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WWF: 2000 Building The Future


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WWF: 2000

WWF Chairman Vince McMahon's business had recently been squashing his only competition the WCW owned by Ted Turner. McMahon had been breeding his own stars and bringing in new stars from Extreme Championship Wrestling and other places. McMahon had three television shows... WWF Raw Is War, WWF Smackdown, and WWF Sunday Night Heat which have all been extremely successful. McMahon though decided he wanted to give Pat Patterson, the first ever WWF Intercontinental Champion, and good friend a chance to write shows to see if Patterson had what it took to be the Head Writer at the WWF. McMahon had scheduled a meeting with Pat Patterson to dicuss his oppritunity.

A knock at McMahon's office door is heard...

McMahon: Come in.

Patterson: Hey Vince, you wanted to see me?

McMahon: Oh yes Pat, please take a seat.

Pat sits

McMahon: Well Pat I decided I think it is time.

Patterson: Time for what Vince?

McMahon: Pat, we've discussed this before and I've been curious. Can you actually write a show and produce a good product for me. So Pat, I'm going to give you a month as Head Writer of the WWF. If you fail miserably Im going to pull you very quickly because I don't want to lose money, but we will have another meeting at the end of the month to discuss your situation. Pat we've been good friends... I think you can do it and want to give you a shot. Our head writer is taking a month vacation and quite frankly I'm not to happy about it. So just maybe if you prove me right, and out preform this guy. Im going to give you a full-time Head Writer Job here at the World Wrestling Federation.

Patterson: Wow Vince, you know I've always wanted to prove you right on this I won't let you down.

McMahon: I hope so Pat. My assistant has some papers for you I want you to look them over, it has a brief report on each man and woman on the roster. You got RAW tomorrow night so good luck Pat.

Patterson: Thank you Mr. MACMahon. It's an honor to work for you!

Pat shakes Mr. McMahon's hand and leaves and stops at his assisants desk down the hall.

Patterson: Hello Sophie, Vince said you had some papers for me.

Sophie: Oh Yes Pat, here ya go

Sophie hands him a folder.

Patterson: Thank you.

Pat leaves the WWF offices and returns to his home to look over the papers.


Roster up shortly, kind of corny but I hope to get better and have a lot of fun with this.

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Pat returned to his home in Florida awaiting to see what was inside this folder. Pat opened the folder...

Patterson: Let's see what we got here...

World Wrestling Federation Roster

Main Eventers:

user posted image

'The Game' Triple H

Triple H is currently "on-air" married to Vince McMahon's daughter, Stephanie McMahon. Triple H basically gets any match he wants, any title match he wants as he is now Vince McMahon's son-in-law. Triple H is currently a Heel.

user posted image

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

The current WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Stone Cold is currently battling with Triple H in title fights all because Vince McMahon HATES Stone Cold. A long bitter feud between McMahon and Austin, and McMahon would love to see nothing more than Austin suffering without the World Title over his shoulder. Steve Austin is currently a Face, and our biggest money maker.

user posted image

The Rock

Another big money maker for the WWF. The Rock was the youngest WWF Champion but is currently wrestling and filming a movie. You may only use him sparringly according to his schedule. The Rock is currently a Face.

user posted image


Mankind is a sick, sadistic, balls to the wall charcter. He can take any punishment dished out to him. The fans love him for extreme, no fear style of wrestling taking any bumps nesscary to get the match over. Mankind is currently a face.

user posted image

The Big Show

The Big Show, recenetly was a free agent from the WCW but we picked him up and the name says it all. He's a 7'2 500 pound monster. He will stop at nothing more than complete domination. Big Show is currently a Face.

user posted image

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is currently not with the WWF as he had to have surgery not more than a week ago. Undertaker potrays a Supernatural man coming back from the dead. The Undertaker currently is a Heel but maybe a change once he comes back?


user posted image

'Y2J' Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho another man coming over to the WCW late last year is currently the WWF Intercontinental Champion and slowly becoming a big star in the WWF. Jericho is currently a Face.

user posted image

Kurt Angle

A Olympic Gold Medalist in Wrestling at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, Kurt has recently burst onto the scene of the WWF and making his name become well known with his great amatuer wrestling style in the ring mixed in with the great ring awareness. Kurt Angle is currently a Heel.

user posted image


Tazz has yet to debut you for the WWF yet, but it should be happening very soon. Tazz left the ECW like the Dudley Boyz to come here to the WWF. He was a huge superstar in ECW, so we can not waste this kind of talent. He could become a champion very quickly. We currently don't know what we will do with Tazz, you can create his story.

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user posted image

The Big Bossman  [R.I.P BOSSMAN!]

Big Bossman is currently the WWFHardcore Champion, and helps out the McMahon-Helmsley Regime. Bossman is a former Prison guard in Georgia. Bossman carrys around a nightstick to beat his opponets senseless and even use it to get the cheap win. Bossman is currently a Heel.

user posted image

'Bad Ass' Billy Gunn

A current member of D-Generation X and good friend with Triple H. He is also a half of the WWF Tag Team Champs. Also known as 'Mr. Ass' because he loves his ass and so does the ladys. Him and his partner Road Dogg are liked but don't like that there aligned with Triple H. Billy Gunn is currently a Heel.

user posted image


Bradshaw is a currently a tag team partner with Faarooq in the A.P.A (Accolytes Protection Agency) People pay them to beat up the other wrestlers, or be there partners in a match. There's always a price for these guys, or you can buy them a case of beer! Bradshaw is currently a Face.

user posted image

Bubba Ray Dudley

Currently with his tag team partner, and half brother D-Von Dudley. These guys are extremeist and always love to put there opponets through a table with there main move the 3D (Dudley Death Drop) Bubba Ray is currently a Heel.

user posted image

Chris Benoit

Chris Benoit could be the best technical wreslter in all of wrestling. He and 3 of his other friends just made there debut on WWF Television since defecting from the hell hole over in WCW. Benoit could be a star in the WWF. Chris Benoit is currently a Face.

user posted image


Christian is a cocky guy, who tag's with his brother Edge. The fans hate there arrogance but hey who can blame them? They've held the WWF Tag Titles several times. Christian is currently a Heel.

user posted image


Chyna, A Playboy Diva, in an equality fighter who won't back down from any fight. She will fight any man, anywhere at any time. Chyna is currently a Face.

user posted image

Dean Malenko

Dean Malenko is also one the best technical wrestlers in the world. He just came over with Chris Benoit and his two other friends. Malenko has a very big respect for the history of wrestling and could be a very good champion. Dean Malenko is currently a face.

user posted image

D'Lo Brown

A lot of people think this kid could be a star but really hasn't shown it a lot as of late. D'Lo is liked by the fans and maybe needs to be steered in the right direction so he can shine. D'Lo Brown is currently a Face.

user posted image

D-Von Dudley

The second member of the Dudley Boyz. D-Von is a very sound wrestler and a good tag team wrestler. D-Von is currently a Heel.

user posted image

Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero is another man who just came over with Benoit, Malenko, and Saturn. This group is called the Radicalz and they all are tremendously great wrestlers. Guerrero and Benoit are the best wrestlers of the four and can be great champions down the line. Eddie is currently a Face.

user posted image


Edge is the other half of the tag team with Christian. Another very arrogant personailty but can back it up in the ring and be a star in the WWF. Edge is currently a Heel.

user posted image


Faarooq is the second member of the A.P.A. Two bad asses who take no shit from anyone, love to drink beer and raise a little hell in the process. Faarooq is currently a Face.

user posted image

Grand Masta Sexay

One half of the Tag Team called "Too Cool" Grand Masta Sexay is a decent wrestler and very experienced at Tag Team wrestling. Grand Masta is currently a Face.

user posted image

Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly is one of those good old veterans on the roster. Known for his hardcore style of wrestling and beating the crap out of people.Hardcore Holly is currently a Heel.

