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AWA 90'

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Part I

It was April 16th, 1990 and there I sat, next to my boss, Verne Gagne, and watched as junior announcer Eric Bischoff sat at the other end of the table. Their greeting had been pleasant, but not like usual. Today, they were distant from each other, almost as if they were on opposite sides. Bischoff's opinion had always been respected by Mr. Gagne. Despite his youth, he was very knowledgable and always seemed to pitch unique ideas in meetings. Mr. Gagne treated Eric like family. Everyone in AWA knew that Bischoff was the only one who Mr. Gagne might listen to, but even Bischoff was having trouble getting through.

"Verne, the times are changing, you've got to realize that."

A deep sigh was all that was heard from Mr. Gagne as he looked towards Bischoff.

"I know that you're willing to die before giving up on AWA, but open your eyes Verne."

Still no response from Mr. Gagne, but I knew he was taking this personally. You can't be a personal assistant for four years without learning how to read your employer. Eric Bischoff's hand came down hard on the table and he stood up, knocking his chair to the floor.

"Dammit Verne, this ship is going under and it's all because of your damn fragile ego. I swear you're worse than McMahon."

That one did it. Mr Gagne's eyes burned with fire at the mention of Vince McMahon. It was still in his mind what happened with Hogan years ago. Mr. Gagne's gold mine got away and Vince McMahon cashed in, making Hogan the biggest star in the World. Mr. Gagne had tried for years to come up with something to counteract that, but simply had nobody. In the last year alone, McMahon had signed our top tag team, the Destruction Crew; Paul Diamond; Pat Tanaka; and even Kokina Maximus, apparently now going by the name Yokozuna. Mr. Gagne's latest thought had been to have Larry Zbysko drop the World Title to Sgt. Slaughter, but Vince McMahon struck again, signing Sgt. Slaughter away. Bischoff knew this comment was a low blow and he knew it'd get the reaction he was looking for. Mr. Gagne stood up slowly. He wasn't an intimidating man, but he was respected and Bischoff knew not to open his mouth right now. I sat there, waiting to see Mr. Gagne rip into Bischoff.

"You're right."

What? No tirade? Nothing? Mr. Gagne motioned for Eric to take his seat and then did the same himself as the tension had seemingly gone away.

"You're absolutely right Eric. I'm a stubborn old man. I know wrestling, but I'm no entertainer. I can't keep up with what Vince is doing. That isn't the wrestling I know, that's a damn circus act. I guess it's true...the times are passing me by."

Eric looked Verne in the eyes.

"Then let me help."

Verne chuckled to himself.

"You? Eric, you're just a kid in this business. You're 32, we've got superstars older than you."

"Don't you understand Verne? That's what we need right now, someone who can bring in a younger fan."

"I don't know Eric...I can't just put the fate of the company in your hands, you don't have enough experience, there's no way these guys will listen to you."

"Then they won't be here."

Bischoff stood up at this point and moved to the seat next to me, getting closer to Mr. Gagne.

"Don't you see Verne? There's no other choice. McMahon's stealing our top talent, ESPN's ready to pull the plug on the show, it's all going away Verne. I'm the only chance you've got."

Mr. Gagne turned and looked at me, not for my opinion, but just to look away from Eric. He looked down at his desk, then seemingly ran out of options and looked back at Bischoff.


A smile as wide as a rainbow came across Eric Bischoff's face and he extended his hand to Mr. Gagne, who shook it. Bischoff went to pull away, but Gagne held onto his hand.

"I want one thing to be clear. I'm putting you in charge, but the second I see a problem, I'm pulling you out."

Bischoff cracked a smirk, then did another wide, almost fake, smile.

"Verne, it's me, ok? Trust me, everything's under control."

Mr. Gagne released Bischoff's hand and watched as the new man in charge left the room.

Part II

"Gentlemen....ladies....please, can I have your attention? Please."

The entire locker room quieted down and looked towards Eric Bischoff, who was standing on a chair overlooking the entire AWA locker room.

"Thank you. Now I know it comes as a shock, but you're going to have to get used to me being in charge. You can all discuss it amonst yourselves later, but right now, I've got something much more important to discuss. What I hold in my hand is the first of many changes to be made....the updated roster. Everyone's name is on here and next to your name, it will say one of two things. It will either say signed, meaning congratulations, you're still a part of the AWA. Or...it'll say released in which case, good luck finding a new job.. I'm going to post it right here on this wall and let each and every one of you check it. Nothing personal, just business."

Bischoff stepped down and left the locker room, leaving me to hang the sign. I quickly stepped aside and left the locker room, not wanting to see the reactions of those who had been released. I knew this was just the first of many changes.

user posted image

Part III

"Good morning Sophie."

I had been looking over the morning newspaper, but as soon as I heard my new boss's voice, I looked up.

"Hey there Mr. Bischoff."

"Please please, call me Eric. We've got a busy day today."


"I've got a list of free agents. Me and you are going to figure out who we need to sign."

"Me sir?"

"You've been Verne's right hand man...err...woman for four years now. I know you know what you're doing, now it's time to show it."

I was impressed. I figured Bischoff would just cast me aside, but he seemed to want my opinions.

"Meet me in my office in five minutes, we'll get started."

I nodded my head, letting him know I understood and then turned my attention back to the newspaper. There was nothing overly interesting and my thoughts drifted back to the events of yesterday. After the roster cuts were posted, most of the guys were ok with the choices made. All except Wahoo McDaniel, who stormed out of the locker room and into Bischoff's office, stating that he wanted out of his contract. He felt like Eric Bischoff didn't deserve to be in the top position and he wanted nothing to do with AWA. Eric gave him what he wanted and that was a big blow to the locker room. As soon as word spread around, I quickly had to pull damage control, trying to keep our roster together. Today would prove to be just as interesting. The choices we make with the roster will show the boys what direction this company's going. Feeling the pressure, I stood and walked into Eric Bischoff's office, finding him with paper bio's spread all over his desk. At least one hundred names, pictures, and histories were sprawled there.

"Alright Sophie, start digging through em. Keep a list of the guys you want to sign and we'll compare at the end."

"Simple enough."

At least Mr. Bischoff didn't complicate things too much. I started sifting through papers and saw some huge names, guys like Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino, Harley Race, and Ricky Steamboat. I knew we were on a budget and building towards a more youth oriented program, so I looked for guys in their twenties-to-mid thirties who were willing to work for decent, but not great money. After about an hour, we had been through all the bio's and me and Eric went over each name.

We vetoed each other, throwing out guys like Scott Hall, who was in AWA at one point and wasn't being welcomed back. Eric also said he didn't think Scotty the Body was ready for the big time yet, so he was taken off the list. In the end, we had compiled a list of 15 guys that we thought would be great additions to AWA.

Al Snow- He debuted in 1983, so he's got a bit of experience, but he hasn't broken through to a major fed yet.  He describes his style as unique, saying he can wrestle on the mat, take to the air, or beat someone up.

Ebony Experience- Booker T and Stevie Ray Huffman.  They just debuted last year.  Still a little green, but they've got a great look to 'em.

Bam Bam Bigelow- Built quite a name for himself in Japan for being huge and athletic.  Had pinned Vladimir Berkovich in Moscow on New Years Eve of 1989, just 4 months ago and WWF really wanted this guy.

Barry Windham- Left WWF shortly after joining, was currently at home with a knee injury.  Former champion in NWA, they're really hoping to get him back.

Brad Armstrong- Screwed over by his own father in CWF, he was ready to step out on his own and make a name for himself.

Dallas Page- Managed Bad Company and Col. DeBeers in AWA.  Now he wants to become a wrestler.  Left on good terms, would be welcomed back.

Dan Kroffat- A legend in Canada, his technical ability is nearly unmatched.

Chris Adams- From England, he had a certain something about him that made us look twice.

David Taylor- Also from England, could form a team with Chris Adams.

Doug Furnas- Young guy with great physique and very good technical ability.  Trained by Dan Kroffat.

Gary Albright- Had done some shows in NWA, but wanted more time, which we can offer.

Leon White- IWGP champion, huge name in Japan.  450 pounder who can do a moonsault.  He was trained by Brad Rheingans, which gives us an in. 

Marc Mero- He was a three time golden gloves champion in New York who expressed an interest in getting involved with wrestling.  His natural athleticism was worth a shot.

Tony Halme- A power lifter from Finland, he had a great look and really respected in his homeland.

Now that we had our list, it was time to make the calls and see who we could get for what. We split the names and within the hour, we met back in Bischoff's office to discuss who we could sign and who may have to wait.

"Leon White, Barry Windham, and Bam Bam Bigelow appear to the most valued and really, we can only sign one of them right now."

"With Windham's knee hurt, I'd go ahead and eliminate him."

"Leon White's got more recognition."

"But he also cost more."

"So you're thinking Bam Bam?"

"If nothing else, just to make sure Vince doesn't get him."

"Alright, Bam Bam it is. The rest of these guys look like they're being pretty reasonable with the money, right?"

"Well, I'm concerned about Dallas wanting as much as he does. He's never been a wrestler before, are we sure he'll be able to handle it?"

"Why don't we try and negotiate and if he won't come down, then let's play hardball and make him wait a month, then we'll check the finances and go back at it."

"So the rest of these guys, we're willing to give them what they want?"

"Let's hold off on the Ebony Experience too, I like em, but they're still rookies, they can't make demands like that. But everyone else is a go."

"I'll go make some calls and spread the good news."

"Thanks Sophie, you're really making things easy around here. I appreciate that."

I went ahead and made the necessary phone calls, getting everyone on the same page. The only difficulty I had was with Chris Adams, who kept saying he could make more doing independent work, so I hung up the phone and we'll go on without him. Dan Kroffat also decided that he was happy in Canada and wasn't ready to join AWA just yet. The conversation ended pleasantly and I look forward to working with him in the future. Our roster was starting to look good. As soon as I finished up my conversation with the agent for Tony Halme, the intercom came alive and Eric Bischoff announced that he wanted a meeting with myself and the creative staff in exactly one hour. Talk about work, work, work, sheesh. Well, at least I have time for some lunch.

Part IV

The writers were leaving the conference room, but Eric grabbed me gently by the arm, motioning for me to stay behind. He shut the door and turned towards me.

"Well, are we all set Sophie?"

"I think so. Things are definately looking up. You mentioned something in the meeting that I'm kind of curious about though."


"You said you had someone in mind that would help make the World Title more credible?"

Bischoff let out a laugh, obviously knowing more than me.

"Yea, I haven't let anyone in on that yet, but next Monday, the first All Star Wrestling under my regime, I've got a surprise. I signed someone who's going to lead this company into the future."

"Really? Sounds important."

"Don't worry, you'll find out with everyone else....Monday morning. I can't risk anything happening. This guy is far too important for us."

"Seems like Monday's pretty important. I mean, we've got a lot of new guys to get the fans used to, we've got that tournament starting off..."

"I know everyone's a little hesitant about a tournament, especially to introduce a brand new title and all, but really, I think it's the best way to introduce all these new guys to the roster."

"I think it'll work out. Besides, we need a second title. The only thing I'm wondering is if we need an authority figure on camera?"

"I think it's ok. I'm on the announce team and I'll be sure to mention that all these decisions are being made by the AWA board of directors."

"As long as you think that'll work."

"Things are gonna be good Sophie. I'm glad you're sticking in there with me."

"I hope you're right Eric."

"Just wait and see....just wait and see."

Eric winked at me as he walked out of the conference room, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

This is AWA 1990 and these are the main players:

Al Snow had spent his time wrestling throughout Michigan and the surrounding areas, using a unique combination of wrestling, martial arts, and even some aerial moves to get noticed. He doesn't have the look of a superstar, but he's certainly got the ability.

At this time, Bam Bam Bigelow had been main eventing in Japan where he was regarded as one of the toughest guys around. His bald head is tattooed with flames and to say he's menacing is an understatement.

When they weren't teaming as the Olympians, Brad Rheingans and Ken Patera seemed to struggle in the ring. Both had fantastic builds, but work better as a team than alone.

There was a lot of hostilities around the World and while most of the country rallied together, Col. DeBeers took the side of the opposition. This stance, along with his yelling and dirty tactics made him easy to hate.

One of the tougher guys around, Curtis Hughes makes up for what he lacks in ability with a mean streak and a hard right hand.

David Taylor was known as one of the top technicians in England when Bischoff decided to bring him to America in hopes of him adapting.

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. DJ Peterson enbodies that statement. The 42 year old veteran still has some energy bursts and can give anyone a run for their money at any time.

A young, intense, undersized technician is how Doug Furnas is best described. Never intimidated, Furnas will take on anybody and usually take them down.

Johnnie Stewart is the ultimate crowd pleaser. He's a high energy wrestler and just when you think you've got him beat, Stewart pulls out some surprise move to get the crowd back into it.

John Nord and Scott Norton, collectively known as The Lumberjacks, weren't exactly the best wrestlers but man could they pound a man into the ground.

The man at the top of AWA is Larry Zbyszko, the current holder of the AWA World Title. His technical ability combined with ring expertise make him one of the best in the World. His "better than you" attitude makes him the most hated guy in the building every night.

His top competition is Masa Saito, who doesn't speak English very well, but gets his point across in the ring. Known as Mr. Suplex, he even has one named after himself.

Looking for a foreign powerhouse, Bischoff turned to an up and coming Finnish weightlifter named Ludvig Borga, then re-named him Magnus Vaara, which supposedly means "Great Mountain".

Showing that AWA welcomes guys from all backgrounds, two time New York Golden Gloves winner Marc Mero was signed to a contract. A high energy guy, who combines boxing with wrestling in a style that may be flawed, but seems to be effective.

Nikita Koloff is one of the toughest wrestlers on the roster. This Russian brawler has a good heart and will generally be there to save the day when it needs saving.

Managed by Ox Baker, The Nightstalker is an intimidating force in AWA. He relies mostly on pure physical strength and nastiness to get victories.

The Trooper is an immensely popular wrestler who is the ultimate good guy. Wearing a full uniform, Trooper will do anything to rid AWA of the bad guys. As he says, crime doesn't pay.

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All Star Wrestling

Eric Bischoff: Hello folks and welcome to AWA's All Star Wrestling, right here on ESPN. I'm Eric Bischoff and alongside me this week, a new face in the fold....Johnny Valiant, glad to have you aboard.

Johnny Valiant: It's a pleasure to be here Eric...your pleasure at least.

Eric Bischoff: Yea well, we'll see about that. You picked a great night start because the Board of Directors have announced that there will be a new title here in the AWA and tonight, we have four first round matches in the tournament to crown the first ever AWA North American Champion!

Johnny Valiant: None of these guys can compare to me when I was in the ring, don't even come close.

Eric Bischoff: Right. We also know that AWA will be completely revamped starting tonight when we debut some of our newest signees!

Johnny Valiant: Is there anybody important?

Eric Bischoff: Al Snow seems very promising.

Johnny Valiant: Al Snow? Heh. I'll take that as a no then.

Bischoff looks at Valiant, not sure what to make of him.

Eric Bischoff: Plus I have heard rumors all day that a major name has signed with AWA and will be in the building tonight!

Johnny Valiant: We'll see about major. Remember, we have different standards.

Eric Bischoff: No more wasting time, we're ready for the first match of the evening, Ken Patera and Brad Rheingans, the Olympians...are set to take on Todd Becker and Tom Bennett!

The Olympians vs. Becker and Bennett

Not much of a response for Becker and Bennett and there wasn't much offense from them either. Ken Patera showed his strength by pressing Becker over his head, then bringing him down ribs first across his knee. Patera allowed Bennett to tag in, then took him down with an armdrag and brought in Rheingans. Rheingans with a flying knee to the face of Bennett, then went for the pin, but only got a two count. Bennett started fighting back, sending Rheingans into the ropes and going for a back body drop, but Rheingans hooked his arms behind him and slammed him to the mat. Rheingans tagged in Patera, who waited for Bennett to get to his feet, then delivered the swinging neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: The Olympians

Eric Bischoff: Impressive showing by the Olympians and those vacant AWA Tag Titles could soon be around their waists.

Johnny Valiant: Why exactly are the title vacant? Nobody wants the things?

Eric Bischoff: The team that had them is no longer employed here, so until the board comes up with a way to decide new champions, they remain vacant.

Johnny Valiant: That's just stupid. The board, as you say, needs to get their act together and-

Bischoff motions wildly for Valiant to shut up and holds his earphone to his ear.

Eric Bischoff: This is it, I'm getting the word, he's in the building! He'll be out here...next!


As the cameras faded back in from commercial break, they went straight to the ring, ignoring the announce crew. The music hit and the fans immediately stood, looking towards the entranceway with confusion. It was unrecognizable music, but had kind of a country twang to it, a little rockabilly maybe. Soon, the curtains parted ways and the fans were in shock to see Greg "The Hammer" Valentine stepping through! He had on jeans and an AWA t-shirt and he was high fiving everyone while he made his way to the ring. He stepped through the ropes and was handed a microphone as the crowd paid close attention.

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine: I know you didn't expect me here, but get used to it...I'm gonna be here for a while.

The crowd pops for that.

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine: See, I just couldn't take it up in the valley of the red and yellow anymore. I got about as far as I was ever gonna get and my time had come. Then I got that call from AWA saying that if I really wanted to advance my career, they'd give me that opportunity and well...here I am. The Hammer's found a new home.

Another nice pop.

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine: Make no mistake about it either, I'm here for one reason and one reason only. Throughout my career, only one thing has eluded me. Larry Zbysko[/b}, I want that World Title.

Hammer drops the mic, getting another nice pop as he stares out to the fans before leaving the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Wow! What about that Johnny Valiant? Greg "The Hammer" Valentine is here! In AWA!

Johnny Valiant: Greg "The Quitter" Valentine you mean.

Eric Bischoff: What?

Johnny Valiant: Oh, you heard him. He left...that other place...because he wasn't going to get any further, he'd never be the World Champion. He's a sucker. He only came here because he couldn't make it anywhere else.

Eric Bischoff: It's time for a first round match in the North American Title tournament. It's going to be "The Illustrious" Johnnie Stewart taking on big Scott Norton.

Johnnie Stewart vs. Scott Norton

The crowd was more into this one than the first match for sure. Johnnie Stewart spent most of the match trying to overcome the strength of Scott Norton, who just manhandled him. Norton shoved Stewart into the corner and started working over his body with hard right hands, then backed up and hit him with an airless avalanche, taking the air right out of Stewart's lungs. Norton went for another one, but Stewart sidestepped it and when Norton turned back around, Stewart dropkicked him, sending him backfirst into the corner. Stewart climbed up for the ten punch and started rocking Norton with right hands as the crowd counted along, but at the eight mark, Norton shoved Stewart off and then connected with a big splash for a two count. Norton picked Stewart up off the mat and went to put him on his shoulder, but Stewart slid down his backside, shoving Norton chest first into the ropes. Stewart rolls him up and gets a three count of nowhere! Stewart slides out of the ring, escaping the match with the win!

Winner: Johnnie Stewart

Eric Bischoff: Out of nowhere, Johnnie Stewart steals one and moves on in the tournament!

Johnny Valiant: Steals one is exactly right. Scott Norton is fuming in the ring. He's definately not just going to take this loss.

Eric Bischoff: He doesn't have much of a choice. Scott Norton's eliminated and when we come back, we'll have another tournament match!


Eric Bischoff: Johnny, we're not wasting anytime tonight as we're trying to squeeze in four tournament matches plus we still have the main event of Saito taking on Colonel DeBeers!

Johnny Valiant: Yea yea, action packed, I heard ya before.

