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World Wrestling Federation 2001


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Note: I will not be continuing the other diary I had posted a backsotry for, as I do not feel that I can be able to present a realistic scenario (somewhat) for it, as I can for the WWF 2001 scenario, which is what I planned to do.


Ah, yes, I woke up this morning knowing that today, November 22, 2000, the World Wrestling Federation would be calling me up to express their interest on whether I should continue my training at the Ohio Valley Wrestling facilities. I had been working real hard lately, making sure to perfect my moves to impress everybody, and to especially not spend another year down in OVW. I had made up my mind, it was either hit or miss. If I hit, great. If I miss, not so great, and I take my bags and go do some indy work. Here I am, a 26 year old wrestler who needs to find a real job outside of wrestling, that is, if I don’t make the WWF. So, I walked to my wooden drawer on the other side of the room, and the phone rang. Nervously, I picked it up, and there was Jim Cornette, head booker of the WWF. He told me that my 5’10”, 185 pound frame would be too small to make it into the WWF.

I was so angry! I took a minute of silence, and some shoes were thrown, before I got back onto the phone and asked Cornette if there was any way possible to land a job with the WWF. Cornette told me flat out that he doubted it, but he would try and talk to Shane McMahon, to see what he could do, since I had a lot of dedication. I continued to do my morning routine. Eating, showering, brushing my teeth…the usual. I had nowhere to go and nothing to do, so I put in my Wrestlemania 2000 VHS, and watched it. During the main event, my phone rang again.

I rushed over to my drawer to pick the phone up. I could not believe my ey—ears…It was Shane McMahon! He told me that he had two options for me. He could either, stick me on the production team in the van, or he could stick he in on the writing team as part of a consultant. I chose the writing team, as that was always my dream. He said he would give me a month tryout, and if I did well, I would officially become the head booker. A little unrealistic, yes, but it happened.

So, on December 22, Shane McMahon called me into his office. We greeted each other, and he told me that the head writer had taken leave for a month, and he put me in charge! If I did well, I would be on full time. I thanked Shane, and got to work. As I left, Shane handed me the roster.


(Blue = Faces, Red = Heel)

Main Eventers

Steve Austin

The Rock


Kurt Angle

Triple H

Upper Midcarders

Chris Jericho

Chris Benoit

William Regal



Bubba Ray Dudley


D-Von Dudley


Jeff Hardy


Matt Hardy


Big Show


Eddie Guerrero





Lower Midcarders

Al Snow

Billy Gunn

Grand Master Sexay


Road Dogg

Scotty 2 Hotty

Steve Blackamn



Bull Buchanan

Dean Malenko


Hardcore Holly


Perry Saturn

Steven Richards

Val Venis



Crash Holly



TAKA Minchinoku


D’Lo Brown

Essa Rios




Molly Holly

Paul Bearer

The Kat

Stephanie McMahon


Tiger Ali Singh

Trish Stratus


Mick Foley

Shane McMahon

Shawn Michaels

Vince McMahon

As I left the office, Shane told me I would begin at the beginning of the month….

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RAW comes to you LIVE from Anaheim, California to begin the new year! After coming off a six-man hell in a cell at Armageddon, last month, we will find out who Kurt Angle's opponent will be in the Royal Rumble, through a Fatal-4-Way, between The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, and Chris Benoit!

Also, speaking of the WWF Champion, Kurt Angle will face off against Chris Jericho in a Non-Title Match!

Raven will also defend the Hardcore Championship this week against Tazz!

All this on RAW is WAR and more! Tune in a 9 EST/8 CST on TNN!

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Date: January 1, 2001

Place: Anaheim, California

Venue: Arrowhead Pond

Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

JR: Welcome everybody to RAW! It’s the new year, and with the new year comes new beginnings! Tonight, a Fatal 4 Way Match for the Number 1 Contendership for the WWF Title, with the winner facing Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble!

King: That’s not all JR! Speaking of the WWF Title, Kurt Angle will be in action against Y2J, and quite frankly, I can’t wait for this one!

JR: No doubt, King, no doubt. We’re going to kick this one off with a little Har---

You’re NEEEWWW Commissioner…

”No Chance” hits the arena. Vince McMahon walks out microphone in hand.

JR: What’s this? Well, folks, I don’t know what this is about. We were scheduled to have Raven versus Tazz right now but I assume that will be held off for the boss.

King: A GREAT boss at that, JR. I’m sure Vin-Mr. McMahon is only acting in the interest of fairness!

JR: Interest of fairness my….behind.

McMahon: Well everybody, since this is a new year, and since this year will constitute some new beginnings, I figure to spice everything up around here. As you know, last year the year began with the Triple H/Helmsley era that…well…quite frankly..pissed everyone off. But this year will run a little differently, as you can..or can’t probably tell, I am out here for a reason.

Crowd groans in a manner in which Vince gets angry

McMahon: SHUT UP! You will listen to me. I put you in these seats and I can sure as hell take you OUT of these seats. Now, as I was saying, things will be a little spiced up around these parts, and the first thing that I want to announce is that I have appointed myself as the new commissioner of the World Wrestling Federation.

Crowd boos wildly

McMahon: Yes, you did hear me right. I will be the new commissioner of the WWF, and there is not one thing that anyone in this building can do about it, whether they are in the stands, backstage, hell, even outside of this arena, no one can stop me from---

”Sexy Boy” hits the soundsystem. The crowd goes WILD for HBK


HBK: Whoa! Hold on there cowboy. You may have appointed yourself commissioner, and that’s fine, you cannot argue with the boss. BUT, when there is a will, there is a way. And, after talking to the board of directors, this morning….they have decided THAT, you, Vince McMahon, will in fact, NOT be the commissioner of the WWF, as that job now belongs to…the Showstopper…the Main Event, the Icon, the HEARTBREAK KID, SHAWN MICHAELS!

The crowd goes wild as Vince McMahon has a dumbfounded look on his face. McMahon drops the mike


King: …And the era of HBK begins, sadly. I mean, you cant do that to our boss!

JR: Like he said King, when there is a will, there is a way…



WWF Hardcore Title – Raven vs. Tazz

Raven came out first with the shopping cart, filled with all sorts of weapons involved, including the kitchen sink. After Raven entered the ring, 13 flashed across the screen, and Tazz entered with a loud cheer. The bout was your average Hardcore Title match, with specific spots including Raven drop toe holding Tazz onto a set up chair. Tazz also set up steps, and ran up before Clotheslining Raven. After a good 6 minutes of action, Raven set up a chair in the center of the ring, face down. Raven Irish Whipped Tazz into the ropes, and as Tazz came back to Raven, Raven kicked Tazz in the gut, and performed a Raven Effect on the chair to Tazz, which busted him open. Raven was able to pin Tazz and retain the Hardcore Title

Winner and STILL Hardcore Champion: Raven

(64, 72, 73)

The Hardcore Title gained in Image


Do You Smell It?

Backstage, Jonathan Coachman is with The Rock, who is hopping around, warming up for his Fatal 4 Way Match

Coach: Rock! Tonight, you have a big Main Event match for the number 1 contendership for the WW—

Rock: FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO ANAHEIM! Coach! The Rock knows about this Main Event Match, and The Rock knows that he will have to bite through such WWF Superstars such as the Deadman, the Game, and The Wolverine. But, The Rock is not scared of them, The Rock is not afraid of them. Hell, The Rock KNOWS that they all cannot BEAT The Rock. The Rock sees these 3 stars and all he sees are 3 candy-ass jabronis that are looking to defeat Mr. Jabroni himself…Kurt Angle. Oh, Kurt Angle, be ready. The Rock is coming, and he is coming on strong. And tonight, The Rock will take his first step to greatness. IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!


