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December 1st, 2004 – The Journey Begins Part 1

The day started like any other day, I rolled out of bed and slowly walked over to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and came back into my room where I than turned on my TV and my VCR. I plugged in an old WWF tape, No Mercy 1999, which was highlighted by HHH defending his WWF World title againest Steve Austin, No Holds Barred. It also had the Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian in what the back of the box labeled, The Greatest Ladder Match of all Time. I had always been a wrestling fan since I was a little boy, watching Bret Hart, Shawn Micheals, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Undertaker and many others beat the snout out of each other. Of course, WCW was also there and competition was at its best. I always thought to myself how I wanted to do this, that this is my dream. As time went by I still watched but saw how predictable and sluggish wrestling had become.

I was 16 when I started backyard wrestling under the name of Shadow. I was actually more talented than I thought I was, but I guess watching wrestling forever and releasing how to stunt everything can teach you a thing or two. Two years later, I started training to fulfill my life long dream, to become a pro wrestler, I also started going to collage to become a major in Computer Graphics to fulfill my other dream of making video games for a living. I was doing quite well for myself, living with 4 other guys, who were also training to become pro. My good buddy, Ace, who started wrestling after his freshman year of collage, My friend Michael, who started wrestling at the same time I did in the same federation as I did under the name Evil Dead, My other friend, Tim, wrestled under the name Manslaughter in the same backyard federation as me as well. A couple of other guys I used to wrestle with were being trained as well, and I thought that what I had seen from these guys, the Texas wrestling scene had a good future ahead of it, high flying skills, big brawlers, and some very technical wrestlers.

I eventually had to quit training to focus on school work, and than I would pick up training again, but I did settle into an assistant booking job over at NWA: Southwest to learn the ropes of the backstage scene. I mean I knew what happened and all that "good" stuff, but you always wonder why this crap happens. Let me tell you, suits can really piss the hell out of you. I really thought about quitting the job, but I stopped listening after a while and just did my job, filled out the paper work, turned it in, gave my take on the shows and what should happen next and than went off to school. Eventually, NWA headquarters started looking for others in the smaller brands to break out of their desk jobs and give them ownership of some new brands they were looking to create. I was one of the few, but how the hell did I know what the NWA was thinking, I was concentrating on school and trying to keep the ideas for NWA: Southwest fresh and new.

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December 1st, 2004 – The Journey Begins Part 2

I just got out of Math class, damned math teacher had already pissed me off by giving me a B on my last test, bah, I’ll worry about it later. My cell phone had a few messages on it, one of which was from the NWA Board of Directors up at headquarters. I was told to find some email regarding a better position in the company. I though to myself, sweet, more money to pay off my collage loans… and my parents. I drove over to the NWA: Southwest offices and walked to my cubicle and turned on the computer. My email popped up after the long boot up, lets see what we got here. Emails from random porn sites, DELETED, well… maybe ill keep this one, ahhhh here we go, NWA HQ. Double click and… holy crap, ownership over a new brand of the NWA, good god, this and collage, I hate choices, they blow, I thought to myself. Well, I emailed back and said I would take the job, but only if I get a chance to finish off this year of collage for my associates degree in Computer Graphics with a minor in business.

Well, seeing as I accepted the job, I had start thinking of some ways to come up with some wrestlers and some staff members. I think I got myself into something more than I could handle, but I dont even know where the brand will be set up, let alone if they still want to give me the job or not. They could have found somebody better. I decided to go back to the dorm and go to sleep. Southwest was close to being shut down by NWA Headquarters anyways, and there TV show had already been dropped by the Local Network.

I arrived at my dorm to find the place empty, guys must be out at Gamestop without me... again. Oh well, time to check the messages, a couple from my roommates girlfriends, but nothing from the office. Time to go to bed now.

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December 2nd, 2004 – The Job

I came into the NWA: Southwest offices the next day to find everybody moving there stuff out. The boss came over to me with a said look on his face.

“Here are the keys to the offices and the arena next door.”

“What for?”

“NWA HQ has shut down NWA: Southwest and given the office an arena to you for the new brand here in Texas.”

Crap, I didn’t want NWA to shut down Southwest. Southwest was good; it just had shit workers with no charisma and whole lot of nothing for wrestling. The boss was nice and all, but he didn’t know a whole lot about wrestling, so he mostly left the bookers run everything and he just signed off on everything. Boss opened him mouth again.

“Don’t worry about kid, you have the skills and the know how to keep this brand of NWA up and running. Southwest will be reopened next year in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Well, now I felt slightly better, but now I have to find my office again. I never even had been anywhere else but my small cubicle and the meeting room. Bosses took me to his old office and lead me in.

“Take care of the place, Paul, it’s been to good us.”

“I will”

He closed the door and walked out, I begin to unload everything they had packed up from my cubicle. I turned on my computer and began to look around for talent. There really wasn’t a lot to look at; everybody who I wanted to hire didn’t have what I was looking for. I still had no name for the federation or even a staff to help run the place. I already knew whom I would be calling first. I picked up the phone and called my dorm room. The phone was answered by a very tired voice


Paul: “Chill Ace, man I was calling to say I got some jobs for you guys.”

Ace: “Michael, talk to Paul, I need to get back to sleep”

Michael: “What is the job man?”

Paul: “What if I told you I just got a job running and booking a brand new NWA federation?”

Michael: “I would say, QUIT LYING DAMNIT”

Paul: “Well, I did, Southwest has been shut down and NWA HQ has given me control of the new federation to take its place and I need some wrestlers.”

Michael: “Paul, would it be wrong to tell you that I love you, you sexy beast?”

Paul: “Get Ace and Tim and get your asses over to the new arena, you guys need to get to work. I will have some written contracts ready for y’all to sign once I can find some paper to write on.”

Michael: “Will do, what about classes thought?”

Paul: “NWA will pay for this last year, but then you will have to pay if you want to keep going.”

Michael: “This seems almost perfect Paul, the dreams are coming true.”

Paul: “No shit, now get over here, I have to find some people to hire.”


I hung the phone up and went back to work. A few hours later a knock came to my door. I got up off of my box chair and answered the door. One of the most beautiful women I had ever seen was standing there looking straight into my eyes.

Sophie: Hello, NWA HQ has sent me down here to be your personal assistant. My name is Sophie.

Paul: Whatever you say, get in here we have some work to do!”

She walked in and sat down in front my desk. I couldn’t help but stand there and stare.

Sophie: “Well, are you going to stand there all day?”

Paul: Sorry, let me tell what I have so far.”

I sat down and we started talking until lunch came around and I had to go back to class. Business was going to be hard to run now, a bunch of collage guys and Sophie… things are not looking so good.

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December 3rd, 2004 - The Roaster and the other things

I had got most of the wrestlers I needed, and if I didnt have the things I need, boy would I hear it from Sophie. The wrestlers had started to get into the grove of things, I would sit in the empty arena and watch them tumble around the ring while I did my homework for class. Sophie and my road agent, Ace, yes thats right the guy who screamed at me over the phone getting paid five g's to give me his take on things during the shows, would sit and tell me what to schedule and why. The World title would be a hard thing to decide who to give it to, so I decided on a tournament, Sophie and Ace said to wait until our January show to give the strap to somebody so we can see the who fans like. I agreed, but I wasnt happy about it. Sophie got some sponsers together for us and Ace gave me the roaster reports.

Federation: NWA: Xtreme World Wrestling (put NWA in front and than used the backyard wrestling federation name... how creative am I)

Owner: Paul Leazar (me)

Head Booker: Paul Leazar (yeah, more work for me)

Money: 1500000

Public Image: 20%

Risk Level: 65%

Production: 25%

Merchandising: 1%

Advertising: 10%


Main Event

Insane Dragon- No Gimmick, 40 over, Face

Matrix- Cocky, 39 over, Heel

Sean Cassey- Underdog, 39 over, Face

Upper Midcard

Chris Michaels- Underdog, 35 over, Face

Silver Tyger- No Gimmick, 35 over, Heel


Blind Rage- Crazy, 14 over, Heel

Five Star Flash- Daredevil, 16 over, Face

Lower Midcard

Adam Flash- Grunge, 10 over, Heel

Evil Dead- Punk, 7 over, Tweener

Jack O'Brady- Punk, 6 over, Heel

Manslaughter- Punk, 3 over, Tweener

Shadow- Underdog, 8 over, Face (me, yes I wrestle, I run the place, I book the matches and I do production sometimes as well, tell me I didnt get screwed over in this deal)

Technico- No Gimmick, 10 over, Face


(First event- First Blood will be held on December 19th, 2004. Card will be up later on today or tommarow night.)

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Im playing this just plain old regular EWR, added Shadow, Evil Dead, Manslaughter, me as an owner and a production worker, and Ace, the Road Agent.

Yes, I made up the fed, always liked to play with made up stuff. I may make a fantasy scenario with all the NWA brands I have made up and added and the such, but it would take a lot of work.

Thanks for the replies I will have the First Blood Preview up tommarow and hopefully the show this Friday or Saturday.

