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World Championship Wrestling 2001


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The year 2001 will for now, and always be remembered as one of the most controversial years in Sports Entertainment. As the temperature began to rise, and winter's snow melted away to spring it was clear to see that things just weren't the same in the Industry. As winter progressed it was becoming very clear that ECW no longer existed as an entity in Sports Entertainment. January 2001's Guilty as Charged PPV, a show that saw Rhino unify the ECW World and Television Titles was the last show the Philadelphia based promotion aired, and by Springtime some of their biggest stars including Rhino, Justin Credible, and Tajiri were already active in the WWE.

Even more bad news came during the year when it was found out the rumor was in fact true, Fusient Media's plans to purchase World Championship Wrestling had fallen through. WCW, a promotion once on top of the wrestling world thanks to a combination of a seemingly endless supply of Ted Turner's money, Big named superstars, and a marvelously worked New World Order Angle had fallen drastically since it's last claimed a top spot in the ratings. The nWo, an angle that helped put WCW on the mat would also aid in it's death. For a long time the promotion had been criticized for not elevating younger talent and creating new stars. By the time 2000 came Eric Bischoff and the WCW realized their mistakes and formed a "New Blood" angle that was supposed to see new stars of WCW take over, and rid WCW of the evil veterans that had held them down for so long. But the New Blood were portrayed as heels, and the angle bombed badly. It was too little too late and WCW continued to suffer, both financially and fan interest wise. WCW Nitro on March 26, 2001 was expected to be just any other night, but it surely wouldn't be.

WCW Monday Nitro

Night of Champions, March 26, 2001

From the Boardwalk Beach Resort Panama City, Florida

The show started off in the weirdest of ways, Vince McMahon standing in  front of the camera with the Raw is War logo behind them. Wait don't turn  your television you are actually watching Nitro on TNT. McMahon gives a  memorable speech saying that he bought out the competition and that the  fate of WCW was now in HIS hands.

WCW World Heavyweight Title Match

Booker T Vs Scott Steiner©

Booker bounces off the ropes and levels Steiner with an Axe kick. He gets  Steiner up to his feet and whips him into the ropes, and pancakes the  Champion. Booker spineroonies back up to his feet and drops Steiner with the  Harlem sidekick. Steiner refuses to stay down and Booker goes for the Book  End, Steiner blocks and delivers an awesome Northern lights suplex on the  United States Champion for a two count. Steiner looks to put the US Champ  away and goes for a powerbomb, Booker reverses and hits the Book End! Nick  Patrick makes the count and Booker T has beaten his nemesis to unify the  WCW United States and World Heavyweight Titles. Booker celebrated on the  ramp a proud champion, displaying the emotion that he's known for.

"We're not going anywhere! You can't hold us in your hands and predict our  lives, we're WCW! We've bled and we've sweat, when were you there  McMahon? You weren't!" Ric Flair was on a roll in an emotional in ring  segment, and the Nature Boy challenged Sting to a match later in the  evening.

Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio defeated Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias as  well as Kaz Hyashi and Yang to earn a shot at Cruiserweight Tag Team  Champions Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo in an action packed match.

Following that match WCW Cruiserweight Champion "Suga" Shane Helms  came out to an awesome entrance with a cool video and the "Sugar babies"  by his side. Helms defeated Chavo Guerrero jr in a rematch from Greed to  retain his title.

An angle is shown from the last weeks Nitro between Lance Storm & Mike  Awesome and Chuck Palumbo & Sean O' Haire. despite Awesome and Storm's  claims for a title win, the Champion ended up defending their titles after an  O'Haire Sean-ton Bomb.

Vince McMahon is shown and he says that he's fired Jeff Jarrett since he's  still a little sour over the way Jarrett left the WWE, and he makes out with  Trish Stratus.

Shawn Stasiak defeated Bam Bam Bigelow in a minute 40 in a match that left  fans with a bad taste in their mouths.

Rey Mysterio jr and Billy Kidman were out next, time for their shots at the  nine day old Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles. Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo put up  a fight, but Mysterio and Kidman get the win, and the Championships.

Vince McMahon is shown on Raw saying it was time for him to make his  statement. William Regal asks him if "he's sure he wants to do this, after all  WCW is a filthy place." Nitro commentator Tony Shiavone proclaims "Oh come  on we've had to do some pretty crazy things Steven Regal, including putting  your ass over on TV!"

Main Event Contest

Rivals Final Showdown

Ric Flair Vs Sting

Flair shoulder blocks Sting to the mat, bounces off the ropes and hurdles the  Stinger. Sting jumps back to his feet as Flair holds the ropes to avoid  contact. Flair begs off prompting a smile from Sting, Flair smiles back and  does his strut. Flair lulls Sting in and kicks him above the belt, Sting shakes it  off and press sla,s the Nature Boy. Sting goes on to win the match with the  Scorpion Deathlock and the two arch rivals embrace emotionally in the center  of the ring.

WCW aired a video package highlighting the men who have held the World  Heavyweight title. Often forgotten Champions such as Ron "Faarooq"  Simmons and Vader are shown as well as Flair, Thesz and Dory Funk jr. A  thrilling tribute that lasted only a minute.

Vince McMahon came on the Jumbo screen and Nitro and Raw aired a  simulcast. McMahon asked fans what should happen to WCW, and who should  he hire. Booker T, Lex Luger, Buff Bagwell and others were mentioned.  McMahon then said that WCW was going to be a trophy and sit forever on his  mantel, and he'd enjoy it when he looks into guys like Booker T's faces and  tell them "YOU'RE FIRED!!"

Shane McMahon didn't like that too much, and unexpectedly walked out live  into the arena on Nitro. McMahon dropped a major bombshell when he  announced that he had bought WCW out from under his father, and under his  leadership they'd once again kick his father's ass! Nitro closed to a very  uneasy feeling.

Six days later at Wrestlemania, and with his mother Linda's help Shane McMahon defeated his father in the first ever Father-Son street match; A handful of WCW superstars were in attendance. WCW looked as if it would be relaunched successfully as a seperate entity from the WEE and under Shane McMahon's guidance it looked as if it would succeed.

Now in reality we all know where it went from here. For some reason, WCW never got another Television deal. Instead of WCW being ran as an entirely different promotion, a handful of guys that were involved with it "invaded the WWF/E" and the angle flopped horribly.

But what if? What if Shane McMahon was given the reigns of the promotion, and allowed a Television deal? That is what this venture is about, WCW after the night of champions.

Many of WCW's Old guard, the Hogans, Savages and Pipers were no longer under contract, and stars like Sting, Goldberg, Kevin Nash and Shane Douglas decided not to accept a buyout from AOL Time Warner, and chose to stay innactive in the business, but WCW still had a decent roster, it would be a challenge for it to succeed but a challenge Shane McMahon had to be ready to accept.