Posetively Awesome

Backstage, Edge and Christian are hanging out together

Edge: Hey dude, you know what should do. You know how we usually give 5 second poses! Well, we could come up with a host special…

Christian: Like Maury!

Edge: Yeah, but instead of dealing with peoples problems. We would give them a pose of a lifetime!

Christian: Yeah dude, that would like, so totally reek of awesomeness!

Edge: Up top!

Christian: We are so cool…



Non Title Match – Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho

Kurt Angle came out first to an initial cheer, before getting booed. He does his pose on the ramp as the fireworks go off. He steps into the ring and kisses his gold medals. The countdown begins, as Jericho comes out to a very loud ovation. He steps into the ring as the match begins. The two lock up to begin with Angle starting the match with some amateur offensive maneuvers. For the first big spot of the match, Angle was able to German Suplex Jericho, and climbed the turnbuckle. Angle climbs up and goes for the Moonsault, but Jericho moves out of the way! Jericho then took the offensive. For the next big spot, Jericho Bulldoged Angle to the ground, and was able to hit the Lionsault. He tried to pin Angle, but the champion was able to kick out. Jericho continues to have the offensive until he went for the Walls Of Jericho. Angle was able to fight out of it, and as Jericho got up, he was able to hit the Olympic Slam on Jericho. Angle goes for the pin, but Jericho kicked out of it. Angle started to argue with the referee, and as he did this, Jericho ran over and hit the Bulldog. He bounced off the ropes and did a Lionsault. He goes to pin Angle, who kicked out again! Jericho climbed to the turnbuckle, and hit a Missle Dropkick on Angle, Jericho poses for a little, and Angle reversed it into the Small Package, and Jericho just kicked out. Angle went to argue again, but Jericho came up right behind him and School Boyed him for the victory!

Winner: Chris Jericho

(81, 88, 92)


Go Get ‘Em, Esse!

Backstage, the Radicalz are all hanging out in one room..Benoit, Guerrero, Malenko, and Saturn.

Guerrero: Hey, esse, Chris, after you defeat the other three superstars, and we of course defeat those Hardy’s and K-Kwik..what do you say we do a little celebrating, come on esse…

Benoit: Oh, Eddie, there will be much more than a celebration tonight. It’ll last throughout the whole month, because I will be taking on Angle at the Rumble.

Guerrero: Alright, esse, that’s what I like to hear!

Malenko: Let’s go guys..its time to show those little punks how to wrestle.

Guerrero: And Chris, you show them how its done, ESSE!


The Radicalz vs. The Hardy Boyz and K-Kwik

This match had skill all around it, through technicality and high flying. Malenko and Jeff started it out, and went very quickly, before each person tagged in their respective tag team partners, as Saturn and Matt came in. Another quick sequence of moves with a lot of counters. Saturn tagged Eddie in, while Matt tagged Jeff back in. Jeff got the quick advantage over Eddie. Jeff then hit the rest of the Radicalz. Jeff tagged in K-Kwik and he took a big advantage. After a few minutes of fighting, Eddie tagged in Saturn, and Kwik tagged in Jeff. The match ended shortly after that as Jeff was able to hit the Swanton after Matt and K-Kwik knocked Saturn and Guerrero off the apron and continued to fight.

Winners: Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, and K-Kwik

(57, 53, 75)

The crowd was too pumped from the last match.


On Thursday…

In Shawn Michaels’ new office…

HBK: Now, I know you beat the Radicalz, K-Kwik, but that just doesn’t mean that you will automatically get a Light Heavyweight Title shot. It would not be fair to Malenko…

Kwik: But Shawn…

HBK: Okay, okay…I got it. On Smackdown!, you, K-Kwik will face Dean Malenko one on one. Now, if you beat Malenko, you will get your Light Heavyweight Title shot…at the Royal Rumble. BUT, if you lose, then you will have a 3 on 1 handicap match versus the Radicalz next week on RAW. Got it?

Kwik: Oh, I got it Shawn.


K-Kwik gained overness, Dean Malenko gained overness, HBK lost overness

William Regal vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

This match started with Austin and Regal trading punches and brawling. Austin was able to get Regal in a Lou Thesz Press and started to punch. He gave Regal the finger and tried to Stinner him to end it quickly, but Regal countered it right into a Knee to the face. After a few more minutes of action, Austin gave Regal a Suplex. He picks Regal up and then they start to brawl. Regal gets the advantage and knocks Austin down. While the referee is looking at Austin, Regal goes outside of the ring to grab a Chair. When he gets back into the ring, he goes to swing the chair at Austin, but Austin kicks Regal in the stomach before he can strike him, and hits him with a Stunner. After a quick pause, Austin crawls onto Regal and pins him for the three.

Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin

(70, 84, 66)


Fatal 4 Way – Triple H vs. Chris Benoit vs. Undertaker vs. The Rock

This match was a great clash of styles, between the technical Benoit, the brawler Undertaker, and charismatic Rock, and the old school heel Triple H. The 4 men separated into 2 groups with one person fighting another person for the majority of the match, with mostly The Rock fighting Triple H, and the Undertaker fighting Chris Benoit. The first pin attempt was made by The Rock on Triple H, but Undertaker broke that up. After 5 minutes, the four men came together in the middle of the ring and store each other down, to many cheers by the fans. Right after, the faces went against the faces, and the heels went against the heels. Triple H hit a Pedigree on Benoit, and The Rock hit a Rock Bottom on the Undertaker at almost the exact time, but since the other person was up, neither person was able to get the pin. As Rock reached down to get Undertaker, he was grabbed by the neck as Undertaker Chokeslammed Rock to the ground, and then gave Triple H a running DDT. Undertaker went to cover The Rock, but Benoit got up and broke the pin up at the last second. After another 6 or 7 minutes, the ending occurred. All four men were down as senior referee Earl Hebner began to count out to ten. Rock was Triple H were first up, and so were Undertaker and Benoit. The two groups simultaneously traded blows to the person that they were facing off against. The Rock Irish Whipped Triple H into the ropes and Spinbustered him. He set up for the People’s Elbow, but Benoit ran over to The Rock and Clotheslined him out of the ring, leaving only The Undertaker, and Triple H in the ring. Undertaker waited patiently for Triple H to get up and when he did, motioned for the Last Ride. Undertaker was able to connect with the Powerbomb, and went to pin Triple H. As the referee’s hand reached down for the first count, Rock and Benoit both saw this happening. As Hebner counted 2, The Rock and Benoit, who were almost up the ramp at this point, forgot about fighting each other and both men ran back into the ring to try and break up the count. Rock entered the ring as soon as the ref’s count hit three, as the Undertaker was able to pin Triple H and now will face Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble!

Winner: Undertaker

(73, 87, 73)


Overall Rating: 74

WWF RAW is WAR TV Rating: 6.45 (7016 attendance)

WCW Nitro TV Rating: 5.44 (4049 attendance)

So…feedback and criticism are both accepted.

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WWF Smackdown!

Date: January 4, 2001

City: Sacramento, California

Venue: Arco Arena

Announcers: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Cole: Welcome everybody to Smackdown! Tonight, a big 6-Man tag team match-up, as The Rock, The Undertaker, and Chris Jericho will take on Triple H, Kurt Angle, and William Regal!