DJ Peterson vs. Texas Hangman Killer

Killer had Peterson stumbling backwards thanks to some hard right hands. Killer went for an avalanche, but Peterson got his foot in the air and Killer hit mouthfirst. Peterson up to the second turnbuckle. Killer gets to his feet and Peterson takes him down with a clothesline! Peterson goes for the pin, but only gets a two count as Killer kicks out. Peterson sends Killer into the ropes looking for an armdrag, but Killer spins around and DDT's him to the ground. Killer has Peterson on his feet, but Peterson shoves him back and Killer hits the referee! Peterson with a spinebuster to Killer and everyone in the ring is down! Texas Hangman Psycho can be seen trotting down the aisleway and he slides in the ring. He lifts Peterson up and drops him throat first across the top rope, followed by an inverted bulldog, driving the back of Peterson's head into the mat. Psycho drags Killer on top of Peterson and shakes the ref awake, who groggily makes the three count in favor of Texas Hangman Killer.

Winner: Texas Hangman Killer

Johnny Valiant: What great teamwork by the Texas Hangmen.

Eric Bischoff: Except this wasn't a tag match.

Johnny Valiant: A good tag team stays together no matter what Eric. You can't just seperate them and expect them to stay that way. They're loyal.

Eric Bischoff: They cheat.

Johnny Valiant: Oooh, such an ugly word.

Eric Bischoff: It's the truth. They're staying out here too because Texas Hangman Psycho's match, we're not even going to break, we're going to do it right now! Here comes Doug Furnas! He was trained by Dan Kroffat and has a lot of potential in this business.

Johnny Valiant: You're saying he's a rookie?

Eric Bischoff: Well, he's still young...

Johnny Valiant: He'll get destroyed.

Eric Bischoff: Wait just a second, the referee is barring Texas Hangman Killer from ringside! This is going to be one on one!

Johnny Valiant: He can't do that. He has no authority!

Eric Bischoff: Sure he does, the referee's have all the authority!

Doug Furnas vs. Texas Hangman Psycho

Psycho is arguing with the referee and Furnas spins him around, using an overhead belly to belly release suplex to surprise one half of the tag team! Psycho gets back to his feet and Furnas takes him down with a double japanese armdrag. Furnas with a dropkick and Psycho stumbles into the corner. Furnas with a german suplex and bridges out. The referee makes the count and Doug Furnas has made quick, quick work of Texas Hangman Psycho!

Winner: Doug Furnas

Eric Bischoff: Wow, talk about impressive performances. He tossed him all around that ring.

Johnny Valiant: That wouldn't have happened if Killer hadn't been mistreated.

Eric Bischoff: He got what was coming to him and the right man moved on. We're down to one more tournament match and we'll have it for you when we get back.


Eric Bischoff: This next debut is a guy I'm very excited about. He's been making a name for himself in Japan and we're proud to have him. He calls himself the Beast from the East, but we can call him Bam....Bam....Bigelow!

Johnny Valiant: Bam Bam? Sounds like my kinda guy.

Eric Bischoff: Bam Bam's not like you Johnny. He just gets in the ring and beats people up. He's not the nicest guy, but he sure is tough.

Johnny Valiant: As long as he beats this wannabe tough guy Curtis Hughes.

Eric Bischoff: Make no mistake about it, Hughes is as tough as they come, but let's see what happens.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Curtis Hughes

Bam Bam attacked Curtis as soon as he stepped through the ropes, trying to pummel him to the mat, but Hughes didn't let that last long. He fought back, using those stiff right hands to keep Bigelow away. Hughes went to whip Bigelow into the ropes, but Bigelow reversed it and took Hughes down with a hard shoulder block. Hughes got up and Bigelow ran him over with another hard shoulder block. Bam Bam with a headbutt to Hughes, then sent him into the ropes again. Bigelow went for a clothesline, but missed! The crowd got excited, but Bam Bam got his 400 pounds in the air with a nice dropkick to quiet them back down. Bam Bam went for an elbow drop, but Hughes rolled out of the way and Bam Bam got all canvas. Both men to their feet and Hughes rocks Bam Bam with right hand uppercuts, backing him into the ropes. He whips Bam Bam in and nails him with a hard sidewalk slam. Curtis Hughes waited for Bam Bam to get to his feet, then charged at him. Bam Bam saw him coming and caught him running in, lifting him upside down. Bigelow dropped Hughes with a piledriver, then stood up. Bigelow went up to the top rope, a site to see if there ever was one, and came off, driving his bald head into the shoulder and neck area of Hughes. Bigelow made the cover and got the win.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

Eric Bischoff: What a combination of power and agility.

Johnny Valiant: Wow. I think I'm gonna like watching him. What a great debut.

Eric Bischoff: So in round 2, Bam Bam will be facing Johnnie Stewart and Doug Furnas will be taking on the other half of the Texas Hangmen, Killer.

Johnny Valiant: Is that next week?

Eric Bischoff: Oh no. Next week, we have the other 8 participants competing in four more first round match-ups.

Johnny Valiant: A 16 man tournament?

Eric Bischoff: That's right, it's not going to be easy. It's about that time folks, time for the main event. When we return, it will be Masa Saito vs. Colonel DeBeers!


When the commercials ended, the music of Larry Zbysko, AWA World Champion, was playing and as the cameras zoomed in on the announce booth, you could see the champ was right there with them.

Eric Bischoff: Well, what a treat. We're joined-

Johnny Valiant: We're joined by the best wrestler on the planet...Larry Zbysko.

Larry Zbysko: Johnny, you're too kind. Good to have you here in AWA. It's about time someone classes up the joint.

Zbysko shoots a look over to Bischoff, letting him know exactly where that comment was directed.

Eric Bischoff: I presume you're here to scout the man that you will once again face at the next Superclash event, Masa Saito?

Larry Zbysko: Scout? Listen here Bischoff, I'm the World Champion. You get that? I don't have to scout, they have to scout me.

Eric Bischoff: Then why are you out here?

Larry Zbysko: I'm out here because.I can be. Without me, this is an amateur fest. With me, it's a top notch event.

Johnny Valiant: You got that right Zbysko. Now if only we could get rid of Bischoff.

Bischoff shoots Valiant a look as the cameras go to the ring for the main event.

Masa Saito vs. Colonel DeBeers

DeBeers locks up with Saito and immediately puts him in a side headlock. Saito pushes him off, then charges DeBeers, who thumbs him in the eye. DeBeers with a european uppercut, then another. DeBeers plants Saito on the mat with a bodyslam, then goes up to the second turnbuckle. DeBeers tries to drop an elbow, but Saito moved out of the way. Both men to their feet and Saito delivers a spinning belly to belly, driving DeBeers into the mat. DeBeers gets up and Saito hooks a leg, delivering a fisherman's suplex, hanging on for the pinning attempt, but only getting a two count. Saito is poised for DeBeers, but DeBeers catches him coming and uses a knee to the midsection to stop his progress. DeBeers hammers the back of Saito, driving him to the mat. DeBeers goes for a knee drop, but again Saito moves out of the way. Saito with a Saito suplex, named after him! He dropped DeBeers on the back of his head. Saito makes the cover and the ref makes the three count!

Winner: Masa Saito

Larry Zbysko smiles and pats the World Title as Masa Saito looks out towards him as All Star Wrestling comes to an end.

Overall Rating: 56

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Writer's Meeting

We all sat around the conference table, making small talk until Eric stepped into the room. He was empty handed as usual, he never seemed to write anything down yet always remembered the smallest of details. I guess that's why Verne has him in charge.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, first things first. Sophie, what'd the ratings look like?

Eric had told me last night to make sure and contact ESPN for the overnight ratings.

Sophie: The overnight numbers have us at 1.49 and NWA's Power Hour at 1.82.

Eric seemed relatively pleased with that.

Eric Bischoff: That's not bad. If we keep putting out a good product, the fans will keep watching. They know the Power Hour's going stale, let's make sure we have what they want. What are your opinions from last night?

He glanced at me, but then his eyes continued on, setting on Bill Thoms. Thoms was the oldest of the group, very close with Verne and a big supporter of the old school.

Eric Bischoff: Bill?

Thoms cleared his throat.

Bill Thoms: I think we've got to get Valentine in the ring. Building up anticipation is just going to upset the fans.

Ray Edwards didn't waste anytime adding his two cents.

Ray Edwards: What are you talking about? We're in Minnesota for all our shows, everyone's going to get a chance to see him once he debuts. All we're doing is making sure the fans are at their most anxious when he finally gets in there.

Bill Thoms: They're already anxious. Minnesota fans appreciate wrestling, they deserve to see him every week.

I couldn't stand the bickering, so I interrupted.

Sophie: Shouldn't we be more focused on figuring out who his opponent will be at Superclash V?

Eric Bischoff: Good! Finally, someone with sense.

Benton Fraser, regarded as the best brain of the bunch, instantly followed up.

Benton Fraser: Him and Bam Bam could put on a good match and really elevate each other.

Eric Bischoff: I think we recognize how big that could be, but it needs to be saved and really built up.

Bischoff looked around the room, trying to avoid eye contact with Bruce Kolberg. There wasn't a nicer guy in the business than Bruce, but he just seemed to be a little off in the head. Bischoff ran out of options and finally gave in.

Eric Bischoff: Bruce?

Bruce Kolberg: What if we turn Koloff heel and let Valentine play up the american angle against him?

Eric Bischoff: They'd work well together I'm sure, but I don't think we need to turn Koloff just yet. Anyone else?

Benton Fraser: Here's something. We had Ox cut that promo, really putting over Nightstalker. What if Valentine challenges him for Superclash, saying he's going to put an ending to the beatings?

Eric nodded his head, pretty happy with that idea.

Bill Thoms: But then he instantly loses credibility if Valentine wins, or vice versa.

Bischoff looked at Thoms, then back to Fraser.

Benton Fraser: If the match is done right, both can come out of there looking better than when they went in Bill. Things aren't so cut and dry anymore. The guy who loses can still come out looking good.

Bill Thoms: I don't like it. I think Valentine needs to debut, put on a clinic against someone like Jamie Magnum, and get over based on ability.

Eric looked at Benton.

Eric Bischoff: You think you can take the match and make sure they both come out looking good?

Benton nodded his head confidently.

Eric Bischoff: Good, then we're done here.

With that, Bischoff left the room and the ball had started to roll.

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All Star Wrestling

The scene fades into a parking lot and more specifically at the open trunk of a black Lincoln. The trunk slams shut and you see Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, duffel bag in hand, step away from the Lincoln and head towards a door. The sign on the door reads National Sports Center. He slams it shut as the cameras fade up to the announce team of Eric Bischoff and Johnny Valiant.

Eric Bischoff: There you saw him, the ultimate signee for AWA, Greg "The Hammer" Valentine. Later tonight, Greg Gagne will be asking Valentine all the questions we wanna know.

Johnny Valiant: When he's gonna leave?

Eric Bischoff: These fans erupted for him last week Johnny, they're proud to have him in AWEA.

Johnny Valiant: These fans may like him, but he made a mistake by calling out our World Champion.

Eric Bischoff: Mistake or not, he said that he's coming for the title. And speaking of titles, we have the final four first round matches in our North American Title Tournament!

Johnny Valiant: When do we crown the champion?

Eric Bischoff: Not until Superclash V. But tonight, it's first round action, starting off with Al Snow vs. The Nightstalker.

Al Snow vs. The Nightstalker

Nightstalker watched as the energetic, fan friendly Al Snow, stepped into the ring. Al Snow played to the crowd, but Nightstalker didn't let that go on for long. He grabbed Snow and spun him around, lifting him up and down with a scoop slam. Nightstalker immediately went to work stomping away at Snow, driving those oversized boots into Snow. Nightstalker was relentless in his attack, sending Snow into the ropes and going for a big boot, which Snow somehow slid underneath. Nightstalker turned around and got a right hand from Snow, and another, and another. Snow kicked Nightstalker in the midsection, then used a jawbreaker to take him down! Snow looked out to the crowd, who were getting pumped up, then climbed up to the top rope. He stood perched, waiting for Nightstalker to get to his feet. Snow came off with a cross body, but Nightstalker caught him and slammed him forward. Nightstalker grabbed Snow, lifting him up to his feet, then set him up for the powerbomb, which he completed. Nightstalker could go for the pin at this point, but instead he picks Snow up and delivers another powerbomb! The referee is warning Nightstalker and even warning Ox Baker on the outside. Ox doesn't care and he instructs Nightstalker to do it again. Nightstalker again lifts Snow into the air and drops him down with a hard powerbomb, which prompts referee Danny Daniels to call for the bell, awarding this match to Al Snow via disqualification. Nightstalker turned towards Daniels, but Ox yelled for him to get out and Nightstalker dropped to the mat and rolled underneath the bottom rope, following Baker to the back.

Winner: Al Snow

As The Nightstalker and Ox Baker make their way through the curtains, they approach a nearby camera and Ox Baker makes sure it gets a good look at his huge Nightstalker.

Ox Baker: This....is 300 rock solid pounds of pure, destructive evil. This....is a man with no conscience who will do whatever he has to in order to prove his point. This...is a man who wants to be taken seriously. This...is a man who will be taken seriously in AWA. What happened to Al Snow is nothing but a taste of what will happen to each and every man who steps in The Nightstalker's path. Consider yourselves....warned.

Nightstalker kinda snarls as the commercials start to roll.


The cameras come back from commercial to the announce crew.

Eric Bischoff: Al Snow may have advanced, but he definately took the worst of the beating tonight. I don't know if he'll even be ok to participate in the second round.

Johnny Valiant: That's the price you pay Bischoff. This isn't chess, this is wrestling, it's full contact in that ring.

Eric Bischoff: I understand that, but there is such a thing as un-necessary violence.

Johnny Valiant: I don't think anything Nightstalker did was un-necessary. He had to get respect and that display of violence will get him that respect.

Eric Bischoff: Well he didn't get any from me, that's for sure. Let's go to the ring for our second first round match of the night, two huge competitors, Magnus Vaara and Gary Albright.

Gary Albright vs. Magnus Vaara

Magnus Vaara, the pride of Finland, gave up a hundred pounds to Albright but made up for it with his immense strength. The two stood eye to eye, neither backing up an inch until Vaara took a step back and raised his right hand in the air, challenging Albright. Albright listened to the crowd and accepted. They then locked left hands as well and the struggle started. Neither man was gaining any advantage and finally Vaara raised his knee into Albright's ribs and took control. He hammered Albright in the back until Albright was prone on the mat. Vaara dropped a knee into Albright's forehead, then another. Vaara pulled Albright off the mat, backing him into the ropes and chopping his huge chest. Vaara sends Albright into the ropes, stopping him with a knee, then running him over with a hard clothesline. Vaara sat Albright up and locked in a reverse chin lock. Vaara had it locked in tight and you could see Albright fading. The crowd started a Ga-Ry, Ga-Ry chant and soon, Albright was fighting his way back. Albright got to his feet and managed to turn his body around, now facing Vaara. Albright locked his arms around Vaara and nailed him with a belly to belly suplex, getting the crowd to their feet! Gary reached down to Vaara, hooking his arms, then lifting him in the air with a double arm suplex. Albright goes for the pin, but Vaara manages to raise an arm at two. Gary again waits for Vaara to get to his feet, then locks in a full nelson from behind! He's going for the release dragon suplex that brought him so much success in Japan. Vaara knows what's coming and quickly turns both of their bodies, then backs up into the corner, squashing Albright! Vaara takes a step out, then rams him back into the corner! Albright stumbles out of the corner and Vaara reaches down, lifting Albright onto his shoulders! Vaara's got Albright in the torture rack and what an impressive site that is! Albright tries to hang on, but Vaara's got him stuck and there's no choice but for Albright to tap out, giving Vaara the win. Vaara drops Albright and stands in the middle of the ring, letting everyone look at what an impressive individual he is.

Winner: Magnus Vaara

Eric Bischoff: Wow, what a display of raw power by Magnus Vaara.

Johnny Valiant: You know what his name means Eric?

Eric Bischoff: I'm sure you'll tell us.

Johnny Valiant: It means Great Mountain in Finnish.

Eric Bischoff: Great Mountain? You're serious this time?

Johnny Valiant: Dead serious, his name means Great Mountain.

Eric Bischoff: Well, it's certainly fitting. I'm getting word that Greg Gagne is backstage with Greg Valentine!

The cameras go backstage where Greg Gagne is standing with Greg "The Hammer" Valentine.

Greg Gagne: Mr. Valentine, I gotta say I was as surprised as anyone to see you here last week. But when can we expect to see you in action?

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine: I'm just waiting for someone to step up to the plate. I've signed my contract, I've passed my physical, I'm ready to go. All I need is someone who's willing to put their name on the other side of the contract and I'll show AWA what they've been missing.

Greg Gagne: Is there anyone in particular that you'd want to face?

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine: Like I said last week, I'm coming for the World Title, but until I get that chance, I'll take on anyone who wants to find out why they call me The Hammer.

Greg Gagne: Do you think the competition here is better or worse than what you're used to?

Greg "The Hammer" Valentine: I'm here because AWA is making a committment to be the best. We're gonna have the best wrestlers and we're going to have the best action, that's a fact. Now that I'm here, being the best is only a matter of time.

Valentine walks away as Gagne throws it to commercial break.


The show fades back into the announce booth.

Eric Bischoff: Johnny, we're down to our final two matches of the night.

Johnny Valiant: More importantly than that Bischoff, we're going to see the tape of the contract signing between Larry Zbysko and Masa Saito.

Eric Bischoff: Yes we will. We're headed to the ring right now as The Trooper takes on young Marc Mero.

Marc "Golden Gloves" Mero vs. The Trooper

Marc "Golden Gloves" Mero came down to the ring in his boxing trunks, no shirt, a mouthpiece, and boxing gloves. The Trooper got a very nice pop as he slid into the ring in full uniform. He took his hat off, tossing it to the crowd, then pointed at Mero, who was taking his gloves off. The Trooper got patted down by referee Bob Densmore but Mero didn't wait for it to end, he attacked the Trooper, nailing him with right hands. Mero stood The Trooper up in the corner and proceeded to connect with quick left jabs, then a right hook to the body. Mero was bouncing the whole time, keeping his body loose. Densmore warned him about the closed fists and when Mero went back to The Trooper, he was met with a right hand. The Trooper pulled a role reversal, putting Mero in the corner. Trooper backed up and charged in with a clothesline that almost sent Mero over the top. Trooper yelled out to the crowd who popped back. Trooper backed up and charged in looking for another clothesline, but Mero ducked down out of the way and Trooper went chest first into the corner. Mero with a quick reverse DDT and goes for the pin, but Trooper gets his feet up on the bottom rope! Mero pounds the mat, then lifts Trooper up to his feet. Mero with a hard right hand, then sends Trooper into the ropes. Trooper ducks under a clothesline, bounces off the ropes, and takes Mero down with a flying lariat! Mero gets to his feet and Trooper dropkicks him! Trooper heads up to the top rope. Mero gets to his feet, turns, and Trooper takes him down with a flying shoulderblock! Trooper makes the cover and picks up the win.

Winner: The Trooper

Eric Bischoff: Clips from the contract signing as soon as we come back!


The cameras don't go back to the announce crew, instead going straight to the press conference footage. It's a long table with AWA Owner Verne Gagne standing at the podium. World Champion Larry Zbysko sits on the left with the title while challenger Masa Saito sits on the right. Gagne has the attention of the entire room.

Verne Gagne: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that June 17th, at the Metrodome, Larry Zbysko will defend the AWA World Title against Masa Saito. This long, heated rivalry has seemingly out grown one on one standard matches, so at Superclash V, Larry Zbysko will defend the AWA World Title in an I Quit match! No pinfalls, no countouts. There will not be a winner until one of these men make the other give up. This is not one you want to miss. Superclash V at the Metrodome, get your tickets!

