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WWF 2000

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Guest SteveBoobs

The year 1999 was a big one for the WWF. Not only did they attain some of the highest ratings ever in the Monday night battle, but they managed to steal some major names from WCW and ECW, including Chris Jericho, The Dudley Boyz and "The Big Show" Paul Wight. Other superstars rose to the occasion, as Triple H and The Rock worked their way to the main event picture, and Chyna became the first woman to win the Intercontinental Title. Superstars came and went, but as the year progressed, the WWF was building the distinct lead in the ratings wars.

There was also a fair share of bad news. Owen Hart passed away at Over The Edge in May. Steve Austin went under the knife for a risky new procedure to fix a chronic neck problem, and will be out until near the end of 2000. The Undertaker went down with an injury as well, but could return very soon.

1999 also had it's fair share of Wrestlecrap moments. Be it the short-lived Beaver Cleavage, Jeff Jarrett and his woman-beating spree, or Meat and PMS, there was still a fair share of crap to go with some of the great moments.

As the WWF gets ready to begin the year 2000, what lies in store for this company? ECW is slowly but surely rising to the occasion, looking to make this a three promotion battle. WCW is still in the thick of it, despite waning ratings. Can the WWF hold the momentum they built at the end of 1999, or will WCW become the #1 promotion in America?

This is the WWF, and the date is January 1st, 2000.


Money: $30,000,000

Size: Global

Public Image: 60%

Based In: Stamford, Connecticut

Risk Level: 66%



Big Show (Face, 90)

Mick Foley (Face, 94)

The Rock (Face, 100)

Triple H (Heel, 97)


Chris Jericho (Face, 84)

Chyna (Face, 79)

Kurt Angle (Heel, 87)


Billy Gunn (Heel, 72)

Bradshaw (Face, 65)

British Bulldog (Heel, 64)

Bubba Ray Dudley (Heel, 65)

Christian (Face, 66)

D-Von Dudley (Heel, 63)

Edge (Face, 67)

Faarooq (Face, 65)

Grandmaster Sexay (Face, 60)

Hardcore Holly (Heel, 68)

Jeff Hardy (Face, 74)

Kane (Face, 82)

Mark Henry (Face, 58)

Matt Hardy (Face, 74)

Rikishi (Face, 79)

Road Dogg (Heel, 76)

Scotty Too Hotty (Face, 63)

Val Venis (Face, 61)

X-Pac (Heel, 70)


Al Snow (Heel, 67)

Big Bossman (Heel, 62)

Crash Holly (Heel, 63)

D-Lo Brown (Face, 59)

Godfather (Face, 67)

Joey Abs (Heel, 51)

Pete Gas (Heel, 51)

Prince Albert (Heel, 60)

Rodney (Heel, 51)

Steve Blackman (Heel, 62)

Stevie Richards (Face, 54)

Test (Face, 66)

Viscera (Heel, 57)


Aguila (Face, 47)

Gangrel (Heel, 50)

Gillberg (Face, 55)

Headbanger Mosh (Face, 50)

Headbanger Thrasher (Face, 50)

Ivory (Heel, 51)

Jacqueline (Face, 48)

Mideon (Heel, 55)

Sho Funaki (Face, 51)

TAKA Michinoku (Face, 55)


BB (Face, 55)

Debra (Face, 60)

Fabulous Moolah (Face, 60)

Harvey Wippleman (Heel, 55)

Luna Vachon (Heel, 50)

Mae Young (Face, 60)

Paul Bearer (Face, 70)

Stephanie McMahon (Heel, 85)

Terri (Face, 65)

The Kat (Face, 60)

Tori (Face, 60)


Shane McMahon (Heel, 90)

Shawn Michaels (Heel, 92)

Vince McMahon (Heel, 100)


Steve Austin (Face, 100)

Tazz (Face, 75)

Undertaker (Heel, 92)


WWF Champion: The Big Show

WWF Intercontinental Champion: Vacant

WWF Tag Team Champions: The New Age Outlaws

WWF European Champion: Val Venis

WWF Hardcore Champion: The Big Boss Man

WWF Women's Champion: The Kat

WWF Lightheavyweight Champion: Gillberg


Jakked: Syndicated, Saturdays

Sunday Night Heat: USA Network, Sundays

RAW: USA Network, Mondays

Smackdown: UPN, Thursdays

Developmental Territory:

Ohio Valley Wrestling:

Head Booker: Jim Cornette

Developmental Roster:

Amy Dumas

Blue Meanie

Bo Dupp

Bull Buchanan

Chad Collyer


Dave Batista

Derrick King

Doc Dean

Doug Basham

Jack Dupp

Jason Lee

Joe E. Legend



Mr. Black

Nick Dinsmore

OG Ekmo


Rob Conway

Ron Waterman

Russ McCullough

Scott Vick

Steve Bradley

The Damaja

Tiger Ali Singh

Trish Stratus

Training Camp:


Head Trainer: Tom Prichard

Graduates Due: January 2001

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Guest SteveBoobs

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Jakked gets pyro. Who knew. We're live from wherever RAW was taped this past Monday, and our announcers, Kevin Kelly and Michael Hayes hype tonight's Jakked like this is greater than the Super Bowl. Tonight on Jakked, Aguila makes his return from exile following the ill-fated Los Super Astros, to team up with Funaki and battle The Mean Street Posse in a handicap match. Also, D-Lo Brown battles Crash Holly, for no real reason.


Hey, speaking of exiles, here's Gillberg. I think the last time he was in a WWF ring was some time in early 1999. And if you were living under a rock, and didn't watch the WWF in 1999, there'll be a nice recap package of last year later on. Viscera will take on Gillberg, who, if memory serves me correctly, is still the WWF Lightheavyweight Champion. Boy, that division sure took off. Plain and simple, this is a squash that's supposedly showcasing Viscera's amazing abilities. However, Viscera and amazing go together about as well as peanut butter and liver. Following three minutes of coma-inducing action, Viscera puts Gillberg away with the big splash


Crowd Reaction: 50%

Match Quality: 29%

Overall Rating: 43%

The obligatory commercial break is inserted here. We come back, and there's a recap of Chris Jericho and Chyna's inability to crown a decisive Intercontinental Champion this past Thursday on Smackdown. Referees Chad Patten and Jim Kordaris argued over it, but it did not come to blows sadly. This Monday, on RAW, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley will make a ruling on which one of these two lucky contestants gets the strap. I'm sure zany hijinx will ensue.

Commercials are on the way. Coming up, Aguila & Funaki put their careers on the line against The Mean Street Posse. Well, not really, but that would have been interesting. Up next, Mideon battles Stevie Richards.

MATCH NUMBER TWO: Mideon (w/ jar containing an eye ball) v. Stevie Richards

Mideon comes out first, and Stevie insults his honor, coming out in overalls and fake buckteeth to mock Mideon's Godwinn heritage. Mideon is appalled, and Stevie enters the ring to a really loud universal guffaw from the crowd. OK, really, nobody's into any of this, but it's fun to pretend. Stevie actually controlled the early-goings, nearly pulling Mideon's pants down en route to a vertical suplex. Part of Mideon's ass-crack was exposed, and trust me, that's more of Mideon than anybody wants to see. Mideon is once again incensed by this disgusting display of pants pulling down-ery. He begins pounding on Stevie, taking control of the match till the final bell, when he flattens Stevie with the Eye Opener.


Crowd Reaction: 54%

Match Quality: 51%

Overall Rating: 53%

Here's the unintentionally hilarious moment of the night. The WWF spots a kid in the crowd crying following Stevie's loss and decides to put their cameras right on him. Michael Hayes believes that kid was a big Stevie supporter. I personally believe that kid was crying due to having to sit through Jakked's special brand of "action". Oh, what's this. Commercial time, time to discuss happenings of the week.

Last week, Mick Foley's career ended. It was a pink-slip-on-a-pole match vs. The Rock that cost Mick his career. Triple H and gang were very happy that Mick Foley was fired, and did a lot of celebrating. Video is shown highlighting Mick Foley's career, as well as highlighting the vileness of Triple H. The central point of all of this is that Triple H = bad man.

Overall Rating: 85%

More commercials.

MATCH THREE: Aguila & Funaki v. The Mean Street Posse in a handicap match

The Posse, as we all learned, do not have any victories here in the WWF. Even though one time, Joey Abs defeated a jobber on Heat, that apparently is a phantom win and does not count. The Posse come out in their matching attire, and Aguila makes his return by hitting a suicide plancha, wiping out all three members of the Posse. Aguila is in control of the entire match, and while he does tag out to Funaki once or twice, even then, he is still dominating the Posse on the outside with a mixture of aerial tactics and simple common sense. The Posse's performance in this match gives all new meaning to the word awful, and if they aren't sent down in the near future, I will be pretty surprised. Aguila finishes Rodney with a very impressive moonsault after about seven minutes of action.

YOUR WINNERS: Aguila & Funaki

Crowd Reaction: 46%

Match Quality: 52%

Overall Rating: 49%

If you're a true fan, you'll stick around for the main event, and the highlight package of 1999. Or, if you're a sane person, you'll go get a life.

1999. What a year. This highlight package features all sorts of random highlights from the year 1999. A lot of stuff from the year was included, so much that I actually wrote it down, but spilled my grape soda on the paper with my notes, and subsequently, the listing is 100% ruined. I'd re-watch my tape and re-do it, but it wasn't some earth-shatteringly great video. This *IS* Jakked we're talking about.

Oh yeah, D-Lo's still gotta fight Crash. That's next.

JAKKED MAIN EVENT: D-Lo Brown v. Crash Holly (w/ scale and no Hardcore Holly)

Apparently, Hardcore couldn't be bothered to make an appearance in his cousin's corner. The ratings would have went up for sure. Crash and D-Lo work an impressive match here, with both men controlling certain bulks of the match. D-Lo actually brings the Running Powerbomb that crippled Droz out of the mothballs, and Crash does not become paralyzed from it. Crash debuts his new finisher, a take on Spike Dudley from ECW's Acid Drop, that he calls the Crash Course, but it only gets him a two count on the mighty D-Lo. D-Lo works the match back to his advantage, then flattens Crash with the Sky High, and gives him the Lo Down frog splash for good measure.


Crowd Reaction: 61%

Match Quality: 72%

Overall Rating: 66%

As D-Lo climbs the turnbuckle to celebrate another victory, Jakked comes to a dramatic close. See you next week.

WWF got a 0.04 rating for 'Jakked'!

The attendance level was 7045 people.

WWF made $281800 from ticket sales.


WCW began a massive house-cleaning, releasing 15 talents. The WWF is not interested in any of the names at this time.

Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young were released from their open deals, as the WWF could not justify paying each $50,000 an appearance. The WWF wishes both old-timers the best of luck in their futures.

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Guest SteveBoobs

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TAPED TO AIR: January 2nd, 2000

What is it with all the WWF z-level shows and getting pyroes. In any event, welcome to Sunday Night Heat. Tonight, Gillberg puts his WWF Lightheavyweight Title on the line against TAKA Michinoku. Also, The Dudleyz will be in the house, and they'll tangle with The Headbangers. But up first, the battle of the Steves.