The first plan of action for the McMahon was securing a National television Deal. Since McMahon was officially a part of the WWE, and the fact that Viacom had exclusive rights to their programming McMahon hoped to secure a Saturday Night Television deal with TNN, putting WCW in the position of being a rebel organization. within the first few weeks McMahon inked out deals with Playstation 2, Electronic Arts, Snickers and Acclaim. Next McMahon mapped out plans for a developmental territory for his new company, a small promotion named Level One Wrestling. Former WCW undercarders Air Paris, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Reno and the Wall were sent to the territory. WCW was becomming organized, and would soon begin to pick up steam.

During March the WWE's Ohio Valley Wrestling released Ron Waterman, Seven, Nick Dinsmore and Rob Conway from their developmental contracts, and Shane McMahon scooped them up for level one wrestling.


-Booker T (Face/Sucka/83) WCW World & United States Champion

-Scott Steiner (Heel/Unique/81) Out on Back Injury


-Buff Bagwell (Heel/Cool/70)

-Diamond Dallas Page (Face/Cool/82)

-Jeff Jarrett (Heel/ChosenOne/77)

-Ernest "the Cat" Miller (Face/FunBabyFace/74)


-Big Vito (Heel/FieryItalian/66)

-Billy Kidman (Face/Cool/57) WCW Cruiserweight Tag Champion

-Brian Adams (Heel/Badass/58)

-Bryan Clarke (Heel/Badass/58)

-Chris Kanyon (Heel/OldSchool/71)

-Chuck Palumbo (Face/Cool/66) WCW World Tag Champion

-Disco Inferno (Heel/ComedyCharacter/61)

-Hugh Morrus (Face/Badass/64)

-Lance Storm (Heel/AntiUSA/72)

-Mike Awesome (Heel/Badass/68)

-Mike Sanders (Heel/Obnoxious/77)

-Rey Mysterio Jr (Face/Showstealer/71) WCW Cruiserweight Tag Champion

-Sean O'Haire (Face/Badass/64) WCW World Tag Champion

-Shawn Stasiak (Heel/Cocky/60)


-Chavo Guerrero Jr (Heel/Cheater/55)

-Crowbar (Face/Weirdo/50)

-Elix Skipper (Heel/Arrogant/47)

-Johnny the Bull (Heel/Fiery Italian/55)

-Lash Leroux (Face/FunBabyFace/53)

-Mark Jindrak (Face/BlueChipper/56)

-"Sugar" Shane Helms (Face/Cool/54) WCW Cruiserweight Champion

-Shannon Moore (Face/BlueChipper/54)

-Evan Karagias (Heel/BlueChipper/42)


-Jamie Knoble (Heel/BlueChipper/40)

-Kaz Hayashi (Heel/ForeignStar/36)

-Kid Romeo (Heel/PrimaDonna/33)

-Yang (Heel/ForeignStar/34)

DEVELOPMENTAL DEALS: (Level One Wrestling)

-Air Paris (Face/Cocky/27)

-AJ Styles (Face/Cocky/31)

-Christopher Daniels (Heel/OldSchool/36)

-David Flair (Heel/Old School/57)

-Jason Jett (Heel/Arrogant/36)

-Michael Modest (Heel/Cocky/37)

-Nick Dinsmore (Heel/Arrogant/30)

-Reno (Heel/Badass/52)

-Rob Conway (Heel/Badass/30)

-Ron Waterman (Heel/LegitAthlete/15)

-Seven (Heel/Badass/25)

-Teddy Hart (Face/Hero/36)

-the Wall (Face/Monster/50)


-Natural Born Thrillers: Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo & Mark Jindrak

-Team Canada: Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper & Major Gunns


-Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman (WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions)

-Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke

-Big Vito & Johnny the Bull

-Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo (WCW World Tag Team hampions)

-Kaz Hyashi & Yang

-Shannon Moore & Evan Karagias

-AJ Styles & Air Paris


SIZE: National


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When the first of April rolled around Shane McMahon recieved some very good news. TNN, the television network that airs the WWE's Raw and HeAt offered the company a Late Evening slot on Saturday night for a show with the clause that if the show did well in the rankings, it would be promoted to a prime time slot. Now wCw had what they wanted, a National Television deal with a well known network. wCw UNleashed! would air it's very first episode in just a few days.

user posted image

WCW UNleashed! 4/7/01

live from the MGM Grand Arena: Las Vegas, Nevada

the music of Limp Bizkit's Break stuff begins to play, and wCw comes on the air live with an exclusive video package. Highlights of previous wCw footage, including the infamous Night of Champions is played. Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page and Buff Bagwell get alot of hype in it. Other wCw stars such as Rey Mysterio, Kidman, Lance Storm, and Jeff Jarrett are shown. Mike Awesome is seen delivering an Awesome Bomb to Diamond Dallas Page, and Shane Helms' Vertibreaker on Chavo Guerrero Jr. brings an explosion on the screen along with the brand new wCw UNleashed logo.

The scene then cuts live into the arena where an awesome set is on display, featuring a futuristic Entrance Ramp, and revamped Jumbo Tron. Pyro errupts on stage, and the camera pans arounf the arena showing hundreds of fans here to support wCw here tonight. the cameras then cut to Scott Hudson and Arn Anderson at ringside.

Scott Hudson: "Folks welcome to the most exciting hour on Cable Television today! I'm Scott Hudson along with my partner the "Enforcer" Arn Anderson, and we welcome you to the very first edition of wCw's UNleashed! And man, can you hear these screaming fans Arn, phew... we are in for one incredible night!"

Arn Anderson: "Of course, and what better a way to start off the very first show from the new wCw than with a word from the new owner himself, Shane McMahon?"

Arn anderson's words give prompt for the notorious "ca-ching!" and "Here comes the Money!" Shane McMahon's music plays on the Public address system, and it isn't long before the man himself is standing at the top of the ramp. The crowd gives their support for the new wCw owner, and Shane delivers his trademark shuffle before heading to the ring. Once Shane is in the squared circle he looks around and takes in the entire crowd.

Shane McMahon:"Wow! Are you guys ready for a show or what!?"

McMahon recieves the cheap pop, and smiles agreeingly.

Shane McMahon: "Well we're here to give it to ya! But first theres a little suntin' suntin' Shane O' Mac needs to get off his chest. You see, at Night of Champion, when I swept wCw out from under my father, I made a promise. Yeah, I made a promise when I said that the WCW would rise again, and kick my father's ass like it did before!"

The crowd likes what they are hearing, and McMahon isn't through.