With that, Zbysko and Saito both stood up and faced each other, nose to nose, as the clip faded to commercials.


The cameras faded back into the announce booth.

Eric Bischoff: What an announcement. Zbysko and Saito in an I Quit match Johnny, what a match!

Johnny Valiant: Oh it's gonna be something special Bischoff, I can't wait til Saito say those two words that will make sure he lives in wrestling mediocrity forever.

Eric Bischoff: Superclash V is shaping up to be a great event, now let's see who can advance to the second round of the North American Title tournament!

Nikita Koloff vs. Col. DeBeers

Koloff locked up with DeBeers, backing him into the ropes, then laying hard stiff forearms into DeBeers' chest. Koloff with a bodyslam, then whipped DeBeers into the ropes, connecting with a powerslam. Koloff hopped to his feet, getting cheers from the crowd, but DeBeers clotheslined him down from behind. DeBeers drops an elbow into Koloff's chest and then dropped another one before waiting for Koloff to get to his feet. Once he did, DeBeers took him down with a swinging neckbreaker but could only get a two count on the pin. Debeers lifted Koloff to his feet, but Koloff used a back elbow to back DeBeers up. Koloff drives a forearm into Debeers, then sends him back first into the corner. Koloff charges in and smashes him with a massive clothesline. Koloff veals him out of the corner with DeBeers landing in the middle of the ring. Koloff runs, jumps, and drops a huge elbow into the chest of DeBeers, covering him for a quick two count. Koloff locks in a code red armbar submission and has DeBeers in pain. DeBeers manages to crawl to the ropes and grabs the bottom one, breaking the hold. Koloff helps DeBeers to his feet and Koloff whips him into the ropes. DeBeers ducks a wild right hand from Koloff and drops Koloff with a reverse neckbreaker. DeBeers goes for the pin, but can't get the three. DeBeers and Koloff back to their feet and exchanging right hands. DeBeers kicks Koloff in the gut and then delivers the facebuster! DeBeers makes the cover, putting his feet up on the second rope, but the ref doesn't see it! The ref makes the three count and Col. DeBeers advances in the tournament!

Winner: Col. DeBeers

All Star Wrestling comes to an end with Col. DeBeers soaking in the boos of victory.

Overall Rating: 59

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Writer's Meeting

Everyone was supposed to come to the meeting with at least one idea to improve the product and draw in more fans. That's what the memo we all recieved said anyway. I knew it didn't apply to me since I'm not technically on the creative staff, I just sit in on the meetings. Although as I looked around at the other four, I started to realize that maybe I should speak up more. If we leave things to these guys, then we may never fix our problem. I couldn't wait to see what these guys had come up with. Eric opened the door and came sauntering in, nodding his head and smiling at everyone. He took his seat at the head of the table.

Eric Bischoff: Did everyone get my memo?

Mumbled yesses could be heard from the crew.

Eric Bischoff: Alright. Who wants to go first?

Bischoff didn't have to look around. Ray Edwards immediately signalled that he wanted to go first.

Ray Edwards: I was thinking that we could implement some sort of ranking system in AWA. In order to get a World Title shot, you have to be the actual number one contender. Boxing's really hot right now with Tyson and part of that is because fans can follow the rankings, know where they're favorite is.

A questionable idea at best, Benton Fraser was quick to shoot him down.

Benton Fraser: It also has to do with the fact that Tyson is the quickest right hand in years. Can you even name 7 of the top 10 ranked boxers?

Edwards started to speak, but then stopped, thinking. He nodded his head, admitting defeat, and took a seat.

Eric Bischoff: And what'd you have in mind?

Benton Fraser: I think we need a tournament.

Eric Bischoff: We've got the North American title tournament right now...

Benton Fraser: No, I mean a tournament with nothing on the line but pride, maybe a trophy. Not just because we need to crown a champion.

Bill Thoms spoke up for the first time.

Bill Thoms: What's the point of that? It's just going to be regular matches, who cares if it's a tournament.

Benton Fraser: I think winning the tournament could be a great way to elevate a younger talent.

Bill Thoms: A long lasting program with an over veteran can do the same thing in a better way. That's how it's been done forever and there's nothing wrong with the formula that works.

Before Benton could respond, Bischoff stepped in.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, alright. Bill, what's your idea?

Bill Thoms cleared his throat before speaking.

Bill Thoms: I think we should get rid of this interview time and add another match or two each week. This is wrestling. Fans are tuning in to see wrestling. Everything else isn't needed.

Benton Fraser: Isn't needed? You understand these interviews help build up the matches, add meaning to them?

Ray Edwards: And on top of that, they only take about a minute, not enough time to add another match.

Bill Thoms: If we save four minutes a show, that's enough for an extra match.

Benton Fraser: And then we have matches without build-ups.

Again, Bischoff played referee and stopped the argument.

Eric Bischoff: Bill's got a point. This is wrestling, people do tune in to see wrestling. It's something we'll look into for sure.

Bill nodded his head, satisfied that Bischoff at least listens to his ideas. Eric turned to the quietest of the bunch, Bruce Kolberg, who was scribbling on a piece of paper. He realized the room had gone silent and then realized they were all staring at him. He held up his piece of paper for everyone to see. It was a barely recognizable picture.

Bruce Kolberg: It's King Kong on a building....

Eric rolled his eyes. Bruce was a hard one to deal with. He always seemed like he was off in his own world and when you did get his attention, his ideas were always out there. But you couldn't find a nicer guy and we really liked having him around. We just didn't expect much from him as a professional.

Eric Bischoff: Bruce, you have any ideas to help improve our product and draw in more fans?

Bruce didn't even look up from his paper.

Bruce Kolberg: Aliens.

That got a burst of laughter from the entire room, including Eric.

Eric Bischoff: Aliens? The little green creatures?

Bruce still didn't look up.

Bruce Kolberg: No. Aliens...foreigners.

Bruce finally looked up, towards Eric.

Bruce Kolberg: There's a guy in Mexico, Konnan, who could bring an innovative style to AWA. There's some great young technicians up in Canada right now. There's some powerful grapplers in Germany who could add a new dimension.

Kolberg looked around, then back to his paper. Fraser exchanged glances with Edwards.

Benton Fraser: I think he's onto something here. AWA could become a hotbed for different styles from around the World.

Bill Thoms: Have we forgotten what AWA stands for? American Wrestling Association. Keyword is American.

Benton Fraser: Oh, open your eyes Bill, some of the best wrestler's in the World are from outside the country. We can't limit them from coming in.

Ray Edwards: We could even play on it. The best talent from all the countries are coming here...to America...to American Wrestling Association in order to showcase their abilities. This could be huge.

Bill Thoms: You'll lose all your old school fans, which is what this company is built around.

Benton Fraser: I think they'll appreciate it.

Bill Thoms: Yea well, go sign what's his face-

Bruce Kolberg chimes in suddenly.

Bruce Kolberg: Konnan. His name's Konnan.

Bill Thoms: Fine, whatever. Go sign Konnan and watch the reaction. I guarantee he doesn't get over.

Eric Bischoff: Maybe we'll do just that Bill. Maybe we'll do that.

Eric nods his head, then calls for the end of the meeting, telling everyone good job. I approached him and he seemingly read my mind.

Eric Bischoff: See if you can get me a list of bios of some of the better foreign talent.

Sophie: Sure thing.

Eric Bischoff: By the end of the day?

Sophie: No problem.

It's always my pleasure to make things easier. I just hope someday someone realizes who really runs this place.

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  • 1 month later...

All Star Wrestling

Osseo Park Arena in Osseo, MN

The AWA All Star Wrestling opening video played, then the cameras focused in on the announce crew of Eric Bischoff and Johnny Valiant.

Eric Bischoff: Hello and welcome once again...to All Star Wrestling right here on ESPN. I'm Eric Bischoff alongside-

Johnny Valiant: *ahem* I believe I can introduce myself.

Valiant shoots Bischoff a look before turning to the camera.

Johnny Valiant: I'm the one and only Johnny Valiant, here to make this show so much better than it'd be without me.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, we've got two second round matches from the North American Title tournament.

Johnny Valiant: Bam Bam Bigelow's got to be the odds on favorite for that, this massive man with so much agility is hard to take out.

Eric Bischoff: Indeed he is, but Doug Furnas will get a chance to do just that, using his amateur background. And in the other match, it will be "The Illustrious One" Johnnie Stewart stepping in against one half of the Texas Hangmen....Killer.

Johnny Valiant: We'll see if a tag team wrestler can find singles success.

Eric Bischoff: He's gonna have to do it on his own because I've gotten word that Psycho will be barred from ringside!

Johnny Valiant: Well that just put the odds in Stewart's favor big time Bischoff!

Eric Bischoff: And the main event will feature-

Johnny Valiant: The greatest wrestler on the planet, your World Champion, Larry Zbysko!

Eric Bischoff: Thanks for cutting me off.

Johnny Valiant: Just giving the fans what they want.

Eric Bischoff: Zbysko will be in action, taking on and defending against, DJ Peterson! But first, it's Buck Zumhoff taking on the monster with a mean streak...The Nightstalker!

The Nightstalker vs. Buck Zumhoff

Buck went right at the Nightstalker, firing quick forearm blasts to his chest, but Nightstalker just shoved him down to the mat, almost effortlessly. Buck got to his knees and looked around at the crowd, urging him on. Buck got back up and again charged at Nightstalker, who went for a clothesline, but Buck ducked underneath the clothesline! Buck bounced off the ropes and ran right into Nightstalker, but didn't move him. Buck backed into the ropes and charged at Nightstalker again, going for a sort of jumping clothesline, but Nightstalker grabbed him and held him in the air before dropping him with a sidewalk slam, making the cover and only getting two. Nightstalker helps Buck to his feet, whipping him into the corner, then charging in and sandwiching Zumhoff. Nightstalker with a two handed chokehold and is really strangling Buck, who's gasping for air, arms flailing around. The ref finally gets Nightstalker to back up, but Nightstalker threatens the referee. He turns back to Buck, who jumps up and nails him with an uppercut, causing Nightstalker to stumble backwards. Zumhoff up to the second turnbuckle and comes off with a double axe handle, taking Nightstalker off his feet! Zumhoff goes up top and goes for the cross body, but Nightstalker catches him in mid-air, bringing him down with a gutbuster. Nightstalker waits til Zumhoff gets to his feet, kicks him in the midsection, then delivers the powerbomb for the three count.

Winner: Nightstalker

Ox Baker motioned for Nightstalker to leave the room, so he did, stepping through the ropes. Baker led Nightstalker down the aisleway, right to where Greg Gagne was standing by with a microphone.

Greg Gagne: Ox, can I get a minute?

Baker smiles an evil smile as Nightstalker steps into the picture.

Greg Gagne: Last week, you said this tirade would continue until Nightstalker got respect. Has anything changed?

Ox Baker: The only thing that's changed is the stain in the ring from where that boy soiled himself out of fear...fear of the Nightstalker...fear that he might not make it out of the ring. The same fear that has the entire locker room hiding as the Nightstalker walks by, cowering like school children hearing monsters in their closet. Meanwhile, all we hear is the hype...the anticipation...all for Greg Valentine.

Greg Gagne: The Hammer, yes, he's in AWA now and he's going to debut real-

Ox Baker: That's EXACTLY what I'm talking about. You mention his name and it's always "he'll debut soon", "he'll show you soon." I've had enough of this soon crap. Who cares about Greg Valentine? He hasn't been here in AWA, dominating the competition, but he's demanding World Title shots. Greg Valentine, I think you're skipping a few steps, but don't worry. My Nightstalker is here to set things right. Greg Valentine, you want a match? You want respect? At Superclash V, June 17th, we're laying down the challenge to have you face...The Nightstalker.

Ox smiles his evil smile into the camera and then leads Nightstalker to the back.


Eric Bischoff: What a challenge from the Nightstalker. I can't wait to hear what Valentine says.

Johnny Valiant: I can't wait to see how he tries to get out of this one.

Eric Bischoff: How can you be so sure he's going to try and get out of it?

Johnny Valiant: It's Greg Valentine. I told you, he's a quitter. He talks big, but he doesn't actually want to step in with someone like The Nightstalker.

Eric Bischoff: It's time for the second round matches to start as Johnnie Stewart is stepping in against Killer of the Texas Hangmen with Psycho banned from ringside!

Johnnie Stewart vs. Texas Hangman Killer

Killer attacked Stewart as he stepped through the ropes, followed shortly by the bell ringing. Killer continued to pound away at Stewart, putting him on the mat, then laying the boots to Stewart until referee Jim Mollineaux, going at least 250 on any scale, pulled Killer off and warned him to keep things clean. Killer shoved past Mollineaux but walked right into a right hand from Stewart. Stewart with another right, and another, then whipped Killer into the ropes. Stewart got good airtime on a dropkick and Killer was off his feet. Stewart extended Killer's arm on the mat, raised himself up, and came down with both knees onto the arm. He repeated that move twice before settling into an armbar. Killer managed to get to the ropes after just a few moments, breaking the hold. Stewart again sent Killer into the ropes, looking for a back body drop. Killer grabbed Stewart and snapped him back, driving the back of his head into the mat. Killer off the ropes and dropped an elbow into Stewart's midsection. Killer went for the pin, but could only get a two count. Killer picked Stewart up, kicking him in the midsection, then hooking his arms but before he could do whatever he was planning, Stewart back body dropped him. Stewart ran him over with a quick clothesline, and then another clothesline. Stewart whipped Killer into the ropes and connected with the jumping knee to the face! Stewart makes the pin and gets the three count!

Winner: Johnnie Stewart

Eric Bischoff: Stewart moved onto the semi-finals!

Johnny Valiant: He caught Killer with the knee and it was over. But I guarantee that knee's not going to cause the same damage to Bam Bam Bigelow.

Eric Bischoff: That's if Bigelow wins.

Johnny Valiant: It's just a matter of time.

Eric Bischoff: It won't be much time, that match is taking place right when we return!


Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Doug Furnas

Doug Furnas looked at Bam Bam, knowing he was giving up a lot of size, but he wasn't thinking about that. Furnas knew he had the technical ability, he was figuring out how to go after Bam Bam. Furnas locked up and Bam Bam immediately put him in a side headlock. Furnas shoved Bam Bam off into the ropes and Bam Bam ran him over with a shoulderblock. Furnas got back to his feet and Bam Bam drove a headbutt into his forehead, knocking him right back down. Bam Bam went for a falling headbutt and connected, right into the shoulder of Furnas. Bam Bam went for the pin, but only got two. Bam Bam picked up Doug Furnas, sending him spinefirst into the corner, then charging full speed with a clothesline, but Furnas sidestepped it and Bam Bam hit the corner. Furnas locked his arms around Bam Bam from behind, looking for a german, but Bam Bam used a back elbow to re-gain the advantage. Bam Bam sent Furnas into the corner again and again charged. This time, Furnas got his feet up, spinning Bam Bam around on impact. Furnas locked his arms around Bam Bam again and this time delivered a huge german suplex, shaking the ring. Furnas tries to catch his breath, but Bam Bam was making it back to his feet. Bam Bam charged and Furnas got him with forearm. Furnas with a right hand to Bam Bam, then went for a vertical suplex, but couldn't get Bam Bam up in the air that way. Bam Bam hammered Furnas in the shoulder, then picked Bam Bam up and slammed him to the mat with a standing powerslam! Bam Bam took the air right out of Furnas and now he's signalling that he's going up top. Bam Bam walks over, climbs up the ropes and is standing perched with one foot on the top. He dives off and connects with the diving headbutt to Furnas. Bam Bam makes the cover and gets an easy three count.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

Johnny Valiant: Like I said Bischoff, only a matter of time. In 3 weeks time, that man will be your North American Champion.

Eric Bischoff: I gotta admit, the chances are looking good Johnny, they're looking really good.

Johnny Valiant: You sound down about it. AWA should be proud to have champions like Larry Zbysko, or Bam Bam Bigelow. They'll take this fed to the top. Straight...to...the...top.


Eric Bischoff: Next up, we've got a very impressive, very powerful tag team in action. The Lumberjacks, Scott Norton and John Nord.

Johnny Valiant: Lumberjacks should fit in perfectly around here. I don't really care what the background is, these men are big and mean and that's why I like em.

Eric Bischoff: I figured you'd say that.

The Lumberjacks vs. Becker & Bennett

Scott Norton started off against Becker and manhandled him around the ring, throwing him into the corner, then sandwiching him. Norton drove forearms into his back, driving him to the mat before bringing in Nord, who dropped a knee into Becker's midsection, then went for the pin, only getting a two count. Nord sent Becker into the ropes, but Becker ducked a big boot and used a flying right hand to knock Nord down and tag in Bennett! Bennett with quick right hands to Nord and even nailed Norton with one. Bennett was feeling it, but when he turned back to Nord, Nord nailed him with a big boot. Nord went for the cover and Becker tried for the save, but got cut off by Scott Norton and a massive clothesline. Nord picked up the three count.

Winner: The Lumberjacks

After the match, the cameras went backstage where Greg Gagne was standing with the World Champion, Larry Zbysko, in front of an AWA poster. Zbysko has a huge smile on his face as he pats the World Title.

Greg Gagne: Larry Zbysko, first things first. Greg Valentine has said he's in AWA to come for the title. Being the champion, what are your thoughts on that?

Larry Zbysko: Greg Valentine wants the belt? I think Valentine's got his hands full with the Nightstalker. Maybe he should stick to one battle....at a time.

Greg Gagne: But surely it's your job to defend that title against all comers.

Larry Zbysko: I'll defend this belt against anyone, anytime. Even right now, I'm getting ready to go defend the title. That's what being a champion...is all about. It's too bad Valentine doesn't know what that feeling is.

Greg Gagne: What about the announcement last week that you will face Masa Saito in an I Quit match at Superclash V?

Larry Zbysko: I was at the contract signing, you know that right? C'mon kid, do some research. This whole match was my idea. Masa Saito is like a pawn in this huge chessboard known as AWA. I'm the almighty King. No matter what I do though, he keeps coming, never enough to cause damage, but enough to be annoying. Making this match an I Quit match will put an end to him once and for all. At Superclash V, it will be checkmate...in favor...of the Living Legend.

Zbysko pats the title again and walks away from the camera, probably making his way to the ring for the main event.


Larry Zbysko vs. DJ Peterson

Zbysko handed the World Title to referee Bob Densmore, the veteran of the group, and told Peterson he better enjoy looking it while he can, it'll be the last he sees. They locked up and Zbysko immediately put in a side headlock, but Peterson with a go behind and a double leg takedown, getting a nice pop as Zbysko re-groups. Peterson steps towards Zbysko and gets a thumb to the eye, stopping him right there. Zbysko with a hard left hand, then spins Peterson around and drops him with a Saito suplex, obviously a taunt to Masa. Zbysko gets up and wipes his hands clean, saying how easy it is. He grabs Peterson and runs him into the corner. Zbysko then drags Peterson's face across the top rope, burning the skin. Zbysko slams Peterson's head on the top turnbuckle again, then stands him in there back first. Zbysko drives an open hand slap to the chest of Peterson, the sound resonating throughout the arena. Zbysko taunts the challenger, then slaps him across the face, which causes Peterson to nail him with a right hand, and another, and another, bringing Zbysko to the middle of the ring. Peterson lifts Zbysko up and brings him down with an atomic drop, then a snap suplex! Peterson bounces off the ropes and connects with an elbow to the chest of Zbysko. Peterson hooks the leg, but only gets a two count as the champ kicks out. Peterson with a bodyslam to Zbysko, then goes up to the second turnbuckle. He comes off looking for another elbow, but this time Zbysko moves out of the way. Zbysko and Peterson get up about the same time and Peterson nails Zbysko with a right hand. Peterson bounces off the ropes and charges at Zbysko, who sees him coming and nails him with a spinebuster! Zbysko locks in a front facelock and forces Peterson to tap out.