HEAT OPENING CONTEST: Steve Blackman (w/ nunchucks) v. Stevie Richards.

OK, granted, when most people hear Steve, they think Austin, but he's still on the shelf with the neck injury from being run down at the Joe Louis Arena in November. Stevie Richards comes out as Stevie Richards, which is kinda shocking, as he usually does the impressions when he's on Heat. Blackman's the no-nonsense type, maybe Stevie figured infuriating him would result in his head being kicked clean off his body. Stevie got more offense in last night against Mideon, as this one is a total squash. Blackman dominates with kicks, punches, and all sorts of other martial art maneuvery. After taking Stevie down with a big savate kick, it was up to the top rope, where Stevie fell prey to the Guillotine Leg Drop.

YOUR WINNER: Steve Blackman

Crowd Reaction: 54%

Match Quality: 64%

Overall Rating: 59%

Tonight on Heat, we'll take a look back at the year that was 1999, with our broadcast pals Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly. Also, other highlights from the past week will be addressed. But up after the break, we'll have big tag team action when The Dudley Boyz battle The Headbangers.

MATCH NUMBER TWO: The Dudley Boyz v. The Headbangers

The Dudley Boyz and The Headbangers don't have an incredibly long history, but in this match, they'll pretend they do, surely, so this Heat audience doesn't go home disappointed. D-Von starts the match with Thrasher, and this match appears to go the way of The Dudleyz. D-Von completely controls Thrasher with some big offense, nearly pinning Thrasher after a big back breaker. When coming off the ropes for another move on Thrasher, D-Von and Thrasher get tangled up, and when they both go down, D-Von begins clutching his knee. He furiously scrambles to his corner, tagging in Buh Buh Ray, who dominates both Mosh and Thrasher en route to a Dudley Boy victory. Referee Mike Sparks throws up the dreaded X post-match while raising Buh Buh Ray's hand in victory.

YOUR WINNERS: The Dudley Boyz

Crowd Reaction: 57%

Match Quality: 76%

Overall Rating: 66%

As we cut to the announcers, who pretend as if everything's fine (hopefully, everything is) and we talk 1999.

This takes us to the 1999 package from Jakked last night, in all of its glory. Highlights include such workers as Austin, Rock, Undertaker, Kane, Mick Foley, Triple H, Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart, Chyna, The Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian, The Acolytes, Big Show, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, Vince McMahon, Beaver Cleavage, The Stooges, Gangrel, Val Venis, D-Lo Brown, Mark Henry, and many, many more. It's time for commercials, but when Heat gets back, Lightheavyweight Title will be on the line, and we'll relive Mick Foley's great WWF run.

Overall Rating: 93%

MATCH THREE: WWF Lightheavyweight Title Match: Gillberg © v. TAKA Michinoku

We all remember that sometime back in late 1998, Gillberg, when he was a part of the JOB Squad, pulled off one of the biggest upsets in WWF history, defeating Christian for the Lightheavyweight belt. Tonight, he finally puts it on the line, with TAKA Michinoku his challenger. This match is a complete squash. TAKA takes it to Gillberg, and within 30 seconds, Gillberg has fallen victim to the Michinoku Driver.


Crowd Reaction: 44%

Match Quality: 55%

Overall Rating: 49%

TAKA decides one Michinoku Driver isn't enough punishment, and gives Gillberg another one for good measure. The canned crowd reaction is electrifying, almost as if The Rock just won the WWF Title or something. Speaking of The Rock, we're whisked to highlights from RAW, where The Rock defeated Mick Foley in a pink slip on a pole match, and thus, Mick Foley lost his job with the WWF. Here, we're given the same dog and pony show from the night before, as Mick Foley's WWF tenure is highlighted.

Overall Rating: 80%

Still to come this evening, a European Title match. Val Venis puts his belt on the line later tonight. Why we're only finding this out now, I'll never know, but in any event, it's commercial time.

MATCH FOUR: The Godfather (w/ 6 hoes) v. Gangrel

The Godfather is, according to Cole, the pimp daddy, and Kelly and Cole want to board the Ho Train collectively. I don't think I'd want to see either as hoes quite frankly. Gangrel's his opponent tonight, and he's usually seconded by Luna Vachon, but she's not here tonight. This absence is not explained, and I don't think it's a really important thing that needs to be taken in-depth. Gangrel controls The Godfather in this wild brawl, working over Godfather's skull to set him up for the Impaler DDT. Godfather, via the power of the hoes on the outside cheering him on, roars back into this one. He has Gangrel set up for the Ho Train attack in the corner, but Gangrel moves. Gangrel is able to kick him in the midsection and finish him with The Impaler DDT.


Crowd Reaction: 56%

Match Quality: 61%

Overall Rating: 58%

Gangrel gained overness from this match

The Godfather lost overness from this match

After another string of commercials, we get one last recap for this edition of Heat, this being the Chris Jericho and Chyna fiasco. Jericho, Chyna and the referees could not decide the fate of the I-C belt on Smackdown, and as a result, tomorrow night on RAW, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley will make a ruling. Also announced for tomorrow's RAW, Triple H will be going one on one with The Big Show, with the WWF Title on the line. Tomorrow's RAW is loaded for sure.

Overall Rating: 69%

The main event is up next.

HEAT MAIN EVENT: WWF EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Val Venis © v. Joey Abs (w/ Pete Gas & Rodney)

Ugh, why does Joey Abs get to be in the Heat main event? After the Posse's lackluster performance on Jakked, Abs is rewarded with a European Title shot here on Heat. Val Venis comes out with his towel and struts his stuff, repulsing the Posse. This match is all Val Venis, who is very impressive in this match, showing off his technical skill with a complete non-entity like Joey Abs, actually dragging this match to above average status. Venis takes care of Abs in the ring, and then, when Pete Gas and Rodney try to get involved on the outside, he punches each off the apron. Abs falls victim to The Money Shot, and Venis is able to keep the European belt around his waist.


Crowd Reaction: 54%

Match Quality: 57%

Overall Rating: 55%

Venis celebrates as The Posse argues in the ring. Another excitement-filled edition of Heat draws to a close.

WWF got a 2.00 rating for 'Heat'!

The attendance level was 7003 people.

WWF made $280120 from ticket sales.


D-Von Dudley suffered an extremely serious knee injury during his tag team bout with The Headbangers on Heat. As a result, he will be out of the ring for roughly a year to a year and half, with 16 months the current estimate of time he could miss. No word on what Buh Buh Ray Dudley's future is following this injury.

11 more WCW superstars were released in cost-cutting measures. Again, at this time, the WWF has not expressed any interest in the released.

BB has been sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling to work on her game and develop some sort of charisma.

Gillberg has been repackaged as Dr. X, and it is likely he will become a glorified jobber.

The WWF dumped more deadweight today, releasing Luna Vachon.

Kurt Angle signed a one year contract extension today.

Mark Henry's contract is scheduled to expire in 3 months, and it is highly unlikely he will be re-signed.

British Bulldog's contract expires in 5 months, and it is almost 100% likely he will be paid, not used, and the contract will run out.

There was talk of demoting The Mean Street Posse, but with the scarcity of heel tag teams following D-Von's sudden injury, they will be kept around, and, perhaps, turned into a respectable team. This is all just a rumor, however.

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Guest Frank62441

I'm really enjoying this diary so far actually, and you've only really used the less interesting of the characters - which shows you certainly know how to write a good diary. D-Von out is a major blow, you might want to consider hiring another team or finding Bubba another partner (HINT: SPIKE!).

Keep it goin!

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Guest SteveBoobs

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January 3rd, 2000

Live, from the American Airlines Arena

Before RAW starts, we see a package of what happened last week, which was Mick Foley losing a pink-slip-on-a-pole match to The Rock, and subsequently, losing his job. Massive hype for Foley and the man who made that match all possible, Triple H.

Mega crazy stupid pyros ensues, and we're live with Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Tonight on RAW, the Intercontinental title dispute will be resolved, as Chris Jericho and Chyna will both stake their claims. Also, Triple H has himself another chance at the WWF Title, he'll battle The Big Show.

But first, we get Miami's son, The Rock. The crowd roars their approval, and The Rock takes his time getting into the ring. He's handed a mic, but decides to soak in the cheers of the crowd for a few minutes and roll with this. "ROCKY" chants abound from all around the arena.

"FINALLY... THE ROCK... HAS COME BACK... HOME! (Crowd is electric). It's a new year in the WWF, and let The Rock make one thing clear, one of The Rock's new year's resolutions is that, the year 2000 will be synonymous with The Rock and the people. The Rock's going to go to Madison Square Garden in 20 days, The Rock's going to shine his boots up real nice, and he's going to stick his size-9 straight up 29 other candyasses en route to winning the Royal Rumble. And then from there, The Rock's going to Wrestlemania 16, WRESTLEMANIA, the grandaddy of them all, and it doesn't matter if The Rock's facing that 500 lb. piece of monkey crap The Big Show, or if The Rock faces that dumb sonuvabitch Triple H, The Rock's going to be ready, and he's going to leave Anaheim, the WWF Champion, and embark on the longest title reign in WWF history! This brings The Rock to his second new year's resolution. You see, last week on RAW, the McMahon-Helmsley Era thought it'd be real funny if they put The Rock and Mick Foley into a pink slip on a pole match, and for Mick Foley to have to go out of this business, the business he put his heart and soul into, in that manner was the biggest steaming pile of monkey crap that The Rock has ever been witness to. So, Triple H, The Rock says this, Triple H, bring your roody-poo, candyass to the ring this very instant before The Rock comes back there and whoops your ass all over Miami.

Triple H answers The Rock's call in a matter of seconds, as "My Time" floods the arena, as well as a chorus of boos for The Game.

"Ah Rock, Rock, Rock, let me make one thing clear. Your opinions mean absolutely squat to me, you got that. I don't care that you aren't a fan of the way me and Stephanie do business. Where the hell do you get the nerve to come out here and complain? You have about as much to offer as Mick Foley, which is why I have a proposal tonight. Last week, Rock, you got to compete in the first ever "Pink-slip-on-a-pole" match. You remember that, the way you grasped that slip of pink paper that sealed Mick Foley's fate in the WWF? Well tonight, Rock, have I got an idea for you. Tonight, you will compete in the first ever, handicap, YOU'RE FIRED match. Now, the rules are very simple Rock, so simple even a brainless idiot like yourself could understand them. My handpicked opponents will come out here, and proceed to kick your ass all over Miami. Once they pin you, you're fired. However, Rock, don't get angry with me Rock, you might want to listen to this next part. If, and this is a very big if, you manage to overcome all odds and defeat my opponents for you, then, I will... I'll give you back your precious Mick Foley. You hear that Rock, even The Game can be generous. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to prepare for MY WWF Title shot against Big Show later---"

The Rock doesn't let Triple H finish his thought, as he begins coming at him with a flurry of rights. The Rock has Triple H in the corner and as he goes to deliver another right-hand, The New Age Outlaws attack from behind. Dogg and Billy manage to hit The Rock with a big back suplex. With Rock down, they begin punching and kicking at him as the Miami crowd begins booing vehemently. Billy Gunn connects with a big Fameasser, and Road Dogg hits the shaky knee drop of his, as they continue stomping The People's Champion. Triple H grabs a mic.