Shane McMahon: "Well...... it all starts here tonight! You see tonight is about new beginnings. firstly a new beginning for myself as I run wCw and take it to that next level, and a new beginning for the company as a whole. Alot of things are going to happen here in the Double-ya See-dubbya, and I for one can't wait to see them happen. Now, at Wrestlemania I defeated my father just as I said I would, so maybe that gave the boys in the back up in New York a little awakening. Maybe that woke them up."

McMahon paces back and fourth before continuing

Shane McMahon: "In cased your confused let me clear things up. I'm making a declaration right now to the boys my father has right now, if you feel that you aren't getting the opprotunities that you deserve, my door is open. You see shane McMahon's wCw is a land of opprotunity, one in which that the gutsy and the brave; those who sieze chance by the throat will be rewarded. It's plain and simple; if you wanna make an impact, then step right up!"

Scott Hudson: "Oh my, McMahon just laid out the gauntlet to the superstars of both the WWF and wCw, if you want to make a name for yourself, then step up to the plate!"

Shane McMahon: "Now enough of that, onto tonight. I'm sure you're all ready to get the action underway, so let me inform you of what's in store for tonight. Tonight we have to rematches from Night of Champions, as team Canada's Lance Storm and Mike Awesome team up to challenge Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo for the world Tag Team titles!"

"And, these two seemed like they didn't settle the score last time, so the Cruiserweight champion Shane Helms will step into the ring in a non title contest! But how about the Main Event tonight? Yeah..... Tonight in this very ring you will see the WCW World Heavyweight and United States Champion Booker T team up with Diamond Dallas Page to take on the chosen One Jeff Jarrett and Buff Bagwell!"

the crowd seems to like what they here as they show their approval vocally.

Shane McMahon: "I'll leave with this, remember boys, wCw is all about opprotunity."

McMahon's music plays once again and the owner of World Championship wrestling leaves the ring and Unleashed goes to a commercial break.(77)

WCW World Tag Team Title Match

Standard WCW Tag Rules apply

Mike Awesome & Lance Storm Vs Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire©

O'Haire and Mike Awesome start things off. Awesome with some blows to the face, whips O'Haire into the ropes. OHaire ducks a clothesline and knocks Awesome down with a flying forearm. O'Haire tries to go up top, but it's too soon, and Awesome knocks him out to the arena floor. Major Gunn is up on the apron, and distracts referee Mickey Jay. Storm pelts O'Haire with cheap kicks while he's down, and rolls him back into the ring.. Awesome tags out to Storm. The Canadian technicain tries to keep the big man grounded with submission holds, O'Haire makes it to the ropes. Storm whips Sean into the ropes, OHaire hangs on and leaps over to tag in Palumbo. Hot tag and the big man is in. He downs Storm with punches, Awesome comes in and he gets floored too. A superplex attempt fails, and Storm leaps off the top driving an elbow into Palumbo's chest, but only gets a two count. Team Canada double teams Palumbo, and O'Haire trie to help, but the ref holds him back. Awesome, the Illegal man comes in and hooks Palumbo up for the Awesome bomb, Palumbo revrses and whips him into the ropes. O'Haire pulls the rope down and Awesone falls to the outside. Palumbo floors Storm with his superkick and tags in O'Haire. Seanton Bomb and it's all over. (78)

Winners: O'Haire & Palumbo @ 8:11

After Hudson and Anderson finish talking, the scene switches to the back where Mike Awesome and Lance Storm are continuing their confrontation.

Mike Awesome: "You know what, it's your damn fault we don't have the Tag Titles right now, and it's your fault those two idiots defeated us again! Quite frankly I'm sick of it!"

Lance Storm: "Yeah you're sick of it, where the hell where you when O'Haire and Palumbo double teamed me. where you sleeping Mike?"

Mike Awesome: "Sleeping? Oh that's a good one Lance, you know what you can take this..(Awesome rips off his Team Canada T-shirt and tosses it at Storm) and whipe your ass with it! I'm not even Canadian, how much sense does that make?"

Awesome leaves the locker room, and Storm looks a little shocked, has Team Canada just imploded? (67)

Non Title Contest

Standard WCW rules Match

Sugar Shane Helms Vs Chavo Guerrero

Helms made his way to the ring with the Sugar Babies and a decent pop, his Vertibreaker is perhaps the most innovative and dangerous move in WCW today. Kick by Chavo Guerrero Jr and Helms can't taste anymore. Snap Suplex for a two. Springboard legdrop, Chavo still can't hold him down. A weird kick by Helms on Chavo and helms springboards off the center rope, connecting with a head scissors. Helms is on the offensive now, he misses the Nightmare on Helms Street superkick, Chavo swings, and Helms grabs the arm. Some adjustin and Chavo is up for the Vertibreaker! Chavo slips his arms out, and rolls Helms up, school boy! Hand full of tights, 1, 2, 3! Chavo steals one! (75)

Winner: @ 5:01 Chavo Guerrero jr

Singles Contest

Standard WCW rules Match

Billy Kidman Vs Shannon Moore

Biily Kidman gets things started with a collar and elbow tie up, Moore ducks behind and performs a hammerlock. reversal by kidman into a headlock. Moore whips Kidman into the ropes and floors him down with a clothesline, Second rope flying axe handle, and Kidman goes down hard. Kidman counters Moore's attempt at a move in the corner, DDT from the top rope by Billy Kidman. Evan Karagias comes running down the aisle. Moore goes to irish whip Billy Kidman into the ropes amd Karagias jumps on the apron, Kidman reverses and Moore is whipped right into Karagias! Rollup by Kidman, 1, 2, 3! (64)

Winner: @ 3:45 Billy Kidman!

Karagia comes back in the ring, and Kidman tries to fend him off, Moore floors him from behind and the two remaining three count members begin a beat down. The Crowd comes to life as Rey Mysterio jr comes running down the ramp, Rey Rey clears the ring, and helps Kidman up as the show goes to commercial.

Main event: Tag Team Match

Standard WCW Tag Rules Apply

Booker T & DDP Vs Jeff Jarrett & Buff Bagwell.