Winner: Larry Zbysko

Eric Bischoff: The champ hangs on for an impressive win.

Johnny Valiant: Impressive? Hardly. What you saw was absolutely flawless. That's why he's the Living Legend.

Eric Bischoff: What's he doing now? This match is over, what's he doing?

In the ring, Zbysko has the World Title and is holding up to DJ Peterson, telling him he'll never be worthy of that. Zbysko then kicks him in the head and starts stomping away. All of a sudden, the crowd gets to their feet and then you see Masa Saito coming down the aisle. He slides in the ring and Zbysko quickly rolls out, making his way up the aisle, belt in hand. Saito checks on Peterson, but stares at Zbysko as All Star Wrestling comes to an end.

Overall Rating: 59

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St. Michael-Albertville Arena in Albertville, MN

The cameras opened up to the announce crew of Eric Bischoff and Johnny Valiant.

Eric Bischoff: Well Johnny, it's yet another week of what is fast becoming the best wrestling product on television.

Johnny Valiant: That's the effect that I have Bischoff. I bring the goods.

Eric Bischoff: Nobody does it quite like you.

Johnny Valiant: You're starting to appreciate me, that's good.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, we've got two more second round North American Title tournament matches, a tag team match up, Larry Zbysko and DJ Peterson in a re-match from last week, PLUS our hot opener of the week.

Johnny Valiant: Hot opener? Like Madonna?

Eric Bischoff: Not quite, but it is Tommy Jammer and the Unknown Soldier, right now!

Tommy Jammer vs. Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier got some heel heat for taunting the crowd, but not quite the reaction he was hoping for. They locked up and Jammer easily backed Soldier into the corner, using his power wisely. He backed up, willing to let Soldier out and Soldier caught him with a tough knee. Soldier with rapid fire right forearms to the back of Jammer, bringing him down to a knee where Soldier started driving right hands into his forehead. Soldier drove him to the ground then stood up, yelling out to the crowd, getting some cheap heel heat. Soldier dropped down, driving his fist into the forehead of Jammer, then stood up and used another falling right hand. Soldier lifts Jammer up to his feet, then sends him into the ropes, nailing him with a back elbow, then spinning around him and nailing him with a reverse neckbreaker. Soldier goes for the pin, but Jammer kicks out at two. Soldier is upset with the count from Danny Daniels and gets in his face, instantly getting a warning from Daniels about being DQed. Soldier goes back to Jammer, sending him into the ropes, but Jammer comes charging off and takes him down with a clothesline. Jammer off the other ropes and another clothesline. Jammer picks Soldier up, lifting him high in the air with a military press, then dumps him to the mat! Jammer sends Soldier into the ropes and powerslams him right in the middle of the ring! Jammer hooks the leg and Danny Daniels makes the three count!

Winner: Tommy Jammer

Eric Bischoff: Last week, The Nightstalker made a bold challenge to Greg Valentine, saying he wants to be his first match in AWA.

Johnny Valiant: A bold challenge maybe, but the Nightstalker knows he has nothing to fear.

Eric Bischoff: Well, Greg Valentine has sent in his response to the Nightstalker and we're going to the tape, right now!

The videotape starts to roll and you see Greg Valentine in a ring, sparring against somebody that nobody recognizes. Valentine is working him over with suplexes, powerslams, back body drops, everything. He's putting on a clinic and ends it by locking this poor guy in a Figure Four leg lock. Valentine then stands up, wiping the sweat from his brow then looking into the camera.

Greg Valentine: Nightstalker, you want me to prove myself? That's what I've been doing for the last ten years. You want me to earn my spot? I've earned more than anyone in this company. You want to be the first victim of The Hammer, then fine. I'm not Al Snow, you're not going to powerbomb me twice and leave me laying in the ring. I came to AWA to show that I am the best and that I deserve the chance to be on top. If going through bullies like you is what I have to do in order to accomplish that, then so be it. At Superclash V, you'll get your wish. I'll step into the ring with you Nightstalker but make sure you realize that your rise to the top will end on June 17th. It's funny because that will be the same day that The Hammer makes his presence felt.

The show fades to commercial.


Eric Bischoff: Greg Valentine has accepted the challenge and will face The Nightstalker at Superclash V!

Johnny Valiant: What Greg Valentine did was seal his fate. This will be his first AWA match and to start off with a loss like the one he's going to get...he may never rebound.

Eric Bischoff: Greg Valentine is one of the most accomplished wrestler's in the World.

Johnny Valiant: And the Nightstalker's going to hurt him, plain and simple Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Another impressive physical specimen is in the ring right now. Magnus Vaara is set to take on Al Snow for the right to be in the Semi-Finals!

Magnus Vaara vs. Al Snow

The fans didn't have much of a response for Snow, but they watched Vaara in awe as he stepped his chiseled frame into the ring and locked up with Snow. Vaara backed Snow into the ropes, then drove a forearm into his chest, then another. Vaara sends Snow into the ropes, picking him up in a gorilla press, then stepping forward and dropping Snow straight to the mat. Vaara stomped Snow in the shoulder, then lifted him into the air and brought him down with a shoulderbreaker. Vaara repeated the shoulderbreaker, then laid Snow on the mat and made the cover, getting a two count. Vaara sent Snow into the corner, then charged in. Snow went up and over Vaara, then rolled him up with a sunset flip. Vaara kicked out at two and both men got to their feet. Vaara went for a quick clothesline, but Snow ducked it, dropkicking Vaara in the back, sending him chest first into the ropes. Vaara turns around and Al Snow gets him with another dropkick. Vaara's almost over the top rope and Al charges in. Vaara bends down and back body drops him over the top rope. Snow lands on the apron. Vaara turns and Snow drives his shoulder between the second and third ropes, into the midsection of the much bigger Magnus Vaara. Snow flips over the top rope, over Vaara, and goes for another sunset flip! Vaara again kicks out at two, then gets pulled to his feet by Snow. Snow kicks Vaara in the midsection, then goes for a suplex, but Vaara blocks it and lifts Snow into the air instead, dropping him forward with a reverse suplex! Vaara gets up and as soon as Snow gets to his feet, Vaara lifts him into the air and onto his shoulders, locking him in the torture rack. After moments of being shook, Al Snow finally gives it up.

Winner: Magnus Vaara


Eric Bischoff: Magnus Vaara has advanced, but who will his opponent be?

Johnny Valiant: Honestly Bischoff, I don't think it matters. The way he's manhandling people, he'll make the finals easily. But can be get past Bam Bam?

Eric Bischoff: These men are pouring their hearts out for the right to be the first North American champion. Nobody can say otherwise.

Col. DeBeers vs. The Trooper

Col. DeBeers was doing his pre-match routine, really giving it to the fans when the Trooper charged the ring and slid in, nailing DeBeers with rapid fire right hands and instantly hooking the crowd in. He sent DeBeers into the corner and then climbed up, delivering the ten punch as the crowd counted along. He hopped down and the crowd roared as DeBeers fell face first to the mat and the Trooper looked out to his fans. He turned back to DeBeers and helped him to his feet, only to bodyslam him down before coming off the ropes and delivering an elbow. The Trooper goes for a quick pin, but only gets a two count. He sends DeBeers into the ropes again, but DeBeers ducks a right hand and puts on a sleeper hold. The crowd goes quiet as DeBeers hooks it in tighter and the Trooper starts to feel the effects. He drops down to his knees. DeBeers is telling the crowd to shut up as they start chanting Troo-Per, Troo-Per. DeBeers now has Trooper half laying on the mat and the ref comes to check his arm. It drops twice, but Trooper hangs on the third time and starts getting back to his feet. Trooper with a series of back elbows to DeBeers, then pushes off, charging into the ropes and coming off but DeBeers drops him with a drop toe hold and locks in a reverse chin lock, again taking the energy from the crowd. DeBeers eventually released the chin lock, pulling Trooper to his feet. A vertical suplex led to a pin attempt, but only a two count. DeBeers delivers hard right hands to The Trooper. DeBeers with a gutbuster, but Trooper kicks out before the three count. DeBeers sends Trooper into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Trooper turns that into a swinging DDT! Both men are on the mat, trying to get up as Jim Mollineaux starts the ten count. Both men start to stir at six and are on their feet by 8. DeBeers swings a right hand and Trooper nails him with an atomic drop. Trooper with another atomic drop! That set up a full nelson slam and the Trooper heads up to the top rope! DeBeers to his feet and The Trooper with a flying shoulderblock! He makes the cover and gets the three count!

Winner: The Trooper


Eric Bischoff: The board of directors have made a decision that in addition to crowning a North American Champion at Superclash V, we will also be crowning brand new tag team champions!

Johnny Valiant: That's too much for one night. These fans can't handle all that.

Eric Bischoff: They're going to have to.

Johnny Valiant: Who's going to be in the tag title match.

Eric Bischoff: As far as I know, it's going to be an open invitational. This could draw teams from all around the World Johnny!

Johnny Valiant: I may have to make a couple phone calls and get my own team in it.

Eric Bischoff: You just worry about calling the action.

The Olympians vs. The Lumberjacks

Ken Patera locked up with Norton and used a go behind into a takedown attempt, but Norton didn't exactly go down as planned. Patera went for a german, but only got Norton a few inches up into the air before Norton's body weight brought him back down. Norton backed into the corner, squashing Patera, then stepped out and slammed all his weight back into Patera again. Norton lifted Patera in the air and dropped him face first across the top turnbuckle. Norton tags in John Nord, who comes in with a hard kick to Patera's midsection, then another. Nord backs up and charges in, looking for a running big boot, but Patera sidesteps it and Nord has his foot caught on the top rope. Patera lifts him into the air and down with a side suplex. Nord gets up and Patera with a spinning belly to belly suplex takes him back down and makes the cover for the pin. Patera drags Nord to the corner and tags in Rheingans. Rheingans comes in and puts on an armlock, twisting Nord's arm, then pulling him in for a shoulder block followed by an overhead suplex. Rheingans goes for the pin, but only gets two. Rheingans goes to bounce off the ropes, but Norton reaches over and hammers him in the back. That lets Nord bodyslam him and then tag in Norton. Norton comes in and immediately puts the boots to Rheingans. Norton lifts Rheingans into the air, bringing him down with a back breaker, then tagging in Nord, who delivers an elbow while Rheingans is over Norton's knee. Nord makes the cover, but only gets two. Nord sends Rheingans into the corner...no Rheingans reversed it and pulled Nord back for a clothesline! Rheingans tags in Patera. Patera with a forearm to Norton, knocking him off the apron. Patera delivers the swinging neckbreaker to Nord and makes the cover, getting the three count!

Winner: The Olympians

As the Olympians celebrate in the ring, a video package starts to roll, showing two guys, both in impeccable physical condition, although not huge in size. The duo are combining technical wrestling with aerial manuevers and using pure, raw, power. The video ends with the two posing next to each other as the words "The Young Stallions: Coming to AWA" roll over the screen. The show then fades to commercial.


The cameras come in from commercial and immediately go backstage where Greg Gagne is standing with DJ Peterson.

Greg Gagne: DJ, tonight you get a rematch with the man who beat you last week, Larry Zbysko.

DJ Peterson: That's right. I may have lost last week, but I only lost a match. Zbysko, you lost respect for what you did after the match. You could have left with the win, but you wanted to embarass me. Tonight, things will be different.

Greg Gagne: What makes you so sure things will be different tonight DJ?

DJ looks off to the side and the camera pans back as Masa Saito walks into the picture.

DJ Peterson: Tonight, I've got a little protection on my side.

DJ pats Masa on the back and the two make their way past Gagne, heading to the ring.

Larry Zbysko vs. DJ Peterson w/Masa Saito

Zbysko has some words for Saito on the outside, but then turns his attention back to it's rightful place. Zbysko locks up with Peterson and backs him into the ropes, driving a forearm into his chest. Zbysko sends him into the ropes and catches him with a knee to the midsection. Zbysko lifts Peterson up with a pump handle slam, driving him into the mat, then going for the pin, but only getting a two count. Zbysko picks Peterson up, lifting him into the air with a vertical suplex, holding him vertically while looking at Masa Saito. After about fifteen seconds, Zbysko drops Peterson to the mat, gets up, and wipes his hands clean right at Saito, who starts to come in the ring, but referee Bob Densmore stops him. Zbysko takes advantage of the referee being distracted and pulls Peterson up by his hair, then DDTs him to the mat. That makes Saito try to get in the ring more, which allows Zbysko to go to work choking Peterson out in the ring. Zbysko manages to stop before the referee can turn around and catch him in the act. Zbysko walks around the ring, taking in the boos, then helps Peterson getting to his feet. Zbysko drives his fist into the head of Peterson and lifts him up and down with a Saito suplex, again standing and looking at Saito, who's becoming more and more impatient on the outside. Zbysko spends a moment jawing with Saito, then goes back to Peterson, who catches him off guard with a couple right hands to the midsection. Peterson gets to his feet then nails Zbysko with more right hands. Zbysko whips Peterson into the ropes...no...Peterson reverses it and sends Zbysko in. Saito pulls down the top rope and Zbysko goes up and over the top to the outside! Masa Saito immediately lifts Zbysko to his feet but before he can do anything, Bob Densmore slides outside and warns Saito that he'll DQ Peterson. Saito rolls Zbysko into the ropes where Peterson elevates him high into the air with a back body drop. Peterson goes up to the second rope and waits for Zbysko to get to his feet. Peterson comes off with a double axe handle, but Zbysko catches him and turns it into a spinebuster! Zbysko quickly locks in a front facelock. Saito hops up on the apron, yelling for Peterson to get out of it. Zbysko releases the facebuster and pulls Saito into the ring. Zbysko goes for a left hand on Saito, but Saito jabs him in the throat with an open hand thrust. Saito with a Saito suplex, dropping Zbysko on his head. Zbysko may have started it, but Saito has cost Peterson the match. Bob Densmore calls for the bell.

Winner: Larry Zbysko

Zbysko back to his feet and Saito with another suplex on him! Zbysko quickly rolls out of the ring as Saito stands side by side with DJ Peterson and All Star Wrestling fades to black.

Overall Rating: 61

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Writer's Meeting

Our normal Tuesday meeting was postponed until Thursday because it's the end of the month and Eric figured we may as well combine our monthly meeting with our weekly meeting. Eric wasted no time in starting the meeting as he handed everyone the same piece of paper. On it was a picture and a full bio.

Eric Bischoff: This is our main agenda. This...is Curt Hennig, better known as Mr. Perfect.

He handed out the bio as if we didn't know this man. As if we hadn't watched him throughout his entire tenure in WWF. Everyone knew he was perhaps the best technical wrestler around. But what did Bischoff mean by saying he was our agenda?

Eric Bischoff: It's June 1st, a brand new month and it started off great for me. I got a phone call early this morning informing me that Curt's contract with WWF expires in exactly three months and as of right now, he's exploring his options. He, like Valentine, feels that with Hogan there, he'll never get to advance. So signing him becomes our top priority. Every one of you today will go and call anyone you can to find out what he's looking for and what it will take.

Bruce raised his hand and was acknowledged by Bischoff.

Bruce Kolberg: Why don't we just call his agent?

Eric Bischoff: He's still under contract with WWF, his agent can't have any real discussions, but I'm sure he'll make it known what it'll take. This is our priority. Everyone, get on it.

Bischoff called for the end of the meeting, again telling us that we were to spend the rest of the day finding ways to get Hennig under contract. Bischoff thinks that one guy is going to be the answer to our problems? I guess I better start working on my resume.

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All Star Wrestling

Willmark Blueline Center in Willmark, MN

The opening video montage rolls, then the cameras fade into Eric Bischoff sitting next to Johnny Valiant.

Eric Bischoff: Hello folks and welcome to All Star Wrestling. We're counting down the days to Superclash V Johnny Valiant and it's shaping up to be a good one.

Johnny Valiant: Yes it is Bischoff. We'll crown a North American Champion, we'll crown new tag team champions, and your hero and mine..Larry Zbysko...will defend his World Heavyweight Championship.

Eric Bischoff: He goes one on one in an I Quit match with Masa Saito and tonight, we've got footage from earlier this week where Greg Gagne sat down with Masa Saito in his own home!

Johnny Valiant: Like any of us could understand Masa Saito anyway.

Eric Bischoff: He had a translator with him. He'll also be in the main event, teaming up with DJ Peterson to take on the Lumberjacks.

Johnny Valiant: Saito overload tonight.

Eric Bischoff: Also, by the end of the night, we'll know who will be in the North American Title tournament finals!

Johnny Valiant: You might as well re-name it the Bam Bam Bigelow title Eric, it's bound to happen.

Eric Bischoff: Magnus Vaara, The Trooper, and even Johnnie Stewart are all wanting their hands on it as well. Starting things off tonight, it's the Nightstalker taking on Frankie DeFalco!

Nightstalker vs. Frankie DeFalco

Nightstalker takes a couple of right hands from DeFalco. DeFalcon goes to pick Nightstalker up and Nightstalker hammers him in the back, stopping that thought. Nightstalker picks DeFalco up with a pumphandle slam, dropping him down hard into the mat. Nightstalker looks out to Baker, who's barking orders. Nightstalker picks DeFalco up, kicking him in the midsection, then lifting him into the air. Nightstalker drops DeFalco with a huge powerbomb, causing DeFalco to bounce off the mat. Nightstalker makes a confident cover and gets the easy three count.

Winner: Nightstalker

Ox Baker gets NIghtstalker out of the ring, clearly happy with the domination. He and Nightstalker stop on their way to the back, right in front of a camera. Ox Baker, never shy, has a few words on his mind.

Ox Baker: Greg Valentine. The Hammer. You don't even think enough of AWA to work out here, don't even respect the company enough to be in the building. No, you have your own training facilities. You're too good for all of us, right Valentine?

Baker chuckles to himself before screaming into the camera.

Ox Baker: LOOK AT WHAT THE NIGHTSTALKER JUST DID! LOOK....at how he just destroyed Frankie DeFalco. DeFalco may never be the same again. That's what happens....when people get in the ring with the Nightstalker. You know what happens when Nightstalker gets in the ring with someone he despises? Ha. Superclash V, you'll find out.

Baker pats Nightstalker on the chest, then leads him to the back.


The show comes back from commercial and immediately a video package rolls, showing the same team from last week. The name Paul Roma pops up on the screen and you see one of the two flexing his left arm, then snap suplexing someone. Roma comes off the top rope with a nice elbow drop and then the words Jim Powers come up on the screen and the other, the bigger of the two, is shown powerslamming someone. The two pose facing each other with their heads turned to the camera as the words Young Stallions rolls across the bottom. The package fades and you're back to the announce crew.

Eric Bischoff: The Young Stallions, coming to AWA soon.

Johnny Valiant: One of the better young teams in the World, they know that AWA is all about competition and that's why they're coming here.

Eric Bischoff: It's time to find out who the first finalist is for the AWA North American Championship. It's Bam Bam Bigelow taking on Johnnie Stewart. I know you like Bam Bam Johnny.

Johnny Valiant: Oh, I do. His size, his agility, his bald head, it's the complete package.

