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I just started listening to these guys, and I gotta say, they're fucking awesome.

My favorite songs so far have to be WWIII, Light, Lust & Move On. I haven't heard anymore songs yet, so if you like KMFDM and have any suggestions, feel free to give 'em to me.

So yeah. Check out those songs, especially Light & WWIII, if you're curious. I don't even know what you'd call them. I guess they're like, Industrial-Techno or something. :lol:

Oh, and check out Trent Reznor's Light remix called 'Light (Fat Back Dub Remix)". It's the song that got me interested in the first place.


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KMFDM are on the OST for the first Mortal Kombat (Juke-Joint Jezebel Metropolis Mix) and they're on the MK: Annihilation OST as well (Megalomaniac).

Probably not what you have, but oh well. Just thought I should throw that out there. ;)

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A Drug Against War is a good song by them. In fact, its the first KMFDM song I ever heard.

They also did a good re-mix of White Zombie's Black Sunshine. (They also did a re-mix of Thunderkiss `65, but I haven't heard it)

edit: 1000th post! W00t!

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KMFDM is one of the best bands ever. Drug Against War is their most well-known song. I highly recommend the entire XTORT album (especially the song Power), and Stars & Stripes which is the best song on the WWIII album. It's hard to find any bad KMFDM stuff, so you'll have fun getting into them.

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