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Would anyone like

Guest OnlyOneKeano

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Guest OnlyOneKeano

Ive downloaded this data file for CM with all the top teams in the world are in the prem , and if there was maybe 9/10 members intrested in starting a network game . We could fill the whole prem but you rely so much on others , 19 could be on

Premier League :










FC Bayern




Man Utd


Real Madrid

Real Sociedad




this will also be for the diary cube ( non wrestling one ) so if you would like to pick a team and join (Y)

Ill Take Man U

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Guest OnlyOneKeano

when i can fix the bastard thing , i done all that the thing said and it aint working so , when its working ill PM you lot with the times and so on

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Id join depending on times, also as i share the PC with my bro it might get awkward sometimes. You say its for a diary does that mean id have to to a diary on the team i pick.

Oh and ill pick Millian

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sorry lads cant get it to work my network game is off , well the thought was there

Oh well it was worth a try, so shall we take part in the preimer league, is it hard to set a network game up, as ive never tried it before.

Last time i expected to click network and see a list of servers but when i did there was nothing listed.

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Shall we try and start one up tonight or later this evening, ill look on the forums and see if there is anything about setting up Internet games.

Since Arsenal is taken :angry: ill go for the mighty Wolves that will be a good challange.

If any one is intrested then put down what day and times you want to play and we will see if we can get it sorted, anyone recomend the ideal amount of players for a Internet game.

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Well ive just put one up, dont know if it will work, what i did was go into game options, then edit prefrencaes, and at the bottom their is a box you can tick called run as server, then you start a new game, then other players have to add themselfs.

Can someone try and see if my server works ill be on it in the next few minuites.

Server name- pauls game

Server ip- 81:107.14.184

Password -ewb (if it asks)

If it works then we can do a proper one later on, i dont know how well the server will run as my PC as it is not the best.

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