King: That’s not all, Cole! Also tonight, Dean Malenko will face K-Kwik, and Cole, if K-Kwik LOSES, he will be stuck in a Handicap match on RAW against the Radicalz…

Cole: But if he wins, he will get a WWF Light Heavyweight Title match at the Royal Rumble! Let’s begin the action!

Non Title Match – Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz

A very good opening match here to start Smackdown. The crowd was very into it, rooting for the Hardyz. It also had great quality as well. For the first few minutes, the Hardyz had the advantage, but Edge and Christian were able to calm the action down and then they were able to get the advantage, for the next few minutes, until they both went outside of the ring to get chairs, one for each of them. Edge and Christian slammed the chairs down and went for the Con-Chair-To on Jeff Hardy without the referee working, but Jeff ducked and gave the heel tag team a Double Dropkick. Jeff tags in Matt who punches out both Edge and Christian. Edge rolls out of the ring, and Matt kicks Christian in the gut, before delivering a Twist Of Fate. As he does this, Jeff climbs to the top of the turnbuckle and delivers the Swanton Bomb! Matt covers Christian for the victory, and as Cole puts it, “What a way to begin Smackdown!”


Dead Man Walking…

Rollin’ hits the arena when Smackdown returns, and Undertaker comes out to a gigantic pop, since he defeated the other three men to get a shot at the WWF Title at the Royal Rumble. Taker goes into the ring, grabs a mike, and starts talking.

Taker: You know, last Monday, I defeated three other men. I beat The Rock, I beat Triple H, and I beat Chris Benoit. Now, tonight, I get to TEAM with The Rock and Chris Jericho to face off AGAINST Triple H, William Regal, and Kurt Angle. Now, I’m not that stupid. Tonight is my first shot to go up against the WWF Champion, Kurt Angle. Right now, I have that WWF Title Contendership, and at the Royal Rumble in about 2 weeks, on the 21st, and no one will take that away from me—

Kurt Angle promptly comes out.

Angle: Undertaker, just like the Sacramento Kings, you can not win the big one. Just like Vlade Divac stands 7 feet tall, and probably is faster than you are, he cannot win the big one. And Undertaker, you are not going against the Los Angeles Lakers, you are going against an Olympic Gold Medalist, and that’s me, Kurt Angle.

Taker: Angle, I don’t care about the Kings, and quite frankly, I could care less how many wins they get. I have my eyes set on one thing, and that is you. So, don’t give me comparisons to this sports ****. I only care about taking home what’s mine.

Angle: Taker, don’t bother going on any further, because, honestly, you are too unathletic, and too stupid to have a very high personality, such as myself, to be talking to—

Taker: Stupid? Angle, I will show you what stupid is, because after our match at the Royal Rumble, you will very, very stupid. Oh, Angle, I will make you famous.

Taker and Angle stare each other down as Smackdown goes to a commercial break.


Kurt Angle gained overness. The Undertaker gained overness.


Dean Malenko vs. K-Kwik

A very well paced fight here, with a lot of technicality and a lot of speed involved. The end occurred when K-Kwik had Clotheslined Malenko to the ground, when as the ref went to check how Malenko was doing after the hit, Perry Saturn went down and took a steel chair, layed it out on the mat, and T-Boned Kwik onto the chair. Malenko was able to get up, and locked on the Texas Cloverleaf to end the match. Since this was a stipulation match, K-Kwik is now forced in a Handicap Match on RAW. Saturn and Malenko celebrated after the match and K-Kwik was busted open and started to check how much he was bleeding.

Winner: Dean Malenko

(74, 69, 80)

Hold On There, McMahon

Backstage, Shawn Michaels is in his office watching the replay on how the last match ended when Vince McMahon walked into his office to a chorus of boos.

HBK: What a night! What a night!

Vince: Oh yes, its been a great night so far, and with the Main Event only a few matches away, you can’t help but think Shawn, what if something goes wrong? And what if you fail as WWF Commissioner? The boundaries of the WWF would be broken, and it could be by anyone, including the WCW.

HBK: Well, Vince, that is just not going to happen. I have planned tonight’s main event so that every person that has a problem with anyone is in this match. Tonight’s main event will not go wrong, and you can count on that. And McMahon, if you just so think to interfere in on this match, I will NOT hesitate to carry you outside and show how a real Texan fights.

Vince: Oh trust me, Shawn, there will be no interference tonight, you can count on that. But Shawn, hypothetically, what if the Royal Rumble is a failure. It could happen, because in 1999 I won the Royal Rumble, and then I got put in a Steel Cage match against Austin, and that will not happen to any wrestler on the WWF Roster. Because anyone can enter the Royal Rumble, you know that—

HBK: Hold on there, McMahon. Just not anyone will be able to enter the Royal Rumble, you can count on that. Because this Monday on RAW, I will make an announcement that will shake up the Royal Rumble. No longer is it a free-entry Battle Royal, as you will see on Monday---

Vince: Well Shawn, I do suggest that you tell me now, because as your boss, I do not feel like waiting for your procrastinating, degenerate, soul to tell me and everyone on Monday.

HBK: Cowboy, just like everybody else that is watching at home, you will have to wait. As the boss of on-air personality, including yourself, I think that you should leave this office right now, and not come back for a VERY long time. Kabish?



The Dudley Boyz vs. Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero

The match started with Bubba Ray and Chris Benoit in the squared circle. Benoit gains the quick advantage before a Snap Suplex, in which Benoit tags in Eddie. Who uses his speed to dodge Bubba’s punches. After a few minutes, Bubba tags in D-Von, but the refs no not see it as Benoit comes into the ring, which causes the referee to be distracted and not even see the tag made. Eddie comes back, stomps on Bubba. Eddie picks Bubba up, but Bubba slams him, and the two wrestlers go into their respective corners and tag in their partners. D-Von gets the quick advantage over Benoit, before sending him down with an elbow. D-Von tags Bubba back and D-Von climbs to the turnbuckle. Bubba gives the WAZZUP to D-Von who comes crashing down on Benoit’s genitals. Benoit rolls out of the ring, and Bubba tells D-Von to get the tables. As D-Von is doing this, Benoit gets up and rolls D-Von back into the ring, before going in himself. D-Von is up by now and throws Benoit out of the ring, leaving the Dudleyz with Eddie Guerrero alone. Bubbe Scoop Slams Eddie, and picks him up and Irish Whips him against the ropes, and when he comes back, Bubba and D-Von give Eddie the 3-D. Bubba pins Eddie for the victory, as the fans cheer and the Dudleyz celebrate.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

(85, 77, 93)



Backstage, Jonathan Coachman is once again with The Rock. Rock motions for Coach to just give him the microphone and tells Coach to just leave the area, in which Coach obliges to.

