didn’t wait for Edge to get into it with Conway and Grenier. Benoit caught Grenier with a German suplex and followed up with one to Conway and repeated this three further times before getting to his feet and surveying the damage to a round of applause. Benoit picked Conway and locked in the Crippler Crossface, but just as he did that Edge’s music hit and the other half of the champions hit the stage! Benoit released the hold on Conway and stared straight at Edge as he made his entrance. Benoit fell victim to a low-blow from Conway and a roll-up saw the referee count a near fall as Edge slowly made his way to the ring. Edge was about to get up on the apron, but decided against it and walked back up the ramp to sit at the announce table with JR and the King! Benoit was falling victim to some double-teaming from the challengers and a lot of quick tags saw La Resistance try to wear him down very quickly. Edge kept plugging his book along with King as Benoit slowly mounted a come back by chopping away at the chest of Grenier but turned to make a tag, forgetting Edge wasn’t there. Grenier tried to hit a back suplex, but Benoit rolled over the top and landed behind him and the move culminated with Benoit hitting a German suplex into a bridge for a near fall, which was broken up by Conway. Grenier tagged out to Conway and Conway and Benoit went at it with Benoit getting the advantage after some chops then ducking a clothesline before hitting the German suplex hatrick. Benoit went to the top rope and dove off with the swandive headbutt only to see Conway roll out of the way at the last second. Both Conway and Benoit lay prone on the mat as RAW went to its final break.

Commercial Break

RAW returned to find Conway trying desperately to lock in a half Boston crab on Benoit who was ferociously struggling to avoid the hold and managed to punt Conway away before kipping up! Conway turned round and Benoit grabbed his legs, tripping him up and locked him in the sharpshooter! Edge said that Benoit looked as though he was in trouble, so the Toronto native got up from the announce table and walked on down to the ring and got on the apron. Benoit sat back on the sharpshooter as Edge tried to get in the ring. The ref stopped him and this was the queue for Grenier to come in and hit Chris Benoit. But Benoit saw it coming and released the hold, ducked Grenier’s clothesline and hit a German suplex! The referee was still busy with Edge as Benoit signalled for the headbutt. Benoit was about to go to the top rope, but out of nowhere Christian appeared in the ring and hit the Unprettier! He drapped Rob Conway over the fallen Benoit and vacated the ring. The referee turned round and counted the pin…1…2…3, La Resistance are the new champions!

Winners and NEW World Tag Team champions: La Resistance (9:34)




Edge feigned disappointment as he stood on the apron. He got in the ring and looked up at the TitanTron to see it was Christian who cost Benoit the match, and he looked pissed. He turned round and saw Christian in the ring and the two went nose-to-nose…before Edge smirked and the two brothers hugged!!! Edge and Christian touched fists before Edge went over to Benoit and started to beat him down as Christian went outside and grabbed two steel chairs! Christian slid one to Edge and they both waited for Benoit to get to his feet as they swung…and missed! The steel crashed as Benoit ducked the con-chair-toh before attacked both Edge and Christian. Christian fell down with a German suplex and Benoit then caught Edge and locked him in the Crippler Crossface! Christian managed to get up and go for Benoit, but Benoit released the crossface from Edge and went toe-to-toe with Christian in the corner. Benoit looked to whip Christian into the other corner, but Christian reversed it and sent Benoit straight into a spear from Edge! Edge and Christian cleared the cobwebs and picked up the steel chairs again and waited for Benoit…before smashing the chairs against his skull! Edge and Christian celebrated their beating as a now bloody Chris Benoit lay face down in the centre of the ring as RAW went off the air.

Overall Rating: 67%


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I disagree somewhat with Godfatha, I think this should be really good - Vince should use his power to really force Bischoff and Heyman to do some ludicrous things -  an interpromotional bra-and-panties match between them at Survivor Series might be a starter.

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Guest blueblood

I disagree somewhat with Godfatha, I think this should be really good - Vince should use his power to really force Bischoff and Heyman to do some ludicrous things -  an interpromotional bra-and-panties match between them at Survivor Series might be a starter.

Yeah but the person writing as Vince barely does any work whatsoever. It's sorta unfair.

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I disagree somewhat with Godfatha, I think this should be really good - Vince should use his power to really force Bischoff and Heyman to do some ludicrous things -  an interpromotional bra-and-panties match between them at Survivor Series might be a starter.

Yeah but the person writing as Vince barely does any work whatsoever. It's sorta unfair.

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user posted image

4th November, 2004

Can anyone survive until the Survivor Series?

This week, Smackdown rolls into Chicago, and what a show we have!

In the main event, can Kurt Angle get back his loss to Rey Mysterio, as each man has chosen a partner for a tag team match. So in the main event, it will be Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam against Kurt Angle and Mark Jindrak!

In addition, the new no.1 contender to the WWE Title, Booker T, will be in action, as he takes on one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions in Rene Dupree. Booker will have to contend with Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroko as well, but will John Bradshaw Layfield be a factor in the match?

Speaking of Layfield, we will hear from the WWE Champion, as well as his Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan!

In what could be the highlight of the night, there will be a fatal four way to determine who will get a Cruiserweight title shot at Survivor Series. Billy Kidman, Paul London, Nunzio and Chavo Guerrero all get a chance at gaining the no.1 contendership. It has been well-documented that Kidman has bad blood with both London and Chavo, but will that get in the way of their chance at victory?

In other matches, Luther Reigns faces, quite literally, his biggest challenge yet, as he takes on the Big Show one on one, and John Heidenreich will face off against Johnny Stamboli!

Plus, just one week after they each took some moves from the Big Show, the seven contestants of Tough Enough will be brought to the ring by Al Snow, but what will their challenge be? The answer is on Smackdown!

Also scheduled to be at Smackdown are Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker, and United States Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool. What part will they play on Smackdown?

Find out, on UPN, this Thursday night!

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user posted image

November 4th, 2004

Taped from Chicago, Illinois on November 2nd

Attendance: 7506

Announce Team: Michael Cole and Tazz (Play by Play), Josh Matthews (Interviews)

We start with a recap of last week's show, focusing on the Tough Enough contest and Booker T's victory over Orlando Jordan to earn a WWE title shot at Survivor Series. After the Smackdown opening video plays, pyro explodes throughout the arena, and Smackdown is on the air! Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to the show and discuss tonight's matches, especially the main event, which should be "off the hook" as Tazz so eliquently put it. They don't have long to discuss it though, as they're interrupted by the music of Luther Reigns.

Reigns comes onto the stage to boos from the crowd, but he shakes them off and marches down to the ring. Not soldier marches obviously. That wouldn't work. Anyway, Luther gets into the ring and begins to warm up. The reaction to him was pretty good actually. Seems to be getting over. That's nothing compared to the next reaction, though; Big Show's music hits, and the Show makes his way out to a huge pop. As soon as he gets into the ring, Luther jumps the big man, bringing clubbing fists down on his back. The bell sounds.

Luther Reigns Vs Big Show

Shaking off the shots, Big Show grabs Luther and tosses him into the corner, before clotheslining Kurt Angle's bodyguard. As Reigns stumbles out of the corner, Show picks him up and bodyslams him to the mat, as Cole and Tazz marvel at Big Show's strength. A cover only gets two, but Big Show returns to work, going over Luther with fairly simple moves, like clotheslines and right hands. However, an attempted suplex is blocked, and Luther goes behind, attempting to hit Show with a german suplex. No chance, mate. Big Show attempts to elbow Luther, but it is ducked and Luther amazingly takes down Big Show with a fireman's carry! Luther applies an armbar, which causes immense pain for Show. More and more pressure is applied, as the crowd tries to encourage the big man. Eventually, Big Show rises to one knee, with the armbar still applied. In a great show of strength, Big Show picks up Reigns will still in the hold and powerbombs him to the mat. This one has to be over!

Big Show hooks the leg, 1...2...Luther kicks out. Angry, Big Show rises to his feet with a frustrated look on his face. He can solve that problem though. Show roars, signalling for the chokeslam. He picks up Reigns and grabs him by the throat. With a look of panic on his face, Luther tries to shake out, but fails. Big Show picks up the rookie and holds him high in the air for all to see. Held him too long though; Luther kicks Show in the back of the head, causing the chokeslam to be abandoned, and both men hitting the mat. Luther is to his feet first, and waits for Big Show to get up. When the big man is up, Luther drops to his knees and hits a low blow, which the referee admonishes him for. Laughing it off, Reigns ducks a huge clothesline from Big Show, and Show stops just before he hits the referee. Big Show turns round, and unfortunately for him, feels the force of a big roundhouse kick. TAFKA The Giant goes down hard, and Luther rolls up Big Show for the pin by managing to sit on Show's shoulders and pulling up his legs. 3 seconds later, and Luther Reigns receives the biggest win of his WWE career.

Winner; Luther Reigns

Rising to his feet, Luther Reigns climbs up onto the turnbuckle and raises his arms in victory. The crowd boo, but Luther looks at them with contempt, before doing the same to Big Show. Climbing out of the ring, Reigns begins walking to the back. We see a shot of the shocked Big Show before cutting backstage.

Overall: 67%

Crowd: 74%

Workrate: 52%

Star Rating: 1/4*

Luther Reigns gained overness from this match. Unfortunately, Big Show lost some. Also, Big Show's lack of selling dragged down the match.

10 days, ese!

Backstage, Josh Matthews is with Eddie Guerrero. Eddie is in street clothes, as he doesn't have a match booked tonight.

Josh: Eddie, we're just 10 days away from Survivor Series, and Kurt Angle has yet to reveal the fourth member of his Survivor Series team. With the surprise element in his favour, and having just witnessed the largest member of your team, the Big Show, lose to Luther Reigns, are you concerned that you may lose this match?

Eddie: You know, ese, there's been all this talk about Survivor Series. Booker T challenging for the WWE title from JBL, John Heidenreich facing The Undertaker, and then, mang, you've got Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero each leading a team in a Survivor Series contest, ese. It's going to be one hell of a match, Josh, and that's because some of the best wrestlers in the world today are involved. I don't know who's going to win Josh; all I know is who's going to survive. Because at Survivor Series, Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Big Show and Eddie Guerrero are going to tear apart Kurt Angle and all his cronies, ese. It don't matter who the fourth man is. He won't stand a chance. Even though Luther Reigns just beat the Big Show, he didn't beat him where it counts, ese; at the Survivor Series. And he isn't going to win there, mang. At Survivor Series, everyone on my team will be there at the end, whether Kurt Angle likes it or not. We're gonna lie, cheat and steal our way to the top. With all the fans of the WWE behind us, we are going to kick Kurt Angle's ass!

The crowd can be heard cheering. A small Eddie chant begins.

Eddie: That's all I got to say Josh. I'll see you later, ese.

Guerrero turns and leaves.

Josh: Back to ringside.

Overall: 89%

Tough Enough; Undertaker's not a fan

When we cut to the ring, Al Snow and the remaining Tough Enough contestants (Chris Nawrocki, Daniel Puder, Daniel Rodimer, Justice Smith, Mike Mizanin, Nick Mitchell and Ryan Reeves) are all standing in the ring. Al has a mic.

Al Snow: Well, it's time for Tough Enough! You ready?

Slight reaction.

Al Snow: First of all, you've been voting at home for the past week to decide who leaves the Tough Enough contest. Well, millions of you around the world cast your votes, and the results are as follows. The 1st contestant to be eliminated from the Tough Enough competition is...Mike Mizanin!

The crowd has a little more reaction, although they don't care that much. Mike shakes hands with the rest of the TE contestants, and finally Al, before turning to leave.

Al Snow: Mike, you might as well stay for the rest of this. No point going back alone, man.

Mike stops and returns to his other contestants.