user posted image

Jeff Hardy

A very extreme and weird individual. The ladys<a onMouseOver="window.status='' ; return true;"  onMouseOut="window.status='';" oncontextmenu="window.status=''; return true;" onclick="location.href='http://www.enhancemysearch.com/admin/results.php?q=Love&id=31';return false;" href="" TITLE="More Info..."> love </a>him, and everyone goes Wooo when he takes to the air. Will do anything extreme and will do some of the craziest things you'd seen. Jeff Hardy currently is a Face.

user posted image


Kane is the Undertaker's brother, both Evil son of a bitches who will raise hell all the time. Kane recently got a outfit change and a girlfriend in Tori. Kane can be a contender for any title. Kane is currently a Heel.

user posted image

Mark Henry

Mark Henry is a ladies man and always takes care of the ladies. Not the best looking guy in the world but has his mind on a lot of ladys. Always dressed nice but when you anger him he could be the most dominate man in the WWF. Mark Henry is currently a Face.

user posted image

Matt Hardy

The other half of the Hardy Boyz, Matt Hardy is not as high flying and extreme as Jeff, but will get the job done with everything. A very sound wrestler and a great tag team partner with Jeff. Matt Hardy is currently a Face.

user posted image

Perry Saturn

The last members of the Radicals. Perry Saturn is a great technical wrestler and wasn't given a chance to shine in WCW. Has a lot of talent we could really use him. Perry Saturn is currently a Face.

user posted image


Rikishi is a big cool dude, and uses his weight to his advantage. Might not be the quickest, or best wrestler but we think Rikishi could carry a major title for us. Rikishi is currently a Face.

user posted image

The Road Dogg is the other half of the WWF Tag Team Champions with Bad Ass Billy Gunn or the New Age Outlaws. Both are alligned and currently great friends with Triple H. Some consider Billy and Road Dogg the greatest tag team in WWF history. Road Dogg is currently a Heel.

user posted image

Scotty 2 Hotty

Scotty is the other tag team partner with Grand Masta Sexay to form 'Too Cool'. Has a great main move that everyone loves ' The Worm' Gets over very well with the crowd, and a great tag team partner. Scotty 2 Hotty is currently a Face.

user posted image

Val Venis

Val is a big ladies man, every lady shivers when hes in there presence. Val is also currently holding the WWF European Championship. Val is potrayed as an Adult Film star, but has tremendous talent in the ring. He could be a top star in the WWF if given time.

user posted image


X-Pac is currently also in D-Generation X, and is a great high flying type of wrestler. The fans dont seem to care for him much and chant "X-Pac Sucks" all the time. X-Pac is currently a Heel.


user posted image

Al Snow

Al Snow is a whacko. He carries around a manican head and talks to it and it speaks back. Al Snow is also a great hardcore wrestler, and will use 'Head' to win his matches. Al Snow is currently a Face.

user posted image

Crash Holly [R.I.P CRASH!!!]

Crash Holly is the cousin of Hardcore Holly and is always being bullied around by his big cousin but still can put up a fight. Crash has tooken on Hardcore's style of wrestling and has wentHardcore and has become quite good at it. Crash Holly is currently a Heel.

user posted image


Gangrel is a vampire, he even has the teeth but it also comes with good wrestling skills. After a match the lights will occasionally go out and the wrestler left in the ring will be covered in a red liquid. Gangrel has just given you a blood bath! Gangrel is currently a Heel.

user posted image

The Godfather

The fans looooooove the Godfather because every where he goes, so does the Ho's! Godfather is portrayed a pimp and will even offer his opponet a night with his ladys instead of fighting him! Godfather is currently a Face.

user posted image

Prince Albert is a very big dude, and extremely hairy. The girls dont like it but he doesn't care. He just loves to beat the crap out of people and that he does. He could be a star here if given the right oppritunitys. Albert is currently a Heel.

user posted image


Test is the former fiance of Stephanie McMahon till Triple H got to her, Test still hates Triple H for it and will always be up for a fight with him. Test is a decent wrestler for his size. Test is currently a Face.

user posted image

Trish Stratus

Trish can get any man she wants, and she can break any mans dignity whenever she wants. She might have the best in-ring skills of any diva in the WWF as well. She's a very dynamic woman and could easily become the greatest WWF Diva of all times. Trish Stratus is currently a Heel.

user posted image


Viscera is a huge 500 pound man and very scary. Not the greatest skills but can be a player here in the WWF. We like him a lot and hope he can maybe become a star. Viscera is currently a Heel.


Last half of the roster is next.

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user posted image

Shane McMahon

Brother of Stephanie McMahon, and son of Vince McMahon Shane is awaiting in the shadow of his father to take over but Shane currently helps his dad run the business. Shane helps out Triple H as well. Shane is currently a Heel.

user posted image

'The Heartbreak Kid' Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is still currently injured from some back problems but still remains on the roster. Could make some apperances if we figure out what to do with maybe the greatest WWF Wrestler ever. Shawn is currently a Face.

user posted image

Vince McMahon

The chairman of the WWF, and is a large part of the WWF broadcasts. Is one of our main charcters on-air helping Triple H and others to destroy The Rock and Steve Austin. That is McMahon's main objective. Vince is currently a Heel.


user posted image


Debra does not currently have a role with the WWF as a manager and is not managing anyone. Debra is a Face.

user posted image


Lita is great wrestler and is currently managing the Hardy Boyz. Lita can also be a great Women's champion someday. Lita is currently a Face.

user posted image

Stephanie McMahon

Vince McMahon's pride and joy, Daddys Little Girl as everyone refers to her as. She is the wife of Triple H, and will make her dad do anything to get Triple H a title shot. Stephanie is currently a Heel.

user posted image

The Kat

The Kat is the current Women's Champion of the WWF. She isn't a great wrestler but shes decent. The Kat is currently a Face.

user posted image


Tori is currently the girlfriend of Kane and supports her man one hundred percent. She is also a good wrestler. Tori is currently a Face.

Developmental Wrestlers

(Only a picture for ones you should keep an eye out for)

user posted image

Brock Lesnar

Brock is a former NCAA Wrestling Champion and is a very big man. Hes just a legitmate athlete. Keep a look out for this guy.

Bull Buchanan- Nothing to special about Bull, if he can get his wrestling skills together we could use him.

Chad Collyer- Chad has some skills, to early to tell what he can really do though.

user posted image

Charlie Haas

Charlie and his brother Russ, are great techincal wrestlers and a great tag team combo. If we ever needed a new fresh tag team these are the guys to look at.

Chuch Palumbo- Just recenetly picked up off WCW not more than two days ago. Chuck has the poetntial to be a star.

Dave Batista- Dave is another very big and powerful man. He really needs to work on his in-ring work before we even get him a look.

Doug Basham- Doug is a great technical wrestler but could use some work down here.

Jacqueline- Jackie was needed down here not only to work on her own skills a little more but to help everyone else.

Jason Lee- Has a lot to prove to us.

Joe E. Legend- We really like this kid, he has some poetntial and hopefully he doesn't waste it.

Kimo- A tag team with O.G. Ekmo, two big samoan's here, could be a nice little duo in the future.

user posted image


K-Krush is potraying a rap artist and is very good at it, his in-ring work is coming along nicely could be called up soon.

Mark Jindrak- Another just picked up from WCW, Needs to work on his in-ring abilties but other then that very athletic and could be a star one day.

Mike Sanders- Another also from WCW recently, amazing mic skills from this kid and his in-ring is a little bit stale but we can work it out of him. Could be a big star.

Nick Dinsmore- Dinsmore will need more time to develop down here.

O.G. Ekmo- Kimo's partner

Payne- A big monster of an guy, needs to work on his in-ring abilitys.

user posted image

Randy Orton

Remeber this kid because he could be the best one down here, We might give him more time down here then he actually needs but when this kid hits the scene he could be better then The Rock or Stone Cold!

Rob Conway- Nothing to special here but could develop.

Russ Haas [R.I.P. RUSS!!!]- Charlie's brother and a good tag team wrestler.

user posted image

Sean O'Haire

Our best one we just picked up from WCW, This kid has tons and tons of talent, if we can keep him together and tune him up a little bit he will be a star.

Shawn Stasiak- Was in the WWF before, but given a second chance. Give him a little time and he wont disappoint.