When the show returns from commercial the action has already gotten under way. Jarrett catches Booker off the ropes with a swinging neck breaker but only gets a two. Booker T counters Jarrett's Irish whip, and hits a bulldog off the ropes. 1, 2...shoulder up. Booker tags out to Diamond Dallas Page. DDP & the World Heavyweight Champion whip Jarrett into the ropes and hit a double backdrop. Jarrett blocks a kick from Diamond Dallas Page, and hits a front legsweep. Tag between Jeff Jarrett and Buff Bagwell. Buff Bagwell hits a right hand on DDP, sending Page stumbling backward. After trading blows back and fourth Buff kicks DDp in the midsection and hits a stump piledriver. DDP barely kicks out. Tag between Diamond Dallas Page and Booker T. Booker kills Bagwells momentum with a double leg takedown! Sidewalk slam and the Champion only gets two! Jeff Jarrett gets in the ring, and DDp is in hot persuit. They trade blows, and Page clotheslines Jarrett over the tope. They fight on the outside, and up the rampway. Booker T gets taken down out of nowhere, and the ref is down too! Booker mixes things up and hits a crescent kick, Bagwell falls to the outside! Someone from the crowd jumps into the ring! Booker T turns around. Val Venis slams Booker down. Val Venis is here! the Big Valbowski climbs to the top rope and hits the Money Shot! Venis leaves the ring, and the damage is down, Bagwell rolls back into the ring with a smile on his face, he revives the referee and makes the cover, 1, 2, 3! (78)

Winners: @ 15:56 Jeff Jarrett & Buff Bagwell!

Scott Hudson and Arn Anderson speculate the reason that Val Venis is here, and Buff Bagwell is having the time of his life after having just pinned the World Heavyweight and United States Champion.

Overall Show Rating: 71%

Show Rating: 1.35

Attendance: 4028

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Very nice show. Although I was a fan o fTeam Canada, I am glad to see them split. Hopefully Storm can bring in a couple of Canadians or something. I like the main event, and I like Val Venis being a major player early on too. Keep it up.

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Guest MrBenjamin

Nice show man!!..I like this diary...I like the way you used Val Venis on the Main EvenT..Glad to see you're giving him an opportunity!!..Really can't wait for the next show!!...I'll be looking foward this diary!!..

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WCWrestling.com EXCLUSIVE

Venis steps up to the plate, UNleashed preview

Last Saturday night the new wCw was ushered in with a bang. The first ever wCw UNleashed was a huge success, and Shane McMahon was more than happy with the ratings the show recieved.

The event that had everyone talking was undoubtedly Val Venis' impromptu, and impactful arrival in World Championship Wrestling. Earlier in the show wCw owner Shane McMahon made a declaration to WWF and wCw Superstars alike that wCw was a land of opprotunity, and that if they weren't happy where they were, then grab opprotunity by the throat. Venis did just that when he slid into the ring during the Main Event, and nailed his Money shot maneuver on wCw Champion Booker T, allowing Buff Bagwell to secure the victory for himself and Jeff Jarrett. What's in store this week for both the wCw Champion, and the Big Valbowski?

Last week after losing a match to the World Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire, it appears that Team Canada member Mike Awesome is down with the group. He and Lance Storm had a heated confrontation backstage, and Awesome ended up tossing his Team Canada shirt at the group's leader. Tensions are high between these two.

This week on UNleashed expect to see the high flying action and excitement that the wCw's Cruiserweight Division is known for when Cruiserweight Champion Sugar shane Helms teams up with Lash Leroux to take on Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble. Plus the World Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles will be on the line as Rey Mysterio jr and Billy Kidman take on former Champions Elix Skipper and Kid Romeo. All this and more this week on another exciting edition of wcw UNleashed!

user posted image

WCW UNleashed! 4/14/01

live from the Ocean Center: Daytona Beach, FL

the music of Limp Bizkit's Break stuff begins to play, and wCw comes on the air live with an exclusive video package. Highlights of previous wCw footage, including the infamous Night of Champions is played. Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page and Buff Bagwell get alot of hype in it. Other wCw stars such as Rey Mysterio, Kidman, Lance Storm, and Jeff Jarrett are shown. Mike Awesome is seen delivering an Awesome Bomb to Diamond Dallas Page, as well as Val Venis's Money Shot on booker T, and Shane Helms' Vertibreaker on Chavo Guerrero Jr. brings an explosion on the screen along with the brand new wCw UNleashed logo.

The scene then cuts live into the arena where the UNleashed set is on display, Pyro errupts on stage, and the camera pans around the arena showing hundreds of fans here to support wCw here tonight. the cameras then cuts to the shows commentary team, Scott Hudson and Arn Anderson at ringside.

Scott Hudson: "Folks get prepared, because you're in for one exciting hour of Sports Entertainment, Hello everyone Scott Hudson here along with Arn Anderson welcoming you to wCw UNleashed!"

Before Arn Andrerson can even add his two cents, the familiar sound of "Buff....Daddy" is heard over the Public Address, and the man who scored a pinfall victory over the World and United States Champion, Booker T last week comes out to the disproval of the fans in the audience.

Arn Anderson: "Oh boy, you'd better get the boots on 'cause Buff Bagwell is making his way to the ring, and it's going to get thick Scott."

Scott Hudson: "After securing the pinfall over Booker T last week, you know Buff Bagwell is going to be gloating about this one."

Bagwell gets into the ring and poses in the corner turnbuckle, then hops off. Buff Daddy takes off his airbrushed top hat, and silver shades as ring announcer David Penzer hands him the microphone.

Buff Bagwell: "WHAT'S UP DAYTONAAHHH!!!??"

"Boo" what would once have garnered the former fan favorite a cheap pop works in reverse now and Buff Bagwell seems to love it.

Buff Bagwell: "Oh come on ya'll... I said WHAT's UP DAYTONAAAAAAHHHH!!!?"

Even louder from the audience now, and Bagwell seems satisfied.

Buff Bagwell: "Oh come on, no love for Buff Daddy? Ha ha, well that's cool 'cause Beff Daddy ain't got no love (points all around) for any of you!"

Bagwell's smile is now erased and a serious expression comes over his tanned face.

Buff Bagwell: "Now in case ya'll didn't see me in action last week let me refresh you're memory. You see the way I see it, last week here in the center of this here ring, Buff Daddy pinned Booker T's shoulders down to the mat for the 1, 2, 3! Now, now let me set all of ya'll straight on something. Here's a guy that holds both the world and US straps, and your's truly defeats him hands down."

Scott Hudson: "The way I see it Buff had a little help in the process, Arn."

Buff Bagwell: "Now Buff Daddy's not a greedy man, so Shane McMahon listen up! I'm not asking ya to give me a shot at the World Title, I'm asking you this; take that United States Title off of the waist of Booker T, and walk down to this ring and strap it around my waist, because after last week I deserve it! I'm Buff, I'm the stuff, and that United States Championship belongs to me! Come on Shane, walk your ass into this ring and hand me that United States Title."

Bagwell rests the mic at his side and waits to see if shane McMahon is going to take him up on this offer. Not to long after and "Here comes the Money!" is heard marking the entrance of the wCw owner himself, Shane McMahon. Suprisingly enough, McMahon has the United States title in his left hand!

Arn Anderson: "Do you see what's in his hand Scott?"

Scott Hudson: "That's the wCw United States Title, please tell me that shane McMahon isn't going to meet Bagwell's demands here!?"