Eric Bischoff: Let's get to the action.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. "The Illustrious" Johnnie Stewart

The crowd had chants of Stew-Art, Stew-Art heading into the match, but Bam Bam shut them up with an attack just as the bell started to ring. Bam Bam had him down on the mat in seconds and was stomping away at his chest, neck, and shoulder area. Bam Bam dropped a standing headbutt to the shoulder of Stewart, but Stewart got his feet up on the ropes to break the pin. Bam Bam sent Stewart into the ropes, then missed a clothesline. Stewart with a crossbody, but Bam Bam catches him and drops him back with a fallaway slam! Bam Bam shouts out to the fans before grabbing Stewart, who was struggling to make it to his feet. Bam Bam sends him into the corner and charges in, but Stewart gets his feet up! Bam Bam regroups and charges again but same result! Stewart lifts himself up to the second round and bulldogs Bam Bam into the mat, hooking the leg and going for the pin, but Bam Bam kicks out at two! Stewart looks out to the crowd, getting them hyped up, then heading up to the top rope. Bam Bam gets to his feet and Stewart comes off with a missile dropkick! Bam Bam takes the dropkick and rolls out of the ring, desperately trying to re-group. Stewart slides underneath the bottom rope with a baseball slide that misses Bam Bam. Bam Bam with a hard clothesline, then rolls Stewart into the ring. Bam Bam sends Stewart into the ropes, lifting him up and bringing him down with a gutbuster. Bam Bam yells out to the crowd again, then picks Stewart up. He lifts him straight up and down and drives him head first into the mat with a piledriver! Bam Bam goes outside and climbs up, putting one foot on the top rope. Bam Bam with the flying headbutt, driving his head into the head of Stewart! Bam Bam makes the pin and picks up the three count!

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow


Eric Bischoff: We know Bam Bam Bigelow is in the finals, but who will his opponent be?

Johnny Valiant: As impressive as Vaara has been, it simply doesn't matter. Whoever Bigelow faces, he's going to destroy Bischoff, so let's just get this over with.

Eric Bischoff: I'm glad you're confident, but this is AWA where anyone can win at anytime.

The Trooper vs. Magnus Vaara

Vaara locks up with the Trooper and the Trooper reaches deep down inside and neither man gives up an inch. Right from the get go, you know what this match is worth. They go to lock up again but The Trooper ducks underneath Vaara, bounces off the ropes and the two meet with a shoulderblock, neither giving up an inch again. The Trooper bounces off again with the same result. He bounces off the ropes again, but this time goes to the air and a flying shoulderblock knocks Vaara back into the ropes. The Trooper charges with a clothesline and both men go up and over the top to the outside! Referee Danny Daniels starts the ten count and The Trooper tries to roll in, but Vaara keeps him on the outside. Vaara with an irish whip into the steel pole! Vaara rolls in the ring as Daniels continues his count, now up to six. The Trooper getting to his feet and as Daniels counts 9, Trooper rolls in, only to be met by boots from Vaara before he picks Trooper up, lifting him onto his shoulder and delivering a running powerslam. Vaara goes for the pin, but Trooper kicks out at two. Vaara lifts Trooper into the air again, again laying him on his shoulder, but instead of delivering the powerslam, Vaara drops Trooper face first on the top turnbuckle, snapping him back. Vaara doesn't go for the pin this time, isntead helping Trooper to his feet again. Trooper with an elbow to the midsection, and another, then uses a double leg take down! Trooper flips over Vaara holding both legs with a bridge. Vaara kicks out at two and both men get to their feet. Vaara goes for a clothesline, but Trooper ducks it and from behind nails Vaara with a belly to back suplex, impressing the crowd with the ability to get Vaara up and over. Trooper goes for the pin, but again Vaara kicks out. It turns into a slugfest with both men trading right hands. Vaara gets the upperhand and sends Trooper in hard to the corner. Vaara goes for the torture rack, but Trooper slides out and nails Vaara with a reverse DDT! The Trooper gets up and the crowd's going nuts. Trooper to the top rope. Vaara gets to his feet and is taken down by the flying shoulderblock! The Trooper makes the pin and moves onto the finals!

Winner: The Trooper

Eric Bischoff: There you have it! The Trooper is going to be taking on Bam Bam Bigelow, June 17th at Superclash V!

Johnny Valiant: The Trooper may as well give it up now Bischoff. Let's get the title engraved and just save everyone some time.

Eric Bischoff: The fans in the Metrodome on the 17th may not appreciate that. As promised, we have the footage from earlier in the week. Greg Gagne went to the home of Masa Saito to get his words on the upcoming World Title match with Larry Zbysko.

The video package rolls and you can see Masa Saito sitting down on the couch in his living room. His translator sits next to him and Greg Gagne is in a chair facing the couch.

Greg Gagne: Masa Saito, thank you for allowing me into your home. I know you've wanted to speak your mind for a while and now you've got that chance. What exactly are your thoughts...on Larry Zbysko?

The translator repeats all this to Saito, then watches as he responds. The translator nods his head, showing he understands, then looks towards Gagne.

Translator: Larry Zbysko represents everything that is wrong with wrestling. Where I'm from, wrestling is built upon tradition, built upon respect. Larry Zbysko has no respect. Not for himself, and not for this sport.

Greg Gagne: You've beaten Larry Zbysko for the World Title once before a couple of months ago. What do you have to do in order to do it again?

Again, the translator repeats, then listens as Saito gives his answer.

Translator: Larry Zbysko relies on control, he doesn't know how to improvise. If I make Zbysko wrestle my kind of match, then he doesn't stand a chance.

Greg Gagne: Tell me what it would mean to you to become the AWA World Champion one more time.

Same process as before, but this time you can see the passion as Saito talks, you can tell how much this means to him.

Translator: Becoming the AWA World Champion would mean everything to me. Not only does it symbolize that I am the best wrestler in the sport, but it would finally be back around the waist of someone who appreciates it. Me winning the World Title would be a step in the right direction for wrestling...and for AWA.

Greg Gagne goes to ask another question, but Saito signals no more questions. Saito bows his head towards Gagne as the video package comes to an end.


The cameras come back in and the AWA World Champion, Larry Zbysko, is making his way down to join the announce crew.

Johnny Valiant: Come on down champ. Welcome, welcome. Don't mind Bischoff, he doesn't need that chair anyway.

Eric Bischoff: Whatever. Larry Zbysko, what brings you down here?

Larry Zbysko: Not happy to see me Bisch? I'm hurt. I'm just here to get a good view of Masa Saito. Is that so bad?

Eric Bischoff: As long as you're just watching.

Johnny Valiant: Champ, did you see the footage from Saito's home?

Larry Zbysko: Did you see that couch? Geez, get that man a decorator.

Eric Bischoff: What about the actual comments.

Larry Zbysko: I heard something about Godzilla and King Kong and fried rice, same old jibberish coming out of his mouth.

Eric Bischoff: Another show of disrespect by-

Larry Zbysko: Now listen here Bischoff. If anyone's disrespectful, it's Masa Saito. This isn't Japan, this is America, this is the AWA, this is my home. He comes in here and disrespects me? Calls me a bad champion? Let me tell you something. Masa Saito will learn his lesson at Superclash and if you don't watch your mouth, you might learn a lesson too.

Johnny Valiant: Get him champ. He's been running his mouth for weeks. He deserves whatever you give him.

Eric Bischoff: Let's just go to the main event.

Masa Saito/DJ Peterson vs. The Lumberjacks

Masa Saito started the match off against Scott Norton, going behind him and kicking him in the back of the knee. Saito kicked out the other knee, then bounced off the ropes and dropkicked Norton in the back, sending him face first to the canvas. Saito quickly drives an elbow into the back of Norton's head, then tags in DJ. DJ comes in with a running knee to the face of Norton, who had started to get up. Peterson sends Norton into the ropes, but Norton's shoulderblock runs Peterson over and Norton is able to tag in John Nord. Nord locks up with Peterson, kneeing him in the midsection, then bodyslamming him to the mat. Nord drives a forearm down across the forehead of Peterson...stands up and does it again! Peterson rolls over, trying to find Saito, but Nord cuts off the ring, lifting Peterson to his feet. Peterson surprises everyone by nailing Nord with a right hand and another and another, then sending him into the corner. Peterson with a high knee takes Nord right off his feet! Peterson falls to the mat, but starts crawling towards Saito. Nord is trying to stop him, but Peterson makes the tag! Saito in the ring and firing right hands at Nord, backing him into the corner. Saito spins around and fires a couple of shots at Norton, sending him off the apron but when he turns back to Nord, he gets taken down with a big boot. Nord goes for the cover, but Peterson's there to break up the count. Jim Mollineaux is trying to get Peterson back into his corner, but that allows Nord to put Saito in the corner where Norton is choking him out from behind while Nord pounds him with fists. The referee turns around and Norton releases Saito, then tags in. Norton with an avalanche in the corner and then a belly to belly suplex, landing on top of Saito and making the cover, only getting a two as Saito somehow managed to kick out. Norton with a gorilla press, then brought Saito all the way down onto his knee with a gutbuster. Norton again went for the pin but again only got two. He tagged in Nord out of frustration. Nord came in and went right to work on Saito, then sent him to the corner, but Saito came backing out and drilled Nord with a sidekick! Saito tags in Peterson, who comes off the top with a flying elbow for a two count! Peterson tagged Saito and together, they lifted Norton up with a double Saito suplex! They drop him on the back of his head and Saito goes for the pin. Peterson holds off Nord and they get the victory.

Winner: Masa Saito/DJ Peterson

Another staredown between Saito and Zbysko as All Star Wrestling comes to an end.

Overall Rating: 61

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Writer's Meeting

Eric Bischoff: Alright, a quick update on the progress of signing Curt. I've been in contact with his agent and his only concern is that we're not a major promotion right now, not the size of WWF at least. But the big plus is that we're in Minnesota and Curt would love to come back home.

Bischoff looked around the room, making sure we were all paying attention. I know Curt's a great athlete, but Bischoff's acting as if our whole company depends on him. I think we should focus on developing the guys we have, but I know that saying that is pretty much pointless. Bischoff's open to new ideas, as long as they don't go against what he has in mind. Bischoff continued.

Eric Bischoff: Now back to our current business. Right now, we have four matches for Superclash V. Anyone have any matches they want to see?

Ray Edwards: I think it's important to get Magnus on the show. He was really getting the crowd into his matches during the North American tournament, I think he can add a lot to the show.

Bill Thoms: Him and Gary Albright could probably put on a good old fashioned slugfest.

Bruce Kolberg: Oh yea, I forgot. Gary Albright's hurt. Something about his eye, he'll be out the rest of this month.

Bischoff looked at Kolberg, surprised at what he heard.

Eric Bischoff: What do you mean he's hurt? Where'd you hear that?

Bruce Kolberg: Tyson Morgan told me.

Eric Bischoff: Our head trainer told you about Albright's injury and not me?

Bruce Kolberg: I guess.

Eric Bischoff: And when did you find this out?

Bruce Kolberg: Couple days ago.

Eric Bischoff: And you never told me?

Kolberg just shrugged.

Bruce Kolberg: I forgot.

Bischoff sat down in his chair, leaning back. We all knew he was frustrated. All except Bruce, who went back to writing in his notepad. The odd silence was interrupted by Benton.

Benton Fraser: What about a clash of foreign powers?

Bischoff turned and looked at him, waiting to hear more.

Benton Fraser: Magnus Vaara, the Finnish powerhouse, taking on Nikita Koloff.

Bill Thoms: The fans don't want to see two foreigners. They need an American to cheer on.

Benton Fraser: I don't think they do. They recognize and cheer for Koloff, he can do just as good as job as anyone. Plus, their styles may work out nicely.

Ray Edwards: I'm not so sure the styles will work, but I think the crowd would be into it.

Eric Bischoff: Ok, we'll start advertising for that one too then. Any other suggestions?

Ray Edwards: Do we know about the tag title match?

Eric Bischoff: Well, we've got the Young Stallions coming in. The Olympians. The Lumberjacks and the Texas Hangmen. I really think the four teams are enough.

Ray Edwards: You going to make it public?

Eric Bischoff: I'll make the official announcement on next week's show.

Bill Thoms: I don't think it's a major even without Col. DeBeers involved. He is a mainstay here in AWA.

Benton Fraser: Bill's got a point. DeBeers gets a lot of heat.

Bill Thoms: He could face a fresh face, an up and comer like Al Snow.

Benton Fraser: I think we need to build Snow's character first.

Bill Thoms: Then who do you suggest?

Ray Edwards: Marc Mero. Let him show off his raw ability.

Bill Thoms: I wouldn't object to Mero.

Eric Bischoff: So Marc Mero against Col. DeBeers?

Nods from around the room meant that match may as well be official. Bischoff looked like he might end the meeting, but I had a question first.

Me: We've had Dave Taylor signed for a month now and haven't even discussed his debut. Is there anything planned?

Eric Bischoff: We've got Magnus doing the foreign thing and getting heel heat. What can we do with Dave?

Me: You don't have to make his ethnicity the focal point of anything. It can just be a side note. I think he does the pompous asshole real well.

Eric Bischoff: What about a tag team?

Me: Why? He's a great solo performer.

Eric Bischoff: But we need tag teams and I think he could benefit from one.

Me: And just who would his partner be?

Eric Bischoff: We'd have to figure that out.

Ray Edwards: What about Al Snow?

Eric Bischoff: What about him?

Ray Edwards: We need to develop his character, right? Well, why not work something in with Taylor.

Eric Bischoff: Not a bad idea. I tell ya what. Everyone should be thinking of a way to get them two in a tag team. Next week, we'll open up the discussion. That's all.

Another week, another rough ending. I guess if I want my ideas to be taken seriously, I've got to be bolder. Next week, I'm coming prepared.

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St. Michael-Albertville Arena in Albertville, MN

The pyros end and the cameras focus in on the announce crew.

Eric Bischoff: Just one week away from Superclash V, welcome folks to All Star Wrestling. Alongside Johnny Valiant, I'm Eric Bischoff.

Johnny Valiant: One week away Bischoff before Bam Bam Bigelow gets his hands on his first American title.

Eric Bischoff: If he can make it past the Trooper, then I believe he truly does deserve that title.

Johnny Valiant: What do you mean if?

Eric Bischoff: The Trooper is bound and determined to bring it home. As a matter of fact, he's standing by backstage with our very own Greg Gagne!

The cameras go backstage where Greg Gagne is standing next to The Trooper, in full uniform.

Greg Gagne: Trooper, this Sunday you've got one heck of a challenge when you face Bam Bam Bigelow for the brand new North American Championship.

The Trooper: You're right Greg, but I'll be more than ready. See, Bam Bam Bigelow may be big and he may be impressive, but Bam Bam Bigelow is also a troublemaker. And it's The Trooper's job to make sure the troublemakers get exactly what they deserve.

Greg Gagne: As big and tough as he is, will the flying shoulderblock have an effect on him?

The Trooper: Greg Gagne, Bam Bam Bigelow won't know what hit him when I come off that top rope with the flying shoulderblock. Magnus Vaara's just as big and just as strong as Bam Bam Bigelow, but last week, he went down to the three count.

Greg Gagne: The North American title, what will it mean to be the first champion?

The Trooper: I look at it like this Greg. I'll have the chance to make that belt mean something right from the get go. It won't be deflowered by cheating and foul play like Larry Zbysko has done with the World. I will make the North American title the most prestigious belt in NWA.

Gagne thanked Trooper for his time, then sent him on his way before tossing it back to the ring for the opening match.

Ken Patera vs. Texas Hangmen Psycho

Patera locked up with Psycho, immediately using a go behind into a takedown. Patera locked in a facelock but released it, just wanting to prove a point. He stood up and watched as Psycho got to his feet, looking pretty upset. Psycho doesn't lock up this time, instead kicking Patera, then sending him into the ropes, dropkicking him off his feet. Psycho dropped down and started ramming right hands into Patera's face. Psycho got up and took in the boos from the crowd. He helped Patera to his feet, but Patera used a back elbow, then another, and another to back Psycho up into the ropes. Patera lifted Psycho into the air with a vertical suplex, then went for a pin, only getting a two count. Patera bounced off the ropes, knocking Psycho down with a clothesline, then delivering an elbow and pinning him for the two count. Patera lifted Psycho to his feet and Psycho dropped him down with a jawbreaker! Psycho backs up into the ropes then uses a shoulderblock to nail Patera, but Patera may have gotten a greater effect on Psycho. Patera with a hard right hand, then comes off the ropes with a swinging neckbreaker. Patera makes the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: Ken Patera


Coming back from commercial break, Greg Gagne is standing in front of an AWA banner. Ox Baker steps into view and instantly grabs the mic from Greg Gagne, shoving him off to the side as the Nightstalker steps into the picture, cracking his knuckles.

Ox Baker: We don't need a pest buzzing around asking questions. Greg Valentine, your time until the final judgement is over. In just one week's time, your fate will be sealed and your career will be destroyed. You will realize that AWA is not a safehaven, it is not a place that you can just walk into and stake a claim to be on top. In AWA, you earn your spot and you haven't earned anything but a beating at the hands of my Nightstalker. The Nightstalker is not about competition, he's not going to shake your hand and wrestle you. Nightstalker will step in that ring with one goal....to destroy you in every capacity imaginable. This will not be a regular match Greg Valentine. This will be your welcome to AWA. This will be the end...of...The Hammer. Count the days Valentine, count the days.

Eric Bischoff and Johnny Valiant are back on camera.

Eric Bischoff: Nightstalker looking scary as ever and Ox Baker with some very serious words for Greg Valentine.

Johnny Valiant: Ox Baker knows how to get under someone's skin, get in their head. He controls the Nightstalker and right now, he's controlling Greg Valentine.

Eric Bischoff: A quick announcement to make folks. We knew that the tag titles would be determined at Superclash V but I can now confirm that the four teams who will be involved are...The Olympians, The Lumberjacks, The Texas Hangmen, and The Young Stallions making their AWA debut!

Johnny Valiant: And they get a shot at the tag gold? What a lucky break!

Eric Bischoff: You're telling me.

Johnny Valiant: So this is going to be a four corners match?

Eric Bischoff: That's right, four teams, one ring. Tonight, we've got a preview as Brad Rheingans will take on Scott Norton and as you already saw, Ken Patera beat Texas Hangmen Psycho!

Johnny Valiant: Singles matches are a lot different than four way tag matches Bischoff. This will seperate the best team from the rest.

Eric Bischoff: I hope so. Right now, we've got Magnus Vaara taking on the unorthodox boxer, Marc "Golden Gloves" Mero!

Magnus Vaara vs. Marc Mero

Mero steps in the ring with his boxing gloves on, getting awkward looks from Magnus. He allows the ref to check inside, but the ref lets him keep the gloves on. There's no lock-up, just Mero bouncing around, throwing punches in the air. He nails Magnus with a jab to the chest, then a punch to the side of the ribs. Mero goes for a hook but Magnus moves his head back out of the way. Mero spins and Vaara grabs him from behind with a full nelson, lifting him into the air and bringing him down seat first. Mero quickly rolls to safety in the corner and the next thing you see is his gloves coming off. Mero stands up now and attacks Vaara, nailing him with forearms and closed fists. Vaara's down to the mat and the crowd is fully behind the fired up Marc Mero. Mero gets up and yells out to the fans. He then climbs up to the second turnbuckle. As Vaara stands, Mero comes off with a double axehandle, knocking Vaara back down to the mat. Mero goes for the pin but only manages a two count. Mero waits for Vaara to get up, then takes him down with a bulldog, driving him skull first into the mat. Mero turns him over then helps him to his feet. Mero whips Vaara into the ropes looking for a dropkick. Vaara hangs onto the ropes and Mero gets nothing but mat. Mero gets up, holding his midsection and Vaara nails him with a scissors kick, an impressive move for a man his size. Vaara drops down with a forearm across the forehead of Mero, but only gets a two count on the pin. Vaara gets to his feet and grabs Mero, dragging him to his feet. He whips him into the ropes, then throws him into the mat with a powerslam. Vaara's now signalling for the torture rack and as soon as Mero stands, Vaara puts him in it, picking up the win.