Shelton Benjamin- Brock Lesnar's tag partner, and another amazing techincal wrestler. Could be a star one day as well.

Victoria- A good wrestling diva, could be a star one day as well.


user posted image

Stone Cold's World Title belt and only his.

user posted image

Regular World Title

user posted image

Intercontinental Title held by Chris Jericho.

user posted image

Tag Team Titles held by the New Age Outlaws.

user posted image

WWF Hardcore Title held by the Big Bossman

user posted image

Womens Title held by The Kat

user posted image

WWF European Title held by Val Venis

This is everything you need to know Pat. I wish you luck with your writing job in the WWF.

X  Vince McMahon


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Not surprised you edited out the SS 99 car-wreck.

Surprised you didn't go so far as to edit out the Owen Hart incident. Kudos to you, sir.

Since you changed the backstory coming in to 2000, you should probably do a recap from at least Armageddon if not Survivor Series.

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Not starting out right at 2000 but in the middle, most of this will have probably changed.

WWF Backlash 2000

WWF Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws vs. Edge and Christian

Winner: Still Tag Team Champs, New Age Outlaws

Edge and Christian gave one of the best tag teams in the history of pro wrestling a run for there money almost getting the win a few times but in the end Billy Gunn hit a Fame-Ass-Er out of no where to pick up the win.

X-Pac vs. Dean Malenko

Winner: X-Pac

X-Pac barely pulled this one out of his hat as he hit a cheap low blow on Dean when the ref was distracted by Road Dogg and X-Pac picked up the win.

WWF Hardcore Title: Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly vs. Big Bossman

Winner: And New Hardcore Champion, Big Bossman

Al Snow was the champ until all three men beat the crap out of each other but Bossman's nightstick to the head of Al Snow was the main factor as he picked up the win and the title.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle

Winner: Kurt Angle

A brillant match-up here between two great wrestlers and Kurt Angle snuck it in with an Angle Slam to beat Guerrero.

Big Show vs. Gangrel

Winner: Gangrel

Big Show just beat the hell out of Gangrel the whole match till the lights went out and everyone thought it was going to be a Blood Bath by Gangrel but the lights came right back on and the ref was knocked out...and a masked man in all black clothing had Big Show in a choke hold. Then he Belly to Belly suplexed the big man! Gangrel pinned him and got the win.

WWF Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit

Winner: And Still Intercontinental Champ, Chris Jericho.

A great battle between two great warriors. Jericho got Benoit in the Walls of Jericho and made Benoit tap, both men shook hands as Benoit raised Jericho's arm in the air after the match.

The Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz Tables Match

Winner: The Hardy Boyz

The last man to go through was D-Von as Jeff Hardy got D-Von onto a table and did a Swanton Bomb off the top rope knocking D-Von though for the win.

WWF European Title: Val Venis vs. Rikishi

Winner: And Still WWF European Champion, Val Venis

Val and Rikishi went all out in a big battle for this one. Rikishi even got Val into the stink face but went for his Banzai Drop and Val moved, Val then knocked the big man down and hit the Money Shot to pick up the win.

WWF Heavyweight Championship: Steve Austin vs Triple H No DQ Match

Winner: And Neeeeeeew WWF Heavyweight Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin

Triple H, the champion came into this one confident he could beat the Texas Rattlesnake. Both men were a bloody mess in the end of this one and in the end Triple H was holding Austin up as Vince McMahon came into the ring with a steel chair he swung and AUSTIN DUCKED! CRAAACK! Right to HHH's head. Vince was shocked and Austin kicked him in the gut...STUNNER! Austin then pulled HHH up...STUNNER!!! He pins HHH 1...2...3! WE GOT A NEW WWF CHAMPION!

What will happen on Raw Is War?

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WWF Raw is War Preview

WWF Hardcore Title: Big Bossman vs. Al Snow

After a brutal match at Backlash, Bossman, the new Hardcore champion will have to defend his title against Al Snow in what promises to be a very brutal match.

The Godfather vs. Gangrel

Gangrel who just came off a huge win at Backlash over the Big Show, but only to be helped by a masked man. Gangrel looks to continue his luck against the Godfather.

Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz

Two of the best young and up and coming tag teams in the WWF will do battle yet again. These two teams always put on a excellent match against each other. We expect nothing less in this one.

If Angle Wins, He Gets An IC Title Shot: Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle

Another pair of superstars in the WWF set to do battle, if Kurt Angle wins this one he gets a shot at Chris Jericho and his Intercontinental Title!

Will we find out who the masked man was that attacked The Big Show at Backlash? Will the new WWF Heavyweight Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin be in the house? How will Triple H react to Vince McMahon's accidental chair shot to the face to cost him the title? We'll find out on RAW!

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Thank you for the great feedback so far, Hopefully I dont disappoint, within the first couple shows I hope to establish who the masked man was there is kind of a little hint in the rosters if you just cant wait and want to figure it out. I will be working on RAW tonight then I got the Smackdown card ready as well.

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user posted image

Big Bossman vs. Al Snow WWF Hardcore Title Match

The opening contest on RAW is WAR tonight is a title match. The new champion, The Big Bossman defeated then champion Hardcore Holly and Al Snow for the title. Bossman pinned Holly for the victory and since Al Snow didn't get pinned, he gets an outright shot at it.

Both men made there ways down to the ring, Bossman doing his trademark slamming his nightstick down on the steel steps and Al Snow running down with "Head". Both men made there way into the ring and the bell rang. Bossman took the early advantage in this one hitting some power moves on Snow. Bossman threw Snow into the ropes and hit his trademark Sidewalk Slam and went for the quick pin only to get a 2! Bossman then picked Snow up by his hair and tossed him to the outside. Bossman went outside but Snow delievered some right hands to the face. The match would continue on some more outside of the ring as Al Snow was getting the upper hand now. Snow slammed Bossman into the steel steps as Bossman fell to the ground holding his shoulder. Snow went under the ring to find some goodys as he pulled out a garbage can full of stuff. Snow took the garbage can lid out and waited for Bossman to turn up as Bossman was holding onto the railings outside trying to pull himself up....CRACK! Right to the skull of Bossman as Snow smacks him with the lid. Al Snow goes looking for 'Head' wasiting a bunch of time. Bossman now has the lid in his hand and Snow doesn't know it. Snow finally finds head and brings it over to Bossman to hit him but Bossman drills Snow right between the eyes. The match would continue on as Bossman tossed Snow back into the ring and brought along a broom stick with him. Snow was down on both knees as Bossman swung at his head with the room and a sick thud is heard! The broom stick cracks over Snow's head! Bossman then picks his nightstick up and just hammers away on Al Snow with it doing all kinds of tricks with it. Bossman then pins Snow... 1...2...3! Still Hardcore Champ Big Bossman!

After the match though, someone runs into the ring. Remember the 24/7 Hardcore Title rule is still ineffect! It's Radicals member, Perry Saturn! Saturn slides into the ring and spins Bossman around... DVD!!! But Bossman slips off the back of Saturn and Bossman whips Saturn into the ropes. Bossman drills Saturn in the ribs with the night stick! Bossman then hits Saturn in the kidneys a few times as Saturn is laying there hurt as the ref hands Bossman his title and Bossman rips it away from him as he holds it in the air getting booed by the crowd!

Triple H is Pissed!

The scene opens up in Vince McMahon's lockeroom as he is talking on the phone and the door opens and in walks a pissed off Triple H!

Vince: Ummm look I'll call you back. *Hangs up phone* Triple H, what do I owe this great honor?

Triple H: Vince, don't play nice guy with me alright? You and only you cost me my World Title. I had Austin beat I was kicking his ass the entire match and you had to hit him with a chair and hit me?

Vince: Hunter, you know im sorry and wish I could take it back but I can't, but your forgetting one very important thing. I own the WWF Triple H. I can make any match I want, I can't give you your title match right away but you will get a re-match again soon!

Triple H: Well I want Austin, and I want his ass tonight! Make the damn match, no title or not!

Vince: Oh dont worry Hunter, you will get Stone Cold right here tonight! but I got different plans for that match and I will annouce them right after this match so you just take a seat here, relax, order some food service it's all on me tonight! You will get Austin tonight!