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December 11th, 2004 - First Blood Preview, and some Drama

Well, the time had come to sit down with Ace and Sophie and figure what to do for the world title and what to do with all the other talent we had on board. Sophie suggested that all the lower midcard and openers pick a partner and we have a 2 on 2 on 2 match to debut and show off their skills. Ace agreed right away, althought I think he was just agreeing to agree because it was Sophie. Sophie than suggested that the midcarders would have a match againest each other, the upper midcarders would wrestle againest each and the main eventers would a have triple threat match. The winners would than go on to our January event, Revelations, where we would crown our first NWAXWW World Heavyweight Champion. I thought this was good idea and presented it to the everybody. The wrestlers were on board with the scheduled event and the openers and lower midcarders came up to me and gave me there teams. This would mean that whoever was left over I would have to team with. I would end up teaming with a good friend of mine who lived on my block and was going to UTD, Kollin, or aka Jack O'brady, the Irish Punk. Seeing as Tim and Michael already knew they wanted a tag team between them, I just gave them the spot as a team. Technico and Adam had formed a friendship in recent weeks threw training so, I decided to see how there friendship would transfer over to the ring. I gave everybody the rest of the day off after the card was announced and I went back to work. I got to work on some paperwork that HQ needed for the first card, if it went well, I would go to the local network to ask for some TV time, I didnt care what time, just to get our product out there. A knock came to my door.

"Come In", It was Sophie, she had her bags and things ready to go and I already had thought she left. I always thought she hated having to work for this place. She never seemed happy about it.

Sophie: "Hey, we need to talk about First Blood."

Paul: Why, Ace and I agreed with your ideas and the talent loved the idea. Hell, I should give you a raise!

Sophie: I know that, but I dont want a raise. I dont want..

She stopped midway therw the sentence and paused for a minute. She stood up a gave me a hard look into my eyes.

Sophie: I dont want... think its a good idea for you to wrestle at First Blood.

Paul: Why??

Sophie: You are the owner of the business!

Paul: Tell that to Vince


Paul: Woah, Sophie settle down, its too late already. I sent the card to HQ and they are going to give us some hype on TNA Impact this week. I know have to do production for the rest of the show and I have a mid-term. Im just going to call it another test of life, I may be busy as hell, but Im going to do this, even if you dont think its in my best intrest.

Sophie picked up her things and stormed out of my office. That has to be a first for me, I have never had a girl strom out on me before. I felt kinda bad about it, but I had to drown myself in paperwork and homework; not to mention the fact that I had to study for mid-terms. I just have one thing... Paper work blows.

First Blood Card

Triple Tag Team Match

Evil Dead & Manslaughter vs. Technico & Adam Flash vs. Shadow & Jack O’brady

World Title Match Qualifier Matches at Revelations

Chris Michaels vs. Blind Rage

Silver Tyger vs. Five Star Flash

Insane Dragon vs. Matrix vs. Sean Cassey

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FIRST BLOOD - December 26th, 2004

(the camera starts in the interview area where Joe Hamilton is standing by with Shadow & Jack O'Brady)

Interview with Shadow & Jack O'brady

Joe Hamilton: Im here with Shadow and his tag team partner for tonight, Jack O'brady. Now than, gentlemen, you guys are going to be in this triple tag team match coming up next and I would just like to know; what are your thoughts? (Jack O'Brady snatches the microphone from Joe.)

Jack: Man, get out of here, I don’t need you for this interview. Tonight is all about the Irish Punk running wild over the other so called "teams". Tonight, the fans find out that they NEED JACK O'BRADY! Shadow, I'll see you in the ring.

Shadow: Tonight, is about getting respect from everybody out there tonight. Tonight, I will strike at all that come up againest me and tear them limb from limb. Tonight, the Shadow Cutter will do my bidding as I will take out Manslaughter... I will take out Evil Dead... I will DESTROY ADAM FLASH AND TECHNICO. Tonight, everybody out there will see that I will be the only left standing.

(Shadow walks off screen as the camera comes back to the ring)

Overall Rating: 29

Triple Tag Team Match - Evil Dead & Manslaughter vs. Technico & Adam Flash vs. Shadow & Jack O’brady

After the bell rang, the ring went into total chaos as everybody started throwing punches. The crowd was into it, as there aren’t many times you six men in the ring just to beat the living hell out of each other at the word, go. I did pretty well as I started out in the ring with Adam Flash. I hit a snap suplex and went over to tag out to Manslaughter. They brawled around for a while until Manslaughter hit a standing moonsault and went for the cover, only to come out of it with a 2 count. Flash quickly recovers and tags out to Technico. These guys put on one of the best highflying shows of talent I have ever seen from Indy talent. A splash here and a couple of top rope moonsaults later, they both tagged out to Evil Dead and Jack O'Brady. These two guys have known each other for a long time, with a real bumpy history, but have put on some great matches in the past at the training camp and the backyard. They brawled around for a while as well, until Evil Dead hits a Death Valley Driver and goes for the pin. 1 - 2 - NO!!! Kick out just at the last minute. Manslaughter climbs into the ring and throws Jack over the top rope. Manslaughter runs off the ropes and jumps over the top rope and lands a huge splash. Technico makes runs at the ropes and leaps over with moonsault and hits everybody out on the floor. Flash climbs the top rope and leaps off the top with another splash, taking everyone down again. I get the bright idea to do an asai moonsault and hit everyone on the outside again. Evil Dead is the only one left standing. Jack stands up and rolls back into the ring all dizzy. Evil Dead picks up Jack O'brady and lands a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER PERFECTLY!!! The announcers and the fans give a huge pop as Evil Dead gets the 3 count.

OR: 40

CR: 13

MR: 68

Winners: Evil Dead and Manslaughter

Interview with Chris Michaels

(Joe Hamilton is standing by with Chris Michaels after the triple tag team match.)

Joe Hamilton: Chris Michaels, tonight, you take on Blind Rage in a match that could get you a chance to go on to Revelations in January for a shot at the World Title. What are your thoughts?

Chris Michaels: Well, you wanna know something Joe, I am Chris Michaels, the walking, talking, and ass beating machine. Tonight, Blind Rage is just another man in the way of my true destiny. Tonight, Blind Rage will get utterly destroyed in that ring. I will beat this man’s ass and I will go on to Revelations. I, The Ass Whoopin, Chris Michaels, will be your next NWAXWW world heavyweight champion, so get used to this face and get used to watching everybody else get there ass WHOOPED!

Joe: Coming up next, “The Ass Whoopin” Chris Michaels, will face off againest Blind Rage to earn a spot in the triple threat world title match at Revelations!

OR: 59

Blind Rage vs. Chris Michaels - Chance for a World Title shot at Revelations

A very, very good match. This matched turned the card for the better, after a semi okay opener, this match really brought the fans back into the match. Chris Michaels started to out the match by assualting Blind Rage with rights and lefts until he runs at the ropes and clotheslines him over the top rope and starts making good use of the referee's ten count. Both men took a sick bump when Chris and Rage rolled back into the ring. Rage set up for a top rope frankensteiner but Michaels hit him right in the gut and superplexed him to the outside of the ring. The fans went nuts and started and "X Dub Dub" chant. I couldn't hardly believe either, as the referee reported that were fine for falling off the top rope. Michaels got up slowly and rolled Rage back into the ring. He climbed up the top rope went for a big splash, but Rage moved out of the way and put Michaels in his special submission move "The Amputation Special", a variation of the STF. Michaels eventually reached the ropes to Rage's surprise. Rage started to complain to the referee until Michaels comes from behind and back suplexes Rage to hell. He rolls him over and slaps on the Sharpshooter. Rage quickly taps out, as Michaels gets his hand raised. Michaels celebrates and begins to say that he will be the next NWAXWW World Champion.

OR: 62

CR: 29

MR: 95

Winner: Chris Michaels


Interview with Five Star Flash

Joe: Well Five Star, after that fantastic match and with you being the underdog in the next match againest Silver Tyger. I just have to ask, what is going threw your head right now?

Five Star Flash: Well Joe, I know im the underdog and that just gives me something more to prove out there. That seems to be what tonight is all about... proving yourself to everybody out there for a shot at the gold. I'll be honest with you Joe, I never even thought I would be in one of these matches, but guess what, I am and tonight, I will make the very best of this chance I have. So, Silver Tyger, when I get in that ring, Im going to take you down and go on to Revelations to get the shot that I so surely deserve.

Joe: Coming up next, Five Star Flash takes on Silver Tyger.

OR: 45

Five Star Flash gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Five Star Flash vs. Silver Tyger - Chance for a World Title shot at Revelations

Basically, another great match. The four men that have been in the ring with each other have had some great chemistry together. I know I will booking some feuds with them later on down the road. Silver Tyger starts on dominating this match with quick slams and snap suplexes. He decideds to take a chance and go for a standing moonsault. It connects and he goes for the pin, only to come away with a 2 count. Silver Tyger gets back to work by throwing Five Star to the turnbuckle and hits a running clothesline. Tyger sits Five Star on the top rope and the crowd stands up in antecipation for another great moment. Five Star blocks some sort of weird suplex Tyger was going for and pushes him off the ropes and goes for a 450 splash, only to come away with canvas in his stomach. Tyger whips Flash to the ropes and hits a back elbow. He goes for another pin and gets a very long 2 count. Tyger complains to the referee. Flash takes advantage of the moment and dropkicks Tyger right into the referee. The referee takes a spill to the outside as Flash starts hitting some nice suplexes. Flash hits a Perfectplex and holds it for the pin, but there is no referee. Flash goes to the outside to help the referee back into the ring, but takes a baseball slide to the side of his face and runs into the guard rail. Tyger rolls him back into the ring and hits a big splash off the top rope. Tyger goes for the pin as another referee comes running down from the back and starts the count. 1....... 2......... NO, Five Star kicks out and knips up, much to Tyger's surprise. Five Star clotheslines Tyger down and goes for his 450 splash again, but this time he connects and gets the 3 count. Five Star has a dazed look on his face as he hand gets raised.

