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Extreme Championship Wrestling


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Extreme. Championship. Wrestling.

Alone, these words mean very little but put them together and you will have the most revolutionary force in Sports Entertainment. Sorry, Vince. If you've never heard of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) then you are not a wrestling fan and if you've never seen them, you can not fully appreciate the impact they had on the wrestling industry. What began as Eastern Championship Wrestling, a part of the National Wrestling Alliance, would go on to not only change the course of their company but the course of the wrestling business forever.

Eastern Championship Wrestling, which was owned by Tod Gordon and booked by Eddie Gilbert, began in February of 1992. They ran a family oriented program for the the first year until Eddie Gilbert had a falling out with Tod Gordon in 1993 and Gordon searched for help in Gilbert's closest confidant, Paul Heyman (AKA Paul E. Dangerously). Heyman suggested that the wrestling business would need a change, much like the music style had changed over the past year from hair bands to grunge like Nirvana and Gordon decided to let Heyman run with it.

And the rest is wrestling history.

Heyman ushered in a new era of wrestling as he presented it with an "in your face" attitude but it was neverly strictly a hardcore promotion. Some of the most talented wrestlers have gotten their first national exposure in ECW like Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and Steve Austin. They also brought Lucha Libre to the United States by jump starting the careers of Juventud Guerrera, Psychosis and Rey Mysterio Jr. But before any of these wrestlers could get going in the company, the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) and World Championship Wrestling scooped them up. However, ECW would continue business as usual and just keep creating new stars, while creating a buzz around the wrestling industry. In 1997, ECW held it's very first Pay-Per-View called "Barely Legal" and they began to continue to attract more fans with interesting and compelling wrestlers like Sabu, Rob Van Dam, Taz, Raven and Terry Funk.

As the wrestling industry was heading towards the new millenium WCW and the WWF were still the top two promotions in the business. But ECW was growing rapidly even with losing many of their top stars and even managed to secure a national television deal with TNN. They were in financial trouble for awhile but since they got a television deal, they finally got some financial backing as sponsors started showing up. This would not last long though, as TNN never put out commercials to promote ECW being on the channel and openly negotiated with the WWF to move to their network. Financially ECW was barely getting by and then the hammer dropped, as the WWF signed a deal to move their flagship show "RAW" to the network and ECW were left for dead.

The company continued onward though, even without the support of TNN as they continued to run house shows and Pay-Per-Views. Paul Heyman found himself getting deeper and deeper in debt as TNN would not promote his company and they were still locked into a deal with the network. With no network support, he couldn't negotiate with another network because TNN still had the rights to ECW's television and seemingly had no choice but to fold the company in a few months. Heyman's baby was dying infront of him and he couldn't do anything to give it another chance at life. . but someone else did that for him.


Vince McMahon knew that Heyman was in trouble and decided to give him a hand, much like he did a few years back when he helped ECW promote their first Pay-Per-View by utilizing ECW workers on RAW. McMahon managed to talk to the network executives at TNN and got them to release their contract with Heyman on October 4th, 2000. Upon hearing this news, Heyman managed to get in touch with Vince and thanked him for helping in the situation and Vince told him he didn't do anything but give him a chance. That was all that Heyman wanted was another chance, so he decided to work 'round the clock to try to secure another television deal. He found that there weren't that many suitors for his risky promotion, especially when the wrestling business seemed to be in a 'down' period with WCW and the WWF getting lower ratings than only two years ago. Even with Vince giving him another shot, it seemed as if Heyman was going to have to fold the company until he got a phone call from Doug Herzog, the new CEO of the USA Network. Herzog was interested in bringing Extreme Championship Wrestling onto the network because he believed that given the chance, ECW could be a player given the right situation.

So only days before what would have been ECW's final PPV, Guilty as Charged, they managed to secure another television deal but only under the condition that Paul would 'tone it down' a few notches for television. In which Heyman replied "I'll bend but I will not break." The television contract was for a show starting at 10 PM EST but not start until March. That didn't matter to Paul because he was finally going to be back on national television and was guaranteed exposure by the network that used to carry the WWF.

Extreme Championship Wrestling was given another chance at life but could they capitalize? Could they finally become a major player in the industry? Only time will tell.

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Live from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York!

- Jerry Lynn and Cyrus vs Joey Matthews and Christian York

Angel threw York into the crowd. Joel went out to help York and Matthews and the Baldies DDT'd Joel. Jerry Lynn and Cyrus came to ringside while Da Baldies laid out Matthews. York and Matthews both got busted open. York made it back to the ring, only to be double-teamed by Da Baldies. Angel held York up while DeVito hit a top rope dropkick on him. Jerry Lynn entered the ring and executed a cradle piledriver on Matthews. Cyrus entered the ring and covered Matthews for the win. Afterwards, Cyrus gave Da Baldies cigars.

- Cyrus took the mic and introduced the greatest wrestler out of Minneapolis, Jerry Lynn. Jerry told York and Matthews their jobs were to make the stars look good. Jerry said he is a star. Jerry said he is the "Whole F'N Show". The fans chanted for RVD, but Lynn said he is not the surprise hat they will get tonight. Lynn said the surprise was he would never work in ECW again unless it was main event matches.

- Danny Doring & Roadkill © vs EZ Money & Julio Dinero

Doring and Dinero started off the match. Dinero hit a few punches and Doring countered with punches of his own. Dinero rolled up Doring for a two count, but Doring countered with a picture perfect side kick. E.Z. Money came in and he and Doring wrestled to a standoff. Roadkill was tagged in and he took Money down with a powerslam. He continued with a second rope elbow. Doring and Roadkill hit the Lancaster Lariat of Love on Money. Doring hit a top rope elbow on Dinero for a two count. Roadkill went to splash both challengers in the corner but they moved and Roadkill went spilling to the outside. Doring hit G Spot Qweet on Money. Dinero did a tope on Roadkill. Roadkill went after Elektra but Hamrick nailed Roadkill with a sidekick. Doring whipped Money into the rail but he flipped over and hit Roadkill with a clothesline.

Doring and Dinero ended back up in the ring. Dinero took control and tagged in Money. Money delivered rights to Doring and followed with the E.Z. Bomb. Money went to the top but Doring got his boot up in his face. Money tagged in Dinero, who hit a huracanrana for a two count. Money went for the Money Clip, but Doring countered with the Bare Back. Doring tagged in Roadkill, who hit the Barn Burner on Dinero. He continued by giving Money a wedgie and a powerbomb. Roadkill followed with a double springboard clothesline on both opponents. Dinero hit the Jalapeno Popper on Roadkill. Money hit a moonsault on Roadkill, but only got a two count. Hamrick tried to interfere, but Roadkill knocked him to the outside. Roadkill picked up Money and Doring hit a legdrop for the Buggy Bang for the win. Hot Commodity attacked Doring and Roadkill afterwards.