Gangrel vs. The Godfather

Two very different individuals set to square off next, Gangrel the demon who walks around giving people blood baths. Godfather, who's always got the ladies with him. Who would get the best of each other tonight?

The lights went out as red lights flickered and up through the ring of fire on the stage raised Gangrel! Gangrel walked down to the ring with his cup of blood in hand. He stands on the steps and spits his blood out into the crowd. Godfather then made his way out with the lovely ladies. Godfather got them all in the ring and grabbed a mic as ladies gathered around him.

Godfather: Wooo Wooo Wooo hold up Vampire boy, I got a little proposal for ya. Since it looks like you don't get out to much here... I'm going to give ya a offer. Instead of fighting me right here in this very ring tonight, I'm going to offer you a night all alone with these three lovely ladies!

Gangrel looks the ladies over as he sticks his tounge out at the one with blood all over in his mouth and the ladys look frightened and begin to whisper something into Godfather's ear.

Godfather: On second thought, I wouldn't mind kicking your ass right now!

Godfather then nails Gangrel with a big boot to the face! Godfather pretty much dominated the early minutes of this bout. Godfather got Gangrel in the corner and called for the train to start! Godfather went for his trade mark Ho Train and ran at Gangrel BUT GANGREL GETS THE BOOT UP! Gangrel knocks Godfather back as Gangrel then kicks Godfather in the gut and whips him into the ropes. Drop kick by Gangrel! Gangrel took over from here on out now hitting a nice body slam on Godfather. Gangrel picked Godfather up then hit the Implant DDT! 1...2...3! Gangrel gets the win as THE LIGHTS GO OUT!

They go out for a minute and come back on and The Godfather is left in a pool of blood! Gangrel has struck with the Blood Bath on the Godfather!

Vince Makes A Match

After the match and a commercial break "No Chance" is heard as out walks the Chairman of the WWF, Vincent Kenedy McMahon! Vince makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic as he gets in.

Vince: Tonight, I have come out here to give my son-in-law a sincere appology. Triple H, I know I cost you the WWF Heavyweight Champion to that SOB Stone Cold Steve Austin! But I plan on making it up to you right here tonight. Ya see, Stone Cold you know you shouldn't have that World Title over your shoulder right now. That is why right here tonight. IN THIS VERY RING.... It will be Stone Cold Steve Austin in one corner....Taking on....THE GAME Triple H, and the WWF Tag Team Champions, the New Age Outlaws! That's right a 3 on 1 match! Stone Cold if you can find anyone dumb enough to be your partner I'll let you have one partner! Stone Cold you have "NO CHANCE IN HELL" tonight!

Just Moment's Ago!

As Vince McMahon was finished making his speech we are out in the parking lot as out of no where a big black truck comes speeding down the ramp! Can it be? IT'S THE NEW WWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Stone Cold Steve Austin is in the house! Kevin Kelly runs up to him as he exits.

Kelly: Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Can I get a quick word with you?

Stone Cold: What the hell do you want Kevin Kelly? I just get here and your already in my face?

Kelly: Stone Cold Im just wondering if you heard about your match here tonight.

Stone Cold: Yeah Kevin, I was on the phone with a friend and he told me and you know what. Vince McMahon can throw whatever the hell he wants at me because tonight the Texas Rattlesnake is going to drink a couple of beers, wrap these ol' knees up and go out and raise hell like none other!

Kelly: Do you have a partner in mind?

Stone Cold: Partner? Stone Cold don't need a god damn partner! Im going to go out there and stomp a mud hole in each one of DX's asses tonight! Now get the hell out of my way!

Stone Cold leaves walking into the arena with his Stone Cold World Title over his shoulder.

Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz

Two of the youngest and hottest up and coming teams in the WWF set to do battle in this competition. Both teams have been through battles before as this match will be no different as they look to prove to not only themselves but everyone just who is the best WWF Tag Team!

E and C's makes there way out to the ring. They get booed but they dont care. The Hardyz music hit as all the ladies in the house could be heard screaming. Jeff, Matt, and Lita come running out onto the ramp posing for the crowd a little bit before charging down to the ring and sliding in. All three get on the ropes and pose but Edge and Christian sneak up behind Matt and Jeff and beat the crap out of'em! Edge and Christian just continue to stomp on each Hardy Boy now as now the ref breaks it up leaving Matt and Edge in the ring. E and C use there great team work early on in this match to wear down Matt not letting him get to the corner. They made multiple tags and double team moves on Matt. Matt did try to fight back though as he raked Christian in the eyes now. Matt then threw Christian into the ropes and it a nice Cross body on him. 1...2. kick out by Christian. Matt crawled to his corner now and got Jeff in! Jeff started cleaning house taking out both E and C now. Jeff was left with Christian in the ring now. Jeff got Christian into the corner now and went up top to punch him in the face as the crowd counts 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10! Then Jeff did a Hurricaranna on Christian in the corner! Pin 1..2.. EDGE BREAKS IT UP! The match continued on a little bit more now as Jeff picked Christian up and hit a Body Slam. Jeff then ran and drop kicked Edge out of the ring! Jeff then goes to the top rope...Could it be??...SWANTON BOMB! 1...2...3! The Hardy Boyz win! Christian rolled right out of the ring now and Edge was just getting up...Both men grabbed chairs and headed into the ring....THEY CONNECT WITH BOTH HARDYZ SKULLS! Lita drops down to see if there both ok but Christian grabs Lita by her hair! What the hell are they going to do.... UNPRETTIER ON THE CHAIR TO LITA!!!! E and C get booed as they leave the ring leaving the ring looking like a train wreck!

The Champs

The scene cuts backstage as we see Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit talking backstage.

Eddie: Yo Essa, Chris Benoit...You had Jericho last night bro. That was a good match holmes.

Benoit: Yeah Eddie, thought I had him but he caught me on the wrong side of the ring I just had no strength left to crawl my way to the bottom rope on the other side of the ring.

Then the New Age Outlaws walk up.

Road Dogg: Wooo Wooo what the hell are you two doing in here, can't you read the sign D-X Cafeteria ONLY!

Eddie: Hey calm down Holmes, you guys are the New Age Outlaws right? The WWF Tag Team Champs right essa?

Gunn: Thats right! Something you two will never ever touch as long as were around.

Benoit: Oh is that so Billy? You two don't have half the wrestling skill that we have!

Road Dogg: Whatever Benoit keep dreamin'. We gotta get ready for our big match. Now get the hell out of our cafeteria!

A Partner?

The scene opens up back in Stone Cold's lockeroom as he is sitting on a chair putting his knee braces on and the door flings open. Stone Cold looks up as the camera pans back...and reveals it's The Rock!

Rock: Stone Cold... tonight you got that 3 on 1 match. Triple H, and the New Age Outlaws against you. But tonight, im evening the odds im going to be in your corner!

Stone Cold: Look Rock, I dont need your damn help and don't want your damn help. I work alone...

Rock: Wooo take it easy Rattlesnake...but no matter how much I'd like to see you get your ass kicked by all three so I can swipe that title back... I don't want you getting your ass kicked and you know why? because The Rock likes challenges and your The Rock's only challenge!

Stone Cold: You screw me over once tonight, and The Rattlesnake will hunt you down and STOMP A MUDHOLE IN YOUR ASS AND WALK IT DRY! AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE BECAUSE STONE COLD SAID SO!

Both men stare each other down before the scene ends..

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho If Angle Wins He Gets an IC Title Shot

Two of the rising stars in there prime in the WWF set to do battle for the IC Title. Kurt Angle an olympic gold medalist, and Chris Jericho one of the rising stars in the business will do the battling.