OR: 58

CR: 25

MR: 91

Winner: Five Star Flash

Interview with Insane Dragon

Joe: Im here with the odds on favorite for the NWAXWW World Title, the Insane Dragon, and may I say, the best wrestler in the NWAXWW today. So, Insane Dragon, what are your thoughts about having to be in the triple threat match when everybody else has been in singles.

Insane Dragon: It dosent really matter much to me, it just makes the road to the title much more harder, and thats the way I like it. I have to face off againest another great wrestler, Sean Casey, and a arrogant asshole, Matrix. This means what, an asshole and another wannabe Insane Dragon are going to beat the best thing in the business today? NO, THIS MEANS THAT THE INSANE DRAGON IS GOING TO BE KICKING ASS AND TAKING SOME NAMES, AND AT REVELATIONS, THAT WORLD TITLE IS MINE.

Joe: Coming up next, the triple threat match to decide the last spot in the world title match at Revelations.

OR: 66

Insane Dragon gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Insane Dragon vs. Matrix vs. Sean Casey - Chance for a World Title shot at Revelations

The most over wrestlers in my federation... what else do I have to say? The fans were into it and the wrestling was great. Insane Dragon with his arrsenal of high flying moves, Sean Casey with his ground assualt, and Matrix cheating his ass off. I had to leave early for this match to go take my mid-term so I missed most of the action. All I saw was Matrix take advantage over Casey with a low blow. Insane Dragon got the win after he hit the Revolting Twist, a standing moonsault with all sorts of flips and corkscrews in it to get the 3 count. So that set up the world title match for the world title. Insane Dragon vs. Chris Michaels vs. Five Star Flash, hell, Im throwing in the ladder to add some drama and hopefully some high spots in the match.

OR: 60

CR: 45

MR: 75

Winner: Insane Dragon

First Blood Stats

Overall Rating: 53

First Blood was attended by 34 people!

We made $680 from ticket sales

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January 1st, 2005 - Happy New Year

I lost 75,320 dollars this month so HQ probably wont be to happy with that, so I dropped our advertising by 2% to hopefully even it all out for next month.

PI: 23 - 25

I turned 19 on Christmas Day, and I passed my mid-term. The teachers learned of my situation and I had made plans to graduate early, so I could devote more of my time to NWAXWW. I also started to search for some more talent to bring in later on down the road. I had some plans for the future, all the way up to our February card, Bleeding Hearts. Insane Dragon turned 19 as well, so we all went out to a bar and slept in the wrestling ring, yeah that’s right, Me, Sophie, All the wrestlers, and all the staff... sleeping in a ring... that was what we now call "The Great Bump Night" as many of us woke up on the mats around the ring.

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January 3rd, 2005 - NWA gains more prestige and some more drama

I just got off a phone meeting with NWA HQ, spending that last hour getting bitched at for losing a bunch of money. I told them the improvements I made, so they wouldn’t shut us down. It worked for this month, but if they didn’t see any improvement this month, I was out the door. Sophie and Ace came in and told me some news that I already knew, so I didn’t really pay much attention and started going threw my rightfully named, “Extreme Mail”. HQ sent me the reports of TNA, Wildside, and North Texas. TNA was doing well, but not great, they lost AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Kid Kash, and “Spiffy” Sean Stylez to the WWE, who signed them to written contracts. NWA Wildside had now risen to the Cult Level and signed a whole bunch of new talent. I was surprised that North Texas and our federation were close in the public image. NWA HQ also suggested that I kept my eye on the failing Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling and what little talent they had. I decided to watch the guys practice for their matches at Revelations, out wintertime spectacular. I had big plans for the next few months, hopefully, if we get some TV time here soon, our February show, Bleeding Hearts, could be huge. Man, we would need build up to for our biggest show of the year, Wrestlefest I, the new NWAXWW yearly spectacular. Wrestlefest would our Wrestlemania, and good would I build it and hype it up the ass, but for now, I have to concentrate on Revelations. I also started having meetings with the up and coming, Sonjay Dutt. I managed to sign him to NWAXWW, and decided to premier him at Revelations. Chris Micheals has also been unhappy wrestling here, so I made a deal with him that after he losses his match at Revelations, I would let him go. Sophie told me it was a good idea so we could sign some of the open ECCW talent to our federation and get real chummy with them.


OCC: Sorry for the late updates people who read this, if any. I have been busy writing a history paper, bowling, and backyard wrestling.

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January 14th, 2005 - Revelations Preview

Insane Dragon vs. Chris Michaels vs. Five Star Flash - NWAXWW World Title Ladder Match

(Well, the match is finally here, my first world champion who will it be?

Silver Tyger vs. Sonjay Dutt

(Debut for Sonjay)

Evil Dead & Manslaughter vs. Adam Flash & Jack O'Brady

(Tag Team pushes for the young bucks that arent that over)

Matrix vs. Sean Casey - #1 Contender Match for the NWAXWW World Title at Bleeding Hearts

(The main eventers that didnt make it to the World Title match, but the winner will become the #1 contender for the belt)

Technico vs. Blind Rage

(Lower Midcard filler match to take up time)

Interviews with Insane Dragon, Sean Casey and much more.


Predictions are very much welcome for this one.

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January 16th, 2005 - Revelations

Well, the big day was here. Everybody was ready, nobody was complaining, which was a miracle in itself. I sat down with Sonjay before the show started, he was a bit nervous, and so was Insane Dragon. He wasn’t used to high stake ladder matches, but he was happy to do it. The theme for Revelations began to play and everybody got ready and started busying themselves backstage to get ready. Ace, Sophie, and myself went up to our own little area to watch the show. I began to think to myself that this show could make or break NWAXWW. The nervousness wore off when the announcers came over the PA.

REVELATIONS - January 16th, 2005

(The camera starts going around ringside with the small fan attendance cheering loudly. Technico's music hits and the camera goes to the entrance way for the first match.)

Technico vs. Blind Rage

Match started out a little slow, they traded a few blows until Technico hits a dropkick to Blind Rage’s knee. Rage falls to the canvas and clutches his knee tightly. Perfect sell, or at least I thought so. Technico goes to work on the knee with a figure four and holds on to it for about a minute or so, until he releases it and climbs the turnbuckle. He hops off the top and crashes his knee with Rage’s injured knee. The crowd is starting to get into to it as Technico comes in and hits a huge powerbomb on Rage. Technico runs at the ropes and hits an elbow on the injured knee. Technico helps Rage up and runs off the ropes again and attempts a crossbody, but Rage rolls threw and wraps his ankles around the bottom ropes and gets the 3 count. The crowd hits Rage with a series of boo’s as he stagers to the back while the referee raises his hand.

OR: 43

CR: 19

MQ: 67

Winner: Blind Rage

Flash and O'Brady get the upper hand

The camera flashes to the back to catch Evil Dead and Manslaughter hanging out in the back and talking over their up-coming tag team match againest Jack O’brady and Adam Flash. Suddenly, Flash and O’brady come threw the door with steel chairs and lay out Manslaughter and Evil Dead. Jack O’brady picks Evil Dead up on his shoulders and hits the Dublin Drop, his version of the F-U. Jack O’brady starts talking smack to Evil Dead and goes after him again with a few more right hands. Flash takes Manslaughter out into the hallway and throws him into the wall and than into a pillar and finishes him off with a powerbomb threw a table that had already been set up for the staff backstage. Flash and O’brady come back to meet each other in the hallway and high five each other and make there way to the entry ramp.

OR: 41

Adam Flash gained 3 points of overness from this segment. Jack O'Brady gained 3 points of overness from this segment. Evil Dead gained 2 points of overness from this segment. Manslaughter gained 3 points of overness from this segment

Evil Dead & Manslaughter vs. Adam Flash & Jack O'Brady

O’Brady and Flash come out to the ring, to huge some huge heat. The crowd was booing the hell out of them. I liked it, it meant they were getting over. Anyway, Jack and Flash get on the microphone and say that they just took out there opponents and declared themselves the winners, that was until Evil Dead’s music came over. Jack and Adam looked shocked as Evil Dead and Manslaughter came walking down to ramp and rolled into the ring. Manslaughter clotheslined Flash over the top rope and Evil Dead hit a huge suplex on a Jack. Manslaughter went to the outside as the bell rang and really went to work on Flash by throwing him into the steel steps and beating him into the fans. Things were different in the ring, as the referee was trying to get Manslaughter and Adam Flash back to ringside. Evil Dead attempted a Death Valley Driver, but his back went out on him and Jack clotheslined the big man down. He rolled to the outside and grabbed a steel chair. He rolled back into the ring and clocked Evil Dead right on top of the head. The referee missed it and came back to the ring due to Jack’s screaming for him to come back into the ring and count the pin. 1……… 2……… NO! Evil Dead somehow kicked out as Jack looked shocked. Manslaughter comes running back to the ring and hits a huge dropkick right to Jack O’brady’s face. Manslaughter hit his standing moonsault, only to find Adam to come back into the ring and nail a powerbomb on Manslaughter, just to throw him back out of the ring again. Jack gets back up and hits the Dublin Drop on Evil Dead and goes for the pin again. 1…… 2…… 3…… The bell rings and the fans start booing louder than when Jack and Adam came out. The referee raised their hands as we cut to a special video.

OR: 43

CR: 17

MQ: 69

Winners: Jack O’brady and Adam Flash

Sonjay Dutt hype video

The video comes on the screen, as it shows Sonjay Dutt doing some high flying moves off the top rope and him doing his vertical spinning submissions. The footage comes up and says “He’s coming” and it flashes him back to show some more footage off him flying off the top rope and hitting his special move, The Bombay Splash. It all starts to speed up until the word “NEXT” shows up and the fans go nuts.