Al Snow: Okay, moving on, last week you saw everyone take a bodyslam from the Big Show. But tonight, I have a much tougher challenge in mind. You see, guys, you have to prove yourselves in the WWE. And the man you have to prove yourself against is a legend. He's been wrestling for years now, and is still one of the best. So, without any further ado, your challenge...

The lights go out. There is silence until a gong sounds, and the crowd erupts. As the lights come back on, the TE contests are looking up at the entrance ramp. Standing behind them, though, is none other than The Undertaker! Al Snow looks at Taker and smiles.

Al Snow: Eh, guys...

The Tough Enough contestants turn round and see Undertaker. They all look intimidated, but Justice Smith runs at UT first, but receives a right hand. This sets off a ripple effect, and soon all of the contestants are laid out. Undertaker then grabs Daniel Rodimer and chokeslams him. A tombstone follows for Chris Nawrocki, and then a double chokeslam for Nick Mitchell and Ryan Reeves. Justice Smith and Daniel Puder jump Undertaker, but the blows have no effect, and Undertaker grabs them both by the throat. A double chokeslam later, and only Mike Mizanin is left. He hits a couple of right hands on Undertaker, and runs off the ropes for a clothesline, but runs right into a Tombstone! Nice going away present there. With all the Tough Enough contestants laid out, Al Snow surveys the damage.

Al Snow: Thanks very much, Taker. Hopefully these guys will have learnt what it takes to...

Al gags, as Undertaker has him by the throat. He's hoisted up, and dropped in a chokeslam! Undertaker has sent a message. He looks at the camera.

Undertaker: John Heidenreich, you are next.

The lights go out, and when they return, Undertaker is gone. All of the Tough Enough contestants and Al Snow are out of it as we go to a commercial.

Overall: 72%

Mike Mizanin gained overness. Unfortunately, Undertaker lost overness

When we return, Johnny Stamboli is just entering the ring. Stamboli warms up, awaiting his much larger opponent. Johnny runs the ropes, looking a little nervous. He looks a lot more nervous when John Heidenreich's music hits. Paul Heyman walks onto the stage first, followed by Heidenreich himself. The crowd gives John an average reaction. Not enough to warrant his push, mind. The two heels walk down to the ring, Heyman hyping up his charge. Heidenreich climbs through the ropes and Paul watches from ringside.

Heyman: Take him out, John!

John Heidenreich Vs Johnny Stamboli

At the bell, Heidenreich starts out by nailing some right hands on the overmatched Stamboli. A clothesline and then an elbow drop...oh, what's the point?! We all know what the result will be. After three minutes of total control from John, he ends it with a Whiplash Powerbomb for the 3 count.

Winner; John Heidenreich

Paul Heyman gets into the ring and raises Heidenreich's arm in the air. Yelling at the crowd, Heyman hypes up the big man, and taunts The Undertaker. The crowd isn't really interested though. They just yell insults at Heidenreich. Well some of them do. Others just stare. Anyway, Heyman and Heidenreich get out of the ring as we cut backstage.

Overall: 59%

Crowd: 60%

Workrate: 59%

Star Rating: 1/2*

The Saviour?

Josh Matthews is with WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield. Layfield has the title over his shoulder, and beside him is his "Chief of Staff" Orlando Jordan.

Josh: John Layfield, you're only 10 days away from perhaps the toughest challenge of your WWE Title reign, perhaps even your career. Because at Survivor Series, you'll be taking on Booker T. In a fan poll on WWE.com, 87% of fans said that you didn't stand a chance against Booker T, and that...

JBL: Whoa, Josh, hold on just a little second. Booker T is the toughest challenge of my career?! Come on, kid, it's Booker T. He's a run down loser who grew up "on the street". What's that about? I grew up on a street, you grew up on a street, Orlando grew up on a street. Is he trying to get sympathy, to get the WWE fans behind him? That's the problem. He can talk and whine and piss and moan, but Booker T is a no good scumbag. How can anyone support a man convicted of armed robbery? I didn't see anyone wanting Charles Manson to win the WWE Championship. What's next, Saddam Hussein? Criminals should not be WWE Champion. Eddie Guerrero was a drug addict, and I took the title from him to save this company. I am the saviour, Josh. And this Sunday, I'm taking that piece of dirt Booker T, I'm going to ruin his career, and I'm going to walk out still the World Wrestling Entertainment Champion. And you know why, Todd? Because the WWE needs me, because I am the saviour.

JBL and Jordan leave.

Overall: 82%

Another contest for Survivor Series?

Josh: Well, strong words from the WWE Champion. Michael, Tazz, back to...

Voice: Woah!

Matthews turns round, as does the camera, and we see United States Champion Carlito Caribbean Cool waiting in the wings. He has an apple in his hand, which has a bite out of it. Behind him is Jesus Aguilera, who is smirking.

CCC: Hold on, Josh, don't you want an interview with the coolest U.S Champion of all-time?

Josh: Well, do we have time? (Listens to earpiece) We do? Ok, Carlito, what do you want to talk about?

CCC: You know Josh, I've been in the WWE for about a month now, and I'm not happy, man. I'm not getting the calibre of matches that I deserve. That's just not cool. I beat that chump John Cena. I'm just dissapointed John got hurt in that nightclub, Josh. It would have been cool to give John a rematch at the Survivor Series. But guess what? I haven't even got a match!

Carlito takes a bite of his apple.

CCC: No one wants to get into the ring with Carlito! They're all afraid of my coolness overshadowing them. They're all intimidated. Everybody in the Smackdown locker room. Eddie Guerrero, Rob Van Dam, Booker T, Nunzio, Johnny Stamboli, him!

Carlito is pointing at someone. The camera turns round and we see Rico with Miss Jackie.

Rico: What?

CCC: You heard me. You're just as scared as everyone else. I'm just too cool for you, Rico.

Rico: You...

Jackie: Hold on Rico, I'll handle this. Carlito, quit your bitching. You haven't got a match at the Survivor Series? Well neither has Rico. How about you put that title of yours on the line against him on the show?

CCC: Against this guy? Do you really think he's cool enough? I mean, Jackie, anyone with Rico's hairstyle just can't be cool.

Jesus: Carlito, my brother's got that hairstyle, he's kinda cool.

CCC: Shush! You're ruining my flow!

Carlito slaps Jesus in the back of the head.

CCC: You may not be cool enough Rico, but alright. You and me at the Survivor Series, with the US Title on the line.

Carlito takes a bite of his apple.

CCC: And how about this? Next week, you take on Jesus. We'll see how cool you are.

Rico: Done.

CCC: Great! Too bad you're just not cool enough to win this belt, Rico. I'll make you lose at Survivor Series, and then I'm taking that skank of yours.

Carlito spits apple in Rico's face before turning to leave. Rico, furious, clubs Carlito with a right hand to the back. He only gets a couple more in before a crowd of referees and road agents get in and seperate the two men.

CCC: Jumping me from behind, that's just not cool man!

Carlito and Jesus walk away. Josh Matthews is a little wide-eyed.

Josh: Back to ringside!

Overall: 78%

When we return to ringside, Rene Dupree's music hits. Dupree walks onto the stage to boos, accompanied by his fellow Tag Champion Kenzo Suzuki, and Kenzo's wife Hiroko. The three walk down the ramp, and ignore the jeers of the crowd. All three get into the ring, and Hiroko talks to Suzuki, while Rene stands up on the turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air.

Can You Dig It, Sucka?!

The crowd goes wild as Booker T's music hits, and Booker walks out onto the stage. Setting off his pyro, Booker slaps the fans' hands as he makes his way down. Upon reaching the ring, Booker climbs up onto the turnbuckle and milks the reaction. When he gets down, Kenzo and Hiroko are outside the ring. Suzuki yells something at Booker in Japanese, and T turns to look at him.

Booker T Vs Rene Dupree w/Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroko

With Booker's back to him, Rene hits a few right hands to the small of the back, before giving Booker the taste of a back suplex. The bell sounds. Dupree then gives a few stomps and an elbow drop, before making the cover. It only gets 2. Dupree works over the no.1 contender to the WWE title, for two or three minutes. He uses a variety of moves, and Hiroko distracts the referee a few times, allowing Kenzo to give a helping hand. With the odds stacked, Booker T is having a tough time. Things change though, when the referee catches Suzuki in the ring. He orders both Kenzo and Hiroko backstage, and the odds are now fair.

Rene has Booker in a side headlock, which The Bookerman is desperately trying to get out of. He claps his hands, and the crowd clap along to motivate him. Ever so slowly getting to his feet, Booker T still isn't out of Dupree's headlock, but an elbow to the gut, followed by a second and a third, breaks it up. Booker then runs off the ropes, and hits a jumping side kick. With Dupree down, Booker goes up top for the Houston Hangover, but Rene gets up and falls into the ropes, crotching Booker T. Rene then climbs up onto the turnbuckle and sets up for a suplex, but Booker T shoves him off to the mat. Climbing back down, Booker waits for the WWE Tag Champ to get to his feet. When he does, Rene is arched over, and Booker uses the opportunity to hit the Axe Kick! He then picks up Rene, and sets him up. The Bookend! Booker T hooks the leg, 1...2...3!

Winner; Booker T

Booker doesn't have long to celebrate though, as he spots Orlando Jordan coming down the ramp. Jordan gets onto the apron and taunts Booker, who dares Orlando to get into the ring. Shaking his head, Orlando instead points behind Booker T. As he turns, Booker is hit with a huge clothesline from hell! It's JBL! Layfield smiles at his work and picks his stetson off of the mat, replacing it. Orlando gets into the ring, and admonishes Booker along with JBL. Bradshaw and Orlando leave the ring as we go to a commercial.

Overall: 70%

Crowd: 59%

Workrate: 81%

Star Rating: **1/2

Boiler Room Brawl

When we return, we see Paul Heyman and John Heidenreich walking down some stairs into the boiler room.

Heidenreich: You sure he's here?

Heyman: They told me that he came down here after taking out those Tough Enough chumps. He'll be down here, John; don't worry.

Heidenreich: Well, where is he?

Heyman: Look, he'll be down there; have a little patience.

They are walking through the room when Heyman trips.

Heyman: What the hell was that?

Paul looks down and picks up something. It's a wreath.

Heyman: "In memory of John Heidenreich. Soul lost at Survivor Series." What the hell?

Heidenreich: It's those damn mind games, Paul.

John looks around.

Heidenreich: Where are you Taker?! Come on! If you're the big man, get your ass out here! Don't be such a pussy! Let's find him, Paul.

Heyman and Heidenreich head on, looking around. They turn a corner, and suddenly stop. We see Undertaker standing 10 feet in front of them.

Heidenreich: Come on, big man, come on. You want a piece of me?

John swings for a right hand, but it is blocked, and Undertaker hits three of his own. He then gives Heidenreich a knee to the gut, and grabs him. Taker hurls Heidenreich through a pile of crates, and John lies on the ground, semi-conscious. Undertaker then turns to Heyman.

Heyman: Wait Undertaker, woah, just a second there. Come on, we can work something out, I mean, we used to be buddies, right? Remember? I made sure you got rid of Paul Bearer? Please, Taker, I...

Suddenly, Undertaker is hit in the back of the head with a pipe. He goes down, and we see Heidenreich has ripped the pipe off of the wall. He begins laying shots in on Taker, until he is unconscious. The back of Undertaker's head is busted open, and blood is running from it.

Heyman: ...I will make sure you lose at Survivor Series.

Laughing, Heyman leaves. John Heidenreich follows him. We see the lifeless Undertaker as we cut to the ring.

Overall: 63%

Undertaker lost overness from this segment.

When we cut to the ring, Nunzio's music hits. Nunzio walks out to a decent reaction. Next, Paul London's music hits, and London walks out to a better reaction. The penultimate entrance is from Billy Kidman, who gets the strongest reaction thus far, but it is boos. Kidman looks at the fans with disgust before getting into the ring. Finally, Chavo Guerrero's music hits, and he gets the strongest reaction. Eddie's nephew walks down and acknowledges the fans. When he gets into the ring, both he and Paul London keep an eye on Billy Kidman. They both want their hands on him.

