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Evolution 2004

Riceman 4K

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Anyone else into this? Fighting games and whatnot? I recently just started to appreciate the fighting genre again and seeing this is a treat. I thought I was good and wow, just watching these people are amazing. In fact, I plan to enter Evo2K5 next year. Anyways, has anyone else heard of this? Have you participated before and you plan on going to 2K5?




The first site is just a place to watch amazing combo videos while the other two have more to do with tournaments and what not. And of course...

Full Parry

If you are a SF3:TS fan, watch. It's an 11 Meg DL but its well worth it. I love all this ish. Anyone else feelin this?

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This is amazing. Incredibly geeky, but amazing:


Look how much energy Ken has.

EDIT 2: I just posted the exact same clip as you, lol.

I was never any good at fighting games. Loved them, just no good at combos or anything.

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