OR: 32

Sonjay Dutt gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Silver Tyger vs. Sonjay Dutt

The fans are still cheering as the music keeps on playing and Sonjay comes running from the back all fired up. He starts to slap hands with the fans as Silver Tyger comes running down and attacks Sonjay from the back. He lands a few right hands to the back of Sonjay’s head and than throws him into the ring post. Sonjay’s head smacks right into it and it causes him to fly forward. Tyger rolls into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. Tyger flies off the top rope and hits a Senton Splash on Sonjay Dutt on the outside. Tyger gets up slowly and grabs Sonjay by the head. Sonjay starts to fight back by hitting a few right hands to Tyger’s stomach. Sonjay gets up slowly and hits a dropkick on Tyger, sending him back down to the floor. Sonjay rolls back into the ring and slowly gets up. Tyger gets up on the apron and launches himself over the top rope and hits a huge clothesline on Sonjay. Tyger picks Sonjay up and throws him to the ropes. He goes for a back body drop, but Sonjay leaps over and tries to pull Tyger over him for a sunset flip pin, but Tyger hits a right hand right to Sonjay’s forehead. Tyger picks him up for suplex, but it is reversed and Sonjay dropkicks Tyger in the back of his head. Sonjay hits a few suplexes and a german suplex and holds on to it for a pin. 1…… 2…… NO! Tyger kicks out. Sonjay gets up and climbs the top rope and hits the Bombay Splash and gets the 3 count.

OR: 52

CR: 24

MQ: 80

Silver Tyger lost 1 point of overness from this match. Sonjay Dutt gained 3 points of overness from this match.

Matrix vs. Sean Casey - #1 contender match for the NWAXWW World Title at Bleeding Hearts

Right after the match, Matrix comes out and attacks Sonjay with some stiff right hands. He finishes him off by powerbombing him threw a table. He taunts him and the crowd as he music starts back up again and he starts towards the ring. Sean Casey gets a huge pop, as the announcers make it clear that the winner of this will get a NWAXWW World Title shot at Bleeding Hearts. They start off by trading right hands until Sean takes advantage by scoring right hand after right hand. He sends Matrix to the ropes and hits a powerslam. He picks him back up again and nails a Jackhammer Suplex and goes for the pin, only to come away with a two count. Sean picks Matrix back up and whips him to the turnbuckle, but Matrix reverses. Matrix buries a couple of right knee shots into Sean’s gut. Matrix pulls Sean out of the turnbuckle and hits a suplex. Matrix goes for a pin but, Sean kicks out fast and Matrix only gets a one count. Matrix spears Sean into the corner, and nails a few rights hands to Sean’s face. Matrix places Sean on the top rope and grabs his arms. It appeared to be a reverse Outsider’s Edge, but Sean reversed it and grabbed Matrix’s arms. Sean flips over and hits a variation of the Stone Cold Stunner, but instead of using their head, he uses their arms from the top rope to pull them down. Matrix falls backwards in extreme pain holding his face, as Sean climbs the top rope. Sean hits a frog splashes and covers Matrix for 3 count and the title shot at Bleeding Hearts.

OR: 60

CR: 44

MQ: 76

Insane Dragon Interview

(After the match, the camera cuts to the back where Joe Hamilton is standing by with Insane Dragon.)

Joe: Well, the time is here. The first NWAXWW World Champion will be decided tonight in a ladder match. Insane Dragon, you defeated two people to get here and know you have to beat two more people and climb a ladder to get to the top of the NWAXWW. Tell me, what is going threw your mind right now?

Insane Dragon: Well Joe, you’re right, I have to climb a ladder and beat two more guys to become #1. Well, if you ask me, that’s just fine. Management can line them up and I will knock ‘em down. After tonight, I will be a man that has defeated four men and I will be in my car, driving home, with the NWAXWW World Title in my bag.

Joe: Coming up next ladies and gentlemen, the match we have all been waiting for. Insane Dragon will take on Chris Michaels and Five Star Flash in a ladder match to see who can take it all and become the first ever NWAXWW World Champion

OR: 69

Insane Dragon gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Insane Dragon vs. Chris Michaels vs. Five Star Flash - NWAXWW World Title Ladder Match

All three men come out to the cheers of the crowd, the camera looks up to the brand new NWAXWW World Title hanging above the ring as all three men meet under it and start talking smack. Michaels and Flash gang up on Dragon by hitting a couple right hands on him and a double suplex. Michaels than turns on Flash with a kick to the gut and than follows it up with a ddt. Michaels begins to motion for the ladder until Dragon gets up and clotheslines him from behind. He picks Michaels up and scores a piledriver on him. Dragon rolls to the outside and grabs two steel chairs and throws them in the ring. He than walks over to the ladder and begins to carry it over the ring. Flash begins to climb the top rope and scores a huge missledropkick, kicking the ladder right back into the chest of Insane Dragon. Flash taunts the crowd and gets a pretty loud pop as he grabs the ladder and sets up againest the steel post. Michaels rolls out of the ring and attacks Flash from behind with a high knee. He sets him up for a powerbomb on the concrete floor, but Flash reverses with a backdrop right on top of Insane Dragon. Flash picks Michaels up and sets him againest the ladder. Flash runs at Michaels and spears him right into the ladder. Michaels falls to the ground holding his back, while the ladder falls foward and hits the ground with a loud smack. Dragon finally gets up and sends Flash into the steel steps. Dragon brings the ladder in the ring and sets it up under the belt. He begins to climb and almost reaches it until Michaels comes flying off the top rope and dropkicks the ladder down. Dragon goes with it and falls right on the top rope, followed by Michaels pushing Dragon's legs over, to send him splashing to the floor. Michaels sets up the ladder and begins to climb, but Flash runs in and picks up a chair. Flash nails Michael's back with chair, causing him to fall backwards and lands hard on the canvas. Flash begins to climb the ladder all the way to the top. The fans are going nuts, but he isnt going for the belt... HE DOES 450 SPLASH FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER RIGHT ON TO MICHAELS. The crowd and the announcers are going nuts while Flash and Michaels are down. Dragon slowly rolls back into the ring and throws both men over the top rope. Dragon starts to climb the ladder, until Matrix runs down and pushes the ladder over. Matrix taunts the crowd and says that he should be in this match, not Insane Dragon. Sonjay Dutt runs down and dropkicks Matrix over the top rope. Dutt climbs the top rope and hits the Bombay Splash on Matrix to the outside. Flash rolls back into the ring and sets the chairs up on their legs, facing each other. He than sets the ladder up on top of in for a make shift ladder table. He puts Dragon on top of it and climbs the top rope. The fans are going nuts as he taunts them for the 450 splash. He goes for the 450 splash, but misses and runs straight into the ladder. Dragon throws him over the rope and sets the ladder up. Dragon climbs it slowly and snatches the gold. The crowd is going wild and starts the "X DUB DUB" chant as Dragon's music starts to play. The show ends with Dragon posing at the top of the ramp with NWAXWW World Title.

OR: 61

CR: 44

MQ: 78

The NWAXWW World title has gained in image.

Revelations Stats

Overall Rating: 51

Revelations was attended by 31 people!

We made $620 from ticket sales.


Chris Micheals walks into my office sweating and breathing hard. He could barely even say what he wanted to get out.

Chris Micheals: Hey, after that performance I just gave..... out.... there... I.... wa..n.t to be high...e.r. up the ca.r..d.

Myself: Chris, you know the deal, after Revelations, I was going to let you go to pursuit bigger things.

Chris Micheals: Well... am I released?

Myself: If it’s mutual than yes. Im not paying out the rest of your contract I have signed you too.

Chris Micheals: Well, thanks for the chance to wrestle here. (he starts to walk away)

Myself: Hey, I will give you a call if I need you again.

Chris: Okay, later.

He walked out of my office slowly. I felt kinda bad about doing him like that, but he takes up a lot of money and I could bring in about 3 or 4 guys for the same amount I am paying him. Oh well, I got on the phones with the ECCW owner, Dave Republic, and started talking about some of the talent he had and wondered if he wanted to go into some sort of "partnership". The conversation was long and drawn out, really I was just jerking him around, trying to get what little talent was left in the place. ECCW has already been having money troubles as off late, and buying them out would get me a lot of attention in the wrestling world. I got off the phone and got in contact with the talent I wanted to sign.


(People I have signed will be in next entry, with their gimmicks and there face/heel disposition)

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January 17, 2005 - Roaster Update

ECCW Signings

Matt Classic - Lower Midcard, Face, 2 over, No Gimmick

Black Dragon - Midcard, Heel, 6 over, No Gimmick

Seth Knight - Midcard, Heel, 8 over, Cheater

Adam Firestorm - Midcard, Face, 7 over, No Gimmick

Free Agent Signings

Cade Sydal - Midcard, Face, 20 over, Dude

(I had seen Cade Sydal during some other indy shows around the south. I was very impressed on how he worked in the ring, especially seeing as he was one of the top high flyers to boot.)

NWAXWW Card Pushes

-Adam Flash has been promoted to Midcard after an outstanding match in the tag match at Revelations. He is expected to take on the debuting Cade Sydal at Bleeding Hearts, or he will be in a fatal four-way match up againest Cade Sydal, Black Dragon, and Seth Knight at Bleeding Hearts, depending on how the booking happens.