McMahon gets into the ring, and is given a microphone. Bagwell is applauding the wCw owner and has quite the smile on his face.

Shane McMahon: "You know Buff, you're right. You did pin Booker T's shoulders to the mat last week, and because of that you probably do deserve this United States Title."

The fans boo, and Bagwell agrees with McMahon.

Shane McMahon: "But...... I'm not going to hand you this title."

Bagwells smile vanishes and he shouts "what do you mean!?"

Shane McMahon: "Well it's simple Buff, you see wCw rule books clearly state that the World Champion can not hold another singles title at the same time they are reigning as World Champion. Therefor Booker T has relinquished the United States Title which is why I hold it in my hand right now. But Buff, you do make a pretty fair claim. You did beat Booker T last week, therefor you will recieve a shot at the United states Title."

Buff Bagwell: "What do you mean I get a shot? I pinned Booker, that title should be mine!"

Shane McMahon: "Well Buff you beat booker T, therefor you should have no problem with your opponents when you fight for this title."

Buff Bagwell: "Opponents!?"

Shane McMahon: "Oh, I didn't tell you that you wouldn't be recieving your title in a singles match? Silly me, how about I clear things up for you Buff. You see you will recieve the title shot, and You'll recieve it on May 06 at wCw Slamboree in a little match I'm calling "Shane McMahon's Sensational Six Pack Challenge." You see Buff it will be Buff Bagwell teaming with Shawn Stasiak and Chris Kanyon to take on Ernest the Cat Miller, Hugh Morrus and Crowbar where the first person to secure pinfall or submission will be the new wCw United States Champion. But Buff, (Shane pats him on the back) you shouldn't have anything to be worried about. After all you did pin Booker T."

McMahon smiles and his music plays once again, and UNleashed plays over the speakers, Bagwell isn't happy as the show fades to commercial. (82%)

Tag Team Contest

Standard WCW tag rules apply

Referee: Micky Jay

Shane Helms & Lash Leroux vs Chavo Guerrero Jr & Jamie Noble

The Cruiserweight Champion Shane Helms once again recieves quite a pop thanks in part to his awesome entrance music and routine. The champion starts things off with Jamie Noble and hits a rolling kick. They fight into the corner, and Helms crushes Noble with a running forearm smash. Noble is down and Helms hits him with the shining Whizer. 1, 2..... shoulder up. Tag between Shane Helms and Lash Leroux. They whip Noble into the ropes and hit a double backdrop, Lash quickly gets Noble to his feet and Noble takes a flying neckbreaker. 1, 2 kick out. Noble reverses Lash Lerou's hammerlock. Slingshot by Noble, crushing the chest of Leroux. Tag to Chavo Guerrero Jr. the former Cruiserweight champion hits the ring and Leroux takes a flying neckbreaker. Chavo goes up top and connects with a Flying cross body. Chavo gets him up to his feet, but Leroux backdrops him to the mat hard. Leroux tags out to Shane Helms. Hot tag and the Champion storms the ring. Chavo walks into a face crusher variation. 1, 2..... almost a 3. Chavo kicks Shane Helms in the gut to reverse the momentum. Chavo grapples with Shane Helms, a sloppy exchange and chavo positions himself so that the referee can't see.... LOW BLOW!! Gory Bomb by Chavo!! What a cheap shot! 1, 2, 3! Chavo Guerrero has stolen one for the second straight week! (76)

Winners: Chavo Guerrero jr & Jamie Noble @ 5:45

Chavo and Noble quickly exit the ring, the cheating Guerrero has done it again, and shane Helms looks shocked as the show goes to a few words from the sponsors.

When the show returns a video clip highlighting what happened between Mike awesome and Lance Storm last week is aired. Awesome comes out to his non Team Canada music and he's about to get things started.

Singles Match

Standard WCW Rules apply

Referee: Nick Patrick

Mike Awesome vs Big Vito

Awesome slams Big Vito to the mat with a sideslam, but Vito won't stay down. He hits a front leg trip on the big man, and the Italian smashes a dropkick to the face of Awesome. 1, 2... kickout! Big clothesline on Vito after a half assed whip into the ropes. Mike Awesome with a standing ddt, another two count. Vito reverses a waistlock. Flying shoulder tackle by Vito and Awesome falls to the mat. Vito drops an elbow...but misses. Awesome hits a piledriver on Big Vito. Lance Storm is walking down to the ring with the Canadian Flag in his hand. This has distracted Awesome and Vito rolls him up, Awesome barely kicks out! Mike Awesome ducks a Big Vito clothesline. Awesome springboards off the ropes with a cross body, amazing agility by the big man! Lance Storm is cheering Mike awesome on at ringside, perhaps he wants to make up. Mike Awesome moves in for the kill. Awesome Bomb!!! That shook the ring. Awesome's back is to Storm, and Lance slides into the ring! Storm nails Awesome in the back of the head with the Super Kick and Awesome falls to the canvas. The referee calls for the DQ as Lance Storm grabs the Canadian Flag. (74)

Storm takes the wooden Flag post and puts it across the throat of Awesome, chocking him out! wCw officials run out to the ring to break things up as the show goes to another commercial.

wCw Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Match

Standard wCw Tag Team rules apply

Referee: Jack Doan

Filthy Animals© vs Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo

Skipper takes a flying neckbreaker from Rey Misterio Jr, and Rey connects with another lucha libre move. Tag between Rey Misterio Jr. and Billy Kidman. Skipper takes a flying neckbreaker from Billy Kidman and kicks out after a two count. Kidman runs out of the corner and lands a bulldog, Skipper might be dead. Tag to Rey Misterio Jr. Filthy Animals whip Skipper into the corner. Kidman dropkicks Skipper into seated position and then whips Rey Misterio Jr. in for a Bronco Buster! Rey plays to the fans and they love it! Skipper tags out to Kid Romeo. Flying elbow from Kid Romeo. Romeo tags out to Elix Skipper. Skipper and Romeo hook up Rey Jr., then hit a double suplex. Elix Skipper with and awesome hurricanranna. Tag to Kid Romeo. DDT by Romeo. Rey Jr. reverses a Kid Romeo hammerlock and tags out to Billy Kidman. As Rey Jr. and Romeo get into a brawl on the outside, Evan Karagias comes running down into the ring! Billy Kidman gets grabbed, and they start brawling. Romeo takes some shots at Kidman as well. The referee, seeing the chaos, calls for a no contest ruling. (72)

Three Count and the Filthy Animals are trading blows as the show goes to its final commercial break.