"Allow me to introduce your opposition this evening Rock. I made it very clear last week that you are either with D-X, or you're against us. Rock, you want to be against us? That's fine. I just hope you enjoy the ass-kicking you take tonight, and maybe, hell, you can join your old pal Mick in the unemployment line."

The Rock is still downed and being stomped as Triple H retreats up the ramp, posing to the crowd and being booed in the process.

Overall Rating: 90%

OPENING CONTEST: The Hardy Boyz (w/ Terri Runnels) v. Big Boss Man (WWF Hardcore Champion) & Prince Albert

The Hardy Boyz have been victimized over the past couple of weeks, and they are one team that the McMahon-Helmsley faction would not mind seeing taken out. Boss Man & Prince Albert are the logical choices for this type of assault. Rather than just stepping into the ring and having the regularly scheduled battle with The Hardyz, it looks as if Boss Man and Albert would rather threaten Terri on the outside. Jeff Hardy settles this by hitting both men with a suicide dive. Matt Hardy makes his out, grabs Prince Albert, and slides him into the ring to get this contest underway. Matt picks him up, whips him off the ropes, Albert ducks, Albert collides with a big shoulder block. Albert has Matt Hardy downed, and it is here he takes over. It's all Albert, as Albert wears Matt down with chokes and restholds. Matt is nearly put out in an Albert sleeperhold, but he rares back, elbowing Albert in the gut and coming back, only to be caught with a big clothesline. Albert continues dominating Matt, whipping him into the heel corner and smacking him about the chest with some open hand slaps. Albert gives a tag to Boss Man. Boss Man continues the same onslaught on Matt Hardy, with more stomps and kicks to wear him down. Boss Man lets his guard down at one point, and Matt uses all he's got to roll him up for two. Boss Man grows incensed and gets up, only for Matt to take control, whipping Boss Man off the ropes and catching him for a huge tornado DDT. Matt gets the hot tag and sends Jeff in, who takes down both Albert and Boss Man with repeated blows. While working on Albert, the non-legal man, Boss Man goes to get his nightstick. Boss Man enters the ring with it and wallops Jeff Hardy over the head with it. Referee Jim Kordaris rings the DQ bell.


Crowd Reaction: 69%

Match Quality: 78%

Overall Rating: 73%

In the ring, Boss Man is continuing his onslaught, beating Jeff and Matt about with the nightstick. He begins to choke Jeff out with it, when Rikishi, of all people, comes barreling down the aisle. Albert eats a superkick to the jaw, while Boss Man tries to hit Rikishi with the stick. Rikishi gives him a big gut shot, then flattens the Boss Man with the Rikishi Driver. And then, for no reason, Rikishi does for us a little soft shoe. Rikishi comes to the aid of the Hardy Boyz here tonight, and on a monitor, The McMahon-Helmsley Faction doesn't look incredibly pleased with this.

Backstage now, where Test is just casually walking, wearing that protective face guard. Test gets a call on his cell phone, and goes to answer it, when Al Snow charges out of nowhere, taking down Test from behind. Test hits the ground face-first, and the nose guard protects his fall. Snow with some rights and lefts, then gets Test up against the wall, and continues to slug him. With Test worn down, and off-guard, Snow pulls off his face mask and grabs a nearby chair. Test takes a chair shot to the face. And another. And another. Test and Al Snow have not had problems recently, but it looks like they will now, as Test is left lying in a puddle of his own blood that is gushing out of his nose.

Overall Rating: 64%

There's Triple H leaving the McMahon-Helmsley locker room. Up next, he'll have the honor of taking on The Big Show, with the WWF Title on the line

MATCH TWO: WWF TITLE MATCH: Triple H (challenger) v. The Big Show (champion)

Last week on RAW, Triple H was unsuccessful in his bid to become a three-time WWF Champion, but tonight, he looks more confident as he makes his way down the ramp, minus D-X. Big Show comes out, and Triple H meets him on the ramp, as they brawl down to the ring. Triple H gets the advantage in the trading of blows, and he whips Big Show into the steel ring steps. The Big Show collides with them back-first and lets out a mighty howl. Triple H tosses Big Show into the barrier between the fans and the action, and begins chopping the hell out of his chest. With each chop, Big Show doubles over in pain. Triple H whips the big man head first into the steel ring post, then gently tosses him into the ring. Here, Triple H allows Show to get up, then hits his standard offense, including a facebuster and a high knee. These only get him a two count, that the Big Show powers out of like a monster. Triple H cannot believe it. Triple H tries to punch him back down, and take control, but Big Show wins the momentum. He hits Triple H with a big boot and a sidewalk slam, but only manages two. The Big Show signals for the Choke Slam, and here comes Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley to get on the apron. As Stephanie and senior official Earl Hebner have it out, Show grows angry. Triple H responds to this with a low blow, and a Pedigree. Hebner turns around and we have a new WWF Champion.


Crowd Reaction: 88%

Match Quality: 57%

Overall Rating: 78%

Triple H is not through with the Big Show in the ring, and he flattens the monster with another Pedigree. Now he's calling for a chair, and he lays it out in the middle of the ring. Big Show takes a third Pedigree onto a steel chair. Big Show is busted open, as Triple H is handed his WWF Title by his wife, and he holds it up high, celebrating as he walks up the ramp.

Backstage, Kevin Kelly is with Buh Buh Ray Dudley

"Buh Buh, last night on Heat we all witnessed the horrific injury your partner D-Von suffered against The Headbangers, which has put him on the shelf indefinitely. Tonight, you've challenged The Headbangers to a hardcore match, but my question is, why?"

"Why? Those assholes injured my partner. It's all their fault, and they need to pay for this."

"Well, who do you have in mind for a partner?"

It is here that Stevie Richards enters the scene, dressed regularly, holding a kendo stick, and appearing to not be his usually joking self.

"Oh no. Oh hell no. I'm not teaming up with you. You're a----"

"A joke? A clown? A loser? You know Buh Buh, I thought that being the lovable loser, the good guy, the person every one turned to for comic relief that I could make something of myself. You know where that routine got me? I'm the butt of every joke. I'm a laughingstock, and I'm ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. The insults, the jeers, the rejection you people have put me through, all of this has taken me to a very dark place deep inside of me that's ready to emerge here in the WWF. I'm tired of being Stevie Richards, the stupid jerk every one looks to for humor or impersonations. Buh Buh, you let me team with you tonight, and I'll show all of you that I'm not some joke, but I am truly one person you don't want to mess with."

"If you screw this up, so help me, I'll kill you."

"Let's go Buh Buh, it's our time to shine."

Buh Buh Ray and Stevie Richards walk off, and their match with The Headbangers is next.

Overall Rating: 76%

Stevie Richards debuted his new gimmick, Psycho, it got a positive response.

Stevie Richards heel turn is complete, and he gained overness from this turn.

Stevie Richards gained overness from this segment

Buh Buh Ray Dudley gained overness from this segment

MATCH THREE: Hardcore Match: Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Stevie Richards v. The Headbangers

Footage is shown from last night on Heat, where D-Von and Thrasher got tangled up, and D-Von suffered a very serious knee injury that will put him on the shelf for 12-18 months. As JR wishes D-Von the best, Stevie and Buh Buh take it to The Headbangers. This match is an absolute squash. While Buh Buh Ray takes it to Mosh on the outside, it is interesting to note the transformation that Stevie Richards has made from Jakked/Heat loser to serious competitor. In the ring with Thrasher, he allows Thrasher to strike him over the head with a kendo stick three times, as each of the shots appear to make Stevie stronger. Thrasher seems freaked out by the new Stevie who dominates him in the ring. Stevie flattens Thrasher with all sorts of plunder, including a trash can lid and multiple chair shots. Finally, after issuing an extremely vicious beating, and with Buh Buh having finished Mosh on the outside, Stevie sets up a table in the ring. He powerbombs Thrasher through it with a sadistic smile on his face. Stevie covers, and this one's over.

YOUR WINNERS: Stevie Richards and Buh Buh Ray Dudley

Crowd Reaction: 43%

Match Quality: 69%

Overall Rating: 56%

This match suffered because the crowd were still pumped from the last one, and so this bout was seen as something of a let-down to them.

With Thrasher laid out, Stevie orders Buh Buh Ray to bring Mosh into the ring. Buh Buh Ray looks at him leery, but Stevie shoves him and tells him he's calling the shots. Mosh is tossed back into the ring as Stevie sets up another table. Mosh is a victim of a powerbomb through the table as well. Stevie then grabs the mic.

"Am I a joke now? Huh? Am I? I DON'T THINK SO! Let this be a lesson to every one in the back, that I am not a loser."

Buh Buh Ray Dudley appears quite impressed with the new mean streak in Stevie, and they walk off, raising each other's hands in victory and retreat up the ramp.

Backstage, there's Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and in just a few moments, we'll find out who that Intercontinental Title she's brandishing belongs to.

The Headbangers had to be stretchered out of the arena as a result of Stevie Richards new sadistic streak. JR doesn't approve of Stevie's new persona.

In the ring, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley stands, with the Intercontinental Title draped over her shoulder. On her left is referee Chad Patten, on her right is referee Jim Kordaris

"As we all saw this past Thursday on Smackdown, it seems we have quite the dilemna regarding this piece of gold right here. Is the rightful champion Chris Jericho, or does this belt rightfully belong to Chyna? Before we get the opinions of these two gentlemen behind me, let's take one last look at Smackdown so we can decide who the REAL champion is."

The footage is shown, with Jericho and Chyna each making a pinfall.

"Now, Mr. Kordaris, let's start with you. After viewing this footage once more, who do you believe the Intercontinental champion is?"

"There is no doubt in my mind that the belt belongs to Chyna!"

"Well, then, why don't we bring Chyna out here?"

Chyna's music hits, and she comes out to a reasonable pop.

"Oops. Oh my. It seems I forgot to ask Mr. Patten here his opinion. Mr. Patten, who do YOU believe the champion is?"

"I truly believe that the belt belongs to Chris Jericho."

"OK then, Chris, you'd better come out here as well."

Chris Jericho's music hits, and he comes out to an electric pop from the Miami crowd.

"All right. Now that we have all of the parties in this historic decision gathered, it's my time to rule. Me and Triple H deliberated long into the early hours of this morning, and we came to a decision that we truly believe is fair. Chris, Chyna, NEITHER ONE OF YOU makes a compelling argument as to why you should be the Champion. And being that neither of these referees can come to one solid conclusion, our decision is this. As of right now, the Intercontinental Title is officially vacant. (Chris and Chyna begin yelling and arguing over this). Wait just a minute. I'm not finished. On the 23rd of this month, we will be having the Royal Rumble. Me and Triple H have decided that at the Rumble, it's going to be CHRIS JERICHO... (Crowd cheers)... versus CHYNA (less cheering) in a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH! (Chris and Chyna look at each other in disbelief) Oops. It appears I've been quite forgetful this evening. Allow me to introduce the third member of that match!"