Winner gets a Cruiserweight title shot at Survivor Series

Billy Kidman Vs Paul London Vs Nunzio Vs Chavo Guerrero

The bell sounds, and Chavo charges for Kidman, while Paul takes on Nunzio. Billy and Chavo trade right hands before Kidman dropkicks Guerrero over the top rope. He takes a breather, but Chavo surprises him by yanking him out of the ring feet first. In the ring, Paul is suffering the effects of a leglock from Nunzio. Chavo has been laid out on the ringsteps, and Kidman is up on the top rope. He dives off the top rope and hits Nunzio with an elbow drop, before making the cover, 1...2...Paul London breaks it uo. The masters of the Shotting Star Press then trade blows, and London gives Billy a suplex. Chavo is back in the ring, and clotheslines both men to the mat. He then picks up Nunzio for the brainbuster. Nunzio is in the air, and down he comes. Chavo hooks the leg, 1...2...Kidman yanks him off. Stomping on Guerrero, Billy doesn't have long, as Paul grabs him from behind and hits a russian leg sweep.

Chaos erupts, and all four men fight with each other for five or six minutes. At this point, Kidman hits the Shooting Star on Chavo, and Paul hits one of his own on Nunzio. Both have made covers, and the referee doesn't know who to count first. He looks at both covers, and shakes his head, telling London and Kidman that he isn't counting either. The two wrestlers stand up and look at the referee, before looking at each other. They charge, and London swings for a clothesline, but Billy drops to his knees and hits a low blow. Paul stumbles back in pain, and Kidman stands up with a smug look on his face. He kicks Paul in the gut and sets him up for a DDT. Wait, London hits a low blow of his own, and rolls up Kidman, 1...2...3!

Winner and no.1 contender to Cruiserweight title; Paul London

Paul London has done it! London has earned the title shot. Kidman gets right back up, and spits at London, who promptly hits a few right hands, before clotheslining Billy out. Raising his arms in celebration, London doesn't look behind him. He turns round, and is hit with a belt shot from Spike Dudley! Spike raises the title in the air to boos, and insults the fallen London. It's on at Survivor Series as we go to a commercial break.

Overall: 70%

Crowd: 61%

Workrate: 79%

Star Rating: **1/4

When we return, the ring is empty. Rey Mysterio's music hits, and the crowd cheers as Rey pops out of the stage. Mysterio makes his way down the ramp and hops over the top rope. He poses on the turnbuckle as the music of his partner hits. RVD walks out to a great reaction, and does the trademark double thumb. He and Rey acknowledge each other, and Van Dam poses on the turnbuckle. Next, Kurt Angle's music hits, and Kurt and Mark Jindrak come out together to boos. Jindrak is in the ring first, and watches his opponents carefully. Kurt trashtalks with them, particularly Mysterio, as he's still upset over the loss to Rey last week. The referee calls for the bell, and the two teams decide who will begin the match.

Main Event

Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam Vs Mark Jindrak and Kurt Angle

Jindrak and RVD start it out by circling the ring. They go through a few reversals and counters, before Rob rolls away from a right hand and trips Mark with a kick. Van Dam waits until his opponent gets to his feet, before hitting two more kicks to the gut. RVD runs off the ropes and hits a big spinning heel kick, taking down his heel opponent. A legdrop to the back of the head follows. Rob then tags in Mysterio, who starts out by running off the ropes and hitting Jindrak with a baseball slide to the head. A cover only gets 2. Picking up Mark, Rey whips him off the ropes, and on the way back, hops up for a hurricanrana, but Jindrak counters and brings him down into a stiff powerbomb. The two men lie breathless on the mat, as referee Mike Chioda starts a count. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7, Jindrak's on his feet, Mysterio following. Both men trade right hands, but Mark hits a knee to the gut, followed by a DDT, giving him the advantage. Rising to his feet, Mark tags in Kurt Angle.

Kurt begins his assault by applying an armbar. For three or more minutes, Kurt alternates between submissions to the arms and legs, slowly wearing Mysterio down. It works, and by the end of this time period, Rey is having trouble standing, hopping on his right leg, which isn't so bad. A clothesline sends him back down though, and Kurt hooks the leg, 1...2...Rey gets the shoulder up. Kurt then tags in Jindrak, who also works over Rey, but with strikes and bumping moves, almost destroying the smaller and lighter Cruiserweight. Mark picks up Mysterio for a suplex, but is blocked. Another attempt, and a second block. On the third attempt, Rey goes behind and rolls ip Mark, 1...2..Jindrak just about kicks out. As both men rise to their feet, Rey ducks a right hand and shoves Jindrak off the ropes, before hitting him with a clothesline. Hopping on his good leg, Rey dives, and tags in RVD!

Van Dam hits the ring and takes down Jindrak with a right hand. Kurt receives the same treatment. Taking on both men at once, Rob is doing well, but a spinning kick aimed for Kurt hits Chioda instead. With the referee down, Jindrak immediately hits a low blow, taking down Rob. The two heels begin stomping away on RVD, but suddenly Rey hits the ring and hits a double dropkick on Angle and Jindrak. Jindrak stumbles back so that he is lying on the ropes, and Mysterio charges, swinging round and hitting the 619! Mark falls back, and Rey runs at Kurt, only to be taken out by Luther Reigns! What's Reigns doing in the ring?! Luther stomps away at Rey, while Kurt works over Rob. Angle picks up The Whole Damn Show, and goes behind for a German Suplex. Reversing it, Rob hits one of his own, before superkicking Luther. Rob has the match in hand as he climbs to the top rope, ready for the Five Star. He's going for it, wait, Van Dam just got shoved from the top rope. The camera zooms in to show it's Hardcore Holly! Holly climbs through the ropes to boos and picks up Rob, before hitting the Alabama Slamma! Grabbing Mark Jindrak, Hardcore throws him on top of Rob, before reviving Mike Chioda. Crawling over, Mike makes the count, 1...2...3!

Winners; Kurt Angle and Mark Jindrak

Kurt gets to his feet and stares down Bob Holly. The two men glare at each other, but then Kurt extends his hand. Holly takes it, and they shake. The crowd boos (sort of) at Holly, as he embraces the Olympic gold medallist. Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns are also up, and they celebrate together. Kurt takes a mic.

Kurt: Woo! You see this, Eddie Guerrero? You see this? This is what's going to happen to your team at Survivor Series. Kurt Angle, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns, and Hardcore Holly, will physically tear your team apart. That's right, Bob here is going to be my fourth member. There's nothing you can do to stop us, Eddie. You may be able to lie, cheat and steal, but I can kill!! Come Sunday Nov...

Mysterio hits Kurt with a right hand! Rey valiantly tries to fight all four heels, but the numbers are too great, and they take him down. Kurt slides out of the ring and throws the timekeeper out of his chair, before taking it with him into the ring. By this point, Rey is out cold. Kurt sets the chair on the mat, and Jindrak climbs to the top rope. Dragging Rey over, Kurt puts him in piledriver position over the chair. Mark jumps, and Rey is crushed with the spike piledriver! Mysterio lies broken and lifeless, his body twisted in an awkward position. The heels laugh at the injured cruiserweight, when the crowd begins to cheer. It's Eddie Guerrero and Big Show! The two men hit the ring and clear it of the heels. RVD is up as well, and aids his comrades. Angle, Jindrak, Reigns and Holly trash talk with the faces as they walk up the ramp. Once they are gone, Eddie immediately turns to Mysterio, and checks on him. A look of panic comes over his face. He looks at Big Show, who turns to the entranceway.

Big Show: We need some help out here!

Smackdown fades out on a shot of Guerrero checking Rey.

Overall: 89%

Crowd: 92%

Workrate: 85%

Star Rating: ***1/2

Hardcore Holly's turn is complete, and he is now a heel. Hardcore Holly gained overness from this turn.

Overall Show Rating: 73%

JohnnyStamboli@WWE.com: I think i should be higher up the card.

PatPatterson@WWE.com: Booker T and Rene Dupree work pretty well together due to their similar styles.

Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio work well together as a team, it adds to their matches.

Smackdown got a 3.23 rating.

Edited by Big Ali
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November 6th, 2004

Taped from Chicago, Illinois on November 2nd

Attendance: 7047

Announce Team: Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott (Play by Play), Josh Matthews (Interviews)

Orlando Jordan vs. Johnny Stamboli

JBL's chief of staff put in a performance that will have made the WWE Champion proud. 'The Bull' looked like his power might be too much for Orlando Jordan, but Jordan used his speed and agility...and a handful of tights...to score the win with a swinging neckbreaker.

Overall rating: 60%

Rey Mysterio video

A video aired showing the beating received by Rey Mysterio on Smackdown, at the hands of Kurt Angle and his Survivor Series team.


Spike Dudley vs. Funaki

Spike Dudley was without the help of his brothers for this match...at it showed! Funaki surprised 'The Boss' by taking the early advantage, almost getting the upset with a senton splash. Spike Dudley soon showed why he was the Cruiserweight Champion, though, capitalising on a Funaki mistake and connecting with the Dudley Dawg to pick up the win and retain his title.

Overall raring: 66%

Hardcore Holly and Mark Jindrak vs. The Basham Brothers

Hardcore Holly was named as the final member of Kurt Angle's Survivor Series team on Smackdown, and he showed why in this tag team encounter. The Bashams found themselves unlikely fan favourites, but found themselves on the losing side in this match. Hardcore Holly laid out both Bashams with his trademark Alabama Slam before pinning Danny Basham to win the match.

Overall raring: 71%

Carlito Caribbean Cool promo

Footage aired of Josh Matthews interviewing Carlito Caribbean Cool earlier in the day. The United States Champ talked about his opponent for the night; Charlie Haas, declaring him 'uncool' for associating himself with Rico and vowing to show Jackie what a 'real man' looked like.

Overall raring: 72%

Charlie Haas vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool

It looked like the United States Champion might have regretted his earlier words, as Charlie Haas took early control of this non-title encounter. The tides were turned when Jesus came to ringside and threatened Jackie, distracting both the referee and Charlie Haas and allowing Carlito to hit Haas with John Cena's padlock chain and steal another victory.


Television rating: 4.45

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user posted image

Sunday 7th November 2004

Taped from the Peoria Civic Centre in Peoria, Illinois on November 1st

Hosted by Todd Grisham and Jonathan Coachman

The Hurricane vs. Custom Chucky P.

The Hurricane was without his partner Rosey for this match, but he showed that he could still get the job done in singles action. Custom Chuck P. was looking good for the win as he lined up the Hurricane for the Whack, but Hurricane ducked it and followed up with the Shining Wizard for the win.

Overall Rating: 71%

Recap of six-man tag team match from RAW

A video aired, showing the end of the six-man tag match between Evolution, Randy Orton, Maven and Chris Jericho from RAW which saw Chris Jericho get the pin on the World Heavyweight champion Triple H.


Video of two debuting stars

Another video aired which was the same video as from RAW, showing the two superstars who will be coming to RAW next month; Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari.


Garrison Cade vs. Norman Smiley

Many of the fans recognised former WCW wrestler Norman Smiley and cheered him on against the man who appeared to have a new edge to his game, Garrison Cade. That edge certainly helped, as Cade picked up the win with a modified rocker dropper of the top rope.

Overall Rating: 67%

Victoria vs. Molly Holly

Two of the eight women who would be involved in the classic Women’s Survivor Series match in one week went at it here on Heat. After some back and forth action, it looked as though Victoria had the win as she had Molly set up for the Widow’s Peak, but Molly snuck out and rolled her up with her feet on the ropes for the win.

Overall Rating: 72%

Recap of Simon Dean’s appearance on RAW

A video aired showing the appearance of RAW’s newest sponsor, Simon Dean and his Simon System which guarantee’s weight loss after just 30 days. It showed his clash with a fan and his not-so secret wrestling ability.