- Nova vs Chris Hamrick

"Bang Your Head" started playing and out came Nova. Nova cleared house and nailed a splash from the top to the outside on Hamrick. The bell rang and this became an official match. Hamrick came back after reeling and hit a springboard dropkick. Hamrick missed a knee to the corner and Nova countered with a Dragon Screw leg whip and held on. Elektra broke up the hold. Hamrick took advantage and hit a facebuster. Both men slugged it out in the ring and Hamrick took control. Hamrick went for a huracanrana, but Nova reversed it into a facebuster. Elektra caught Nova on the top and crotched him. Hamrick, saw the opportunity and caught Nova with a huracanrana from the top. Hamrick hit Nova with rights and Nova kept asking for more. Nova came back with his own rights and an enziguri.

Nova hit a superkick, which brought in Elektra. Nova snapmared her off his back. Nova went for Novacaine, but Hamrick drove Nova into the ref. Two refs ran out and a blonde haired ref made a quick three count. The ref was none other than Chris Chetti. While ref Mike Kehner looked at the other ref, Lou E. Dangerously ran out and plastered Kehner with a phone. Out came commissioner Spike Dudley. Lou E. made fun of Spike. Spike and Chetti got into it and Spike hit an Acid Drop on Chetti. Nova followed with Swanton Bomb on Chetti. Spike said the match continued and Nova caught Hamrick in the Kryptonite Krunch for the victory.

- CW Anderson vs Tommy Dreamer (I Quit Match)

Dreamer and Anderson started out by tying up and neither getting control. They rolled outside, where both traded chops. C.W. whipped Dreamer into the guardrail, but Dreamer fought back and suplexed C.W. on the floor. Back in the ring, C.W. came back with left hands. Dreamer came back with a slingshot elbow. Dreamer asked C.W. if he quit and he didn't. C.W. fought back and tried to get Dreamer to quit, but he wouldn't. Dreamer set up a chair on the ring post outside and put C.W.'s arm there. Dreamer took the chair and plastered the chair in the ring post with another chair. Dreamer hit C.W. with a nut wrench. Dreamer took the ringside bell and put it on C.W.'s head. Tommy took the hammer and rung C.W.'s bell. C.W. started to bleed. C.W. wouldn't quit though.

C.W. hit a drop toe hold onto a chair on Dreamer. Dreamer stood up and was a bloody mess. C.W. dropped Dreamer's knee on a steel chair. C.W. worked over Dreamer's knee, but he wouldn't quit. C.W. was relentless and worked over Dreamer's back and head with a chair. He continued with several nasty chairshots. Dreamer got his boot up at a C.W. charge and followed with a chairshot to C.W.'s head. Dreamer got a gift box and opened it up and there was RAZOR WIRE inside. C.W. hit Dreamer, but Towel Boy hit C.W. with a "gift". The gift was cookie sheets. C.W. still wouldn't quit. Towel Boy hit C.W. again, but C.W. caught him and held him up for a suplex from the second rope for a minute. Then, he dropped him with a big thud. C.W. caught Dreamer with a spinebuster on the razor wire. Dreamer wouldn't quit, as one would expect.

C.W. set up two chairs facing each other and suplexed Dreamer through them. Dreamer was bleeding very badly by now. C.W. ran Dreamer face-first into the legs of a chair set up in the corner. One could only imagine the damage that caused. C.W. brought a table into the ring and set it up. Dreamer hit a desperation chairshot on C.W. He caught C.W. on the top and hit a Spicoli Driver through the table. Dreamer then raked the table band across C.W.'s eyes, as the ref asked if he quit. C.W. then yelled out that he quit. It was an unbelievably brutal match. Both men shook hands after the match.

- Francine did an interview saying she couldn't even fit a three-foot hoagie in her mouth. Steve Corino came in and asked her if she wanted to stroke his salami. Francine said she wouldn't do that unless he had a belt around his waist. Corino asked where Justin Credible was and she said he's in the bathroom with a friend. Corino banged on the door for Credible, but no one came out. After he left, Credible came out with Missy Hyatt. Missy told Francine that she should give Credible more action. Francine said he'd get none of it unless he won the World Title. Missy Hyatt left and ran into Corino and Jack Victory in the hallway. Victory asked if she remembered when she managed him? She blew him off. After being blown off, Corino said not to worry about it and told Victory to give the highspot. Victory nailed us with the highspot.

- Mikey Whipwreck & Tajiri vs FBI vs Super Crazy & Kid Kash

Kid Kash, Mikey Whipwreck, and Tony Mamaluke started out the match. Mamaluke hit a hip toss on Mikey. Mikey hit a double underhook on Kash. Mamaluke tagged in Guido. Mikey tagged in Tajiri. Kash tagged in Super Crazy. Tajiri nailed Guido with a kick to his ear. Crazy and Tajiri traded holds, with Tajiri taking the advantage with a side kick to Crazy's face. Tajiri hit the charging Guido with a spin kick. Tajiri held Guido over the ropes and Mikey hit a springboard legdrop.

Crazy hit a springboard legdrop on Guido and he made a cover. Mamaluke made the save. Tajiri applied the Tarantula on Kash. Crazy was caught by the FBI and hiptossed into the ring. Crazy hit a flip senton onto four of his opponents except Kash. Kash then hit a double springboard flip senton splash onto all of his opponents. Kash hit a huracanrana on Mikey. Crazy went for a springboard splash to the outside, but the FBI moved and he hit the steel. Big Sal came in and splashed Kash. Mamaluke quickly made the cover for the three count to eliminate Kash and Crazy.

Mikey hit a legdrop on Mamaluke on the outside. Mikey and Tajiri hit double clotheslines on Mamaluke. Mikey held Mamaluke up and Tajiri drove two feet into his face. Tajiri hung Guido upside in the Tree of Woe and nailed Guido with a dropkick. Mikey went for the same on Mamaluke, but he moved and Mamaluke hit a reverse DDT. Guido hit a snap mare, followed by a dropkick to his face. The FBI put Mikey on the top and hit a powerbomb. They continued with double leglocks. Mamaluke hit a snap suplex, but Mikey countered the next one with a Whippersnapper. Guido tried for the Kiss of Death on Tajiri but he countered with an airplane spin. Tajiri and Mikey dropped their opponents head-first onto chairs for duel two counts. Mikey went for a Whippersnapper off the top but the FBI countered it into Fujiwara armbars. Tajiri made the save with well placed kicks to the FBI's face. Tajiri sprayed green mist in Mamaluke's face. Tajiri and Mikey hit double Tiger Suplexes on the FBI and Tajiri pinned Guido and Mikey pinned Mamaluke for the win and the number one contender spot for the ECW World Tag Team Titles.

- A graphic popped up for the next ECW Pay-Per-View, Living Dangerously that was going to be held on March 3rd at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia!

