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how good was this show?! man, it was so quirky and funny. so many good characters... the two pete's of course were great, ARTIE the strongest man... in the world, pit stain, ellen, stu the bus driver, endless mike, nona, teddy, iggy pop, mum and her metal plate, the dad and the way he was sad that he wasn't pete's hero... seriously there was not one lame character. Artie always made me roll around on the floor laughing "soon you will be like cheese boy - melty melty melty!" "it'll make your pancreas quiver with joy"... little pete's tattoo of petuinia... the staring contests... when big pete took ellen to the drive ins and she rejected him HEARTBREAK... picking up the ball game on their mums metal plate. so classic.


- the one little pete skips school by pretending to be food sick so he has the best day ever... president cereal! the whole big plan to get the label and stuff from the grocery store was great.

- the episode where they go on a field trip and it chronicles the way a whole day with someone can show you a whole different side of their personality. the way everyone on the bus had a problem with at least one other person and it built towards the big confrontations. fabulous. and the kid who kept getting his ear flicked! oh that made me laugh

- artie leaving episode. heart wrenching... whoever played him did a great job, as for such a quirky and weird character you could somehow relate to him. when he moved the house an inch...

- when ellen hickle rebels against algebra problems and starts a revolution in the math department. so, Principal Schwinger, played by Adam West, sends a group of trained substitute teacher assassins against her, while little pete uses the rebellion to unite kids under his banner against the international adult conspiracy, which regulates dessert quantities and bedtimes without the consent of the government

- when big pete gets the job at the pool, and he has to go one on one with little pete as he tries to invade adult swim time. the urinator!

- papercut episode! they'd have to play scissors paper rock (i think) and if they lost paper cut got to cut em.

- the episode little pete decides to stay up 12 nights in a row because adults are allowed to stay up later than kids

Anyway, thoughts?

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I love you, that is one of the greatest shows of ALL time. It and daria was one of the few reasons i actually watched " The N/Noggin " when they were replaying the episodes. Shame they stopped as that series is beyond words greatness. If only they had come out with boxsets of DVDs for the seasons...* sighs * Well...we can always hope i suppose...* hums the theme song and does artie's pose *

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The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Daria, old-school Doug (granted, I was about ten at the time, but I loved the beginnings of that show), Rocko's Modern Life, Spongebob Squarepants, Are You Afraid Of The Dark?, and AHHHH! Real Monsters! have kept me glued to Nickelodeon and it subsidiaries for close to 15 years now.

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I'm the same boat with le short one. Daria, AHHH! Real Monsters!, Rocko's Modern Life, etc. have kept me with Nick & subsidiaries for a long time now.

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I liked All That. Now it kinda blows, but back in the day it was awesome. The first 5 season with Keenan and Kel were on are the best. Nick Cannon was pretty funny too, but Amanda Bynes was annoying as hell during her run on the show. That is coming from a guy who actually liked The Amanda Show. Then after season 6 they basically started over from scratch. At first I didn't like the complete cast change, but season 7 and 8 were pretty good. Now it ain't so great, if Chelsea wasn't so damn hot I'd probably never watch it.

Yeah, I like to watch a kids sketch comedy show. I have issues. If it helps, I also like porn.

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What about GUTS?!?

Who didn't love GUTS growing up? Hell, I wanted to be on the show...and I would have kicked ass!

I don't say this very often...but Moira Quirk (the co-host and lead referee)...yeah, I so would have. Probably because of the accent and the fact that I was about 12/13 at that time, but I so would have.

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Action League NOW! is pwnage. Thanks for reminding me of it.

Rugrats is great too, I watched that a lot growing up. All Grown Up isn't bad either.

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