Recap of Tag Team title match

A video aired of the closing moments of the Tag Team title match on RAW between La Resistance and then-champions Edge and Chris Benoit. It all came down to the appearance of Christian who helped La Resistance win the titles back before allying himself again with his brother Edge to beat down Benoit.


Tajiri w/ Rhyno vs. Christian

Tajiri had Rhyno for back up just in case Edge decided to get involved, but he didn’t much to the surprise of many. The match was back and forth with Tajiri unloading, kick after kick on Christian, who could do nothing but take them and yelp. Rhyno served his duty by making sure Christian didn’t steal a win with his feet on the ropes, but could do nothing about how the match ended. Tajiri aimed a kick at Christian, who managed to duck it and nail the Unprettier for the win!

Overall Rating: 78%

Television Rating: 4.75

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NOV. 08, 2004

That's right; the inmates control over RAW is set to end tonight as Eric Bischoff returns live on RAW. Eric Bischoff took two weeks off to let the inmates run the asylum, and when he gets back he's going to have a lot of things to deal with! For starters, he has to address the situation regarding this Sunday's Survivor Series matches. While he was away, Gene Snitsky was added to Evolution's team, and William Regal was added to Randy Orton's team, and after what happened on RAW last week, it's almost certain Regal will be out for revenge after what Snitsky did to Eugene. The other Survivor Series match will see Trish Stratus, Molly Holly, Jazz and Gail Kim take on Lita, Stacy Keibler, Nidia and Victoria with the winning member of the team facing Trish Stratus for the Women's title the next night on RAW, but Bischoff will have to address how this will work if a member of Trish's team wins.

RAW also saw new World Tag Team champions as La Resistance claimed the straps for a second time by beating Edge and Chris Benoit under suspect circumstances. It was all because of Christian. Benoit looked to have the match won at one stage, but Christian rushed down and delivered the Unprettier to help Grenier and Conway win the titles again. Everything became clear moments later however, as Edge and Christian, brothers and former Tag Team champions, hugged and cemented their alliance! Is this an alliance of convenience? Is it a way to help Christian win the Intercontinental title and for Edge to finally win the World Heavyweight title? Or will the former seven-time Tag Team champions be looking to add another to make themselves eight-time champions?

Don’t miss RAW (9/8 CT on Spike TV).

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This is a good diary so far.

RAW was great, the promos are good and very realistic and Edge and Christian reuinion was kind of neat.

Smackdown was also great, London being number 1 contender is great stuff, even though I think Spike will retain. The Taker segment on Tough Enough sounds like somehting WWE would do. I didn't like the ending however with Holly turning and joining Angle, should have been someone else but I do see the logic as Luther and Jindrak are both brawlers who can tear people apart and Holly has that look to him.

The Vince feedback is also good and a great feature to the diary.

Can't wait for the next shows.

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Monday 8th November 2004

Live from The Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas

Hosted by Jim Ross and Jerry “the King” Lawler

RAW opens with highlights of last week’s brutal beating on Eugene by Gene Snitsky leading into a clip of William Regal demanding and being given the fifth spot on Team Orton for Survivor Series. We then see Christian kicking Tyson Tomko to the curb after Tomko’s defeat to Shelton Benjamin. This leads into the end of the main event where Christian interrupts the Tag Team title match and attacks Chris Benoit before joining forces with his brother. That leads into Evolution’s interview at the beginning of RAW, and the interruptions by Maven, Chris Jericho, and finally by Randy Orton’s attack on Triple H, hitting him with the RKO. This leads to Y2J pinning Triple H in the six-man tag match after the Lionsault as the video ends with Ric Flair and Batista helping Triple H to his feet as he stares at Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Maven before fading into the opening video for RAW.

As the opening video ends, Eric Bischoff returns! He walks down the ramp as JR and King welcome everyone to RAW. Bischoff is looking serious as he walks to the ring with a purpose. The head-shaving thing seems to have had a serious effect on him as he’s let the stubble grow and really doesn’t look like he cares much for RAW. He gets in the ring and motions for a microphone.

Bischoff: I got my head shaved a couple of weeks ago at Taboo Tuesday, not by Vince McMahon, not by my nephew Eugene…but by each and everyone of you fans, and by the superstars in the back (fans pop loudly for this). Yeah, you cheer, I know you don’t like me, but frankly, I couldn’t care less. But what I do care about is the fact that nobody…NOBODY came out from the back to stop my humiliation! People who I have bent over backwards to help, people like…Evolution. For the past two years I have had my head stuck up Evolution’s collective backsides…but no longer. I am Eric Bischoff; I am the man who took WCW to dizzying heights back in 1996! I am the man who controls RAW! And I am the man who is taking a months vacation, starting on Monday! Yeah, cheer all you like, because I am taking a damn well needed break from all of the politicking by Evolution, by everyone in the back who tries to use my good nature to get by on RAW. So now comes the question of who will take over RAW during my absence…well, you all controlled Taboo Tuesday last month, so how about the FANS controlling RAW for a month (the fans pop very loudly)? Well, tough! I am not letting you people near my show because, as bad as it’s been the past two weeks, you fans are useless in deciding matches! I mean, you people voted for a CRIPPLE to challenge Triple H for the World Heavyweight title at Taboo Tuesday…how STUPID are you? I wouldn’t have allowed that, which is why you will not get control of RAW. No, I have a better idea, and I have someone in mind. Actually, I have FOUR people in mind. Well, to be specific, I have eight people in mind, but only four of those can control RAW. I am referring to the classic Survivor Series match this Sunday between Randy Orton’s Team, and Triple H’s Team. You know that match SCREAMS out for a stipulation doesn’t it? It demands some attention, which is why I am adding this stipulation; the winners of that match will control RAW for a month! One week for each of the four members of the team, and they will begin NEXT WEEK!

Bischoff threw down his mic and walked out of the ring as RAW went to a break.


Commercial Break

JR and King discussed the ramifications of Eric Bischoff’s announcement, saying that all hell will break loose next Monday, whoever takes control. King said if Orton’s team wins, everyone would put themselves in World Heavyweight title matches with Triple H. JR said he is probably right, but it makes a change for Triple H deciding who gets the matches. JR announces that the next match was just made by Eric Bischoff and is a title match!

World Tag Team titles: Rosey and the Hurricane vs. La Resistance ©

The Hurricane locked up in the ring with Sylvan Grenier to start things off, and the Hurricane easily took advantage after some nice exchanges between the two and the Hurricane capped this little moment off with a nicely placed right hand to the face, knocking Grenier to the mat before tagging in Rosey. Rosey came in and went crazy on Grenier and dominated him for a minute or so before tagging the Hurricane back in. Hurricane came off the top, hitting the overcast on Grenier for a near fall. Hurricane worked over Grenier for a little while, but when he went to the top rope, Grenier ducked out of the way and the Hurricane splatted on the mat after an attempted cross body. The worn out Grenier quickly tagged out to Conway who came in with a mean streak and began dishing out the punishment with knees to the gut and rib section. The Hurricane was in trouble as he was clearly suffering here at the hands on the more technical based, American-turncoat, Rob Conway. Conway and Grenier exchanged regular and quick tags and simply demolished the Hurricane for much of the remainder of the match until the big accident happened. Sylvan Grenier whipped the Hurricane across the ring and attempted to hit a back body drop, but it all went wrong as the Hurricane landed horribly, landing flat on his head and he collapsed onto the mat. Grenier didn’t know what to do, but Rosey ran in and started pounding away at him until Rob Conway came from nowhere and whacked Rosey in the face with a World Tag Team title belt, causing a disqualification.

Winners by DQ: Rosey and the Hurricane (5:14)




La Resistance quickly rolled out of the ring and headed up the ramp, but they were clearly rattled by what had happened in the ring. The referee quickly threw up the ‘X’ sign as the EMT’s rushed to ring. This was real; not a part of the show. Jerry Lawler left his position on the announce table to go to the ring and see what happened. Rosey rolled over and checked on his clearly injured partner. The Hurricane was moving, barely, and repeated ‘my neck, my neck’ a couple of times. JR said we would go to an unscheduled break right now while they find out what happened.

Commercial Break

When RAW returned, a video aired of ‘Moment’s Ago’ showing the Hurricane getting stretchered out of the arena with Rosey buy his side. JR said that the Hurricane has been taken to a local medical facility, and that from the way he landed, it could well be a broken neck. Both JR and the King gave their best wishes to the Hurricane and said they hope he recovers soon. JR then said he had gotten word that Rosey had contacted Eric Bischoff moments ago that the Hurricane will not be able to compete this Sunday at Survivor Series, no matter what happens, but he said he would. JR said that the super hero that was Rosey is no more, and that he is now going by his real name, Matt Anoai. JR then said Eric Bischoff had granted Anoai a World Tag Team title match at Survivor Series against La Resistance, all Anoai had to do was find a partner. JR then started talking about last weeks RAW where brothers Edge and Christian reunited after three years doing their own thing, and that it came at the expense of Chris Benoit and the Tag Team titles. A video of last week aired, splicing together the events of last week when Christian dumped Tyson Tomko, then the meeting between Edge and Benoit backstage where Edge punked out Todd Grisham in anger, moving onto the match itself where Christian ran down and joined forces with Edge, costing Benoit and Edge the titles to La Resistance in the process. Just as that happened, Edge and Christian’s music played! The former eight-time Tag Team champions made their way to the ring with Christian in classic big fuzzy hat and fuzzy glasses while Edge was all business.

Christian: Oh yeah…OH YEAH BABY! E & C ride again dudes! The absolutely COOLEST tag team in the history of the world are back together man!

Edge: When you think of great tag teams…only two names come to mind, Edge and Christian! Forget the Dudley Boyz! Forget the Legion of Doom! Forget the Midnight Express! Forget Demolition, the British Bulldogs, the Hart Foundation, the Mega Powers…

Christian: …dude, they are just NOTHING compared to us!

Edge: BUT…we are back together for one reason; and that is for the gold! I WANT…no, I NEED the World Heavyweight title, just as much as Christian needs the Intercontinental title! We’re watching each others backs, and these brothers are here because we KNOW just how good the other is, and that’s why we’re together, because we’re smart!

Christian: Totally right my bruv; Shelton Benjamin has what’s mine, and I want it! I want it I want it I want it! That tattooed freak Tyson Tomko couldn’t get me my gold, but my brother will! My brother will help me get the belt, just like I’m gonna help him get the World Heavyweight title!

Edge: Simply put; this is a partnership of convenience. You mess with one of us, you mess with both of us, and how many people can say they’ve survived a clash with THE most innovative guy in wrestling? I’m talking about myself you morons! I invented the Edgecution, the Edge-O-Matic, the Edgecator and SOOOOOO many more! Me and Christian even invented the most DEVESTATING move in wrestling history…the con-chair-toh! But you know what, there’s something we haven’t done in YEARS…SOOOOOOOOO for the benefit of those with flash photography…

Edge and Christian prepare to do their classic five-second pose, but before anything happens, Chris Benoit’s music hits and he and Shelton run down to the ring! Edge and Christian turn round straight into an attack from Benoit and the Intercontinental champion, who take the reunited brothers by surprise with a series of chops and kicks. Benoit attempted to lock in the Crippler Crossface on Edge, but he managed to get out and sneak out of the ring. Christian on the other hand, walked right into an exploder suplex from Shelton Benjamin and landed slap bang in the middle of the ring. Benoit looked around and quickly climbed to the top rope before smashing down with the swandive headbutt! Edge slowly retreated up the ramp, not once making the effort to save his brother from the beating.


A video aired live on RAW, showing clips of the “Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels career from his days as one half of the Rockers, days of him forming D-Generation X with Triple H, the days of him being the commissioner to his return to the ring in 2002. The video closed with a graphic saying “Shawn Michaels: Returns Monday 6th December”. Shawn Michaels returns from injury in four weeks time!