- Chilly Willy & Balls Mahoney vs Simon Diamond & Swinger

Simon Diamond and Swinger, with Dawn Marie, came out. Simon said he had a problem. Swinger stopped him and took the mic. Swinger said being the holiday season, Simon has been receiving more from Dawn. Swinger said he hasn't fully got everything out of Dawn's management, so he hired the Blue Boy Management Company, which meant he brought the Blue Boy and Jasmin St. Clair to ringside.

Their opponents, Chilly Willy and Balls Mahoney, came out. Balls was wielding a Guilty As Charged 2001 chair. The Blue Boy attacked Balls before he got in the ring while Swinger and Simon worked over Willy. Balls came back and clocked The Blue Boy with a chair. Out came TV Champion Rhino and he speared Balls Mahoney. He followed by spearing Simon, Swinger, and DAWN MARIE! Last left was Willy, who threw a few punches, but was speared as well. Blue Boy got back up and was speared also. Jasmin came in and Rhino took her to the corner, picked her up and piledrove her from the second rope. It was an amazing display.

- World Title Match: Steve Corino © vs The Sandman vs Justin Credible

Corino and Credible attacked Sandman when he rolled in the ring. Corino threw the ladder in Sandman's face and followed with a leg whip onto the ladder. He set the ladder up in Justin's face but as he charged Justin threw the ladder at Corino. Sandman pounded on Corino while Credible got another ladder and brought it into the ring. Credible planted a ladder into Corino's gut, then placed it on his face and drove the second ladder onto Corino. Sandman set up the ladder in the corner and whipped Corino into it. Sandman went for the belt but Corino caned him. The ladder then fell on Corino. Credible and Corino rammed the ladder into Sandman's nether regions. Corino caned Credible in the legs. Sandman came back and went to whip Credible into the corner. Credible reversed and sent Sandman flying out over the top through a table and chair. Corino cleared Credible out of the ring and then low blowed Sandman.

As Credible re-entered the ring, he was a bloody mess. Sandman set the ladder up on the ropes and suplexed Corino on it. Sandman ran Credible off the apron and threw him through a table. Sandman climbed the ladder, but it toppled on Sandman, who took a nasty fall to the mat. Credible worked over Corino with right hands and boots to his face. Corino set up the ladder while Credible worked over Sandman. Corino climbed the ladder, but Credible saw him and dropkicked the ladder, sending Corino flying. Sandman went to climb the ladder but Credible flipped him off through a table. Corino took advantage and slingshot Credible into the ladder. Credible came back and hit That's Incredible on Corino but was too exhausted to make the cover. Francine hit the Cuchicanrana on Sandman on the outside. Credible got out a bigger ladder and went to get the belt, but someone raised the belt higher. Corino and Credible fought on the ladder, with Credible punching Corino off through a table. Credible fell off also. This allowed Sandman to climb to the top and grab the ECW World Heavyweight Title to become four time ECW World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Corino and Credible approached Sandman, and the three men shook hands. While they were doing so, Da Baldies hit the ring and brawled to the back with Corino and Credible. 

- Rhino, on his rage of violence ran out and speared new ECW World Champion, Sandman, out of his boots. Rhino asked why he was TV champion if ECW didn't have TV? Rhino said the title he wants is the World belt. Rhino demanded a title match or he would attack Sandman's family. Sandman said to "ring the f'n bell".

- World Title Match: The Sandman © vs Rhino

Rhino gored Sandman through a table and covered Sandman. Sandman kicked out at two. Rhino continued by piledriving Sandman through a table on the outside. Rhino rolled Sandman back in and covered him, but Sandman kicked out. Rhino hit another piledriver and covered Sandman to win the ECW World Heavyweight Champion. Cyrus came into the ring and announced the new unified ECW Champion Rhino. Sandman is now the shortest-lived ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

- Cyrus took the mic and challenged anyone to come out and take on Rhino. Out came the returning Rob Van Dam to challenge Rhino. As he entered the ring, Jerry Lynn attacked RVD. RVD vs. Jerry Lynn was on! Both men started fast, exchanging moves, but neither getting the advantage.

- Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn

The fans chanted "The whole F'N show" while RVD posed with the fans. The fans' excitement built as they awaited the two best wrestlers in the world to go one on one. Lynn applied an arm wringer, but RVD reversed and went for a flip legdrop. Lynn then body pressed RVD over the top rope. Lynn whipped RVD into the guardrail. Lynn then charged RVD, but he got his feet up.

RVD followed with a moonsault press. RVD's lip was busted open sometime in the process. RVD suplexed Lynn across the guardrail and followed with a corkscrew legdrop to the outside. Back inside, RVD caught Lynn and held him up for a powerslam. RVD dropped Lynn and followed with a standing moonsault and a springboard moonsault. Lynn fought his way back to his feet. Lynn nailed RVD with a clothesline off the second rope as RVD charged him. Lynn chopped RVD in the corner. RVD missed a charge in the corner and Lynn hit a legdrop. Lynn and RVD battled on the outside. Lynn clotheslined RVD into the guardrail. Lynn drove RVD's back into the ring post and body slammed him on the ground. Lynn and RVD traded near falls. Lynn low blowed RVD.

RVD came back with a spin kick and Rolling Thunder for a close two count. RVD brought in a chair and dropkicked it into Lynn's face. Lynn countered RVD's move to drive him into the chair by sunset flipping RVD off the second rope onto a chair. Lynn continued with an inverted DDT, but RVD countered it with a clothesline. Lynn was not deterred though, and hit a German suplex for a near two count. Lynn tornado DDT'd RVD onto a chair. Lynn quickly made the cover but RVD got his feet under the bottom rope. RVD put his feet up on a charging Lynn and followed with a side kick. Cyrus tried to knock RVD off the top, but RVD knocked Cyrus to the outside. RVD went for the Frog Splash but Lynn moved and rolled RVD up for a close two count. Joel Gertner came out and DDT'd Cyrus. RVD went to hit Lynn in the head but he ducked and knocked RVD down. RVD came back and knocked Jerry into the corner. Gertner offered to hold the chair for the Van Terminator and RVD agreed. Gertner held the chair and RVD nailed the Van Terminator on Lynn. RVD covered Lynn and got the three count for the victory in his return to ECW.

- After the action ended in the ring, Francine did an interview and said three men are better than one. Corino said they chased each other for months but tonight they showed they are the PLAYERS! Credible finished by saying that's how you make an IMPACT!

Before the show was over, a graphic popped up to check back at ECWWrestling.com for some major news on ECW getting a new national television deal!

Credit: pwwew.net, ecwwrestling.com & some parts by me

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Looking forward to this, and seeing where you take it.

Hopefully in time you'll be able to pull some of the bigger ECW names (Taz, Raven, etc.) back in, and turn the company into the powerhouse it always should have been.

and don't forget to push Hot Commodity :D

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ECW Lands on the USA Network

by Joey Styles


That's right fans, Extreme Championship Wrestling is coming back to a television screen near you! We have reached an agreement with the USA Network to air a nationally televised show. The show that is named appropriately, Explicit Content, will debut on Wednesday, March 7th at 10 PM Eastern!

