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Band Aid


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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Its alrite, although the music side of things aren't all that great, sounds a bit dull, sounds less 'group' like aswell, the good thing about the last one was that they were all together jamming, this time it sounds too edited.

Not to try and stop people buying it though, its for a good cause.

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Guest KoRnCHiLD

The Dizzee Rascal bit was awesome, despite how much the rest of the song sucks I'll still buy it. I'm only really interested in the Thrills, Dizzee, Estelle, McCartney and Geldof - Busted, the Darkness, the Sugababes etc can fuck off.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Joss Stone comes from some shitty village by my city, shes so friendly on TV, but shes a complete bitch, and theres no way that she knows that black woman on her video 'You Had Me'.

Joss: Um, Hello, Can I come over?


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It's a nice idea, but wouldn't it have been better to do a different song? I've not heard this yet, by the way. I can't believe people are using the name Dizee Rascal and positive adjectives in the same sentence, though.

Amazingly talented lyricists/producers don't deserve positive adjectives?


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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

I usually like Dizzee Rascal, well a few songs anyway, but that Dream thing he's just released is possibly the worst record of all time, he has the talent to be a Busta Rhymes of the UK, but sometimes he pushes his luck alittle too far with some incredibly terrible songs.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Her record deal is actually in America, so shes been there on and off for about 2 years, accents don't change that easily though, unless you want them to, shes just trying to sound 'hip', but shes slowly getting a Kelly Osbourne accent, which is disgusting.

Saying that, the Devon accent is the spoken form of ass, luckily I have a wiltshire accent, which is completely different ¬.¬

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From Brand New Day:

Looks like I'm losing mates,

There's a lot of hostility near my gates.

We used to fight with kids from other estates,

Now 8mm settle debates.

From Get By:

We grew up in the ghetto, saw real life pain.

Real life struggle with real life strain.

Real life kiddies with real life guns

and real life mothers lose real life sons.

From Showtime:

This was clearly a positive sign,

Learning 'bout beats, breaks and bars.

Didn't chat about champagne and cars,

More concerned with, you know, the grime.

Made it a touch difficult to shine,

Among these so called called underground stars,

Some resented him, thus presenting him with pure dumbness like retards.

There, the good more than outweights the bad.

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Why, it rhymes?

He's not say anything new or innovative.

Anyway, this is about Band Aid. Fults, think the Do they know it's christmas line is more in reference that they have the same sturggles i.e. hunger, poverty, regardless of the time period. They don't know it';s Christmas because they can't celebrate it.

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