The video cut from being screened to being in the back with Garrison Cade standing with Molly Holly and Gail Kim in front of a TV screen, having just watched the previous video.

Cade: Shawn Michaels? Who cares about Shawn Michaels? He’s a broken down old cripple who doesn’t realise that his time has passed him by! I mean seriously; did anyone really want him to come back after he retired due to an “injury” in ‘98? I sure didn’t!

Molly: I know what you mean; he’s out of his time frame. This is the new millennium!

Cade: Exactly. It’s time for new guys to get to the top. Do you know what I think ladies? I think he faked the back injury; faked it all!

Gail: Faked it? What makes you say that?

Cade: Well, Shawn Michaels has always been one for the big entrance; someone who wants to show off and steal the show. What better way to do that then to “retire” through a career-ending injury and then return four years later in a blaze of glory!?! He thinks we’re all stupid!

Molly: *Ahem*, uh, Gail, could you give us a moment please?

Gail: …uh, sure…I guess.

Gail Kim walked away from the TV monitor as Molly stepped closer to Cade.

Cade: What was that about?

Molly: Well, I haven’t heard a man speak like that for a VERY long time. You speaking what was on your mind then (Molly runs her fingers through Cade’s hair), I just thought I could talk to you alone for a while.

Cade: Oh yeah…I like it Molly…

Molly: You know…I have a proposition for you, I think we should…

Molly leans in closer and starts to whisper something into Cade’s ear. Cade seems interested by what he’s hearing and nods, smirks, and looks excited at different times. Molly pulls away with a sly smile on her face.

Cade: You know what Molly; you have a deal.

Cade extends his hand and offers it to Molly, who takes it and shakes it.


Gene Snitsky vs. Val Venis

This match really didn’t last very long whatsoever, as from the second the bell rang, Snitsky unloaded completely and utterly on Val and beat the crap out of him for three minutes straight. Val got in one or two weak punches, but they didn’t affect Snitsky at all. Snitsky finally finished off Val’s suffering with the meltdown that got him the pinfall.

Winner: Gene Snitsky (3:18)




Before Snitsky could celebrate, the old music of William Regal hit! The classic English theme lead the classic English superstar to the ring as he ran straight into a couple of forearms to the back from Snitsky. But Regal wasn’t taking it lying down as he fought back, taking out all of his anger on Snitsky with repeated blows to the gut which got the crowd on their feet and cheering for the Blackpool native to avenge the assault on Eugene from last week. Regal, put plain and simple; just wouldn’t let up on the attack and even knocked Snitsky to one knee! The crowd ate it all up, but Regal proved to be his own worse enemy as he walked around the ring once, screaming for revenge and turned straight into a big boot from Snitsky. Things started to look bad for Regal as Snitsky went outside and grabbed a chair, slid into the ring and repeatedly nailed him in the back and head with it. Luckily for the man hailing from Blackpool, England, a horde of referees and road agents rushed down to the ring to cut him off from doing more damage. Snitsky looked around for a little while before dropping the chair and smirking, before walking off.

Commercial Break

RAW returns from the commercial break and goes straight to the back where Eric Bischoff is talking to the Coach.

Coach: Boss you’re sure? You’re certain this is a good idea? I mean, why let any of the superstars control RAW? I can do it! I’d be great for the job! Just imagine it; the Coach presents RAW! How damn hot would that be? The ratings would be THROUGH THE ROOF baby!

Bischoff: Listen Coach; my decision is final, and nobody on the entire planet will change my mind ok?

Triple H: Is that so Eric?

The camera swerves round to see Evolution entire the General Manager’s office, decked out in suave suits, not one of them looking happy.

Bischoff: Coach; if you’d excuse us for a moment please?

Coach: Can’t I just stay here? All’s cool with the Coach; you can trust me with be…

Bischoff: Coach…?

Coach: Yes boss?


Coach, and Evolution looked completely and utterly shocked at Bischoff’s announcement. Coach looked as if he were about to cry as he turned to leave.

Coach: You, you can’t do…you can’t!

Bischoff got up out of his chair and opened the door before shoving Coach through it and kicking Coach in the backside on the way out before slamming the door shut.

Triple H: Woah man, we catch you at a bad time or something?

Bischoff: Just what the hell do you want Triple H? I’m not in the mood for your politicking right now, so make it quick…

Triple H: Politicking? What are you talking about? We came back here, simply to request that you change your mind…we want you to rethink the stipulation you’ve placed on our Survivor Series match this Sunday. Quite frankly, the idea of Maven, William Regal, Maven or…or Randy Orton running RAW is ridiculous, do you see where I’m coming from? You’re taking a months vacation, that’s fine, but how about you let…Evolution run the show? I mean you got all the tools standing right in front of you; the brains and the brawn. You got me, the Game, the World’s Heavyweight champion and ya got Ric Flair, 16-times he’s been World Heavyweight champion, right here you got the brains and the brawn. And here you’ve got Batista, the most powerful man on the roster. Ok he’s not the smartest guy in this room (Batista turns his head to face Triple H), but right there ya got the brawn. It’s the way it’s been over the generation’s Eric; when there’s no authority in place, the champion BECOMES the authority, and baby; you’re looking at the champ right here. So Eric, you gonna give Evolution control after Survivor Series?

Bischoff: …no.

Triple H: No…? What d’ya mean NO? This is Evolution Eric; we’re the most DOMINANT grou…

Bischoff: You see, it’s that attitude that’s forced me to take this vacation. As General Manager of RAW, I, Eric Bischoff have the power. I have the control, and I have the ability to do what I like. But ever since you guys came to power, what’s happened? I’ve been a damn puppet for you to manipulate. You guys have a problem with someone, you come to me and tell me, I stick him in a handicap match. I’m the one that’s been solving your problems guys; make sure that’s clear in your mind. You talk about how great Evolution is, well I say it’s ME that’s the great one, because without me, you would have had to WRESTLE for that very belt back in September two years ago, without me, you’re nothing.


Bischoff: Who do I think I am Ric!?! I think I’m Eric Bischoff! I think I am the General Manager of RAW! And I think that I have just made your match with Chris Jericho a NO-DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH!

Flair, Triple H and Batista were irate and Batista and the champion had to hold Flair back from nailing Eric Bischoff.

Triple H: Woah, woah, woah, I think we all need to calm down. Dave, take Ric back to the locker room? You remember where that is right? Ok, good…

Batista muttered something under his breath as he half-dragged Ric Flair kicking and screaming out of the office.

Triple H: Alright Eric now that…

Bischoff: See there’s another thing; when you talk to me, your BOSS, you refer to me as MR. Bischoff. Not Eric, nothing else.

Triple H: Ok, ok…

Bischoff: Who am I?

Triple H: …what?

Bischoff: I said, who am I!?!

Triple H: Hmph…”Mr. Bischoff”…

Bischoff: Thank you, now what do you want now?

Triple H: Same as before…I want you to give Evolution control of RAW for the time you’re on your vacation…

Bischoff: Hold on; you WANT me to give you control? Not, you suggest I give you control? Not, you would like me to give you control? Just a plain and simple demand? Wow Hunter, it looks as though you’re getting straight to the point today…

Triple H: Look, I can make it a THREAT if you really want me to, but I’d rather not…

Bischoff: Oh a threat eh Hunter? Well I don’t respond well to threat’s champ, so if I were you, I’d rethink my last statement. One other thing; if I were you, I’d be thinking about leaving my office within the next minute or so, because if you remain here, and you continue to attempt to threaten me, I will STRIP you of your World Heavyweight title right here, right now! My decision stands Hunter; the winner of your match this Sunday at Survivor Series will get control of RAW for one whole month! So I think that your minute has expired, so GET OUT!

Triple H quickly turns and goes to leave, but not before telling Bischoff that he would regret his decision if Evolution and Snitsky somehow lose. Triple H left, and Bischoff sat back down again and put his feet up on the desk.


Victoria vs. Molly Holly vs. Jazz vs. Stacy Keibler

RAW returns to the ring to see Jazz already there. Victoria is out next to a very good reaction, and Molly Holly comes out third with Garrison Cade to the top of the ramp where the two shake hands before Cade returns to the back. Stacy is out fourth and last and gets a huge pop as she walks down to the ring and teases the crowd by bending over slowly as she enters the ring. Stacy gets jumped just as she gets into the ring by Molly who proceeds to pound away at her back before Victoria attempted to rescue her, but she was in turn attacked by Jazz from behind. Molly had Stacy isolated in one corner, and Jazz took Victoria to the other so they were all paired off. Stacy was simply out of her element in there, and didn’t get in an iota of offence. Victoria and Jazz, however, went toe-to-toe with neither getting a true advantage until Jazz missed a clothesline and was taken down with a Rude awakening by Victoria. She got to her feet and went over to Molly and held her arms behind her back and motioned for Stacy to do something. Stacy checked to see if her nose was bleeding, then proceeded to kick Molly in the gut and put her against the turnbuckle before choking her out, which also got a huge pop because of the camera angle! Jazz got back to her feet and again, the women paired off the same way as before with Victoria and Jazz ending up on the outside and Molly getting kicked in the corner in-ring. The match came to its conclusion with Stacy completely missing a spinning heel kick and getting knocked down with a clothesline by Molly before she went to the top rope. On the outside however, Victoria got people screaming as she set Jazz up for the Widow’s Peak! Just as she hit that, Molly hit the Molly-Go-Round and pinned Stacy for the 1…2…3. Victoria seemed to be in a bit of pain on the outside as she heard Molly’s music play. She cursed her luck as Molly returned to the back and met Garrison Cade at the top of the ramp as they gave one another a high-five before walking off together.

Winner: Molly Holly (8:35)




Commercial Break

RAW returned from the commercial break and JR said that during the break, Rhyno found Tajiri lying in a heap backstage. Tajiri told Rhyno it was Evolution in between coughing and spitting, and JR says that apparently Rhyno is coming to the ring right now. As if on queue, Rhyno’s music hit and the Man Beast walked with intent to the ring and grabbed a microphone from a staff member.


Rhyno’s challenge went unanswered, but Rhyno was certainly feeling very impatient.

Rhyno: I know it was you who attacked Tajiri, and I just came out of Eric Bischoff’s office, and he has granted me a match with any one of you except for Flair! Get the hell out here! I don’t care who it is, just get in this damn ring with me right NOW!!!

We cut to the back where Evolution are sitting in their locker room with a bunch of hot women, laughing at Rhyno on the monitor.

Triple H: You got us Rhyno; it was us who beat up Tajiri, but what ya gonna do? You gonna MAKE us come out there?

Just then there was a knock at the door and a stagehand came in.

Flair: Who are you? Can’t you see this is a PRIVATE locker room for EVOLUTION!?! Are you a member of Evolution?

Stagehand: No, sorry sir. Sorry guys, but I just got told to deliver a message to you from Mr. Eric Bischoff.

Triple H: What? What does he want now?

Stagehand: Well, he says that if one of you isn’t in the ring in one minute, then he will strip Triple H of his World Heavyweight title, and also will declare Randy Orton’s Survivor Series team winners by forfeit.


Triple H: Hey, hey Dave calm down…go out to the ring and take care of Rhyno will you?

Batista: What? Why don’t you do it?

Triple H: Well, for starters, I’m not ready, and second of all, I am the leader of Evolution, and I just damn well told you to! Now go!

Batista stood there for a couple of seconds and snarled before going out of the locker room, slamming the door hard on the way. Things could be heard smashing outside.

Triple H: Wow, what’s wrong with him?

Flair: You didn’t notice…? You’re ordering him around, lay off him ok Hunter.

Triple H: What?

Flair: I gotta get ready for my match…

Flair gets up, grabs his robe and leaves Triple H alone with about ten women.