Rock: FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO SACRAMENTO! Tonight, The Rock will team with Y2J and the Undertaker in a match against Triple H, Kurt Angle, and Regal. The Rock will show no mercy on any of these men, because lets face it. At the Royal Rumble, The Rock will go in to that match, beat 29 other men and The Rock will go on to Wrestlemania to face whoever the WWF Champion is, and beat him. The Rock knows that this will be no easy task, but The Rock is ready to kick some ass all over Arco Arena. The Rock knows the Kings play here, and Sacramento always treats The Rock like a king. The Rock sees himself tonight, covering Kurt Angle, covering William Regal, covering…Triple H. The Rock sees himself winning every match possible ALL OVER the state of California. IF YA SMELLLL—

A familiar hand takes away the microphone from Rock

HHH: Rock, you will not cover me. I am the Game, Rock. And as The Game, it puts me on top of the ladder. Sure, I got pinned by the Undertaker on RAW on Monday, but that it because you hit me while I was not looking with the Spinebuster. Tonight, Rock, I get my revenge on you—

Rock: Not looking at The Rock? Triple H, not only were you looking at The Rock, you gave your best imitations to The Rock. The Rock doesn’t know, and The Rock does not care, but the Rock sure has hell was able to Spinbuster your CANDY-ASS all over Anaheim, last Monday. And tonight, The Rock will just extend more of his greetings to you by not only hitting you with The Rock Bottom, but The Rock will make it a point to also hit you with the most electrifying move in Sports- Entertainment…THE PEOPLES ELBOW. IF YA SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING!


Test vs. Al Snow

Filler match here, as Al Snow gained the early advantage, using his patented headbutts. Every time he would hit Test, the crowd would shout HEAD. After a good few minutes, Test gained the advantage. He Irish Whipped Al Snow into the Turnbuckle, and when Al came back Test was able to give the Tilt-A-Whirl Slam. Test got right back up and slapped his leg, motioning for the Big Boot. Test ran at Al Snow who ducked under the Boot, and rolled Test up for the two count. Test got mad, and complained to the ref, when Al Snow turned him around and gave him a Snow Plow. Al covered but, Test kicked out at the last minute. Al climbed the turnbuckle and went for the Moonsault, but Test moved out of the way, and as soon as Al got up, he gave Al Snow the Big Boot, and pinned him for the victory.

Winner: Test

(65, 66, 66)


HBK Isn’t Done Yet

”Sexy Boy” hit the arena and the Sacramento crowd went crazy. HBK stepped into the ring, did some poses, grabbed a mike, and began to speak.

HBK: Now, I was thinking in the back. You know, we have two great tag team champions in Edge and Christian. They are very athletic, skilled, talented, charismatic. But lets face it. They are way more cocky than I, HBK, ever was. So, on Monday, in San Jose, it will be a Fatal-4-Way Matchup for the Number 1 Contendership for the WWF Tag Team Championships. Now, this match WILL be Elimination, and the 4 Teams Competing ARE Bubba Ray and D-Von, THE DUDLEY BOYZ. Matt and Jeff, The HARDY BOYZ. Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn, the Radicalz! And finally, Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather…RIGHT TO CENSOR!

Now, lets not get ahead of ourselves, because that is not all that I have to address. Tonight, K-Kwik lost his match against Dean Malenko because of interference. Now, I should not be talking, but since I AM, I have come up with a solution about this sticky situation. K-Kwik, this Monday, you still will have your Handicap match against the Radicalz, BUT, you will also get your shot at the WWF Light Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble. Cheaters never win…except me…and winners never cheat.


The Rock, Undertaker, and Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle, Triple H, and William Regal

All three faces, Rock, Jericho, and Taker came out to a huge reaction by the crowd, while Angle and Triple H got a lot of heat, and Regal really got no reaction for the most part. Rock and Angle started it out, and Rock took the big advantage before tagging in Undertaker. Taker began to pound on Angle, and Angle ducks and was able to Belyl To Belly Suplex Undertaker, at which point, he tagged in Regal. For the time that Taker and Regal were in together, Undertaker dominated Regal, giving him such moves as the Old School, Running DDT, and a Powerslam. Taker then tagged in Chris Jericho, who gave Regal a Dropkick before trying to lock in the Walls Of Jericho, in which Regal countered and tagged in Triple H. Triple H came in firing, knocking down all three faces, and then going back to work on Jericho. Triple H gave him the running knee, and made the first pinning attempt, but Jericho kicked out. Triple H Whipped Jericho into the ropes and when he came back gave him a Clothesline. Triple H tagged in Regal. Dull spot of the match here, and after 3 minutes, both Regal and Jericho were down. Regal was able to tag in Triple H, and Jericho was able to tag in Undertaker. Taker dominated Triple H at first, before putting him between his legs setting up for the Last Ride. As he got Triple H up into the air, he punches Taker in the face, and Taker fell. Triple H tagged in Angle, who immediately run over to Taker who sat up right before Angle got there. Angle started to back up into the ropes, and Taker followed him, grabbed him by the throat and sent him down with a Chokeslam. Taker dragged him to the middle of the ring, but Regal came in and broke up the pinning attempt. Taker then tagged in Rock, while Angle was able to recover and tag in Regal. Rock came in and punched Regal, then Triple H, and finally the champion. Rock Irish Whipped Regal into the ropes, and as Regal came back, Rock gave him a Samoan Drop. Rock picked Regal back up, tried to punch him, but Regal countered into a Regal Cutter. Regal went for the pin, but Rock was barely able to kick out at the 2 count. Rock struggled to get back up, but when he did, he Clotheslined Regal. Triple H and Angle came back into the ring, but Jericho and Undertaker both got there as well, and the faces got the heels out of the ring, before they began to fight on the outside. Rock and Regal were both left all alone in the ring, and as Regal got up, The Rock got in position for the Rock Bottom and was able to connect, in which he was able to pin Regal for the victory. After the match, Rock celebrated as the other 4 men fought on the outside.

Winners: The Rock, Undertaker, and Chris Jericho

(84, 87, 79)


Overall Rating: 75

WWF Smackdown TV Rating: 5.09 (7038 Attendance)

WCW Thunder TV Rating: 5.03 (4022 Attendance)

user posted image

WWF Championship - Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

Royal Rumble Match - No One Confirmed

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WWF Heat

Date: January 7, 2001

City: Sacramento, California

Venue: Arco Arena

Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

The usual Heat opening is shown on the TV and Cole and Tazz welcome to a new year on Sunday Night Heat. Tazz says that he has a match with Val Venis tonight, and Cole points out that tonight’s Main Event will be Billy Gunn vs. Raven in a Non-Title Match.

Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather vs. A.P.A.

Good opening big man tag team action to begin Hear. Bradshaw and Bull began the match. Bull took the early advantage using all sorts of power moves, including a lot of punches to Bradshaw. Bull then tagged in his RTC partner, Goodfather, who also continued to use a lot of power moves on Bradshaw, who was finally able to tag in Faarooq. Faarooq dominated for the next sequence, and the ending came when Bradshaw and Goodfather fought on the outside, and Faarooq was able to hit a Dominator on Bull Buchanan, in which he pinned him and got the victory.

Winners: APA

(61, 62, 59)

Last Monday On RAW…

A video of last week’s RAW Main Event was shown, the Fatal 4 Way between Triple H, The Rock, Undertaker, and Chris Benoit. The video mostly focused on the winner of the match, Undertaker, and the last 5 minutes of the match were shown in full length, including the Undertaker’s pinfall on Triple H. After the video, Tazz and Michael Cole went over how Undertaker will face WWF Champion Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble.


The Rock lost overness. Triple H lost overness


Quote The Raven, Nevermore[/orange]

Raven: Well, well, tonight, the Raven goes up against Billy Gunn. Right now, I am the Hardcore Champion of the World Wrestling Federation, and all of Billy’s followers are going see tonight that I envision more than just a Hardcore Championship. Tonight, annihilation is what Gunn will underlie, and tonight, Gunn will see that you do not start a war with a raven. All of the people right here in the structure will come to comprehend that I should be the most feared fighter on this planet. Tonight, Billy sees his downfall. Quote the Raven, nevermore.