When the show returns, "Helllooooo Laaadiiiiieeess!!!" is heard over the loud speakers. For the first time since his arrival in wCw last week it looks like we're going to be hearing from Val Venis. He walks out to the top of the rampway dressed in a dress shirt and slacks. When he grabs the microphone and looks around the fans are showing their dissapproval. Val sucks chants are starting up as well.

Val Venis: "Hellloooo Ladiiiieeeesss! huh huh ha! You know last week the Big Valbowski took Shane McMahon's advice, and grabbed opprotunity by the throat! Since he did that he's been recieving nothing but crap! Why Val why? and Val sucks? huh huh ha! Don't you idiots blame me for attacking your beloved Champion Booker T, the Big Valbowski made a name for himself last week and he doesn't care who likes it on bit! huh huh ha!"

Val sucks! Val Sucks! and Venis likes it.

Val Venis: "You see Booker, in this business one has to take risks, and use other people. For you last week, it was wrong place, wrong time. Now the Big Valbowski is here in the wCw for one thing and one thing only, the World Heavyweight title! Booker you have something that the Big Valbowski wants and".........

"Don't Hate the Player.... Hate the Game!" Booker T's music begins to play and the wCw Champion heads to the ring, enraged. Venis' eyes are the size of silver dollars. When Booker gets in the ring, he snatches the microphone out of Val's hand.

Booker T: "So let me get this straight, Sucka! You want this title? Well let me tell ya somethin', you come out here runnin' yo' mouth about making an impact, and grabbin' opprotunity? Well why don't ya' step up to the plate right now, Sucka!?"

Venis takes the microphone from Booker T's hand.

Val Venis: "Now Booker with all due respect".......

BAM! Venis cheap shots the wCw Champion in the face with a hard right hand! Val whips Booker into the opposite set of ropes, but Booker counters with the Harlem side kick! Val goes down, and Booker waits for him to get up, Booker goes for the Scissors Kick, Venis stands up, and counters with a Cobra Clutch Slam! Venis climbs to the top rope, MONEY SHOT! VAL JUST HIT THE MONEY SHOT ON THE WCW CHAMPION! For the second straight week Val Venis has embarrased Booker T. Venis is shown laughing as the show goes off the air. (76)

Overall Show Rating: 73%

Show Rating: 1.37

Attendance: 4040

Edited by Idolized
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Again you deliver a great show. It's interesting to see you use the Val Venis gimmick with Morley being a heel (cause I never would have thought about doing it). I also like the fact that you're using Bagwell in singles competition again, and hope he gets the US title. I'm also interested in seeing where you go with the CW, CW Tag Team, and Lance Storm/Mike Awesome storylines.

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Yet another amazing show! Glad to see you are going through with the Storm/Awesome feud, and not just using the inital segment as an excuse to get Awesome on his own, away from Team Canada. Also, the Six Pack Challenge looks like it might be interesting.

One more thing before i forget..in the middle of the Val speach you had a one liner all by itself "Val Sucks! Val Sucks! and Veins likes it." it was just like that witout any real description, I understand it was supposed to the crowd chanting or whatever, but yea, i read it and found it quite amusing. Keep up the good work..


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WCWrestling.com EXCLUSIVE

UN-leashed! moved to prime time, Rob Van Dam, Television preview

Good news coming into wCw headquarters this week as we have learned that the National Network has decided to move the show to a Prime time spot. starting this Saturday catch UN-leashed! at its new time of 8:00 eastern. Shane McMahon reported recently to insiders at PWI magazine that he has been in talks with free agent, and former Extreme Championship Wrestling star rob van Dam. More on this as news comes in.

Last week's UN-leashed was eventful to say the least. After a brutal attack by former partner and Team Canada leader Lance Storm, Mike Awesome will be in attendance this Saturday. Things are getting heated over the Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles, as last week Three Count interfered in a title bout between the Filthy Animals and Romeo & Skipper. This week Three Count's Evan Karagias squares off against Rey Mysterio. Val Venis has embarased WCW Champion Booker T for two straight weeks now, this week the Big Valbowski steps into the ring for action and you know Booker T will be watching. All this and more on another exciting edition of WCW UN-leashed! on TNN this Saturday.

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user posted image

WCW UNleashed! 4/21/01

live from the Ocean Center: Daytona Beach, FL

the music of Limp Bizkit's Break stuff begins to play, and wCw comes on the air live with an exclusive video package. Highlights of previous wCw footage, including the infamous Night of Champions is played. Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page and Buff Bagwell get alot of hype in it. Other wCw stars such as Rey Mysterio, Kidman, Lance Storm, and Jeff Jarrett are shown. Mike Awesome is seen delivering an Awesome Bomb to Diamond Dallas Page, as well as Val Venis's Money Shot on booker T, and Shane Helms' Vertibreaker on Chavo Guerrero Jr. brings an explosion on the screen along with the brand new wCw UNleashed logo.

The scene then cuts live into the arena where the UNleashed set is on display, Pyro errupts on stage, and the camera pans around the arena showing hundreds of fans here to support wCw here tonight. the cameras then cuts to the shows commentary team, Scott Hudson and Arn Anderson at ringside.

Scott Hudson: "Another day, another exciting hour of WCW action!"

Arn Anderson: "You might want to rephrase that one Scotty!"

Scott Hudson: "That's right, ladies and gentlemen you are tuning in to the most exciting TWO hours on Cable Television, I'm Scott Hudson alongside the "Enforcer" Arn anderson as we welcome you to wCw UNleashed. and folks what a show we have for you here tonight! The World Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire are in action! One half of the wCw Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio will be taking on Evan Karagias and arn, what about the in ring debut tonight of Val Venis?"

Arn Anderson: "I'm hyped about that one Scott and you know after what Val has put Booker t through the last few weeks, the WCW Champion's eyes will be glued to this one."

Scott Hudson: Undoubtedly, but enough talk let's get to the action that only WCW can provide, it's the WCW Cruiserweight Champion Sugar Shane Helms taking on Jamie Noble!"

Non Title Match

Standard WCW Rules apply

Referee: Mike Sparks

Shane Helms vs Jamie Noble

A collar and elbow, and some quick exchanges start this one off. Shane Helms misses a clothesline, and Jamie Noble scores with a back heel kick on the Cruiserweight champion. Helms bounces back off of the ropes, Jamie Noble misses a clothesline, Helms leaps into the air and goes for a hurricanranna, but Noble counters it with a weird but awesome looking DDT. Cover, and Helms barely kicks out at two! Helms blocks a punch, and spins behind...Hard back suplex on Noble. Sugar shane whips him into the corner, then places his opponent on the top rope. DDT from the top rope by Shane Helms...."Holy shit" chants ensue, and rightfuly so as that was one hellacious move. Helms covers, Chavo Guerrero Jr. comes running down the aisle and into the ring! Chavo drops an elbow but Helms moves! Elbow hard into the chest of Noble. Chavo is shocked, and Helms connects with the Sugar smack (Super Kick) it knocks Chavo through the ropes and out to the floor. Noble gets up, Helms with a kick to the gut....here it comes.... Vertebreaker! Awesome, awesome move! 1....2...3, it's finished.(75)

Winner: @ 6:11 "Sugar" Shane Helms!