Hardcore Holly takes down Chris Jericho from behind and begins pounding on him. Chyna goes to take care of Holly, but Crash Holly has hit the ring to help his cousin, and him and Chyna begin brawling. Chyna gets the better of Crash, clotheslining him to the outside, while Jericho is flattened by Holly with the Falcon Arrow. As Chyna goes to tend to Jericho, Hardcore backs up the ramp, motioning the Intercontinental Title will be around his waist after Royal Rumble.

Overall Rating: 80%

Backstage now, and there's Tori walking. She seems a little paranoid, and, turning a corner, walks smack dab into Kurt Angle.

"Whoa, somebody needs to watch where they're freaking going. You could have injured the only Olympic Gold Medalist in WWF history."

Tori just stares at him, a look of fear spreading across her face.

"What? What's the matter with you?"

Tori takes off. The cameramen follow her to a remote locker room, where Kane just happens to be. She runs in out of breath, and fearful.

"Kane... Kane... Kurt Angle... he tried to... he tried to... rape me!"


"Kurt Angle, that sick pervert, he tried to have his way with me."

Kane's heard all he needed, and he storms out of there, with Tori.

Overall Rating: 53%

Triple H caught wind of Kurt Angle's shenanigans backstage, and was appalled. He booked Kurt Angle versus Kane as a result of Kurt's lecherous ways.

MATCH FOUR: Kurt Angle (w/ Steve Blackman) v. Kane (w/ Tori)

Kurt Angle appears quite angry, and he believes Tori is sullying his reputation. Kane and Tori come out together, and Angle dares Tori to enter this ring. Instead, he gets Kane, who proceeds to dominate him all around the ring. Kane uses his size and power advantage to wear Kurt Angle out, and proceeds to work on his throat, lifting him for numerous choke lifts, as well as striking him with throat thrusts a-plenty. Kane hits a sidewalk slam that only gets him two. As Angle is being worn down, here comes X-Pac from the back. X-Pac strolls down to ringside, and Tori seems pleased to see him. The combination of X-Pac, Tori, and pleasure overwhelms Kane, who approaches that area to see what is going on. As X-Pac begins taunting Kane from the outside, Kurt Angle rolls Kane up with a desperation roll-up that is just enough to get him a three count.


Crowd Reaction: 80%

Match Quality: 75%

Overall Rating: 78%

Kane pops right back up as Angle high-tails it out of the ring. On the outside, X-Pac waves good bye to Tori, and heads up the ramp. Kane is incensed, and goes to leave the ring, but he's pulled back in, by Blackman, who strikes with a kendo stick shot to the head. This has no effect on Kane, who pulls the stick from Blackman's hand, then delivers a mighty choke slam. Blackman's laid out, and Kane lets that pyro loose, as the Miami crowd cheers.

Backstage, Dr. X, new jobber to the stars, is walking when he's struck down by a swinging open door. Emerging from that room is The Rock, who is walking with a purpose. The Rock has to beat The New Age Outlaws next, or he is fired from the company. Win, and he brings Mick Foley back to the fold.

Overall rating: 97%

MAIN EVENT: Handicap, You're Fired Match With Too Many Stipulations To Name: The Rock v. The New Age Outlaws

The Outlaws are out first, and no mic work from the Dogg tonight. Rock races down to get this one on, and again, he falls victim to the numbers game. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn get right to work on The Rock. Road Dogg wears out Rock with his series of goofy punches, knocking down Rock with a big right, and coming back with the shaky knee drop. Billy Gunn responds by working over The Rock's back, hitting him with a big back body drop, as well as a Jackhammer that scores only a two count. The Rock is on spaghetti legs and looks as if he will be finished in this one. Billy Gunn holds Road Dogg to punch The Rock some more, but Rock ducks, and Dogg strikes down Gunn, then eats a spinebuster. The Rock goes for the People's Elbow and connects Chioda goes to count three, but Gunn tries to break it up, only for Rock to move, and Billy to elbow Dogg. Dogg's done, and so is Billy. There's the Rock Bottom! The Rock hooks the leg and Mick Foley is reinstated!


Crowd Reaction: 79%

Match Quality: 71%

Overall Rating: 76%

Backstage, on a monitor, Triple H begins to seethe as he watches The Rock stand victorious over the Outlaws, and thus, brought back Mick Foley to the WWF fold. The night that had once been going in the favor of D-X has now been spoiled as The Rock celebrates and the show closes.

Overall Show Rating: 74%

WWF got a 6.49 rating for 'RAW'

The attendance level was 7015 people

WWF made $280600 from ticket sales.


The WCW roster cutting spree continued, with 30 more superstars being released. The WWF signed one of the released, Mona, to a 1 year contract, and sent her to Ohio Valley Wrestling

The Headbangers have been demoted to Ohio Valley Wrestling following last night's brutal beat down. They might return with new characters.

Tazz was recalled from OVW and is expected to debut soon.

The Godfather, Mideon and Debra have all been pulled from TV tapings, and are expected to be re-packaged or released.

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Guest Prototype

Im enjoying this diary so far. I hope Kane can get away from his feud with X-Pac and move on. Good to see Foley reinstated and Trips with the belt. I like Richards' new gimmick. I hope Gangrel gets a push. I always liked that guy.

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Guest SteveBoobs

user posted image


Taped to air LIVE: January 6th, 2000

From Orlando, Florida

Hey, it's Smackdown. For those of you who failed to join us on RAW, you get your obligatory video package to start the show. Triple H won himself the WWF Title from The Big Show on Monday, and The Rock promptly stole his thunder by beating The New Age Outlaws in a handicap match and winning Mick Foley's way back into the WWF.

Some very loud pyros, and the Orlando crowd is hot. Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler are at ringside, and boy, do they have some super hot action for us tonight. Tonight, Kane teams up with Test to take on the tandem of Kurt Angle and X-Pac. Also tonight, by order of the Faction, Rikishi battles Prince Albert.

And we start the show with some good old fashioned promo-time. "My Time" hits, and Triple H comes out with the WWF Title around that waist of his. Cole notes he's supposed to be happy, but isn't due to the fact that the Outlaws let him down, and that Mick Foley is back.

As Triple H gets into the ring, the crowd begins chanting "FOLEY" at him.

"You people shut your damn mouths! Is that who you want to see? Mick Foley? Well, that's too damn bad, because Mick isn't here tonight. (Booing). But, rest assured, if Mick were here tonight, I'd kick his ass like I kicked The Big Show's this past Monday night. You see, last Monday was supposed to be all about The Game, and me becoming a three-time WWF Champion. It was supposed to be my night. I was the one who was supposed to be standing tall last week. But, The New Age Outlaws couldn't complete one simple task. All they had to do was pin The Rock, one, two, three, and all of D-X's problems would be over. But now, our problems are merely just beginning again. I cannot stand for failure, and the Outlaws, they failed on RAW. They let down their leader, and all of D-X's fans around the world, and that is not something me and Stephanie take very lightly. So together, the two of us, we came up with a fitting punishment for The Outlaws. They stole my thunder, and now they're going to have to pay. So tonight, in this very ring, it's going to be The New Age Outlaws, against The Rock.... AND THE ACOLYTES! You see guys, I found out about your little plan to try and save The Acolytes for the Rumble, and after this past Monday's incident, I figured you two would be raring to soften them up for the Royal Rumble. Tonight, you guys better get the job done, or else! And as for The Game, well, after my truly historic victory over The Big Show, I've decided that I earned the night off. But rest assured, I will be backstage, and I will make sure Mick Foley doesn't show up and get involved with any of tonight's proceedings!"

Overall Rating: 82%

Triple H drops the mic and takes off, as the crowd continues to boo him, chanting for Mick Foley, and for The Rock as well.

MATCH ONE: WWF EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Val Venis (Champion) v. Gangrel (Challenger)

Val Venis makes his way out for a big European Title defense this evening. Gangrel comes out as our announcers talk about all of the other happenings for this evening. This match seems to be added to the show as filler, as Val takes it to Gangrel, wearing him out with technical submissions and the like. A Russian Leg Sweep only gets Val two, and he begins to work on Gangrel's back. He figures the best place to damage one's back is by tossing them into the corner. He tosses Gangrel there, and Gangrel pulls referee Chad Patten into the way as Venis comes in for a charge. Patten goes down as Val Venis tries to revive the referee. Gangrel goes to the outside, and grabs his goblet of blood. He spits the blood into Val's eyes, then flattens him with the Impaler DDT. Gangrel covers, and Patten is miraculously revived. There's a three count.


Crowd Reaction: 57%

Match Quality: 56%

Overall Rating: 56%

Gangrel gained overness from this match

Gangrel makes off up the ramp with his new found gold, as Lawler makes a stupid joke that Gangrel will represent Transylvania proud.

Backstage now, where Kevin Kelly is standing with Stevie Richards and Buh Buh Ray Dudley.

"Stevie, Bubba, last Monday you two viciously assaulted The Headbangers, putting the two out of action indefinitely. Tonight, you will face Edge and Christian. Do you feel Edge----"

Stevie interrupts him.

"This past Monday, when we were taking care of The Headbangers, I felt something I haven't felt in a long-time. You know what it was Kevin? Satisfaction. As I raised Thrasher up off that mat, and powerbombed him through a table, and looked at him, laid out and folded up like an accordian, I felt a satisfaction that I haven't felt in years. To take someone who had once ridiculed me so, and make him feel just a fraction of the pain I have felt in my time here in the WWF, was one of the greatest feelings in the world. When I did the same thing to Mosh, it was even more gratifying. You thought that display was something, Kevin? I don't hate The Headbangers half as much as I hate Edge & Christian! Nothing irks me more than two pretty boy blondes prancing around like they own the place. Edge, Christian, tonight, I want to take you to that deep dark place, I want to make you feel the pain Thrasher and Mosh are experiencing as they recuperate in some dingy hospital room. I want to send the both of you straight down to the depths that I had sunk to. When me and Buh Buh get through with you tonight, they're going to have to identify your bodies with your DENTAL RECORDS!"

"That's right Kevin. I, too, did not take Stevie seriously at first. But after watching him single-handedly manhandle the Headbangers without even needing my assistance, I realized that this is the man who will help carry me to tag team glory in the WWF. Edge, Christian, we're gunning for you two, so you'd better be ready to feel some pain."

They storm off, as Stevie lets out a disturbing primal scream.

Overall Rating: 64%

Stevie Richards gained overness from this segment.

MATCH TWO: Edge & Christian v. Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Stevie Richards

As both teams make their entrances, Michael Cole wonders aloud just what in the hell has gotten into Stevie Richards these past few weeks. Buh Buh Ray starts with Edge, and Edge takes it to him, dominating him with clotheslines and a big Electric Chair Drop. Edge gets a couple of near falls on Buh Buh, but tags out to Christian, who lets Buh Buh tag Stevie in. This was a big mistake, and it would be a fatal one. Stevie Richards proceeds to deliver another momentous ass-whooping, and he furiously pounds and clubs on Christian, who can do nothing to stop this. Edge charges in, only to eat a Stevie Kick to the jaw. After pounding and tossing Christian around the ring, he raises Christian off the mat, and flattens him with a Stevie Kick as well. Stevie Richards has done it again.

