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Collision Course


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Anyone else heard it?

I think it's supposed to be on MTV's The Leak tomorrow, but I just downloaded it.

Going in, I thought I'd hate it. I've heard Numb/Encore, and I didn't really like it.

But I must say, it's quite good.

Best songs, IMO, are Faint/Jigga What?, One Step Closer/Points Of Authority/99 Problems & Lying From You/Dirt Off Your Shoulder.

It's really good, IMO. Even if you don't like Linkin Park or Jay-Z, I'd suggest you check out one of the tracks I mentioned above. It's very good.

I want to get my hands on the Acapellea (sp?) version of Numb/Encore..

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The Izzo/In the End song doesn't work for me. I find it works when they use the LP music as backing more than using Jay's beats. It's good though, and my personal fav is 99 Problems/Points of Authority; two bad ass songs well blended.

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Dirt/Lying is the best track off the thing. Didn't mind Jigga What/Faint, Numb/Encore is pretty addictive. 99 Problems/Points Closer is what the original 99 Problems should of sounded like. Haven't heard the others yet.

Btw Tristof, I take it the version you downloaded was the live version that's going around from the MTV special?

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Well, I liked Numb/Encore, as they FINALLY brought playability to a song that was near unlistenable to me. The other tracks are pretty good, too, but those tracks were listenable before...so there.

Translation: I really hated Numb, but I like Numb/Encore.

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