We will be leading up to our second pay-per-view of the year, Living Dangerously, which will be airing live on March 24th from the The Hara Arena in Dayton, Ohio. Signed to the show are all of your favorite superstars like the ECW World & Television Champion Rhino, The Sandman, Justin Credible, Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn & Kid Kash among many others.

Check back for more news in the coming weeks right here at ECWWrestling.com!

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February 28th, 2001

After a two month hiatus, Extreme Championship Wrestling returns to business and to the airwaves in exactly one week! As we announced on the site a month ago, ECW agreed to a national television deal with the USA Network and the new show, Explicit Content will debut on March 7th, at 10 PM EST! ECW will be taking over the USA Network every Wednesday night at 10 PM Eastern & Pacific, presented from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA!

Kicking off with a bang on our debut show, as we have signed a huge Six Man Tag Team Grudge match to starts things off as Hot Commodity will send three of their members against Kid Kash, Nova & Little Spike Dudley!

The Unholy Alliance won the #1 Contendership to Doring & Roadkill's Tag Team Titles at Guilty as Charged and they will get their shot at the belts at on the show! Can Doring & Roadkill continue their winning streak or can Mikey & Tajiri take the belts?

After what went down at Guilty as Charged, Cyrus is coming with an agenda about his clients "The New F'N Show" Jerry Lynn and the World & Television Champion Rhino. What is his agenda and how will it effect ECW?

All of this action & much more! Remember, the only place you can see all of your favorite Extreme superstars, is on the USA Network!

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It's nice to see you back to writing a diary. I am not sure if you ever attempted an ECW diary before, as I have only really see you do the Indies, plus the WWE split with me.

I think you should bump the show down to a one hour show for several months. With a two hour show, you'd be stuck giving away big matches left and right, but with a one hour show, you could save yourself a lot of matches for the PPV. Plus, with ECW only running every other month, that leaves you with enough shows to build up with. Two hours gives you a lot of room to work with, sure, but like I said, it loads up on more matches that could very well be saved for a PPV event. Just a thought.

Kid Kash, Nova, and Spike Dudley vs. Julio Dinero, EZ Money, and Chris Hamrick should be a fun spotfest.

And the ECW World Tag Team Championship match between Danny Doring and Roadkill against Mikey Whipreck and Yoshihiro Tajiri should be a good one.

Now, if you can stick with this, it should turn out great. You have an excellent roster to work with, and the matches should no doubt be good (as you are a good match writer).

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This is looking good and it'll be interesting to see where you go with things from where they were left off after GAC2001

Just as a sidenote, Rhino unified the World and TV Titles when he won them at GAC2001, it even says it in your backstory, so will you just be having one singles title now?

Edit:- As an aside, I've mentioned this diary in my first Insider's Edge - /forum/index.php?act=ST&f=27&t=12905&st=0#entry221507" target="_blank">http://www.ewbattleground.com/forum/index....t=0#entry221507

That includes a few more in-depth thoughts of mine on the diary.

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Explicit Content

Live from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

The show began with "This is Extreme" playing set to a highlight package filled with clips of various superstars hitting moves, taunting or posing. As the package got down to the end, the ECW Logo fell down onto the ground with "Explict Content" popping up like the CD label warnings. Soon cutting away to a live feed of Joey Styles standing in the middle of the ring with his broadcast colleague, "The Quintessential Studmuffin" Joel Gertner.

" Hello fans and welcome to ECW's Ex-pli-cit Con-tent!! "

That overzealous voice of Styles would kick in on the show's name, as the fans in attendance would pop while Joey paused with a nod of his head and adjusted his glasses.

" I'm Joey Styles. . . "

Once he finished saying that, Joey would hand the microphone over to Gertner and the fans popped big time. Joel took the mic slowly, as the fans were clapping loudly before Gertner raised the mic to his lips.

" And. . I am The Quintessential Studmuffin, Joel "I'm so large, to sleep with your girlfriend I'd need a thirty foot sail. . because I could satisfy the world's largest blue whale! "

The fans would make a loud "ohh" sound, as Gertner singled out a guy in the front row with his girlfriend.

" Once she's been on my yacht, she'll want no other. If you don't believe me. . just ask your mother!" "

The fans would pop HUGE for Gertner, as he dropped down onto one knee to accept the loud cheering before they calmed down and he raised the mic.

" . . Gert-ner! "

But the cheering would soon turn to boo's, as out from the back came Cyrus, Jerry Lynn and Rhino! Lynn & Rhino slid into the ring with both of them looking pissed off, they chased Styles & Gertner from the ring to their announce positions and Cyrus climbed inside the ring. Making his way over to the microphone that Gertner left in the ring, he picked it up with a sneer.

Formation of The Syndicate

" You people didn't think that we would miss the debut of ECW's new television show, did you? "

His lips would curl into a smirk while he looked over at Lynn & Rhino through his sunglasses and then to the crowd, who were chanting "Fuck - You - Cyrus!" with the clap.

" What kind of show would it be without the greatest manager, slash, agent in the world. . The New F'N Show Jerry Lynn and not only the ECW World Champion but Television Champion. . Rhino!? That's right, there wouldn't be a show if it wasn't for us, you (bleep)ing ingrates! "

Another round of "Fuck you, Cyrus!" chants would break out with Cyrus losing it in the ring as he stomped his feet and kept looking around at the crowd. Lynn would try to calm him down but to no avail, as Cyrus leaned over the ropes and started shouting at the people before calming himself down. Straightening his tie out, Cyrus would begin to speak again.

" While I was in the back, I heard the boys saying that tonight was the start of a new era in the company and even though those guys have a combined IQ of 8.. they're right about that. Tonight is the beginning of a new era in this company because it signifies the official debut of The Syndicate. And since you morons don't have the mental capacity to figure out what that means, it means it is the start of an official partnership between myself, the "New F'N Show" Jerry Lynn and the most feared man in this company "The Man Beast" Rhino. We're gonna take over this company and it's gonna start tonight! As you all may know at Guilty as Charged, Rhino brutalized and decimated the newly crowned ECW World Champion, The Sandman and took what was rightfully his - the ECW World Championship! "

Cyrus would slap the World Title which was wrapped around the waist of the Man Beast and Rhino just nodded his head, as his damp hair was disheveled and hanging down infront of his face.