YOUR WINNERS: Buh Buh Ray Dudley & Stevie Richards

Crowd Reaction: 65%

Match Quality: 81%

Overall Rating: 73%

Buh Buh Ray has taken down Edge on the outside with a steel chair shot, and he slides a table into the ring for Stevie to use. Stevie gets a devious look in his eyes, and begins glaring at Christian. He chokes him furiously, as Edge is down on the outside. Stevie lifts Christian off the mat, and delivers him a powerbomb through the table. On the outside, he notices Edge trying to stagger to his feet. He tells Buh Buh Ray to do the honors, and Buh Buh kicks him back down. They place a chair on the floor, and Stevie and Buh Buh hit a massive double DDT that leaves Edge out on the floor. Stevie and Buh Buh walk off with crazed looks in their eyes.

MATCH THREE: Rikishi v. Prince Albert

This match was arranged by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley as a result of Rikishi's meddling this past Monday night. Rikishi was merely sticking up for The Hardyz, but apparently, friendship is overrated here. Prince Albert and Rikishi trade blows for the opening minutes of this match. Albert takes the advantage, and begins trying to wear down Rikishi by any means necessary. A sleeperhold fails him, as does numerous other restholds that Rikishi is able to get out of. Prince Albert decides furious choking is the answer, and this is able to wear out Big Kish. Big Boss Man makes his presence known, racing out from the back with nightstick. He goes to slide the nightstick in to Albert, but referee Jim Kordaris cuts him off. As Albert and Kordaris and Boss Man argue, Boss Man's interference proves useless, as Albert turns around into a big Rikishi superkick. Rikishi picks him up and hits the Rikishi Driver. Boss Man stares in disbelief as Rikishi takes the win.


Crowd Reaction: 65%

Match Quality: 62%

Overall Rating: 63%

Rikishi dares the Boss Man to bring it, but Boss Man's apparently a coward, and walks back up the ramp to a smattering of boos.

Hey, we're backstage again. There's Test, who's wearing a new face guard, after a vicious assault from Al Snow on Monday. Test, as we all know is teaming up with Kane to take on Kurt Angle and X-Pac later this evening. As Test continues to walk around backstage, he gets the strange sense he's being followed. He decides to turn and walk the other way, only for crazy Al Snow to jump him from the way he was just heading. Cole and Lawler wonder why Snow is assaulting Test, but here he goes again, with more furious punching and forearms from behind. Test is once again reduced to weakness, and Snow clobbers him in the face with a brick he was carrying. He tears off the face mask, then clobbers Test in the face with Head, instead of the brick he just used for some reason. Test is out and bleeding once more, as Snow walks off.

Overall Rating: 66%

Backstage, we're in McMahon-Helmsley country. That's right, everyone's there. Well, OK, only Steph and Hunter are there, and they seem to be enjoying each other's company. There's a knock on the door.

"Come in."

Kane storms in with Tori to a good pop.

"What do you two want?"

"Weren't you just watching? Kane's partner, Test, just got assaulted by Al Snow. Now who's Kane going to team with?"

Triple H goes to answer, but Stephanie interrupts him.

"Yes, Kane does need a new partner. And I know just the person. Why, Tori, you wrestle don't you?"


Kane goes to grab Stephanie, and it's Triple H's time to step in.

"Hey, easy there, big fella, you lay a hand on her, and I'll suspend your ass indefinitely."

"Yeah, that's right. He will. Kane, tonight, seeing as Tori wants nothing more than to get it on with Kurt Angle and X-Pac, she'll be your partner!!!"

"What's happened to you Stephanie? How can you do this to me? I won't do it!"

"Fine, don't do it. Then I'll have no choice but to suspend you indefinitely WITHOUT PAY!"

Tori just shuts up before she makes it any worse on herself, and dejectedly, storms out with Kane, who is staring down Hunter and Stephanie.

Overall Rating: 86%

We're backstage once more, and there's Chris Jericho, standing by with Jonathan Coachman.

"Chris, you have a big battle this upcoming Sunday on Heat with Hardcore Holly, who, as we all know, will be taking on you and Chyna for the Intercontinental Title at the Royal Rumble."

"Yeah, that's right Coach, Baldcore Holly thinks he's man enough to step into the ring with Y2J. Lemme tell ya something ass clown, Chyna is way more of a man than you could ever hope to be. And Chyna, doll, it's going to be a pleasure for me to strip you of your dignity at the Royal Rumble, when I take back what is rightfully mine, the Intercontinental Title."

Chyna feels the need to interrupt these proceedings.

"Chris, I hate to break it to you, but it's not going to be you leaving Madison Square Garden with the Intercontinental Title. That belt's going to look far greater around my waist when I defeat both you and Hardcore on the 23rd."

"You dummies are both wrong."

Hardcore Holly, and cousin Crash have entered the scene.

"Jericho, Chyna, I'm having a hard time figuring out which one of you is supposed to be the man right now, but you two have about as much chance of walking out of the Rumble with the Intercontinental Title as Crash does of winning the damn Royal Rumble. (Crash sort of glares at Hardcore). That title belongs to me. You two had your chance, and you blew it last week."

"Is that so?" interjects Jericho.

"Yeah, what're you gonna do about it, pansy?"

Jericho strikes Hardcore, and we got a nice big brawl going on backstage. Jericho tosses Hardcore face first into the Smackdown logo. Meanwhile, Chyna is chasing Crash around the set area, as Crash is nimbly dodging her. Jericho takes Hardcore down and locks him in the Walls of Jericho. Hardcore is tapping out as road agents and referees run in to break up the fracas.

Overall Rating: 65%

Chris Jericho lost overness from this segment

MATCH FOUR: Kurt Angle & X-Pac v. Kane & Tori

Kane looks quite cautious about bringing Tori out here to have to wrestle as Cole blasts the current administration. Kurt Angle has a mic.

"Your Olympic Hero has arrived here in Orlando! Tonight, Kurt Angle is going to accomplish another historic feat to add to my numerous great achievements. Yes, it's true. That's right, another name will be added to the long list of victims that Kurt Angle has pinned here in WWF. See, Kane, I have no problems with you, ya big galoot, but I do have a problem with your girlfriend. It's true, it's true. Kane, you do seem a tad bit slow, so maybe you haven't realized this yet, but Tori is a liar. Not only is she a liar, but she is a horrible liar. I would never lay a finger on a weak, defenseless woman such as Tori. After all, SHE'S THE ONE WHO RAN INTO ME!"

Kane strikes Angle in the throat while he's talking as X-Pac races out without an entrance to get this one underway. Kane throat thrusts Angle into the corner and begins pounding the hell out of him. A flurry of offense is delivered to Angle, who, rather than stick around and try to fight back, tags in X-Pac. X-Pac and Kane have quite the battle, with X-Pac weakening Kane's legs with kicks and the sort, while Kane slugs Pac down with punches and throat thrusts. It is at one point that Kane, thinking he has this match all wrapped up, as X-Pac is downed following a full nelson slam, decides tagging in Tori, who begs for the tag, is a smart idea. Tori comes in and tells X-Pac to tag out to Angle. X-Pac obliges happily, and Angle comes in to tangle with Tori. Initially, Tori takes it to Angle, as Angle's afraid to strike her in the face. Meanwhile, on the outside, X-Pac has tripped Kane off the apron. In the ring, Angle changes his mind about female violence and begins systematically destroying Tori. An Olympic Slam finishes her off.

YOUR WINNERS: Kurt Angle & X-Pac

Crowd Reaction: 69%

Match Quality: 72%

Overall Rating: 70%

Kane has taken down X-Pac outside, and races into the ring to tend to Tori, as Angle retreats up the ramp. Kane glares at Angle, while Angle celebrates up the ramp.

Backstage, it's Kevin Kelly and.....

"Rock, tonight you team up with The Acolytes to-----"

"FINALLY... THE ROCK... HAS COME BACK... TO ORLANDO! And you see Hermie, The Rock couldn't be happier, because one of The Rock's new year's resolutions came true, and MICK FOLEY IS BACK, BABY! And as for The New Age Outlaws, it's very obvious to The Rock that they underestimated the force of The Rock, which is why they went down one, two, three like the little bitches they are this past Monday. The New Age Outlaws couldn't even beat The Rock, what makes those two believe they can beat The Rock AND The Acolytes? But The Rock's not worried about The Outlaws, you see, in less than three weeks, Madison Square Garden, The Rock is getting ready, getting jakked, for the Royal Rumble match. 29 other superstars and The Rock, and one by one, each of the superstars is going to be tossed from the ring, it doesn't matter if it's X-Pac, it doesn't matter if it's The Big Show, it doesn't matter if it's Steve Blackman, it doesn't matter! The Rock's tossing out 29 other superstars and fulfilling his destiny of going to WrestleMania! So Triple H, I hope you enjoy being WWF Champion right now, because you're merely warming up that belt for The Rock to take it from your monkey ass in Anaheim! In conclusion, The Rock says this. Right now, The Rock's going out to the ring, and he's going to team up with The Acolytes to defeat The New Age Outlaws all for the people.... who are chanting The Rock's name. So, Billy, Road Dogg, aw hell it doesn't matter what your names are, prepare to check your asses into the Smackdown Hotel! IF YA SMELL... WHAT THE ROCK... IS COOKIN..."

Overall Rating: 90%

MAIN EVENT: The New Age Outlaws v. The Acolytes & The Rock.

Hoo boy. The New Age Outlaws come out, and they don't look too pleased about this situation. They realize they're learning tough love from the game, but it wasn't supposed to be like this. The Outlaws hold their own for the early goings of the match, taking it to Bradshaw as well as Faarooq, as Triple H makes his presence felt, coming down to ringside for a little color commentary. Triple H watches as Faarooq takes it to Billy Gunn. Faarooq hits a vicious spinebuster and tags out to Bradshaw, who comes in looking for The Clothesline From Hell. However, Road Dogg pulls the top rope down and Bradshaw hurtles to the floor. The NAO take control back, and they dominate Faarooq and Bradshaw once more, working over them with standard offense, including a shaky knee drop on Bradshaw for two. Road Dogg tags back out to Billy, and Bradshaw claws back in. Both men end up down, and while Billy tags Dogg, Bradshaw tags The Rock. This leads to trouble, and The Rock takes it to Billy Gunn and Road Dogg. Road Dogg eats a Rock Bottom, as does Billy Gunn. Billy takes the People's Elbow as The Acolytes look on. The Rock covers and this one's over.

YOUR WINNERS: The Acolytes & The Rock

Crowd Reaction: 71%

Match Quality: 68%

Overall Rating: 70%

The Acolytes drag the Outlaws out of the ring, and whoop their asses up the ramp, as The Rock climbs a turnbuckle and celebrates. His celebration is fleeting, as Trips leaves the announce booth and slams him down. The Rock eats the high knee, the facebuster, and The Pedigree, face-first onto Triple H's WWF Title. As The Rock is out, Triple H lifts him up, and belts out "WHERE'S MICK FOLEY TO SAVE YOU NOW?" The show closes with Triple H plastering The Rock over the face with the belt, then standing tall, taunting the crowd.