Winner: Magnus Vaara

Eric Bischoff: Another impressive showing by Vaara Johnny, he's definately going to be a contender.

Johnny Valiant: He'll get his chance Bischoff, but we knew all along that the North American Title was going to Bam Bam, that was guaranteed.

Eric Bischoff: Wait just a second Johnny, we've got Greg Valentine standing by backstage, let's go there now!

Greg Valentine is standing in front of an AWA poster that takes up the whole background of the image. He runs his hands through his golden hair before looking into the camera.

Greg Valentine: You know Nightstalker, a lot of people may run around AWA trembling at the sight of you. They may recognize you as the man who destroys everything that comes across his path. But lemme tell you one thing Nightstalker. I'm Greg Valentine. I'm not just some chump coming to AWA trying to make a name for himself. My name's known throughout the World and everyone knows that when I get in that ring, I make examples out of my opponent. They call me The Hammer Nightstalker. Why do you think that is? It's simply really. They call me The Hammer because I bring the pain, I bring it like nobody else in this business. At Superclash V, all of AWA will have their eyes glued to those monitors, watching as I step into that AWA ring for the first time and all of AWA will realize you're not indestructable. When I beat you in the middle of the ring Nightstalker, all of AWA will know that The Hammer's here and he's here to bring the pain.

Valentine stares into the camera as the camera fades.


Eric Bischoff: Johnny, things are really heating up for Superclash V and right now, we've got another preview of the tag title match-up!

Johnny Valiant: If you call this a preview. I think there's far too many differences for this to be a preview, but it's two big guys getting it on, so let's check it out.

Scott Norton vs. Brad Rheingans

Scott locks up with Rheingans and backs him into the ropes, flexing after the break. Rheingans cracks his neck, then locks up again, this time holding his own against Norton. They go to lock up for a third time and Norton knees Rheingans in the midsection, then lifts him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Norton drops Rheingans to the mat, then bounces off the ropes and looks for a big splash. Rheingans gets his knees up and Norton falls to the mat, clutching his ribs in pain as Rheingans gets to his feet. Rheingans helps Norton get to his feet, then hooks him with a spinning belly to belly slam, planting him back first. Rheingans hooks the leg, but Norton kicks out with ease. Rheingans delivers a forearm to the forehead of Norton, then helps him up to his feet again. Rheingans sends Norton into the corner, then lifts him up so Norton's sitting on the top turnbuckle! Rheingans climbs up with him and he's looking for an underhook superplex! Norton hammers him and Rheingans tries to balance, but falls to the mat. Norton comes off the second turnbuckle with a big splash onto Rheingans, completely taking all the air out of him. Norton can't make the cover and both men get to their feet. Rheingans right hands get the advantage, but after sending him into the ropes, Rheingans went for a hip toss and Norton blocked it. Norton hit a belly to belly of his own and then stood up, waiting on Rheingans. Rheingans got to his feet and Norton lifted him up to his shoulder, then delivered the running powerslam for the win.

Winner: Scott Norton


As the commercials come to an end, Greg Gagne's standing in the back. Larry Zbysko walks into the picture, with the World Title around his waist. Zbysko messes up the hair of Greg Gagne and smiles as Gagne tries to re-gain composure.

Greg Gagne: Larry Zbysko, how are you going to walk out of Minneapolis with the World Title around your waist?

Larry Zbysko: How? The same way I walk in Gagne. With as much confidence as humanly possible and without a bruise on me. It's simple.

Greg Gagne: Surely you've got to respect Masa Saito's ability and know that he's a threat to the World Title.

Larry Zbysko: Respect? This isn't about respect. This is about Masa Saito thinking he deserves something that he hasn't earned. This World Title belongs to me Gagne and there's nobody that can take it away from me.

Greg Gagne: What about DJ Peterson and the recent troubles you've had facing him?

Larry Zbysko: I've never had any troubles with DJ. I toyed around with him. That's all he was to me. Nothing more than a plaything. You can't really think that a World class athlete like myself would be troubled by someone like DJ Peterson, do you?

Greg Gagne: Well, DJ and Masa Saito did challenge you earlier in the week to find a partner for tonight. Have you found one?

Larry Zbysko: I heard about their challenge that nobody seems to know about. Big tough guys they are, right? They want to get in the ring with me again, that's fine. I went out and found the very best partner possible.

With a smirk on his face, Zbysko steps aside and watches as Col. DeBeers steps into the picture. Zbysko pats DeBeers on the back and shakes his hand before the two leave the picture to make their way to the ring.

Larry Zbysko/Col. DeBeers vs. Masa Saito/DJ Peterson

Col. Debeers started the match off against Masa Saito, who chopped DeBeers back into the corner, then sent him to the opposite corner, charging in and connecting with a running elbow. Saito hooked his leg and suplexed him back to the middle of the ring, then went over to Zbysko, who pushed him, then hopped off the apron so Saito couldn't get him. It was enough of a distraction to allow DeBeers a forearm shot to the back of Saito's head, then turned him around and used knees to the midsection to leave him laying in the corner. DeBeers tagged in Zbysko, who immediately went to work on Saito's midsection, lifting him up and down with a gutbuster, then repeating the move. Zbysko drove his knee into the side of Saito's ribs, then pulled back on his arms, stretching him out. Zbysko taunted DJ Peterson, and DJ tried coming into the ring, prompting referee Jim Mollineaux to come over and force Peterson back out. Zbysko took advantage of the opportunity and worked Saito over with closed fists. He locked in an abdominal stretch and tagged in DeBeers, who nailed Saito in the midsection with a boot. DeBeers then slapped in the abominal stretch himself. Every chance he could he used the top rope for extra leverage, but after the crowd starting chanting for Saito, he managed to flip DeBeers over. Saito dropped an elbow to the throat of DeBeers, then rolled over on the mat, out of it. DeBeers started to get up but took a step in the wrong direction. He stumbled over to Peterson, who rocked him with a right hand Saito rolled him up for a quick two count. DeBeers gets up and tags in Zbysko, who charges at Saito, but Saito drops him with a drop toe hold and tags in Peterson! Peterson with an elbow to the back of Zbysko's head, then picks him up. Peterson sends Zbysko into the corner, then charges in and climbs up, delivering the ten punch! Peterson hops down and plays to the crowd but when he turns back around, he walks right into the spinebuster! Zbysko makes the cover, but Saito breaks it up. Mollineaux forces Saito back to the apron and Zbysko lifts Peterson up. He whips Peterson into the ropes and locks in a sleeper hold! Peterson drops down with a jawbreaker and both men are down. Peterson is the first to make the tag but Zbysko tags in DeBeers seconds later. DeBeers recieves an overhead belly to belly suplex. DeBeers gets back up and Saito nails him with a Saito suplex! Saito turns to Zbysko on the apron and nails him with a chop, sending him flying off. DeBeers charges Saito, who ducks the clothesline and kicks DeBeers in the gut before dropping him with a DDT! Saito makes the cover and Jim Mollineaux makes the three count!

Winner: DJ Peterson/Masa Saito

Larry Zbysko doesn't even check on Col. DeBeers, instead just grabbing the World Title from the timekeeper and backing up the aisle, all the while watching Masa Saito who stands posed in the center of the ring, eyes glued on the title.

Overall Rating: 65

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Superclash V

Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN

There's a quick opening video package, showing what matches will take place, then some brief pyro before the cameras settle in on the announce crew of Eric Bischoff and Johnny Valiant.

Eric Bischoff: Hello folks and welcome to the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota as AWA proudly presents Superclash V.

Johnny Valiant: That's right Eric, the time is upon us once again where we seperate the boys from the men and real champions stand out.

Eric Bischoff: Three titles will be decided, including the vacant tag team titles and we will crown the first ever North American Champion, right here tonight!

Johnny Valiant: Bam Bam Bigelow's name may as well be engraved on that belt Eric, he will walk out of here as the North American champion.

Eric Bischoff: We will also see the debut of Greg Valentine tonight and in the main event, it's Larry Zbysko taking on Masa Saito in their final confrontation, for the World Title, in an I Quit match. What can we expect from that one Johnny?

Johnny Valiant: You can expect Masa Saito to bring everything including the kitchen sink while Larry Zbysko tries to fend him off and go home the same way he's arriving tonight....as the champ.

Eric Bischoff: Last week on All Star Wrestling, DJ Peterson, teaming with Masa Saito, pinned Col. DeBeers. DeBeers issued the challenge for Peterson to face him one on one and Peterson has accepted. That match will start things off for us, right here at Superclash V!

DJ Peterson vs. Col. DeBeers

DeBeers charged at Peterson right at the opening bell, but Peterson caught him charging and took him down with an armdrag takedown. DeBeers stands back up and Peterson takes him down with another armdrag. DeBeers rolls to the corner, clutching his back and looking up at Peterson, obviously frustrated. DeBeers doesn't charge this time, instead locking up slowly with Peterson and putting him in a side headlock, yelling at the fans to shut up. Peterson shoves DeBeers off and into the ropes, using another armdrag takedown, but holding onto the arm and twisting it as DeBeers is down on the mat. Peterson wraps his legs around DeBeers chest and rolls him up. Peterson gets a two count but as soon as DeBeers gets to his feet, Peterson rolls him up in a small package, trying to end the match as soon as possible. He only gets a two count again and DeBeers gets up, frustrated and pleading with referee Scott LeDoux that Peterson grabbed his tights. Peterson comes over to plead his case and DeBeers catches him in the eye with a poke. DeBeers with a right hand, another right hand, and another. DeBeers with a bodyslam, then drops down with a knee to the forehead of Peterson, stands up and drops down with another knee to the forehead of Peterson. DeBeers is dishing out an assault like nobody's business and Scott LeDoux is trying to get him off of Peterson. DeBeers finally lets off Peterson and heads over to the ropes, shouting at the fans to shut up again, getting nothing but more boos from the feisty crowd.

Eric Bischoff: This crowd is really giving it to DeBeers.

Johnny Valiant: Yea, but DeBeers doesn't care if he's liked. He's in there for one reason and that's to beat his opponent.

Eric Bischoff: DeBeers is in control right now and it should only be a matter of time before he gets the win.

DeBeers walks back over to Peterson, looking to help him to his feet but as soon as he got near, Peterson nailed him with a back elbow, stood up, lifted DeBeers into the air and brought him down with an inverted atomic drop. DeBeers clutched himself and hopped around in pain before Peterson lifted him up into the air and delivered another inverted atomic drop. Peterson bounced off the ropes and delivered a bulldog to DeBeers, bringing the crowd to it's feet. Peterson climbs up to the second rope and looks for a big splash, but DeBeers gets his knees up. DeBeers gets back to his feet and clubs Peterson in the back of the head. DeBeers sends Peterson into the corner, then charges in, but Peterson lifts his feet up and kicks DeBeers in the head, spinning him around. Peterson delivers an inverted neckbreaker and goes for the pin, but DeBeers kicks out at two. Peterson gets back up, getting the crowd behind him. He sends DeBeers into the ropes and looks for a spinebuster, but DeBeers changes the momentum in mid-air and turns it into the facebuster! DeBeers manages to make the cover and LeDoux makes the three count.

Winner: Col. DeBeers

Eric Bischoff: Very important win for Col. DeBeers. You've got to believe he stays in the title hunt by beating DJ right there.

Johnny Valiant: It doesn't matter so much that it was DJ Peterson, what matters more is that DeBeers really needed a win in front of a large audience and tonight, he got it.

Eric Bischoff: The North American title tournament saw a lot of guys get their chance at fame. Some, like Bam Bam Bigelow have really taken that opportunity and made the most out of it.

Johnny Valiant: Whereas others like Al Snow have disappeared.

Eric Bischoff: Another guy that really made his mark and let the World know he was a force to be reckoned with was Magnus Vaara. He nearly made it to the finals while destroying man after man on his way.

Johnny Valiant: But things won't be easy tonight Eric, not at all.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight he faces another one of our foreign superstars, Nikita Koloff in a match-up of strength more than anything. This one won't be pretty Johnny.

Johnny Valiant: No, but it'll sure be fun.

Magnus Vaara vs. Nikita Koloff

Both men stepped to the middle of the ring and you knew this wasn't going to be scientific, it was just going to be a clash of two behemoths. Vaara wanted a test of strength and put his right hand up into the air. Koloff didn't need to ask the crowd, he instantly matched the move, then put his own right hand into the air, which was met by Vaara's left. The two stepped in, chest to chest, and tried to bend each other's hands back, but neither man could garner an advantage. Vaara backed up a step and raised their arms up high again, trying to use his extra inch in height. Vaara stood up on his tip toes and finally managed to start bending Koloff's hands back towards his wirst. Vaara brought their hands down to the side but continued the move. Vaara finally delivered a headbutt to Koloff, releases his hands, and scoop slammed him to the mat. Vaara then posed for the crowd, getting booed but showing off his awesome physique. He turned his attention back to Koloff, now on his feet. Vaara drove a forearm into his chest, then another, backing Koloff against the ropes. Vaara bent Koloff backwards over the top rope, then drove that forearm deep into his chest. Vaara repeated the move and then grabbed Koloff by the head, walking him to the middle of the ring. Vaara looked like he was moving in for a bearhug, but Koloff lifted him into the air, bringing him down with an inverted atomic drop! Vaara grabbed himself, half bent over in pain while Koloff struggled to re-gain his composure.

Eric Bischoff: Well that'll certainly change the momentum around.

Johnny Valiant: That's not even a legal move, that's a blatant low blow.

Eric Bischoff: I don't think this one's going to be called too closely. Just let these big guys go at it and enjoy the results.

Koloff grabbed Vaara and sent him running into the corner, then charged in right behind him. As soon as Vaara hit back first, Koloff nailed him with a running clothesline. He repeated this, sending Vaara to the other corner and following right behind, those mammoth clotheslines doing the trick. He makes it a trifecta and then grabs Vaara before he can fall to the mat, lifting him up and down with a spinning belly to belly suplex. Koloff makes the cover, but only gets a two count. Koloff picks Vaara up off the mat, clubbing him with those massive forearms, then sends him into the ropes. Koloff with a quick and powerful powerslam plants Vaara on the mat, but again only gets a two count with the pin. Koloff bounces off the ropes and leaps into the air, and landing with his elbow firmly in Vaara's chest. Vaara instantly starts coughing from the impact and Koloff makes another pin, ending with the same result. Koloff again helps Vaara to his feet, backing him slowly into the corner, then driving his shoulder into Vaara's midsection, over and over. Koloff backs up to the middle of the ring, then charges in, looking to spear Vaara, but Vaara sidesteps him and Koloff goes shoulder first into the steel pole between the turnbuckles! Vaara takes full advantage of Koloff clutching his shoulder and lifts him up into the torture rack, shaking him until DeRusha had no choice but to call for the bell.

Winner: Magnus Vaara

Eric Bischoff: Vaara pulls that one off, but this was not another dominating performance. Koloff matched his strength and Vaara's not used to that.

Johnny Valiant: Well, you're right, he's not used to that. And this wasn't his easiest match but the end result stayed the same Bischoff. He still managed to lock in the torture rack and he still got the win.

Eric Bischoff: In this sport, thats all that really matters. That, and getting your hands on some AWA gold. Right now, 8 men, 4 teams, have a chance to become the AWA Tag Team champions.

Johnny Valiant: The wild card in this match has got to be the Young Stallions, making their AWA debut. If they could win the titles in their first match, they'd really make their mark.

Eric Bischoff: But can an outside just walk in and take our titles? I think the competition here is too good to allow that to happen, but that's why they wrestle the matchesl Let's go to the ring!

Texas Hangmen vs. Olympians vs. Young Stallions vs. Lumberjacks

Paul Roma wanted to start things off and he did, locking up with Psycho of the Hangmen and immediately putting him in a headlock, then using a go behind and a double leg takedown. Roma gets up and hops side to side, waiting on Psycho, who tags in Killer. Killer charges and is taking down with a hiptoss, then Roma tags in Powers, who delivers an elbow to the back of Killer, gets up and delivers another, then gets up and delivers another. Powers picks Killer up, then makes a tag to Roma. Powers sends Killer into the ropes and delivers a huge powerslam, then watches as Paul Roma comes off the top rope with a flying elbow to his midsection! Powers stands guard in the ring while referee Al DeRusha makes the three count, eliminating the Texas Hangmen from competition. Roma doesn't have time to celebrate because John Nord hits him from behind, sending him tumbling into the corner. Roma turns around only to recieve a right hand from Nord followed by a boot to the midsection. Nord hammers Roma down, then turns to taunt Jim Powers. When he turns back around, he's met by Paul Roma coming off the top rope with a cross body, taking Nord down and tagging in Ken Patera! Patera steps in the ring just as Nord tags in Scott Norton.

Eric Bischoff: The Texas Hangmen obviously didn't have what it took tonight, but that's not to say they should be ruled out in the future.

Johnny Valiant: Right now, we've got two big athletic guys ready to go at it. Norton and Patera, whoever gets the better of this exchange might walk out of here as the champs!

Eric Bischoff: Don't count out those Young Stallions either Johnny.

Norton and Patera go toe to toe, trading off right hands but Norton gets the advantage, backing Patera up into the ropes, then clubbing him with both arms at the same time. Norton grabs Patera and delivers a spinning powerslam, going for the pin but Brad Rheingans breaks up the pin. Norton gets in Rheingans face and Patera's able to grab him from behind, using a spinning belly to back suplex, planting Norton on the mat! Patera tags in Rheingans, who sends Norton to the ropes, then goes for a powerslam, but can't get Norton up and over. Norton hammers Rheingans, then lifts him up and down with a scoop slam before tagging in John Nord again. Rheingans kicks Nord in the midsection, then turns it into a gutwrench sitdown powerbomb, making the pin and Norton comes in to break it up. Patera comes in, nailing Norton with a running forearm and sending him through the ropes to the outside. Rheingans lifts Nord up and Patera watches as Rheingans plants him with the piledriver! Rheingans makes the pin and DeRusha shows no hesitance in making the three count and we're down to just two teams.

Eric Bischoff: And the Lumberjacks are out! Norton looks upset as he watches Nord roll out of the ring, but it just wasn't their night.

Johnny Valiant: The ultimate veteran team, The Olympians, and the new guys, The Young Stallions. Talk about a clash of polar opposites.

Jim Powers steps in against Ken Patera, giving up a couple inches, but looking like he can match up power wise. Powers locks up with Patera and backs him up an inch before Patera uses a go behind, then knocks Powers in the back of the knee, dropping him to his back. Patera makes a quick cover but only gets a two count. Patera brings in Rheingans who scoop slams Powers, then backs up into the ropes and steps forward, delivering an elbow to his chest. Rheingans went for the pin, but Powers again kicks out. Rheingans sends Powers into the corner, but Powers comes charging out of the corner with a ferocious clothesline! Powers lifts Rheingans up and brings him down with a gutbuster, then goes for a pin of his own, but only gets a two. Powers drags Rheingans over to the corner, then tags in Paul Roma. Powers keeps Rheingans in the corner while Roma backs up to the middle of the ring, then charges in, connecting with an avalanche. Roma then lifts Rheingans with a vertical suplex, dropping Rheingans in the middle of the ring. Roma picks Rheingans up off the mat and sends him into the corner. Roma charges in with another avalanche, but Rheingans catches him this time and slams him into the mat. Rheingans tags in Ken Patera.

