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Sisters CD Wishlist


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My sister was pissing about and wouldn't tell me what she wanted for christmas, so I told her to make a list of Artists/Bands she liked and I'd get as much of their crap as I could.

Here's where you come in.

Can you list the albums (From best to worst (Or just your favorites), include as many or as few greatest hits/live/eps/whatever as you want) of any of the following artists/bands please.

Marilyn Manson

Rufus Wainwright

Amy Whinehouse


Alison Moyet

Gwyneth Herbert

Linkin Park


I don't know who all that crap in the middle is (Rufus Wainwright, wtf?) but I assume they're just shitty jazz musicians.

But yeah, I figure someone can hook me up with the best MM, Aersmith, Linkin Park and M&M stuff. Cheers.

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Marilyn Manson:

Lest We Forget (Best Of)

Antichrist Superstar

Holy Wood

The Last Tour On Earth (Live CD)

Gods, Guns & Government (Live DVD)

Linkin Park:

Live In Texas (CD/DVD)

Hybrid Theory EP (Best bet is the LP fanclub, or eBay)

Collision Course

Hybrid Theory


Marshall Mathers LP

Slim Shady LP

8 Mile OST

Encore (Fuck it, I like it)

Haha, buy her a NIN record, or some Gorgoroth. :lol:

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Rufus Wainwright is a guy from Canada who writes soft-rock, alternative pop, whatever you want to call it. I personally think his music is good, and if you are going to buy her any CD's, get her his self-titled album OR his newest one, Want Two.

His self-titled one was released in 1998 and received heavy critical acclaim... his parents were big in the folk scene, so he had huge expecations going in. You may have heard him on the I Am Sam soundtrack, or you may not have.

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Eminem's first full-length, the Slim Shady LP, was easily his best work. He was a pissed off fucking little bitch at that time. Now he's just a fucking little bitch who is only in it for the money.

Manson's Antichrist Superstar is his most "infamous" CD. I liked Mechanical Animals better, but as a whole, it doesn't represent Manson's music. Antichrist Superstar is probably your best bet, but you can't go wrong with his first CD, Portrait of an American Family. This was before he was just a gimmick.

That's all I can help ye with.

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Amy Whinehouse is a stupid bitch who knows fuck all about music, don't even waste your money on that hoe.

Linkin Park wise you need to get her there 'Hybrid Theory' Album. Fucking awesome album and every song is brilliant. Although LP haven't brought out a single bad album if you ask me, so you cant go wrong with these guys either way.

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