The countdown begins as out walks Chris Jericho with his IC Title around his waist. The crowd goes crazy for Jericho as he comes down giving a little speech before Kurt Angle's olympic music hits and out walks Kurt Angle to a chrous of boo's. Angle gets into the ring and throws his arms out spinning in the ring. The bell rings and were set to do battle! Both men stared each other down first in the middle of the ring talking a little trash back and forth. Angle then delievers a swift kick to the mid-section real quick before whipping Y2J into the corner. Angle then starts jamming his shoulder into Jericho's mid-section. Angle took over early in this one hitting a nice fisherman's suplex into a bridge for the pin 1--2- kick out by Y2J. Angle pulled Jericho up by his hair and started delievering some viscious rights to the face of Jericho. Angle pretty much dominated the first half of the match but Jericho came back. Jericho whipped Angle into the ropes and did a drop toe hold as Angle's faced smacked against the mat. Jericho got up then went for a the Walls of Jericho!!! Angle uses his leg strength to push Jericho into the corner. Jericho stops himself though and quickly hops up onto the top ropes...MISSLE DROP KICK! Y2J then got cocky and put his foot on Angle's chest for the pin but Angle easily got out of it. Jericho pulled him up again and punched Angle. Jericho began to take the control in this match as he threw Angle into the ropes and hit a perfect bulldog. Jericho then quickly got up..LION TAMER! CONNECTS! 1...2.. KICK OUT BY ANGLE! Jericho pleads with the ref that it was a three and it gave Angle some time to recover..Angle then out of no where hit an ANGLE SLAM!!! Angle pins but he has his foot on the ropes for leverge! The ref doesn't see it 1...2...3! Angle cheaply wins! Angle slides out of the ring and gives out a loud "Wooooooooo!" as he celebrates! Jericho know he was cheated and just stares down Angle after the match! Angle will get a title shot.

The Big Fella Ain't To Happy

Kelly: Big Show after your stunning loss to Gangrel at Backlash, Do you have the slightest idea who attacked you?

Show: Kevin, If I knew who the hell it was I wouldn't be here right now, I'd be hunting him down and whoop his ass and snap him like a damn twig!

Kelly: How do you plan on finding out who did it?

Show: I haven't even thought about that I'll tell ya what though if no one comes clean and mans up and tells me who the hell attacked me... I will personally interiogate everyone in this damn lockeroom until one of them confesss.

Tazz is in the WWF

A image appears on the titan tron and its the WWF's newest signee Tazz from the ECW!

Tazz: Yo big man, look over here.

Big Show keys in on Tazz listening to his words.

Tazz: I know EXACTLY who attacked you but I don't want to say it over here ya know. I'll be at Smackdown Thursday and we can meet in person to discuss this.

Show: I don't care Tazz... Look I need to know who the hell attacked me so I can break them into little tiny pieces!

Tazz: Easy big man, You will find out Thursday. I promise you though if you lay one hand on me before I tell you who it is I will personally whoop your ass all over the arena and sue your ass!

Show: Little man has some balls huh?

Tazz: You'll find out soon enough *Laughs*

Triple H and the New Age Outlaws vs. Stone Cold and The Rock

A match made by Vince McMahon earlier tonight... At Backlash it all went wrong in the Main Event for Triple H and Vince McMahon. HHH was beating up on Stone Cold a little bit then McMahon wanted to nail Austin with the chair and instead cracked HHH in the head with it... McMahon then received the Stone Cold Stunner for his efforts and so did Triple H and Stone Cold took the World Title out of Backlash! Now HHH wants his revenge and him and the New Age Outlaws got Stone Cold and The Rock to deal with!

D-Generation X's music is heard as out comes 'The Game' Triple H, Road Dogg, and Bad Ass Billy Gunn along with Triple H's wife Stephanie McMahon. All three men walk down to the ring looking determined and focused to win this one... Then "IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" is heard as the crowd errupts into a huge cheer as out comes The Rock! The Rock walks down to the bottom of the ramp and stops staring down DX. Then the glass shatters!!! All hell is about to break lose as Austin comes running down he whips his vest off and throws his title on the stage and The Rock and Austin slide into the ring and go right to work. Austin jumps right at the New Age Outlaws taking them both out and is beating the hell out of them giving them both rights and lefts then he gives both the two finger salute and keeps beating there ass. Meanwhile, HHH and The Rock are exchanging punches back and forth until HHH kicks him right in the gut and whips The Rock to the outside! HHH then comes over and picks Austin up and delievers a haymaker to the face of Austin knocking Austin back into the corner. HHH then stomps the hell out of Austin in the corner. The ref gets things situated now as Austin and HHH are the legal men. HHH continues to dominate Austin keeping Austin in DX's corner as all three men continue to double team. Multiple tags are made between DX to get there hands at Austin. Dogg and Gunn are in the ring as they whip Austin into the ropes as Austin comes flying back DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!! The Rattlesnake strikes!!! Austin gets up and stomps the hell out of both of them before running into the corner and knocking HHH off the apron! Austin picks Billy Gunn up STUNNER!!! Gunn goes flying out of the ring but he isn't the legal man. Austin pulls Road Dogg up and drags him to the corner as Austin looks at The Rock...AND SLAPS HIS HAND! HERE COMES THE ROCK!!! Rock delievers right hands after right hands laying the smack down before spitting on his hand and slapping the taste out of Road Dogg's mouth....Then Rock gets him in the Rock Bottom!!! BUT HHH NAILS THE ROCK FROM BEHIND. The ref gets HHH out of the ring as both men are down and Gunn is still on the outside. The match continued on as all the men took beatings...Towards the end of this one Austin got back in and cleaned house. Billy Gunn was still down outside as HHH and Road Dogg tryed to beat up Austin but Austin fought them off. Austin nailed a stunner on Road Dogg as Road Dogg was left lying in the ring and HHH and Austin were the legal men. Billy Gunn got back up now and has a chair in hand. Austin whips HHH into the ropes and kicks him in the gut and goes for the stunner but Gunn is in the ring CRRAAAAAAAACK! TO THE SKULL OF AUSTIN!!! DQ!! Austin and Rock win. Road Dogg slowly got back up as he took Billy's chair as Rock came into the ring and SMACKED him across the face with the chair. Road Dogg then laid the chair down on Rock's face and ran into the ropes SHAKE, RATTLE, AND ROLL!!! RIGHT ON THE ROCK'S FACE!!! HHH then picked the chair up and started driving it into the knee of Stone Cold...BUT WAIT!!! HERE COMES EDDIE GUERRERO AND CHRIS BENOIT! They both slide into the ring and HHH sees this and books but Road Dogg and Gunn cant get out in time they get in a fist fight with the two Radicals members and Benoit and Eddie end up clearing them out!!! What a match what the hell is going to happen on Smackdown now!!!

Smackdown Card up next hope you enjoyed!

Edited by OrtonRKO
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WWF Smackdown Preview

Rikishi vs. Crash Holly

A considerable weight difference in this one but Crash Holly don't care. Rikishi has been one of the hottest superstars in the WWF and looks to continue to move up and maybe get some title shots.

A.P.A. vs The Dudley Boyz

Two of the best teams are set to do battle on Smackdown, both teams take no crap for anybody this should be a slobberknocker! An all out brawl should be expected anything could happen between these two teams.

Kane vs. Val Venis Non Title Match

The Big Red Machine takes on Val Venis and when you look at it. It looks like a mis-match. Can Val Venis pull off the upset and show why he is the WWF European champion or will Kane destroy him?

All this and much more on Smackdown!

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user posted image

What Is She Doing Here?

After a great RAW is War... What would happen tonight on Smackdonw?

A unfamilar music begins to play as the fans are looking to see who it may be. It's CEO Linda McMahon! What the hell is Linda McMahon doing here tonight! Linda makes her way down to the ring. Linda gets in and grabs a mic.

Linda: Your all probably wondering why I came out here tonight on Smackdown. Ya see, me and other WWF officials have seen what my husband Vince McMahon is doing. He is giving DX and my son-in-law Triple H any match they desire. Well that is all going to be put to end right here tonight Vince! As you would say your not doing things "In the interest of fairness..." That's why tonight right here on Smackdown Vince. I have appointed a new WWF commishoneer! He or she will be here later on tonight Vince. Thank you!

Linda's music hits again as she walks back to the back! What an annoucement who the hell is the new commishoneer!