Eric Bischoff: Back and forth and still no clear cut advantage. It's anyone's match right now Johnny.

Johnny Valiant: All I can say is that whoever wins these titles has at least earned it. They're really giving it everything they got out there.

Patera comes in as Roma's getting to his feet and quickly delivers a release german suplex, crawling to make the pin, but Roma kicks out. Patera sends Roma into the ropes. Roma ducks a clothesline, bounces off the other side and takes Patera down with a crossbody, rolling over to the corner and tagging in Jim Powers. Powers lifts Patera up into the air, then drops him forward with a reverse suplex. Powers with an elbow drop to Patera, then in a burst of energy, he suplexes Rheingans into the ring. Rheingans to his feet and Powers sends him back first into the corner, then grabs Patera and sends him into the opposite corner. Powers tags in Roma, then whips him into the corner and Roma nails Patera with a clothesline. Powers charges into the other corner and nails Rheingans with a clothesline. Powers and Roma are set to whip Rheingans and Patera into each other, but Patera reverses it and sends Roma into Rheingans. Rheingans runs over Roma with a shoulderblock and Patera rolls up Jim Powers from behind, getting a surprise three count from DeRusha!

Winner: The Olympians

Patera and Rheingans are handed the AWA Tag Titles as the Young Stallions look on, shocked at how it ended. Roma looks like he wants to attack Patera, but Powers says something to him and Roma nods his head. The Young Stallions approach the Olympians and offer their hands. Patera and Rheingans accept the gesture and the fans applaud the action they just witnessed.

Johnny Valiant: Ugh, I hate this. That's your competition out there, you don't shake their hands. You've got to be ready to rip their heads off at any given moment.

Eric Bischoff: There's nothing wrong with respectful competition and that's all it was.

Johnny Valiant: You were never a wrestler, you wouldn't understand where I'm coming from. As long as the Young Stallions are going around shaking hands, they'll never be stars.

Eric Bischoff: I was impressed with their debut. They damn near won the titles in their first match, no other teams can say that.

Johnny Valiant: Let's just get to the next match, my favorite match of the night.

Eric Bischoff: This one's for the brand new AWA North American title. The Trooper tries to solidify himself as a top contender while Bam Bam Bigelow tries to continue his streak of dominance.

Johnny Valiant: There's not going to be any trying Bischoff. Mark my words.

Eric Bischoff: They're marked, but just for fun, let's go to the ring anyway and see what happens.

The Trooper vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam stood in the corner staring a hole right through The Trooper as he stepped through the ropes. It wasn't a matter of hatred, but The Trooper stood between Bam Bam and his first taste of AWA gold. That's not a good place to be. Trooper went to lock up with Bam Bam who instead nailed Trooper with a hefty forearm, then another. Bam Bam twisted the arm of the Trooper, then pulled him in for a hard shoulder to shoulder move. Bam Bam pulled Trooper in again for a shoulderblock and again, trying to knock it out of socket. Bam Bam lifted Trooper up into the air, walking around the ring then bringing him down with a shoulderbreaker. Bam Bam doesn't drop Trooper, instead lifting him back up into the air and down again with another shoulderbreaker. Bam Bam Bigelow makes it a trifecta, then covers Trooper, only getting a two count though as Trooper used his legs to power out. Bam Bam sent Trooper into the corner. Trooper bounced back out of the corner and walked right into a scoop slam from Bam Bam. Bam Bam then dropped a headbutt into the shoulder of Trooper, standing back up and dropping another headbutt into the shoulder of Trooper again. Bam Bam makes the cover again and again Trooper manages to kick out. Bam Bam pounds the mat in frustration, then gets in the face of referee Scott LeDoux. LeDoux backs up, showing that he's intimidated, but from behind The Trooper dropkicks Bam Bam, who stumbles through the ropes to the outside!

Eric Bischoff: Bam Bam in complete control but let his emotions get ahead of him. Trooper took full advantage.

Johnny Valiant: Trooper just got lucky. Bam Bam tripped up and fell through the ropes, nothing to be concerned about.

Eric Bischoff: Trooper can't even stand on his own yet!

The Trooper falls to his knee, but as soon as he sees Bam Bam on his feet outside, Trooper runs and uses a baseball slide to knock Bam Bam into the guardrail. Trooper still gets up slowly and Bam Bam manages to take the advantage, sending Trooper back first into the apron. Bam Bam lifts Trooper into the ring, then rolls in himself, again going for the pin but only getting a two count. Bam Bam lifts Trooper to his feet, sending him into the corner. Bam Bam charges in but Trooper lifts himself up and over, causing Bam Bam to run into the turnbuckles. Trooper from behind with a forearm, then ducks as Bam Bam turns around swinging. Trooper with a standing dropkick and Bam Bam falls into the corner. Trooper climbs up and stands on the second turnbuckle, delivering the ten punch to the side of Bam Bam's head. The crowd counted along and when he got to ten, Trooper wound up and delivered the biggest blow yet. Trooper hopped down, then went to hook the bigger man in a suplex. He hooked him, but Trooper couldn't get him over. Bam Bam reversed it, lifting Trooper into the air and dropping him down with a reverse suplex! Bam Bam thinks it over and he heads up to the top rope. Bam Bam looks out over the jeering crowd, then leaps off, looking for the headbutt. Trooper rolls out of the way and Bam Bam drives his head straight into the canvas!

Eric Bischoff: that would have ended the match right there!

Johnny Valiant: That should have ended the match.

Eric Bischoff: It may be exactly what Trooper needs to take control of this match and become the North American champion!

Trooper got to his feet and locked in an armbar, not trying to make Bam Bam tap but rather trying to catch his breath and wear down Bigelow. Trooper held onto the arm as Bam Bam started to get to his feet. Bam Bam got up and Trooper got sent into the ropes. He ducked a clothesline from Bigelow then took to the air with a flying lariat, sending Bam Bam stumbling back into the corner! Trooper bent down for a back body drop, but Bam Bam hammered him in the back of the neck, then lifted him up and back with a vertical suplex. Bam Bam went for the cover, but LeDoux could only make a two count before Trooper kicked out again. Bam Bam pulled Trooper angrily to his feet, then sent him into the corner again, this time charging with a running elbow. Trooper ducked down and Bam Bam elbowed the top rope. Trooper took him down with a side suplex, then quickly headed up to the top turnbuckle. Bam Bam got to his feet and Trooper came off with the flying shoulderblock! Trooper wasted no time in rolling up Bigelow as Scott LeDoux made the three count, bringing the crowd to their feet!

Winner: The Trooper

Scott LeDoux grabs the North American title from the timeskeeper and hands it to Patriot who is almost in the crowd celebrating. He's leaning over the guardrail, the happiness all over his face. Trooper finally heads up the aisle, turning at the top of the rampway and showing the belt one more time to the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: What a great sight to see. As much as you wanted Bam Bam to win, you've got to admit that seeing The Trooper with the North American title is awesome.

Johnny Valiant just looks at Bischoff, not wanting to comment on Bigelow's loss. Bischoff fights back a smile.

Eric Bischoff: Wait....Greg Gagne has caught up with the Trooper! Let's hear comments from the brand new North American champ!

The cameras go backstage where Greg Gagne is standing by with a sweaty but incredibly happy Trooper, who's got the North American title firmly in his grasp.

Greg Gagne: Troop, what does this win mean for you?

The Trooper: To win a title in a company with as much as history as AWA has, it really shows you where you are in this business. It lets me know that my time is now and that I have what it takes.

Greg Gagne: Bam Bam Bigelow gave you a great match, any thing to say to him?

The Trooper: He's a big boy, lemme tell ya. Strong, quick, and he even comes off the top? Amazing. I've got nothing against Bam Bam, he whipped my butt all around the ring, but he didn't win. Tonight, Bam Bam Bigelow fought the law...and the law won.

Trooper raises up the title again, getting another pop from the crowd as the cameras settle back in on the announce crew, including an angry Johnny Valiant.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, well...we saw one debut earlier tonight when the Young Stallions came close to pulling it off, but now we've got another debut. Greg "The Hammer" Valentine will finally be setting foot in an AWA ring.

Johnny Valiant: All the hype, all the talk about World Title shots, all of it ends now. Now, it's put up time. The Nightstalker's not here to talk Bischoff, he's here to hurt The Hammer.

Eric Bischoff: Greg Valentine has made a reputation for himself all around the World. Nightstalker may have bitten off more than he can chew in this one.

Greg Valentine vs. The Nightstalker

Greg Valentine stepped through the ropes and the crowd had their eyes glued to him as he took off his robe and got his boots checked by referee Danny Daniels. Valentine didn't even manage to look up before the Nightstalker came charging into the corner, nailing him with a clothesline, barely avoiding Daniels. Nightstalker starts firing right hands, boots, and knees to Valentine, just destroying him in the corner. Nightstalker hammers Valentine down to the mat and then takes his boot, putting it right in the throat of Valentine, choking him out. Danny Daniels pulls Nightstalker off, threatening to disqualify him if he doesn't stop. Nightstalker shoves off Daniels, then goes back to choking out Valentine. Daniels again threatens to disqualify him and this time Ox Baker comes over, yelling at Nightstalker, who finally backs up, letting Valentine get to his feet. Nightstalker with a double choke hold, lifts Valentine into the air and and drops him on the mat, stepping forward and lowering an elbow to his chest. Nightstalker picks Valentine up by the hair, tossing him through the ropes, then distracts Daniels while Baker stomps away at Valentine on the outside. Daniels turns his attention to the outside and Baker casually walks away while Valentine crawls into the ring, showing the effects of the attack. Nightstalker watched as Valentine used him to get to his feet, clutching at his tights. Nightstalker knocked him backwards with a forearm, sending Valentine stumbling back into the corner. As soon as he did, Nightstalker charged with a big boot and missed, getting his foot stuck on the top rope!

Eric Bischoff: Nightstalker had the early advantage, but now he's in a bad predicament.

Johnny Valiant: Obviously you don't want to have your foot caught up, but can Valentine really make him pay?

Valentine with a knee to Nightstalker followed by an elbow to the back of Nightstalker's head, dropping him to his knees. Another elbow to the back of the head and Nightstalker's on the mat. Valentine grabs the arm of Nightstalker, pulling him to his feet and twisting the arm with a standing armbar. Valentine puts the arm over the top rope and stretches it, then kicks out the knee of Nightstalker, dropping him to his backside. Valentine extends one leg and drops an elbow to the inside of the knee. Valentine stands back up and drops another elbow to the inside of NIghtstalker's knee. Valentine drops a third, then watches as Nightstalker clutches at his knee. Valentine extends the leg again but this time flips over Nightstalker, trying to pull the leg out of socket. Valentine definately trying to set up for the figure four and he has Nightstalker on the mat. Valentine lifts the leg straight up in the air, then drives his knee into the back of NIghtstalker's thigh. Hammer picks Nightstalker off the mat and walks him to the corner. Valentine starts working Nightstalker over and Danny Daniels tries to make Valentine back up. Valentine gets distracted and the Nightstalker nails him with a forearm in the back of the head, sending him falling to the mat.

Johnny Valiant: Taking his attention off the opponent, what a horrible rookie like mistake for Valentine.

Eric Bischoff: I don't think Daniels had any reason to make Valentine back up in the first place, I don't blame him for getting upset.

Johnny Valiant: Getting upset is fine, but take it out on your opponent. Don't get distracted.

Nightstalker back on the offensive now, firing right hands, then lifting Valentine up, bringing him down with a backbreaker. Nightstalker lifts Valentine up again, again bringing him down with a backbreaker. Nightstalker makes a cover, but Valentine kicks out at two. Nightstalker sends Valentine into the ropes, lifting him up with a press slam, dropping him face and chest first into the mat. Nightstalker looks out at Baker, who shouts out directions. Nightstalker sets Valentine up for the powerbomb, but Valentine turns it into a back body drop, bringing the crowd to their feet. Nightstalker gets to his feet and Valentine runs him over with a double axe handle. Nightstalker gets back up and Valentine with another double axe handle! The Hammer with a big scoop slam and signals for the end. He grabs Nightstalker's legs and locks in the Figure Four, laying back while Nightstalker's writhing in pain, trying to get out of it. Hammer's got it locked in though. Ox Baker, realizing his client's in trouble, slides under the bottom rope, into the ring and goes right at Hammer! Danny Daniels immediately calls for the bell, giving Valentine the win by DQ.

Winner: Greg Valentine

Valentine releases the figure four and gets to his feet, grabbing Ox Baker by his hair. Valentine listens to the crowd cheering, then whips Baker into the ropes and connects with a double axe handle to the face! Baker goes down hard and rolls out of the ring, joining Nightstalker while Valentine soaks up the cheers in the ring!

Eric Bischoff: Either way, Valentine was going to win, but Ox Baker couldn't stand the thought of his monster tapping out.

Johnny Valiant: He did what any good manager would do, he looked out for his clients best interest.

Eric Bischoff: We're approaching the main event Johnny and we've got the World Champ standing by with Greg Gagne. Greg, take it away.

The scene switches to Greg Gagne standing with Zbyszko, who's got the World Title around his waist.

Greg Gagne: Larry Zbyszko, in just moments you are going to be facing Masa Saito in an I Quit match with the AWA World Title on the line. What's going through your mind?

Larry Zbyszko: What's going through my mind is how a peon like yourself thinks you have the right to ask me about what's going through my mind. Masa Saito may be a tough guy, he may even be the best that AWA has to offer me for competition, but I'm miles ahead of anyone else on the roster.

Greg Gagne: Are you saying you're not worried at all about Masa Saito becoming the World Champion again?

Larry Zbyszko: It's a funny thing about the World Title. Some people...like me....are meant for it. And others....like Saito...get a taste of the gold and then spend their entire careers trying to get it back. It's too bad that seeing it around my waist is as close as Masa Saito will ever get to this belt.

Greg Gagne: Greg Valentine won his match earlier tonight and has made it known he wants to be the AWA World Champion. When can he expect to get a shot?

Larry Zbyszko: I'm out here, preparing for a main event match, and you have the nerve to ask me about Greg Valentine? Greg Valentine will get a shot when he earns one and that...is....that.

Zbyszko shoves past Gagne, on his way to the ring for the main event.

Larry Zbyszko vs. Masa Saito

Both men stood in the ring, Saito waiting to go, Zbyszko trying to avoid the lock-up. The bell rang, but Zbyszko still focused on the fans, standing near the ropes, shouting out. Saito started a charge to Zbyszko and he ducked between the second and third ropes. Saito started arguing with the ref, trying to get him to force Zbyszko into the ring. Zbyszko finally looked like he was going to go for the lock-up, but he clutched his back just before and walked away in pain. Saito again pleaded with the ref and Zbyszko surprised him with a forearm to the side of the head, knocking him down to one knee. Zbyszko then went to work with forearms to the head of Saito, putting him down on the mat and then stomping away before slapping on a chin lock. Saito was close enough to the ropes that he reached out and broke the hold. Zbyszko dragged Saito away from the ropes, dropped an elbow to the back of his head and put the chin lock back on. Zbyszko kept screaming for Saito give it up but Saito fought back, pushing himself up and taking the pressure off the chin lock. Zbyszko released the hold and stomped Saito in the chest before lifting him to his feet. Zbyszko picks him up and brings him down with a backbreaker. Zbyszko leaves Saito on his knee and puts pressure on both ends of, really driving the knee into the lower back. Zbyszko finally lets Saito fall to the mat, then extends Saito's leg and puts his knee into Saito's knee and twists the leg, causing immediate pain! Saito screams out, but is still refusing to quit. Zbyszko backs up and drives his knee into Saito's, then does it again. Zbyszko pulls the leg and looks like he's going for a figure four, but Saito rolls himself over and takes Zbyszko down. Zbyszko up quickly but Saito uses his good leg and manages to kick Zbyszko in the ankle, dropping him back down. Saito gets to his feet, limping, and as Zbyszko steps forward, Saito nails him with an overhead release suplex. Saito quickly goes for a cover out of habit, but there's no count, not in an I Quit match.

Johnny Valiant: Maybe his translator forgot to tell him, but there's no pins in an I Quit match.

Eric Bischoff: I'm sure he knows the rules.

Johnny Valiant: Then why's he trying to make a pin?

Eric Bischoff:...

Johnny Valiant: Exactly.

Saito gets up to his feet and backs Zbyszko into the ropes where lights up his chest with a back chop, then another, and another, the sound of flesh on flesh resonating around the half empty Metrodome. Saito whipped Zbyszko into the ropes, then connected with a rolling clothesline, taking Zbyszko down. Saito locked in a camel clutch, putting pressure on Zbyszko's back, trying to make him tap out. Zbyszko starts a military crawl towards the ropes and manages to get the bottom rope. Bob Densmore makes Saito break the hold and allow Zbyszko to his feet. Zbyszko gets up slowly and Saito charges. Zbyszko drops down to the mat, pulling down the top rope, and Saito goes flying over the top rope! Bob Densmore doesn't start the countout, but does check on Saito. Saito gets up slowly and climbs onto the apron where Zbyszko drives a knee into his midsection. Zbyszko then sets Saito up to suplex him into the ring, but instead it's Saito who lifts Zbyszko up! Saito drops Zbyszko stomach first on the top rope, then climbs into the ring. He hooks a full nelson on Zbyszko and brings him down with a dragon suplex! Saito rolls over and goes for the cover out of instinct, but again Densmore does nothing. Saito, remembering the rules, gets back to his feet, helping Zbyszko up. Saito turns Zbyszko around and delivers a standing neckbreaker, targeting the neck area. Saito drops an elbow to the back of Zbyszko's neck and then uses an armbar with a neck submission, but Zbyszko refuses to give up. Saito releases the move, lifting Zbyszko to his feet again. Saito sends Zbyszko into the ropes and puts his head down for a back body drop, but Zbyszko kicks him in the chest, then grabs him by the head and drives him face first into the mat, falling down afterwards himself.

Eric Bischoff: Both men down and understandably so. They are giving it their all and really going all out.

Johnny Valiant: That's what happens when the most prestigious title belt in wrestling is on the line.

Eric Bischoff: Both men starting to stir, who will get up first?

Densmore watched as both men got to their feet, Saito first, Zbyszko following closely behind. Zbyszko swung a wild punch that missed, spun himself around, and Saito caught him with the Saito suplex! The crowd is on their feet, but Saito can't make a pin, he has to find a way to make Zbyszko quit. Saito drops a knee into the back of Zbyszko's neck and leaves it there, pulling back on his shoulders, putting a lot of pressure on the neck and spine. Zbyszko's in pain but everytime Densmore asks him, he shakes his head no. Saito finally releases the hold and pulls Zbyszko back to his feet, sending him into the corner. Saito charges in, looking for a running elbow, but Zbyszko drops down and uses a drop toe hold to send Saito head first into the bottom turnbuckle. Zbyszko gets up and drops a knee to the back of Saito's head, forcing it more into the turnbuckle. Zbyszko slides under the bottom rope and pulls Saito so his neck rests on the bottom rope. Zbyszko charges and drives an elbow to the back of Saito's head, forcing his neck down on that rope. Zbyszko repeats the move and then slides back in the ring, where Saito is rolling on the mat, clutching at his throat. Zbyszko again puts on the knee lock, but Saito manages to get to the ropes. Zbyszko puts Saito's ankle on the bottom rope, then comes down hard on the extended knee. He repeats it again and again. He pulls Saito his feet, sending him into the corner. Zbyszko pulls Saito's foot up but before he can do anything, Saito hops out of the corner and uses his other leg to nail an insiguri! Saito gets a sudden energy burst, lifting Zbyszko to his feet, sending him into the ropes, and nailing him with a high back body drop. Saito then connects with a northern lights suplex, but again Densmore can't make a count in this match and Saito gets to his feet, frustrated.