Raven gained overness

Albert vs. Kane

Kane got a very big crowd when he came out, whereas Albert got really not much of a reaction when he entered. Kane dominated the beginning on the much with his powerful strikes, but he could not knock Albert down. Albert countered a punch and Scissors Kicked Kane, who also did not fall. Once again, Kane dominated the match, even Chokeslamming Albert, who was able to get his foot onto the ropes. Kane picked him up and went for the Chokeslam again, but Albert countered by kicking Kane in the gut, and delivering a Baldo Bomb. Shortly there after, Albert was able to pin Kane as the crowd booed wildly.

Winner: Albert

(66, 68, 64)

Kane lost overness. Albert gained overness

Edge And Christian

A video on Edge and Christian was shown. Some highlights of this video was them winning TLC 1 and the Triangle Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 2000. Also shown was them doing multiple sets of poses including the one on a RAW, and the one at King Of The Ring 2000. Next, they were showing fighting the Hardyz and the Dudleyz. Then, they were shown giving a Con-Chair-To. Playing in the back was their theme song.



Tazz vs. Val Venis

A good collection of different styles in this match. Tazz started the match off very nicely with some good Suplexes, but Val never backed off as he was able to steal the victory from Tazz when Steven Richards came down to the ring, distracted the ref long enough so that Tazz would get into the situation where he would try to get Richards off of the apron, and Val came over there and rolled up Tazz right after punching Richards out for a 3 count. Nice 5 minute match, and nothing more than it should have been.

Winner: Val Venis

(73, 68, 79)


Non Title Match – Raven vs. Billy Gunn

Raven came out to a chorus of boos, while Billy Gunn came out to cheers. The crowd was not into it as much as it sounds though. Raven started the match of well using his Hardcore style to manipulate Billy into all sorts of maneuvers. Billy was able to get the advantage, before Raven got it back. The ending occurred when Raven went for the Raven Effect, and Billy kicked him in the stomach. Raven was hunched over as Billy ran to the ropes and when he came back delivered a Fame Asser that sent Raven down. Billy covered and that match was his as the crowd cheered.

Winner: Billy Gunn


Show Statistics

Overall Rating: 66

WWF Heat TV Rating: 1.21 (7,006 People)

WCW Saturday Night Rating: 1.16 (4,015 People)

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You jobbed Raven to Bily Gunn. :crying:

Actually i'm kind of liking this diary. Didn't think I would after the unoriginal backstoyr but you seem to have a realistic writing style that kept me reading. Good luck and I should be reading. :thumbsup:

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user posted image

WWF RAW is WAR Preview

This week, RAW comes to you live from San Jose, California! Last week, Shawn Michaels told Vince McMahon that he had an annoucnement that would shake the foundation of the WWF. What will this announcement be, and how will Mr. McMahon handle it?

Also, HBK also announced last week that this week will determine who the Number 1 Contenders for the WWF Tag Team Champions are in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match between the RTC, The Hardyz, the Dudleyz, and the Radicalz. Which team will walk out knowing they will face the Tag Team Champions at the Royal Rumble?

Also, since K-Kwik lost to Dean Malenko on Smackdown, he is put in a Handicap match against the Radicalz, who are donig double duty. Can K-Kwik survive the beating that the Radicalz desire to hand to him?

All this and much for on Monday Night RAW!

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Guest Prototype

Good shows. I cant believe you jobbed Raven to Billy and Kane to Albert!! I would have liked to seen E&C or the APA in the tag elimination match rather than RTC. I look forward to future shows, though.

PS- Push Tazz!

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E and C would be in the Tag Match if they werent the Tag Team Champions. I didnt specify that they were, so I'm sorry. And I can't say anything about the APA yet :unsure:

Thanks for the feedback guys, and I do want to somewhat try and push Albert as a monster heel, as I felt he was always underused excpet for the horrid IC Title reign. And I don't even know why I jobbed Raven to Billy, actually. Oh well.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

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user posted image


Date: January 8, 2001

Location: San Jose, California

Venue: San Jose Arena

Announcers: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler

The opening screen before the opening is a replay of Shawn Michaels telling Vince McMahon that he has a huge announcement to make. Then the music is heard, and KR and King welcome us to San Jose as the pyro goes off. Right after that, Shawn Michaels’ music is hit as he walks to the ring to make his big announcement.

HBK’s Big Announcement

HBK: San Jose! Are you ready for some big news? That’s good, that’s good. Well, here it is. The announcement that will SHOCK the world. As you all know, I was a Royal Rumble winner twice. And ironically, the Royal Rumble HAPPENS to fall on this month. Sooo, let’s shake this year’s Rumble up. How about we make these people earn their spot in the Rumble? That’s right. This year, anyone who wants to be in the Royal Rumble will have to win a match, CLEANLY. If there is cheating, both men go into the Rumble. Oh right, if you screw up when you cheat, sucks for you. So tonight, how about we have 2 Royal Rumble qualifying matches toninght. For one, I was thinking…KANE vs. EDDIE GUERRERO. You like that? That’s good. And for the second match, how about we give one of the Right To Censor members a try to get in here. Val Venis will go up against Y2J..Chris Jericho!

HBK is told something from one of the men standing by the ring

HBK: Well it seems to be the Bull Buchanan and The Goodfather were both attacked as soon as they got to the arena. I don’t know who it is just yet, but when I do find out, that person or people will find out what a Sweet Chin Music really is. Whether you like the RTC are you hate them, they are still members of this WWF Roster and I still have to look out after them, and people, if I hear about any assaults, I will NOT tolerate it and that is the end of that story. So folks, sit back, relax, and enjoy RAW!



Handicap Match – K-Kwik vs. Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn

Perry Saturn started this match off with Dean Malenko on the tag ropes waiting to beat up his rival. Saturn dominates Kwik with some Suplexes, and using chinlocks and leglocks to weaken Kwik down. Saturn tags in Malenko, who like Saturn, uses his technical skills to wear down opponents. Malenko tried to quickly lock in the Texas Cloverleaf, but was not able to, as Kwik countered out of it. Malenko continued to use punches, kicks, and Suplexes to wear Kwik down. Malenko went for the Texas Cloverleaf again, and all of a sudden, Road Dogg came running down the aisle to help his former tag team partner, and stood in the ring, as Saturn and Malenko store Road Dogg down. Kwik was able to roll up Malenko, and when the ref turned his head to start counting, Road Dogg hit Saturn and he was able to count the three as Kwik won. They two partners embraced and celebrated in the ring.

Winner: K-Kwik

(71, 61, 81)

Oh Its True, Its Damn True

Backstage, Kevin Kelly is with the WWF Champion, Kurt Angle. Kurt is sporting his jump suit, and is wearing the title around his waist.

Kelly: Kurt Angle, tonight Shawn Michaels has given you the night off, yet you still requested to have an interview. Why?

Angle: Well Kevin, I just wanted to let everybody know that I am not scared of The Undertaker. I have beat him before, using my three I’s at the Survivor Series. Who would have thought, that I would have gotten my brother, Eric, to act as me, and steal the title right out of Undertaker’s hands. If Taker is not as intense as me, that’s fine, but when he shows that he is not intelligent, that is what gives me the advantage. At the Royal Rumble, Undertaker, you won’t see the Kurt Angle that you are watching right now. I am coming out intense, and I am coming out to beat you to a fragment of your former self as well. Oh, it’s true! It’s DAMN true!