" But he was also the ECW Television Champion. I say was because as of a few hours ago, Rhino vacated the TV Title because the owner of this company says, he can only have one singles title! Normally in a situation such as that, we would ignore it and probably just kick his ass but we talked it over. We agreed that Rhino should not be the TV Champion any longer.. BUT the title isn't going anywhere. Ya' see, since Rhino is officially still the Television Champion and with yours truly being his agent, I hold his contract. Under my managerial contract, I am responsible for the contracts & titles of my client and in a situation like this, I can do what I want with said title! And it just so happens that I hold the contract of another wrestler! So it is my honor to present to you, the NEW ECW Television Champion.. Jerry Lynn!! "

With that announcement the fans would boo loudly but Cyrus would take the Television Title from Rhino, handing it over to Lynn with a smile and gave him a hug. Lynn accepted the belt with a smirk, as he raised the belt into the air and soaked in the boo's, he didn't care how it was done but he had the Television Title! But "Balls 2 The Wall" by Chimaira kicked up over the speakers with the fans cheering and Paul Heyman made his way out from the back. Wearing his trademark ECW cap backwards with his ponytail sticking through the opening, along with a bunch of backstage passes around his neck. The Syndicate seemed pissed off at the interruption but Heyman didn't care, he was the owner of the fuckin' company. Paul E. made his way down the aisleway before climbing up the steel steps onto the apron but Lynn & Rhino started making their way toward him.

" Don't even think about it.. because if you lay one finger on me, I'll strip you of that World Title right (bleep)ing now! "

Climbing inside the ring Heyman would look over at Rhino, who seemed to be fighting back the urge to attack him and Cyrus would talk to him some, making sure he didn't do anything stupid.

" Cyrus, I've had a chance to look over the contracts and you're right. In this situation you can give the TV Title to Jerry Lynn. However. . I have the right to make him earn that title and he's going to prove that he earns it right here tonight! "

The fans would break out into a cheer, as Lynn's eyes bugged out and he started asking Cyrus if he could do that or not with Heyman nodding his head.

" That's right. You may be able to have that belt handed over to you but you can make damn sure that I am going to make you EARN it. You're going to put that Television Title on the line tonight and it's going to be against. . "

Chants of " Rob - Van - Dam! " filled the arena.

" No, unfortunately. . it's not going to be against the man that's kicked your ass FOUR times. . It's going to be against the Insano Luchadore, Super Crazy! But I wouldn't get too cocky, Jerry because whether you surivive your match tonight or not. . you are going to face Rob Van Dam at Living Dangerously! "

Another loud reaction from the crowd, as they wanted to see Van Dam kick Lynn's ass one more time.

" And if you happen to have the Television Title, it's going to be on the line! . . Now get the hell out of my ring, we have a show to start and you have a match to get ready for! "

With that announcement started flipping out even more, as he started walking around the ring pissed off and kicking at the ropes. Cyrus did his best to try to calm Lynn down but he couldn't, so he got Rhino to come help him out and get him out of the ring. Referee John Finnegan made his way down to the ring to ref the next match while Heyman climbed out of the ring.


[Commercial Break]

Coming back we're sent right into a highlights from Guilty as Charged from two months ago, where Hot Commodity were beating down Doring & Roadkill after losing the Tag Team Titles match but then "Bang Your Head" hit and Nova made his return. Nova cleared house inside the ring before getting into a match with Chris Hamrick, in which he was screwed out of a win by a returning Chris Chetti as a referee. Nova was said to have lost the match until Little Spike Dudley came down to the ring as Lou E. Dangerously was talking, telling everyone that Chetti was back. Spike then delivered an Acid Drop to Chetti after scaling up Lou E's body and then Nova hit the Swanton to take out Chetti!

Returning to the live feed, we hear Hot Commodity's music fading out in the background as Chris Hamrick, EZ Money & Julio Dinero are without Elektra but are with Lou E. Dangerously and Chris Chetti in a referee's shirt(with bleached blonde hair)! Lou E. grabs the microphone from ring announcer Steven DeAngelis and it looks like he's got something on his mind.

" As you can see, Hot Commodity and the REAL manager of champions, yours truly, are in the building! . . As you can see, they've decided to get rid of that (bleep) and given me the honor to lead them to greatness. And as you may notice, we've brought along a man no one ever thought they would see again in ECW. . a man that lost a "Loser Leaves Town" match against Nova but the wrong man left! The wrong man left town because Chris Chetti is NOT a loser, Chris Chetti is a WINNER. He may have lost that Loser Leaves Town match but that was only to never wrestle in ECW again. But as you can see, he's not wearing his wrestling gear; he is now officially an ECW referee! So Nova --.. "

But Lou E. was cut off by "Bang Your Head" kicking up on the pa system and out from the back came Kid Kash & Spike Dudley with Nova leading the way, dressed in his black Venom outfit with leather pants from Guilty as Charged. They hit the ring hard with Kash taking out EZ Money with a flying clothesline, Spike nailed a diving crossbody on Julio and Nova went straight after Chetti. Right hands galore from Nova, as he worked over Chetti until "Confederate Currency" Chris Hamrick blindsided him and took him out with a reverse ddt. Lou E. got clear of the ring, along with Chetti as the bell was rung with all six men in the ring!

Hot Commodity (w/Chris Chetti & Lou E.) vs Kid Kash, Nova & Spike Dudley

Hamrick was laying in some right hands on Nova until Spike came over, knocking him off with a kick to the face. Kash was busy with Dinero in the corner, as he continued to nail some strong forearms but Referee John Finnegan began to restore some order. Managing to get Spike & Nova into their corner, along with EZ & Hamrick into their corner to leave Kash and Dinero in the ring.

You could see each member of these two teams had a fire under them and a score to settle with each other, it showed in the lock-up as Kash & Dinero fought for control. Dinero would take advantage with a quick headlock, wrapping around into a hammerlock then a legsweep on Kash and that caused Julio to do a little strut. Back on his feet, Kash didn't like being shown up so he delivered a swift kick to Julio's midsection and taking him over with a snapmare -> dropkick combo. Kash would then mock Julio's strut before dropping his knee across his forehead and tried to wear Julio down with a reverse chinlock. A nice exchange of counters soon came including the headscissors to flipover pin to bridge-up to backslide pin that got a cheer from the crowd but not a three count. Dinero managed to take control when they were back up with a thumb to the eye and then made the tag out to EZ Money. Money came in with a fire, as he catapulted himself into the ring and took down Kash with a dropkick. Staying in control, Money pounded away at Kash by nailing a vicious discus lariat and then hit the EZ Bomb but when he went for the pin, Nova broke it up. Not letting that distract him, EZ made the tag out to Hamrick as the ref got Nova out of the ring and they EZ & Hamrick nailed a Superkick -> Legsweep combination that looked to kill Kash but Spike broke the pin up after the ref turned back around. Right hands found Kash's jaw, as Hamrick tried to nail a powerbomb but Kash reversed it with a hurracanrana! That had both men down but they were crawling for tags with Hamrick making it first to EZ, as he came in to stop Kash.. but he was just too late, he tagged in Nova! Nova hit the ring like a ball of fire, as he took down EZ with a right hand and then caught both Dinero & Hamrick coming, hooking them up and delivered a Novacaine/DDT Combination on both men at the same time, which caused the crowd to ERUPT. As Nova was back on his feet, he went after EZ .. but he was nailed by a low blow while Lou E. distracted the ref! Spike Dudley then hit the ring, knocking Lou E. off the apron but then was nailed by Dinero's Jalapeno Popper! Kash had Hamrick set up for a clothesline but he missed and nailed the referee! That knocked the ref down, as Kash turned around into the MONEY CLIP!! EZ then turned around at a ready to charge Nova.. but Chetti grabbed onto Nova's ankle! Holding onto Nova until he reached out, grabbing Chetti and went to hit him.. but EZ & Hamrick spun him around. Hamrick then saw Spike coming to and nailed a Tope Con Hilo!! The fans were booing as Chetti was shaking the referee to get up, while EZ was set up for the Kryptonite Krunch.. but he reversed it into the Bank Roll! Making the cover as Chetti got the referee to wake and counted the one, two, three!!!