-Five Star Flash has also been promoted to the Upper Midcard after his NWAXWW World Title Match at Revelations, which was indeed a match that will be remebered by all NWAXWW fans.

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Febuary 1st, 2005 - End of the Month Evaluation

Some NWA brand reports

-NWA:NT's 'NWA:NT Unholy' show was attended by 24 people!

They made $480 from ticket sales.

-NWATNA got a 0.70 PPV buy rate for 'NWATNA To The Death'!

The event was attended by 8162 people.

They made $1750000 from pay-per-view revenue.

They made $326480 from ticket sales.


NWAXWW Monthly Report

Public Image: 26 - 24

Well crap, lost PI, thats not good, I will have to cut something else as attendance for my shows is already low so we trim away the production values by 5

I lost 48,380 dollars, NWA HQ has decided to give me a chance as there was a lot of improvement this month, in both the wrestling and the money. They decided that if I lost anymore money, they would cut the us out of the NWA name and leave us out in the cold. Well, I wouldnt let that happen, so I decided to call up Sophie and Ace and start talking about this month and what we should do. All they could come up with was TV time. I tried American One last month, but to no success. I would try the Regional Network this month and hope for the best.

I knew that to save some money this month as well, I would have to cut the biggest contract that I have going... Sean Casey. He has been doing well, but was a little upset that I let his tag team partner, Chris Michaels go, and his morale started shooting downwards. It began to effect his performance during the practices we had. He was also scheduled to go with Insane Dragon for the strap at Bleeding Hearts, so this would need to make for some quick thinking. Matrix would replace him at Bleeding Hearts and know came the hard part, letting him go. He walked into my office after practice. He sat down and we started chatting about where he wanted to go after he was done with us.

Sean: Paul, I have been getting some offers from some bigger companies, but I always turned them down. Now that we are losing money and fan appeal, I would like to be released of my contract.

Paul: Very well, you can go clean out your locker and say goodbye to the guys. Im gonna miss you man.

We shake hands and he walks out. I began to wonder if this was wise, but as long as I didnt cut anybody else this month, I think I will be fine. Sophie said that I made the right choice and we can always call him back in as we said we would do with Chris Michaels. Both men were fine wrestlers and could work the mic, but there wasnt money to hold em here. I decided to start writing up the Bleeding Hearts card to my mind of it. God, Im going to miss that man.

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Febuary 13th, 2004

Dallas, Texas - NWAXWW Arena

Scheduled Matches so far are:

Matrix vs. Insane Dragon for the NWAXWW World Heavyweight Title. After the release of Sean Casey, Matrix has been chosen to take his spot. Can Matrix turn around his lossing ways and become the new NWAXWW World Champion?

Adam Firestrom vs. Black Dragon vs. Matt Classic vs. Seth Knight in a Fatal Four Way Match. These 4 men debut in a Fatal Four Way match. They all also wrestle for ECCW. Who is the best of the ECCW recurits?

Cade Sydal vs. Adam Flash in a Hardcore Rules match up. Cade Sydal debuts againest Adam Flash in a match where anything goes and nobody cares about what they do to themselves to pick up a win. Can Cade defeat a very tough Adam, who has been a roll as of recent?


Jack O'brady vs. Evil Dead in a Tables match. After the beatings these men have suffered from each other? Who will be put threw a table?

Also scheduled to appear will be Shadow, Technico, Blind Rage, Sonjay Dutt, Silver Tyger and Manslaughter.

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Bleeding Hearts – February 13th, 2005

Man, was I nervous. A schedule of dark matches were about to start before bell time at 7:00. Most of the fans that came were here to see our hardcore matches and the Insane Dragon. Im sure they wouldn’t care about a couple of dark matches and this could kill us, but we needed to get everybody out there in front of the fans, so I scheduled myself, Technico, Blind Rage and Silver Tyger to a 4 Way Elimination match before the show started.

Dark Match

Shadow vs. Technico vs. Blind Rage vs. Silver Tyger

A really solid match to begin with, all high flyers. Technico and Silver Tyger started out with some great suplexes and dropkicks. Technico was getting beat down until he pushed him off into the ropes and hits a right hand right into the gut of Tyger. Technico tags out to Blind Rage. Blind Rage comes in and hits a ddt on the still bent over Tyger. Blind Rage tags out fast again to Technico again. Technico climbs the top rope and goes for a big splash but misses. Tyger throws an arm over Technico and gets the three count to eliminate Technico. I run in and hit a big legdrop to the back Tyger’s head. I pick him up and go for a powerbomb, but Tyger reverses and I get backdropped. I try to tag out, but Rage jumps off the apron and Tyger powerslams me right in the middle of the ring. Tyger climbs the turnbuckle and lands a SSP and pins me for the 3 count. I roll out of the ring and Rage comes in and stares down Tyger. They lock up in the middle of the ring and start a huge display of crusierweight moves. Rage takes advantage by hitting a piledriver in the middle of the ring. Rage slaps on the "The Amputation Special" and tries to make him tap out, but Tyger reaches the ropes. Rage complains to the referee and Tyger rolls him up and gets a 2 count. Tyger now begins to complain to the referee and Rage hits a low blow, the referee is puzzled about what happens. Rage slaps the Amputation Special back on Tyger. Tyger quickly taps out thanks to Rage’s cheating ways.

OR: 49

CR: 24

MQ: 75

Winner: Blind Rage by submission (cheats to win)

When we all got back to the locker room, the fans seemed pretty into our match. I guess anything to get them into the mood of our event will work out great, but when the real matches start, boy will they jump out of their seats. The theme music for Bleeding Hearts begins to play as the announcer began to call out the first match.

Adam Firestrom vs. Black Dragon vs. Matt Classic vs. Seth Knight

Well, ECCW guys know how to put on show. Three of these guys have great highflying experience and Seth, well Seth looked like the biggest man in this match. Seth dominated the beginning of the match with a whole bunch of clotheslines. Adam and Matt roll out of the ring and start trading rights, while Seth and Dragon lock up in the middle of the ring. Seth sends Dragon off the ropes and ducks down to the canvas. Black Dragon takes this chance and sores over the top rope with a huge splash on Adam and Matt. Seth rolls out of the ring and throws Adam’s face into the steel steps. Matt gets up and starts throwing some rights to the back of Seth. Matt sets Seth up for a fallaway slam, but instead of doing it immediately, he takes a few steps back and throws his back into the other set of steel steps. The crowd goes wild as Matt rolls back into the ring and taunts the crowd. Dragon comes from behind and rolls Matt up for a two count. Adam comes back into the ring with some blood running down his face. Dragon comes over and piledrives him in the center of the ring. Matt takes advantage and does a standing moonsault right after the landing. Seth rolls back in and powerbombs Matt next to a down Adam Firestrom. Seth clotheslines Dragon over the top rope and than does the same to a very hurt Adam Firestrom. Seth signals for the end and the crowd boos him. He goes for another powerbomb on Matt, but Matt reverse and sits down on Seth. Matt gets up and rushes to the top of the turnbuckle and hits a frog splash. Matt covers and gets the 3 count. Matt rolls out of the ring quickly and celebrates his win with the small crowd on hand.

OR: 42

CR: 11

MQ: 74

Winner: Matt Classic


(The camera comes back from the ring where Joe Hamilton is standing by with Jack O’Brady)

Joe: Well Jack, it has come to this. After the beating you gave to Evil Dead at Revelations and the way both of y’all fought back at First Blood. Evil Dead and you in a Tables Match. What are your thoughts?

Jack: Well you see Joe, it’s rather simple. This dead idiot just dosent get that The Irish Punk is better than him, and he finds it necessary to fight me at every turn. First it was pinning me at First Blood, and than I go my revenge at Revelations by getting to him first, than he finds the need to kick out of my Dublin Drop, but I still managed to beat him. Now it has come to putting each other threw tables. Well, tonight he will find out that everybody NEEDS JACK O’BRADY. I AM THE GLUE THAT HOLDS THIS PLACE TOGETHER. That’s why tonight, Evil Dead, you are getting put threw the table.

(Jack walks off to the entry ramp as Joe just stands there to hype up the match.)

OR: 34

Jack O'Brady gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Jack O’Brady vs. Evil Dead – Tables Match

Well, I have been building this feud up since the first show, and this match lived up to all the hype I had built it up too. Jack jumped Evil Dead before he even got to the ring. The battled up to the top of the entry ramp, where Jack suplexed Evil Dead right on the steel ramp. Jack started stomping away at Evil Dead until he picked him up and clotheslined him down. Jack goes back threw the curtain and comes back with a trash can with two steel chairs in it. Jack takes the two chairs out picks the trash can up. Jack goes for head shot, but Evil Dead ducks out of the way and hits a few kidney shots on Jack. Evil Dead clotheslines Jack down all the way down the ramp. Evil Dead brings the chairs and trash can back to ringside. Evil Dead picks up the top part of the steel steps. Evil Dead charges at him, but Jack counters with a big boot and the steps go right back into the face of Evil Dead. Jack starts throwing the steel chairs and the trash can into the ring. Evil Dead rolls into the ring to take a rest, while Jack roams the outside for some tables. Jack sets up 2 tables side by side on the outside. He is about to get back into the ring, when Manslaughter comes running down the ramp with a stop sign and blasts Jack right in the back of the head. Evil Dead rolls out of the ring with a trash can as the referee is trying to get Manslaughter to go back to the back. Evil Dead waffles Jack O’brady over the head with the trash can. Evil Dead throws the dented trash can back down on the floor. Evil Dead rolls back into the ring and brings the 2 chairs back to the outside. Manslaughter comes running back out again with his own chair. Manslaughter and Evil Dead hit a double shot to Jack’s head. Manslaughter taunts Jack as he walks to the back. Evil Dead takes the other chair and bodyslams Jack onto it. Evil Dead calls for the end as he sets up another table next to the two already set up. Evil Dead puts Jack up on the table he just set up and he climbs up there with him. Evil Dead than puts Jack in the powerbomb position and he taunts the crowd again. Evil Dead picks Jack and throws him threw the two tables for the win. Jack looks dead in all the wreckage of the tables. Manslaughter comes back out and celebrates with Evil Dead until Jack starts to stir around. Manslaughter goes to stomp him back down, but Jack blocks it and throws him to the side. Jack gets up and hits the Dublin Drop on Evil Dead, right onto the dented trash can. Jack walks over and puts Manslaughter threw the standing table with another Dublin Drop. Jack walks to the back, taunting the crowd, getting a whole lot of boos.

