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Smackdown! vs RAW


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I know that "Bring The Noise" by Public Enemy and Anthrax is on both but as for the rest of the list I can't think of the song names off the top of my head. There are a couple of Powerman 5000 songs for sure and a Breaking Benjamin song but past that I am fuzzy on it.

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" When Worlds Collide ", " Riot Night " , " Last night on Earth " if i recall are three of the Powerman 5000 songs on it. I know there are a few others on it but it does say near the back of the booklet and in the game's credits what songs it has. So ye may want to check there.

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Guest Crimson Nightmare

They share the same soundtracks pretty much. The song listing is:

Zebrahead: Falling Apart

Core: The Angle

Zebrahead: Alone

Breaking Benjamin: Polyamorous

Breaking Benjamin: Firefly

Powerman 5K: When Worlds Collide!

Powerman 5K: Riot Time

Powerman 5K: Last Night on Earth

Powerman 5K: The way that it is

Tantric: Chasing After

Anthrax/Chuck D: Bring tha noize

Shocore: Bonecracker

Swollen Members: Bottom Line

Styles of Beyond: Superstars

If you count the licensed songs for the superstars:

Breaking Point: One of a Kind

Our Lady Peace: Whatever

Swiped this list from the back of the instruction manual.

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