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The Sopranos


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Just seen the last in the series. Have to say I was dissapointed with this series. I thought that last episode was gonna be really good and explosive, maybe even a big war between tony and johnny, but no, it ends with tony running away from the feds and johnny and the rest of them ending up being nicked for a load of shit.

The best episode for me was last weeks when chris found out about adriana being a grass, that was mint and I thought it was gonna be even better this week. Oh well. Is that the last series they're making btw?

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Nothing explosive happened this series, we all want Soprano to kick Johnny's ass and take over the city, but it can't happen, and if it ever did the whole show would need to end.

Even though not much happened, I still love it though.

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