OR: 54

CR: 27

MQ: 81

Winner: Evil Dead by Manslaughter run in

Interview with Cade Sydal… DUDE

(The camera goes to the back where Joe is standing by with the new comer, Cade Sydal)

Joe: Well, Cade, tonight your “welcome to NWAXWW match” is a hardcore rules match againest a very tough man Adam Flash.

Cade: Well dude, you see tonight, Cade is going to run wild. No rules, well that is just fine with me man. Adam, when we get in that ring, you will experience what others have not. Cade Sydal, the coolest dude in this federation. You have a problem with me? Hell, that’s just fine cause tonight. These dudes out here sitting in the seats, and these dudes sitting here in the back will find out what Cade Sydal is all about!

Joe: Coming up next, Cade Sydal vs. Adam Flash, Hardcore rules.

OR: 53

Cade Sydal gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Cade Sydal vs. Adam Flash - Hardcore Rules

Cade Sydal came out to a huge ovation. He slaps hands with all the fans and rolls into the ring. Cade awaits Adam to come the ring. Adam comes out with a shopping cart full of chairs, 2x4’s and a few street signs. Adam leaves the cart at ringside and sets up the remaining tables that were left over from the Table match from earlier tonight. The bell sounds and both men start off by locking up in the middle of the ring. Adam gets the upperhand and throws Cade to the ropes. Adam hits a shoulder block and runs for the ropes. Cade drops to the canvas as Adam runs to the other side. Cade does a leap frog, but Adam catches him in mid air and powerslams him in the middle of the ring. Adam picks him up and whips Cade to the turnbuckle. Adam makes a run at him, but Cade moves out of the way by rolling out of the ring. Cade pulls Adam out of the ring and runs his face into the announce table. Cade taunts the crowd and gets a small pop. Adam hits an elbow into Cade’s midsection and throws him into the steel steps. Adam picks Cade up and walks him over to the shopping cart full of weapons. Cade hits a few elbows in the midsection of Adam, but Adam waffles Cade in the back of his head with right hands. Adam grabs a steel chair and uses the end to his Cade in the midsection. Adam than hits another shot to the back of Cade and than another. Adam throws the chair down and grabs a 2x4. Adam winds up for a shot at Cade, but Cade ducks and nails a superkick to the face of Adam. Cade picks up the 2x4 and hits a few shots to Adam’s back. Cade throws all the weapons in the shopping cart at Adam and than turns the cart on its side. Cade bunches up three tables next to each other and sets Adam on top of them. Cade, for good measure, hits Adam over the head with a speed limit sign and climbs up on the side of the shopping cart. Cade hits a moonsault of off the shopping cart and goes threw the three tables with Adam. Cade goes for the pin, but only comes away with a two count. Cade looks surprised, but shakes it off and looks for something under the ring. Cade pulls out an eight foot ladder and sets it up outside of the ring. Cade picks Adam up and clotheslines him right back down. Cade comes off the top of the ladder with a SSP and bounces right off of Adam. A shaken up Cade rolls over and covers Adam and comes away with three count. The referee raises Cade’s limp arm and calls out the medics as the fans are going wild and start the ever so popular “X Dub Dub” chant.

OR: 55

CR: 26

MQ: 84

Winner: Cade Sydal

Interview with Insane Dragon

(Amiss the wreckage, the camera flashes back to the interview area, where Joe is standing by with the current NWAXWW World Champion, Insane Dragon.)

Joe: Well, we stand here together again Dragon, and well, after the release of Sean Casey, you have to fight Matrix for that belt around your waist. What are your thoughts?

Dragon: Matrix, tonight, you are just another unworthy wrestler trying to get a shot at my belt. Well tonight, I will take you down and I will make sure that you will never get up again to challenge me. (the camera focuses in on Dragon) So the dragon says, so it shall be done…

(Dragon walks off, but the camera stays on him)

OR: 57

Insane Dragon gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Matrix gets the upperhand

Matrix pops out of nowhere with a steel chair and cracks a shot right into the back of Insane Dragon. Matrix drops the chair and throws Insane Dragon into the wall. Matrix takes the world title belt and cracks it over Insane Dragon’s head. Matrix puts the belt around his waist and than picks Dragon up and drags him to the entryway.

OR: 57

Matrix gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Insane Dragon gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Matrix vs. Insane Dragon for the NWAXWW World Title

Matrix music hits with him still wearing the title around his waist and Dragon in his right hand. Matrix hits a short arm clothesline and knocks Dragon down on the ramp. Matrix takes the belt off again and waits for Dragon to get up. Matrix tries to deck Dragon with the belt, but Dragon ducks and nails a spin kick on Matrix. Dragon hits a few chops and than hits a sidewalk slam on the ramp. The referee is trying to get Dragon and Matrix back into the ring so the match can start. Dragon taunts the crowd and everybody cheers loudly for him. Insane Dragon grabs Matrix and throws his head into the apron. Dragon rolls Matrix back into the ring and the match finally starts. Dragon throws Matrix to the ropes and hits a back elbow. Dragon whips Matrix to the turnbuckle. Dragon runs in, but Matrix moves out of the way and Dragon bounces off the turnbuckle. Matrix nails a hard clothesline that sends Dragon down. Matrix hits a piledriver on Dragon and taunts the crowd, only to get a series of boos. Matrix throws Dragon to the ropes and hits a hard spinebuster on Dragon. Matrix says that’s it and goes for the cover. Matrix gets a two count and complains to the referee. Sonjay Dutt comes down from the back and picks up the fallen NWAXWW World Title that was left on the ramp way. Matrix hasn’t seen him and neither has the referee. Matrix picks Dragon up, but Dragon reverses with a jaw breaker. Dragon goes down holding his head, and the referee checks him. Matrix gets up, as Sonjay Dutt comes off the top rope and nails Matrix with the belt. Matrix is out and Sonjay says that his revenge is almost complete. Dragon walks over and nails the Revolting Twist on Matrix. Dragon stays on him for the cover, 1………… 2………… 3………… Dragon retains the belt. Dragon rolls out of the ring and celebrates with Sonjay. Sonjay goes back to the ring and climbs the top rope and hits the Bombay Splash. Sonjay walks over and grabs the microphone.

Sonjay: Next month, at Wrestlefest I Matrix, I will get my full revenge when I challenge you to a match that is very native to this state… A TEXAS DEATHMATCH. You and Me, see you at Wrestlefest Matrix.

(The show goes off with the fans cheering and Sonjay Dutt taunting the crowd.)

OR: 60

CR: 51

MQ: 70

The NWAXWW World title has gained in image.

Winner: Insane Dragon due to interference by Sonjay Dutt

Bleeding Hearts Stats

Overall Rating: 52

Bleeding Hearts was attended by 35 people!

We made $700 from ticket sales.

Competition Shows

NEPW's 'Five Star February' show was attended by 65 people!

They made $1300 from ticket sales.

ECCW's 'ECCW Glory Days' show was attended by 149 people!

They made $2980 from ticket sales.

NWA: NT’s 'NWA: NT Americana' show was attended by 34 people!

They made $680 from ticket sales.

Card Update

Evil Dead & Jack O'Brady have been pushed up to Midcard status after there great chemistry in the ring for the past shows and there phenomenal table match that they had Bleeding Hearts

Adam Firestorm, Black Dragon, and Seth Knight have been demoted to lower midcard due to Matt Classic's victory. He got to keep his midcard status. Adam, Dragon, and Knight have been put into tag teams to add to the upcoming tag team division. NWAXWW management has announced that the NWAXWW Tag Team Titles will be created and made. A match between all the active Tag Teams will take place at Wrestlefest I.

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February 14th, 2005 – Bleeding Hearts Rebound

Well, I thought Bleeding Hearts was huge, and the build up for Wrestlefest was going to be huge. I thought it was time to bring in a manager for the lower midcard guys to give them a jump to the midcard, so I hired a manager, Erin Bray, her charisma was threw the roof, plus she looked pretty damn good, so she gets the seductress gimmick and is about to make her team the Tag Team Champions at Wrestlefest. The build up for Wrestlefest I was going to start by the release of First Blood, Revelations, and Bleeding Hearts in a box set on DVD for about 10 dollars, (that is 3.33 for all those who cant do match for each individual DVD). I would try to buy some time on Wildside TV and NWATNA’s Impact to promote the show as well. Nobody was pushed up the card by the way. Sophie and Ace seemed rather happy with the show as well.

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March 1st, 2005 - Monthly Report

PI: 24 - 24, it did experiance some increase, but went down due to well, long times of no action and the like.