Triple H: Hmmm, oh well, more for me…

Triple H extended his arms and all the women came over and sat on his knee and next to him.


Rhyno vs. Batista

We return to the ring as Batista is walking down the ramp when Rhyno runs and meets him half way before attacking him! Rhyno slams Batista’s head into the guardrails several times before Batista finally blocked him and slammed Rhyno into the rail instead. Batista turned to check the damage to himself and then turned back round into a clothesline from Rhyno! Rhyno stomped away at Batista before picking him up and attempting to suplex him. But Batista blocked it, and hit one of his own, sending Rhyno smacking into the concrete and yelping in pain. Batista struggled to his feet and went over to the ring steps and pulled them away from the ring and walked towards Rhyno. Rhyno had just managed to get to his feet, and when Batista came near him he hit a drop-toe-hold sending Batista face first into the steel! Rhyno then lent over the guardrail and picked up one of the fans steel chairs! He proceeded to sandwich Batista’s head in between the chair and stairs to a thunderous roar, and a big ‘ECW! ECW!’ chant! This is all going on before the match has even got under way, but Rhyno dragged Batista’s carcass and rolled him into the ring before getting in as well. The camera focused on Batista struggling to his feet in the corner and saw that he was busted wide open from the ramp-way assault. Rhyno went to the opposite corner and urged Batista to get up as everyone could sense that the Gore was on the way! Just as Batista turned round, Rhyno charged! But Batista knew what was coming and ducked out of the way and saw Rhyno go crashing shoulder first into the steel turnbuckle. Batista took a moment to refocus before standing up and looking at Rhyno. He licked the blood around his mouth before going CRAZY on the hurt Rhyno! Rhyno seemed to covering up in a foetal position to try and soften the blows, but he was in a lot of pain, seen by the look on his face. Rhyno didn’t let up, but he picked him off the mat and threw him against the turnbuckle before nearly decapitating him with a big clothesline in the corner. Rhyno crumbled to the mat as Batista turned around and flexed his muscles while letting out a bit of a primal scream. The two behemoths continued like this for a good few minutes, with Batista dominating for much of it, only to see Rhyno mount a bit of a comeback before being taken back down again. Rhyno was heavily favouring his right arm, so the collision with the turnbuckle might’ve done some serious damage. The turning point in the match came when Batista whipped Rhyno across the ring, but Rhyno came back and attempted a Gore! Luckily for Batista, and for the second time in this match, he managed to step out of the way, but the referee wasn’t so lucky as he caught the Gore full on! Rhyno got up and turned round straight into a Batista Bomb and a pin! But the referee was out, so no pin was counted! Batista got up to try and shake him to no avail. He turned round to inflict more punishment on Rhyno but got a face full of green mist from Tajiri! He’s here! Batista stumbled around for a bit as Tajiri got out of the ring and managed to shake some sense into the referee. Batista turned round and unlike the two times previously, he was nailed with the Gore! Rhyno made the pin and the referee counted slowly…1…2…3!

Winner: Rhyno (9:23, 14:54 including pre-bell brawl)




Commercial Break

After RAW returns from the commercial break, JR and King say that we have to go to the back because Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Maven and a bloody and beaten William Regal are there and they have something to say before Survivor Series.

Orton: We’re just six days…six days away from the Survivor Series, and six days until the four of us win control of RAW for a whole month! There’s no doubt in any of our minds, because we see the seams coming apart in Evolution, we see what’s happening, and we’re gonna take that opportunity to screw Evolutions plans for this Sunday, and we’ll walk out winners, and WE’LL control RAW…

Jericho: This Sunday, finally those ASS CLOWNS will see what we’ve been through for the past two years! When we’re in control, hows about a couple of those good old handicap matches? You know, 15-on-1? How’s that sound Trips? Huh? Coz it sounds damn good to me! Sounds pretty good guys, don’t ya think?

Maven: You know, I’d love to get in the ring with you Triple H with your title on the line…it’s my dream to become World Heavyweight champion, and after spending the past three years since winning Tough Enough proving that I deserve to be here; proving that I have now earned my spot, I think it’s about time I got a World Heavyweight title shot!

Regal: Gene Snitsky; I think that you would like to go AWOL the day that I am in charge, because I am BLODDY WELL gonna put you through hell for what you did to master Eugene last week! I’m gonna teach you a bloody lesson sunshine, mark my words! And Triple H; don’t think I’ve forgotten what YOU put Eugene through either! You had both bloody well watch out because when it’s my time in charge, you’re not going to want to be there!

Jericho: But it’s still Monday; it’s still…RAW…IS…JERICHO baby!!! There’s still one last match, one big old match on the card and that is “the Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. “the SEXAY beast”, Y2J, Chris JERICHO! So stay tuned boys and girls…because JERICHO…IS…NEXT!!!

The four men walked off, as Jericho made his way towards the ring.


Chris Jericho vs. Ric Flair

JR noted that there was no Triple H or Batista in sight, and JR said that he’s getting word from the back that Batista has left the building! King said that Batista is a part of Evolution and wouldn’t abandon a teammate like that. JR asks King where Triple H is then, and King couldn’t answer. Flair is out first, and doesn’t seem to be himself as he came out to the ring. Not one ‘whoooo’ was heard from “the Nature Boy” during his entrance. As soon as Jericho hit the ring, the match was underway and we had a very early chop-fest on our hands! They must’ve each taken about five or six chops before Jericho whipped him off the ropes and took him down with a big back-body-drop. Flair then got up and walked to the corner of the ring, where he again suffered the pain of a couple of Jericho-chops! Jericho then sent him flying across the ring where Flair went over the turnbuckle backwards and landed on his feet on the apron. But before he could run to the nearby turnbuckle, Jericho hopped up on it and hit a springboard dropkick! Flair collapsed to the outside as Jericho taunted in the ring. JR said we got one last break, and the tapes are running if the match ends during it, so they will be able to show the ending!

Commercial Break

RAW returned live to find Jericho locked in the Figure Four! We see a video of ‘During the Break’ and see that Jericho attempted a Lionsault but only found Flair’s knees. Flair quickly got to his feet and locked in the Figure Four, and JR says Jericho has been locked in that for a good minute or so. The fans start to clap, cheering Y2J to escape it, and he attempts to turn the hold over, but Flair is having none of it as he grabs the bottom rope for extra leverage! The referee is busy checking Jericho, and his shoulders fall so the ref counts…1…2…kick out! Flair still has the ropes, but as the referee turned to look, he lets go! The referee turns around a second time and catches Flair in the act, so he kicks his hands away from the ropes! Flair shouts out, “What the hell are you…?” and the Jericho musters enough strength to reverse the hold, so HE is applying the pressure! Flair quickly grabs the ropes and the hold is broken. Flair gets up to his feet and drops a knee on Jericho then confronts the referee. Flair wants to know why he kicked his hands off the ropes. Unknown to Flair, Jericho is on his feet and dropkicks Flair right into the turnbuckle!. Flair turns round and walks straight into the Walls of Jericho! The cheers turn to boos however as the champion Triple H rushes down to the ring and nails Jericho in the head with his title. Jericho turns round into a kick to the gut…but then gets nailed with a crossbody from Maven! Maven followed Triple H to the ring! Maven unloads on the games head with repeated punches until Gene Snitsky enters the fray! He picks Maven off of Triple H and hits the Meltdown, and then hits the same thing on Chris Jericho! Snitsky looked at the damage in the ring…but was turned his attention to the ramp as Randy Orton’s music hit! Orton walked down to the ring and pointed at Snitsky. Orton got in and went toe-to-toe with the big monster with the two fighting the corner before Orton nailed the RKO! Snitsky rolled out of the ring and Orton waited for Flair to get to his feet…RKO TO FLAIR!!! Jericho got to his feet, looked around and then hit the Lionsault! The referee counted…1…2…3, Jericho wins it!

Winner: Chris Jericho (10:14)




Triple H quickly dragged Flair out of the ring and draped his arm over his shoulder so he could carry him. Orton, Jericho and Maven stood tall in the ring as Triple H, Snitsky and Flair retreated up the ramp as RAW went off the air.

Overall Rating: 76%

TV Rating: 5.80

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11th November, 2004

Time for War!

Exactly 90 years on from the end of World War 1, the Smackdown superstars have only three days to prepare for battle at Survivor Series! Tonight, Smackdown is live from Dayton, Ohio, and what a show it will be!

In the main event, WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield teams with his Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan to take on the no.1 contender Booker T, and...well, there's a story here. During Smackdown, after the eliminated Tough Enough contestant is revealed, a random drawing will take place, and whichever TE contestant's name is pulled out, that person will be Booker's tag partner! With JBL and Orlando not able to prepare for their opponents, and Booker T not being able to talk strategy with his partner, this match will be wild!

In addition, Rob Van Dam tries to gain some retribution for the brutal spike piledriver Rey Mysterio suffered on last week's show when he takes on the newest member of Kurt Angle's team, Hardcore Holly! Will RVD get his revenge, or will Hardcore Holly prove he is worthy of a spot on Team Angle? Find out on Smackdown!

Speaking of Rey Mysterio; what is Rey's condition? Is he injured? And most importantly, will he be able to wrestle on Team Guerrero at Survivor Series?

In a match that was decided last week, Rico will prepare himself for his U.S title match against Carlito at Survivor Series by taking on CCC's bodyguard, Jesus Aguilera. Can Rico get through Jesus, or will he be decimated in time for Survivor Series?

The WWE Tag Team Championship will also be on the line, as champions Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree, as always accompanied by Kenzo's wife Hiroko, will defend the gold against Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli, the Full Blooded Italians! Can the FBI gain their first title reign, or will the French/Japanese alliance come out on top again?

And finally, in the fifth match of the evening, Paul London goes up against all of the Dudley Boyz! The match was originally scheduled to be a 6-man tag match, but no one wanted to face the Dudleyz, claiming it was "career suicide". Can Paul find a partner before it's too late?!

After the brutal beating they gave Undertaker last week, will Paul Heyman and Heidenreich feel they have already won? With only 3 days until their match at Survivor Series, will Undertaker and Heidenreich come to blows? And will the Undertaker even be at Smackdown? We'll find out.

All this and more on UPN, Thursday night!

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  • 2 weeks later...

OOC: Sorry for the huge delay; a family crisis and my own illness delayed this show by a big amount. Also, match reports for Smackdown are going to be shorter from now on to avoid burnout. They'll be done fully at pay-per-views, but will be much shorter here :).

user posted image

11th November, 2004

Taped from San Antonio, Texas on November 9th

Attendance: 7028

Announce Team: Michael Cole and Tazz (Play-by-Play), Josh Matthews (Interviews)

All is not lost

We open the show with a shot of Eddie Guerrero arriving at the building. An "earlier today" logo is in the corner. Eddie walks through a few corridors before coming to his locker room. Heading inside, Guerrero throws his bag down on the bench and sits down. Sighing, he puts his head in his hands. There is a knock at the door. The camera turns round and we see it is General Manager Theodore Long.

Theodore: Eddie, hey. I've got a lotta stuff to do, so I gotta make this quick. What's the deal with Rey? Is he gonna be okay?

Eddie: Hey, mang, you know I don't know myself. The doctors say Rey's got a broken neck, and they don't know how long it'll be before he's back in the game, ese. Rey Rey ain't gonna be at Survivor Series, Teddy.

Theodore: Which means you'll start the match with 3 men up against 4, right?

Eddie: You got that right.

Theodore: Hmm....let me holla at ya playa. Ya see, it's a real sad thing what happened to Rey last week. But there ain't nothin' I can do about him. But, playa, what I can do, is give you an opportunity. Eddie, I'm giving you until the end of the night. I want you to find a new partner. And playa, if you get someone onboard, then I will officially have them take Rey's spot. How's that sound?

Eddie: Thanks, ese, I'll see what I can do.

Theodore: Good. See ya later, playa.

