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Banning 'Private Ryan'

Conservative religious and family groups said Friday that they plan to file complaints with the FCC charging that ABC violated the agency's indecency regulations when it aired Saving Private Ryan Thursday night. Fearing such action and the possibility that they might be fined, some 66 ABC affiliates refused to carry the broadcast, which nevertheless produced the largest Thursday-night audience that the network has been able to attract this season. Among the groups complaining about the Ryan screening was the Rev. Donald Wildmon's American Family Association, which cited the film's "excessively profane language." It added, "ABC crossed the line by airing at least 20 'f' words and 12 's' words during primetime viewing hours!" The FCC acknowledged over the weekend that it had received numerous complaints about the telecast.

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Actually, that article fails to mention that the FCC ruled on both of the previous "uncut" airings of Saving Private Ryan that it was not indecent. The FCC aren't yet the bad guy, at least not in this situation.

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Can anyone name me a special interest group containing the word "family" in the title that is not run by religious nuts?

I'm really getting so bored with all this... okay you dumb fucks, I get it, children are more important than people, safety is more important than fun, and the "family" is more important than the individual. People with common sense are losing this country.

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Guest Downloading_Man

I live in the UK and we are starting to follow you USA-ians.

I despise censorship. Who the hell are they to say its too violent, or the language too strong for me. If I think it is, I'll turn over.

A perfect example is when they show WWE during the day. Anything sexual is censored (Mae Young is sickeningly not included, so we still get to see her). Any attacks with a weapon are censored. (Long shot of the crowd cheering....as they clearly enjoy what I'm forbidden to see, which just rubs it in really)

I don't know how "interactive" your TV is in America (Don't you guys use Cable?), but I've got SKY Digital. The thing is when watching certain sports you can change camera angles etc. So why can't I pick the transmission stream WITHOUT censorship? (When I get my own house, I'm gonna be seriously pissed that I can't watch violence etc, because it might be seen by someone who needs protecting from that). The option to do this could be protected by the PIN number, so any argument that children could access violence, sex, etc, is not valid. It would be the parents responsibility. And there lies the problem....

On a slightly different not, I am also sick of political censorship. Every view that isn't what the pathetic moral saviours are promoting, is censored. You can't say 'fag', 'nigger' or any other 'offensive' term. This is reasonable except that often when it said in reasonable ways it is halied as creating racial tension / promoting prejudice and so on. This goes beyond censorship, and into the realms of conditioning. Anyone who has seen childrens TV recentley will know what I mean. My sister is 3, so I see a lot of these shows, and I don't like what I see. Everything is so politically correct. Races all represented in equal numbers (Not proportionate, equal). Throw in the fact that teachers aren't allowed to promote the traditional family unit (Married parents and their children) as this might offend people. That is censorship, and it is causing serious damage to the society we live in.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

I agree with Censorship to a certain degree, but no extremes. Obviously there should be a watershed on the television as we don't want sexual programs and extreme violence to be shown to young children (after 13 they can watch what they like), but when someone swears on a live TV performance or whatever I mean whats the point in complaining? its pathetic.

I especially hate songs that are recorded for the radio, when a swear word is swapped for something completely faggy and unrelated, I'd rather just have a gap in sound.

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F*ck C*ck Sh*t



Seriously though: Censorship sucks ass... One of my favorite radio stations, before the boob, was 94.1 WHJY in Providence, RI. Now.. they have to play "radio edits" of everything.... Fucking FCC won't let us be... :(

On the cable pin thing: Not all cable providers provide a pin for cable but most new TVs now have something called V-Chip in which it asks for a code I believe to watch certain ratings on certain programs. There's no such thing as live TV anymore.. Fuck you FCC, Fuck You America, Fuck You George W. Bush, Fuck You Middle America.

Sorry.. had to get the fucks off my back..

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Guest Downloading_Man

I just though I'd add my thoughts about radio.

The watershed never ends (Or begins ?) on radio, as it is cendsored 24 hours a day. I don't know why, but thats how it is (In the UK)

One of the main reasons I no longer listen to radio is because of all these "radio edits". An example of this is "My Name Is" (Eminem). He had to write a whole new set of lyrics for it. I have NEVER heard the uncensored version on the radio, or on the TV music stations. It just ruins it, as you know it is a watered down version of something so much better. Less original artists simply putting stupid sound effects over their swearing is even worse. It makes them seem such amateurs.

For songs without radio edits, but still censorship issues, it annoys me when they play them before the watershed and you only hear about a third of it, as they cut the sound for the rest of it. What is the point of playing it?

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