I made 40,700 dollars this month, mostly due to my increase in fan support and the like and cutting down on production costs. This is good. Mean I can increase our advertising campaign by 1 or 2, probably one for this month, and than another next month depending on how this month goes. HQ was happy that I did everything this month, so I get to keep my job for another month.

A new promotion opened this month as well. A backyard fed by the name of Rings Of Fire. They havent released any information about there roaster or when there first show will be, but my god, a 76% Public Image, sweet jesus. Bastards are using Arsenics to up there PI. GAIN IT THE REAL WAY YOU CHEATERS!!!

The ECCW guys came into my office and said that both our event and ECCW's event was on the same day. I than presented them with the fact that this show is huge. Wrestlefest I, our showcase of awsomeness as I put it. It seemed to have go to them seeing as I was introducing 2 brand new titles that day as well. The Tag Team Titles and the Hardcore Title. Of course, all these men would be in the card so they decided to show up to mine. Score one for NWAXWW... woot woot.

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March 12th, 2004 - Wrestlefest I preview


Live in Dallas, Texas

Reunion Arena

NWAXWW World Title Match: Five Star Flash vs. Insane Dragon. Both of these men were in the historic ladder match to determine who the first ever World Champion would be, but now Five Star gets another shot at the strap and he seems to be ready.

NWAXWW Hardcore Title Match: Evil Dead vs. Jack O'Brady vs. Matt Classic vs. Cade Sydal. That’s right, these men proved themselves enough at Bleeding Hearts threw there sick bumps or the way they destroyed their opponents and now there's a belt for it.

NWAXWW Tag Team Title Ladder Match: ??? & ??? vs. Adam Flash & Seth Knight vs. Shadow & Manslaughter. Were going to do this one in typical NWAXWW title style, with a ladder. Although one team remains a mystery, the other two teams have been plugged in and with most of their partners in the Hardcore Title Match, how will they co-exist with each other?

Texas Death Match: Sonjay Dutt vs. Matrix. Well here is a match to draw to. A match building ever since Revelations, it all explodes in a Texas Death Match, a match where it’s all-legal and you have to pin them to a five count.

Also, Silver Tyger and Blind Rage are scheduled to appear.

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Wrestlefest I - March 20th, 2005

Well, we managed to book Reunion Arena and sold out the floor seats. I decided to let people in for free to fill in the risers and no more than that. We also decided to send out some promo tapes to the Local Network in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. We were also selling off our 3 show DVD sets for $10 for our loyal fans that have been to them all. I came out and thanked everybody for coming and that we would start off with a dark match to give them little extra bang for their buy.

Dark Match

Silver Tyger vs. Blind Rage

Well, these guys have always put on great matches since we started this thing. Both are high flyers, both have great submission skills, and the fans love to boo them. The match started rather fast paced, when Rage came flying of the top rope with a crossbody after a series of clotheslines. Rage hits the crossbody and goes for the pin, but comes away with a two. Rage stays in control for a while, but Tyger hits a low blow and throws Rage’s head back to the mat to tip the match in his favor. After a while, the match spills to the outside where Tyger hits a baseball slide, and decides to go for a springboard dropkick, but misses and lets Rage take advantage with a missile dropkick which lead to Rage slapping on the Amputation Special, but Tyger rolls up Rage as he applies it and holds the ropes with his legs to get the victory.

OR: 53

CR: 17

MQ: 89

Winner: Tyger by pinfall

Interview w/ Matrix

(Joe is seen standing by with a very irritated Matrix)

Joe: Well Matrix it has come down t…. (Matrix slaps him right across the face and snatches the microphone away from him.)


(Matrix throws the microphone and still down and out Joe, as he walks off)

OR: 64

Matrix gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Matrix vs. Sonjay Dutt - Texas Death Match

Sonjay Dutt comes out and taunts the crowd, but Matrix jumps on him early with a clothesline to the back of his head. Matrix brings him back up to the curtain and guides him threw it. Matrix throws Sonjay’s face into a table and than throws him into a concrete pillar. Matrix grabs a trash can and hits Sonjay with it a few times. Matrix throws the trash can down and powerbombs him on the trash can. The fans go wild as Matrix picks Sonjay back up and leads him back out to the arena. Matrix goes back into the backstage area and brings back a steel chair and another trash can. Sonjay has slowly made his way back to his feet and has began to look for something under the ring. Matrix comes running down and hits a clubbing blow to the back on Dutt. Matrix throws Dutt into the steel steps and he starts looking for something under the ring. Matrix pulls out a table, but finds Sonjay back up and Sonjay dropkicks the table right into his face. The fans go wild again, as this time Sonjay pulls out a 10 foot ladder. Sonjay throws the ladder and the table inside the ring. Sonjay throws Matrix right into the steel pole and goes back up the ramp way to pick up the steel chair and the trash can. Sonjay throws them in the ring and rolls Matrix back into the ring. The bell finally rings to start the match, as the announcers remind the crowd and the referee that there must be 5 count for the victory. Sonjay picks Matrix up to his knee, but Matrix nails a low blow on Sonjay, as Sonjay falls to his knees. Matrix sets up the table and taunts the crowd, only to receive some serious heat. Matrix throws Sonjay on the table and than climbs up on the table himself.Matrix sets Sonjay up for a piledriver, but Sonjay reverses and backdrops off the top of the table. Sonjay sets Matrix back on top of the table and sets up the ladder. Sonjay climbs up the ladder and taunts the crowd. Matrix gets up and climbs to the top as well. They trade right hands and make it look like they were about to fall of the ladder. Matrix takes control and throws Sonjay’s face right into the ladder a couple of times. Matrix hops off the ladder and hits a huge chair shot right to the back of Sonjay. Sonjay takes a spill of the top of the ladder and Matrix picks him up. Matrix sets up for a piledriver on the steel chair. Matrix brings him up to his shoulders, but Sonjay reverses his weight and face plants Matrix right into the chair. Sonjay calls upon all his remaining strength and has Matrix in tombstone piledriver position. SONJAY HITS A HUGE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ON THE TRASHCAN AND THE FANS GO WILD WITH AN “X DUB DUB CHANT”. Sonjay taunts the crowd and sets Matrix up on the table. Sonjay climbs the ladder fast and flies off the top of the ladder. Sonjay nails the Bombay Splash right threw the table. Sonjay hooks the leg and gets the five count. The fans go wild as Sonjay celebrates the win and heads to the back, while the medics and Ace run down to check on Matrix.

OR: 55

CR: 38

MQ: 73

Matrix lost 1 point of overness from this match. Sonjay Dutt gained 2 points of overness from this match.

Erin Bray announces her debut and her new Tag Team

(As Matrix is helped to the back, a young and attractive woman appears from the back. She walks down the ramp to a whole bunch of cat calls as she walks around ringside, eyeballing everybody in the arena. She eventually climbs up on the apron and climbs threw the 2nd and 3rd rope with a microphone.)

Erin Bray: Well, hello everyone, my name is Erin Bray. I came here tonight for two things. One, to introduce myself to all of you lovely people out here and to bring home the brand new NWAXWW Tag Team titles back to my house. Now, I will bring out my clients, the newest tag team on the block. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Technico and Black Dragon.

(Technico and Black Dragon come to some Latino music, as they walk side by side and hop over the top rope. Erin shakes hands with both men and rolls out of the ring to give the microphone back to the ring announcer.)

OR: 33

Erin Bray debuted her new gimmick, it got a positive response. (Seductress)

Black Dragon debuted his new gimmick, it got a positive response. (Luchadore)

Technico debuted his new gimmick, it got a positive response. (Luchadore)

Black Dragon gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Technico gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Black Dragon & Technico vs. Adam Flash & Seth Knight vs. Shadow & Manslaughter - Ladder Match for NWAXWW Tag Team Titles

Black Dragon and Technico were already in the ring, talking over everything as Adam and Seth make their way down to the ring, after them, Shadow and Manslaughter come down to the ring, bringing their own ladder with them. They all stand under the rope device that will hold the tag belts about 12 or 13 feet in the air. All 6 men look at each other and start talking smack about each other. The action started with Technico and Adam throwing rights and Seth hit a shoulder block to Black Dragon, while Shadow and Manslaughter slide out of the ring and split up. Technico and Adam where the only ones left in the ring, still trading rights. Seth goes wild on the outside hitting clotheslines on everybody on the outside of the ring. Seth grabs a steel chair from the outside and rolls back into the ring. Seth nails a huge shot over the head of Technico and tosses him to the outside. Adam and Seth taunt the crowd and get a series of loud boos. Adam and Seth set up the ladder that was brought down by Shadow and Manslaughter and begin to climb it on both sides. Black Dragon gets up on one corner and Shadow is up on the other. Shadow and Black Dragon both hit missile dropkicks on Seth and Adam and send them crashing to the mat. Black Dragon begins to climb up one side of the ladder and Shadow climbs up the other. Both men get up to the top and start trading blows. Dragon gets the advantage early and suplexes Shadow off the top the ladder, as both men are laid out. Manslaughter slides in the ring and nails a sit out dropkick right to the face of Seth. Everybody pairs up with a man and the fight is on. Shadow and Adam climb up the top rope and Seth, Technico, and Manslaughter fight to the outside of the ring. Shadow ddt’s Adam off the top rope to the outside and both men hit very, very hard. Black Dragon rolls to the outside and dropkicks a steel chair right into the face of Seth, while Technico suplexes Manslaughter out on the ramp. Both men roll back into the ring and climb up the ladder. Erin rolls in and cheers them on, as do the fans. Dragon & Technico grab the belts at the same time and the bell rings. The three get out of the ring as Seth and Manslaughter keep battling. Jack O’Brady comes out and checks on his tag team partner, Adam Flash. Adam Firestrom comes out to check on his partner, Seth Knight and Evil Dead comes out to check on Manslaughter. Medics, Sophie, and Ace come down to check on my condition as Adam said that he landed fine, but I didn’t. My back was thrown out and it was hard to hear everybody talk to me. Erin, Dragon, and Technico taunt the crowd with the belts, but everybody was looking at all the carnage as the announcers hype up the new tag team division.