Long turns and leaves the locker room. Eddie looks around.

Eddie: Who's gonna wanna join me, mang?! After wanted to Rey Rey?! Damn!

Guerrero rises to his feet and leaves as we fade out.

Overall: 80%

Eddie Guerrero lost overness from this segment

We see a recap of last week's show, focusing on the main event, Hardcore Holly's heel turn, and the spike piledriver inflicted on Rey Mysterio. We fade out on a shot of the unconscious Mysterio. Then the Smackdown opening video plays, pyros go off, and Smackdown is on the air! Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to the show, discussing what we just saw transpire between Eddie Guerrero and Theodore Long, and whether or not Eddie will find a partner in time. Shortly after they finish, the music of the FBI hits. Johnny Stamboli and Nunzio come out together to cheers. They make their way down to the ring and climb through the ropes. They're barely there when Kenzo Suzuki's music hits, and Kenzi, along with wife Hiroko and partner Rene Dupree, make their way out. The champs get into the ring. Dupree and Stamboli are starting it out.

WWE Tag Team Championships

©Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree w/Hirko Vs The FBI (Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli)

A better match than you might expect, this one. The first half was dominated by the champs, who isolated Nunzio and kept him away from his own corner for the tag. A few underhand tactics were used as well, and a little help from Hiroko. The crowd were half into the bout, but didn't give it the recognition it deserved. There were some nice exchanges. About six minutes in, Nunzio countered a Kenzo suplex attempt with a reverse DDT, and managed to tag in Stamboli, who ran riot on the heels, before a low blow from Dupree sent him down. For another three minutes, the champs controlled the action, until Johnny hit a huge clothesline, allowing him to tag in Nunzio. It didn't do much good though; a right hand attempt on Dupree was ducked, and all it took was a Death Valley Driver to keep Nunzio down for the 3 count.

Winners and still WWE Tag Team Champions; Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree

Suzuki and Rene celebrated another successful title defense with Hiroko, as Stamboli helped Nunzio out of the ring. A clean win was a shock, but it was what the champions needed. Dupree stands up on the turnbuckle and holds his title belt high as we cut backstage.

Overall: 71%

Crowd: 61%

Workrate: 81%

Star Rating: **1/2

Just this once

Eddie Guerrero is walking through the backstage area. He stops at a locker room door, but the camera doesn't reveal whose it is. Sighing, Guerrero knocks the door. The camera pans round and we see the name; "Chavo Guerrero".

Chavo: Come in.

Eddie opens the door and steps in. Chavo is lacing his boots. He looks up, and upon seeing Eddie, jumps to his feet.

Chavo: If you wanna start a fight Eddie, we'll do it in the ring, not here!

Eddie: No wait, Chavo...

Chavo: We've got our differences, but you keep outta my way, and I'll keep outta yours. I don't want any trouble.

Eddie: Chavo, I came here because I need your help.

Chavo: My help? What is this, some kind of a joke?

Eddie: Just listen to me, ese!

Chavo: Ok! What?

Eddie: Look, ese, Rey Rey's been injured by Kurt Angle and his cronies. I have to find a new partner, ese, but no one wants to wrestle, they're too damn scared the same will happen to them. Chavito, you're my last hope, mang. I need you to join my team, ese.

Chavo: You want me?

Eddie: Hey, it wasn't my first choice, Chavito. But you're the only guy left that can get the job done. Please, ese.

Chavo: Eddie, I don't know about this. I don't know if I can trust...I need time to think about this, okay?

Eddie: Okay, Chavito, but we haven't got long. I need a decision before the end of Smackdown.

Chavo: I get it, alright?! Get out!

Nodding, Eddie turns and leaves the room. Chavo can't believe what has just transpired.

Chavo: Partners?! I'd have to be crazy!

We go to a commercial break.

Overall: 76%

Eddie Guerrero lost overness from this segment

Are you Tough Enough for the main event?

When we return, Al Snow is in the ring with the remaining Tough Enough contestants (Chris Nawrocki, Daniel Puder, Daniel Rodimer, Justice Smith, Nick Mitchell and Ryan Reeves). Centre-ring is a bingo-type machine. Five balls are inside, as one contestant is about to be eliminated.

Al Snow: Hello, everyone!

Small reaction.

Al Snow: It's time for the Tough Enough segment of the week. Now, most of you will already know, but here are tonight's rules; after the eliminated contestant is named, this machine here will spin and drop out a ball. Each ball has a number which corresponds to one of the remaining contestant. Whoever is picked will team up with Booker T against JBL and Orlando Jordan in tonight's main event! And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, the no.1 contender to the WWE Championship, Booker T!

Can You Dig It, Sucka?!

The crowd cheers wildly as Booker T's music hits, and the man himself makes his way down to the ring. Booker climbs through the ropes and salutes the crowd. As his music dyes down, Al Snow speaks again.

Al Snow: How's it going, Booker? We haven't got long, so without any further ado, the contestant that has been eliminated from Tough Enough this week, is...Chris Nawrocki!

Nawrocki looks around with shock at his elimination. Disappointed, he shakes hands with Al, before climbing through the ropes and walking up the ramp, backstage.

Al Snow: And then there were five. Now, Booker, if you'd press the button to release the balls on the machine...

Booker steps over to the machine and presses a button on the side. The five balls tip in and begin rolling around.

Al Snow: And the other button to release a ball, Booker.

A nod is given, and Booker T says "good luck" before pressing the button. A single ball drops out. Booker picks it up and looks at it.

Al Snow: Before you reveal the number, Booker, I'm letting the guys know that the balls are marked 1-5, and are ordered alphabetically. So Daniel Puder is no.1, Ryan Reeves is no.5. So, Booker...

Booker T: It's...number 1!

Daniel Puder jumps up and down in celebration and raises his arms in victory.

Al Snow: Congratulations, Daniel, you will be Booker T's partner in tonight's main event against...

Al is cut off by JBL's music. Everyone turns to the entranceway. John Bradshaw Layfield and Orlando Jordan step onto the stage, looking slightly pissed off. JBL has a mic.

JBL: Hold on just a minute! This is your partner, Booker? This green little kid who doesn't know a wristlock from a wristwatch? God almighty, Booker, you're getting desperate, aren't you? I suppose it's because no one wants to share a corner with a convicted criminal who'd steal your wallet just as soon as shake your hand. Daniel Puder, you may be thinking you've hit the jackpot, but buddy, all you've got is the booby prize. Because tonight, me and Orlando here are going to tear both of you apart. And at Survivor Series, Booker, the saviour is going to make sure that your life is a living hell. The dream will be over. The career will be over. But one thing won't be over, Booker; my WWE Title reign. The Saviour is walking out Sunday night WWE Champion, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it. I'll see you both in the ring later.

Layfield and Orlando yell a few insults at Booker and Puder before walking backstage. We fade out to a commercial for Survivor Series before going to a commercial break.

Overall: 79%

Both Orlando Jordan and Daniel Puder gained overness from this segment. However, JBL lost overness.

When we return, the ring is empty. The crowd's silence is cut off by the music of Rico. They cheer a little as Miss Jackie steps through the curtain first, followed by Rico. The two walk down to the ring together, and Rico acknowledges the crowd's "support". They are barely through the ropes when the music of Carlito Caribbean Cool hits. There are boos as CCC and Jesus Aguilera walk through the curtain onto the stage. CCC taunts the crowd and stops at the edge of the ramp. Jesus gets into the ring, and the bell sounds.

Rico Vs Jesus Aguilera w/Carlito Caribbean Cool

This was a painfully average match. Rico used his tiresome routine, and Jesus demonstrated some power. The match was back and forth for three or four minutes, but then Rico went ahead with a suplex. He worked over Jesus for another minute, until he decided to grab Aguilera's ass. Not a good idea. Seems like Jesus might be a homophobic, as it sent him into a rage. Taking down Rico, Jesus pummeled him with lefts and rights, before picking him up and hitting a backbreaker. A cover only got 2, but undettered, Jesus set Rico up on the turnbuckles. He climbed up and prepared for a superplex, but Rico hit a few right hands and shoved the bodyguard off the top. Aguilera hit the mat with a thud. Standing up, Rico dived off for the elbow drop, and hit it! 1...2...Jesus gets his shoulder up. Picking up Aguilera, Rico whips Jesus off the ropes and attempts a big spinning kick, but Jesus catches his leg and rolls him up, and puts his feet on the ropes! 1...2...Rico kicks out. Miss Jackie is on the apron trying to tell the referee about the tainted pinfall attempt. The ref walks over to Jackie and argues with her. In the meantime, Rico and Aguilera trade right hands, before Rico hits a gut shot and a big spin kick. This is over! Rico is about to go for the cover when he's hit with the US title by Carlito! CCC drags Jesus on top of Rico and slides out of the ring. The referee turns back around and sees the cover, 1...2...3!

Winner; Jesus Aguilera

Carlito gets into the ring and taunts the fallen Rico. Miss Jackie gets into the ring and checks her charge, but CCC shoves her away. He kicks Rico in the gut.

CCC: It's mine! You're not cool enough for this title, Rico! I'll see you Sunday!

Turning on his heels, Carlito slides out of the ring and pulls out Jesus. The two men walk up the ramp as Jackie tries to revive Rico. Does Rico stand a chance at Survivor Series, or will Carlito and Jesus be too much for him to handle?!

Overall: 64%

Crowd: 60%

Workrate: 68%

Star Rating: *

Jesus Aguilera gained overness from this match. Rico lost overness though.

Carlito raises the United States Championship in the air as we cut backstage.

Panic sets in?

Josh Matthews is with Kurt Angle backstage.

Josh: Kurt, it's just three days before your Survivor Series classic match. Last week on Smackdown you broke Rey Mysterio's neck in what many are calling the most disgusting act ever comm...

Kurt: Hold on a damn second! Digusting? Who are these people? Are you one, Josh? Huh?

Josh: No, it's just some of the fans...

Kurt: The fans don't have a clue about wrestling. They think they know it all, but they're ignorant. You see Josh, I'll do whatever I have to do to win. Rey's just an obstacle in the road. And what do you do when you see an obstacle, Josh? You get rid of it. Rey Mysterio didn't need to be in the Survivor Series match. So I did what I had to; I broke his neck like a twig. And I'd do it all over again. Because this Sunday, I'm going to humiliate Eddie Guerrero, I'm going to humiliate Big Show, I'll humiliate Rob Van Dam, and if Chavo Guerrero joins their team, I'll humiliate him as well. Once I've finished with those four pieces of crap, I'm going for the WWE Champion, whoever that is. I don't care if it's the racist redneck or the convicted criminal. Like I've done before, I'm going to bring honour to the WWE title. And can you get anyone more honourable than an Olympic gold medallist? I'm a freakin' hero!

Josh: Kurt, you do realise every WWE Champ is entitled to a rematch clause after they lose the title? You might not get your shot.

Kurt: Oh trust me, Josh, I'll get my shot. I don't care how many necks I have to break, or how many careers I have to end. Once I beat Eddie Guerrero in the middle of the ring at Survivor Series, I'll be WWE Champion in no time. Mark my words. Because I am the best wrestler in the world today. Woo! Oh it's true, it's damn true!

Angle turns and leaves.

Josh: We'll be back right after this.

Overall: 100%

We return to an empty ring. The music of the Dudleyz hits, and the crowd begins to boo as Bubba Ray and D'Von walk through the curtain first, followed by Cruiserweight champion Spike. The three men make their way down to the ring and climb through the ropes. Spike taunts the crowd with the title as Paul London's music hits. The crowd cheers as the no.1 contender to the Cruiserweight belt walks out onto the stage. He raises his arms in the air to take in the cheers. As he does this, Spike grabs a mic and laughs into it.

Spike: I see you're alone, Paul. Looks like no one wants to get into the ring with the Dudley Boyz then. I mean who can blame them you've got...

