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Last CD you bought/got

MalaCloudy Black

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NWA - 100 Miles And Runnin'

Eazy-E - Eternal E

Jane's Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual

I got them all in a trade with this guy in Georgia, Dan :)

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Busted- Busted.

Yeah, I said it. I'm a Busted fan. Are you...you VULTURES happy now? You made an innocent person (well, not exactly made, but still...) come out with something this...this damaging to their reputation...*runs off crying*

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Nelly (Sweat) Meh

Nelly (Suit) Ok, I was bored, this cd made me more bored

Oh God, I feel so sorry for you. Your friends shouldn't have let you stoop so low. Now's the time to find a place which buys used CD's - around here it's Strawberries - and you can get at least something back for that horrible investment.

Anyway, last one I got: Notorious BIG - Ready to Die. Burned it off a friend though. So....

Big Mike and DJ Envy - Ahead of the Competition (Vol. 4)

and from early last month...

Jay Exclusive - Down Bottom (Vol. 10)

I'm slowly getting into mixtapes. There's a place in town here that gets them from New York and other places.

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Latest CD that I got was Jimmy Eat World's "Futures". I LIKE IT! Prior to that, Sum 41's "Chuck", I REALLY LIKE IT!

Tho I didn't recently buy it, my dad found my Stroke 9 "Nasty Little Thoughts" album and I have been listening to it non-stop lately. That was a good album!

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Well I made a CD a couple of weeks ago featuring me and my friends and our skills..

DJ Red and his Three Blind Mice

DJ - DJ Red [Me]

Vocals - Alan Beeman

Keyboard - Kevin Duong

Trumpet - Steven Beaute


Last CD I bought - Quarashi - Jinx, 2 years ago

Last CD I recieved, The Best of the Doors [1997 Version I believe], Couple of Weeks Ago

Last Vinyl I bought - Some Frank Sinatra Albums [Couple of Weeks Ago]

Last Vinyl I recieved - AC/DC - Back and Black [Couple of Months ago]

Last Tape I bought - Fuck if I know

Last Tape I recieved - Insane Clown Posse - Great Milenko

Last MP3 I bought - N/A

Last MP3 I Recieved - Hold You Down by Alchemist [i wouldn't suggest it except for cuts of Nina Sky's voice.]

EDIT: 600th Post :thumbsup:

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Last week during my break at work, I went and picked up the best of Dick Dale and the Deltones. Before that I purchased the Cockney Rejects first two albums, Greatest Hits Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

I got them all in a trade with this guy in Georgia, Dan

I do the same, I know a fellow in St. Louis that I trade cd's with.

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