Result: Hot Commodity def. Kid Kash, Nova & Spike Dudley via pinfall


Chetti then slid into the ring quickly and started to stomp away at the fallen Nova. The rest of Hot Commodity came into the ring to celebrate their win by raising their arms, with Chetti raising EZ Money's arm in victory and they stood over their fallen opponents, laughing. Before the break, Chetti was leaning over Nova and started talking smack to him while he was out.

[Commercial Break]

Exit Sandman?

As soon as we come back from the break, Joey Styles & Joel Gertner are shown at the commentary table with no music in the background. Styles informs everyone in the arena & at home that due to injuries sustained at Guilty as Charged, The Sandman will be out of commission for awhile and may possibly be forced to retire because of the beating he took at the hands of Rhino after the brutal Tables, Ladders, Chairs & Canes match. We're then sent to a highlight package of what went down at Guilty as Charged and then to footage of The Sandman being taken to the hospital after the show.


[Commercial Break]

As we come back from the break, Styles & Gertner talk about what went down at the beginning of the show and how Jerry Lynn was now the new ECW Television Champion. Clips of "earlier tonight" rolled to show what went down with Heyman coming down, saying that win or lose, Lynn would face Rob Van Dam at Living Dangerously in three weeks on Pay-Per-View, sponsored by Lugz.

DeAngelis had announced the #1 Contenders, The Unholy Alliance but for nearly a minute it went without being answered. We then here Joey Styles start saying that we have some commotion backstage and it cuts to the back area, where Mikey Whipwreck and Sinister Minister are laid out, with Tajiri trying to fight off Da Baldies, Angel & DeVito. We see ECW officials trying to break it up but they won't stop their assault, as DeVito manages to nail Tajiri with a steel chair! Angel then picks up Tajiri in scoop slam but then swings him around into a Rock Bottom-like manuever! CUE STYLES. " OHHH MY GAAAAAAHD! " As Tajiri is laid out on the concrete with his partner and manager with Da Baldies laughing. Finally back-up arrives in the form of Christian York & Joey Matthews, the men that Da Baldies viciously assaulted at Guilty as Charged but the officials are holding them back. Security finally comes into the picture to drag Da Baldies away, while York & Matthews go back to check on The Unholy Alliance, calling for help and we go to a commercial break.

[Commercial Break]

Coming back from the break, we're told by Styles & Gertner that The Unholy Alliance have been taken to a nearby hospital after the assault perpetrated by DeVito and an unknown assailant. Informing the fans that they were ejected from the arena by security but then they are interrupted by the ECW Tag Team Champions music. Out from the back come the champs, Doring & Roadkill to a loud cheer from the crowd but they seem to be all business, like they have been over the past few months. Grabbing a microphone, Doring would look around at the crowd before starting to speak.

" For those of you in the arena that didn't just see what happened.. the #1 Contenders for our titles, The Unholy Alliance were attacked by Da Baldies in the back! Since they are in no condition to wrestle here tonight, they won't be recieving their title shot tonight. . but they will get their shot when they come back and are ready, I guarantee that. Because Roadkill and myself are not afraid of anyone & we know that we are going to be Tag Team Champions for a long. . long time! But we figured since we were already in our ring gear, we would give a team a chance to come out here and try to prove themselves but it will be a non-title match! So if there's anyone in the back, that thinks they can hang with us. . c'mon down! "

There was a long pause before the Harry Slash version of "Sad but True" started to kick up over the speakers and the fans didn't know who was coming out until a tan skinned woman came out from the back wearing a black leather "V" cut blouse with red trim and matching black leather pants on. As she made her way onto the stage, Doring & Roadkill could be seen mouthing "What the fuck?" but of course, this never made air but the woman had a microphone with her.

" I'm glad to see that the Tag Team Champions, aren't afraid of making such a broad challenge. . but I must admit, I thought the ECW Tag Team Champions would make a tougher challenge for my boys. . "

" First of all, who the (bleep) are you? And second, we're two of the toughest. . and sexiest! "

Doring would smirk for a moment, as he tilted his sunglasses down and flexed his muscles. Then pointing to Roadkill, who would 'flex' his muscles and smiled to a nice pop from the crowd.

" . . wrestlers in this damn company and I doubt that your "boys". . whoever the hell they are, could hang with us. "

" Calm down, Danny. I'd save your energy for your match and just for your information, my name is Simply Luscious and I manage the best tag team in the business today. . c'mon out boys and let's show this crowd and those two, what real wrestling is! "

As soon as she said those words, the curtains parted with two men tossing them aside and rushing down to the ring. They both seemed to be of the same height and build with matching black & red singlets. One had brown hair with a goatee & his singlet had a "C" on the left side, the other had dirty blonde hair and was clean shaven & his singlet had an "R" on the left side, as they slid underneath the bottom rope and the bell sounded.

Non-Titles Match: Doring & Roadkill © vs ? ? ? (w/Simply Luscious)

As they slid to their feet, they were met by the Tag Team Champs with some brutal right hands before whipping them across the ring, going for clothesline but they were ducked under and the two men came back with flying forearms on the champs. They then started to double team the big man, Roadkill with some stomps to keep him down before hitting Doring with a double clothesline. Referee Mike Sparks tried to get control of the situation but the two men just shoved him out of the way, while their manager Simply Luscious shouted instructions at them. C&R then picked up Doring from the canvas, whipping him into the ropes before hoisting him up for what looked like a Flapjack but then they just threw him right down with a double Spinebuster! That had to hurt! But the big man, Roadkill is back on his feet and he takes down C with a strong lariat! Then going after R, he scoops the man up into his arms for the Barn Burner .. but Simply Luscious comes in and nails him with a low blow! That takes the big man to his knees, as he drops R off his shoulders and hold his balls. The fans are booing wildly as this young team takes it to the tag team champions but they aren't done.. they've got steel chairs now! C&R start beating the hell out of Roadkill with the chairs as he lays on the canvas and gets brutalized! Doring is trying to get up to help his partner but he gets nailed with a kick to his face and they toss the chairs away. Simply Luscious is smiling at her boys work but they aren't done there, as they roll Doring onto his stomach and hook his legs up. They cross them over behind him before putting their feet on his knees and roll backwards, holding his lower body at a strong angle in the air! They are putting an extreme pain on Doring, as he screams out with C&R continuing to push their legs into the back of Doring's knees while they are raised up infront of him in some kind of submission move. The referee is trying to get C&R to break the hold but they won't do it and he calls for the bell, calling this match a No Contest!