Overall Show Rating: 67%

WWF got a 5.78 rating for 'Smackdown!'!

The attendance level was 7033 people.

WWF made $281320 from ticket sales.


7 more WCW superstars were released, and the WWF has not approached any with contract offers.

Mick Foley is slated to be at RAW this Monday.

The Undertaker is gearing up for a return to the ring.

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Guest Prototype

Godo show. I was surprised Stevei and Buh Buh went over E&C, and easily too. Poor Test cant catch a break! hehe. I wonder if we'll see a split from DX for the NAO? Cool to see Gangrel win the Euro title.

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Guest SteveBoobs

user posted image


Taped to air, January 8th, 2000

It's Saturday, and roughly 3 AM, which means, time for some more hardcore Jakked action. Our hosts are Kevin Kelly and Michael Hayes, and tonight's Jakked is going to be the greatest edition of a wrestling program EVER. Well, maybe not. Tonight, Aguila & Funaki are in the house, and our main event once again features D-Lo Brown, tonight he battles Mideon.

OPENING CONTEST: The Acolytes v. Rodney & Joey Abs

The Mean Street Posse come out in unison, as we still learn they're winless in WWF action. Upon further research, I discover that on a late-1999 edition of Heat, they took care of The Headbangers. But, you know, facts are overrated in this company. The Acolytes, who will be fighting for the tag team titles at the Royal Rumble in a few weeks, will be going over unless an act of god allows the Posse to get some sort of momentum. Total jobber squash, like the glory days. The Acolytes even allow Pete Gas to get some action, and they destroy him as well. After thoroughly manhandling the Posse, Bradshaw finishes Joey Abs with the Clothesline From Hell. And then, after the bell, it's some more total annihilation, Jakked style. BOOYA!

YOUR WINNERS: The Acolytes

Crowd Reaction: 53%

Match Quality: 67%

Overall Rating: 60%

Hey, later tonight, we'll see The Rock win Mick Foley a job, then get his ass kicked by Triple H on Smackdown. Also, Stevie Richards's transformation. But after the break, Gangrel is in the house.

MATCH TWO: Gangrel (WWF European Champion) v. Dr. X

This was taped before Gangrel actually won the Euro Belt and days after the Gillberg gimmick was killed, leaving Duane Gill to don a mask and revive Dr. X. I wish we'd gotten some closure to Gillberg. Maybe they could have harpooned him in the chest with a pitchfork, at least killed the character off. Dr. X doesn't even get in a punch or a kick, instead, Gangrel just demolishes him for four minutes, as the announcers put over him defeating Val Venis for the European belt. The Impaler DDT finishes X off.


Crowd Reaction: 51%

Match Quality: 43%

Overall Rating: 48%

Here's a video. This past week, Kurt Angle ran into Tori into a hallway. This lead to Angle not only defeating Kane on RAW this past Monday, but Angle manhandling Tori in a tag match with Angle and X-Pac facing off with Kane and Tori. Kane was not pleased with Angle's tomfoolery to say the least. No doubt, the situation could become volatile between the two this week on RAW. It looks like X-Pac/Tori has been completely phased out of current storylines. OR IS IT ALL A SHOCKING SWERVE? OMG OMG OMG

Still to come on Jakked, Stevie Richards turned psychotic and began teaming with Buh Buh Ray Dudley. Also, Triple H, The Rock, and Mick Foley engage in a friendly rhubarb amongst friends. Stay tuned!

Hey, in case you lived under a rock this week, Stevie Richards snapped. Following D-Von Dudley's serious knee injury suffered against The Headbangers on Heat, Stevie stepped up to team with Buh Buh Ray, and hit a home run, not only dominating The Headbangers, but Edge & Christian on Smackdown as well. Only time will tell how far Stevie and Buh Buh will go in the WWF.

Also, this week, the Intercontinental Title dispute was resolved. Stephanie decided Chris Jericho, Chyna, and Hardcore Holly will battle at the Royal Rumble in a triple threat to crown a decisive champion. And during the past week, The Hollys and Chyna & Jericho got into quite the brawls, including a real Pier 6'er backstage on Smackdown. Who will win at the Rumble?

Still to come, a couple more matches, and The Rock gets Foley a job.

MATCH THREE: Funaki & Aguila v. Rapid Fire Maldonado & Jason Breeze

Putting Funaki and Aguila over established talent would be a shame for sure, so the WWF hires two jobbers to come in and do the job. We're shown highlights of Aguila's impressive showing last week on Jakked (who knew Jakked tapings were archived? I figured they burned all the footage after showing them). Aguila does not fail to disappoint, and delivers another all out spot fest, dominating Rapid Fire and Breeze singlehandedly. A moonsault puts Rapid Fire away as Funaki & Aguila celebrate another hard fought victory.

YOUR WINNERS: Funaki & Aguila

Crowd Reaction: 28%

Match Quality: 52%

Overall Rating: 40%

OK, now we get Triple H making stipulations for The Rock. This was all before he defeated The Big Show for the WWF Title, which we see footage of. Triple H dominated that match, and The Rock dominated the New Age Outlaws, earning Mick Foley a job again. However, Mick Foley was not in Orlando in time for Smackdown, and as a result, The Rock took a Triple H ass-kicking following The Rock and The Acolytes defeat of The Outlaws once more. Triple H asked The Rock where Mick Foley was to save him, and apparently, he wasn't there that night.

Overall Rating: 88%

Hey, main event, up next.

MAIN EVENT: D-Lo Brown v. Mideon

This could be the last time we see Mideon for a while, as he has been pulled from television to undergo a gimmick change of sorts. D-Lo Brown is being wasted once more to Jakked matches. Mideon, who is riding a one match win streak following his win over Stevie last week, is taken to school by D-Lo. D-Lo doesn't want to screw around and take too long with his victory, so he pins Mideon following the Sky High.


Crowd Reaction: 56%

Match Quality: 63%

Overall Rating: 59%

For the second week in a row, we close with D-Lo celebrating.

Show Rating: 59%

We got a 0.04 rating for 'Jakked'!

The attendance level was 6503 people.

We made $260120 from ticket sales.


WWF public image has taken a huge hit, falling from 60% earlier this month to a measly 45%

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Guest SteveBoobs

user posted image


TAPED TO AIR: January 9th, 2000

It would be cool if Heat had a theme song with words. They could be like "It's Sunday, it's Sunday, it's Sunday, watch Heat or die". I read something earlier today about a kid who pushed his mother out a window for not letting him watch Sunday Night Heat. I didn't realize the commentary of Kevin Kelly & Michael Cole, as well as d-list superstars duking it out was really that important to the youth of america, but it seems so. Oh right, it's Heat time. Tonight on Heat, as we all heard on Smackdown, Chris Jericho goes one-on-one with Hardcore Holly. Also tonight, TAKA Michinoku puts the Lightheavyweight strap on the line against Hardcore's cousin, Crash. I thought Crash was a superheavyweight?

OPENING CONTEST: D-Lo Brown v. Viscera

Viscera and his remarkable girth are barely able to make it down the ramp, and we're reminded he's a former King of The Ring. What that had to do with anything, I'll never know, being that KOTR is about five months away. D-Lo's the opponent for Vis tonight, and D-Lo's been riding an impressive win streak of late. Vis appears to be too strong for D-Lo, and he dominates him with fat blob moves to start this match appropriately. Viscera eventually wears D-Lo out with the restholds and blobbery, and goes for the Big Splash, only for D-Lo to get out of the way. This leads to that cool D-Lo leg drop with the hand motions and stuff. It's all D-Lo after that ego-deflating move, and the Lo Down frog splash ends this one.


Crowd Reaction: 57%

Match Quality: 44%

Overall Rating: 53%

Viscera didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match quality

Hey, coming up later, Triple H wins the WWF Title, and makes some stipulations. Also, Kurt Angle and Kane have Tori issues.

MATCH TWO: Ivory v. Jacqueline

It's sad to say this is the first women's match in the WWF in 2000. The women's division is scarce, that and The Kat's a whore who's really good for nothing but being a whore. Ivory and Jacqueline are likely looking forward to Mona's arrival. This match is a solid outing between the two, nothing incredibly special. Being that they haven't fought in a real match in a while, ring rust is noticeable. Following a missed opportunity by Jacqueline, Ivory makes her pay, finishing her with a big DDT.


Crowd Reaction: 49%

Match Quality: 49%

Overall Rating: 48%

This past week, there were issues between Kurt Angle and Kane. Namely, Tori doesn't know how to walk blind corners and runs into greatness like Kurt Angle. So Tori, thinking she's been raped by this incident, tells Kane, and Kane loses to Angle on RAW via X-Pac's distraction. The feud that was once shaping up to be X-Pac and Kane has seemingly transformed into Kurt Angle and Kane, as Angle, who Tori wanted to fight in their tag match this past week, lifted all objections on women beating to deliver Tori a huge ass-kicking and flatten her with the Olympic Slam. As Angle celebrated, Kane steamed, and Tori, well Tori was likely hurt. What could happen on RAW?

Overall Rating: 85%

Commercial time, big Heat action between Jeff Hardy and Steve Blackman still to come.

Hey, you know what else happened this week? There was that whole thing where Stevie Richards went off the deep end. After cutting two very twisted promos on RAW and Smackdown, Stevie helped Buh Buh Ray deliver some impressive tag team victories over The Headbangers and Edge & Christian. Can Stevie and Buh Buh keep this streak up?

MATCH THREE: WWF Lightheavyweight Title Match: TAKA Michinoku (Champion) v. Crash Holly (Challenger)

Last week on Heat, TAKA won the Lightheavyweight belt. This week, he takes on Crash Holly in his first defense. Crash forgoes bringing the scale, he's looking for gold, perhaps to impress Hardcore Holly. Putting Crash in this match hopefully kills Crash's stint as a superheavyweight, which is good, as his ring work is impressive, especially in this match, as he seems like he has something to prove. Crash controls the early-goings, using a submission based approach to wear TAKA out. Gradually, he builds to the Crash Course, the maneuver he used on Jakked last weekend v. D-Lo. Once again this evening, it only gets him two. Crash lets this get to him, and TAKA takes over, working the momentum in his favor and ending this one with the Michinoku Driver.


Crowd Reaction: 58%

Match Quality: 78%

Overall Rating: 68%

TAKA Michinoku gained overness from this match

Crash Holly lost overness from this match

The WWF Lightheavyweight Title gained in image

Speaking of The Hollys, Hardcore Holly worked his way into the Intercontinental Title picture, and in two weeks time at the Royal Rumble, he'll be taking on Chris Jericho and Chyna in a triple threat encounter. This was the result of Stephanie McMahon's decision as to what to do with the vacant Intercontinental strap. Throughout the past week, Chyna and Jericho have been brawling with the Holly cousins, and tonight, Chris Jericho will get a chance to take out some of his frustrations on Hardcore, in the huge main event! Goosebumps. However, after the break, Jeff Hardy goes one on one with Steve Blackman.