Chavo is grinding his teeth on the outside, and the Cruiserweight Champion tells him to bring it! After two weeks of cheating from Chavo the tide has turned, and Helms comes out on top! The show cuts to commercial break.

When UNleashed returns from a few words from the sponsors, Jeff Jarrett is backstage with the lovely Pamela Paulshock. Jarrett has his trademark Guitar in his hand, and it rest over his left shoulder.

Pamela Paulshock: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm backstage with the Chosen One Jeff Jarrett, and Jeff I've got to ask you, what is the deal between you and Diamond Dallas Page? A few weeks ago, both of you walked out of the Main Event, and continued fighting even after the show went off the air. Why?"

Jeff Jarrett: "Let me get this straight blondey, you're asking the Chosen One what the deal is between him and Dallas Page? Well listen up, Slap ass! cause I'm about to tell ya'! You see Pam, I'm sick and tired of the way things are going on around here! You see the Hogans, the Savages and the Stings, they're all outta here, but one of 'em still exists, one of the WCW old timers is still walking around, and recieving a pay check when his old ass should be sittin' at home watchin' the real stars show 'em how it's done! And in case you ain't figured it out yet, that man is those Slap Nuts little blue collar trailor park hero, Dallas Page. Now Dallas, two weeks ago our feud reignited. You know there's a reason those guys aren't in this business anymore, and that's 'cause Double Jay took 'em out. So Page, I'm saying this; let's settle this thing once and for all, at Slamboree I want your ass in that ring! And to make it even sweeter, how 'bout you put your contract on the line? That's right I want Diamond Dallas Page's ass at Slamboree, and when I beat him he'll never wrestle in this business again. (Jarrett looks at Pam) So why don't you choke on that.... SLAP NUT!?"

Double Jay walks out of view, and Paulshock brings things back into the arena. (71)

Non Title Match

Standard WCW Rules apply

Referee: Mickey Jay

Evan Karagias vs Rey Misterio Jr.

Evan Karagias is accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner, and right hand man Shannon Moore, while the Cruiserweight tag Champions come to the ring together. Some trash talking, and the bell rings. Karagias hits a wicked chop that echoes through the building, and whips Rey into the ropes. Misterio ducks a clothesline, and springboards off the ropes, connecting with a Hurricanranna! He hooks the leg but Kargias counters with a rollup, Misterio rolls through and dropkicks Evan right in the chops! OOoh what pain! Some fighting back and fourth, Karagias goes to irish whip Rey Misterio Jr. into the ropes, Moore grabs Rey's leg, and Mysterio turns around to confront him. Karagias charges and Rey moves, BASEBAL:L SLIDE CONNECTS ON SHANNON MOORE! Evan can't believe it, he turns around and Mysterio springboards off of the center of the top rope, Flying Hurricanrana!!! 1....2....3!! (67)

Winner: @ 5:32 Rey Misterio jr!

Shannon Moore is back in the ring, and he attacks rey from behin! Kidman won't stand for it and he comes in as well, they battle back and fourth, and the Filthy Animals clear the ring of Three Count! Moore and Karagias head to the back but this one is far from over!

When the show returns, Team Canada; Lance Storm, Major Gunns and elix Skipper are in the ring. Skipper is waving the Canadian flag, and Gunns' top bears the Canadian Maple Leaf. Storm has a microphone in his hand, and begins to speak.

Lance Storm: "If I could be serious for a moment".......

The fans boo, and Storm seems to take offense. Skipper tells them to shut up.

Lance Storm: "You know Mike Awesome is a typical American. Mike Awesome, just like all of you people is a greedy, backstabbing degenerate!"

Storm gets more jerrs from the crowd, but he doesn't mind.

Lance Storm: "Oh come on, it's true. He just couldn't see how good he had things. Unlike all of you self centered Americans, we Canadians take care of our own! It's the truth, just take a look at health care in this poverty infested excuse for a country. While the Canadian government provides health care to its citizens, the American Government allowsfamilys to go bankrupt in health debt!"

"Canada Sucks! Canada Sucks!" the fans are becoming louder and louder.

Lance Storm: "Hey, don't blame Canada..... blame your pathetic government! Now Mike Awesome, what happened between you and I last week was your own doing, all you had to do was know your place in this group and keep your mouth shut! Instead you tried to embarass me, and disgraced the great country of Canada when you tore off this shirt! Now Awesome"............

Suddenly Storm is interrupted by a shout of "THAT's AWWWWWWESSSSSOMMMMME!" and Mike Awesome's new theme music tears over the public address. The "Career Killer" comes out to the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand, and his music dies down."

Mike Awesome: "That's funny Lance, all I had to do was know my place, and shout my mouth? WEll let me tell you where I think your place is, how about the BACK OF AN AMBULANCE!?"

Storm laughs, looking at Skipper in the ring. If Awesome wants to fight, the numbers aren't on his side here tonight.

Lance Storm: "Ha, ha! Mike maybe I kicked you a little too hard in the head last week, there's no way you're putting me in the hospital here tonight."

Mike Awesome: "Who said anything about the hospital, or tonight? Lance man, you've got me all wrong, you see I just came from Shane McMahon's office, and I'm out here to inform you that at Slamboree on May sixth it will be you and me one on one in an AMBULANCE MATCH!"

"WHAT!" Storm can't believe his ears, one of the more brutal matches made by WCW in 2000 will return at Slamboree!

Mike Awesome: "Lance, I'll see you at Slamboree!"

Team canada are disgruntled to say the least as the show goes to another commercial break. (82)

Non Title Match

Standard WCW Rules apply

Referee: Lance Thomas

Buff Bagwell and Shawn Stasiak vs The Cat and Hugh Morrus

Last week we were all informed of Shane McMahon's "Sensational Six Pack Challenge" for the United states Title. This week four of the men involved in the match will mix it up in the ring. Running knee lift from the mecca of manliness. The Cat walks into a sit out slam from Stasiak. Tag between Shawn Stasiak and Buff Bagwell. Buff with a kick to the gut, and a hard right hand, he sends the Cat into the ropes, back elbow! 1, 2... kickout! Bagwell tags out to Shawn Stasiak. They whip Miller into the corner. Stasiak connects with a splash! Cat stumbles out of the corner, and Stasiak applies a hold, Miller reverses a Shawn Stasiak's hammerlock. Tag between The Cat and Hugh Morrus. Hugh Morrus strikes Shawn Stasiak, and follows it up with a huge ddt! Morrus tags out to The Cat. Morrus puts Stasiak in electric chair postion and the Cat fl;ies off the top rope with a dropkick. Tag between The Cat and Hugh Morrus and a tag between Shawn Stasiak and Buff Bagwell. Morrus runs straight into a Powerslam from Buff Bagwell, he mixes things up in the corner and Stasiak helps choke Morrus out. the Cat tries to enter but the referee holds him back, Low Blow by Bagwell! Morrus hunches over, and Buff climbs to the middle rope, he leaps off, Buff Blockbuster! forget about it. 1....2...3! (55)

Winners: Buff Bagwell & Shawn Stasiak @ 8:56!