Result: No Contest


As the bell is ringing to declare the no contest, the fans are still booing like hell but C&R won't break the hold on Doring! They're continuing to keep the submission hold on and Doring can't get away, he just continues to scream in pain. Finally, C&R release the hold and Doring just lays there in pain, while the team raise their arms into the air with smirks. Luscious seems to be happy with the result as the Tag Team Champions are laid out and she grabs a mic.

" It looks like the ECW Tag Team Champions have finally met their match! . . Allow me to present to you, the best tag team in wrestling, Charlie & Russ Haas - they are Natural Athletes. . and they are the future E-C-W Tag Team Champions!! "

After proclaiming that, Charlie & Russ raised theirs arms into the air with Luscious patting them on the back before they start to climb out of the ring. All the while, Joey is screaming into the mic about how these "Natural Athletes" just took apart the ECW Champions but saying that they would get what's coming to them when Doring & Roadkill come to!

CW wants to make an Impact!

We go from live action to (an obviously taped segment) in the locker room of the newly formed Impact Playerz of Jack Victory, Justin Credible & Steve Corino with their manager, Francine.

Corino: " C'mon Justin. . how was Missy Hyatt? Were all the stories true? "

Credible: " Man. . they were true alright. I didn't know a woman could even do something like that. . "

Corino just stared at Justin for a moment with an open-mouth of shock, he couldn't believe all the stories were true and Victory had to slap him on the back to shake him out of it. Meanwhile, Justin was looking over at Francine with a "what do you got?" look on his face.

Francine: " For your information boys, Missy learned that from me. . but don't start getting any ideas because until either of you have gold around your waist, you can have fun by yourselves. "

Corino & Credible looked at Francine with that look you get when you can't believe your parents just punished you but they soon snap out of it, when their locker room door opens up. They look up from their seats as "The Enforcer" CW Anderson made his way into the room, wearing his wrestling gear with the "CW" in hand signs on his black & purple singlet.

Credible: " What the (bleep) do you want? Can't you see we're busy. . "

Anderson: " I'm here because you two are just like me and I've got an offer for you. "

Corino & Credible look at each other for a moment.

Corino: " EWWW! "

Anderson: " Not that kind of offer, you sick (bleep)hole! I'm here because we're the same. . we don't take any shit from anyone! I wanna make an IMPACT and I can get the job done --.."

Credible: " Whoa. . whoa. . hold on there, chief. You wanna make an IMPACT? You can get the job done? Didn't you just lose an I Quit match to Dreamer? "

That seems to infuriate CW, as Corino & Credible just look at each other and laugh.

Corino: " Man, that guy can barely wrestle and he made you.. Mister TOUGH guuuy, quit!? "

They continue to laugh but this time Francine joins in on the laughter and CW continues to get pissed off but instead of saying anything, he just walks out of the room and slams it on his way out.

Corino: " That was great. . but we gotta roll. Big Jack and I are gonna hit the strip club, we'll see you later. "

Corino slaps Credible on the back and makes a hand gesture to Francine which the camera doesn't pan down to see.

Francine: " You wish, Steve!! "

Victory: " Hey Steve. . "

Corino: " What's up, Big Jack? "

Victory turns to the camera with his fingers in the peace sign.

Victory: " HIGH SPOT!! "


[Commercial Break]

Super Crazy was the first man out from the back as we returned live to the ECW Arena. Wearing his trademark outfit of black with purple & silver designs all down the sides and an "ECW" t-shirt over his chest. He would slap some fans hands on the way down to the ring before sliding underneath the bottom rope and sticking his tongue out with a grin. Raising his arms into the air as he got to his feet, Crazy started to warm up.

Then Jerry Lynn made his way out to a Harry Slash remix of "Scapegoat" with Cyrus by his side. Lynn was wearing his spandex short tights with his white towel around his neck and the ECW Television Title wrapped around his waist. Chewing his gum, Lynn looked like he wasn't sweating Super Crazy but he knew what Crazy was capable of in the ring. Cyrus was in his suit, berating some of the fans before shouting that Jerry Lynn was the New F'N Show. Climbing onto the apron, Lynn looked at Crazy for a moment before climbing inside and looking hesitant. Handing the belt over to the referee but then spit right in Crazy's face!

Television Title Match: Jerry Lynn © (w/Cyrus) vs Super Crazy

That started the match off with a bang as Crazy and Lynn traded punches while the bell sounded. Lynn would get the upperhand as he ducked a punch before kicking Crazy in the midsection, only to whip him into the ropes and back body tossed him over his head. Stomps found their mark on Crazy's midsection before Lynn dragged him to a stand, tossing him over with a snap suplex and rolled through, hitting another one. Pin attempt but it barely gets a two count. Right hands connect before Lynn goes for another suplex but Crazy blocks it, taking Lynn down with a spinning heel kick. The Insano Luchadore begins to fly around the ring, as he nails a springboard leg drop and then drops a spinning elbow on Lynn. No cover attempt, as Crazy drags Lynn to his feet to nail some forearms and then climbs up onto the second rope, leaping off with a tornado ddt! Going for the cover but Lynn kicks out at two. Crazy continues to work over Lynn with some kicks to his legs and abdomen before going for a clothesline over the ropes but he gets tossed over the ropes to the floor. The fans make a loud "ohhh!" as Crazy hits hard but Lynn allows Crazy to get up as he climbs back into the ring.. no! Cyrus grabs onto his ankle and Lynn nails a Guillotine through the ropes on Crazy, that shakes him back into the ring. The fans boo as Cyrus smiles, soaking in the boo's but the referee warns him and then counts the cover Lynn has made but it only gets a two count. Dragging Crazy to his feet by the hair, Lynn sets up Crazy for the Cradle Piledriver.. but Crazy flips upward, snapping back with a Hurracanrana on Lynn! Wrapping the legs up behind him for a pin attempt but Lynn kicks out before the three! The crowd thought it was gonna end there and let out a sign of contempt. But Crazy is on his feet, waiting for Lynn to get up and runs forward, hopping onto his back for a sunset flip attempt.. but he turns it into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb! HOLY SHIT! The fans pop for that huge as Crazy keeps Lynn down for the pin attempt and the one, two, thr-- no! Somehow Lynn kicked out! The fans boo once more as it was SO close that time. Lynn is crawling to the ropes but Crazy follows after him but now Cyrus climbs onto the apron! He's distracting the referee but Crazy sees it, as he comes over and hits a dropkick to knock Cyrus off the apron! The fans cheer as Cyrus flies off the apron to the floor but when Crazy turns around, it's right into a kick to the midsection from Lynn and hooks him up for the.. Cradle Piledri-- NO! Crazy flips out of it again, looking for another Hurracanrana attempt but Lynn throws him off. Crazy lands on his feet, kicking Lynn in the midsection and hooks him up for a powerbomb.. but Lynn counters out of it! Jerry lands on his feet, as Crazy swings for a clothesline but it's ducked and Lynn rolls him up in a school-boy! One.. Two.. he's got the tights.. THREE!!