OR: 49

CR: 23

MQ: 76

The NWAXWW Tag Team titles have gained in image.

Interview with Cade Sydal

(Joe is still kinda rubbing his jaw from the previous interview. This time thought, he is standing by with the up and comer Cade Sydal.)

Joe: Well Cade, tonight, we crown the first ever NWAXWW Hardcore Champion, and you are the odds on favorite for this one, but you have some tough competition tonight as you have to step into the ring with two guys, who have been tearing each other’s head off since the beginning, Jack O’Brady and Evil Dead, and another man, the very tough, very acrobatic, Matt Classic.

Cade: Well, you see I have already come to term with all this man, but tonight, after last week, what I went threw in that hardcore match, I already have all the necessary experience to win this title belt. Let Jack and Evil Dead destroy themselves, which leaves it one on one between me and the ECCW dude. Tonight, all these fans will know that I, Cade Sydal, will become the King of Hardcore.

OR: 63

Cade Sydal gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Cade Sydal vs. Jack O'Brady vs. Evil Dead vs. Matt Classic - NWAXWW Hardcore Title

Matt was already in the ring when Evil Dead started to make his way down the ring. Jack O’brady jumps him from behind and the brawl starts early. Evil Dead and Jack trade lefts and rights, until both men take a spill of the ramp into the pit area. Fans swarm around to see the devastation, as Cade Sydal finally starts to make his way down the ring. The crowd goes wild as Cade runs down to the ring and starts laying down rights on Matt’s face. Cade throws Matt to the ropes and Cade shoulder blocks Matt down to the mat. Cade takes off towards the ropes himself and goes for a huge legdrop, but Matt Classic moves out of the way. Jack begins to make his way down to the ring, but Evil Dead sneaks up on him, turns him around and waffles him with a steel chair! The fans go wild and Evil Dead goes for a pin, but the fall is broken up by Matt’s foot. Matt starts to trade punches with Evil Dead, until Jack hits a low blow on Evil Dead. Cade climbs the top rope and hits a huge moonsault on Matt. Matt and Cade are down and Jack O’Brady begins to set up a Dublin Drop to Evil Dead. Jack gets him up on his shoulders, but Evil Dead rolls his weight back and turns into a crucifix pin. 1…… 2…… 2 and a half. Jack just barely escapes, as Matt begins to stir and throws the hurt Jack into the steel steps. Cade begins to stir, but Matt comes over a kicks him right in the ribs. Evil Dead comes over and throws Matt’s face into the ring. Jack rolls Cade into the ring and nails the Dublin Drop. Jack goes for the pin, but Evil Dead breaks it up at two. Matt is down and is not moving. Cade rolls in and dropkicks Jack in the face and sends him over the top rope, only to make a rough landing. Evil Dead scrambles up and Cade comes off the ropes with a huge clothesline knocking him down. Cade rolls out of the ring and pulls out a table and a trash can. Cade comes in with the trash can and nails Evil Dead over the head with the trash can. Cade pushes him back to the ropes and comes back and hits another huge shot to the face off Evil Dead, sending him over the top rope. Cade sets up the table on the outside of the ring, rear the ramp way. Cade rolls back in and throws Matt out of the ring. Cade goes for a short arm clothesline, but Matt ducks and goes for a quick ddt. Cade blocks that hits a few kidney shots and finally nails a hard clothesline, sending Matt’s head bouncing off the padded floor. Cade sets Matt up on the table and hops on the apron. Cade climbs up the top rope and signals for a Phoenix Splash, but Evil Dead hops up on the apron. Evil Dead than pushes Cade off the top rope, causing him to do a front flip threw the table with Matt still on it. Jack comes up on the apron and begins to brawl around with Evil Dead, but the referee notices Matt’s shoulders are pinned by Cade’s back. The referee runs down to the outside and starts the count. 1……… 2……… 3……… the bell sounds and the referee brings over the brand new Hardcore Title and raises Cade’s arm. Jack and Evil Dead keep on battling and it spills over the safety rails and to the back. Cade staggers to the back, as does Matt. The fans are chanting Cade’s name as he walks out on his own will with the new NWAXWW Hardcore Title.

OR: 49

CR: 26

MQ: 73

The NWAXWW Hardcore title has gained in image.

Interview with Insane Dragon

(Joe is seen standing by with Insane Dragon. Dragon has the NWAXWW World Title draped over his shoulder, as Joe begins to ask his questions.)

Joe: Well Dragon, you have had that belt for about 2 months now, ever since that historic ladder match at Revelations. Now, you have to go againest one of you opponents from that ladder match, Five Star Flash. Now you are on the biggest stage the NWAXWW can offer, what is going threw your mind right now.

Dragon: Well, Tonight Joe, I have been standing with you for an interview at every single show so far, and well, tonight… I have to go againest a very fast, a very determined, and a very great wrestler in Five Star Flash. I have my work cut out for me tonight Joe, and I am not going to lie you. There is a chance that I might lose, but tonight, after I give one hundred percent out there. I will still be the NWAXWW World Heavyweight Champion, because tonight is all about respect in the eyes of me, the eyes of Five Star Flash, and most importantly… the eyes

OR: 63

Insane Dragon gained 3 points of overness from this segment.

Five Star Flash vs. Insane Dragon - NWAXWW World Title

When both were in the ring, they instantly went into a stare down. Dragon held the belt right in front of Five Star’s face the whole time. Dragon hands the belt to the referee and both men shake hands before the bell sounds. Dragon and Five Star begin by locking up in the middle of the ring. They do several arm twists and hip tosses, only to come back to their feet. Dragon and Flash begin to trade some rights and lefts and they lock up yet again in the corner. Dragon gives a clean break and steps back. Both men circle the ring and lock up yet again in the middle of the ring. Flash buries a knee into the gut of Dragon and than throws him to the ropes. Flash hits a high dropkick and goes over to climb the top rope. Dragon gets up quick and rolls forward as Five Star flies off the top rope to miss the dropkick. Dragon gets to work fast with a Boston Crab, and holds it for about a minute until Flash reaches the ropes. Dragon gets up and pulls Five Star back to the middle of the ring and slaps on the Texas Cloverleaf. The fans are into the submission action going on in the ring, as Flash reaches the ropes again. The battle plan of Dragon has become clear as Five Star starts to hobble around the ring. Dragon dropkicks Five Star over the top rope and is set to fly. Dragon runs off the ropes and goes for a suicide dive over the top rope, but Five Star rolls out of the way, sending Dragon’s face running into the guard rail. Five Star runs across the apron and nails a flying elbow right into the gut of Insane Dragon. Five Star gets up and rolls Dragon back into the ring. Five Star climbs up to the top rope and goes for a frog splash, but Dragon moves forward and climbs the ropes himself. Five Star is down holding his gut, as Dragon comes off the top rope with a high Shooting Star Press. Dragon stays on for the pin, but only gets a two count. Dragon gets on the apron and flies over the top rope with a leg drop that connects right over the throat of Five Star. Dragon sets up for the Revolting Twist, but misses. Five Star scoop slams Dragon near the turnbuckle and ascends the top rope. Five Star hits his 450 splash and the fans go wild and count with the ref. 1……… 2……… NO! DRAGON KICKS OUT AND THE FANS GO WILD AGAIN. Five Star starts to complain to the ref, but Dragon comes from behind and dropkicks Five Star into the referee. Dragon and Flash start going at, trading chop for chop, punch for punch, and reversal for reversal. Dragon and Flash eventually spill over the top rope after a clothesline from Five Star. Five Star goes over and grabs a steel chair. Dragon dropkicks right back into his face and rolls him back in. Dragon suplexes him down and hits the Revolting Twist all in one great maneuver. The referee comes to and slowly gets in the ring as Dragon drops down for the pin. The referee begins the slow count, 1…………… 2…………… 3! Dragon somehow comes away with a win from the slow count. The referee takes the title away from the ring announcer and hands it back to Dragon. Dragon and Flash get up and go to the ropes for support. Dragon offers a handshake to Five Star, and he accepts it. Wrestlefest goes off with Dragon raising the NWAXWW World title and Five Star’s Arm as the fans chant “X DUB DUB”!

OR: 58

CR: 46

MQ: 70

The NWAXWW World title has gained in image.

Wrestlefest I Stats

Overall Rating: 54

Wrestlefest I was attended by 105 people!

We made $2100 from ticket sales.

Competition Shows

-ECCW's 'ECCW Global Warfare' show was attended by 143 people!

They made $2860 from ticket sales.

-MLW has risen to National level.

-MLW's 'MLW I Wanna Rock' show was attended by 3459 people!

They made $138360 from ticket sales.

Card Pushes

-Technico has been pushed up to midcard

-Blind Rage has been pushed up to upper midcard

-Cade Sydal has been pushed up to upper midcard

(Srry for the late update guys, it took me a while to write this one out. I put alot thought into what I wanted to do and tried to produce some good results that I think everyone should like.)

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