Eric Bischoff: Alright Johnny, I just don't get it. Why does Saito keep going for pinning combinations?

Johnny Valiant: Sometimes in the heat of action, you have mental slips, but he seems to be having a lot of them. I don't know what's going on.

Eric Bischoff: If this wasn't an I Quit match, Saito could have won at least three times, but he's really struggling with these rules.

Saito grabbed Zbyszko, standing him up and chopping the chest again. Saito hooks his leg and delivers a fisherman's suplex, then goes for a leglock, but Zbyszko twists his way out of it. Zbyszko gets to his feet. Saito takes him down with a dropkick to the back of the knee, then locks in the Jailhouse Lock, trying to make Zbyszko tap out. Zbyszko scurries across the ring, grabbing the ropes, forcing Saito to release the hold. Saito helps Zbyszko to his feet, then sends Zbyszko into the corner. Saito lifts Zbyszko up onto the top turnbuckle, then climbs up with him. Saito with a couple right hands to the side of Zbyszko's head, but when he goes for the superplex, Zbyszko still manages to block it. Zbyszko manages to toss Saito off the top rope, but then half falls off himself and both men are laying near the middle of the ring again! Saito is getting up first. Zbyszko's getting up slower so Saito charges and Zbyszko catches him off guard, nailing him with a spinebuster! Zbyszko grabbed Saito's legs and locked in a boston crab in the middle of the ring. The pressure was on the back of Saito as well as his knee joints. Zbyszko sat down deeper, but Saito still wouldn't give it up, knowing what was on the line. Zbyszko sat down even deeper, nearly sitting on the back of Saito's head and Saito finally reached his limit and slapped the mat repeatedly, prompting Bob Densmore to call for the bell.

Winner: Larry Zbyszko

Zbyszko rolls out of the ring and grabs the AWA World Title, making his way to the back as Superclash V comes to an end with the crowd booing the reigning champ.

Overall Rating: 66

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Writer's Meeting

Eric Bischoff: What a show we put on last night. The matches flowed and the crowd stayed hot all night. This is the kinda action we need to have. Now, last week we talked about the possibility of an Al Snow and David Taylor tag team. Has anyone come up with a way to make this happen?

Benton Fraser put his hand up.

Eric Bischoff: Benton, you came up with an idea?

Benton Fraser: Not exactly. I really don't think Snow should be wasted in a tag team.

Eric Bischoff: What do you mean?

Benton Fraser: He's got tons of charisma, he's trained in martial arts, and has a lot of wrestling skills. You don't waste that kind of talent with a tag team.

Eric Bischoff: Then what is it you suggest?

Benton Fraser: Well, I think what's holding him back is his look. He just looks like a guy who gets beat up.

Bill Thoms: Get to the point already Benton.

Benton Fraser: I think we put a mask on him, come up with nice ring attire, and let him showcase his talents, all of em.

Bischoff thought this over, nodding his head in approval.

Eric Bischoff: I like that. But what are we going to call him?

Everybody looked towards Ray, knowing he always came up with names. It was what he was known for.

Ray Edwards: So he's going to be using martial arts, wrestling, and aerial maneuvers?

Benton Fraser: Yea, it'll be as if his opponents never know what's coming, like he's always a mystery in the ring.

Ray Edwards: Well, you can't call him mystery man, but what about Enigma?

Eric Bischoff: Enigma?

Bill Thoms: Wrestlers have names, not adjectives. That's like calling him blue or strong.

Ray Edwards: It describes his personality and it's actually not too bad sounding.

Bill Thoms: It sounds like a damn-

Eric Bischoff: I like it. Benton, if you can iron out all the details with Al, I'd love to get this started. But that still leaves us the question of what to do with David Taylor?

Bill Thoms: Why don't we just pair him with another Englishman?

Eric Bischoff: Like who?

Bill Thoms: Chris Adams is looking for work.

Eric Bischoff: Let's say hypothetically that we get Adams in here and put him with Taylor, what do we call em?

Bill Thoms: The Bluebloods?

Ray Edwards: Too generic.

Bill Thoms: Then what do you have in mind Mr. Know-It-All?

Ray Edwards: I dunno, but I'm sure I could come up with something better than that.

Eric Bischoff: Tell ya what. I'll get on the phone with Chris Adams and see what he has to say. You guys worry about the name.

Bischoff looked around at the nodding heads, then chuckled as he looked at Bruce, drawing in his notebook.

Eric Bischoff: Bruce, nice seeing ya again.

Bruce waved his hand without taking his eyes off the paper as Bischoff started to leave the room. I stood quickly, following him out the door and stopping him.

Sophie: I need to talk to you for a minute Eric.

Bischoff turned around, smiling.

Eric Bischoff: Sure thing, what's up?

Sophie: I didn't want to bring this up in there because I don't want others to think I'm trying to outdo you.

Eric Bischoff: What's this all about?

Sophie: I think you're putting too much stock in the whole Curt Hennig deal.

Eric Bischoff: What do you mean?

Sophie: I mean he's talented and would be an awesome addition to AWA, but I looked at the list of expiring contracts myself and there's a name on that list that I think would mean more and be more beneficial to us, both backstage and on air.

Eric Bischoff: Who's that?

I slipped Eric the piece of paper with the name and profile on it and he chuckled before tossing it to the ground.

Eric Bischoff: Listen Sophie, managers are to enhance talent. A manager will never be worth anything on his own.

Sophie: But-

Eric Bischoff: -when he learns how to put on five star matches, then talk to me.

Bischoff walked away and left me standing there, feeling foolish. I looked down, down at the name written on the piece of paper. The name of Jimmy Hart.

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All Star Wrestling

Breezy Point Ice Arena in Breezy Point, MN

Eric Bischoff: Fresh off of Superclash V, welcome everybody....to All Star Wrestling! Johnny, Superclash was your first big experience here in AWA, what'd you think?

Johnny Valiant: Besides the travesty that was the North American Title match, I thought it was great. Especially seeing Masa Saito quitting in the main event.

Eric Bischoff: Unfortunately, neither Saito or the World Champion Larry Zbyszko will be here tonight. Zbyszko has sent us a statement saying he's taking a well deserved vacation and will be back when he sees fit.

Johnny Valiant: As well he should. After that great match at Superclash V, he deserves to be rewarded.

Eric Bischoff: Masa Saito was given the night off, but he'll be back next week and taking on Bam Bam Bigelow.

Johnny Valiant: Bam Bam's sure to be in a foul mood. I talked to him earlier and he said he was asked not to be here tonight because they were worried what he might do.

Eric Bischoff: That's not true!

Johnny Valiant: Sure it is, came from Bigelow himself.

Eric Bischoff: Johnny, you wouldn't know the truth if a lie detector hit you in the head. Let's just go to the ring where young Marc Mero is set for action.

Marc "Golden Gloves" Mero vs. Frankie DeFalco

Mero took off his boxing gloves, laying them in the corner before locking up with DeFalco. Mero got sent into the ropes, but used a schoolboy to get a quick two count on DeFalco. DeFalco and Mero get up at the same time and DeFalco kicks Mero in the midsection, then bodyslams him to the mat. DeFalco stomps away at Mero, then yells at referee Al DeRusha to leave him alone. DeFalco helps Mero to his feet, driving a fist into his forehead, then sends him into the corner. DeFalco charges in, but Mero sidesteps him and DeFalco hits hard. Mero steps out of the corner, turning to face DeFalco and uses right and left body blows to soften DeFalco up. DeFalco clutches at his ribs and Mero does the boxers shuffle before nailing DeFalco with a right hook that knocks him to the ground. Mero grabs DeFalco by the top of the head and backs up to the top turnbuckle. Mero hooks DeFalco's head, then jumps off with a spinning reverse DDT from the top rope! Mero hooks the leg and Al DeRusha makes the three count.

Winner: Marc Mero

The cameras go from the ring to Greg Gagne standing by with The Nightstalker and Ox Baker.

Greg Gagne: Ox, at Superclash V, you were unsuccessful in your attem-

Baker grabs the mic from Gagne, looking right in his eyes.

Ox Baker: Unsuccessful? You don't know what our goal was and you don't know whether we accomplished it. I suggest you straighten up real quick.

Greg Gagne: With all due respect....Nightstalker lost the match to Greg Valentine.

Ox Baker: I KNOW THAT!

Baker takes a second and composes himself.

Ox Baker: But Greg Valentine did not beat the Nightstalker. I lost control of my temper and I cost the Nightstalker the match. That's the only reason why Valentine was proclaimed the winner. And I'll tell you one more-

Baker's interrupted as "Golden Gloves" Mero steps into the picture, smiling ear to ear after a win. He seems so happy, he doesn't even know where he's at until he bumps into Baker. He then sees Gagne and the camera.

Marc Mero: Well heeeeeeey there Greg Gagne. You saw my win and thought that I'd be perfect for an interview, didn't you?

Mero turns to Baker and smiles.

Marc Mero: I tell ya what Greg, it sure was fun out there....

Mero's interrupted by Baker shoving him from behind and taking the mic back from Greg Gagne.

Ox Baker: Listen you overactive nimwit, nobody cares about you or your boxing crap. You want to see something impressive, I suggest you watch what my Nightstalker does out in that ring and pray it doesn't happen to you.

Baker throws the mic at Mero, who ducks it and looks at Nightstalker confusingly while the two walk away. Mero looks to Greg Gagne.

Marc Mero: Sheesh, what's his problem?

Scene fades to commercial.


The Nightstalker vs. Doug Furnas

Doug Furnas got attacked as soon as he stepped through the ropes and right away, it seemed as if Nightstalker was here to prove a point. He continually stomped away at Furnas until Scott LeDoux pulled him off, allowing Furnas to roll to the outside, seeking a chance to recover but instead finding Ox Baker. Baker, not a small man himself, stomped away at Furnas before rolling him into the ring. Nightstalker peels Furnas off the mat, leaning him backwards over the top rope and driving a forearm into his chest twice. Nightstalker lifts Furnas up with a gorilla press, then drops him backwards. Nightstalker in complete control didn't even bother going for a pin. He grabs Furnas, picking him back up and bringing him down with a shoulderbreaker before slamming him to the mat. Furnas uses the ropes to get back to his feet and Nightstalker stands behind him, a sick smile on his face. Nightstalker grabs Furnas by the back of his head, bringing him back in a reverse DDT form. Furnas spins himself though and lifts Nightstalker into the air with a northern lights suplex, not even able to get a one count but he beats Nightstalker to his feet and catches Nightstalker charging, then lifts him with an overhead release belly to belly suplex! Furnas goes up to the second rope and as Nightstalker gets up, Furnas jumps off with a double axe handle. Nightstalker catches him out of the air, lifts him up, then slams him straight down! You can see Furnas gasping for breath as that one knocked it out of him. Nightstalker stands behind Furnas, hooking his hands around the head of Furnas and bringing him down with a full nelson slam. Nightstalker makes the pin and LeDoux makes an easy three count.

Winner: The Nightstalker

Eric Bischoff: Nightstalker definately out to prove a point. That last move is called the Lights Out and it definately seems to fit it's name.

Johnny Valiant: Nightstalker wants to be a major player here in AWA. Losing to Greg Valentine was a setback, but it appears that Baker has him back on track now.

Eric Bischoff: Another duo trying to get on track is the Young Stallions. An impressive debut at Superclash, but they fell just short of capturing the tag gold. When we come back, they take on the Texas Hangmen!


Young Stallions vs. Texas Hangmen

Paul Roma started things off against Killer of the Hangmen, taking him down with an armdrag into an armbar into a legdrop across the throat. Roma gets back up, sending Killer into the ropes, lifting him into the air and dropping him on his knee with a backbreaker. Roma tags in Jim Powers, who sends Killer into the corner, letting him tag in Psycho. Psycho comes in and challenges Powers, who kicks him in the midsection, then lifts him with an inverted atomic drop before knocking him over the top rope with a clothesline. Powers then turns to Killer and suplexes him in the ring. Psycho rolls back in and Powers suplexes him on top of Killer! Powers tags in Paul Roma, who heads up to the top rope. Roma looks at the pile of Hangmen, then leaps off, connecting with an elbow to Psycho. Roma lays across Psycho, who's on top of Killer as DeRusha makes a three count.

Winner: Young Stallions

As the Stallions exited the ring, there were some fans actually booing them. Roma furrowed his eyebrow, trying to figure out the reaction.

Eric Bischoff: What's this about Johnny? There are actually people booing.

Johnny Valiant: I can only speculate, but maybe these fans don't appreciate the...uh...overconfidence that Roma and Powers showed.

Eric Bischoff: That's a good point. They dominated the match but it did look like showing off. Either way, they made it known that they're not going to be a pushover. And another guy who proved he's not a pushover is standing by with Greg Gagne. It's Greg "The Hammer" Valentine!

Greg Gagne stands next to The Hammer with an AWA backdrop in the background.

Greg Gagne: Hammer, you got the big win over Nightstalker, now what's next on your journey?

Greg Valentine: I made it known when I first got here Greg, I'm going for the World Title. Larry Zbyszko, you had a great match against Masa Saito and nobody can deny that you deserve to be champion, but it's only temporary. It's only a matter of time before I get my chance Zbyszko and failure...is not...an option.

Greg Gagne: Don't you think that perhaps you should use the North American title as a stepping stone?

Greg Valentine: Stepping stones are for rookies Gagne. I've been around this business far too long to need a stepping stone. My history is what makes me the automatic number one contender and as soon as Zbyszko shows his face, I'll let him know that myself.

Greg Gagne: Some people might think you're stepping on toes and taking their spots....

Greg Valentine: Their spots? Listen. If they think I'm taking something from them, then they're more than welcome to step in that ring and find out firsthand why they call me The Hammer.

Valentine nods his head at Gagne, then walks off as the scene fades to commercial.


Eric Bischoff: The Lumberjacks seemed to have some problems at Superclash V, but why is that? I think each man is blaming the other.

Johnny Valiant: It could be either of them, or neither. Maybe their just not clicking.

Eric Bischoff: Well, John Nord's going to try and show he's not the weak link by taking on Nikita Koloff, one on one.

Johnny Valiant: This is definately not a smart move by Nord.

Nikita Koloff vs. John Nord

John Nord locks up with Koloff, thinking he can match power, but Koloff quickly shows him the truth, shoving him to the ground. Nord gets back up and instead of locking up with Koloff, knees him in the midsection, then backs up and delivers a boot right to his chest, standing Koloff up straight. Nord charges with a big boot that connects, but still doesn't take Koloff down, just sends him stumbling into the corner. Nord walks towards the corner and Koloff charges out of the corner, running Nord over with a clothesline. Koloff waits til Nord gets up to his feet, then runs him over again with another massive clothesline. Nord gets up again and this time Koloff uses a scoop slam to place him on the mat before dropping an elbow to his chest. Nord got to his feet, but only long enough to recieve the Russian Sickle to end the match.

Winner: Nikita Koloff

The cameras went from the ring to Greg Gagne standing by with the North American champion, The Trooper.

Greg Gagne: Trooper, Mister North American champion, how does it feel being the first?

The Trooper: Greg Gagne! Wooooow, it feels greaaaaat!

The crowd pops for Trooper's energy and excitement.

Greg Gagne: You're starting things off very nicely, showing you're not scared to defend the title by putting it on the line against Magnus Vaara next. Why?

The Trooper: Why? This title is going to be mean something. To me, to the wrestlers, and to these fans out here. I'll defend this belt every single week if I have to, against anyone who wants a shot. Magnus Vaara may be big, but so was Bam Bam Bigelow. And he learned a very valuable lesson.

Greg Gagne: What lesson is that?

The Trooper: You don't fight the law!

The crowd said it with him as the scene faded to commercial.


The Trooper vs. Magnus Vaara

Trooper held up the North American title, getting a pop from the fans, before handing it over to senior official Bob Densmore, who placed it in the corner and signalled for the bell. They went to lock up but Trooper kicked Vaara in the midsection instead. Vaara kept coming so Trooper kicked him again. Trooper bounced off the ropes, looking for a swinging neckbreaker, but Vaara changes it in mid-air and slams Trooper into the mat. Vaara gets up, bringing Trooper with him, then lifts him into the air, dropping him throat first across the top rope. Trooper bounces off, clutching his throat and stumbling around the ring. Vaara picks him up on his shoulder, then runs him into the corner, hanging Trooper with a tree of woe. Vaara backs up then lets out some sort of grunt and charges, ramming his knee into the Trooper with so much impact that he falls off the turnbuckle. Vaara makes the cover, but Trooper somehow manages to kick out at two. Vaara lifts Trooper to his feet, attempting to send him into the ropes, but Trooper reverses it, and trips Vaara, causing him to fall neck first onto the second rope! Trooper bounces off the ropes, jumps and lands on the back of Vaara's neck, driving it into the rope. Trooper grabs Vaara by the ankles and pulls him off the ropes, into the air, and Vaara hits face first on the mat. Trooper goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Trooper gets up to his feet, grabbing Vaara and placing him in the corner. Trooper with a hard right hand, then climbs up, trying for the ten punch. He gets six of em out, but then Vaara places one hand on his chest and tosses him off, making Trooper land back first in the middle of the ring. Vaara stands poised and ready. Trooper gets to his feet and Vaara goes for the torture rack, but Trooper goes up one side and slides down the other! Trooper surprises Vaara by connecting with a bulldog, putting Vaara down. Trooper goes up to the top rope and as soon as Vaara stands, Trooper comes off the top with a flying shoulderblock, making the pin. The crowd counted along with Densmore as he made the three count.

Winner: The Trooper

Trooper celebrates with the North American title as All Star Wrestling comes to an end.

Overall Rating: 62

Note: The two squashes are intentional, not just laziness.

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Writer's Meeting

Eric Bischoff: Alright, who did their homework?

Papers shuffled and everybody seemingly nodded their head, although nobody was really raising their hand to volunteer.

Eric Bischoff: Let's get down to it then. David Taylor and Chris Adams, what do they go by?

Benton Fraser: Well, since you ruled out the Blue Bloods, I had to re-think. I still wanted to play off the country though, so how about the English Elite?

Eric Bischoff: Doesn't sound horrible.

I disagree and this time, I wasn't holding my opinion back.

Sophie: I don't think we should play off the country at all.

Benton Fraser: And why not? People are gonna realize they're not from here.

Sophie: But do we have to make it a focal point? We already dwell on Koloff being from Russia and Vaara from Finland. Can't we just have athletes and not care where they're from?

Bill Thoms: What the hell are you rambling about? Playing up their ethnicity is an easy way to get heel heat. I say we make them a stuck up tag team, and I'm ok with the name English Elite.

Ray Edwards: Now now, I think Sophie's got a point. Everyone expects us to come up with a stereotypical name, why don't we surprise em?

Bruce Kolberg: I still think they should be cocky.

Everyone turns to Bruce, surprised as usual when he speaks. Bischoff shakes it off and looks back to the group.

Eric Bischoff: Both of these guys put off an arrogant vibe naturally, all we gotta do is come up with a name.

Ray Edwards: Well, stuck-up folks are generally in the first class, or the upper class, right?

Eric Bischoff: Right.

Ray Edwards: Well, what about calling them the First Class Connection?

Bruce Kolberg: FCC, hehe.

Ray Edwards: Well yea, for short, it would be FCC.

Bischoff ran his hands through his hair.

Eric Bischoff: At least it's catchy. Anyone got a complaint?

The table looked to Bill Thoms, who shook his head.

Eric Bischoff: Then it's settled. I'll get on the phone and inform the First Class Connection that their debut is coming up.

With that, Bischoff ended the meeting.

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