Overall Rating: 84%

MATCH FOUR: Jeff Hardy (w/ Matt Hardy and Terri Runnels) v. Steve Blackman

It looks as though Blackman's stint as Kurt Angle's lackey has come to a screeching halt, and the martial arts nut comes to Heat this week, looking to achieve a big singles victory over Jeff Hardy. Jeff brings out his entourage, and gets in the ring slowly. Blackman hits his martial arts maneuvery in this one, but its not enough. Martial arts kicks and punches will only get you so far, and Jeff is easily able to overcome Blackman's offense. Jeff goes up top and hits him with the Senton Bomb to close this battle.


Crowd Reaction: 62%

Match Quality: 80%

Overall Rating: 71%

This past week, Triple H won the WWF Title for the third time. However, his third title win was overshadowed on RAW by Rock doing something many thought to be impossible, defeating The New Age Outlaws in a handicap match to win Mick Foley back. On Smackdown, The Rock & The Acolytes took it to the Outlaws again, but Triple H, who was peeved about Foley's reinstatement and Rock's ability to overshadow his achievements, came out to deliver The Rock a piece of his mind. The Rock took one helluva beating from The Game, much like Big Show did on RAW. After all was said and done, Triple H went one step further, asking Rock where Mick Foley was to save him. What could happen this Monday on RAW?

Overall Rating: 97%

MAIN EVENT: Chris Jericho v. Hardcore Holly

Hardcore comes out solo, as Crash is nursing the result of his match with TAKA earlier this evening. Chris Jericho comes out solo as well, and these two give us a preview of what could be one brutal triple threat. Hardcore and Chris swap the advantage on numerous occasions, with each delivering crushing blows to the other. Hardcore hits an Alabama Slam for two, while Jericho gets the Double Powerbomb for two and 3/4. At this point, Chyna comes down to ringside. Trying to help Jericho, this plot backfires, and she inadvertently gives Hardcore the glowing opportunity he needed to put Jericho down with the Falcon Arrow for the pin.

YOUR WINNER: Hardcore Holly

Crowd Reaction: 73%

Match Quality: 72%

Overall Rating: 72%

Hardcore Holly gained overness from this match

Chris Jericho lost overness from this match

As Hardcore slides out of the ring, Chyna steps into to help Jericho to his feet. Upon helping Jericho up, Jericho shoves her back down. Chyna looks offended, gets up and shoves back. The two begin having a little brawl here on Heat. Amazing. Story line advancement on Heat. This must be a first. Jericho takes the advantage of this little fracas, and, before referees can intervene, hits Chyna with the Lionsault. Chyna is left lying in the ring, as the crowd cheers Jericho's actions and Heat fades out.

Show rating: 65%

We got a 1.82 rating for 'Heat'!

The attendance level was 7022 people.

We made $280880 from ticket sales.


The Rock's morale is rumored to be quite low at this time. No word as to why his morale is so low.

Edited by SteveBoobs
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Guest Frank62441

This is really going well, I'm particularly impressed by your feel for the B-shows, and how (and this makes you waaay better than the WWE) you can keep drilling RAW/SMACKDOWN highlights down our necks and make them interesting every time.

But still....Holly beating Jericho, hope you know what you're doing!

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Guest SteveBoobs

user posted image


Live, January 10th, 2000

From The Kiel Center in St. Louis, Missouri

Welcome to RAW. In case you were an ungrateful WWF fan and missed Smackdown this past Thursday, here's the opening recap package. Of course, RAW last week saw The Rock defeat Triple H's cronies The New Age Outlaws, and win Mick Foley a spot back on Smackdown. Mick was not in attendance last Thursday, and as a result, when Triple H came out and blindsided Rock after Rock's tag team main event match up, Foley was nowhere to be found. Triple H reminded The Rock of this fact, and cackled too, like all the greats.

Some pyros, and there's JR & The King. JR goes into full-blown orgasm mode because tonight's matches are so huge. That's right, tonight, Kane takes on The Mean Street Posse in a handicap match. And if that match didn't stop your heart with excitement, then this announcement surely will, because tonight, Chris Jericho gets a re-match from Heat against Hardcore Holly.

But now, it's "My Time" to tell you that Triple H came out first, as per usual. Triple H, the WWF Title slung over his shoulder, and a smile on his face, deliberately takes his time getting into the ring as the crowd boos him. Naturally, he gets on the mic.

"You know, last week, here on RAW, I defeated The Big Show to win my 3rd WWF Championship. It should have been the greatest night of my life. After all, I had once again risen to the occasion, climbed to the top of the mountain, and once again regained what was rightfully mine, the WWF Title. But, of course, something went wrong. That's right, The Rock did the unthinkable and defeated The Outlaws in a handicap match, thus granting Mick Foley reinstatement in the company. And Billy, Dogg, if you think I forgot about the way you've let me down, wait till you see what I have in store for you two tonight. But anyway, Rock, congratulations, now that you've won Mick Foley back into the fold, do you really think he's about to share the spotlight with you? I mean after all Rock, he didn't even show up to help you when I beat your ass this past Thursday. Mick Foley's not willing to share. Now that he's a successful writer, I think his head is getting a little swollen, and perhaps, he might even have a bigger ego than you Rock. As for you Mick, you took something of mine this past week. By getting your job back last week, you stole the headlines. None of those damn writers wanted to write about my title win, they wanted to interview you about how it felt to be back in the company. Because of this, Mick, I want to take something of yours. Me and Stephanie were discussing the best way to take something from you, and it hit me. Mick Foley, you pride yourself on being the Hardcore Legend. Everyone always talks about what a great hardcore icon you are. So, Stephanie came up with the idea, that, at the Royal Rumble, it'll be ME VERSUS YOU, in a Hardcore Match, with this baby on the line. That's right Mick, but don't get too excited, because I've been waiting for this opportunity to get my hands on you, and I'm ready to kick your ass all over Madison Square Garden. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves, because tonight, Mick, you'll be teaming up with The Rock to get your asses kicked by me and X-Pac. If I were the both of you, I'd be watching my back, because Rock, can you really trust Mick Foley to be there for you ? And Mick, what about you? Can you trust The Rock to have your back this evening? Do you really think The Rock likes you, Mick? He doesn't! He hates your guts, almost as much as I do, and what's to say he won't drop you with the Rock Bottom for the way you left him high and dry on Smackdown, Mick? Huh, what's to say he won't? Anyway, good luck tonight guys. Because once me and X-Pac get through with you, it's going to be GAME OVER!"

Overall Rating: 90%

Triple H storms out of the ring as the St. Louis crowd gets raucous and boos the pants off of him.

MATCH ONE: Rikishi & Test v. Big Boss Man (WWF Hardcore Champion) & Prince Albert

As Test makes his way down the ramp for this one, following the heels entrance, who's to appear but Al Snow, and him and Test begin brawling on the ramp. Test, of course, is wearing another brand new face-mask, and Snow beats his ass once more. As Al Snow drops Test face-first on the ramp, Rikishi finally waddles his fat ass down from the back, but by then, it's too late and Test is out and blooded once more. Rikishi goes to help Test, but Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley interjects on the TitanTron.

"Rikishi, it seems your partner Test won't be able to help you take on Boss Man and Prince Albert. However, The McMahon-Helmsley Faction decrees that this match is now a HANDICAP MATCH! Ring that bell!"

Referee Jim Kordaris does as he's told and Boss Man and Albert leave the ring. They pound on Rikishi on the outside, whipping him into the barrier for some chops. Rikishi also takes some voyages back-first into the ringpost and back-first into the steel ring steps as well. Rikishi is finally tossed back into the ring, where he miraculously kicks out of an Albert pin attempt. Albert lifts Rikishi off the mat and holds him back, to allow Boss Man easy shots at the Big Man, but Rikishi ducks, and Albert goes flying to the outside. Rikishi works himself back to the advantage steadily, and takes Boss Man down with a big superkick. Albert tries to interject, but he eats a superkick, and a Rikishi Driver for the big upset victory.


Crowd Reaction: 62%

Match Quallity: 63%

Overall Rating: 62%

On the outside, Boss Man has recovered, and goes for his mighty night stick. Rikishi sees Boss Man making this attempt and, when Boss Man gets on the apron, knocks him back off of it, sending Boss Man to the floor. In the corner, Albert gets to his feet, and Rikishi splashes him in the corner. Albert's head nestles the middle turnbuckle, and he eats one of the most vile, disgusting looking Stinkfaces I've ever seen. As Albert takes the Stinkface, Boss Man retreats up the ramp. Rikishi wants him to bring it, but it doesn't seem likely he will as he gets backstage.

Speaking of backstage, there's Kevin Kelly with Chris Jericho:

"Chris, last night on Heat, Hardcore Holly pulled off an impressive upset victory over you---"

"Impressive? Kevin, that victory was far from impressive. After all, that stupid bitch Chyna got herself involved, giving Baldcore the chance to beat me. Baldcore, I hope you realize last night's victory was nothing more than a fluke, because that's the last time you will ever pin Y2J. And as for you Chyna, doll, I don't know if you think we're chums or something, but we're not. Perhaps it's possible that, with the amount of times you've tried to help out Y2J, you have a crush on me, but get over it, toots, because Y2J only goes for blondes. And as for being friends, well Y2J simply cannot be friends with a woman who costs him matches against losers like Baldcore Holly. Right now, it's all about the Intercontinental Title to Y2J, the title that should have been rightfully MINE, and the title that will be mine in thirteen days when I defeat you two assclowns at the Royal Rumble. There's no room in my life to play patty cake with you Chyna, so why don't you get over yourself and just bow down to the master that is Y-2-J!"

Overall Rating: 86%

Jericho storms off and gets a good pop from the crowd.

MATCH TWO: Billy Gunn v. The Acolytes (Handicap Match)

Boy, there sure seems to be an abundance of Handicap Matches on tonight's card. Triple H signed this bout as a result of The Outlaws once again letting down their leader on Smackdown. Road Dogg has been barred from ringside for this one, and if he gets involved, he will be fired on the spot. How's that for tough love? Billy reluctantly gets into the ring, and the rules of this match allow both Acolytes to be in the ring at the same time. That obviously doesn't bode well for Billy. The Ass Man takes some stiff double team moves, including a sick double spinebuster, and some vicious clotheslines from both men. Bradshaw powerbombs Billy, then, graciously, allows Faarooq to hit the Dominator and get a pinfall.

YOUR WINNERS: The Acolytes

Crowd Reaction: 63%

Match Quality: 65%

Overall Rating: 64%

The Acolytes decide that, since Road Dogg can't come out and defend Billy, Bradshaw will flatten him with the Clothesline From Hell. Billy takes one helacious beating, as the crowd cheers the Acolytes.

