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From my own little write-up on the movie....

Colin Farrell just wings it with his own weird accent.....and while that isn't bad in any way, the fact that every other actor in the film decides to attempt to imitate him makes for some pretty laughable material. Jolie is a completely different story. She sounds like she is trying to do a bad Bela Lugosi impression.
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I saw it last night and I thought it was ok. I sat next to an obviously far right wing conservative who threw a fit when they highlighted that Alexander was Bi-Sexual... he got up and left when it showed his nuts.

Oh well, more room for me and my girlfriend.

There was alot of blood in this movie, but I didn't like the direction they took with the digital squibs. They over used this effect.

As for Collin's accent, he is capable of doing any accent he wants but they did present him with a hint of english to him. I wouldn't say Irish though... But Jolie was awful.

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