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A Walk To Remember

MalaCloudy Black

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Just wondering, has anyone else seen it? What do you think of it? For the past two days we've been watching in sex ed, because the teacher's been absent and the substitute (like most of them) is uncomfortable with the "sex education" aspect of the class :P

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I went to see it about a month or so after it came out in the theatres. Great movie. I was basically the one one in the theatre, except for a few teenage couples and some old folks.

I'll admit, I cried. It's a sad story, damnit. Prep dude meets dorky Christian girl. They fall in love. She has a terminal illness. Blah blah blah. Sad shit, man.

I also have the novel, which is basicall the same as the movie, save a few minor parts.

Anywho, fast forward a year later, and when it was released on DVD, I told my mom to go and buy it for me.

I fucking love that movie. I think Mandy Moore is a great actress, and a decent singer (better than Spears & Aguleria, IMO). I loved Many Moore in Saved.

If you haven't seen Saved, you should. I thought it was going to be another "girl loses faith - finds faith at the end", but she really doesn't. I think even Moore's character looses faith at the end of Saved.

So yeah. Fucking love A Walk To Remember. :thumbsup:

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i've watched it at least 20 times about 5 of those wer when it was on the theater. Love the move and mandy Mooreis awesome in it ( better than How To Deal) I'm gonna get it on dvd soon so yay for me. and yes I too was crying after watching this bad boy

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