Kurt Angle gained overness


It’s Time For Pose-Itively Awesome!

Back on RAW, there is a red carpet laid out across the ring. Inside the ring on each side is a picture of Edge, and a picture of Christian, with two chairs in front of it. Edge and Christian’s music hits and they come out with something obviously sticking out of their pockets. They enter the ring and sit in their chairs, first in front of the wrong picture, and then they switch.

Edge: You know, we love all types of sports. From baseball, to football, to basketball, we love them all! But the one we love most is hockey…

Christian: That’s right. And as your role models, it is our duty to point out all of the great sports moments of each town!

They both drop their mikes and Edge takes out a Dallas Stars jersey, as Christian takes out a San Jose Sharks jersey. (Note: Stars beat the Sharks in the Playoffs in the prior year to 2001, the 1999-2000 season.) The crowd boos at this, because they know what is coming.

Edge: For the benefits of those with flash photography, we call this 5 second pose, He Shoots, He Scores!

The crowd boos as Edge pretends he has a hockey stick, and Christian pretends that he is the goalie of the Sharks, as Edge shoots it right between Christian’s legs. Edge celebrates, and Christian pretends to cry. They both laugh.

Christian: And that, folks, is why we love sports. We love those great moments when the better team wins!



Royal Rumble Qualifying Match – Kane vs. Eddie Guerrero

Kane got a pretty big pop for his first appearance on RAW this year, as Eddie got booed. The crowd was mostly into this match. Kane started this one off with punches and Powerslams. Eddie was defenseless for the beginning of the match, but fought back after Kane went for the Diving Clothesline, in which Eddie was able to dive out of the way. Eddie used his speed to give Hurricanranas. He went to give Kane a Crossbody, but Kane caught him and threw him over the back of his body sending Eddie down. At this point, Eddie’s tag team partner, Chris Benoit came down the aisle, as Kane motioned for him to punch him. Eddie got up as Kane got him in a Chokeslam position. Benoit got into the ring and went to hit Kane, but Kane pushed Eddie in front of him, and Benoit hit Eddie! Kane got Benoit out of the ring, and as Eddie got up, Kane gave Eddie a Chokeslam and pinned him for the win, and got entrance into the Royal Rumble!

Winner: Kane

(79, 79, 80)

San Jose, Do You Feel It

JR and King point out during the match that The Rock has requested an Interview with announcer Kevin Kelly. Right after the match, the camera goes backstage with Rock and Kelly.

Kelly: Rock, you, like Kurt Angle, has req—

Rock: FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO SAN JOSE! Kevin Kelly, do not mention that Olympic Candy Ass’s name around The Rock. The Rock listened to The Heartbreak Kid’s announcement tonight, and The Rock wantes to be in the Royal Rumble. The Rock will take anyone one, whether its Funaki, whether its Rikishi, whether its William Regal, or whether its Triple H. The Rock knows that he can and will beat any of these men in any competition because The Rock is just that good. The Rock sees himself going down on January 21st, into the Royal Rumble and whipping some ass! The Rock will be in Oakland on Thursday, and The Rock wants anyone to challenge him to get into the Royal Rumble. Shawn Michaels, if you are listening, put anyone against The Rock, because The Rock does not care who he faces. The Rock knows that he will walk out of the Rumble the winner, and he will go on to Wrestlemania and become the WWF Champion, 6th time. IF YA SMELLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING…



Royal Rumble Qualifying Match and WWF Hardcore Championship – Raven © vs. Al Snow

With two stipulations on the line, the crowd was very more into it then they would have been. Al Snow got cheered, whereas Raven got little no reaction. The match started with Raven throwing it a sink, a trash can, a stop sign, and even a bowling ball. Al Snow waited in the ring, and as soon as Raven got in, Al Snow climbed out to get a Chair. Inside the ring, the match started with Al Snow taking a stop sign shot. Raven put the sink on Al Snow, and jumped on it. Raven took the chair, and tried to give Snow a DDT on it, but Al countered, picked up the chair, and smashed Raven’s head on it. Snow took the trashcan, and put it on Ravens head. He took the Stop Sign, and hit Raven’s head with it four or five times. Al called for the Snowplow, but Raven countered that right into another DDT to end the short, but hardcore bout, with the crowd cheering the whole way.

Winner: Raven

(71, 72, 71)

The Right To Censor Is Here

In their locker room, the WWF Womens Champion Ivory, Steven Richards, and Val Venis are talking

Richards: Even though Bull and Goodfather got attacked tonight, Val, you have a chance to be in the Royal Rumble. Val, the Right To Censor has your back tonight. You will beat Chris Jericho the only way you know how, Val. We will help you. Now go out there and DO IT.



Royal Rumble Qualifying Match – Val Venis vs. Chris Jericho

Val Venis got booed when he came out, and Jericho got a massive pop as soon as the countdown began. The match turned out to be very good, with Val developing his heel part in RTC even more, by using heelish tactics and provoking the crowd with taunts. Jericho provoked Val by using his face tactics, and had the crown involved in it by using some high flying moves including the Missle Dropkick, a Moonsault, and a failed Lionsault in which Val got his legs up. After that, Val went up to the top to try and go for The Money Shot, but Jericho countered out of it by moving, Jericho grabbed Val’s legs, turned him over, and locked on the Walls Of Jericho. Steven Richards came running down the aisle, and distracted the referee while Val tapped. Jericho took his eyes off Val, and went over to Richards and flipped him over into the ring and gave him the Walls Of Jericho. Val, who was just getting up, ran over and hit Jericho and the back and rolled him up for a three count. Jericho looked very angry as the RTC celebrated, until Shawn Michaels appeared on the Titantron.

Winner: Val Venis

(82, 80, 84)

Val Venis gained overness. Chris Jericho lost overness.

You Aren’t The Only One, Val

Shawn Michaels appeared on the Titantron after the match. He looked at Val and pointed.

HBK: Val, like I said earlier, if you cheat, then you both go into the Royal Rumble. It seemed like your buddy, Richards, came into the ring and cheated for you to get you into the Rumble. Now, I personally know that you do not like Jericho that much, but rules are rules, and just because your stable is “mentally hurt” by the attacks on Bull and Goodfather, I have no other choice but to also allow Chris Jericho into this year’s Royal Rumble. I hope you enjoy yourself, Val.

It also has come to my attention that we will need a new team to take the place for Bull and Goodfather, and since I always think ahead, I think I have a team that will fit in just fine. That team is made up of Bradshaw, Faarooq, the A.P.A!



