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Decline of Western Civilization


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I just recieved the "Decline of Western Civilization" today in the mail. It was a fifty dollar purchase, but I divided the cost with a friend, so it was only 25. Anyway, this is a great little punk documentary from the early 80s. This tape is pretty rare as it's currently out of print, so some copies can go as high as 350 dollars. It's hard to find master copies of this video, and they usually are extremely expensive. Anyway, this tape has some great footage of Black Flag, The Germs, X, The Bags, Catholic Discipline, Circle Jerks, and Fear. They show alot of interviews with the members of these bands, and even a few interviews with the club owners of that era.

I'd recommend this movie to all fans of punk, young and old, big and small, fat and skinny, etc. If somehow you have the opportunity to view this, or can find this for a price you deem reasonable, then by all means watch it.

And also, has anybody here already seen this? Add your own comments if you have, I'm interested in hearing other opinions.

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I saw it on AMC, or was it IFC?, a few months back. It was okay. I'd like to see it again because at the time I didn't know jack shit about any music but MTV rock and that crap, but I like to think I've learned alot since then.

I saw the other Decline Of... movie, the one about 80s metal...jesus christ, that was a horrible one.

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