Rikishi vs. Crash Holly

Our first bout of the night between two great competitots but a considerable weight difference. The match started off with Crash Holly going right for the Big Kishi's knees trying to wear him down early. Crash would bounce off into the ropes and do a drop kick into Rikishi's knee! Crash would try and wear him down for a little bit but Rikishi would fight back. They exchanged some punches before Rikishi hit a quick super kick to the face of Crash! Rikishi then took advantage of his opponet as he picked him up and hit a nice body slam. Rikishi was in total domination of this match now as he ran into the ropes and hit a big massive leg drop right onto Crash Holly. Kishi went for the 1..2. kick out by Crash. Rikishi then wanted to end this one. Kishi pulled Crash up and whipped him into the ropes...another super kick by Rikishi! Kishi picked Crash back up and whipped Crash in the corner and Crash fell! The crowd then errputed into a huge cheer as Rikishi looked and smiled. STINK FACE!!! After the stink face Rikishi pulled Crash up and hit him with a kick to the gut then a Rikishi driver! 1...2...3! Rikishi wins!

Gangrel vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Gangrel has been on a hot streak as of late beating the Big Show at Backlash and defeating the Godfather on RAW Monday Night. We'll see if he can do it again tonight. Both men made there ways down to the ring and were set to begin this contest. Scotty 2 Hotty was showing off for the fans in the ring before the match and Gangrel charged behind Scotty and knocked him down. Gangrel then delievered some boots to the kidneys of Scotty. Gangrel then threw Scotty over the top rope to the outside. Gangrel then tryed wearing down Scotty outside by whiping him the guard railing outside. Gangrel then picked Scotty up and went to slam his head into the steel steps but Scotty stopped himself and slammed Gangrel head first into the ring post! Scotty then went back into the ring to avoid the count-out and Gangrel got back in just in time. Scotty went to work hitting some nice moves on Gangrel. Scotty went up top and hit a nice cross body on Gangrel and went for the pin only to get a 2 count! Then someone enters the ring...It's Tazz!! What the hell is Tazz doing out here. He grabs Scotty and hits a belly to belly suplex on him! Scotty bounces off the mat and slides out of the ring. Tazz then grabs Gangrel and put's him in the Tazz Mission! Gangrel looks like he's about to pass out then... "Wellllllll...WELL IT'S THE BIG SHOW" is heard as out runs the 7'2 500 pound monster The Big Show! As Show enters Tazz escapes and grabs a mic and walks up the ramp.

Tazz: Big Show......I got good news for ya. I now have video evidence of who attacked you at Backlash! But I can't show you now...

Tazz then takes off running backstage as Big Show looks irriate!

Who's He Talking Too?

We are now backstage as we see X-Pac walking around backstage. He is looking for a lockeroom and finally finds the one he is looking for. He opens it and walks in then closes the door. What the hell is X-Pac up to now?

The A.P.A. vs. The Dudley Boyz

A tag team match against two of the biggest and strongest teams in the WWF are ready to do battle. Both teams made there ways down to the ring and this one was ready to start. Bubba Ray Dudley and Faarooq would start this one off but D-Von quickly jumped in to double team Faarooq. Bradshaw was held back by the ref as Bradshaw tryed to get in. The Dudleys really took it to Faarooq to try and take him out of this match. The ref finally get's D-Von out of the ring and now Bubba Ray takes over. Bubba and D-Von looked impressive as they took over double teaming Faarooq. Faarooq would eventually get out of it and tag in his partner Bradshaw. Bradshaw double clothelined both of the Dudleys. Bradshaw then delievered right hands to each member of the Dudleys knocking them down to the mat then doing a big boot to D-Von's face. Bubba then gets up and a huge clothesline from Bradshaw on Bubba Ray! Bradshaw went for the pin 1...2. kick out! Bradshaw took over but Bubba battled back delievering some shots to the stomach of Bradshaw. D-Von got back into the ring as he charged at Faarooq and knocked Faarooq out of the ring! D-Von and Faarooq went outside to battle now as Bubba and Bradshaw duked it out in the ring. Bubba began to fight his way back and in the end of this one he got Bradshaw into the Bubba Bomb! Faarooq tryed to get into the ring but D-Von held him! 1...2...3!!! The Dudley Boys win. After the match both teams begin to brawl after the match fighting all the way up the ramp. I dont think we've seen the last of these two teams!

Payback's A Bitch

We are now backstage again as we are in the lockeroom of the Radicals as Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero are talking.

Eddie: Hey Chris, you know how many fans have come up to me this week and told me thank you to us for helping out The Rock and Stone Cold holmes. Everyone is buzzing about it essa.

Benoit: Yeah same here Eddie. We really took it to the New Age Outlaws.

Then the door busts open and It's Road Dogg and Billy Gunn! Road Dogg dives on Eddie Guerrero and Billy Gunn drills Chris Benoit with his tag title. Road Dogg is pounding the hell out of Eddie with fists of fury. Road Dogg then gets up and pulls Eddie up and whips him right into the locker as Eddie crashes into it.

Billy Gunn: You two need to stay out of business you don't belong in! Next time you do it expect this again!

The New Age Outlaws leave as the Radicals are left laid out.

Mankind Is Here

After a commercial break we come back as we see Mankind walking into the arena! He is saying Hi to a few WWF employees until Hardcore Holly shows up.

Holly: Well Mankind, nice of you to join us. Your an hour late.

Mankind: Yes I know Hardcore.

Holly: Look I don't care what you have to say...You think your better then all of the boys back here Mankind? You think your bigger then the 'Big Shot' Hardcore Holly? YOUR DEAD WRONG!

Hardcore then punches Mankind as him and Mankind are exchanging punches beating the crap out of each other. Then WWF officials and Ref's come in to break the two up!

Mankind: Tonight Holly I'll meet you out there. Hardcore rules!

The two are seperated and it looks like we got a match later tonight!

Kane W/Tori vs. Val Venis Non-Title Match

A non-title match for Val Venis but still a tough one as he will face The Big Red Machine Kane. Val Venis has been really impressive and showing the qualitys we liked in him when he signed with the WWF. Kane is just a big red monster. Kane has been dominate lately as well and with Tori in his corner now Kane can become a serious contender for the WWF Championship soon. Both men made there way down to the ring as Val didn't look to thrilled to be facing this monster but would try his best. Early on, Val Venis tryed to work quickly on Kane to try and wear down the big man. Val used his speed to get away from Kane but Kane finally got a hold of Val and whipped him into the ropes and a devistating back body drop on Val. As from here on out, Val Venis had no chance at all. Kane would dominate from here on out getting Val in the corner and choking him with his huge boot. Tory was on the outside cheering on her man but then X-Pac walked down to the ring. What the hell is X-Pac doing out here? Kane would look down the ramp to see X-Pac coming down. Kane then just continued his beating on the Val Venis before Kane grabbed Val by his neck. CHOKESLAM! 1..2..3! Kane is your winner but X-Pac got into the ring now. Kane looked at X-Pac as X-Pac told Kane to do it again! Kane just looked down at Val and grabbed him by his neck again...CHOKESLAM AGAIN! X-Pac stood over Val Venis yelling something as X-Pac began to stomp on Val Venis. Kane just looked on then helped X-Pac stomp on Val! What the hell are they doing? Was X-Pac talking to Kane earlier? After that X-Pac grabbed Val's WWF European Title and held it in the air! X-Pac wants his title back!

What the hell?

We are now backstage as we see Vince McMahon walking in the hall ways going to his office. He goes in and sits in his chair. Then A BIG HAND JUST GRABS VINCE BY HIS THROAT OUT OF NO WHERE! The camera pans back...It's The Undertaker! What the hell is the Undertaker doing here?

Undertaker: Vince listen up, your wife has appointed me the commishoneer of the WWF. You've been running around here making any match for Triple H or the rest of DX just as you please. That's going to stop right now Vince. As my first act as commishoneer tonight's main event will be the New Age Outlaws taking on Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit for the WWF Tag Team Titles. If anyone interferes Vince, and I mean ANYONE they will be fired on the spot and will deal with me. You got me Vince?

Vince just looks at him and shakes his head yes as Taker finally lets go.