Number 1 Contendership For The Tag Titles – APA vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Radicalz

All three face teams got cheered, while the Radicalz got booed for the second time tonight. Each team too their place on the four sides of the ring, as Jeff Hardy and Dean Malenko started the match off. Jeff used some acrobatic moves to begin the match, and tagged in Matt, quickly. Matt Irish Whipped Dean into the ropes and ran over to the other side where Jeff was ready to begin the Poetry In Motion. Saturn tried to prevent this and went into the ring as well, but Matt Irish Whipped him into Malenko, and Jeff did the Poetry In Motion on both men. As Malenko came off the ropes, Matt tried to hit the Twist Of Fate, but Malenko countered into a nice Fisherman Suplex, where Matt kicked out at 2. Matt stumbled to the side of the Dudley Boyz, and D-Von tagged himself into the match. Malenko flew over to the APA side, where he tagged Bradshaw in. Bradshaw and D-Von used power moves, but Bradshaw told D-Von to tag Malenko back in. Bradshaw Irish Whipped Malenko into the corner and Bradshaw ran against the ropes like he was going to go for the Clothesline From Hell. Malenko countered by ducking under it and rolling Bradshaw up for the three as Saturn attacked Faarooq when he tried to break it up. After Finkel announced that the APA was eliminated, both members attack the Radicalz. In came the Hardy Boyz again, and Dean tagged in Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba and Matt traded punches, with Matt taking the worst of them. D-Von climbed on top of the Turnbuckle, and Bubba Scoop Slammed Matt. Bubba took Jeff and Slammed him as well, so that both Hardyz were next to each other. Bubba and D-Von both shared a WAZZUP before D-Von came crashing down on both of the Hardyz’ genitals. Bubba was ready to tell D-Von to get the tables, but Malenko came over and tried to roll Bubba up, but Bubba kicked out. Malenko celebrated like he won the match, but Bubba came up right behind Dean and was about to give him a Bubba Bomb where Saturn broke it up. D-Von and the Hardyz were fighting on the outside, when D-Von rolled the Hardy Boyz back into the ring. He told Bubba to forget about the Radicalz and focus in on Matt and Jeff. The Radicalz would not let Bubba go, and D-Von came over and they both Clotheslined Dean and Perry outside of the ring. Back inside, Matt saw D-Von Matt tried to give him a Twist Of Fate as Bubba gave Jeff a Backdrop over the top rope. D-Von countered the Twist Of Fate. Matt bounced against the ropes and Bubba came back in position and they have Matt a 3-D! Bubba pinned Matt and then there were two. Bubba and D-Von left the ring and brought the Radicalz back into the ring. Perry attacked D-Von and Bubba attacked Malenko. The ref set everything back into order, but things went right back into commotion as Bubba was able to hit the Bubba Bomb on Malenko, and Saturn locked on the Rings Of Saturn on D-Von. D-Von was about to tap but Bubba broke it up. Bubba Irish Whipped Malenko into the ropes and they set up for the 3-D but as D-Von got Malenko up, he countered right into a DDT. Pin attempt, but Bubba broke it up again. After a few more minutes, the match ended when D-Von knocked Saturn outside of the ring, and Bubba and D-Von hit a Dudleyville Device on Malenko. They picked him up and hit a 3-D for the victory. Dudleyz are the Number 1 Contenders for the Tag Titles at the Royal Rumble!

Winners: Dudley Boyz

(77, 69, 85)


Overall Show Rating: 78

WWF RAW is WAR TV Rating: 6.47 (7,550 people)

WCW Nitro Rating: 5.44 (4,027 people)

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Thanks for the comments. Appreciate it. Just wanted to get this up:

user posted image

World Wrestling Federation Championship

Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker

WWF Tag Team Championship

Edge and Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz

WWF Lightweight Championship

Dean Malenko vs. K-Kwik

Royal Rumble Match - Winner Gets A Title Shot At Wrestlemania



Chris Jericho

Val Venis


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user posted image

WWF Smackdown! Preview

Smackdown! comes to you live from Oakland, California this week. On RAW, HBK announced that to get into the Royal Rumble you must win a match. One person that asked for a match to get in was The Rock. Who will he face, and will Rock be able to gain entereance in the 2001 Royal Rumble?

Also, Road Dogg returned last week to help his former tag team partner, K-Kwik to defeat the Radicalz. On Smackdown, Road Dogg and K-Kwik will team up in a reunion to face off against those Radicalz, with either Road Dogg or Perry Saturn gaining admittance into the Royal Rumble.

A big 6-Man tag team match is set up this week. WWF Chmapion Kurt Angle, and the WWF Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian will face off against The Undertaker and The Dudley Boyz. Who will gain the advantage with only 10 days to go until the Rumble?

Find out this a much more on WWF Smackdown!

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user posted image

WWF Smackdown!

Date: January 11, 2001

City: Oakland, California

Venue: Oakland Arena

Announcers: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

The usual Smackdown opening screen hits and the pyro goes off and Cole and Lawler welcome us to Oakland. He says tonight, Undertaker and the Dudleyz will take on Kurt Angle, Edge, and Christian in 6-Man tag team action. Also, King points out that Stone Cold Steve Austin will face off against Triple H in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match. As he says this, the Hardy Boyz music hits and the crowd goes wild.

Royal Rumble Qualifier - Hardy Boyz vs. Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero

The Hardy Boyz got a very big pop, where as Benoit and Guerrero both got booed during their entrances. It seemed like the crowd was very into the action today. The ending of the match came when Jeff Hardy and Eddie Guerrero were in. Eddie was dominating Jeff, and went for his trademark Triple Suplex, but after the first two, Jeff countered by rolling off the back of Eddie onto his feet. He ran over to Matt, tagged him, and Matt started to dominate Guerrero. Matt went for the Twist Of Fate, but Eddie countered into a Dropkick. Eddie ran against the ropes to do a flip onto Matt, but Benoit gave himself a blind tag as Eddie wondered why Benoit would do that. Benoit ran over and locked in the Crossface on Matt Hardy. Matt was able to roll Benoit over into somewhat of a “modified inside cradle.” As the referee was counting to three, Jeff came into the ring as well and Clotheslined Eddie so that he could not get to Benoit, as the Hardyz win and the crowd went crazy. After the match, Benoit and Eddie argued with pushes and shoves before Benoit left Eddie in the ring alone.

Winner: The Hardy Boyz

(91, 82, 100)


HBK Announces The Main Event

HBK: You know, personally, I generally do not like to have to deal with open challenges. And personally, when I do have to deal with open challenges, I like to give the person with the challenge the best possible open competition. Now, last week, The Rock asked me to give him a match against any person in the back, because he wanted to win the Royal Rumble. Now, to me, this is somewhat of an open challenge. So, being the commissioner that I just happen to be, I decided to give The Rock his qualifying match. And no, I will not be the nicest guy and give him a wrestler that is not up to his skill level. Like everybody else, The Rock will have to earn his place in this Royal Rumble.

So this morning, I was looking through the roster. I went through it at least five times, and I saw possible opponents for The Rock. First I saw Triple H, but he was booked. Then I saw Kurt Angle, but that would have no relevance at all. So I continued going down, and I saw this name. I’m sure you all know him as the guy Rocky beat at Survivor Series last year, and that man is Rikishi. So tonight, The Rock will face Rikishi, and the winner will go on to the Royal Rumble match.


Intensity, Integrity, INTELLIGENCE

Backstage, Undertaker is walking in the parking lot punching the air getting ready for the 6-Man tag match. Angle appears in the Undertaker’s foresight, and taunts him on, by motioning at him to go and hurt him. Undertaker takes an exception to this and starts power walking at the Champion. As he does this, Edge and Christian come out from behind a car, a chair in each hand, and Edge hits Taker in the back with a chair. Undertaker winces in pain, and Edge and Christian give Undertaker a Con-Chair-To, when he gets up from bending down. Angle runs over from where he was and holds the title above Undertaker before rambling on about how is he so much smarter than him. After he does this, Smackdown goes to a commercial.



