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I'm A Celebrity.


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Seriously... is this soley tv for retards?

I turned it on for the first time just now... what the fuck?

Huggy Bear just said, out loud, for everyone to hear, that he is currently partaking in a vow of silence. Out loud.

Then Paul Burrell said: 'I haven't been on a sunbed, I just have tanned skin because my dad is black. Although, not literally black he just had a tan'

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It's a TV show in England, they get a load of celebrities (First year they were C-List celebritys, second year D-List, this year I think they've jumped to around Q-List)

Then they put them in a jungle, then just sort of film them doing nothing in particular, then every now and then they have to do a task. The tasks get more and more braindead as they go along. Today, huggy bear had stuff dropped on his head. (Emu eggs, huntsman spiders, larve, feathers)

Then every now and then the public get bored of someone and kick them off.

I only know who two of the celebs are, Paul Burrell who was Princess Dianas closest confidant (And now she's dead he sells her secrets to the newspapers) and Joe Pasquale, who is actually quite funny on stage.

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I like watching Im a Celeb, i hope Joe PAsquale wins he is pretty funny and the best person ther by far. I hate Janet and im really happy Sheila went all she did was boss people around.

Prediction: Huggy Bear to go next and Joe Pasquale to win :)

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Guest KoRnCHiLD

I watched the last series with Peter Andre, Jordan etc in, as I actually knew who some of them were, but when I heard who was in this one I just couldnt be assed to turn on the TV and watch them try to save their carrears by trying to get back into the public spotlight.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

Why wasn't Burrell killed for Treason? I'd happily let the Royals get away with anything, including beheading camp butlers who shit on their family.

The tasks are stupid too, they film the crocodiles 'coming', but they are infact over the overside of the 'swamp' and nowhere near the contestant, and plus they wouldn't put these animals in if they actually could cause harm.

Its not even a jungle either, its a set within a jungle, just dump them in the fucking amazon and let the winner be he who doesn't get eaten/raped by a monkey/tribesman.

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