Result: Jerry Lynn def. Super Crazy via pinfall


Lynn manages to escape this match with a win but it was only because he grabbed the tights! The fans are booing loudly, as Lynn managed to pick up the win and he rolled out of the ring, raising his arms into the air. Grabbing the title from the referee, he would shove him out of the way and raised his belt into the air then checked on the dizzy Cyrus. Crazy was pissed in the ring, as he was on one knee and slapped the canvas, knowing he could've won the match but Lynn got away with the tights. Lynn helped Cyrus back up the aisleway, as he pointed at Crazy and then to his belt with yelled towards the commentary table.


But before the show comes to an end, Styles & Gertner inform us that Rob Van Dam will be on the show next week and will be in action! Saying that he'd probably have something to say about Heyman making the match at Living Dangerously, Jerry Lynn and The Syndicate!


Edited by CM Punk
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WCW Shake-Ups, Talent Raid; ECW News!

by Joe Schmoe


World Championship Wrestling have made many moves over the past few weeks since being sold to Fusient Media Ventures. Firstly, they have shook things up internally with Eric Bischoff joining the booking team alongside Vince Russo and they have taken Kevin Sullivan out of the mix. This will probably shake things up on Television, as Bischoff & Russo have differing ideas about in which way the company should go and it will be interesting to see what happens. But they have also shaken things up internally, as Bischoff made it clear that anyone that didn't want to be there can leave and also said that Fusient wanted him to 'trim the fat' and he was going to do so.

We can confirm that these wrestlers have either decided to leave the company or was cut from the roster: Air Paris, AJ Styles, Bam Bam Bigelow, Brian Adams, Chris Candido, Daffney, David Flair, Don Harris, Evan Karagias, Kaz Hayashi, Kid Romeo, Kwee-Wee, Major Gunns, Mark Jindrak, Meng, MI Smooth, Mike Sanders, Miss Jones, Paisley, Reno, Ron Harris, Sergeant A-WALL, Shane Douglas, Tammy Sytch and Yang.

There are also rumors that the World Wrestling Federation may be interested in signing a few of these wrestlers to development deals and one of them has already accepted, as Mark Jindrak has reported to OVW already.

That's not all we have on WCW though, as they have recently signed five wrestlers to a contract from Extreme Championship Wrestling. They have signed James Maritato (Little Guido), Charles Spencer (Tony Mamaluke), Brian Heffron (Blue Boy/Meanie), William Jones (Chilly Willy) and Donna Adamo (Elektra). They have also signed a few wrestlers from around the world in: Michael Modest, Satoru Sayama, Vader & Yuji Nagata.

We also have news on Extreme Championship Wrestling, our sources tell us that ECW Owner Paul Heyman was not shocked that WCW raided his talent once again but he was gloating at the fact that WCW tried to sign one of the company's top stars & World Champion, Rhino but they were turned down. Heyman was upset that he lost three characters that he liked to use often (Chilly Willy, Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke) but he harbors no ill feelings towards anyone that left because they did it the 'right way'. ECW seems to be interested in giving a few of the WCW releases a look and possibly even bring them into the company.

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Bam Bam Bigelow, Kaz Hayashi, Mike Sanders, Reno, A-WALL and Yang should defentally be checked out. I think that all of them would fit in good in ECW, at least in my opinion. I like what your doing so far, so hopefully you continue it. I'll be reading :)

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Explicit Content Preview

March 12th, 2001

Hot Commodity under new guidance by Lou E. Dangerlously, picked up a win over Kid Kash, Nova & Spike Dudley on last week's show but you can thank Chris Chetti for that. The man who was banished from ECW has managed to get back in the company as a referee and cost Nova a win by grabbing his ankle while the ref for the match was out and allowing EZ Money nail him with the Bank Roll to win the match.

- Nova wants Chetti in the ring but our owner Paul Heyman will not allow it but he will let Nova get some revenge on EZ Money in singles competition this week with Chris Chetti & the rest of Hot Commodity barred from ringside.

As a result of what went down last week, the Tag Team Champs Doring & Roadkill won't be in action this week because of the beating that new tag team, Charlie & Russ Haas gave to them in proving that they were 'the best tag team in wrestling'. But The Unholy Alliance will be back after being attacked before their Tag Team Titles match and looking for revenge!

- They will take on their attackers Da Baldies. They are still the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles but if Da Baldies win, they would have a case for a shot at the titles. Can The Unholy Alliance exact revenge or will the Da Baldies put another beating on them?

Also, we learned that Cyrus has merged his two clients together to form what he has named "The Syndicate" that comprises of himself, the new ECW Television Champion "The New F'N Show" Jerry Lynn and the ECW World Champion "The Man Beast" Rhino. Cyrus awarded the Television Title to Lynn since Paul Heyman, the owner of ECW, said that one man could only hold one singles title. But Heyman made Lynn fight for his belt, as he took on the Insano Luchadore Super Crazy in the Main Event. Crazy gave the champion a run for his money but in the end, Lynn got the win by holding onto the tights. However, things didn't all go Jerry Lynn's way because Heyman announced that Lynn would have to face Rob Van Dam at Living Dangerously on March 24th for the Television Title! RVD has an impressive 4-1 record vs Lynn and he was one of the best ECW Television Champions of all-time.

- RVD will be in the building and will have some words for Jerry Lynn, The Syndicate and even ECW Owner, Paul Heyman!

- Tonight's Main Event will be a Triple Threat match involving Justin Credible, Steve Corino and Tommy Dreamer. This match will determine the #1 Contender for Rhino's ECW World Championship. It doesn't look good for Dreamer as the new & improved Impact Playerz will most likely gang up on the Innovator of Violence.

- Balls Mahoney will be in one-on-one action with Simon Diamond. Balls says even though Chilly Willy has left the company, it doesn't mean no one has his back.

All of this action & much more including an update on The Sandman's condition. Remember, the only place you can see all of your favorite Extreme superstars, is on Wednesday nights at 10 PM on the USA Network!

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:pinch: Idiot. If there hasn't been a post by the author in over a month, I'd guess that the diary is dead. Stop trying to bring back dead diaries. Leave them alone to die.

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