Bagwell quickly rolls out of the ring, and Stasiak and he pose with Stacy Kiebler. Will one of these two men be walking out with the United States title at Slamboree!?

A video package is aired featuring the highlights of the ongoing action between Buff Bagwell and Booker T before the show goes to commercial.

Non Title Match

Standard WCW Tag Rules apply

Referee: Charles Robinson

Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo vs Mamalukes

Big clothesline on Vito from Sean O'Haire and the match gets underway. Massive backbreaker, and Vito got planted. O'Haire lifts him up, tag between Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo. Chuck Palumbo scoops up Vito, and O'Haire bounces off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline! Chuck Palumbo with a spinning neckbreaker on Vito. 1, 2 Johnny the Bull with the save! Vito counters a backdrop with a kick to the face, and Spear! Palumbo is down. Tag to Johnny The Bull. Flying shoulder tackle by The Bull, he sends Palumbo to the mat. Chuck kicks Johnny The Bull in the gut to reverse the momentum. Tag to Sean O'Haire. O'Haire hits a piledriver on Johnny The Bull. Death valley driver by Sean O'Haire, Johnny The Bull got planted hard 1, 2 Kickout! Suddenly Clarke and Adams, KroniK come running down the aisle! The Bull and Sean O'Haire continue fighting, unaware of the intrusion. Vito distracts the referee, Brian Adams slides in and blasts Sean O'Haire with big boot to the Face! Adams climbs out of the ring, the damage done! Chuck Palumbo and Kronik battle on the outside, Sean O'Haire is in trouble. Here it comes..... Fugettabout It. 1....2...3, it's finished, BIG UPSET! (73)

Winners: the Mamalukes @ 7:08!

KroniK don't look like they've finished! They continue to beat down on O'Haire and Palumbo until a host of referees and officials run out to pull them off! It's clear to see that Clarke and Adams are hungry for Tag Team Gold!

Booker T is shown walking backstage with the WCW Title over his shoulder, he doesn't look happy as the show takes it's final commercial break. (82)

Singles Match

Standard Rules apply

Referee: Nick Patrick

Crowbar vs Val Venis

The show comes back from commercial and Crowbar is already in the ring. Val Venis comes out next to the disproval of the fans in the audience. Crowbar uses a basement dropkick to the knee catching Val off guard and the bell rings. Crowbar lifts him up, and whips Venis into the rops but Val counters a backdrop attempt with a kick to the face. Venis straddles Crowbar and does his trademark grind follwed by punches to the face until it is broken up at the count of four. Val Venis lifts the psichotic competitor and brings him crashing back down with a spinning neckbreaker. Soon Crowbar powers out of a headlock, and Val runs into the ropes, Super kick by Crowbar! 1, 2, kickout!. Crowbar does a series of rollups that gets the fans on his side, but Venis kicks out at two each time. Crowber walks into a trip. Then gets knocked to the ground by Val, he whips the black haired Psycho into the ropes, and delivers a Cobra Clutch Slam! Venis lets everyone know he's going up top, and flies through the air, Money Shot! 1....2....3. (68)

Winner: @ 8:21 Val Venis!

Val Venis's music doesn't play, instead Booker T's does! Val smiles, and gets ready to fight, looking at the entrance ramp. Booker T however runs though the crowd and slides in behind Val Venis. tap to the shoulder, Val turns around in shock and throws a couple punches, Booker kicks him in the gut, and goes for the Scissors kick. Venis counters and locks on the Cobra Clutch, Booker fights out, BOOK END! VAL GOES DOWN HARD! The fans in the audience are on their feet and the WCW Champion shouts for Val to get up, Venis slowly does, and Booker hits the Scissors Kick! Val Venis rolls out of the ring, and Booker T's music plays as he holds the title high in the air and the show fades to black. (83)

Overall Show Rating: 72%

Show Rating: 5.05

Attendance: 2704

Edited by Idolized
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wCw Slamboree Pay Per View

Sunday May 6, 2001

Confirmed Matches:

Shane McMahon's Sensational Six Pack Challenge

for the wCw United States Title

First person to secure victory wins the match

Buff Bagwell, Shawn Stasiak & Chris Kanyon Vs the Cat, Hugh Morrus & Crowbar

Ambulance Match

(First person to put their opponent in the Ambulance wins)

Mike Awesome Vs Lance Storm

(Could Anyone let me know how to get one of those little bars at the bottom of a post where if you click on it a list comes up. I'd like to learn how to insert one so I could put the PPV card in it)

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Thanks for the tip, but I do this diary as I go, I play a week, and write the show, play a week and write the show, some nights I have time to write two shows, some I don't have any time to do one. As for reusing stuff, that won't happen 'cause I want everything fresh and original as I go. You won't see reused storylines or anything like that. Oh and how'd you get that chart thing at the bottom of your post, I'm dying to learn how to do that.

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Fair enough, it's just that you're more likely to be at the top of the Dome if you post spread out - therefore attracting more readers AND saving material for times it's needed.

<select style="background-color: rgb(244,234,217);"><option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="SONG OF THE MOMENT">BENJI'S CHART (Week Begin: 28th November 2004</option>

<option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="TEST">1. "Bombs Over Baghdad (Remix)" by Outkast and Zach De La Rocha</option>

<option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="TEST">2. "What You Waiting For?" by Gwen Stefani</option>

<option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="TEST">3. "Firefly" by Breaking Benjamin</option>

<option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="TEST">4. "Alkaholic" by Xzibit</option>

<option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="TEST">5. "Relax" by Powerman 5000</option>

<option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="TEST">6. "Wannabe" by Zebrahead</option>

<option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="TEST">7. "Pretty Noose" by Soundgarden</option>

<option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="TEST">8. "Show Me How To Live" by Audioslave</option>

<option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="TEST">9. "Work" by Jimmy Eat World</option>

<option style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);"value="TEST">10. "Stick 'Em Up" by Quarashi</option>


That's the code

Edited by Big Benji Baboon
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