Winning Partner of K-Kwik and Malenko gets in Rumble – Road Dogg and K-Kwik vs. Radicalz

The crowd was very hot during the entrances for this match, especially during Road Dogg’s and K-Kwik. Saturn and Malenko got a little heat, but nothing big. During the match, they were not as hot though. The ending came when K-Kwik and Malenko were in together, and Malenko tried to get a Suplex in, but Kwik slid off the back. He pushed Malenko into the ropes, and when Malenko came back, K-Kwik Suplexed Malenko himself. Kwik climbed up onto the turnbuckle and was able to hit a Moonsault. Kwik bent down and pinned Malenko, for the three count. Not much of a match here, a good 5 minute match that just continued the feud headed for the Rumble. Road Dogg and K-Kwik celebrated and did their thing after the match.

Winners: Road Dogg and K-Kwik

(74, 66, 82)

Thou Shall Not Mess…

Backstage, Edge and Christian are talking about how they took care of The Undertaker. They were not looking ahead of themselves when they ran into the Dudley Boyz.

Bubba: Look at this D-Von, two punks that think they can go around messing with anyone they want to. You know, just because they were in on Angle’s scheme, you think Taker will do anything about it?

D-Von I don’t know, Bubba. But we will find out in a few minutes. I mean, Taker is cleaned up, and he is ready to go. And trust me, he will be very intense.

Edge: Bubba, D-Von. You don’t understand, do you? We took the Undertaker out. Now, it’s 3 on 2, with our advantage.

Bubba: Oh, you’ll be in for a hell of a surprise. Tell them D-Von.

D-Von: Thou shall not mess with the Dudleyz.



Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle vs. The Dudley Boyz and The Undertaker

Team ECK was out first and they got booed. The Dudleyz were out next and they waited almost a good minute until the Undertaker came out without his motorcycle. Taker received a good pop, and this match went back and forth. It lasted for a good ten minutes before the ending occurred. Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz were all fighting on the outside. Bubba had set up a table on the ramp, and laid Edge out on the table. As Bubba was going to jump through the table, Christian pulled Edge up after knocking down D-Von and Bubba went through the table leaving him motionless. Edge and Christian were able to take care of D-Von, but at the same time, Angle was being annihilated by Undertaker, who was using power moves to wear down the WWF Champion. Angle who just got up after a Running DDT, walks right into a Chokeslam by Undertaker. Edge and Christian are too busy celebrating them taking out the Dudleyz when Undertaker is able to pin Angle for the victory. Taker leaves the ring after celebrating after a minute with the crowd popping wildly for him.

Winners: Dudley Boyz and Undertaker

(78, 77, 79)


Student Of The Game

Backstage, Jonathan Coachman is with Triple H. Triple H has his wrestling attire on, and a water bottle in his hand.

Coach: Triple H, tonight, you face Stone Cold Steve Austin in a Royal Rumble qualifying match, with the winner obviously getting into this year’s Royal Rumble. Do you think you will be able to beat Austin and get into that Rumble?

HHH: You damn right I do, Coachman. This year will mark a new beginning for me. For the first time, I will be going into Wrestlemania in the Main Event for the second straight year. Sure, other people have done that before, but have they been in my league? Sure, there were the Hogan’s, and the Warrior’s, and the Hart’s but none of them have ever compared to me. After I walk into that Royal Rumble, beating 29 people will be less of a challenge as it seems, because lets face it. How many people are better than me? How many people have taken the ball and run with it? Come on Coachman, no one has! This year is the year of which The Game will dominate, and for once, it won’t be Game Over, because tonight…Game On.


Triple H lost overness

Royal Rumble Qualifying Match – A.P.A. vs. Lo Down

The crowd was not into this match at all, as it went very short and felt more like a filler than it did like it meant something. The ending was when Tiger Ali Singh decided to try and get involved in the match, but Bradshaw just gave him the Big Boot. Chaz cam into the match after that immediately, and Bradshaw gave him an Irish Whip into the turnbuckle, and as he came back, Bradshaw gave him a big Clothesline From Hell. Bradshaw pinned Chaz for the quick five minute victory,

Winners: APA

(71, 66, 81)

D’Lo and Chaz are losing overness because of their weak gimmicks


Royal Rumble Qualifying Match – Triple H vs. Steve Austin

The crowd was very into this match, Triple H came out first and got an initial cheer, before being booed. Then Austin came out and the crowd went wild for the Rattlesnake. The match started with Triple H on the advantage. For the most part it had a lot of back and forth action throughout the whole thing, and here is how the ending went. Stone Cold had just hit Triple H with a huge Spinebuster and was waiting for him to get up so he could give him his finishing move, the Stunner. As Triple H got up, Austin went for the Stunner but Triple H pushed him away before he could get it off. Austin bounced off of the ropes and came back into Triple H, who kicked him in the gut, put Austin’s head in between his legs, which made it seem like he was going to go for the Pedigree. As he was hooking Austin’s arms, Austin countered by flipping Triple H over his back. Triple H got immediately up, and stood by the ropes as Austin was able to Clothesline him outside. Triple H got up and immediately went to get a Chair. At this point, Austin climbed out of the ring under the ring and also got a chair. Both men came back into the ring at the same time. Triple H held the chair above his head, as did Austin with the ref looking on, and they both hit each other at the same time as the referee called for the bell, with the match ending in a Double DQ!

Winner: Draw

(90, 89, 91)

It Is A Sticky Situation…

Suddenly, since the ref did not no who to award the Royal Rumble entry to, HBK appeared on the TitanTron.

HBK: Well, well, well. This is one scenario I did not think that I would have to deal with. But since I do have to actually deal with it, this is my decision. Now, it would not be fair to you, Triple H, if I only allowed Austin in the Rumble. And Austin, it is not fair to you if I only allowed Hunter in the Rumble. So, how about this. Both of you will be allowed in this year’s Royal Rumble, BUT if you pull any of that cheating crap again, I will personally have to deal with it.



Royal Rumble Qualifying Match – Rikshi vs. The Rock

The Rock got a major crowd pop, where as Rikishi got pretty good heat. Cole and Lawler mentioned many times during the match that it was a rematch from the Survivor Series back in November. The match started out with Rock’s advantage, and he pretty much kept that for most of the entire match using moves such as t he Dragon Screw, Samoan Drop, and the DDT. The ending came when Rikishi Superkicked Rock who fell right in front of the turnbuckle. Rikishi climbed the turnbuckle and went to fall and sit down on Rock, but as he did this, Rock rolled out of the way and Rikishi landed on his ass. Rock got into the position for the Rock Bottom. When Rikishi got up, Rock went for it, but Rikishi elbowed Rock in the head and as Rock turned away to sell, Rikishi got ready for the Superkick again, bur Rock caught Rikishi’s legs, turned him around and got him in a Rock Bottom! Rock pinned Rikishi for the win and entrance into the Royal Rumble. Rock celebrated as the crowd went wild and Smackdown! went of the air.

Winner: The Rock

(75, 81, 63)


Overall Rating: 74

WWF Smackdown! TV Rating: 5.78 (7507 People)

WCW Thunder TV Rating: 5.00 (4048 people)


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World Wrestling Federation Championship

Kurt Angle vs. Undertaker

WWF Tag Team Championship

Edge and Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz

WWF Lightweight Championship

Dean Malenko vs. K-Kwik

Royal Rumble Match - Winner Gets A Title Shot At Wrestlemania



Chris Jericho

Val Venis


Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy

Road Dogg



Steve Austin

Triple H

The Rock

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