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Spartan *SPOILERS*

Your Mom

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I've only seen the movie once, so I can't help too much, but the signs on the window thing... nearer to the beginning, when Kilmer looks at that letter the guy has from the missing girl, he asks her about the symbol at the end of the letter...it's a funny looking face that was something to do with Picasso (again, only seen it once, and that was like a month ago!).

The symbol on the window was drawn by the girl as kind of an "I was here" thing, that only someone looking for her would know. That's why the whole moment of the guy seeing it drawn there is so dramatic with the music and zoom and all that, because at that point in time, it was assumed that the girl was found dead in the water.

I'm not sure if its what you mean, but the woman with the pictures...if you mean the woman with all the pictures of the girls, then it is my understanding that she pretty much ran a bordello, with the pictures being polaroids of "available" girls.

The big "thing" going on there was when they are looking at the cork board, and see that one of the pictures has 2 pinholes behind it, which they conclude is because the pin was recently taken out, and a new one put in, meaning one of the pictures was taken off the board, and the others moved up one slot. The woman denied knowledge of the girl, which ends up getting proven a lie by the fact that there is a missing picture...the picture of the girl.

I hope that helps, and if anyone else can correct me on anything, go nuts, because as I said, I've only seen it once, and that was a while back!

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