Undertaker: Good im glad we understand then Vince. If you also try to do something to your wife for this decision. Don't think I wont kick your ass because I will!

An Update on the Champ

We are backstage now as Kevin Kelly is standing by.

Kelly: For those of ours fans wondering, Stone Cold Steve Austin will NOT be here tonight for Smackdown. Steve hurt his knee again when he was attacked by the Triple H and the New Age Outlaws after the match last week. Stone Cold will be back on Monday night though!

Mankind vs. Hardcore Holly Hardcore Rules

Two hardcore icons in this business in Mankind and Hardcore Holly. WWF Management hasn't really figured out what exactly to do with Mankind but maybe Mankind will work with Hardcore Holly or someone else to help elevate there career. Hardcore Holly has been in this business a long time as well but has really never been given a shot to wrestle the big boys. Holly will get his first shot as we he will go against argueably the greatest Hardcore wrestler of our time in Mankind. Both men made there way down to the ring as the bell rang and we are ready. Both men started out exchanging some punches as Mankind got Hardcore Holly back on his heels staggering back as Mankind runs into the ropes and jumps on Hardcore and just pounds his fists into the face of Hardcore Holly. Mankind then rolls out of the ring to see what goodys were under the ring. Mankind pulled out a bunch of stuff and ended up taking a garbage can full of stuff and tossed it into the ring. Mankind also grabbed a chair and slid it in the ring. Mankind got back up and dumped all of the stuff out of the garbage can. In the meantime, Holly grabbed a steel pipe that fell out of the garbage can. As Mankind turned he got whacked in the knee with the pipe! Holly took over now using all the weapons from the garbage can, to the chair, to the cookie sheet, and a wet floor sign! Holly took over for a little bit but Mankind would not back down without a fight. He punched Holly in the face and whipped him into the corner hard as Holly fell to the ground. Mankind picked the chair up and just layed the whoopin' down on Holly with chairs shots to the back. Mankind then motioned for it. It's SOCKO TIME!!!! Mankind reaches down his pants for Mr. Socko and pulled it out. Mankind just waited for Hardcore Holly to get up until he finally did. SOCKO!!! Hardcore Holly is staggering back before finally falling back and the ref calls for the bell! Mankind picks up an victory.

Vince Doesn't Want Them Here

We go backstage again to Vince McMahon's office as then Triple H and his wife, Stephanie McMahon walk in.

Triple H: You wanted to see us Vince?

Vince: Yes I did, I want you to go find X-Pac, and take him with you. All three of you are leaving and going back to the hotel. I'm not letting either of you get fired because you interfere in this match next.

Triple H: Vince relax, we won't interfere.

Vince: No Hunter, I don't care. All three of you leave and that is an order damn it! Now go get X-Pac.

Triple H stares at him as they then exit his office.

New Age Outlaws vs. The Radicals WWF Tag Team Title Match

These two teams have been battling ever since Monday Night. First, the New Age Outlaws were pissed that Benoit and Eddie were eating in the "DX Cafeteria" then later on that night after the main event the New Age Outlaws and Triple H began to beat down The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin as Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit would run down to save the two and taking it to the New Age Outlaws in the process. Then tonight, the New Age Outlaws attacked Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit backstage. Now the new WWF Commishoneer, The Undertaker makes this match and puts the Tag Titles on the line and if anyone interferes they will be fired on the spot and deal with The Undertaker. These two teams just absolutely hate each other. The Radicals have the advantage based on wrestling skills but haven't been a tag team together for too long, but the New Age Outlaws got tons of experience in big matches like this. Maybe they are the greatest WWF Tag Team ever but we would see. The match started as Billy Gunn and Eddie Guerrero would start if off. They locked up and got this one started. The men battled it out as the crowd was really behind the Radicals. Eddie and Benoit got the advantage early as they double teamed Billy Gunn using quick tags and using some double teams move on him. Road Dogg finally jumped in and went to attack as he battled Benoit as we had an an all out brawl in the ring. The ref finally got control of the match and both teams battled it out some more as now the New Age Outlaws got the upper hand as it was Benoit and Gunn in the ring now. Eddie Guerrero finally got involved again as now the Radicals started to gain momentum in the end. Benoit hit some german suplex's on Billy Gunn. Then Benoit locked on the Crippler Cross Face!! Could we have new champions??? Gunn is screaming in pain but Gunn fights his way to the ropes AND GRABS THEM!! Road Dogg tags himself in and now stomped away on Benoit. In the end though Road Dogg drilled Eddie off the ring apron and went back to work on Benoit pulling him up and throwing him into the ropes and nailed a clothesline on Benoit. Then Road Dogg hit the Shake, Rattle, N' Roll! Then Road Dogg danced a little and picked up Benoit and hit a Pile Driver! 1..2..3! The New Age Outlaws survive!

We'll see ya for Sunday Night Heat!

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Guest Frank62441

OrtonRKO, it's going well - Smackdown was "off the charts". Undertaker getting the commissioner's role was a good move, something to do with him that doesn't involve sticking him in the ring. However, I thought ever since seeing the card/preview thingy that it wouldn't have much star power on the show and I had the feeling that the main event wouldn't get the buildup it deserved. If you're gonna develop a feud between DX Vs Radicals, The Rock and Stone Cold you can't have clean victories all the time. Having Triple H saying that he's not going to interfere and then nothing happens is a bit lame - I expected the Game to come up with something really clever to get around Taker's ruling, but it ended up just being a 2-on-2 match. Hope this doesn't mean the end of the feud, but if you are gonna continue it - something needs to be added so that the Outlaws can't brag so much about beating the Radicalz.

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Alright thanks for the feedback, I was trying to establish the Undertaker as bad ass, still dark side type that no one wanted to mess with so that is why Vince ordered them to leave because he didn't want them to get pumbled by the Undertaker. HeaT and RAW should be up soon

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Looking good so far. When reading the shows, it almost felt like a play-by-play of all the events happening in the match. The backstage segments are very blunt and to the point, which may be beneificial. The only problem with these blunt and to the point interviews is that your characters sound very two-dimensional. If that is what you are aiming for, a more wrestling based promotion with storylines tagged in, than keep going.

The only thing I didn't like was in the tag-match. The Radicalz seemed to build momentum from RAW, helping two of the biggest members on the Roster. And than they just did the clean job to The New Age Outlaws. Meh... seems kind of pointless to me.

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Yeah I made it the Tag Title match so I really didn't want to give the titles away so fast to a new team, my main point was to try and make The Radicals fight there asses off to earn it but the New Age Outlaws with no help could due it, I tryed making Benoit/Eddie better by proving they can wrestle with the big boys in the WWF but they just came up short this time.

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WWF Sunday Night Heat

X-Pac vs. D'Lo Brown

D'Lo Brown makes his return to the ring after being out a few weeks with an injury and takes on one of his toughest competitors in X-Pac. Can D'Lo pull off the upset or will X-Pac get the best of him?

Viscera vs. Matt Hardy

A very BIG challenge for young Matt Hardy in this one as he will go up against the 500 pound Viscera! Can Matt Hardy shut down the big man or will Big Vis literally squash Matt Hardy.

Edge vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Two members of some of the best tag teams in the WWF, Edge will do battle with Scotty 2 Hotty. Edge and Christian lost to The Hardy Boyz so Edge looks to gain some momentum back for his team but Scotty 2 Hotty looks to do the same for his team in what should be a good match.

Big Bossman vs. Perry Saturn WWF Hardcore Title

This all started when Saturn tryed out the 24/7 rule to beat the Big Bossman but failed horribly as Bossman beat him down with his night stick and made a run for it leaving the arena. Saturn gets another shot at the Hardcore Title but the Hardcore champ looks to beat Saturn down again and retain his title!

All this and more on Sunday Night Heat!

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The New Sheriff in Town

As we start off Sunday Night Heat we open up with a video package from Smackdown! The scene opens showing Vince McMahon in his office and The Undertaker waiting for him in there. Undertaker explains that Vince's wife, Linda McMahon...has appointed the new commish of the WWF. Undertaker took no time in making his first match sending the New Age Outlaws out there to defend there Tag Titles against Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. Undertaker also sent a threat that if anyone interfered in the match that they would be fired on the spot, and would deal with the Undertaker personally! Undertaker has made a loud statement here in the WWF and we will see what kind of an impact he has on the World Wrestling Federation.

