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Rufus Wainwright


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Last week I saw Rufus Wainwright on The Frank Skinner Show (UK) and I watched this interview with an entertainer of which I have not seen in a long while. This guy was friendly, but kept his mystery, funny but slightly sad, his name was Rufus Wainwright and apparently he comes from a very musical family.

Now I'm not much of a musical historian but it seems it had a positive effect because I found myself singing the song he performed the next day as I walked to college (The song was "What a World". I bought his latest album and I have to say, I really do love it, he seems to be one of the romantics, someone like John Keats (poet for those of you not knowing) who has a talent for just making a good song.

Not sure really why I'm making this thread, maybe it's to get others interested, maybe it's to get opinions, I don't quite know, I just felt I should post it.

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All I know of Rufus Wainwright is that he did the version of Hallelujah that appeared on Shrek in which I'm sure he says "the holy duck" instead of "dove".

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