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What PS2 Game To Get


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So I havn't purchased a Playstation 2 game for a while, but am going to do so today. I'm thinking of either:

Hitman Contract because I loved the previous game and think it would be great.


Champions of Norrath because i've heard great things about it, and i've wanted to get into these kinds of games. Question is, do you need online play to use the game?

Can anyone answer my questions/give any other suggestion?

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I don't even know what Champions of Norrath is...

I also haven't bought a PS2 game in ages, although I am going to get Disgaea soon, as my birthday's coming up. Although since your other choice was Hitman then I guess that maybe you like different kinds of games.

Haven't played Hitman, but I've heard nothing but good stuff about it.

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Hitman 2 was great, but I didn't like Contracts as much. I don't know why, but it seemed to drag for me. I suppose it's a bit late to be saying this now, but whatever, hope you enjoy it.

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Ok, maybe I was a little harsh on Hitman Contracts.

The game itself is short depending on the way you approach the levels. If you simply shoot everything in every level, you will be able to whiz through this game with no problems. If you attempt to do it more steathily, it will take much more time. If you try to get a Silent Assasin rating on Normal and Professional, you will stretch the game out longer.

However this doesn't stop the fact that there are only 12 new levels, some of which are merely remakes of older levels from the first Hitman game (Although they are damn good remakes).

What separates Contracts from the rest of the games in the series is the sheer variety of ways to complete objectives, and remove obstacles. There are even little extras thrown in that have no relevance to the level itself. The sheer level of detail in certain areas is astounding too.

Its not a huge step forward in the series, and some of the stuff is outdated (Just check some of the animations) but it is definatly a very fun game which has a lot of replay value if you are willing to go back to a level to check out other ways of completing it, or trying to getting a high rating in it to unlock all of the weapons.

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I got to the snow-covered level, the early one, and got pissed when I tried to garrot someone, but the damn animations refused to grab the guy. Then I decided to take a different approach, and snipe the guy. turns out, the only place where you can get a decent shot of him was where two guys regularly patrol, waiting to shoot you on sight. Then, I thought I'd steal an enemy outfit, and sneak up behind him, to put one in his skull. Apparently, you have to aim above their head to shoot them in the head. As was proved by the fact that after aiming for a head shot, I got him in the shoulder. Bah. Maybe it's just me that sucks at it.

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