X-Pac vs. D'Lo Brown

D'Lo Brown just coming back from two weeks off after a sprained ankle makes his return tonight taking on DX member, X-Pac. A tough challenge indeed for D'Lo first match back but a challenge he is willing to accept. D'Lo has a lot to prove still to all the WWF boys backstage, he's got all the talent in the world and wants a chance to prove himself. The match started out with both men locking up in the middle of the ring and X-Pac got him into a headlock. D'Lo then whipped X-Pac into the ropes though as X-Pac came flying back D'Lo went for a clothesline but X-Pac slid under him and popped back up and delievered a spinning heel kick to D'Lo's chest as D'Lo staggered back. From this point on, X-Pac took control of D'Lo hitting kicks and using his speed to dominate D'Lo. X-Pac would eventually go up top and hit a missle drop kick on D'Lo that sent D'Lo into the opposite corner as he fell in it. X-Pac then hit the Bronco Buster on him!!! X-Pac then pulled D'Lo up and hit him in the gut with a kick and right into the X-FACTOR! 1...2...3! X-Pac picks up the win. After the match though X-Pac motions to the back as then BOOOOOOOOM fire blows up from the stage as out comes the Big Red Machine Kane! What is Kane doing? Kane gets into the ring and looks at X-Pac. X-Pac motions for him to chokeslam D'Lo. Kane looks down at D'Lo body...Kane then grabs D'Lo by the throat and lifts him off the mat. Kane has him up in the air AND DOWN! D'Lo slams hard into the mat as X-Pac stands over him and laughs. X-Pac leaves the ring as Kane follows behind him. What the hell is up with Kane and X-Pac???

A Brawl

We are now backstage again as we see Perry Saturn backstage talking to a crew member. As there talking we see a big black night stick tap Saturn on the back as Saturn turns around. It's The Bossman! Bossman has his sunglasses on as Saturn and Bossman stare each other down as Bossman takes his glasses off.

Bossman: Perry Saturn, let me ask you a question. Do you honestly think you can beat me for the Hardcore Title in a Hardcore match?

Saturn: I know I will right here tonight...

Bossman: Oh is that so huh? You couldn't even sneak up on me on RAW after my match to defeat me. What in the hell makes you think tonight you can beat me one on one? Your lucky I don't beat your ass now.

Saturn pushes Big Bossman back into the wall but the WWF officials and refrees scatter all around to break up the fight! This one is going to get intense later tonight.

Viscera vs. Matt Hardy

A big size disadvantage in this one. The 500 pound Viscera takes on one half of the Hardy Boyz, Matt Hardy. Viscera hasn't been seen much lately on WWF but he is looking to become a force within the WWF once again, and Matt Hardy is only a few steps away from stardom. Matt and Jeff are arguebly the best tag team in the WWF and now tonight Matt looks to make his mark on the WWF in Single's Competition. Both men made there ways down to the ring and were set to get this one underway. Matt took the upper hand in this one first as he hit a drop kick right to Viscera's knee. Matt then began to pound away on Viscera backing up the big man into the corner. Matt then ran at Viscera to do a body splash on him into the corner but Big Vis catches him in mid-air! A viscious bear hug on Matt Hardy is applied as Viscera squeezes the life out of Matt Hardy.Matt is screaming in pain now as Viscera squeezes harder. Then Big Vis drives Matt into the corner slamming his back right into the corner a few times! Viscera basically then took over from here on out as he delievered a big clothesline to Matt knocking him down. Then, Viscera pulled Matt up and hit a huge body slam! Big Vis then ran into the ropes for a BIG SPLASH!!! 1...2...3! Viscera pulls off the win!

Sunday Night Interview with Chyna

Cole: Hello everyone, welcome to our first ever Sunday Night interview as we take a few minutes with a WWF superstar and ask them a few questions and up first is the lovely Chyna, Chyna thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us.

Chyna: My pleasure Michael.

Cole: Alright Chyna, first question we haven't seen ya in the ring lately what's been going on in your life?

Chyna: Well I've been filming a movie here lately but were almost done and I'll be back to wrestle. I hope I get a chance to wrestle more of the males on the roster when I get back.

Cole: Why would you want to wrestle men and not get the Women's title?

Chyna: I take pride in beating the males. No one thinks a woman could ever beat these big, monstorous guys. I love proving everyone wrong and showing that I can compete with anyone in a wrestling match, and besides the women in the WWF are to easy. I'd win everytime.

Cole: Ok Chyna, last question...We all know about your break-up with Triple H many months ago. Would you like to get back at him in the ring?

Chyna: Michael, I would do anything to get my hands on that bastard one more time. I feel like I would win too.

Cole: Well that is our first of many Sunday Night Interviews, Chyna thank you for joining us and good luck when you come back.

Chyna: Thank you Michael.

Edge vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Both memebers of two great tag teams in the WWF will do battle in a singles match here tonight. Edge and his partner Christian suffered a tough loss to The Hardy Boyz on RAW as now Edge looks to get some momentum back for his team and pick up a win here tonight. Scotty 2 Hotty was viciously assulted on Smackdown by Tazz but Scotty should of won that match. If Scotty can defeat Edge tonight it will definatley give a boost for he and his partner. The match got under way as they locked up and Edge took over early. Edge whipped Scotty into the ropes as Scotty came flying back and Edge hit a big clothesline. Edge then did a few elbow drops on Scotty as he was down. There was just no stopping Edge in this one. He looked dominate from start to finish and Scotty 2 Hotty just really couldn't get any rhythm in this match. Edge just tosses Scotty into the ropes and hit a huge spear on Scotty. 1...2...3! Edge pulls off the victory almost flawlessly just destroying Scotty 2 Hotty!

At Judgement Day...

After the match is over a video is showing previewing Judgement Day as our first match is annouced. At WWF Judgement Day for the Intercontinental Championship we will see 'Y2J' Chris Jericho taking on the Olympic Hero Kurt Angle! What a Intercontinental Match we have set for Judgement Day.

Big Bossman vs. Perry Saturn WWF Hardcore Title

These two have been battling the past week back and forth. Bossman defended his Hardcore Title against Al Snow and defeated, right after the match Saturn came down to try and steal the title away with the 24/7 rule in effect but didn't come up successful as Bossman put a hurting on Saturn with the night stick. Now tonight a real Hardcore Title match is set between the two. We almost had a huge brawl between the two earlier tonight and now we really get to see who the real man is and who will be able to come up champion. Both men were in the ring now as the match got under way. Bossman went for a big punch and Saturn ducked it and delievered a big to the gut of Bossman. Saturn then hit a series of German Suplex's! Saturn went outside to grab some stuff from under the ring. Saturn pulled out a table, and a garbage can and threw them into the ring. Saturn slid back in and took the garbage can and drilled Bossman over his back with it. Saturn took over here for a little bit but Bossman got his night stick in the corner and drilled Saturn in the ribs with it. Bossman whipped Saturn into the corner and still had his night stick. Bossman went to hit Saturn with it but Saturn hit Bossman with a big boot knocking the champ out. Saturn then set the table up and signaled he was ready for the DVD!!! The table was set up as Saturn turned and grabbed Bossman and went for the DVD! BUT BOSSMAN SLIPS OFF THE BACK OF HIM! Bossman went backwards as Saturn charged...SIDEWALK SLAM! Bossman picked his night stick up and just went to work on Saturn on the ground beating the hell out of him with it. Then Bossman picked Saturn up...POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE! Bossman then pinned Saturn 1...2...3! Bossman retains the title but it doesn't look like hes finished! Bossman picks his night stick up again and starts delievering some shots to Saturn....BUT HERE COME'S DEAN MALENKO! Bossman turns and sees this and heads out of the ring and grabs his title as Malenko comes to the aid of his friend Saturn. Bossman walks up the ramp laughing with his Hardcore Title...Bossman escapes with another win!

We'll see ya on RAW!

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