MATCH THREE: Matt Hardy (w/ Jeff Hardy & Terri Runnels) v. Steve Blackman

Steve couldn't beat Jeff Hardy on Heat, but he was granted a singles contest with Matt here on RAW. Jeff probably coached his brother as to the ways of the Blackman, and Blackman takes control of the early goings with martial arts kicks and punches and the like. He actually gets Matt locked in a head scissors that nearly puts Matt out of the contest. Via the power of Terri and Jeff slamming their hands on the mat, in the midst of a sleeperhold this time, Matt works out of the predicament, and sends Blackman flying into the corner. Matt climbs to the middle rope and hits a Tornado DDT to a pop. From here on out, its all Matt, and Blackman tries to get himself the momentum again, but Matt is there with a counter each time, finally ending this battle with the Twist of Fate.


Crowd Reaction: 65%

Match Quality: 78%

Overall Rating: 71%

As Matt and Jeff celebrate their big victory, from the crowd comes Stevie Richards and Buh Buh Ray Dudley. Each man has a steel chair in hand, and they proceed to slam both Hardyz down from behind with solid chair shots. Stevie gets into this beating, and he repeatedly drives his chair into the back of Matt Hardy, until Matt is no longer moving on the mat. Meanwhile, Buh Buh Ray crowns Jeff over the skull with a chair shot as he tried to get back up. Stevie lets out a primal scream as he holds the chair high, and, noticing Matt Hardy's leg moving, strikes his leg with the chair, causing Matt to writhe about in agony. As EMT's race down to help the Hardyz, Stevie and Buh Buh exit the ring. However, Stevie doesn't like EMT's, and he gets back into the ring, striking one of them over the head with a chair. The other EMT's scatter, and retreat to the other side of the ring, as Stevie climbs the turnbuckle and celebrates this thunderous beatdown.

After the break, Jonathan Coachman has caught up with Stevie & Buh Buh Ray

"Guys, what is the meaning of this assault? Last week it was The Headbangers and Edge & Christian, now the Hardyz?"

"Oh Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan. This is really a quite simple answer. Every week, The Hardy Boyz come out, in their dark clothing, with their long hair, and they parade around with their hand motions, talking about how extreme they are. The Hardy Boyz are not extreme. Have the Hardy Boyz ever struck themselves in the face with a steel chair? Have the Hardy Boyz ever made themselves bleed just to see what it feels like? NOO!!!! If anyone in this company is extreme, it's me and Buh Buh Ray. And yet, these idiots in the crowd, they get off cheering for these two losers who wouldn't know extreme if it bit them in the ass. No longer can I sit idly by and watch those two pretty boys corrupt the extreme lifestyle. NO LONGER! NO MORE! When I was crowning Matt with those chair shots, reigning blow after blow on his delicate little figure, it dawned on me. The Royal Rumble's only thirteen days away, and provided these two aren't still convalescing in a hospital somewhere, me and Buh Buh Ray have quite the match for them. There are many different weapons that I've used to inflict pain upon opponents. Chairs, tables, chains, kendo sticks, you name it. But at the Royal Rumble, I don't want all of these weapons involved in one match. I want there to be one distinct weapon that is the theme of the match. In essence, Kevin, this is a "Weapon of Choice" match. But me and Buh Buh Ray aren't going to choose the weapon. No, that distinction falls in the hands of the Hardyz. So, whenever they wake up from their comas following the beating me and Buh Buh just served them, and if they're not scared little wimps, they'd better come find us and accept our challenge, OR SO HELP ME GOD, WE'LL BEAT THEM DOWN SO BAD THEY'LL HAVE TO SLURP THEIR FOOD USING A GOD DAMNED STRAW!"

Overall Rating: 66%

Stevie Richards gained overness from this segment

Buh Buh Ray apparently has nothing to add, aside from the few "That's right's" he interjected while Stevie was making points, and the two walk away to heel heat from the crowd.

MATCH FOUR: Chris Jericho v. Hardcore Holly (w/ Crash Holly)

Crash is able to join his cousin Hardcore tonight, thus giving him a bit of an advantage to use for cheatery against Y2J. As we all saw earlier, Jericho made some less than flattering remarks about Chyna and basically told her to stay out of his business. Hardcore Holly pounces Jericho from behind, who was distracted by Crash to start. As Hardcore takes it to Jericho in the corner with some punches to the midsection, here comes Chyna down the ramp, and the crowd is actually mixed, some boos, some cheers, for her presence. She begins taking it to Crash Holly on the outside. Chyna actually gorilla presses Crash onto the steel ring steps. In the ring, Hardcore is wearing Jericho down, hitting him with a backbreaker. He lets Jericho get to his feet, then goes for the best damn dropkick in the business, only for Jericho to desperately hold the ropes and Hardcore to go down and boom on the mat. Jericho works the advantage to his favor, hitting a double powerbomb and getting only a two count. After they trade some punches once more, Jericho gets the advantage and whips Hardcore off the ropes, taking him down with a cross body. He almost goes for the Lionsault, but, seeing Chyna on the outside, decides against being potentially struck in the face, and locks on the Walls of Jericho. Hardcore taps.

YOUR WINNER: Chris Jericho

Crowd Reaction: 73%

Match Quality: 73%

Overall Rating: 72%

As Jericho lets go of Hardcore, he sees Chyna darting in, and catches her, trying to roll her into the Walls of Jericho. He gets it on and Chyna begins squealing. As Chyna starts to tap, the crowd goes crazy. Jericho will not let go of the hold, as referees and road agents run down to tear him off of Chyna. Hardcore Holly, instead of getting involved, just smiles for some odd reason, and takes his time to the back.

Backstage now, and in the locker room, finally, we see Mick Foley, which causes a loud uproar from the crowd. Mick is lacing up his sneakers, and The Rock enters the picture to a pop just as loud.

"Hey Rock, what's up?"

"What's up?!? What's up?!?! The Rock wants to know where in the hell you were to have his back last week on Smackdown?"

"Rock, look, I tried to explain this to you-----"

"The Rock doesn't want to hear any explanations. After all The Rock did for you, getting you your job back, defending you in front of the millions...... of The Rock's fans, and when that jabroni Triple H attacks me last week, you couldn't even be bothered to help The Rock?"

"Rock, listen, Rock, Triple H is trying to play mind games with us. He had me barred from the arena on Thursday so I wouldn't be able to help you. And believe me Rock, if I had been there, I would have ran as fast as my legs could carry me and locked Triple H in the Mandible Claw."

"Mind games. Of course. The Rock should have known that that horse's ass Triple H would try to turn The Rock and Sock Connection against each other. But let The Rock make one thing clear to you Mick Foley, if The Rock finds out that Triple H isn't lying, that you really are what he said you were earlier tonight, then The Rock will have no choice but to whip your monkey ass all over St. Louis!"

"Rock, take it easy. I'm not the person Triple H is painting that picture of, and if anybody should know that, I would think it would be you Rock. He's trying to turn us against each other so him and X-Pac can take care of us tonight. We can't let him Rock. So I say, let's go out there, The Rock N Sock Connection, and lets whip Triple H and X-Pac's asses all over The Kiel Center!!!"

Mick Foley walks off, and The Rock stares at him uneasily, and even more weirdly, does not finish off with his trademark catchphrase.

Overall Rating: 95%

Mick Foley gained overness from this segment

MATCH FIVE: Kane v. The Mean Street Posse (Handicap Match)

I'm not exactly sure why this match was placed on RAW, but nonetheless, here it is. This is a total squash, and Kane only needs 25 seconds to throat thrust down and Choke Slam each member of the Posse. He decides Joey Abs is worthy of the pinfall.


Crowd Reaction: 57%

Match Quality: 58%

Overall Rating: 57%

As Kane's hand is raised in victory, Kurt Angle runs in through the crowd, and, creeping up behind Kane, hooks him for a big Olympic Slam. With Kane downed in the middle of the ring, Angle gets a mic.

"Kane, I'm going to make this short and sweet, so these slobbering rednecks here in St. Louis can understand. Last week, your tramp of a girlfriend Tori had the nerve to run into me, and thanks to her, I have a minor bruise on my chest. Then, if that weren't appalling enough, she tried to tarnish my good name. Yet, through all of the pain and adversity, I was still able to overcome you on RAW, and her and you on Smackdown. Why don't you get it through that large melon of yours that Tori is a completely worthless woman, who belongs back at home, making your Olympic Hero some chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk? Here's the deal Kane, at the Royal Rumble, it's going to be me and you, with some very unique stipulations involved. You see, Kane, I'm so sure I can beat you and keep my unbeaten streak alive, that if through some freak occurence, I manage to lose, I will quit the WWF forever. But, when I win Kane, and I think you're going to love this, Tori, your girlfriend and love, becomes my property. So why don't you go enjoy your precious last few minutes with Tori, because in 13 days, she will be mine!"

Overall Rating: 75%

Kane sits up finally, and Angle, freaked out by this, jumps out of the ring before Kane can do anything, then humorously mocks like he's going to go back and fight. Kane decides leaving the ring and pursuiting Angle is the answer, and begins to follow.

Well, before the main event, JR & The King take this time to hype our current Royal Rumble card so far.

user posted image


WWF Title Match: Hardcore Match:  Triple H © v. Mick Foley

WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Chris Jericho v. Chyna v. Hardcore Holly

WWF Tag Team Title Match: The New Age Outlaws © v. The Acolytes

If Angle Loses, He Leaves the WWF. If Kane Loses, Tori Becomes Angle's Property:  Kurt Angle v. Kane

Weapon of Choice Match: Stevie Richards & Buh Buh Ray Dudley v. The Hardy Boyz

And of course, The Rumble match.  The following participants are named for the Rumble by JR & The King

Al Snow, Big Boss Man, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Christian, Chyna, Crash Holly, D-Lo Brown, Edge, Gangrel, Grandmaster Sexay, Hardcore Holly, Joey Abs, Kane, Mideon, Pete Gas, Prince Albert, Rikishi, Rodney, Scotty 2 Hotty, Steve Blackman, TAKA Michinoku, Test, The Rock, Val Venis, Viscera & X-Pac.

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Guest Prototype

I really liked Raw. It was a believable show and built up well to RR. The Big Show turn was unexpected, but I like it. Hopefully we'll get an explanation for it soon.

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My predictions for the RR at the moment.

WWF Title Match: Hardcore Match: Triple H © v. Mick Foley

WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Chris Jericho v. Chyna v. Hardcore Holly

WWF Tag Team Title Match: The New Age Outlaws © v. The Acolytes

If Angle Loses, He Leaves the WWF. If Kane Loses, Tori Becomes Angle's Property: Kurt Angle v. Kane

Weapon of Choice Match: Stevie Richards & Buh Buh Ray Dudley v. The Hardy Boyz

For the Rumble itself... I'll wait to predict on that. And also. Nice RAW.

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Guest SteveBoobs

I must regret to inform everyone that my computer crashed, and, subsequently, everything's gone. I now have the task of re-downloading the game, and starting anew. I felt like I was really hitting my stride, and now, it's all gone. I hope to get everything set up again tonight, and hopefully, begin again tomorrow. I've already come up with some new ideas, and this time, I promise, no victories over Chris Jericho for Hardcore Holly.

Edited by SteveBoobs
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