London: Spike, shut up!

The crowd cheers as Spike realises London has a mic in hand.

London: Oh, I've got a partner, Spike. A big partner. You might even say he's the biggest man on the show.

Spike's eyes widen.

London: Actually he is.

The Big Show's music hits and the crowd cheers. Big Show walks onto the stage, and he and London walk down to the ring together. London is through the ropes first, and immediately dives at D'Von, taking him down.

The Dudley Boyz (Spike, Bubba Ray and D'Von) Vs Paul London and The Big Show

A melee ensues, with all five men brawling in the ring. The bell sounds, and the referee tries to restore order. He fails, as Big Show tosses Spike out of the ring, and throws Bubba Ray into the corner. London and D'Von are trading right hands, and Paul goes behind, before hitting a german suplex. Paul then gets out onto the apron, and Big Show kicks D'Von out of the ring, causing Big Show and Bubba to start the match. As expected, Big Show dominates Bubba Ray, D'Von and Spike individually, before tagging in his partner. Paul and Spike are in the ring, and are going back and forth in the best exchange of the match. Spike uses a low blow to go ahead though. And the match goes on, with the crowd only slightly interested. It's your bog-standard tag match, with Paul trying to get the hot tag to Big Show and failing every time.

Five minutes in, London is in the ring with Bubba Ray. Bubba goes for a suplex, but Paul slides down his back and dropkicks him in the back of the head. Bubba Ray falls over, and Paul uses the opportunity to get the tag on the Big Show. Guess what happens next? Big Show immediately dominates Bubba Ray. The elder Dudley manages to tag in D'Von, who tries cheap tactics, but Big Show kicks his ass as well. Spike jumps off of the top rope, but jumps right into a chokeslam, taking him out. D'Von climbs to his feet, and takes a chokeslam off of his own. Big Show makes the cover, 1...2...3!

Winners; Paul London and The Big Show

Paul and Show celebrate their victory together, as the crowd cheers. The celebrations are cut off mid way though, as all three of the Dudleyz toss Big Show over the top rope together. Paul London tries to help, but runs right into a 3D! Paul London is down! Hightailing it up the ramp to avoid Big Show, The Dudley Boyz celebrate on the stage, Spike holding the Cruiserweight title high in the air. They walk backstage as we fade out to a video.

Overall: 71%

Crowd: 67%

Workrate: 75%

Star Rating: **


We fade in to a shot of a graveyard. The camera is focused on a headstone, but the zoom is too great to read the writing on it. As the shot pulls out a little, we see the words "Paul Bearer". Then we hear the sound of shovelling. A few seconds pass before it is revealed to us that Heidenreich is digging up the grave. There is a large pile of soil next to the tombstone. As we pan out further, Paul Heyman is shown watching intently. Upon spotting the camera, he approaches it and looks right down the lens.

Heyman: Welcome to the graveyard. We're in Houston, Texas; hometown of The Undertaker. The Undertaker. The Dead Man. He's unbeatable they say. Fair point, I have to admit; I mean, just look at his track record. Very few people have pinned The Undertaker, or made him submit. But then, no one has seen what Heidenreich is going to do to The Undertaker. You see, at the Survivor Series, Heidenreich is going to take The Undertaker, he's going to rip him apart. And then he's going to drag the carcass of The Undertaker right down here, to Houston, and he's going to bury him. Bury him along with this old man. Undertaker, you killed this man, you killed Paul Bearer, and don't you think it's only fitting that we bury you beside him? Don't you think...

Heidenreich: Got it, Paul.

Heyman: Guess what, Undertaker? We've found the casket. Let's have a little look inside, shall we?

Paul walks over to the grave, the camera following. It looks down into the grave and we see Heidenreich ripping the casket open. Yanking off the lid, he tosses it to the side. Paul Heyman begins to laugh, but suddenly stops.

Heyman: What the hell? What...God, what? I don't...

The camera looks down and we see the casket is empty.

Heidenreich: Where is he?

Heyman: I...don't know...

We fade out.

[Commercial Break]

When we return, the ring is empty. Hardcore Holly's music hits, and the man himself walks out to a surprisingly good heel reaction. Making his way down to the ring alone, Holly slides through the ropes and poses on the turnbuckles. No change in his character, it seems. Hardcore runs the ropes to warm himself up, and Rob Van Dam's music hits. RVD gets a huge reaction, a WWE Champion's reaction. Making his way out, RVD acknowledges the crowd's support, and like Hardcore poses on the turnbuckles. He looks round with disgust at his opponent, which riles Hardcore up. RVD hops down off the turnbuckles, and turns to the crowd as the bell sounds.

Rob Van Dam Vs Hardcore Holly

Holly jumps RVD and lays in a few shots to the kidneys, sending Van Dam down. Hardcore then whips his opponent off the ropes and catches him with a powerslam for 2. For the first half of the match, Hardcore is in complete control, with only one or two incidents of underhand tactics. Still, RVD isn't staying down for the three count. Hardcore sets up Rob for the Alabama Slamma, but RVD slides down his back and rolls up Holly, 1...2...Hardcore just about gets out of it. The Whole Damn Show is to his feet first. He ducks a clothesline and then hits a spinning kick to the face, sending down the veteran. For another minute or so, Rob waits for Holly to get up before sending him down with a kick. Repeat until you're vomiting with boredom :). Anyway, RVD eventually hits the Rolling Thunder and hooks the leg, 1...2...3, no! Holly kicked out! Deciding enough is enough, Mr. Thursday Night drags Hardcore centre ring, before climbing up onto the top turnbuckles. He's going to go for the Five Star! Wait, Kurt Angle's in the ring! Kurt grabs RVD, and hits him with an Angle Slam from the top rope! Rob is broken in half! The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by Disqualification; Rob Van Dam

Angle doesn't care about Holly's loss, and helps him to his feet. The two men then begin stomping away at the fallen RVD. Kurt picks up Rob and places him in piledriver position, as Hardcore gets onto the top rope. Not again, surely. Hardcore's about to dive off when he's suddenly hit with a steel chair to the back, causing him to fall back into the ring. It's Eddie Guerrero! Eddie gets into the ring and swings for Kurt, but Angle dodges the shot, and grabs Guerrero, hitting him with the Angle Slam. Kurt picks up the chair and places it over Eddie's hand. He's going to break it! Here comes the Big Show! Big Show hits the ring and immediately grabs Kurt by the throat. Chokeslam! Show roars and pulls the chair off of Eddie, before throwing it to the outside. He doesn't get much peace though, as Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak attack! The two men beat on Big Show, but can't get the giant down. Luckily for them, Hardcore Holly has retrieved the steel chair and is in the ring. He charges, and takes Big Show down with a shot to the knees. With the big man down, the three men begin stomping on until he's lifeless. Kurt Angle is slowly getting to his feet, and his cronies help him up. They raise their hands in the air, but Angle isn't done; he grabs the chair.

Kurt: Get Eddie. We're gonna break his damn neck.

The crowd boos as Mark Jindrak climbs onto the turnbuckle, and Kurt sets Eddie in piledriver position over the chair. With Big Show and Rob Van Dam down, no one can help Eddie now. But wait, Chavo Guerrero's running down the ramp! Chavo slides through the ropes and immediately takes down Hardcore and Reigns with a double clothesline. Kurt drops Eddie, and turns right into a brainbuster! Jindrak dives off the top rope with a double axe handle, but gets hits by an RVD kick! RVD is up! Reigns is up next, but a Big Show chokeslam sends him right back down. Hardcore Holly is ready to fight, but decides to try and escape instead. He doesn't get the chance though, as Eddie is up and spears him right back down to the mat. RVD is already up top, and hits the Five Star Frog Splash! Meanwhile, Kurt Angle is using the ropes to pull himself up, and Eddie immediately clotheslines him over the top to the floor. The rest of the heels abandon the ring and start stumbling up the ramp. Chavo and Eddie turn to each other. They stare each other down, but then they embrace! Los Guerreros are together again! Eddie raises Chavo's arm in the air before the two teams trashtalk with each other. Kurt is holding his neck after the brainbuster, and tells Chavo he'll get him at Survivor Series. The faces celebrate in the ring as we go to a commercial break.

Overall: 77%

Crowd: 75%

Workrate: 79

Star Rating: **1/2

When we return, the ring is empty.

Can You Dig It, Sucka?!

The crowd cheers as Booker T and Daniel Puder come out onto the stage together. Both pose, and set off some pyro before making their way down to the ring. Both stand centre ring, and Booker talks strategy with Puder. They haven't got long before JBL's music hits, and the crowd boos as Chief of Staff Orlando Jordan and WWE Champion John "Bradshaw" Layfield walk down to the ring together. They climb through the ropes and trashtalk with their opponents. The referee seperates the two teams and sounds the bell.

Booker T and Daniel Puder Vs John "Bradshaw" Layfield and Orlando Jordan

Booker starts it out with Jordan. The two lock up and Orlando starts off with a go behind and roll up for two. As they get up, Booker T hits three right hands and then an uppercut, before running off the ropes and hitting a clothesline. Orlando doesn't go down, but stumbles back and tags in his boss, JBL. The WWE Champion climbs through the ropes and stares down Booker. He slaps the no.1 contender across the face, prompting Booker to kick him in the gut and hit a suplex. Booker keeps his control over the champion for another couple of minutes, before whipping JBL into the corner. He charges, but Layfield moves out of the way, and Booker hits the turnbuckle off. Now for another couple of minutes, the flow changes, with OJ and JBL keeping Booker T away from Puder in the corner. The crowd cheers on the face Booker, trying to will him into making a comeback. At about the eight minute mark, Booker is in the corner, being stomped on by Orlando. Orlando goes for a knee to the gut, but Booker catches him, and hits a big side kick to the face, knocking down JBL's Chief of Staff.

Stumbling over, Booker is about to tag Puder when JBL hits the ring. Booker T quickly spins round and sends John with a right hand, before diving and tagging in Puder! Daniel climbs through the ropes and immediately clotheslines JBL out of the ring, before raining right hands down on the fallen Jordan. He picks up Orlando and whips him to the corner, before hitting a big clothesline. He then whips OJ off the ropes, but JBL gets a blind tag. Puder is unaware of it, and catches Orlando with a sleeper. Bradshaw stands behind him, waiting. Orlando powers out of the sleeper, knocking himself forward into Booker T, who falls off the apron. Daniel turns around to run off the ropes, but is hit with the clothesline from hell! Puder goes right down, and JBL hooks the leg, 1...2...3!

Winners; John "Bradshaw" Layfield and Orlando Jordan

Orlando and JBL raise their arms in the air before picking up Daniel and tossing him out of the ring. Layfield is handed the WWE Championship, and parades it around. Booker T is at the base of the ramp, and JBL taunts him with the title. This incites Booker, who slides under the bottom rope, and ducks an OJ clothesline before hitting the Bookend! Just as Booker gets up, he blocks a belt shot from JBL and hits a few right hands. Layfield retaliates, and the two men begin to trade blows, before Booker knocks JBL over the top rope. He follows him out. Bradshaw blocks a punch and smashes Booker T's head off of the announce table. The two men continue to brawl as Michael Cole and Tazz tell us that we're out of time. The show fades with the champion and challenger trading punches.

Overall: 69%

Crowd: 64%

Workrate: 74%

Star Rating: *3/4

Overall Show Rating: 74%

Smackdown got a 3.19 rating

Final Survivor Series Card for Smackdown

WWE Championship

©John "Bradshaw" Layfield Vs Booker T w/Orlando Jordan

Survivor Series Classic

Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero, Rob Van Dam and Big Show Vs Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak and Hardcore Holly

The Undertaker Vs Heidenreich w/Paul Heyman

WWE United States Championship

©Carlito Caribbean Cool w/Jesus Aguilera Vs Rico w/Miss Jackie

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

©Spike Dudley Vs Paul London

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